Ellenbrook Fields parkrun – event number 89, 13th January 2018

On a cold and gray mid-January morning 165 people ran, jogged and walked the Ellenbrook Fields parkrun course.  An amazing 25 people were first timers and 26 superstars recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part.

As always the event was only made possible because of the commitment of 20 stellar volunteers (whose names are recorded for posterity below!) who scanned and timed and marshalled their cold socks off.  Thank you to all of you.  And if you want to volunteer at a future event simply email ellenbrookfieldshelpers@parkrun.com.

Lynne NORMAN • John NORMAN • Denise HILL • Philippa DAVIS • Melanie LYNCH • Maureen STEED • Catherine DANN • Maxine GOOLD • Allison SKEGGS • John O'CALLAGHAN • Richard STRATTON • Annette STRATTON • Peter SIMMONS • Kirsten DAWES • Laura DAWES • Molly GILES • Marie TRACY • Yvette JOHNSTON • Tom BENSON • Laura JOHNSTON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ellenbrook Fields parkrun Results Page.

My highlight this week was talking to a runner who confessed that he and his friends and family drove past 5 other parkrun events to attend Ellenbrook Fields because (a) we are a nice, flat course and (b) we are all so friendly.  It's that feedback that makes the commitment we all make worthwhile.

Thanks everyone, Richard (Run Director)

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun started on 21st May 2016. Since then 2,899 participants have completed 11,936 parkruns covering a total distance of 59,680 km, including 2,417 new Personal Bests.


Happy New Year!

Ellenbrook Fields Report for event 87                                             1st January 2018
Report by Mark Shotton
Photos by Chris Holt

Event 87 was the second New Year’s Day parkrun to be held here at Ellenbrook Fields. And from the mass show of hands when the Run Director asked the question in the pre-run brief it was clear that the majority of people had already run a parkrun earlier elsewhere too, mostly at neighbouring events such as Gadebridge parkrun in Hemel Hempstead, Panshanger parkrun in Hertford and Castle Park parkrun in Bishop’s Stortford. New Year’s Day is the only day in the UK on which it is possible to register two parkruns in the same day, and “doing the double” has become a much-loved tradition amongst parkrunners.

Attendances can often increase at a New Year’s Day event, and this proved to be the case at Ellenbrook Fields. The muddy and slippery conditions did not deter 194 people from running, jogging and walking the course, which is the highest turnout since September and the joint sixth highest in event history. It also represents a 40% increase on the attendance on New Year’s Day 2017. And of 63 first timers at our event today, 12 of them were trying out parkrun for the first time. Welcome, and we hope to see you all again soon!

After the run I had a good catch-up chat with Castle Park Event Director and fellow parkrun tourist Chris Holt and his family, and also had the pleasure of meeting John and Lynne Norman, Ellenbrook Fields stalwarts and the parents of parkrun UK legend Danny Norman. I also met Nick Truran, who in a bold move completed the 5k in a stag costume (pictured below, with Dennis Draper). He was doing so in order to promote the start today of the Hertfordshire Year of Physical Activity. Driven by the Hertfordshire County Council and Herts Sports Partnership, the campaign builds on previous 'years of' which have already taken place for cycling, walking, mental health and volunteering. Approximately one in every five adults in Hertfordshire currently does less than thirty minutes of activity per week, and it is hoped that the opportunities for participating in large scale events will help to improve this statistic. For more information on how you can get involved, check out @HertsYOPA18 on Twitter or https://www.facebook.com/HertsYOPA18/.


Male placings

Simon ELLICE (VM35-39) of Bishops Stortford RC was first over the line in 18:43.
Chris PITTS (VM35-39) of Bishops Stortford RC was second over the line in 18:52.
Gary CONNELL (SM30-34) was third over the line in 18:58.

Female placings

Melissa MILEHAM (VW40-44) of Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group was first over the line in 23:18.
Cassandra TREVIS (SW25-29) was second over the line in 24:33.
Katie THOMPSON (JW11-14) of Stevenage and North Herts AC was third over the line in 25:01.

Honourable Mentions

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the conditions underfoot, just 10 people (5.5% of the identified field) achieved new PBs today. However, amongst them there were a few standout performances worthy of special mention. Junior Harry Laflin 1:42 secs 26:52 bat his October result by 1 minute 42 seconds to get 26:52. In addition, Alexander WIDGER went sub 25 and Richard DREW went sub 30 for the first time at our event after their run at Panshanger today, finishing in 24:52 and 29:35 respectively. But the most impressive performance of the day goes to Punapriya SINGH, who bettered her time at her first ever parkrun on Saturday by an amazing minute and 55 seconds and has a new PB of 39:20! Bravo to you all!

An extra special mention is due to George Ward who, after just turning 12 years old, finished in 7th place in 20:30, and so achieved an Age Grade score of 72.52% - the highest for the day!

Event 87 was also a special one for Ellenbrook Fields regulars Melissa MILEHAM and Stephen HONEY, who both notched up their 50th parkruns. Well done, folks – and don’t forget to claim your milestone shirts when they’re back in stock!

Three Cheers for the Volunteers!

Finally, a big thank you goes to Carrie HUDSON, who oversaw proceedings as Run Director for the day, and the rest of today’s volunteers – Alec BIRD, Robert BLYTHE, Tim COOKE, Juliet CRISP, Maxine GOOLD, Charlie-Rose HILL, Hannah HILL, John HILL, Richard HILL, Woody HUDSON, Jasper HUDSON, Tim HUDSON, Yvette JOHNSTON, Gerwyn LLEWELLYN, Chris MCGURK, John NORMAN, Lynne NORMAN, Bart OONK, Amanda PARSBEY, Allison SKEGGS, Holly SKEGGS, Rebecca TERRY, Liz THOMAS, Nick TRURAN, Lindsay TRURAN and Alison WILDEY. If you haven’t decided on your New Year’s resolutions yet, why not add volunteering into the mix? We still require helpers for the rest of January – if you can chip in, please e-mail ellenbrookfieldshelpers@parkrun.com.

We thank Chris Holt for posting some wonderful photographs. Here's Chris with his family:

The Stats

How many?

Of the 194 parkrunners, 183 were identified and 11 (5.7% of the field) were unknown.

Of the 183 identified parkrunners, there were:

• 19 juniors aged under 18 (10.4% of the field)

• 34 seniors aged 18-34 (18.6% of the field)

• 130 vets (71% of the field) of which 25 were 35-39, 48 were 40-49, 45 were 50-59 and 12 were 60+

• 102 males (55.7%) and 81 females (44.3%)

• 80 club runners (43.7 % of the field) from 28 different clubs, and 103 unattached (56.3% of the field)

The most common male age group was 50-54 (19 runners)

The most common female age group was 35-39 (14 runners)

How fast?

Of the 194 finishers, there were:

• 4 sub-20 mins, 35 from 20:00 to 24:59, 59 from 25:00 to 29:59, and 96 over 30 mins
• The time needed to finish in the top 10% was 22:22, and the time of the median finishing position was 29:47.

How many parkruns?

• 9302 parkruns completed from the identified field of 183, averaging 51 parkruns each
• 69 had completed at least 50 parkruns (37.7% of the identified field), of which
• 43 are members of the 50 club
• 25 are members of the 100 club
• 1 is a member of the 250 club

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ellenbrook Fields parkrun Results Page.


December 23rd – Festive fun!

Ellenbrook Fields Report for event 85                               23rd December 2017
Report and photographs by Jim Davis

Today’s parkrun at Ellenbrook Fields was our Christmas edition. There was mulled wine, mince pies, cakes, biscuits and mud. There was also lots and lots of mud.

My wife, who is from the North East, would describe conditions as clarty. I looked it up in the dictionary and it says that clarty is a Northeastern English term for wet and muddy ground conditions. It might be said, “Oh no the ground is really clarty out after all the rain.”

We arrived to be greeted by the ever-cheerful Mrs Norman. I don’t really know how anyone can be so cheerful so early on a Saturday morning. I think every volunteer had some form of Christmas hat, and frequently a full Santa costume.

This week 164 people took part in the parkrun at Ellenbrook. This was a good turnout, and we can now all overindulge for the next few days, with relatively clear consciences.

PBs were quite uncommon. I counted 15. If you managed a PB, then really well done – Alex Moffatt, Mike Fletcher, Richard Smith, Barney Amess, Simon Amess, John Kearns, Matthew Hole, Caroline Griffin, Carrie Hudson, Sharon Jenkins, Isabell Amess, Susan Amess (hold on, is this a whole family of PBs?) Russell Rawles, Bridget Coles, Emma Rawles, Beth Evans and Katharine Carolan.

Representatives of 20 different clubs took part. There were also 36 first timers, shown here being briefed:

Following the new runner briefing, it is everyone to the start line:

The first to finish will be Neil Hume, of GCR. That’s him just to the right of the picture with the black 100 t-shirt on, rubbing his hands together. It will be his 29th time of being first home. Third to finish will be Joe Smith, the tall, young chap with the red Herts Phoenix vest towards the left. Second was Thomas Kearns of Shaftesbury Barnet.

This week's parkrun was bought to you by 20 volunteers: Robert BLYTHE, Martin CRISP, Juliet CRISP, Carole DATHAN, Jim DAVIS, Maureen DAVIS, Molly GILES, Maxine GOOLD, Sarah HAVERSON, Rob HEARN, Carrie HUDSON, Lisa HULLEY, Jenny LOMAS, Eliza LOMAS, John NORMAN, Lynne NORMAN, Emily REDING, Allison SKEGGS, Nick TRURAN, Lindsay TRURAN.

This week's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ellenbrook Fields parkrun Results Page.

Ladies placings:
Mandy Livingstone (W45-49) was first lady (21st overall) over the line in 22:48. (Good going Mandy.)
Melissa Mileham (W40-44) was second (25th overall) in 23:13.
Donna Irwin (W40-44) was third (34th overall) in 24:15.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Neil HUME (VM40-44) – 80.81% for the time 17:17 and first overall.
Barry Osborne (VM65-69) – 79.89% for the time 21:23 and 15th overall. (Pretty quick for an old guy.)
Joe Smith (M15-17) – 78.40% for the time 17:45 and 3rd overall).

If this gets published in time, then have a Happy Christmas and a brilliant New Year. May you do many more parkruns in 2018, and enjoy every one.


Stay safe and look after each other

Ellenbrook Fields Report for event 84                                        16th December 2017
Report by Maxine Goold

Cold and icy conditions forced many parkrun events to cancel their run today. After an inspection and consultation, we agreed to go ahead with extra volunteers on the course. Their duties were to guide, caution and protect runners around the course, and what a wonderful job they did. 93 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 10 were first timers and 4 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part. I’m glad to report that they all made it to the finish line safe and happy. Special thanks to John Norman, who sourced some salt and prepped the ground by the main entrance and finish line.

3 celebrations went without a pre-run mention, so a BIG SHOUT OUT to Maureen Steed (pictured above), Michael Tandy and Jan Haydon (pictured below), who all completed their 50th parkrun today at Ellenbrook Fields.

Our Super cold Heroes who made this event possible and safe were:-

Lynne NORMAN • John NORMAN • Robert BLYTHE • Tim COOKE • John HILL • Philippa DAVIS • Carrie HUDSON • Sarah HAVERSON • Amanda PARSBEY • Bernard ROCKHILL • Lee WOOD • Maxine GOOLD • Allison SKEGGS • Liz THOMAS • Chris MCGURK • Richard STRATTON • Annette STRATTON • Molly GILES • Tom BENSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ellenbrook Fields parkrun Results Page.

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun started on 21st May 2016. Since then 2,717 participants have completed 11,088 parkruns covering a total distance of 55,440 km, including 2,341 new Personal Bests.

The male course record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:04 on 29/10/2016 (event 24).
The female course record is held by Rosie KEANE who recorded a time of 17:29 on 22/07/2017 (event 63).
The Age Grade record is held by Stuart MILLS who recorded 87.21% (17:28) on 26/08/2017 (event 68).


What a difference a day makes!

Park Run#83
9th December 2017

Sunday was a sea of white with snowflakes falling most of the day. Saturday, fortunately, was a whole different story - clear blue skies and a bright winter sun made for much more favourable running conditions. Not perfect, as the nip in the air added a challenge for even some of our seasoned runners who panted their way to the finish line. 118 participants and 17 volunteers turned out for the 83rd Ellenbrook Fields Park Run but a distinctly reduced hound count - perhaps due to the icy conditions. Do we need Park Run doggie coats on the merchandise wish list? 
Run Director, Carrie kicked off the runners just about on time - after a sudden 'Is it the red button or the green button?' mild 'panic' from the time keepers. 

Neil Hume was the first chap across the line for the second time in two weeks - he always comes first , he must have been away the week before! He finished in a very impressive 16.50 mins, only 17 seconds off his PB of 16.33. Novice Park run junior, Thomas Cooper, with only one other Park Run under his belt, at Heartwood Forest, came in second in 18.12 minutes. The first female over the line was Junior Beatrix Towers in 22.10 minutes.  Congratulations to the 20 people who clocked up personal bests, also to Catherine Dann, a Garden City runner, who completed her 50th Park Run and well done to the 14 first timers who joined us at Ellenbrook today. Former  Hatfield local, who now resides in Southampton entertained the volunteers with a rendition of 'Oh when the Saints go marching in' as he crossed the finish line. A big thank you  goes to all the men and women who donned their volunteer hi-vis vests of authority and set up, kept us on course, cheered, timed, scanned, tail walked and tidied up after us:

Lynne NORMAN • John NORMAN • Denise HILL • Carrie HUDSON • Sarah HAVERSON • Amanda PARSBEY • Melanie LYNCH • Kate BENSON • Martin STROUD • John O'CALLAGHAN • Richard STRATTON • Emily REDING • Joanna EVERSHED • Molly GILES • Dave KENDAL • Robert EVERSHED • Tom BENSON

Same time next week, if the snow stays away! 

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