Run report #215 – 6th October

Time for Raincoats


Today was a very wet day for parkrun and only 248 people were up for the fight against the soggy weather! Today was a very special day for Parkrun as it is International parkrun Day. The first parkrun was in Bushy Park 2004 and since then it has inspired 19 countries to take part in the event, encouraging people to keep fit and enjoy running together! On the first event 13 people crossed the line to finish the 5k run and I expect some of them still take part in the event now! Today was the 728th week of parkrunning!

Today it also happened to be  a South West Road Runners(SWRR) takeover and all the volunteer positions were filled by SWRR members. Thank you for being so cheery in the rain! James ADGER, Neil ADGER, Anita ATHERTON, Lawrence John ATHERTON, Paul BARTER, Rebecca BARTER, Edward BELSHAW, Julie BELSHAW, Hannah BLIZZARD, Agnieszka BOBON, Sophie BROOKS, Nick BRUCE-WHITE, Chris CALVERT, Amy CAREY-JONES, John CASWELL, Jim CROMWELL, John EVERITT, Lynda GARCIA, Dan GREY, Mark JELLEY, Liana KING, Dave MOULDER, Laura NICHOLLS, David NICHOLLS, Geoff SMITH, Donna SMITH, Richard STONE, Shaun VANSTONE were all today’s volunteers.

Today the first Male was Peter Monaghan with a  fast time of 17.05 and the first female was Katie Synge with a time of 18.31. Congratulations to my friend Megan Pittard also ran her tenth parkrun! Four parkrunners got an age grading of over 80%! There were 37 PBs today including lots of SWRRs (and my friend Jojo :)!

I was happy with my time today (24.56). I can’t always do parkruns as I usually do  football matches or orchestra and they both clash. Me and my Mum ran together today and we were both first in our age categories- my Mum said that hers was because it was raining and there weren’t many speedy runners!

I hope everyone has dried off and has a good weekend!

By Edward Belshaw, aged 10 ( SWRR Junior )


Run Report # 213 – 22 September 2018


Wet, Wet, Wet

Waterproof jackets and long sleeves started to come back into fashion at this week’s Exeter Riverside Parkrun, at the start of what looks like being a wet weekend. Despite a downbeat forecast, 267 people left the comforts of home to jog, walk or run 5k.

We’re always grateful for the volunteers who make this event possible. But we’re especially grateful on days like today. A big ‘thank you’ to this week’s team: Richard Ashe, Lucy Ashton, Paul Barter, Hannah Blizzard, Agnieszka Bobon, Alex Bosley, Ella Coupland-Smith, Steven Forrester, Rosie Glazier, Joseph Gray, Peter Horrell, Steve Jones, Rob Jones, Lewis Jones, Carl Keenan, Sean Laws, Mandy Lucas, Sarah Moffat, Garry Oakley, Brian Roper, Richard Taffler, Richard Tear, David Thompson, and Shaun Vanstone. If you’d like to give them a chance to dry out, please take a look at our volunteer roster and sign-up a session or two

If you’d like to do the run report (with stats or not, and in whatever style suits you): perhaps sharing your perspective as a visitor, regular participant, or volunteer, we have several gaps over the next 8 weeks. You can sign-up via the roster page.

We had 27 unknown runners this week. Remember, if you’d like to have your time recorded (and get a run credit), please bring a printed copy of your unique Parkrun barcode with you. Alternatively, you can buy a more permanent version on a card, tag or wristband via the Parkrun shop on the website. Unknown runners are included in the attendance figures but not any of the following stats.

Our first male finisher and first finisher overall was Ollie Thorogood in 17:28. Nicky Savill was the first female finisher in 19:11, a new Personal Best (PB) time for the course. 47 other finishers also bagged a PB time, converting rain to rainbows. Well done to you all.

11 people achieved an age grading of over 75% including Heather Lambert 89.33%, Karen Cook 86.29% and Corinne McWilliams 85.94%. A 1-2-3 for our female runners this week (and 7 of the top 10!)

39 people completed their first Exeter Riverside Parkrun with 13 of those doing their first Parkrun anywhere. Thanks for coming along, especially in the rain! You’re following in a lot of footsteps: when Edward Pittard crossed the finish last Saturday, he became the 10,000th different runner to complete our Parkrun. Wow!

Barry Butler and Tim Foxall reached their 100 Parkrun milestone today (Tim on his first run here). Keith Scholey reached his 50 Parkrun milestone. Congratulations.

Keith’s finishing time also came equal closest to matching today’s date (with a time of 22:07; just 2 seconds too quick). Next week we’re looking-out for 29:09 before the target gets VERY challenging for a couple of weeks: 06:10 and 13:10; good luck with that!

By Adrian Harding



Run Report #212 – 15th September


We had a beautiful day on Saturday for our 212th Exeter Riverside parkrun – perhaps no surprise then that 367 runners turned out and completed the course. This makes the sixth week in a row that more than 300 runners have finished. What’s more, 77 runners achieved Personal Best times! An amazing 52 of our runners were doing the course for the first time, including our male and female fastest finishers – well done to all. We hope you’ll be back soon to run with us again. It’s worth noting that eight runners were marked “unknown”, meaning that they hadn’t registered with parkrun or didn’t present their barcodes to be scanned at the end of the race – we do recommend registering and of course remembering to present your personal barcode along with your finishing token after the race. It’s all free and easy to do.

Exeter Riverside parkrun is gaining a reputation as one of the fastest parkrun courses in the UK, thanks to recent sub- results by male and female finishers in the UK. This week our first male finisher and first finisher overall was Danny Millward of the Colchester Harriers, who came home in 17.01. Danny was running this parkrun for the first time. The fastest female finisher was Ashley Sanderson in 18.22, who was running her first parkrun at Exeter Riverside and her second ever parkrun. Well done Ashley!

Nine people achieved an age grading of over 75%, including Ashley Sanderson at 80.76%, 89.54%, Corinne McWilliams at 85.23% and Karen Cook at 85.59%.

You can see photos from the event below at this Flickr link:

and also here:

A huge shout-out goes to today’s volunteer team led by today’s Run Director Dennis Hall: Richard Ashe, Rebecca Barter, Matt Bonne, Billie Cornish, Ellie Coupland-Smith, Caelan Davies, Bethan Davies, Jenny Debenham, Christina Green, Peter Horrell, Barbara Hutchings, Sean Maws, James Menzies, Sarah Morris, Val Mountford, Glenn Redler, Emma Rigby, Griselda Shipp, Ben Tucker, Sarah Ellen Tupper, Felicity Ward-Smith, and David Wilson.

I think most of us remember to thank, as we puff past them, our lovely parkrun marshals in their yellow high-viz for their patience and dedication; but we should also keep in mind that not all volunteer roles are visible. Plenty goes on behind the scenes before and after the run. Do remember that in some volunteer roles (like tail-walker or run report writer) it’s possible to volunteer and run (or walk) the course, so you can help parkrun without sacrificing your Saturday exercise. Volunteers in all roles are always needed to keep parkrun viable. Do look at our volunteer roster and sign-up for some volunteer sessions:

One adult runner reached a parkrun milestone today – Sarah Lovell completed her 100th run in a time of 32:31! Congratulations, Sarah.  Two of our junior runners, Hatchie Maguire (under-10s) and Ted Ironside-Smith (15-17s) reached 5 runs today, halfway to the Junior parkrun 10-run milestone. Both of them also recorded new PBs – well done Hatchie and Ted! Meanwhile our longtime runner, organizer and volunteer, Adrian Mountford, who celebrated his 250th run last week, quietly knocked out his 251st parkrun today on his way to the next milestone… We wish Adrian and all our runners and volunteers the best of luck en route to your parkrun goals!

By Muireann Maguire




Run Report # 211 – 8 September 2018


September Celebration


This week we were delighted to welcome Daniel Budden, national champion sailor and part of the British Sailing team. Daniel joined us as part of the #teamparkrun initiative where the UK's National Lottery funded Olympic and Paralympic athletes are once again teaming up with parkrun to encourage the nation to get active. It was great having Daniel with us and volunteering as one of our two tail walkers. He seemed to find it plain sailing (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Our other tail walker was Adrian Mountford, our long-standing Event Director. It was a special day for Adrian, reaching his 250th parkrun milestone. Congratulations to Adrian on that incredible achievement. It was typical that he would combine reaching his milestone with yet another volunteer session. Adrian paid tribute to the dedicated core team and all our volunteers who make it possible to put on a run that’s fun, free and for everyone.

A big thank you to today’s volunteer team led by today’s Run Director Paul Barter: Richard Ashe, Rebecca Barter, Colin Bickerstaff, Hannah Blizzard, Agnieszka Bobon, Matt Bonne, Philip Bridge, Daniel Budden, Chris Calvert, Steven Forrester, Christina Green, Jacob Hale, Dennis Hall, Peter Horrell, Jo Jones, Lewis Jones, Simon Kain, Mj Midgley, Adrian Mountford, Catherine Mountford, Val Mountford, and Shaun Vanstone. I hope you managed to grab a piece of Adrian’s celebratory cake.

Alongside Adrian, a further 17 of our finishers today have got their purple parkrun T-shirt for volunteering on at least 25 occasions, including 9 of the 11 people who have finished the greatest number of parkruns. To join that elite band, take a look at our volunteer roster and sign-up for some volunteer sessions

This week I was the Funnel Manager. It was great seeing everyone finish: the looks of joy, relief, pride and exhaustion in fairly even measure. 68 people went home with a personal best (PB) time. 22 people finished their first ever parkrun and another 19 were running with us for the first time. Some of those who crossed the finish line had never covered 5k before and others were battling ill health or overcoming injury and hoping to finish without incident. Well done to all 314 people who jogged, walked or ran 5k this morning. That’s the fifth week in a row that we’ve topped 300 finishers. I managed to take some photos; mainly of the start (I’m not cruel enough to photograph you at the end!). These have been added to our photo collection on the website

Last week Exeter Riverside parkrun fielded the fastest female finisher and the second fastest male finisher at any parkrun in the UK!  This week our first male finisher and first finisher overall was Jamie Barnett in 16:38. Amy Covey-Jones was the first female finisher in 19:44; both achieved PB times for the course.

10 people achieved an age grading of over 75% including Peter Monaghan 89.54%, Karen Cook 86.67% and Cathy Parkinson 82.54%.

We had three other people reach parkrun milestones today. Dean Jones and Dan Grey both reached their 50 run milestone and Eleanor Lane reached the10 parkrun milestone for junior runners. Congratulations.

We were joined today by a small delegation from Teignmouth on a fact-finding mission as part of their planning process for an addition to the Devon parkrun family. We wish them every success in launching a new event in that beautiful part of Devon.

By Adrian Harding




Run Report # 210 – 1 September 2018


Goodbye Summer


For many people, 1 September marks the beginning of Autumn in the UK. This morning had a transition feel to it with an autumnal sky but summer warmth. It made for a good turn-out and lots of personal best (PB) times.

Among our finishers today there were 22 people who’ve got their purple parkrun T-shirt for volunteering on at least 25 occasions. If you’d like to join that roll of honour take a look at our volunteer roster and sign-up for a couple of sessions

A special ‘thank you’ to today’s volunteers who did just that and enabled 355 people to run, walk or jog around the Exeter Riverside course today: Richard Ashe, Petra Aubert, Hannah Blizzard, Agnieszka Bobon, Matt Bonne, Alex Bosley, Martin Brint, Jenny Debenham, Anne Devlin, Steve Hagley, Natalie Johnson, Lewis Jones, Ravi Lobo, Sinead McClement, Stephen McConnell, Adrian Mountford, Debra Stevens, Ross Stevens, and Shaun Vanstone.

We had 30 unknown runners this week, people who either didn’t want their time recording or who forgot their unique barcode so weren’t able to record their details. If you want to see your name on the results sheet and be credited for your Parkrun finish you must bring your barcode with you. The following stats exclude unknown runners.

The first male finisher and first finisher overall was Joseph Monk in 15:22. Khai Amelia Mhlanga was the first female finisher (and 3rd finisher overall) in 17:00; both achieved PB times for the course. Khai set a new course record for a female runner at Exeter Riverside parkrun, beating the previous best time of 17:05 which has stood for over 3 years. Congratulations, and Wow!

4 of the first 5 finishers today recorded PB times as did a further 56 finishers which is an indicator of good running conditions and the benefits of a decent summer that encouraged us to get outdoors and cover some miles. Well done to you all.

A higher than average 12 people achieved an age grading of over 75% including Khai 88.04%, Molly Shorey 87.24% and Karen Cook 85.84% making it an all female 1-2-3 this week. Well done to you all. If you’re not sure what age grading is there’s an explanation of it on the parkrun website.

We have several reasons to be grateful to Exeter University: they let us use the boundary of their playing fields for part of our course and we get a lot of staff and students join us as volunteers and participants. And towards the start of term and around graduation the students bring us lots of family members as Parkrun tourists. This week we had a bumper 79 people doing our parkrun for the first time, with 25 of them doing their first parkrun anywhere. I hope it was a great start to your weekend.

Two people reached a milestone today. Ciara Berry reached the 10 parkrun milestone for junior runners. Rebecca Brown reached her 50 parkrun milestone and celebrated in style with a PB time for the course.

By Adrian Harding



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