Due to the forecast of high winds, the NT staff will be carrying out an inspection of the park at 08.00 on Saturday morning to ensure it is safe for us to parkrun. The timings for the high winds also keeps changing so this is another issue to factor into the equation.
Therefore we will post on Facebook as soon as we have an answer after 08.00 so that if we do have to cancel you have a chance to find an alternative or just turn over and go back to sleep!!!!!!!!!

Please share this so that we reach as many folk as possible
Many thanks

Ron (event director)


New Years Day parkrun

Looking forward to welcoming in the new year with a 10.30 start here at Fell Foot.


Fell Foot parkrun 4th Birthday, 20th October 2018 – run report

Thank you and well done to our 19 volunteers and 167 runners who participated in our 4th birthday parkrun at Fell Foot this morning. We hope you all enjoyed our brand new course because we’ll be using it for the foreseeable future; thank you for your understanding and co-operation with regard to the necessary exclusion of dogs and buggies.

For those who missed it, we started with an unusually extended pre-run briefing during which we extended our thanks to:

• Our National Trust hosts at Fell Foot park without whose support, enthusiasm and tolerance we wouldn’t have a venue;

• All of our volunteers throughout the year – in particular, ‘those we never see on a Saturday’ – the Volunteer Co-ordinators, course setter uppers and results processors – who make the Run Directors’ roles so much easier than they would otherwise be;

• All of the runners, joggers and walkers who have participated in our events. Without participants – primary schoolchildren to pensioners, beginners to internationals, first timers to 100 clubbers (and beyond), regulars and visitors – there would be no point to what we do.

Thank you all

We also extended congratulations to:

• Peter Ion, Sue Winn and Kirsty Martindale who completed their 50th parkrun today

• Visitor Damian Ashcroft from Bungay Black Dog Runners who completed his 100th parkrun today (to be honest, this one crept under the pre-run brief radar – sorry about that - but is worthy of note all the same)

• Fell Foot super-volunteer John Nettleton who will be 90 on Sunday

• Returning parkrunner Patrick Lafferty on his first parkrun following heart surgery

• Five more parkrunners attending their first parkrun ever

And last but by no means least

• Kate, Andy, Will and Ned Brayshaw who are the well deserving recipients of this year’s Fell Foot parkrun Event Director’s shield

And the leading performers out on the course?

First runner home was visitor Peter Bird of Wallasey AC, one of 54 runners appearing at Fell Foot for the first time.

First lady was Karen Ball of Ackworth Road Runners, one of 12 setting a new PB for Fell Foot.

Thanks again to everybody for today – here’s to the next four years.


Details of our 2018 Winter route starting 20th October 2018

Fell Foot parkrun Winter route 2018

Start – Bottom of the road beside the Activity Base

Finish – At the Activity Base

4 Lap course

From the start you will run up to the top of Café Hill (Marshal 1), turn right, run along the tarmacked roadway before bearing right down the footpath towards the rhododendrons.

Here (marshal 2) you are sent left up the track beside the Arboretum for 100 metres before turning around a cone (marshal 3) and running back down to the main footpath. Caution – 2 way running. KEEP TO THE LEFT.

Carry on to the adventure playground (marshal 4).

Turn Left here and run up to the south car park, around a cone (marshal 5) and back to the playground junction. Caution – 2 way running. KEEP TO THE LEFT.

At the playground junction turn left, run down through the trees to the lake shore and follow the footpath along the shore to the boathouses (Marshal 6) Caution – footpath narrows due to scaffolding and building work. From here run up the first part of Café hill before bearing left (marshal 7) and running back down to the start where you run around a cone (marshal 8) and start your next lap. Caution – 2 way running. KEEP TO THE LEFT.

You do this 3 more times.

On your 4th lap when you get to the bottom of Café hill you follow the Finish direction up to the Activity Base (marshal 6).

The finish line is where you run between the buildings.

Please exit the Activity Base via the stairs or walkway at the North end.

Any people supporting runners please use the north entrances keeping the south path free as the finish funnel.


Be aware that faster runners may be approaching behind you. If you wear headphones please ensure you can still hear runners behind you.

Fast runners please be patient when approaching slower runners/walkers

Remember this is not a RACE.


Change of route to Winter course 20th October 2018.

Hello Everybody,

Following the heavy rainfall last weekend as a result of storm Callum our normal meadow route is currently not accessible. Therefore we are turning to our winter "Fun" route slightly earlier than we would have expected.

Unfortunately this means that we cannot accommodate dogs or buggies on this route for safety reasons. We apologise for this but we ask for your patience and cooperation.

Many Thanks


Event Director

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