Run report – 6 October 2018

Although this Saturday morning was much cloudier and chillier than last week, it didn’t stop the Finsbury parkrunners showing up in their lycra-clad, buggy-pushing, dog-wielding masses to celebrate parkrun’s 14th birthday. An incredible 394 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 62 were fresh-faced first timers and 75 recorded new Personal Bests. Not only did we have a great turn out on this special day, but we welcomed two new 50 club members: Gwyneth HARRISON-SHERMOEN and George GIBBS, and a new 100 club member: Jenny BERRISFORD. Congratulation also to first-time Run Director Libby, who did a super job.

^new RD Libby on the start line

In the last few weeks, a couple of tumbles were taken on the loose gravel in the rose garden, though this week this was counteracted with some cleverly placed cones and nobody fell over. A success indeed. Instead of tumbles, we had a few bikes, cars and vans on the course, but no accidents thankfully!

^gardens marshal (from 29/9) in new position - take care out there!

It was great to see two runners from the online running community, Run Mummy Run, whose smiles never left their faces the whole way around the route!

^particularly impressive in this photo which was taken at the top of The Hill

Also spotted on the course this week was the truly-tailed tail runner, Caz, leading the runners in style from the back. Caz brought along lots of friends from #backpackersrunning - see you again soon guys!

Caz - the tail with a tail!

The volunteer team this week was coordinated by Katie, who has been doing the role for over a year now, and has only had 3 weeks off in that time! Special mention must also go to our regular marshal Bill who was running today, taking a well-earned break from volunteering. Amazingly, Bill has volunteered at least once a month since October 2016!

^Katie / Bill from earlier runs

If volunteering seems like your cup of tea, do get in touch with the team at! We always need more helping hands, whether as a marshal, a time-keeper, a finish funnel organiser or any of the other jobs that are so crucial to making parkrun work. You will undoubtedly be rewarded with a warm, fuzzy feeling, a good few “thank you, Marshal’s” and a general sense of doing good in the world.

Rebecca (marshaling at the top of the hill)


Detours and (more) farewells – run report 15 September 2018

So we didn’t manage to put that many people off with our talk of “non PB week” and “maybe no buggies” due to the Sink the Pink event in the North side of the park. Maybe the same people from last week just turned up anyway? We did have exactly the same number of parkrunners and volunteers - has that ever happened you ask? We haven’t had time to check yet. What we can say is next week won’t be 402 runners and 21 volunteers again, as WE ARE CANCELLED ON 22 SEPTEMBER due to another event in the park.

This week’s detour came courtesy of RD and course measurer Mark. A huge thanks to him and his team of volunteers this week, who helped put on a fabulous run in spite of the detour. He was being shadowed by trainee RD Libby who will be taking the reins soon- hopefully for her on a regular course! But what an excellent course detour: we were able to find a use for our numerous yellow flags and the additional cones we’d added to our kit recently also came in handy. With a few marshals relocated to top it off, we hope you found your way around ok. When we have to detour then we normally ensure the course is long, rather than short as we don’t want people to have “false” PBs! This did mean starting in the gardens- hopefully everyone enjoyed the temporary change.

Finsbury parkrun 15-09-2018 #434

^the start which wasn't the start this week

Finsbury parkrun 15-09-2018 #434

^making our way to this week's actual start

Finsbury parkrun 15-09-2018 #434

^this week's actual start in the gardens - and a lovely day for it

Mark was out earlier in the week keeping an eye on the setup of the event, and also was the brains behind the video of the detour posted yesterday to acclimatise you all to the change. Who noticed that the detour meant there was less elevation for the hill!? Big kudos to Mark for ensuring we had a suitable alternative route for today’s parkrun.

Finsbury parkrun 15-09-2018 #434

^running through trees! Normally the preserve of other parkruns...

Finsbury parkrun 15-09-2018 #434

^a 'new' flat section at the top of the hill by the athletics track

Mark/Libby’s team of volunteers numbered 19 today. We need about 18 each week so please do get in touch if you can help- we can’t run without the kind assistance of a team of volunteers.

Finsbury parkrun 15-09-2018 #434

Finsbury parkrun 15-09-2018 #434

Finsbury parkrun 15-09-2018 #434

Finsbury parkrun 15-09-2018 #434

^a few photos of this week's volunteer team at/near the finish area.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to Diane Archer who stepped down as Co-Event Director recently as she is off to set up parkrun in Thailand (well she’s moving there for work, but we think secretly she’s going there to build a parkrun empire). Diane took over the reins last year after Jinaka stood down as Event Director. Being sole Event Director is a big responsibility to take on and she was joined shortly after by Lorna, sharing the responsibilities between them. We wish her the best in her new life in Thailand. Lorna has been joined by Andrew Wooding to continue the sharing of Event Director duties. Diane was famous for her cakes and so Lorna and Andrew have big cake shoes to fill.


^Diane running earlier in the year

See everyone in 2 weeks where in a similar pink theme we’ll be running past Race for Life which is happening later in the Park on 29 September.



Due to another event in the park, we are cancelled on 22 September. Check out our neighbours Ally Pally, Highbury Fields, Hampstead Heath, Pymmes and Hackney Marshes for the closest alternative parkruns - but make sure you check they aren't also cancelled too!

The best way to be directly informed of cancellations is by signing up to our volunteer appeals emails - we will email everyone on the list to warn of cancellations. Opt in for these emails by logging in to your parkrun account.


Not a rough run (we hope) – run report 8 September 2018

We had 402 runners who joined us in the morning of 8th September - nice to see numbers creeping up again after the summer. They were also joined by a lovely team of 21 volunteers - a big thank you as always to the volunteers as we cannot run without their support.



^some of the volunteers from the start line during the pre-run briefing - thank you parkrunners for keeping the carriageway free for passing cyclists & path clear for pedestrians!


Congratulations to Chloe Bean who joined the 50 club, the 69 first timers including tourists from Edinburgh, Stockton-on-Tees and Canada and the 63 scoring Personal Bests!


^if you were a tourist we hope you made it to our first timer's briefing. This weeks was undertaken by RD Lorna who always ensures it is nice and interactive!


Upcoming weeks
15 September - We'll be running around the Sink The Pink event in the park so please listen out for instructions - glitter and heels optional!
22 September - please check before travelling as we may have to cancel due to a festival in the park.


Our parkrun survery - please complete if you have time!
As mentioned by Lorna in the pre-run brief, we have been asked a couple of times over the last year for quotes from parkrunners about running and volunteering to use in press releases/grant applications. We've set up a short survey to gather these. There is also a space for you to make any suggestions for how we can improve (sorry, we can't flatten the hill!). The four-question survey can be found here: and is as anonymous as you'd like it to be.


Go carefully parkrunners & seek help if required!
We've had two parkrunners have moderately serious falls recently. We have a well-stocked first aid kit at the finish so please come and see us if you need it. Massive thanks to the medically-trained runners who have stepped in to offer assistance. Defibrillators are available at the cafe and in Manor House station (behind the ticket gates) should we ever need them.


Finnally - can you help us next week?
Your RD next week will be Mark - if you'd like to join his Hi-Vis team drop us an email on


Farewells and milestones – run report 1 September 2018

September is here, but the weather was still holding out for parkrun yesterday!


Lots to celebrate yesterday, including some farewells as explained in the pre-pre-run briefing by Diane. A huge thank you to yesterday's RD Alison who was undertaking her last RD role before she heads off on her adventure to India and then Thailand. Before doing so she took the reins for Finsbury parkrun for a final time, and presided over 338 runners and 24 volunteers who turned up to run/walk/cheer/help - thank you to all who attended including a few tourists.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-01 at 10.52.42
^ Diane giving a few words thanking Alison


Alison has 113 parkruns under her belt since 2011 - 111 of them at Finsbury park. Between 2012 and now she has undertaken an amazing 84 volunteering tasks - 20 of which were being Run Director. She will be greatly missed and we cannot thank her enough for her service to Finsbury parkrun over years. During her times as RD she has come across and dealt with a number of issues, including making an impromptu funnel (of twigs!) when the equipment was locked away, always dealing with them in a calm and thoughtful way. Thanks Alison, and best of luck!

Finsbury parkrun #432
^Alison giving the first timer's briefing as her last stint as RD


We also had a family celebration from the Berrisford's/Sweet's as Gregory BERRISFORD SWEET and his dad Alexander SWEET celebrated their 50th runs together with mum (Jenny BERRISFORD) and brother/son also marshalling & cheering everyone on near the gardens. Thank you for the biscuits/chocolates/cake which you brought to celebrate your milestones. Gregory is now 11 and so his is able to run on his own - allowing his mum to volunteer or participate separately if she wishes! Thanks for adhering to the U11 rules, and we look forward to welcoming you all in whatever capacity you join us in future weeks - running/walking/volunteering.

^Gregory BERRISFORD SWEET and his dad Alexander SWEET after completing their 50th runs

^Some of today's volunteers returning to the finish, including marshals "gardens" Jenny BERRISFORD (left), "top of the hill" Carl HEAP (centre) and "bottom of the hill" Rebecca MITCHELL (right).


Following the run today there was cake aplenty, mainly from the various celebrations mentioned above - we did try and take a photo but we were all too hungry before we thought to snap away - oops! We do however reiterate that volunteers always get first dibs on any cakes which have been made - so if you want to join in our GpBO (Great parkrun Bake Off) judging of 'the crumb' in any forthcoming week please do email Katie on You will then be able to, in the words of Alison, be "hot like us" in HiVis!

Finsbury parkrun #432
^ volunteers adorning their HiVis at the start - before the benches were covered with cakes!


Looking forward to seeing everyone next week - there are a few smaller events in the park over the coming weeks so we will update you on social media if there are any changes!

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