Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 476 16th March 2019

Cheltenham festival plus the rugby and a small matter of the Fission 20/20 meant that many a regular was otherwise engaged or distracted as we set up run number 476 in the Forest of Dean. A windy and blustery start to the day left the core team with some tough decisions. To tarp or not to tarp? Given the breeze, not Andy, and the forecast that rain would hold off it was an uncovered parkrun morning to match the Principality Stadium's plans for the afternoon. Taping off the memorial grass was done at ground level in an attempt to keep the barriers in place. All volunteers turned up and set up proceeded smoother than spreading cream cheese on a piping hot bagel and as easy as 123, which co-incidentally was how many people ran, jogged and walked the course on Saturday.
We had at least 15 first timers with one known brand new parkrunner. Of the 14 unknowns several were tourists and newbies who had either not registered or forgotten their barcode. Tourists came from locations far and wide, including Devon and North Carolina.
Just 5 participants recorded Personal Bests this week includng four parkrunners on run number two: Helen Moreby, Andrew Thomson, Rebecca Thomson and Robin Court. Phil Dolphin was on his 79th parkrun and he too was running in the forest for the second time as he recorded his new pb.
All of our seasoned runners gave way to the going, which was in Health and Safety terms safe to squidgy and in racing parlance good to soft. Too much for our regular Canis, who might have been cross to miss out on the fun in the mud and were notable by their absence.
Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.
Graham Bennetto had been up shopping and cutting a selection of the finest cakes all night getting ready to celebrate his 300th run, a significant number and one to be proud of. Well done Graham.
On event 476 just one runner recorded her 76th run. Melanie Eaton, VW 45-49, was also female first finisher for the 5th time on her 72nd trip round the enclosure in a time of 23.05 and with an age grade second highest of the day at 70.90%. Testament to the sticky conditions. Melanie has been running and volunteering with us for the last four years.
In 76th place was one of our unknowns and so there's a missed opportunity for a mention.
Next week, 23rd March we are going ORANGE to support SARA our local Lifeboat service.
Wear your orange T-shirt’s, shorts, socks, trainers, wigs, hats! Tourist Apricot t-shirts would be perfect! Whatever takes your fancy and any donations would be welcome.
First finisher for the men, recording 19:27 was SM25-29, was Marcus Bennetto crossing in that slot for the 53rd time. He was followed in by First timer SM20-24 William Mclean in a time of 19:51, which was also good enough to get him position 323 in our top 500 of all time. Entry level is now 20:29 or faster! Wow. VM 50-54 and first timer Nick Hooper crossed in 20:05, which was the day's best age grade at 75.27% and also got slot 383/500. Well done Nick
Behind Melanie Eaton the second lady crosser was SW30-34 and first timer Emily Harper in 24:04 closely followed by JW11-14 Izzy Babij
Our third highest age grade was VM45-49 Andrew Wright who scored 70.41% for his time of 20:47
The event was made possible by 17 marvellous volunteers, to whom we are very grateful:
Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Deborah MORGENSTERN • Cameron FRANCIS • Lee OSBORNE • Richard CRONIN • Sophie HARVEY • Michelle PEACEY • Vanessa PEGLER • Mark WILLIAMSON • Tom BARTLETT • Charlie ROBERTS • Simon ROBERTS • Katy DAY • Kim PRICE • Rachael WHEELER • Jacob DAY
If you can join the merry throng you will be given full training, be made very welcome and get a free tea or coffee every time. :-)
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.


Event 475

Forest of Dean parkrun # 475 - 09/03/2019
Run report:

On this lovely soggy Saturday morning 172 people, ran, jogged or walked the 475th Forest of Dean Parkrun. The usual suspects at this awesome parkrun were joined by 59 first timers, some of which were a graduating class from 0-5k group. Well done all of you! 15 different clubs were represented today with the majority belonging to FODAC

The first person over the finishing line this morning was Marcus BENNETTO with a time of 18:27 on his 270th run. He was closely followed by Gavin JONES with a time of 18:40 and Simon LAMB with a new PB of 19:20. The first lady home was first timer Jessica EARP with a brilliant time of 20:32.

There was 12 PB’s earned in todays muddy conditions, these amazing runners are: Libby-Rose HUGHES, Sarah SMITH, Sophia PLOWRIGHT, Ella ROBERTS, Claire WALBY, Edward RULE, Sarah HAYNES, Mark EVANS, Emily FORDE, James ROBINSON, ​James WILDEN and Simon LAMB.

A special mention to runner Sue LOMAX who is a first timer at the FOD parkrun, but crossing the line today means she has now accumulated 100 runs! Well Done!
A couple of mini-milestones were also achieved today, runners: Gavin JONES, James WILDEN, Karine PETER and Dean DURSTON all clocked up 20 parkruns each today. Runners: Jessica EARP and Robert BROOKS clocked up 35 parkruns today. Runner Luke DINSDALE clocked up his 40th Parkrun.
It also looks like Mr Graham BENNETTO is on 299 parkruns so next week will make it the big 300!
A quick reminder: Go Orange at parkrun on Saturday 23rd March to support Severn Area Rescue your local independent lifeboat station . Volunteers from SARA will be in attendance with free jaffa cakes to go with your post run tea / coffee.

Thanks to the volunteers
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Steve BEDFORD, Angela BOWKETT, Craig CAMERON, Peter COVINGTON JONES, Jacob DAY, Jennifer HARDING, Sophie HARVEY, Chris HAWKINS, Sam IVINS, Mark MATHEWS, Lee OSBORNE, Suzanne PETERS, Matthew George PETERS, Patrick RENNISON, Simon ROBERTS, Charlie ROBERTS, Helen SNOWDON, Deborah WILLIAMS, Jacqui WYNDS



Parking!!!!!!! For this Saturday 9th March

If you are likely to arrive before 08-30 please make sure you use Berry Hill rugby club
The School are using the parking area for children being dropped off for a school trip.



Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 474 2nd March 2019

A different start to the report this week just to remind you of how far we have come on our Forest parkrun journey:
Forest of Dean parkrun started on 24th April 2010. Since then 7,763 participants have completed 45,279 parkruns covering a total distance of 226,395 km, including 6,655 new Personal Bests. A total of 548 individuals have volunteered 5,716 times. Average runs per runner:5.8. Average stint per volunteer:10.3 (We have seven volunteers per hundred runners and need about 20 - 25 per week. Food for thought!)
On what felt like an absolutely fantastic spring morning Angela "The Urn" Bowkett arrived to set up in a dreamlike state at around 7.15. Clearly an inspired start to the day as she was there for set up and to marshal in the car park. She was traumatised by the car park and the early start so won't be marshalling there again :-)
The going underfoot was good to soft and there wasn't too much mud around to encourage our cross country runners on to greater things. No shoes were lost in the swamp today. 159 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and in among that group were 22 Tearaways from Tewkesbury who had come along to help Andy Norman celebrate his 200th parkrun. They even brought some cake but kept it in their van for the journey home :-)
We had three brand new parkrunners and just three people forgot their barcodes. Will we ever get 100%? I can dream. 27 people recorded new Personal Bests, including aforementioned Andy and five other Tearaways re-visiting the forest. We had representatives of 16 different clubs taking part today We had pb's from youngsters Henry Masters, Edward Rule and Danielle Wilson in the J10 categories and from not such youngsters, David Shoubridge and Robin Drewett, in the 70 plus age groups - what a spread of pb's! Mike Carter snuck in a back to back pb on his 80th run too. Well done to everyone improving this week.
Shout outs this week included Andy Morgan, celebrating his 150th parkrun and Guy "Yes, I know it's more cake than biscuit" Maskell making it to green t-shirt 250 stage. Well done Doc. Chris Moore racked up run 360, Stef Frances reached 240 and Donna Sheen ran her 110th event. We acknowledged that our ED, Mark Mathews, had aged since last week and was now 47. That's one way to improve your age grading Mark:-)
Talking of which, we had eight runners scoring over 70% today headed by VW45-49 Claire O'Brien who pb'd on her 30th run here in 20:50 and scored 76.24%. VM55-59 and Canicrosser Steve Lewis scored 75.83% for a time of 20:37 and Catherine Svendsen, SW 30-34 canicrossed in 20:04 and scored 73.84%
The first three males were SM25-29 Marcus Bennetto, who finished first for the 51st time in 19:25 followed in by VM45-49 Mark Mathews in 20:10 and then Steve Lewis as noted above.
Catherine Svendsen headed the ladies home for the 10th time and was followed in by SW25-29 Kathy Griffin in 20:37 and then Claire O'Brien.
The event was made possible by a great turnout of 21 volunteers, to whom we are very grateful:
Jacqui WYNDS • Chris HAWKINS • Angela BOWKETT • Jane CREED • Mark MATHEWS • Cameron FRANCIS • Stefanie FRANCIS • Sophie HARVEY • Vanessa PEGLER • Mark WILLIAMSON • Brian FRANCIS • Julie SOLOMON • Owen HALL • Peter COVINGTON JONES • Debbie WOODWARD • Lisa ADAMS • Rosemary MACLEOD • Michael FLANNERY • Steve BEDFORD • Jacob DAY • Neville KING
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 473 23rd February 2019

What a cracking morning for a run round the forest. Up with the lark and a crisp awakening signalled the going underfoot was going to be good to firm. Excellent. The good news continued as on arrival at the hut there was Angela "The Urn" Bowkett, back to full volunteering and Peter "Water Boy" Covington-Jones was on time for his assessment as Ange's deputy. Peter was also celebrating his 100th run in the forest and had brought along chocolate cake. What's not to like so far? Set up was smoother than marble or a waveless sea and the only hiccough was that our friends at APEX had no pre-parkrun facilities available, much to the discomfort of one of our many tourists.
This week 162 people ran, jogged and walked the course. 40 were first timers some of whom had travelled from places as far as Lancaster and Devon, Worcester and Wimbledon, Bromsgrove and Bushy, Pontypridd, Long Eaton and Tring, to name but a few. There were seven brand new parkrunners, including two newbies from FoDAC. Welcome all. 19 parkrunners, including Abigail Simpson, Donna Sheen, Mike Carter and Peter Johnson, recorded new Personal Bests. Well done everyone. Representatives of 24 different clubs took part.
Julian "Forest" Boon and Steve Bedford ensured our parking was stress free, for which we are very grateful. If you want to help and also run, the car park marshal role isn't too onerous but is very necessary and appreciated as well as making you eligible for a free coffee and volunteer credit. Vicki Hewlett stepped into the RD role and did so well we want her back soon.
Rob Joyce joined us for the first time today and celebrated his 200th parkrun and local runner Bev James rounded off her 170th.
Clearly all were feeling fresh this morning as all 162 parkrunners were shepherded in in less than 43 minutes by Sharla Fleet, our tailwalker today, accompanied by son Oliver. Thanks both.
SM25-29 Marcus Bennetto notched up his 50th first finish today in a time of 18:31, followed in by VM45-49 Andrew Skailes in 18:48 with third slot being filled by SM20-24 Henry Jones, who recorded a new pb of 19:16 on his 8th forest outing.
Two of our nine unknowns made it to the top ten today, not my favourite statistic. Please do remember your barcodes people!
First woman home, for the fifth time, was VW30-34 Susanna Davies on her 15th visit here to the enclosure in atime of 22:02. Second crosser was SW25-29 Kezia Jukes in a pb of 22:22 followed by VW45-49 Melanie Eaton in 22:49.
Just six age graded over 70% today, headed up by Andrew Skailes who scored 75.44%. Next came first timer VM55-59 Mark Blagbrough, who can boast a 74.50% for a time of 20:59 and then VM45-49 Andrew Wright recorded 73.78% for a time of 19:50.
On this 473rd run 47th place went to Martin Harding SM30-34 on his 8th trip round the enclosure and 9th parkrun and he secured his 4th pb. He has made one tripto Lydney. Slot 73 was filled by VW55-59 Sarah Warren who recorded her 9th pb in 26 outings. Sarah has also run at Hereford and Newent.
As ever, we are very grateful to our neon clad hi vis heroes, of whom today there were 21, and we thank:
Jacqui WYNDS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Sharla FLEET • Craig CAMERON • Emma PARSONS • Cameron FRANCIS • Oliver FLEET • Julian M BOON • Donna SHEEN • Mark WILLIAMSON • Vicki HEWLETT • Peter COVINGTON JONES • Katy DAY • Sue LITTLE • Paul WILLIAMS • Michael FLANNERY • Steve BEDFORD • Robin DREWETT • Jacob DAY • Jennifer HARDING
Please feel free to get involved. You will be made to feel very welcome.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.

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