Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 415 20th January 2018

On a cold wet drizzly soggy dank and miserable morning the day was cheered up by a cavalcade of rainbows of happiness dressed brightly to traipse around the Coverham swamp where the going was deemed soft to sinking. Many of our out of sorts regulars turned up to volunteer, cheer,  support and laugh at the efforts of the hardy bunch who made it to our parkrun on a day when around 100 other events were cancelled due to course conditions. Our visitors and newbies, some 20% of the field, had come from the wilds of Yorkshire and Derbyshire,  from the calm of the Cotswolds and the Chilterns,  cross border from Cardiff and sauntering from the South Coast. They were well and truly warned of the dangers in the hidden depths of the dark forest trails. Some listened.... Today's top hobby was faceplanting and quite a few novices and alleged experts decided to test the hardness of the ground in a variety of methods ranging from the full fall to the casual splat or twist. Frank,  Frank,  Frank...returning from a severely sprained ankle lay off why did you have to stumble in the last 50 yards and damage your ankle again? Hope it gets better soon. If not we'll let you volunteer again next week. Now,  a wee word of caution...please...if you do need some first aid,  get us to help you. Or at least just take what you need from the kit and close the box. We've had to throw out a kit today as someone used it and put their discarded muddy and bloody bits back in the box and left it out in the open. Ho hum. Some runners could be accused of coming back from injury too soon...Tim (but at least you managed to finish this week in uncomfortable but cheerful fashion.) Please look after yourselves people. It helps us manage our levels of stress! The tarpaulin made a rare appearance to look after Skruff'n'Vic on the scanning table and also provided some shelter for runners getting post run refreshments (Note: post run as it's a run, not a race. We have firsts and not winners :-) ) Our eagle eyed scanning team noted that first past the line had inadvertently received token 101. We didn't put Marcus in the room but sorted out the tokens instead so that things could move on more smoothly. A fun morning. We celebrated Robert Freeman's belated birthday, David Jenkins 150th parkrun, little Lewis Parsons' 10th run alongside young Calvert Lloyd Rees who also made that milestone today. Peggy kept quiet about his 150th. Just as well as no one brought cake and we would all have wanted the brownies! Next week is not too late Rich! Well done all . There were several late starters today but Andy Breeze was not amongst them. 13 people had no barcode...Aaaaarggghhh!  Guy Maskell filled in his ICE details this week.  If you haven't then please... Be more like Guy and do so. There have been some incidents at other runs where these details have been crucial. Volunteer or runner it is essential that we have your details on record please. Just one regular runner, Jacob Day, recorded a PB although nine returners and newer runners improved on previous records here. Not surprising that there were so few, given the conditions out on the course. So who came where? Males: Taking his 39th step over the line as first finisher was Marcus Bennetto in 19.20 followed bu youngster Dave Lowthian in 19.54. Returner JM15-17 Owen Quin of Queens Park Harriers crossed third in a pb of 20.02.This result moves him up to position 300 in our fastest 500. If you want to feature on that table then the time to beat is now 20.52. Females: Crossing the line first, for the 32nd time was Kathy Griffin in 22.58 followed by returner Kani Hinshelwood in 23.12 and the trio was completed by JW11-14 Chloe Morgan in 24.03 Our top age graded scores were recorded by Jacqui Wunds, VW60-64, who had a time of 27.04 and an age grade of 74.88%; David Lowthian, VM50-54, who had a time of 19.54 and an age grade of 74.71%, and Leyton Fleet, VM 45-49, who had a time of 20.44 and an age grade of 69.45%. This week 156 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 10 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part. The event was made possible by 17 volunteers: Jacqui WYNDS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Graham JAMES • Sharla FLEET • Anna BEVAN • Stefanie FRANCIS • Andrew KNOTT • Mark WILLIAMSON • Vic N' SKRUFF (AINSWORTH) • Caroline RICKARDS • Fraser RICKARDS • Katy DAY • John DAY • Lisa ADAMS • Chloe WHEELER • Linda KIBBLE and Deborah TALBOTT. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page. I look forward to seeing you all next week. happy parkrunning all.


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 414 13th January 2018

This week 125 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 7 were first timers and 6 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 18 volunteers, led from the front by Guy Maskall, who not only turned up early/on time (Depends on your perspective) to help the core team with water carrying duties but also embraced the role fully and did both briefings. Great effort. Now that he's fully blooded....
Talking of blood our very own brave Chloe Wheeler, stitched up on Thursday night (and out for six weeks courtesy of a nasty episode with a log on a night run), joined mum Rachel to marshal today and will be volunteering for the next few weeks whilst she recovers. Thanks both. Volunteering, it's a great way to stay in touch, keep up with what's happening at parkrun and get another t-shirt. Thanks to this week's full team:
Jacqui WYNDS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Stefanie FRANCIS • Richard CRONIN • Deborah TALBOTT • Tony HARDY • Mark WILLIAMSON • Guy MASKALL • Peter COVINGTON JONES • Suzanne PETERS • Melinda RUCK • Katy DAY • John DAY • Lisa ADAMS • Sue LITTLE • Chloe WHEELER • Rachael WHEELER
Guy had our quietest  first timers' briefing in recent memory as half of the newbies missed it!! We also had our smallest number of tourists since... well for as long as I can remember. Most of today's first timers were new to parkrun and Graham "New boy" Bennetto bolstered the numbers to ease their shyness and give Guy an audience on his debut. Welcome all.
On a ground that was definitely good to soft a pb was going to be tough for anyone who runs here regularly and it proved so with just the six recorded. Well done to developing parkrunners Glenn Cotton, Jacob Day, Calvert Rees, Kirsty Jones, Nigel Elliot and Thomas Phillips on your improvements.
We celebrated Ruth Jones reaching milestone 50, whilst Daniel Cobley notched up number 80, Helen Lipscomb made it to 110, Ian Lowton to 220 and Chris Moore made it 310. There were biscuits and cake at the end, always welcome, so if you have either a milestone or stuff left from Christmas, you know what to do.
Tim "The Wall" Watkins looked as though he had been hit by one at the 1k point today. Looks like muscle damage and we hope that you recover soon whilst having a few days enforced rest. Keep us posted Tim.
Who finished where:
Male: First finisher in 17.21, for the fourth time and assisted by his flying dog, was Jon Bruno Carter followed by orienteer Richard Purkiss in 18.32 then Neath runner and returner to the Forest of Dean, Richard Mulvany in 19.30
Female: With a time of 23.58 Dolores Fawcett Till crossed first for the third time followed by Rebecca Ward in 24.05 and Ruth Jones celebrated that milestone run with a 24.22 third finisher spot.
Age Graded: Jon Carter and his dog: VM 45-49 got and age grade of 84.34% for their time of 17.21 whilst Dave Lowthian VM 50-53 scored 75.27% for his time of 19.45 and Peter Ward, also VM 45-49 scored 73.22 for his time of 19.40
We finished celebrating Christmas by giving out some leftover presents as spot prizes and hope that everyone who got one was at least mildly pleased or pleasantly surprised.
I'll be around volunteering for a few weeks but not running Please do join me and get on that roster.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 413 6th January 2018

This week 139 people squished, squelched, sank, swam, bog snorkelled, ran, jogged or walked the course, of whom 5 were first timers (One of whom missed the briefing) and 6 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.
For once Andy Breeze was on time and this caused consternation for our man of the moment, who thought he had missed his 300th start when he saw Andy ahead of him going into the woods. Julian, Jools, Forrest  Boon ran his 172nd FoD parkrun and having visited almost 80 other locations came home to celebrate his triple ton. Martin Heath made it 240, Marcus Bennetto 230, Mark Blake 190 and Tony Davies 120. A lot of running going on by many runners and if we have just 6 visitors/newbies next week it will mean that 6000 people will have run our course.
Our course adjudicator declared the going soft, very very soft and thus the few pb's were all newbies or returners. Well done however on the improvements guys, especially in these conditions.
Peter Covington Jones stepped up to the role of RD on a dreich morning and he was well supported with a full team, who had filled the roster early. Thank you all for your efforts on a very dank and cold mornin Lots of XC and a stroll up the Kymin released some regulars to marshal and other roles for which we were very grateful. Please put your name down if you can help out in the next few weeks either by contacting the office by email or on FB through Sharla Ness or Lisa.
Whilst briefing the newbies the assembled throng seemed fewer in number than the marshals but miraculously, out of the mist and fog, over 130 runners appeared for the start of today's little challenge. Well done for braving the elements. Only 50 runs have been bigger at Coverham, including our new record breaking event on NYD which had 259  parkrunners in attendance. We are, however, getting bigger every month and year on year.
Eight unknown runners this week included one of our newbies: Please guys #DFYB
Category first threes:
Marcuss Bennetto crossed first for the 38th time in 19.24 followed by Julian Boon in 20.41 and Tim Watkins in 21.04
Katie Kearsey crossed first for the second time, in 24.15 followed by Dolores Fawcett-Till in 25.03 and Ruth Jones in 25.08
Age Graded:
He may not have crossed first but he did have the top age grade; Julian Boon MV 45-49 hit 70.19% for his time of 20.41. Mark Blake VM 50-54 recorded 68.6% for his 21.30 time and Leyton Fleet VM 45-49 followed in with 67.92% for his time of 21.12
The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:
Jacqui WYNDS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Anna BEVAN • Stefanie FRANCIS • Alan ROBERTSON • Richard DENNANT • Vanessa PEGLER • Mark WILLIAMSON • Peter COVINGTON JONES • David PETERS • Suzanne PETERS • Debbie WOODWARD • Lisa ADAMS • Chloe WHEELER • Emma BEVAN • Rachael WHEELER
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.
See you all next week


New Years day parkrun 412

Forest of Dean parkrun
Event number 412
1st January 2018

So, happy new year folks, with no stats I'm gonna have to free style a  bit more so ..... here's to faster, further, firmer etc. and all the other stuff we torture ourselves with when all I really want to do is grab another beer and slice of quiche. Dry Jan, no carb Jan, only eat dust Jan, Fartlek Jan, 80/20 Jan, core Jan, pearl Jam, gin Jan, sorry meant gym Jan ... the list is endless so please just be kind to yourselves and have a great year.

First and foremost a big thank you to Mark M for another fantastic year and offering up the chance of the double here in the Forest with the help of Dave P and team down at super Lyd. Thank you all everyone who has contributed this year, it is very much appreciated by Mark and the team, we have a welcoming, friendly and supportive run and long may it continue.

Congratulation Tim Watkins on his 200th run and Pete Hewitt on his 100th, a tremendous effort both. Marcus Bennetto was first for the boys and Chloe Wheeler for the girls which was a double, double win for both. 259 runners which I can only assume is a record turn out? Mark and Ange thanks for grabbing my clothes and Vic can you warm your hands up next time please.

.... just one last question .. is under water hockey actually a thing Mick and Helen Hyde? todays course was more suited to a champion bog snorkeler to be fair.
This week 259 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 82 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 38 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 13 volunteers:



Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 409 23rd December 2017

A very merry Christmas to all our readers. A clear winter's day, with neither snow nor ice although there was a (welcome) return of the Coverham Mud resulted in an event this week at which 164 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 19 were first timers and 7 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part. A huge thank you to everyone who brought along donations for the homeless appeal. I hope everyone who took part in Secret Santa enjoyed the outcome too. Four people, self included, forgot to pick up their presents and these were taken to the hut from where they can be collected (or donated to the homeless pile?) Our tourists came from far and wide: Newport, Bristol, Salisbury, Bicester, Hertfordshire and Linwood to name but a few and it was good to see a few returners in our very small pb list this week. Well done Jacob Day, JM15-17 on his continuing improvement as well as Ali Turner, Linda Phillips,Amanda Simmons, Matthew Jones, Robin Drewett and Paige Farmer for your progress in the forest. Some of our first timers ran some very creditable times to squeeze into our fastest 500 list including Chris Kent who crossed the line in position seven with a time of 2012 and hits the records in position 323. Further up crossing third was Keith Metcalfe whose time of 18.39 earned him popped him in in slot 85. Leon Doran, JM10, ran an astonishing 21.03 to set a new age category record. Obviously hearing about the boar at the newcomers briefing he didn't want to be out in the forest too long. Alice Taylor, SW30-34, didn't set a pb. Her pb gave her the age category record for SW25-29, but today's brisk performance of 19.12 gives her another one in her latest age group! Well done Alice! Our very colourful event was enhanced by a wonderful array of costumes including several Santa Clauses, elves, reindeer and presents. Mince pies and cake were on offer on the day we celebrated Angela Bowketts's birthday and noted that the 200 club welcomed Guy Maskall and Neil Peacey whilst Chloe Wheeler, Lisa Adams and Mark Harradine will be our first runners to wear the new parkrun 50 milestone t-shirt when they come out in the spring. Well dome on your achievements all. Today's event was made possible by 16 volunteers: Jacqui WYNDS • Chris HAWKINS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Jacqueline GREEN • Richard DENNANT • Mark WILLIAMSON • Brian FRANCIS • Caroline RICKARDS • Melinda RUCK • Tracy LORD • Fraser RICKARDS • Katy DAY • John DAY • Lisa ADAMS • Nick LORD We need a few names for Christmas Day the 30th and New Year's Day so please feel free to join in. Names on FB to Lisa Ness or Sharla. Alternatively email the office. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page. Today our first three male finishers were: Marcus Bennetto SM20-24 crossing first for the 36th time in 17.58 followed by Peter Ward VM45-49 in 18.11. Peter has crossed first 35 times before. Completing this week's line up was first timer Keith Metcalfe in 18.39 Our first three female finishers were: Alice Taylor SW30-34 in 19.12 crossed first for the 12th time. Second to finish was Chloe Wheeler SW15-17 in 20.14. Chloe has crossed first 26 times before. Finishing off the triumvirate was first timer Sara Kent SW35-39 in 21.37 Age graded highs were: Peter Ward whose 18.11 ranked at 79.19% - Rachel Wheeler whose 24.06 ranked at 77.18% and Alice Taylor whose 19.12 ranked at 77.08% 10 results went unrecorded as the mantra was not sung in a few places this morning #DFYB That's it from me this year See you all on 12th night and I look forward to another fantastic year in the forest. Merry Christmas everyone

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