Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 457 17th November 2018

Oh what a beautiful morning and oh what a beautiful day. Numbers up again, back towards normality, but an unusually low number of tourists and first timers. This week 132 people ran, jogged and walked the course, which had been subjected to a bit of attention by the boar but not too much to the detriment of conditions. There were 13 first timers whilst 17 runners recorded new Personal Bests. 16 different clubs were represented in the field this morning.
It's great to see our ICE stats going up and we have just one volunteer not updated. Who is it? Please remember to carry your barcode with you throughout your run as if something happens there is a possibility that whoever attends to you won't know who you are, or who to contact. That's why it is so important and we hate to see unknowns....10 this week....We want to look after you. Please remember to print new barcodes if you update your details :-)
No official milestones this week although Wendy Foxall from Massey Ferguson joined us for the fourth time and notched up 320, Anna Marie Freeman made it to 170, Rob Freeman reached run 160, Kathy Griffin ran for the 120th time, celebrating it with a pb, and cub reporter Brian Frances recorded his 110th parkrun. Well done all.
Lots of relatively new runners and returning tourists joined Kathy Griffin with a pb. Congratulations one and all. Bi
Who let the dogs out? Howard Clarke, VM45-49 and Ashleigh Bailey, SW25-29 were dragged round by their four legged friends and bounded over the line in 16.00, age grade 90% and 17.47, age grade 83.22% respectively, bagging top gender and overall first and second place. Second male was first timer Thomas Hodgson, SM25-29, whose 19:37 dropped him into our fastest 500 in slot 255. Entry level is now 20:34 or faster. Hmmm I need a pb :-) Third crosser was SM25-29, Harry Wood in 19:51. Second female was Kathy Griffin, SW25-29 in that pb of 20:39 followed by Melanie Sheehan, VW45-49, pb'ing on her 5th forest outing in a time of 23:18 David Johnson, VM50-54, made the third spot for age grading, scoring 75.98% for his time of 20.03!
Thanks for bearing with us and staying with us as we adapt to our new parking regime and decreased toilet facilities! Aren't woods wonderful :-)
In December, 8th and 15th specifically, one of our regulars is collecting long life food, tins and packets, to make up some Christmas Hampers for the deserving of the parish. Please be as generous as you feel you can be.
It was fantastic to see the volunteer roster filled up so quickly and by so many wonderful people and there's lots that yo to could do, especially if you want to volunteer and run e.g. Set-up, take down, report write, tail walk, volunteer co-ordinate, barcode scan if you are quick :-), results processing or even briefing! Go on...get involved. In the meantime please show your appreciation for our Hi-viz team for their efforts in putting on our run...This week there were 21:
Jacqui WYNDS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Lee OSBORNE • Stefanie FRANCIS • Anna Marie FREEMAN • Sue SHERGOLD • Vanessa PEGLER • Mark WILLIAMSON • Vicki HEWLETT • Colin LAVER • Peter COVINGTON JONES • Tracy LORD • Andy THORPE • Nick LORD • Melanie EATON • Paul WILLIAMS • Michael FLANNERY • Steve BEDFORD • Jacob DAY • Jennifer HARDING

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Kyran HALE who recorded a time of 16:40 on 30th April 2011 (event number 53).
The female record is held by Kim MAZZUCCA who recorded a time of 17:15 on 21st July 2012 (event number 117).
The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 16:40 on 19th May 2018 (event number 431).
The Age Grade course record is held by Kim MAZZUCCA who recorded 96.04% (17:15) on 21st July 2012 (event number 117).


Event 456

Run report for Forest of Dean Park run #456

This morning’s parkrun was the nearest to Remembrance Day, so it started with a minutes silence to remember those who gave their lives followed by a round of applause to celebrate them. Remembrance Sunday tomorrow, will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice in 1918 that signalled the end of World War One. “Lest we forget”

Week two of restricted car parking and no toilets and we are still going strong. 111 parkrunners took to the course this morning, 11 first timers, 6 Pb’s and only 2 unknowns! #DFYB The first finished was Gavin JONES with a time of 19:03, followed by Richard MULVANY with a time of 19:11. The first female over the line was Cherry FOWLER with a time of 22:13 who celebrated 200 runs today. Congratulations!

The ground was a lovely combination of mud and yellow leaves, and the rain held off for the most part but we did have a few little showers. This makes these PB’s even better.
Pb’s go to: Bob HOWELL and Abby TROKE from Stokes Striders Recreational Running Group, Mara MCMASTER , Stuart MCMASTER, Sue PITHER and Peter JOHNSON. A big well done to you all!
A Special mention to Thomas Phillips who was modelling his purple 25 T-shirt today! Well done on that achievement Thomas!
We are very grateful to the 15 volunteers who made this event happen: Graham BENNETTO, Wayne BEVAN, Angela BOWKETT, Jacob DAY, Sharla FLEET, Stefanie FRANCIS, Brian GRIFFIN, Jean GRIFFIN, Jennifer HARDING, Glenn HARVEY, Tracy LORD, Mark MATHEWS, Lee OSBORNE, Paul WILLIAMS, Jacqui WYNDS.

Thank you!!


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 455 3rd November 2018

Week one of restricted car parking and no toilets! How would we cope? Mega marshals Alan Robertson and Chris Hawkins were up bright and breezy to survey the scene and work out a plan. It turned out better than expected as there's more space than we thought we might have and there were reduced numbers. Not sure how many bears were in the woods but we saw neither boar nor sheep Well done both and thanks from all of us. Let's hope it stays this way!
This week 124 people ran, jogged and walked the course, which was a rather splendid palette of colour as the eaves continue to fall, as did the odd runner on the heavily disguised route. We had 23 were first timers, including Leanne Fare from Tetbury Dolphins, who has now run all 13 parkruns in Gloucestershire. Leanne brought along five fellow runners who had been here before and two of those, Heather Cole and Elaine Kirton, were among the 16 parkrunners who recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.
David Bourne joined us today for his 200th parkrun and there was a spike further down the numbers as regular forest runner Richard Powles and first timer Martha Philips racked up 140 runs each.
Claire Mensing joined us from Truro this morning on her 37th and fastest ever parkrun beating her previous outing at Burnham and Highbridge by 1 second. Well done. It was great to see pbs creep in across the age ranges among our regulars including JW10 Minnie Dinsdale, VM35-39 Tony Bowden and VW50-54 Sarah Warren. Well done to everyone who sparked an improvement today.
The tale of the timers: 1st man, for the 4th time, was SM25-29 Harry Wood in 19.07 closely followed by newish forest runner SM20-24 William Horrocks, pbing on his 7th outing, in 19.12 and climbing to 187 in the fastest 500. First timer Darryl Phillips, from Bristol, crossed third in 19.44 becoming our 277th fastest runner. Entry level for that 500 club can now assured at 20.24!
1st lady, for the 35th time, was SW25-29 Kathy Griffin who finished in 20.55 who was followed by the above mentioned VW45-49 Claire Mensing in 21.57 and then VW50-54 Ruth Jones finished third in 23.07.
The top 3 age grades were Ruth Jones at 72.53%, VW65-69 Michele Hall whose 29.44 scored 72.48% with Clare Mensing's time rated at 72.36%. Just five in the 70% club,the others being Kathy Griffin and Cathie Moore.
Only two unknowns this week and we look forward to the day we get a full results sheet of happy runners. Hash Tag DFYB :-)
Our parkrun was as sociable as ever. Many of us enjoyed David's celebratory cakes and a well deserved hot cuppa. There's nothing to beat a catch up on Saturday morning especially with al fresco dining in the stunning setting that is our set up area in the forest. I yo enjoy it help us to keep it that way and join our happy team of volunteers. There's plenty to do before, during and after the run and you will always be welcome.
Our event was made possible by 16 volunteers today:
Jacqui WYNDS • Chris HAWKINS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Stefanie FRANCIS • Alan ROBERTSON • Michelle PEACEY • Mark WILLIAMSON • David PETERS • Suzanne PETERS • Tracy LORD • Lisa ADAMS • Julie CARTHY • Michael FLANNERY • Jacob DAY • Beryl TUDHOPE •
Thank you all
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.


Parking restrictions

To all who plan to run Forest of Dean parkrun And this is for the foreseeable future.
We have the sad news that our leisure centre and parking facilities have now closed (Permanently)
This leaves us with limited parking on site.
Please respect Highway Code and private dwellings for street parking.
Please also take this opportunity to car share.
Happy running


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 456 13th October 2018

It’s 14 years since parkrun started in Bushy Park in London, there are now 1650 events that take place around the world across 22 countries. The concept that people would turn out week on week to support events as volunteers somehow caught on and parkrun has thrived. With over 560 in the UK we are leading the way. Australia is next with 330 events, followed by South Africa, Ireland and Poland. When you next go on holiday have a look and see if there is the opportunity for some parkrun tourism! It took me a while to understand and start to appreciate how special parkrun is but once I got hooked then I was well and truly hooked. I may have encouraged one or two of you out there to come along. I have a tendency to do that - so people tell me! The fact you can register once and then know you can turn up at any other parkrun event and be made to feel very welcome is amazing. Such a brilliant idea. The thing about parkrun is how inclusive it is. You can run or walk it or do it with your dog or with children. What other events cater for almost everyone? No matter where I have been it is always great to come home to The Forest of Dean, where a warm welcome is always guaranteed and where we always have a fantastic number of tourists.
We had a gross turnout of parkrunners this morning....144. :-) (Do they still teach that at school?) There were 29 first timers in the forest and a host of returning tourists too, many of whom were among the 21 runners who bagged a pb. 4 brand new parkrunners: Will Brookes, Victoria Huth, George Audigier and Katie Barrington turned up this morning (Well done as 2/5 registered have never run!) and only three runners had no barcode. Always a good thing to remember. #DFYB No Bar Code, No Time, No Exception. Walking, jogging and running the course this morning were representatives from 19 different running clubs. We hope you all enjoyed it.
It was a crisp, clear and cold morning, with ideal conditions for a good run out but with a lot of foliage falling freely, footwork had to be fleet to fend off all the hidden, horrible hazards around the course.
A strong and relatively fast field today was easily noted in the results. All top three finishers were among the 10 runners scoring over 70% age grade! Among the returning tourists and the newer and improving runners recording pb's was local boy Graham James VM55-59, on his 212th outing, who pb'd with 22.45, knocking around 20 seconds off his previous record. At the other end of the spectrum Aron Asher JM11-14 recorded 21:32 and somewhere in the middle Abigail Simpson had yet another pb this year with a time of 27:48 on her 176th run. Special mention too, to the comeback Kennedys: William, Thomas and Jonathan who all improved on their return to the forest. Big congratulations to all who advanced their own records this week.
First past the post for the males today was First Timer Owen Waite, JM15-17, whose time of 19.08 slotted in the all time fastest 500 at position 179. Along came Gerry O'Brien to cross second in 19.39 just holding off the above mentioned William Kennedy, JM15-17 who crossed in 19.40 to secure position 266 in the fastest 500!
Samantha Harris, VW35-39, was first female to finish in 20:11. No bad luck involved as she achieved this for the thirteenth time! Second over the line was South Derbyshire First Timer Christina Hawtin, VM30-34, in a time of 21:36 and third crosser was Hannah Hopkinson, VW30-34, also a first timer and on tour from Torfaen who finished in 21:57.
Age grade top three were Samantha Harris with 75.31% followed by Martyn Carruthers, VM50-54 whose time of 19:43 just missed a pb but bagged 74.81% and then John Manning, VM60-64, whose 22:19 equated to 74.46% Strong performances all round.
Random number stat: 4
There were 4 Marks and 4 Steves today. Position 4 was filled by Martyn Carruthers and this is his 4th year of parkrunning Last year Martyn had a pb streak from March to May when he pb'd on 4 consecutive runs. Today we had four representatives in each category: JM10, JM11-14, SM25-29, SM30-34, SW25-29, SW30-34, VM35-39 and VW35-39. There were no four gone conclusions.
The event was made possible by 15 fantasticalyenthusiasticbloominwonderfulvolunteerco-ordinatincoursehelpinpicturetakincoffeemakinurnbrewinrubbishclearintimekeepinbarcodescannin
reportwritinrunnercheerinfunnelsortinfriendlymarshallin (and some very cold) no g required volunteers. As you can see, there's quite a bit to do so feel free to join us....please.
Today's volunteers including our first time RD and new member of the volunteer 25 club Thomas PHILLIPS. The others were:Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Stefanie FRANCIS • Vanessa PEGLER • Mark WILLIAMSON • Paul MCAFEE • Philip JAMES • Jess COLLINS • Katy DAY • Harry WOOD • Sue LITTLE • Steve BEDFORD • Jacob DAY • Thomas PHILLIPS • Jennifer HARDING

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.

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