Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 448 15th September 2018

A beautiful late summer morning saw a full roster of volunteers get ready for a relaxed and happy morning at parkrun. With the going good to firm and no sign of the soggy stuff it looked like a good day to set a fast pace at the front and get some good times. Little did we know. A strong bevy of tourists from across the country from as far apart as Oxford, Cambridge, Cheltenham, Cardiff, Burnham on Sea, The Black Country, Yorkshire, Hereford and London represented 25% of the field of 142 runners, joggers and walkers at today's event. 20 people recorded new Personal Bests today and representatives of 21 different clubs took part.
We celebrated last week's personal milestones properly this week and also noted that Samantha Morgan had done the double last week: volunteering and running 25 times. Thank you Sam. Simon Kewin joined the 100 club and did the decent thing by bringing a goodly selection of cakes. Well done on both fronts and thank you Simon.
We had one DNF this week as a runner pulled out with asthma. Thankfully it settled down and all was well. A couple of fallers, despite the good conditions and unfortunately that meant landing was a bit more hazardous. Chris managed to fall on lap one, get round to the finish and then let Jacob Day practice his first aid skills. Heal well Chris and thanks Jacob.
Vanessa Pegler brought our new picture frame so lots of activity with cameras and the odd selfie. A welcome addition to the kit we have for enhancing fun in the forest. We hope to see plenty of pictures across many a site and many a parkrun page in the future.
11 unknowns this week...hmmm #DFYB people, you know it makes sense!
Now out on the course there were some notable performances. The bulk of our pb's came from newcomers and returners, however regular runner Richard Cronin, having brought along some fellow orienteers to join us for their first forest outing, snuck in a pb on his 134th run. Iron Woman Donna Sheen, hotfoot from a 14 hour stint in West Wales last week threw in a pb on her 97th foray through the woods. Peter Hewitt, on outing 112 in the enclosure pb'd too. Jess Collins, who bounces back and forth to the forest, pb'd on her 56th outing too. Where have these performances come from. Well done one and all.
So to the tale of the first finishers. For the gentlemen Joe Smith, SM30-34, visited from Tipton and cracked in a 16.43, just three seconds off the course record on his first attempt. He entered the fastest 500 at number eight and took the age category record to a new level too. Good effort. First timer Mathew Cobble, SM25-29 crossed second in 18.39 popping into to slot 106 and our regular runner Richard Cronin, SM25-29 completed the theoretical podium in 18.51 and climbed to 142.
For the ladies, our first finisher was first timer Caroline Knight, SW25-29 finished in 20.02 and joined the 500 club iat 339. Second finisher was Claire O'Brien, VW45-49 in 22.08 and third was Cheltenham athlete and first timer VW50-54 Jeanette Elizabeth Gullick with a time of 23.12.
Our top three age grades were: Joe Smith, whose time bagged a grade of 77.57%, Jacqui Wynds, VW65-69 scored 74.85% for her time of 27.30 and I managed to sneak in third with an age grade(VM55-59) of 74.24% for my time of 21.25.
The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:
Jacqui WYNDS • Mark MATHEWS • Sharla FLEET • Alan ROBERTSON • Vanessa PEGLER • Mark WILLIAMSON • Ian MORGAN • Peter COVINGTON JONES • Samantha MORGAN • Philip JAMES • Tracy LORD • Chloe WHEELER • Rachael WHEELER • Jacob DAY • Thomas PHILLIPS • Martin HARDING
You too can join our happy throng and we would be grateful if you did. See you all in a fortnight. Happy parkrunning


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 447 8th September 2018

Happy days and there were three of them this morning; Jacob, John and Katy as they were recognised for their volunteering efforts By Mark Mathews our event director. He also gave out some goodies to Vanessa Pegler, Sharla Fleet, Lisa Adams who co-ordinate our volunteers: Angela "The Urn" Bowkett for services to t-making, Jacqui Wynds resident litter picker and course checker extraordinaire and me for being there. :-). Thanks from all of us boss!
This week the course was good to soft and we had 149 parkrunners out in the enclosure running, jogging or walking the course. We had 15 first timers which means that now more than 7000 different participant have come to enjoy the hospitality of the forest. 19 parkrunners recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.
Our visitors and newbies came fom as far apart as Cheltenham, Stroud, Essex, London, Caerleon, Bristol and Stroud. The X-factor inspired (Thank you Honey G) a new chant of "I say barcode you say time no time. unknown was still the most popular name on the results sheet this week. There were four, which was equalled by Marks, Ians and Andys. #DFYB
Our most established parkrunner today joined us from Bushy to participate in his 384th outing and helped us with set up too. Thanks Colin Dinwoodie. It was nice to see you. Hope you had fun.
Our own LEYTON FLEET, yes that's right, LEYTON FLEET, did as he was told and brought along lots of cake to help celebrate our homage to volunteering and HIS OWN 200TH RUN. (He kept that quiet so I thought I'd shout about it) Bev James notched up run number 160 and Ian James made it to 130. Young Mr Day, Jacob of that ilk, celebrated his 50th parkrun and 25th day of volunteering by dipping under 24 minutes again (at last). Next stop another pb. Well done and thanks for your support. Two t-shirts coming your way.
Ellie Morgan celebrated her 10th birthday and the whole family came along to celebrate, run and volunteer on her special day. Hope you were spoiled. Thomas Phillips celebrated his birthday this week too. Hope it was a good one.
Cracking run by one man and his dog as Howard Clark and his puppy crossed first in 16:09, a new pb and 4th fastest assisted run in the forest. Our entry point for the fastest 500 table looks like 20:40 or better (just in case you want a new goal for the year).
Simon Kewin turned in a pb on his 91st outing in the swamp which was his 99th parkrun...hope he hasn't peaked too soon and that he remembers the cake for next time.
Another Harradine pb this week, this time for Abigail on run 38 in the forest. Regular 11-14 year olds, Amy Jones and Scott Weaver pb'd too alongside several relative newbies and some returners, all of whom deserve a well done for pushing it out there today. Congratulations all.
In three weeks we shall be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Please do make an effort to come along, have fun on the run and raise some vital funds for this fantastic charity.
Our first three past the post for the male finishers were Howard Clark, as noted above then Monross Trailblazer Gavin Jones, SM 25-29 in a pb of 17:37 followed by Peter Woodward, SM 25-29 in 18:48.
Our first female was again Ashleigh Bailey, SW 25-29 in 17:27 (7th time and only 9 secs off pb) followed by First Timer Lucy Baker, VW 45-49 in 20:53 and then her club mate from Stroud Jo Fifield, VW 40-44 in 22:05
Howard's time bagged an age grade of 89.16%, Ashleigh's came in at 84.81% and on two legs, Andy Thorpe, VM60-64 scored 7.31% for his time of 20:56.
The soggy season is coming and it could be time to look out the trail shoes as we head back to soggy conditions and the fun of mud, mud, glorious mud :-)
On the housekeeping front, Will you all please check details by clicking on manage my profile and ensuring you have the ICE details you really want logged are on there, especially if there has been a change of circumstances or a new phone number. Help us to help keep you safe - please.
Our 21 volunteers today were:
Jacqui WYNDS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Colin DINWOODIE • Craig CAMERON • Vanessa PEGLER • Mark WILLIAMSON • Ian MORGAN • Kieran MORGAN • Chloe MORGAN • Ellie MORGAN • Samantha MORGAN • Laura HURCOMBE • Suzanne PETERS • Melinda RUCK • Tracy LORD • Paula MASSEY • Fiona DEAN • Jacob DAY • Thomas PHILLIPS • Jennifer HARDING

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 446 1st September 2018

What a wonderful morning to be up and out and running in the forest. We had a visit from Trashconverters,who had popped by for a spot of litter picking and they set up opposite parkrun to clear the area around before coming over to the course. A few of our runners stayed on to help. Well done and thank you.
With the going good to firm and a relatively clear view we had a few fallers today and a couple of DNFs - one cramp and one twist but no one had to be put down (although a couple of others had to be wiped clean and/or plastered).
Visitors came from afar: Rogiet, Chepstow, Bristol, Cardiff, Nottingham and ....Melbourne. Oliver Bobroff parkrunner from Jells travelled all the way from Australia to drag his brother Mike along for his inaugural parkrun at the Forest of Dean. G'day and hope you all enjoyed. Suzie White notched up her 20th different parkrun and now is eligible to join the closed FB parkrun tourist club. Secret headdress to follow.
This week 152 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 35 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part. So numbers back to normal and our usual percentage of newbies. Great to see some first time parkrunners too on our testing little course. Well done.
Kieron Morgan celebrated turning 13 and Olivia Harradine, JW11-14, joined big sister Maisy in the 50 club this week, celebrating the milestone with yet another pb. Excellent run and well done. Wayne Stewart logged his 210th parkrun whilst Abigail Simpson notched up 170 and Jane Creed made it to 130. Impressive.(Well I think so.)
We celebrated the efforts of a couple of volunteers and gave them a voucher for local sports shop and cafe, APEX, in recognition of contributions to our parkrun. Well deserved Thomas Phillips and Craig Cameron. Keep up the great work.
Next week we are celebrating volunteering in general and ask that anyone who volunteers in any capacity in their life, will you please wear purple? If you have a volunteer 25 t-shirt then please wear it with pride on the 8th September. Thank you.
The tea and coffee cash was almost representative of the numbers attending and so there will be drinks available next week too :-). Thanks to our FODAC team for organising.
Paula Massey, first time RD set us off on a run which saw 4/5 of the first finishers record a PB. Okay three were returning visitors and most of the pb's were from the same group but still impressive stats. Well done Messrs Poolton, Skailes, Poolton and Wright and to all who ran a pb today. Special mention to man on fire,Guy Maskall, running yet another pb on outing 225.
On a day when four Marks and four Thomass completed the course the most popular name on the results sheet turned out to be.....Unknown, seven of whom finished the course. #DFYB (especially when on tour). A refusal to publish may often offend but it is one rule we do have to enforce to the letter. Please do remember to take your barcode to parkrun and if you forget it, please don't pressurise our volunteers by asking them to break the rules. Thank you
First across the finish line for the males today was Howard Clark: VM45-49 in 17:23 followed by Nathan Poolton: SM30-34 in 18:31 with the third placed runner being Andrew Skailes: VM45-49 in 18:39.
For the female category first finisher was Abigail Harradine: VW40-44 in 22:44 followed by first timer Laura Pickles: VW 30-34 in 23:06 and then in came Ruth Jones: VW50-54 in 23:08
Our top three age grades went to Howard Clark, whose finish time scored 82.84%, to Neil Halford: VM65-69, whose time of 22:21 scored 78% and to Andrew Skailes, whose time scored 76.05%
It was great to see so many people having fun this morning and to welcome people from far and wide. The feedback was very positive about our event and one tourist, on event 30, stated that this was their all time favourite. Praise indeed.
The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:
Jacqui WYNDS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Mark HARRADINE • Richard DENNANT • Mark WILLIAMSON • James BOILING • Kathy GRIFFIN • Lisa ADAMS • Simon KEWIN • Joe RANDALL • Paula MASSEY • Fiona DEAN • Jacob DAY • Thomas PHILLIPS • Jennifer HARDING
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.


Event 445

Parkrun Report
Event no. 445
25th August 2018

It was strangely quiet in the forest this morning. It took me a while to figure out why, then I realised no cani-crossers on the front line. Not sure who let the dogs out, but it doesn’t seem right having trees without any bark.

Despite a few of our regulars taking the opportunity to visit our new neighbours at the Severn Bridge, it being a bank holiday weekend, we had a very healthy 194 participants. Numbers were also boosted by the return of the Fleet family. Welcome back Leyton. Of those 194, there were 76 ladies and 118 men, representing 28 running groups. There were an incredible 61 first timers. If nothing else it made the briefing interesting, with no time for questions. And as an aside … What’s the collective noun for a group of parkrun visitors? My offering: an expedition of park runners.

Our results processor wasn’t hanging about and the results were out by 11am. It felt like general election night in Sunderland.

First to cross the line, was first timer Will Stoner in 18:34, followed in by Marcus Bennetto and Keith Paul, coming in 19:04 and 19:17 respectively. For the ladies Sam Harris of Forest of Dean AC, was first lady in 20:03 followed by first timer Pat Curtis from Hogweed Trotters in 21:43, and Susanna Davies from Kent AC in 21:57. On the age grading there were some very impressive returns including Pat Curtis (89.33%) John Curtis (81.19%) and Keith Paul (79.39%).

There were a small number of milestone runs today, Marcus Bennetto celebrated his 250th run wearing his dad’s shirt, and personally serving cake to the scanning queue. Piers Tremlett quietly celebrated his 100th. At the opposite end of the age spectrum Maisy Harradine (JW11-14) and Dave Willson (VM60-64) both celebrated their 50 milestone. There was also a special mention for Mark Blake, returning after a short break for his 201st.

And I know it’s not a race but let’s have a bit of a roll call for all the people who achieved a PB today, with a special mention for Katherine Keohane breaking the 30 minute barrier with a 29:49, Olivia Harradine (28:09) making a brave attempt at upstaging her sister (?) on her 49th run and Simon Kewin with a 25:52 on his 97th.

We are, as ever, very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Angela BOWKETT, Craig CAMERON, Jane CREED, Harry FLEET, Sharla FLEET, Oliver FLEET, Brian FRANCIS, Tracy LORD, Mark MATHEWS, Owen MOISLEY, Thomas PHILLIPS, Jane ROBINSON, Melinda RUCK, Diane SMITH, Andy THORPE.

There's a huge requirement for volunteers each and every week. See our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Forest of Dean parkrun happen. As well as full training there's free hot drinks and the chance to say ‘well done’ or ‘keep going’ 194 times, without sounding patronising.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page


Event 444

Today on the #444 event was a very odd and damp one with a few scratches and bumps and making history!
The first Male over the line was Howard Clark with 16:55 which lead to an age-grading of 85.12% who was shortly followed in by 2nd, Peter Woodward with 17:38 which bagged an age-grading of 73.16% and finally in 3rd was Huw Evans with 17:45 which snatched an age-grading of 80.47%.
The first Female over the line was Ashleigh Bailey with 18:18 which was accompanied by an age-grading of 80.87% then in 2nd, Kathy Griffin with 21:54 which lead to an age-grading of 67.58% and then came Melanie Eaton in 3rd with 22:37 with an age-grading of 71.63%.
Can we Give a Massive Happy Birthday to Jacob day who ran on his 18th birthday in 24:30.
And for the first time in history Tim the-wall Watkins ran our Forest of Dean course (Wait for it!) Bare-footed!!!.
And a round of applause for Angela "The Urn" for over sleeping and late to her duties!
and the megaphone was no where to be found?
as always can we give a massive thank you to our volunteers: Angela Bowkett, Brian Griffin, Colin Laver,Diane Smith, Emma Bevan, Jacob Day, Jacqui Wynds ,Jess Collins, Mark Mathews, Mark Williamson, Mary Watkins, Melinda Ruck, Michelle Peacy ,Owen Moisley, Thomas Phillips, Tracy Lord, Vanessa Pegler.
Goodbye from us at parkrun and we hope see you next week!

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