Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 438 7th July 2018

As usual today was a very hot one inviting 153 runners who battled through the heat who ran, jogged or walked the course on our 438th parkrun.
Today showed us to 32 first timers and 30 Personal bests and total of 15 representatives of their clubs came and took part.
Some of out regulars were missing today due to the heat but also chilling out ready for the triathlon held by Trimax.
The first Female over the line was Ashleigh Bailey who recorded a time of 18:36 which lead to an age grading of 79.57% whom was shortly followed by the first Male over the line, Harry Wood who racked up a time of 18:44 which bagged him an age grading of 68.86% then they were followed in by Thomas William Stone who snatched a time of 20:22 which got him an age grading of 63:58% which is very good since it is his first time here at FOD.
Finally this event would not of been possible if it was not thanks to the volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning of whom are: Andy Thorpe, Angela Bowkett, Brian Griffin, Donna Sheen, Jacob Day, Jacqui Wynds, Jean Griffin, Jhon Day, Katy Day, Lee Osborne, Margaret Powles, Martin Price, Miriam Paris, Peter Covington Jones, Phillip James, Richard Powles.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun results Page.
Hope we see you next week.


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 437 30th June 2018

The scorching weekend was delayed in starting and so, whilst it was a tad warm, the conditions were cooler than expected as our 133 parkrunners lined up and then ran, jogged and walked the course.
We were joined by 31 first timers, of whom 5 were brand new to parkrun. 10 people were unidentified and we know at least two were first timers for the rest #DFYB.
27 attendees recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part. A few four legged friends dragged their owners to new limits this morning and I believe our first three finishers were all dog assisted.
Our visitors came from the four corners of England, from Cumbria to Cornwall, Coventry to Cambridge, Worcester and West Brom, Warwick to Witney, Bristol to Bath, from Malvern to Newport, Dursley and Shaftesbury. Welcome all, hope you enjoyed the trip.
Two birthdays were celebrated: Graham was $%. Em was 21 and brought cake!
Gerry O'Brien notched uo his 270th run, whilst David Kendall from West Brom put in his first appearance at Coverham on his 150th parkrun. Karen Carter and Melanie Eatin are on 49 so the cake forecast is good:-)
Many regulars were missing today as they took part in the Cotswold Way Relay, whilst some of those on later stages volunteered. We are very tight on numbers and so if you can help out over the next few weeks, starting next Saturday, please let us know asap. Thank you.
PB's were in abundance, including 2/3 four legged first three finishers. Chloe Wheeler notched up another pb and age category record too. Well done (Again) Aaron Asher JM 11-14 notched up a 70%+ age grade and pb of 21.37...great progress.
First finisher, complete with dog was Ben Robinson, finishing one second off his record. Next dog home led in Mathew Robinson in a a pb second slot and third place went to a Poolton: Nathan, finishing four seconds ahead of brother Nathaniel.
Gor the ladies Asleigh Bailey improved on last weeks first time finish ahead of second placed Chloe Wheeler and then Melanie Eaton completed the podium.
14 runners over 70% age grade topped by dad and dog Mathew Robinson VM50-54, whose combined effort of 15.34 gave an age grade of 97.11%, Robinson jnr + 1 SM25-29 logged 84.06% for 15.22 then Ashleigh Bailey SW 25-29 rounded off with 83.69% for a time of 17.41
The event was made possible by 14 volunteers:
Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Abigail HARRADINE • Graham BENNETTO • Mark WILLIAMSON • Chris BROWN • David JENKINS • Tracy LORD • Andy THORPE • Lisa ADAMS • Sue LITTLE • Rachael WHEELER • Jacob DAY • Jennifer HARDING
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.
See you all in a few weeks


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 436 23rd June 2018

The summer sun is finally here
The solstice has both come and gone
parkrun passed off, run with good cheer
As record times once more were run

What a cracking morning. Set up ran like a well oiled machine the sun shone and the going was good to firm. A fantastic start for today's parkrun which was attended by 128 athletes, who ran, jogged or walked the course. Our 19 first timers included visitors from Bristol (Including the Late Little Stoke), Swindon, Chichester, Essex, Surrey, Windsor, Merthyr Tydfil and Exeter. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part. We also had 6 brand new parkrunners. We're making progress as happily only two people forgot their barcodes. Even better no one took ours home.

The dry terrain and strong field gave rise to some pretty fast times at the front and 11 runners age graded 70% or over. 31 parkrunners recorded new Personal Bests. Worthy of mention among this cohort are Chloe Wheeler, who wasn't feeling too good and was going to pace but set an age category record instead, Jacob Day (again), Maisie and Olivia Harradine, Abigail Simpson on outing 160 notched another, as did Sue Little on run 60 and Ross Dennison on his 65th. Well done to everyone who improved today.

Celebrations were in order as Graham James brought some wonderful brownies to celebrate his 200th one week late.Graham started his parkrun carrer back in August 2010 and has also averaged three volunteer stints (official) per year. All bar two runs have been on home turf. On 200 today was Wayne Stewart, who has run 186 times in the forest and visited 8 other venues including one continental trip to Copenhagen. Wayne too has been known to volunteer. Milestone 50 was reached by Abigail Harradine, Martin and Kim Price....t-shirts to follow. There was also some excellent carrot cake on offer and the athletics club will be delighted at the contributions today which were boosted by one of our tourists throwing in £5.00 (Thank you. You can have freebies for the rest of the year if you comes back :-)

Just a couple of fallers today. I am happy to report neither had to have major surgery and will live to run another day.

Strong performances by our first three males saw Howard Clark VM45-49 improve his pb and cross first for the first time in 17.15. Toby Dickens SM 18-19 followed him over in 18:02 and then came Harry Wood SM 25-29, who popped over third in a new pb of 18:38
Ashleigh Bailey SW 25-29 visited us for the first time and crossed first for a new category record of 18:45 followed by Chloe Wheeler SW18-19 in
19:43. Ruth Jones VW 50-54 crossed third and was just 2 seconds outside her pb in 22:34

Our first male finisher had the top age grade of 83.48%, our first female finisher had an age grade of 78.93% and the forest's own Andy Thorpe VM 60-64 crossed in 20:28 to record an age grade of 78.34%. Excellent performances all round.

The event was made possible by 15 volunteers:
Jacqui WYNDS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Jacqueline GREEN • Graham JAMES • Sharla FLEET • Bev JAMES • Richard DENNANT • Mark WILLIAMSON • Michael IGOE • Melinda RUCK • Melanie EATON • Rachael WHEELER • Jacob DAY • Julie ANGOVE
We shall be a bit pushed for volunteers over the next six weeks so if you can give a hand you will be more than welcomed and you'll also get free hot drinks as well as the core team's eternal gratitude.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.


Event 435

Parkrun Report
Event no. 435
16th June 2018

An overcast morning saw 144 participants take on a dry(ish) 435th Forest Parkrun. The quiet mood was broken by the sound of a grunting boar, Bream old spot variety I’m told. Hope it wasn’t too much of a shock Mr Pownall.

There were 26 first timers including representatives from 16 running or athletics clubs, I’m curious to discover if Kathryn Earls, our first timer from Ordnance Survey Runners found us easy to locate, and if she managed to get round OK. Perhaps our visitors were inspired by this week’s feature in the national parkrun website blog which showcased 10 forest park runs around the UK, including our lovely trail. Do have a look if you haven’t seen it.

Reflecting the benign conditions there were 36 PBs (a faint memory for some of us). Well done all of you. I’m not bitter, honest. Achievements of note included birthday boy Richard Cronin’s 19:12, Ruth Jones keeping up her recent good run of form, and Chris Barnes breaking through the 24 minute barrier with a 23:46 on his 222nd park run. This was Chris’s first PB in 3 years, completely justifying his suppressed cry of delight at the finish and a ring of the PB bell. Ok I’m a little bit bitter.

Milestones this week included Graham James hitting the magic 200, and Carrie and Mark James celebrating their 100th together (Aw!). They brought so much cake that I think Mark strained something towards the end of his run. With cake also brought by Richard Cronin there was plenty going around.
Slipping through the birthday net were Peter Woodward And Lisa Adams
Happy Birthdays both the cake table awaits.

First across the line for the 42nd time, in his 87 parkruns in the Forest was Peter Woodward in 17:26, and on his birthday too. He was followed across the line by Martin Driscoll (17:43) and Toby Dickens (18:05).

For the ladies Melanie Eaton (22:17) Ruth Jones (22:32) and Abigail Harradine (23:44) took the first three tokens.

On the age grading front Andrew Wright topped the list with an impressive 78.96% for his 18:32, followed by Martin Driscoll with 76.48% and Ruth Jones 74.41%

And finally Esther … We are, as ever, very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Lisa ADAMS, Angela BOWKETT, Peter COVINGTON JONES, Jacob DAY, Ali FORD, Brian FRANCIS, Stefanie FRANCIS, Sherryl HALL, Andy HORLICK, Ian JAMES, Beverley JAMES, Mark MATHEWS, Owen MOISLEY, Vanessa PEGLER

There's a huge requirement for volunteers each and every week. So please do join us. As well as full training there's free hot drinks and birthday bumps.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page


Event 434

Forest of Dean parkrun
Event number 434
9th June 2018

This week 150 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Jacqui WYNDS • Chris HAWKINS • Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Peter WOODWARD • Ali FORD • Richard DENNANT • Rich PEGLER • Peter COVINGTON JONES • Melinda RUCK • Louise JONES • Katy DAY • Lisa ADAMS • Harry WOOD • Rachael WHEELER • Jacob DAY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.

A big thank you to our fantastic volunteers and well done to all or NHS runners and Mark who gloved up especially for the occasion. We are very lucky to be able to celebrate 70 years of this very unique and special service that has kept a this country going and is the envy of the the rest of the world. It’s patched my head aged 10 after swinging on the school gates after chess club, stapled my head after being stamped on in a friendly rugby encounter with drybrook in 1999 and provided me with a sling and total lack of sympathy after a freak ice skating accident in 2012 and a fractured elbow.

Parkrun was good this week so I’m told as I popped to Newport water front where I didn’t get muddy and wasn’t eaten alive by midgets.

Congrats to Jacob Day who was our first winner of park runner of the month who has pocketed a £20 voucher for local outdoor specialist Apex.

JC and Bruno were first, Alex Rawlings was first on 2 legs and Chloë Wheeler was First Lady and grabbed a Pb!

Well done to every body who dressed up , hopeful the NHS will have found an effective remedy for short chafing and midgi biting by its 80th birthday

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