“A Royal” Event 431

Parkrun report
19th May 2018
Event no. 431

First, the big numbers - 203 participants; 56 first timers; 37 PBs and representatives from 20 different clubs. There were 20 ‘unknowns’ with a mixture of reasons ranging from ‘I’ve forgotten my barcode’, to ‘I didn’t know I needed one’. The prize for the most imaginative excuse went to ‘my dog ate it’. It doesn’t matter we stick to the policy of no bar code no time, even if you cross the line first.

It really was a gloriously, sunny morning for event number 431 at FOD parkrun. After a sustained period of warm and dry weather the course was firm to good, with the canopy keeping us cool. Rachel Wheeler was Run Director and the megaphone got some use. Andy (Breeze) was politely late again.

The turnout was boosted by a healthy crop of parkrun tourists from in and around London, escaping events nearby, and a number of (mostly) ladies graduating from the 0-5 km programme. It’s always great to see a new group of runners reaching their goal at the end of 9 weeks of hard work and dedication. Well done to the group and their run leaders, including Nick Lord and Andrew Brooks, who coached them round the trail in some impressive times.

Our first three official tokens went to Chris Basaileh from Herne Hill Harriers in 17:24 with Toby Dickens (18:08) and Matthew Robinson (18:13) following him home. A bit of Parkrun stalking tells me Chris has a Parkrun PB of 15:34 achieved at Dulwich, suggesting he could get close to our record time of 16:40, achieved by Kieran Hale in 2011.

For the ladies Melanie Eaton (22:14) Ruth Jones (22:44) and Chloe Morgan (23:04) took the category positions. Melanie had her 4th PB in a row, taking another 20 seconds off her time. You’ll have to let us into your secret Melanie. Is it just the three Weetabix for breakfast?

Congratulations to everyone who achieved a PB today. With 37 in total it would be difficult to recognise everyone. Some worthy of special mention included Harry Wood (19:03) creeping closer to the magic 19 minutes; Ross Dennison (22:31) taking a minute off his best time from last year; Jacob Day (22:43) with his fourth PB in a month and Chloe Powles (26:41) in her first parkrun of the year.

There were also some impressive age category scores topped by our Jacqui Wynds with a 79.69% (25:26); Chris Busaileh 75.39% and Ruth Jones with 73.75%.

With no milestones to report, except perhaps John ‘the power’ Russell hitting the magic 180, I dug a bit deeper and found some other impressive numbers. Mark Mathews, our Event Director, has volunteered an incredible 303 times. Not far behind are Jacqui Wynds with 204 and Angela Bowkett with 187. A big thank you to them is in order I think ,with a special mention for our fantastic volunteers for today:

Lisa ADAMS, Emma BEVAN, Angela BOWKETT, Jacob DAY, Robin DREWETT, Brian FRANCIS, Martin Edward HEATH, Colin LAVER, Tracy LORD, Mark MATHEWS, Emma PARSONS, Michelle PEACEY, Rachael WHEELER, Chloe WHEELER, Harry WOOD, Jacqui WYNDS

There's a huge requirement for volunteers each and every week. So please do join us. As well as full training there's free hot drinks and occasional cakes.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page


Event 430

Forest of Dean parkrun
Event no. 430
Report 12 May 2018

This week saw 160 people take on our forest trail. Remarkably none were in fancy dress or make up.

Another of our shy and retiring regulars Vicky Logan Giles took on the role of Run Director and the megaphone stayed in its box for another week. There was a collective sigh of relief as Andy (Breeze), appeared as if by magic, right on time, and we were off.

The course was in excellent condition, thanks to those who stayed behind last week to do some minor maintenance and litter picking. Conditions underfoot continue to improve too and this was demonstrated by an incredible 38 PBs, topped off by a fantastic 17:40 by Toby Dickens who crossed the line first for the third time at the Forest. Toby, who moved up to second on the all-time list for SM18-19, was followed by Marcus Bennetto in 19:15 who was in turn tracked closely by Harry Wood in a 19:16 PB.

For the ladies Melanie Eaton crossed the line in 22:37 taking almost a minute off her best time and bagging her 3rd successive PB. Ruth Jones in a 22:42 PB and Kathy Griffin 23:03 grabbed the remaining tokens.

Some other PBs of note were Rosie Boiling (JW15-17) breaking the 30 min barrier (29:55) and Jacob Day (JM15-17) with his 3rd successive PB in 23:34.

Toby Dickens 75.47%, Ruth Jones 73.86% and Mike Hansen 73.44% topped the age gradings.

Andy Ormiston celebrated his 50th parkrun and Kathy Griffin her 100th. Jo Babij celebrated her 200th and her (Hollywood age) birthday with some delicious fairy cakes. Unusually Tony Pownall attempted to steal the limelight from Jo. This time by falling spectacularly over a twig. Luckily he managed to stay on his feet and a domestic dispute was avoided. Hopefully this was also the case in the O’Brien household as Gerry ran off with Abigail Simpson’s car keys.

It’s Deborah Morgenstern’s time in the sun next week as she celebrates her 100th, just avoiding the new parkrun rule (that I’ve just made up) anyone on 99 brings ice cream. Donna Sheen take note.

Today representatives of 13 different clubs took part. We had 22 first timers and with visitors (new and returning) from exotic and far flung places such as Wolverhampton, Ely and Erme Valley (Devon) Cambridgeshire and Chepstow.

And finally ….. a special mention for our local midges. Great to see you back guys. We’ve missed you.

Thanks to our great group of volunteers who made this event happen: Angela BOWKETT, Peter COVINGTON JONES, John DAY, Robin DREWETT, Sharla FLEET, Brian FRANCIS, Simon KEWIN, Andrew KNOTT, Vicky LOGAN, Tracy LORD, Mark MATHEWS, Alan ROBERTSON, Melinda RUCK, Rachael WHEELER, Jacqui WYNDS. Well done guys.

There's a huge requirement for volunteers each and every week. So please do join us. As well as full training there's free hot drinks and bug spray.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 429 5th May 2018

This week we had our biggest attendance if the year and 5th largest of all time as 190 people ran, jogged, plodded, squelched and walked the course, which was deemd good to soft with little chance of face plant. We had an astonishing 46 first timers of whom 12 were new to parkrun. Welcome all.
19 people recorded new Personal Bests of whom only three were not new(ish) parkrunners or returning visitors, so special mention to Jacob Day (again), Melanie Eaton and Steve Bedford with a big well done to all improvers. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part and we had visitors from Hampshire, that London, Merthyr Tydfil, Stubbington, Wiltshire and Bristol to name but a few general locations. There were a couple of cow cowls on show as we had the pleasure of hosting some serial tourists (Do 20 different UK parkruns to be eligible for a cowl and member of the closed FB group: parkrun tourists).
It was a belated anniversary celebration with a Royal theme and a few joined in the fun although some people chose to dress down for the occasion: Sharla. We celebrated (Belatedly post event) Martin Heath's milestone 250 and I for one enjoyed the carrot cake and lemon drizzle baked for the occasion by his wife. That's how we celebrate in FoD. Robert Freeman notched up 150 taking just over 5 years to do so. He has volunteered three times, on average, every year and has been RD, Marshall and timekeeper. Don Parsons notched up his 50 in just over two years after joining parkrun and he has chipped in 10 times as a volunteer, so ahead of schedule for the aubergine 25 t-shirt having gained experience on tokens, timekeeping, marshaling and tail walking. Be like Robert and Don :-) Do your bit for parkrun (Please)
There was plenty of cake and coffee but also on tap was cold water and squash, thoughtfully organised by the queen of drinks, Angela "The Urn" Bowkett (I believe)
Linda Kibble stepped up to the role of RD for the first time and took to it like a duck to water, not even needing the megaphone to control or quieten the crowds. Thanks Linda.
It was a tad warm out there today and as the ground still has not dried out there were not the conditions for fast times today. Our key results, however, were as follows:

Peter Woodward SM 25-29 crossed first, for the 42nd time, in 18.17 and is only three behind today's second finisher, SM 20-24, Marcus Benetto who finished in 19.19. Third finisher was returning tourist James Hart from Belper Harriers in 19.22, but no pb for him this year. (Come back soon!)
Chloe Wheeler SW18-19) cruised in in 20.22 crossing first for the 34th time, followed by Ruth Jones VW 50-54 in 23.04 just 4 seconds ahead of SW25-29 Kathy Griffin
Age graded scores were topped by, just for a change, Jacquie Wynds whose 26.6 gave her an impressive 77.75%. Chloe Wheelers time gave her 73.49% and third was marathon man John Russell VM45-49 whose 19.54 gave a score of 72.95%.
Eight people forgot their bar code next week and about 10% of our runners still have not updated their ICE details. Please check your profile, even if you think you have done this and ensure there is a record. You never know when it might be needed. That goes for our volunteers too. There's still two with no detail!
Thanks to all who stayed behind for the first of this year's work parties and thanks to the 15 volunteers who made today possible:
Angela BOWKETT • Mark MATHEWS • Stefanie FRANCIS • Tony HARDY • Vanessa PEGLER • Mark WILLIAMSON • Mark HAYES • Peter COVINGTON JONES • Melinda RUCK • Laura RANDALL • Lisa ADAMS • Robin DREWETT • Jacob DAY • Linda KIBBLE • Gerry O BRIEN
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page.


Forest of Dean parkrun Event number 428 28th April 2018

As we celebrated entering our 9th year we had a restoration to normal numbers as 136 people (six without their barcode :-( ) ran, jogged and walked the whole or part of the course.
This week 36 were first timers and 13 parkrunners managed a pb in rather sticky conditions. There were representatives from  20 different clubs taking part.
Visitors came from as far apart as Ross on Wye and Inverness. They motored down from Malvern and across from Witney. They travelled from Kesgrave and tripped over from the tri club of Sufferlandia. All to enjoy a trip through the swamp. Welcome all.
Our Nessa celebrated her 200th run and brought us some cake. Mark Mathews hit 360 and Jeremy Creasey notched up  280. First timer Eloise Stradling joined us from Farnham on her 100th event whilst Nicki Bucket from Richmond and Zetland Harriers returned to the forest to record a PB on her 50th parkrun. Great achievements guys. The weather threatened to be unkind but in the end was relatively well behaved having done enough during the week to ensure that a few people face planted with relative ease but it looks like no harm was done and there was a suggestion some improvements had been made. Harsh! (Maybe fair.)
We remembered and applauded the late Matt Campbell whose appeal to raise £2500 has now reached £250K for the Brathay Trust. We celebrated the safe return of our own marathoners.
Everyone set off under the watchful gaze of newbie RD Gerry O'Brien (Ably assisted by super munchkin and starter  Aoife) for what would be a memorable run for the core team. Today gave us some things to both learn from and to think about. We had some people drop out and not report that to the tail walker or marshals. Our tail walker was then out of touch with the back marker. We may have to look at ensuring that the tailwalker is fit to run as if there was a repeat we would have an issue. One of the key responsibilities of our tailwalker is to maintain line of sight with the last person(s) in front of them to ensure all have completed the course safely. If they are walking slowly or jogging then there could be some distance for the tailwalker to make up. The tailwalker is also responsible for sweeping in the marshals. Food for thought. At the other end a barcode escaped (Again) Oops.
PB's were mainly from newer runners and returning tourists with the notable exceptions of Matt Hammersley Jacob Day and Lewis Parsons. Well done to everyone who managed a nudge forward in times with the conditions underfoot today.
Hot foot from the London Marathon John Russell crossed first (for the fourth time)  today in 19.45. He was followed in by Richard Cronin then first timer Morgan Cragg whose 20.25 placed him at position 383 in our fastest 500.
First timer Liz Abbott crossed first in 21.25 followed by Lynn Cro recording a PB on her 14th forest outing and then the aforementioned Eloise Stradling!
Jacqui Wynds VW60-64 graded 75.39% for a time of 26.53. John Russell VM 45-49 achieved 73.50% whilst Ruth Jones VW 50-54 ran 23.29 to get a grading of 71.40% 
Today's event was made possible by 19 volunteers and we thank: Jacqui WYNDS • Angela BOWKETT • Jane CREED • Mark MATHEWS • Gerry O'BRIEN • Alan ROBERTSON • Richard DENNANT • Mark WILLIAMSON • Martin BLAKEBROUGH • Paul MCAFEE • Andrew KAYE • Melinda RUCK • Tracy LORD • Andy THORPE • Lisa ADAMS • Janet THORPE • Robin DREWETT • Jacob DAY • Francesca DE MONTEREY
Next week we will have our celebratory anniversary run. Fancy dress is optional We look forward to seeing you then. Have a great week.


Event 427

Parkrun Report 21 April 2018
This week saw 111 people take on a tricky but drying out Forest of Dean Parkrun course. A good turnout considering quite a number of regulars were elsewhere preparing to take on the mean streets of London. Not everyone sets their goals in this way but it is nevertheless a proud and poignant moment for this established parkrun community that many of those marathon runners took their first running steps around our parkrun. No doubt they could benefit from the kind offering from the team of sports massage students who provided post parkrun massages to finishers. Thanks ladies. You seemed to have a longer queue than the scanners.
Today we had 17 first timers with 19 participants ringing the PB bell. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part. There were no milestone runs but Tom Bartlett made up for it by belatedly bringing some cake as he recorded his 101st PR. Next week we look forward to Martin Heath and his 250th. Don’t forget the cake Martin.
For the men Marcus Bennetto crossed the line first (his 39th time) in 19:34 with Harry Wood (19:39) finishing closely behind. Richard Cronin moved into the top 250 all-time finishers at 239, with his 19:43 PB. For the ladies Chloe Wheeler (4th overall with a time of 19:59). Ruth Jones (23:22) and Jessica Harbert (23:27) grabbed the first three tokens.
The ladies had a clean sweep of age gradings with Jacqui Wynds, on her 260th appearance, recording 26:10 for 77.45% and Chloe Wheeler and Ruth Jones recording 74.90% and 71.75% respectively.
With a few of our regular volunteers missing people took the opportunity to try out new roles. Who would have thought that Michael Marks (our version of Bart Simpson) could maintain his best behaviour long enough to be Run Director. Well he could. Well done Michael. The full list of volunteers was: Hannah BURLEY, Craig CAMERON, Alex CAMPBELL, John DAY, Jacob DAY, Sharla FLEET, Brian FRANCIS, Tony HARDY, Michael MARKS, Mark MATHEWS, Miriam PARIS, Martin PRICE, Frank ROBINSON, Amanda SIMMONS, Mark SIMMONS, Eef VAN GESTEL and Jacqui WYNDS. Thanks Guys.
There's a huge requirement for volunteers each and every week. So please do join us. As well as full training there's free hot drinks and the unlimited power you get from wearing an HV vest.
And finally, a date for your diaries. We’ll be celebrating our 8th Anniversary in two weeks’ time. As well as a fancy-dress theme we’ll be doing some essential track repair and light maintenance. Many hands make light work so please try to find some time to help if you can.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Forest of Dean parkrun Results Page

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