About Us

Frimley Lodge parkrun is a FREE weekly 5km event for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9:00am in It's run in Frimley Lodge Park. See Course page for more details.. It is not a race against other runners, but a 5k timed run and it can really be whatever you want it to be, whether that's for fun or as part of a training plan.

It offers an opportunity for all the local community, male or female, young or old, to come together on a regular basis to enjoy this beautiful park and get physically active into the bargain. We want to encourage people to jog or run together irrespective of their ability – this event is truly open to all and best of all it really is FREE!

Taking part is easy – just register before your first ever parkrun. The great thing is that you only ever need to do this once! Then just set your alarm for Saturday morning and get yourself there!

Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee at the Basingstoke Canal Centre - please come and join us. Maybe swap stories about your run that day, chat to other runners over a cup of tea or coffee and just be an important part of this new running community.

So whether you are a complete novice looking to get yourself started on your own "running journey" or a seasoned athlete wanting to use this as a part of your training schedule, you’re welcome to come along and join us.

Your donation could be used for the anniversary event, the annual prize giving, replacing worn equipment or for improving your parkrun.

For donations prior to 1 Febraury 2017, 85% was allocated to the event and the remaining 15% to the New Event Fund.

parkrun is completely open about all donations. All donations to this event (and withdrawals that the event teams makes) will be published below. You can also view all donations in this country here

parkrun UK is a not-for-profit organisation.


Donation DateNameRecipientDonationContribution to EventContribution to New Event FundNote
2019-01-01Malcolm VaughanFrimley Lodge£25.00£25.00£0.00MEV Bisley
2018-01-20Catherine DavisFrimley Lodge£25.00£25.00£0.00
2018-01-12TVP EventsFrimley Lodge£350.00£350.00£0.00Donation
2017-11-26Ian ElliottFrimley Lodge£50.00£50.00£0.00
2017-03-11Zylpha RoylanceFrimley Lodge£20.00£20.00£0.00
2017-01-25Cliff Hilton T/A TVP EventsFrimley Lodge£200.00£170.00£30.00Donation
2016-10-21Helen HartFrimley Lodge£50.00£42.50£7.50
2016-08-27Anne WhillisFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2016-05-14Alison LenaghanFrimley Lodge£583.75£496.19£87.56Frimley Lodge donations for communications equipment
2016-02-18Cliff Hilton T/A TVP EventsFrimley Lodge£611.66£519.91£91.75Donation
2016-01-21Stephanie MuzzallFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50
2015-10-26Ian ElliottFrimley Lodge£50.00£42.50£7.50Frimley Lodge Park Run
2015-06-06Mary Denise FitzgeraldFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75
2015-03-12Philippa WhiteFrimley Lodge£50.00£42.50£7.50defib contribution
2015-03-09Ali LenaghanFrimley Lodge£184.00£156.40£27.60BMF collection for AED
2015-03-09Ali LenaghanFrimley Lodge£45.00£38.25£6.75Collection at parkrun for AED 28/2/15
2015-03-07john summersbyFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75
2015-02-28Karen ChapmanFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-02-28Alan BrooksFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-02-27Rachel RouseFrimley Lodge£5.00£4.25£0.75
2015-02-22Jonathan BruntonFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50
2015-02-21Ali LenaghanFrimley Lodge£62.06£52.75£9.31Collection at parkrun for AED 21/2/15
2015-02-21Ali LenaghanFrimley Lodge£147.01£124.96£22.05Collection at parkrun for AED 14/2/15
2015-02-21Ali LenaghanFrimley Lodge£370.00£314.50£55.50Collection at parkun social 13/2/15
2015-02-21Ali LenaghanFrimley Lodge£306.20£260.27£45.93Collection at parkrun for AED 7/2/15
2015-02-21Ali LenaghanFrimley Lodge£296.65£252.15£44.50Collection at parkrun for AED 31/1/15
2015-02-16Paul AshleyFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50For AED fund
2015-02-13Anya ParrottFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00For the defibrillator fund x
2015-02-13Rob HarknessFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75
2015-02-13Accelerator servicesFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75AED
2015-02-11Philip JellyFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00AED
2015-02-10Ms K L KennedyFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-02-09Ian CoatesFrimley Lodge£30.00£25.50£4.50
2015-02-08Adam JamesFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-02-08Simon WhillisFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-02-08Gary ChatfieldFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75For Frimley Park defib fund
2015-02-07Karen DaviesFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75Donation for AED fundraiser.
2015-02-04Katherine EverardFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-02-03Martin WoodFrimley Lodge£30.00£25.50£4.50
2015-02-02R F SMITHFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75AED
2015-02-01Joanne LangleyFrimley Lodge£15.00£12.75£2.25
2015-02-01Dave BushFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50AED
2015-02-01Jo QuarryFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-02-01Michael BaxterFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50For Frimley Park AED fund - no tickets to social required.
2015-02-01MR RICHARD I FYVIEFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00AED
2015-01-31Alison BoneFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-01-31Sandra DenbighFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-01-31David McIntoshFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75
2015-01-31Clare CaveFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75
2015-01-31peter porterFrimley Lodge£5.00£4.25£0.75Aed
2015-01-31Louise McIntoshFrimley Lodge£30.00£25.50£4.50
2015-01-30jo longmuirFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2015-01-30Susan TravisFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50
2015-01-30peter porterFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75Aed
2015-01-30Tracey DavidsonFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50AED
2015-01-30Sandra SharrodFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50
2015-01-29Simon HarveyFrimley Lodge£40.00£34.00£6.00AED
2015-01-27Roy JohnsonFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50AED
2015-01-27Susan DrummondFrimley Lodge£40.00£34.00£6.00AED
2015-01-27Mr C G CrampFrimley Lodge£15.00£12.75£2.25AED
2015-01-27Nicola FowlerFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50AED 1 ticket please for Nikki Fowler
2015-01-27richard boeseFrimley Lodge£30.00£25.50£4.50Frimley Lodge parkrun AED
2015-01-27Hannah PettiferFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00AED
2015-01-27Helen HartFrimley Lodge£30.00£25.50£4.50AED
2015-01-19TAG Farnborough AirportFrimley Lodge£373.77£317.70£56.07Farnborough Airport
2014-10-24Kelvin GowerFrimley Lodge£250.00£212.50£37.50Thanks for 250 enjoyable runs.
2014-07-27Anya ParrottFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00Thank you for inspiring me and helping me rediscover my love for running (and competing!) Anya Gardner - Frimley Park runner
2014-06-12Graham PetrieFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75To celebrate my 100 Parkruns, most of which have been at Frimley Lodge.
2014-04-27Hannah PettiferFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50
2014-01-22Cliff HILTONFrimley Lodge£50.00£42.50£7.50
2013-07-14Ian ElliottFrimley Lodge£50.00£42.50£7.50
2013-07-12Alan MoscropFrimley Lodge£25.00£21.25£3.75
2013-07-03Nigel BassettFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50
2013-06-15Fiona TitcombeFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2013-05-25Christopher TryFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2013-05-18Caroline SearleFrimley Lodge£8.00£6.80£1.20
2013-01-03AnonymousFrimley Lodge£250.00£212.50£37.50
2012-10-27Tony OrdFrimley Lodge£5.00£4.25£0.75
2012-09-03JM ParkerFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2012-07-09Johnson WaxFrimley Lodge£500.00£425.00£75.00
2012-06-30Fiona TitcombeFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2012-02-25Paul ManningFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2012-02-16David SandyFrimley Lodge£15.00£12.75£2.25Thank you Frimley Lodge Parkrun!
2012-02-11matthew richmondFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50
2011-08-22Dave BushFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50
2011-02-24jill kingFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50
2011-01-17richard boeseFrimley Lodge£20.00£17.00£3.00
2010-12-27Steven DavisFrimley Lodge£10.00£8.50£1.50


Withdrawal DateEventAmountNote
2013-12-11Frimley Lodge£29.86Goods for the Event
2013-09-08Frimley Lodge£56.17Equipment for the event
2014-02-28Frimley Lodge£0.00Anniversary goods
2014-04-09Frimley Lodge£10.90Plastic Wallets
2014-07-04Frimley Lodge£29.43printer cartridges, ice packs
2015-02-13Frimley Lodge£131.57plastic stakes, anniversary
2015-05-22Frimley Lodge£400.00defib
2015-06-09Frimley Lodge£708.00defib cabinet
2015-07-14Frimley Lodge£128.85spray paint, batteries, dustbin, cake etc
2015-12-11Frimley Lodge£19.99Coffee flask
2015-12-11Frimley Lodge£10.99Cones
2015-12-11Frimley Lodge£10.00Mobile phone credit
2015-12-11Frimley Lodge£20.00Halloween treats
2015-12-11Frimley Lodge£5.00Disposable mugs
2015-12-11Frimley Lodge£6.50Coffee for volunteers
2015-12-11Frimley Lodge£15.49First aid kit
2015-12-11Frimley Lodge£5.80Mask
2015-12-18Frimley Lodge£95.963 * folding tables
2016-01-19Frimley Lodge£-348.8915% added back for defib contributions
2016-03-21Frimley Lodge£287.463 * walkie talkes
2016-05-10Frimley Lodge£127.20PA system
2016-06-15Frimley Lodge£6.00Batteries
2016-06-15Frimley Lodge£23.35Keys for storage cabinet
2017-01-16Frimley Lodge£24.99Laptop battery
2017-02-15Frimley Lodge£40.31Trophies for annual presentation
2017-04-03Frimley Lodge£27.50Apricot T shirt for 100,000th runner
2017-04-06Frimley Lodge£79.955 scanning tables
2017-04-28Frimley Lodge£38.82PA system
2017-04-26Frimley Lodge£27.00Easter eggs
2017-05-31Frimley Lodge£120.00Kit
2017-06-05Frimley Lodge£7.75Kilt pins
2017-06-26Frimley Lodge£48.95Spray paint
2017-08-03Frimley Lodge£18.95Speaker stand
2018-01-02Frimley Lodge£51.30Mulled wine
2018-01-15Frimley Lodge£9.33Medi wipes
2018-01-15Frimley Lodge£3.00Coffee for volunteers
2018-01-15Frimley Lodge£117.98Stopwatch
2018-03-12Frimley Lodge£8.00Batteries
2018-03-12Frimley Lodge£14.16Broom
2018-02-23Frimley Lodge£74.80AED pads
2018-04-04Frimley Lodge£18.42Easter eggs
2018-06-21Frimley Lodge£16.64Spray paint
2018-07-02Frimley Lodge£149.5023 pacer bibs
2018-08-20Frimley Lodge£8.00Replacement stool
2018-08-20Frimley Lodge£20.80Spraypaint for tree roots
2018-09-13Frimley Lodge£300.00Donation to Queens Parade juniors
2018-11-19Frimley Lodge£10.00Extension lead
2019-01-25Frimley Lodge£7.99Speaker batteries
2019-02-05Frimley Lodge£15.19Cones
2019-02-18Frimley Lodge£25.00Cake competition