Frimley Lodge parkrun future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future roster

 21 July 201828 July 20184 August 201811 August 2018
Run DirectorNeil PURCELLNeil PURCELLno event
Volunteer Co-ordinatorKaren BARNARDKaren BARNARDno eventKaren BARNARD
Communications PersonCliff HILTONCliff HILTONno event
First Timers BriefingPhil CLARKno event
Results ProcessorAmanda Dorothy CRITCHELLAmanda Dorothy CRITCHELLno eventBrian HOLDEN
Results ProcessorRoger SMITHRoger SMITHno eventRoger SMITH
TimekeeperRoger SMITHRoger SMITHno eventRoger SMITH
Backup TimerJo LLOYDno event
Barcode ScanningJanet VENABLESNicholas James Edward HARTno event
Barcode ScanningGary THOMASno event
Barcode ScanningCarina BONDno event
Barcode ScanningSamantha BENSONno event
Barcode ScanningCharlotte K HUMPHREYSno event
MarshalMaurice GOODERHAMno event
MarshalSimon CAVILLno event
MarshalChris BONDno event
MarshalGeorgia MARTINno event
Marshalno event
Marshalno event
Marshalno event
Marshalno event
Marshalno event
Finish TokensPeter BERRIMANPeter BERRIMANno eventPeter BERRIMAN
Finish TokensAva BERRIMANno event
Finish Token Supportno event
Number CheckerDawn FAILESno event
Token SortingRoss MACLAGANSimon WHILLISno eventRoss MACLAGAN
Token SortingAndrew FIRTHno event
Token SortingMalcolm Eric VAUGHANno event
Funnel ManagerMartin WOODno event
Pre-event SetupCliff HILTONCliff HILTONno eventDarren WOOD
Pre-event SetupAmanda Dorothy CRITCHELLAmanda Dorothy CRITCHELLno eventBrian HOLDEN
Pre-event SetupDarren WOODDarren WOODno eventPeter PORTER
Pre-event SetupMark SYMESPeter PORTERno eventDeclan DAVIS-PORTER
Pre-event SetupJohn TAYLORDeclan DAVIS-PORTERno event
Pre-event SetupPeter PORTERno event
Pre-event SetupDeclan DAVIS-PORTERno event
Pre-event SetupPhil CLARKno event
Pre-event SetupMalcolm Eric VAUGHANno event
Post-event Close DownCliff HILTONCliff HILTONno event
Post-event Close DownDave DABORNDave DABORNno event
Post-event Close Downno event
Post-event Close Downno event
Pacer (5k only)no event
OtherAmanda Dorothy CRITCHELLAmanda Dorothy CRITCHELLno eventAlison LENAGHAN
OtherAlison LENAGHANAlison LENAGHANno eventBrian HOLDEN
OtherKaren BARNARDKaren BARNARDno eventKaren BARNARD
OtherLucinda COBBLucinda COBBno eventLucinda COBB
OtherGary THOMASAnne WHILLISno event
OtherJon CORBYno event
Equipment Storage and DeliveryAmanda Dorothy CRITCHELLAmanda Dorothy CRITCHELLno eventBrian HOLDEN
Photographerno event
Run Report WriterRob FLEMINGno event
Tail WalkerJean DRUMMONDno event