Run Report 10 February 2018

Cold, Crisp and Cloudy

By Richard Boese

This week at Frimley Lodge it was cold, cloudy and course conditions were surprisingly variable on our 8th Birthday.  I warmed up round a crispy, crunchy first field and expected most of the rest of the course to be frozen too, but the canal was wet and muddy, the dog field frozen and the wooded section muddy again. That was a real challenge and fortunately there were no reports of falls or twisted ankles, even with the appearance of dozens of molehills behind the football goal on the first field. Well done everyone for staying upright!

This week 429 people ran, jogged and walked the course. The first finisher was Warrick Raath, who finished in 17:19 and the first female finisher was Susan Rodrigues of Frimley Flyers with a time of 21:56.  There were 26 first timers, of whom 17 were new to parkrun – welcome everyone and hope to see you again soon!

An amazing 74 people recorded new Personal Best times which may be something to do with all the wonderful strength training you have all been getting wading around in the Frimley mud!

Milestones were achieved by juniors Thomas Conquest in the JM10 category achieving his 10th run, David Roberts achieving his 50th run and Louis Morris and Simon Thompson achieving their 100th run. Unofficial milestones were also achieved by Damian Bouch on 200 runs, Tom Churchill on 300 runs and Richard Fyvie on 350. Our age grade winner this week was junior James Winship in the age category JM11-14 with 79.74% with a brilliant new PB time of 18.11.  Well done everyone!

Some of you might have noticed Brian Holden, one of our core volunteers, has been absent from the volunteer list for the last two events.  Brian has been on holiday for the first time in many years, but while he has been away his usual duties have been ably handled by Amanda Critchell – well done Amanda!

Finally, a huge thank you to our 40 volunteers who made this week's Frimley Lodge parkrun possible:

Darren WOOD • Ross MACLAGAN • Melanie BOOTH • Alison LENAGHAN • Richard BOESE • Maurice GOODERHAM • Mark SYMES • Pam BERRIMAN • Brian HOLDEN • Roger SMITH • John TAYLOR • Helen HART • Andrew FIRTH • Peter BERRIMAN • Austin SOANE • Karen BARNARD • Malcolm Eric VAUGHAN • Amanda Dorothy CRITCHELL • Lucinda COBB • Hannah Mary GRAY • Ian COATES • Alec CHURCHILL • Bob TURNER • Emma COATES • Dawn FAILES • Sophie LE SAUX • Kelly Alexandra BAIN • Chris GRAY • Ian ELLIOTT • Madeline PEDDLE • Tabitha CHARMAN • Andrew SALTER • Harvey OCKRIM • Peter RILEY • Eva CHURCHILL • Neil PURCELL • Tanya HUTT • Ruby HARRISON • Samantha BENSON • Luke BOYCE

…and to all those who have supported Frimley Lodge parkrun over the past 8 years!



Run Report 27th Jan 2018

‘Windle Valley Takeover’

by Adrian Whatmore


A bright, chilly, but thankfully dry morning for Frimley Lodge parkrun number 417. With numbers swelled by the cancellation of Rushmoor this week, 546 people, the highest attendance since October, ran, jogged and walked the course. Of these 65 were Frimley first timers and 74 recorded new Frimley Personal Bests. We also welcomed parkrun tourists from a hard to beat Melbourne – how we’d love just a fraction of their sun to dry out the course! There were lots of milestone runs today – 10th for juniors Max Duckworth and Esme Holmes, 50th for Naomi Wyatt, Louise Bidwell and Liz Toft and 100th for Daniel Weston, George Williams and Kirstin Groves. There were no 250th runs today but unofficial notable milestones for Ciaran Farrell (150th) and Geoff Wilson (200th). Congratulations to you all.

This week Windle Valley Runners volunteered to ‘take over’ running of parkrun giving most of the regular volunteers a chance for a break. Organised by Abby Fudge they, along with a few of the regulars, provided a huge team of 67 volunteers including pacers over the core times. Conditions remain challenging – parts of the course, particularly through some of the forest, remain deep in mud. However, having just the previous weekend clinched the Thames Valley Cross Country League Overall Championship, Windle Valley pacers are clearly well versed in running through much worse this year, and did a great job in helping some runners achieve their targets. There are also a massive 682 photos of the event taken by Phil Jelly so you have a good chance of finding one of yourself there – follow the link on the Frimley Lodge parkrun Facebook page to find these.

To the results – after a little variety over the last few weeks one of our familiar names returned to the top of the leader board with 1st man home Warwick Raath (17:55), his 27th first place in 40 runs at Frimley, followed by Adam Cracknell (18:28) and impressive junior Max Duckworth (18:34) just behind. First lady home was Helen Cozens (20:07) with her first top finish at Frimley since summer of 2016, followed by Naomi Wyatt (20:43 on her 50th parkrun) and Jo Longmuir (21:32).  Reflecting the challenging conditions there weren’t too many PBs from Frimley Lodge regulars today – thus those achieving this deserve special mention. Among veterans of more than 20 Frimley runs there were PBs for Simon Ruscoe, Melanie Booth (beating a previous PB set way back in 2010), Bryan Smith, Samantha Benson and Lee Fleming. Well done to all!

Thanks again to Abby Fudge for organising – I know the ‘Windlers’ enjoyed giving something back so much that many have asked whether they could do it again at some point. Though, with an even healthier respect now for those volunteers who brave the rain and cold every week, it has been suggested this should be in the summer! Remember if you want to get involved, or can spare a week to volunteer if injured, it’s a great way to meet people and give something back to parkrun – there are always spaces on the volunteer rota on the website.


Run Report 6 January 2018

Finnish and Finishing

By Alfred Boese

Most days, I would run at parkrun instead of volunteering, but recently I have been volunteering as part of my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, and this has given me more of an appreciation for the people behind the scenes who organise everything. During my time volunteering I have been token sorting, tail walking, backup timer, funnel manager, number checker and barcode scanning and helping with setting up and clearing up before and after the event.

My favourite thing I did when volunteering was tail walking. This is because it was good to go round the course again and talk to people and chat with the people at the back. I also enjoyed token sorting because I was able to do some running, back and forth from the barcode scanners to the changing rooms.  I have learnt that without the volunteers, there wouldn't be any parkrun, and would recommend to everyone to try it out. I would like to thank Brian Holden and Karen Barnard for helping me with the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Back to this week's parkrun. The weather this week was cold, cloudy and course conditions were wet and very muddy, especially round the first field, canal and dog field. Definitely a day for trail shoes on the regular Frimley course. The first finisher was Carl Bjorkendahl, who finished in 17:02 and the first female finisher was Janette Vanttina in 20:27, both from Finland as visiting guests of Aldershot, Farnham and District AC.

There were 59 first timers – welcome to parkrun and hope to see you again soon!. 22 people recorded new Personal Bests, so well done to you all – I hope to join you in a couple on months when I have done some more training. Milestones were achieved by juniors Matilda Aylott, Ben Shorter and Rocco Whitehouse achieving their 10th run, Dean Durrant, David Boulter and Margaret Skates achieving their 50th runs and finally Karen Henderson achieving her 100th run. Unofficial milestones were also achieved by Elizabeth Fletcher and Claire Sacre on 200 runs and Darren Wood achieving his 650th run.  Our age grade winner this week was junior Ramses Backman in the age category JM11-14 with 83.02% and a brilliant time of 17:05.  Well done everyone!

Finally, a huge thank you to our 50 volunteers who made this week's Frimley Lodge parkrun possible:

Darren WOOD • Ross MACLAGAN • Dave DABORN • Dave BUSH • Alison LENAGHAN • Richard BOESE • Louise MCINTOSH • Maurice GOODERHAM • Cliff HILTON • Mark SYMES • Brian HOLDEN • Nigel BOARD • Alfred Richard BOESE • Roger SMITH • John TAYLOR • Karen BARNARD • Malcolm Eric VAUGHAN • Jacob Jon WHEELER • Gary DAVISON • Lucinda COBB • Ciaran FARRELL • Penny ELLIOTT • James BALL • Alec CHURCHILL • John MEPHAM • Rachel GREENER • Bob TURNER • Emma WILSON • Emma MALCOLM • Ava BERRIMAN • Sandra DAVIDSON • Peter PORTER • Catherine DAVIS • Declan DAVIS-PORTER • Ian ELLIOTT • Madeline PEDDLE • Tabitha CHARMAN • Simon WHILLIS • Peter RILEY • Beverley JACKSON • Eva CHURCHILL • Anne WHILLIS • Neil PURCELL • Tanya O'KEEFE LIMB • Jason WHITE • Lucy JACKSON • Caitlin O'TOOLE • Stephen DIAPER • Katie HUTCHINGS • Luke BOYCE


New Years Day – 1st Jan 2018

New Years Day parkrun 10am - Update: We've been out checking the course again today after another deluge of rain this afternoon! As both the 2 lap & 3 lap courses are now very muddy, we plan to run reverse 2 lap course - be advised it's VERY muddy in places with large puddle in woods near miniature railway and probably unsuitable for buggies. Further adjustments to the proposed course maybe necessary to minimise risk and exposure to mud and puddles. Runners are reminded that whilst every attempt is made to maintain a safe course runners do ultimately participate at their own risk.


Run Report 16 Dec 2017

Frimley Lodge parkrun Run Report, Run #409
16 December 2017

By James Bailey

At just 1°C, this week's parkrun must surely have been the coldest of the year! 367 enthusiastic parkrunners made their way around the park today, with 19 people running for the first time at Frimley Lodge.  45 people achieved a new personal best time, including Charlie Kershaw, who finished in 1st position.  Sally Taylor ran her 50th run, Maura Clark her 250th, Lisa Norman her 100th, and Simon Dann his 100th. Congratulations to all of you.


Frimley Lodge parkrun would not be able to happen every week for over 400 weeks without the wonderful work of all the volunteers. Our volunteer co-coordinator, Karen, is so supportive and has so much energy each week it is unbelievable! I volunteered in order to complete my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. Today I completed my 25th volunteer session, with my jobs varying each week. The jobs I am set include scanning barcodes, handing out finish tokens, marshalling and processing results. When I first started volunteering I believed it would be a case of going and getting it over and done with, but as the weeks passed I started to enjoy it more and more and it even became the highlight of my week on some occasions! It may be a bit clichéd but volunteering has genuinely given me the confidence I was lacking, especially to make new friends. Having to get up early on a Saturday morning really is no big deal when you can look forward to spending time with your friends whilst also helping the community, even if it does mean standing in the freezing cold park at 8:30 on a Saturday morning! If I have learnt anything from this experience it is to be confident and go for it – and that's exactly the advice I would give to anyone thinking of signing up, whether to run or to volunteer!


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