Run Report 28 July 2018

Purple Sunshine

By Amanda Critchell

A beautiful, sunny, but cooler morning greeted the 571 people who ran, jogged and walked Frimley Lodge parkrun this week. The overnight rain had dampened down the dust of previous weeks and had managed to leave the course firm underfoot, perfect conditions for those who were PB hunting this week and 92 of you succeeded. With Rushmoor back up and running this week, visitor numbers were a little reduced, but there were still 67 first timers and for 35 of those, it was their first parkrun. Both Windle Valley Runners and Cove Joggers were out in force in club colours and with lots of cake! Windle Valley were celebrating the graduation of their couch to 5km running group and congratulations to everyone who ran their first or graduating 5km this week. However, the purple of Cove Joggers was to honour Dennis Devey, who, at the other end of the scale, completed his 250th parkrun at the age of 84.

In a return to the standard, Mark Symes finished first in 16:51 and also achieved the highest age-grading this week of 86.84%. Rian McCawley was second in 16:57 and Paul Gaylor finished third in 17:03 with the second highest age-grading, which equalled his age-graded PB of 86.5%.  The person who scored the third highest age-grading was Martin Wilson (VM70-74) who achieved 84.53% with a time of 21:07.

The first woman to finish was Niki Densley who achieved a PB of 19:52 on her 11th parkrun. Clare Read was second in 20:13 as a first time parkrunner and Ffion Harris was third with a PB of 20:52, which was her second PB in a row. Judith Guest (VW70-74), a visitor from Bracknell parkrun, achieved the highest age-grading for a woman with 81.22% for her time of 27:52.

The first three junior men to finish were all from Bracknell AC and all finished in a row in 4th, 5th and 6 positions respectively. Cameron Enser (JM 15-17) led the way with 17:57, followed by his brother Ted Enser (JM 11-14) with a PB of 18:20 and he was closely followed by Harry Prescott (JM 11-14) also with a PB of 18:21.  Harley Dawe (JM10) achieved the highest age-grading for all of the junior runners of 81.96% with a new PB of 21:43. Poppy Morris (JW11-14) led the way for the junior women, finishing in a time of 21:54 and she also achieved the highest age-grading for a junior lady of 74.35%. Caitriona Farrell (JW15-17) was second in 22:41 and Katherine Jackson-Chellen (JW 15-17) was third with 24:30.

Well done to everyone who celebrated achieving a milestone parkrun this week. Jess Raynsford (JW11-14) and Daniel Densley (JM10) both joined the juniors’ 10+ parkruns’ club. Julie Gibbs, Andrew (George) Martin, Dilwyn Jones and Stephanie Durham (who also finished with a new PB of 27:59) all reached their 50th parkruns. A particular well done to the Gibbs’ family who all attempted to run together in celebration of Julie’s 50th, in spite of starting towards the back in busy course conditions, a wide variety of running speeds, both Julie and Fraser running close to their PBs, a troublesome balloon and a shoe lace becoming untied! Well done to Paul Swarbrick who joined the 100+ parkruns’ club, having started at Frimley Lodge in 2014. Huge congratulations also to both Paul Williams and Dennis Devey who both reached their 250th parkruns. Local running legend, Dennis is a regular feature at Frimley Lodge, although in recent times, he has spurned the colder and wetter running conditions. He started running parkrun in Frimley Lodge’s first year, 2010. During his parkrun career, he achieved a PB of 32:20 at the age of 77 and on his 250th run, he ran a season’s best of 54:40.

Well done to everyone who achieved a PB this week. As is often the case, the majority (52) of those who managed this feat, were running their 10th parkrun or less. It is a massive achievement to have run faster around our course than you have done before, but most find it gets even more difficult, the more often that you have run that course! Our runner with the most parkruns to achieve a PB this week was Martin Powell, who achieved a PB of 24:56 on his 207th parkrun. However, Martin more regularly runs at Kingston parkrun and has only run 20 parkruns at Frimley Lodge. So, Callum Darby was the runner with the most parkruns run at Frimley Lodge parkrun and who achieved a PB, with 18:35 on his 172nd parkrun. Others who had run more than 20 parkruns (who I haven’t already mentioned in this report) and who achieved a PB were: Alasdair Nuttall, 19:28 (his third PB in 6 weeks); Martine Thompson, 31:05; Emma Howden, 30:59; Robert Guest (VM70-74), 32:54 (our oldest runner to achieve a PB); Simon Crisp, 21:24; Mike Godwin, 20:47; Sophie Krousti, 23:07; Maisie Oliver, 30:29 (JW11-14); John Drake, 21:52; Sam Gurung, 27:41; Edward Martin (JM15-17), 23:10; Samantha Benson, 28:52; Thomas Drake (JM10), 21:36; Charles Omer, 23:39; Cathy Lafrenais, 23:42 and Tim Carman, 19:17.

Finally, congratulations to Paul Hobbs who, on his 139th parkrun and his 131st at Frimley Lodge, managed to run the date, finishing in a time of 28:07. Thank you to all of our valiant volunteers, who stood, walked, scanned, marshalled, timed, organised, set up and put away to enable us to all enjoy our parkruns in the sun. As the school holidays are now upon us, more people are away and we tend to miss some of our regular volunteers. If you feel able to, why not try a volunteer rather than run one week and see parkrun from a different perspective. However, don’t forget that Frimley Lodge parkrun will be closed next week (4th August) and so we look forward to seeing everyone again on the 11th August, when a certain wonderful volunteer coordinator and parkrun ambassador might be celebrating a significant milestone run!


Run Report 21 July 2018

What a Beautiful Morning for a parkrun!

By Rob Fleming

This was my first time at Frimley Lodge parkrun.  I work nearby in Farnborough and so have been up and down the Basingstoke canal on many lunchtime runs, but as I live a fair distance away near Petersfield, I have never ventured up this way on a Saturday.  But I have to say that I was really pleased I made the longer journey to enjoy this parkrun.

I set off from home just after 7.30 and picked up a few fellow Liss Runners on the way.  We always look to meet up monthly at a different parkrun and for July, the venue of Frimley Lodge was picked.

We gathered outside the café for the briefing and I was amazed at how many people were there.  From looking at the results, this run regularly attracts over 600 people, which is impressive.  As we had driven for over an hour to get to Frimley, we thought we were tourists, but we were well and truly put in our place with visitors from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand!

Despite the high numbers, the run was so well organised and we were well marshaled to the start line.  An issue with a smouldering log near the start (which could have been really serious given the recent weather) was swiftly dealt with and soon we were off.

The course was nicely flat, which is always welcome, but I liked the variety it provided.  There was a section around the field, then along the canal and then along some paths through the trees.  I started off slightly too quickly (which I have pretty much done on every parkrun I have done!), although soon settled into a good pace.  I really enjoyed this run and had plenty of company all the time without it being too congested.  I finished in just under 20 minutes, which is my target for the flat (ish) courses and so was happy with this.

This week 646 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 85 were first timers and 84 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 44 different clubs took part.

The volunteers on the course were amazing and offered great encouragement.  There were 41 volunteers for this event today and we are really grateful to them for stepping up so that parkrun can go so smoothly.

Afterwards, we were very British and enjoyed a nice cup of tea in the sunshine before heading home!  An excellent morning all round and I will definitely be back!





Run Report 14 July 2018

Alan’s 500th parkrun

By Amanda Critchell

There was an air of excitement about Frimley Lodge this week. A purple gazebo, trimmed with posters, drew the eyes of those arriving, the purple T-shirts of Cove Joggers were out in force and Alan Richardson was wearing a crown! After 11 years of running parkrun Alan celebrated finally joining the 500 parkruns’ club. He was joined on his 500th parkrun, which was also his 250th at Frimley Lodge, by 666 other runners. There were 68 who ran their first parkrun at Frimley Lodge this week and 30 of those were trying their first ever parkrun. Also celebrating their own milestone parkruns were: Ian Duvall, who ran his 100th parkrun and both Andy Findlay and Laura Jones who ran their 50th parkruns. Well done to all of you.

Alan’s fastest parkrun was 20:41, at Basingstoke on 9th May 2009, but this week, hampered by a recalcitrant balloon, Alan kept to the mid-pack and let others take the lead! Warrick Raath, finished first in 16:31 with the third highest age-grading scored this week of 82.04%. It was Warrick’s 35th first-place finish at Frimley Lodge, his fastest time of the year and he also achieved his highest age-grading to date. Charles Wagstaff (JM11-14) finished second, with a new PB of 16:41 and scored the highest age-grading this week of 85.01%. It was his fifth PB of this year. Adam Cracknell finished third, also with his fastest time this year of 17:33.

The first lady was Jo Longmuir, who finished with a new PB of 19:42, and the second-highest age-grading of 84.09%. Jo improved on her last PB of just two weeks ago by an impressive 47 seconds and on her 320th parkrun, she was also the person who had run the most parkruns and who achieved a PB this week. Maria Jovana on her 234th parkrun, but her first at Frimley Lodge, was the second lady to finish in 21:05, and Ffion Harris was third with a PB of 21:08, improving on her first parkrun at Frimley Lodge of last week by 33 seconds.

Charles Wagstaff was also the first junior parkrunner to finish. Ted Enser (JM11-14) was the second, with a new PB of 18:36 and Harry Prescott (JM11-14) was third in 19:02. Amy Collier (JW15-17) was the first junior woman to finish and she also achieved a new PB of 21:31. Second was Jessica Hayward (JW11-14) in 21:34 and Natasha Griffiths (JW11-14) was third with a time of 25:06. Congratulations to all of you.

Congratulations also, to those who graduated from the Get Active Ash group this week, run by Susan Harvey, who all managed to run the 5km course without walking and who celebrated with medals and chocolates. Well done to Suzanne Winslade, Helen Auld, Sara Steel and Stephanie Horner. Well done also to Vicky Proctor (35:54) and Owen Page (27:36), who as previous graduates of the Get Active Ash group, achieved PBs this week.

More than 1 in every 6 parkrunner achieved a PB, in spite of the sunny and hot conditions that once more graced our course. Perhaps some were assisted by the pacers from Cove Joggers, who were out on the course to celebrate Alan’s 500 parkruns. Well done to everyone who achieved their fastest parkrun at Frimley Lodge this week. Our oldest parkrunners who achieved a PB were: Heather Wade (VW75-79), 46:38; Eddie Quigley (VM65-69), 31:13; Lorna Leyton (VW65-69), 45:29; Sylvia Duffell (VW65-69), 45:31 and Norma Dudley (VW65-69), 35:14, who, on her 79th parkrun achieved her first PB, since she started in 2013 and also achieved an impressive 62.16% age-graded score. Those who achieved a particularly exact PB were: Pornsuda Hewitt, 32:00; Val Wescott, 32:00; Om Thapa, 30:00 and Harrison Wray (JM11-14), 20:20. Those, who I haven’t already mentioned, and who achieved a PB with 50 or more parkruns under their belts were: Phil Clark, 24:48; Jason Mistry, 24:19; Bethan Mason (JW10), 29:21; Jack Morgan (JM15-17), 20:50; Matthew Mason (JM11-14), 29:16; Graham Micallef, 19:50; Elina Enqvist-Twomey, 23:59; Richard Hodges, 21:14; Stephen Deasley, 21:19; Wayne Altham, 19:27 and James Vickson; 31:22.

So, congratulations to Alan Richardson who became the 22nd person to run 500 parkruns and the second Frimley Lodge parkrunner after Darren Wood. He was joined this week by many of his fellow Cove Joggers to celebrate his achievement. Alan started his parkrun journey at Bushy parkrun in July 2007, but was not quite such a committed parkrunner back then as he ran just 3 parkruns in each of 2007 and 2008.  However, he started at Basingstoke parkrun on 2nd May 2009, subsequently made that his home parkrun and (as of last week) has since run 100 parkruns there. His parkrun journey took off in 2009 as he ran 36 parkruns that year including his fastest ever parkrun and achieved his highest age-grading of 72.44%. In 2010, Frimley Lodge held its first parkrun and Alan was there at the start. After splitting his time largely between Frimley Lodge and Basingstoke parkrun that year he later, increasingly, ran at Frimley Lodge and made it his home. By then a committed parkrunner, he ran parkrun nearly every Saturday from 2010 onwards, reaching a peak of parkrun attendances in a calendar year of 57 parkruns in 2012, thanks to two special bank holiday parkruns. During his parkrun career, Alan has also become a bit of a parkrun tourist and has visited 88 different parkruns, including 15 inaugural parkrun events.

Finally, thank you to all of the volunteers who enabled our parkrun to take place this week. As the school holidays approach and many people spend time away on holiday, parkrun is often short of its usual volunteers, so why not think of offering to be a volunteer one week during the holiday period. Contact if you would like to help out.




Run Report 7 July 2018

A new age-category record!


by Amanda Critchell

Another sunny and even hotter one this week as 655 parkrunners ran, jogged and walked around the dust bowl that was Frimley Lodge Park. As the runners’ stampede of the first field started, an impressive cloud of dust rose up, choking those short of stature in the mid-field. For the 80 people who visited Frimley Lodge parkrun for the first time this week, the fields are usually greener and the canal muddier! Of those first time visitors, 31 completed their first ever parkrun. However, less than 9% of the returning runners achieved a PB in the heat. There was quite a lot of post-parkrun cake consumed in celebration of the milestone runs achieved and particular congratulations to Peter Porter on his 250th parkrun. However, there were not just milestone runs, but also a new age-category record was set in the VM85-89 category by Maurice Gooderham.


After Paul Gaylor last week set a new age-graded record of 86.51% for the VM50-54 age-category (apologies for the omission in last week’s report), this week, Maurice also set a new age-graded record of 43.24% in the VM85-89 category for his time of 56:12. Maurice is more usually seen cheering and encouraging all of the parkrunners around the course from his marshal position on the path between the first and second fields. However, after turning 85 this week, he left his marshal spot in Jean’s capable hands to run/walk the course once more, just 5 years after his last parkrun! Maurice has completed 6 parkruns since his first in 2010, but in that time has completed 227 volunteer roles. I believe that Maurice was at one time the holder of the age category record for VM80-84 and I wonder whether he has already set his sights on the VM90-94 record! However, the real question is whether Dennis will beat Maurice’s new age-graded record after he turns 85 next year!


At the front of the field, Mark Symes finished first in an impressive time of 16:25 given the heat and achieved the highest age-graded score of all of the runners of 89.14%. Alex Halfacre was second in 16:32, just 1 second away from his PB and Warrick Raath was third in 16:38. Paul Gaylor achieved the second highest age-graded score of 85.76% for his time of 17:12 and Koji Miyazaki was the third highest age-graded parkrunner with 83.48% for a time of 18:34.


Lisa Hales was the first lady to finish with a palindromic time of 21:12 and also achieved the highest age-graded score for a woman of 82.46%. Ffion Harris was the second lady to finish in 21:41 in her 22nd parkrun, although she was a first time runner of our course. Paula Holmes was third in 22:25.


For the junior runners, Charles Wagstaff (JM11-14) finished first again this week, with a time of 17:12 and achieved the highest age-graded score for a junior parkrunner of 82.46%. Thomas Howell (JM15-17) was second with a time of 19:34 and Ethan Yewings (JM15-17) finished third in 19:43. Abigail Jennings (JW15-17) was the first junior woman to finish on her 6th parkrun at Frimley Lodge and her first since 2015, with a new PB of 23:55 and achieved the highest age-graded score for a junior woman of 63.21%. Izzie Rainer (JW15-17) was second with a time of 24:59 and Katherine Jackson (JW15-17) was third in 25:30. Well done to all of you.


There were 6 new entrants to the parkrun milestone clubs this week. Achieving their 10th parkruns were junior parkrunners Ashton Bain (JM10), with a time of 25:33 and Sreya Magar (JW11-14) who finished with a new PB of 35:09. Chris Bond and William Moxham both reached their 50th parkruns and Wendy Ockrim achieved her 100th parkrun.  Wendy started her parkrun journey at Pollock parkrun in Glasgow in 2015, but subsequently moved south and made her home at Frimley Lodge parkrun. She had run at 15 different parkruns, but 63 of her 100 parkruns have been at Frimley Lodge. Congratulations to all of you and particularly to Peter Porter who joined the 250+ parkruns’ club this week. Peter started at Frimley Lodge parkrun in August 2013 and has been a regular parkrunner here ever since, completing 230 of his parkruns at Frimley Lodge. He is also found arriving early at parkrun most weeks, helping to set up the course and has completed 159 volunteer roles during the last 5 years. His has also achieved 19 PBs improving his time by nearly 8 minutes to a fastest time of 21:41. Well done Peter.


Congratulations to all of the 64 parkrunners who achieved a PB in difficult conditions this week. Almost half of those were achieved by runners who had run 10 parkruns or less and of those with more parkruns under their belt, the overwhelming majority were set by returning visitors who had run less than 10 parkruns at Frimley Lodge Park. The runner who had run the most parkruns at Frimley Lodge and who achieved a PB was Milly Cronin (VW11-14) with a time of 26:49 on her 45th parkrun and her 39th at Frimley Lodge. Other parkrunners with a PB this week and who had run more than 10 parkruns at Frimley Lodge were: John Drake, 23:02; Sarah Oliver, 30:35; Thomas Drake (JM10), 22:37 (his third PB in a row); Amelia Kermeen (JW11-14), 26:00; Janice Hopkins, 50:15 (with her fourth PB since April); Lorraine Thompson, 28:44 (her third PB in a row); Kerry Joiner, 28:21 (her eighth PB since starting parkrun in February 2018) and Carol Williamson, 28:53.


A huge thank you to all of our volunteers who helped make parkrun happen this week. Next week at parkrun there will be a very special celebration as Alan Richardson will be running his 500th parkrun. He will be only the 22nd person in the world to reach this milestone and just our second Frimley Lodge parkrunner to achieve this. To celebrate, Cove Joggers, of whom Alan is a proud member, will be providing pacers during the run and there will probably be plenty of cake!


Run Report 30 June 2018

A Lovely Day

By Amanda Critchell

When I woke up in the morning, I was excited because it was parkrunday! It was cloudy with a cooling breeze, perhaps the running conditions would be good? I arrived early at the park and all was quiet. The equipment needed for the morning was already set out and ready to go and the various dedicated volunteers of the set up team were out on the course setting up. Chatting to Malcolm (Vaughan), before he went off to help set up, he considered that it was a little chilly, being used to warmer times. There was no sign, at this stage, that later we would be welcoming our highest attendance of the year of 668 parkrunners to our course, although with our neighbour, Rushmoor, cancelled for the next few weeks, the high numbers could have been predicted. Gradually, more parkrunners began to arrive and fill up the gathering area, and then, with barely 20 minutes to go to the start, I found that the sunlight hurt my eyes as the clouds cleared, the breeze dropped and the temperature rapidly began to rise. After a warm up, returning to the main area, I found crowds gathered by the flagpole, listening intently to Simon Whillis giving the briefing to our first time parkrunners. There were, in total, 91 first timers this week, which included 32 first time parkrunners and 59 visitors, although I expect that we welcomed quite a few more visitors that were not first timers as well!

Helen Hart gave a rousing morning briefing, in which the visitors were welcomed and the many milestone parkrunners were cheered. Congratulations to Matthew Poulton, Mark Mordak and Stephen Gumbrill who all celebrated their 100th parkrun this week. Well done also to Susan Williams, Paul Lynch and Susan Rodrigues who each joined the 50 parkruns club. Great running also, to the new members of our 10 parkruns club, who were: Charlie Cartlidge (JM15-17) and Natasha Griffiths (JW11-14) who also achieved a PB of 23:42. Whilst not an official milestone, congratulations also to Gareth Baker for completing his 200th parkrun this week.

However, as we headed for the start line, I felt something, without warning, bear heavy on my mind. Was it going to be too warm for that PB attempt? Sometimes the run that lies ahead of you, seems impossible to face. On the start line, chatting to another runner, she shared that she also always gets a little nervous at the start. Other runners had fears about whether injuries would worry them on the course and some of our first time parkrunners or visitors may have worried if they would know the way! But then just one look at the confident, smiling runners and volunteers all around us, with Roger at the helm on the timer and with Gary Thomas as our Run Director, our parkrun world was alright and we knew it was gonna be a lovely day!

I find that it’s useful at parkrun that someone else ahead of me always seems to know the way! This week, as is often the case, for most of us, that person was Mark Symes, who finished first in a time of 16:34 and who also achieved the highest age-grading this week of 88.33%. He was closely followed by Warrick Raath in 16:41. Both he and Mark were a little slower than last week when they each set their fastest times of the year.  Mark confirmed after the run that it had indeed been a hot one. Charles Wagstaff (JM11-14) finished third in a time of 17:02 and also achieved the third highest age-grading of the entire field of 83.27%. Charles had previously achieved a PB on each of his 3 last parkruns at Frimley Lodge and had improved by 34 seconds over the last month alone, but this week finished 2 seconds short of a fourth PB in a row. Congratulations to all of you and also to Paul Gaylor, who achieved the second highest age-grading of 86.51% for his time of 17:03, which was his fastest time since July 2016.

However, one lady who managed to overcome the sunny and hot conditions was Jo Longmuir who was the first female to finish and achieved a PB of 20:29 on her 319th parkrun. She was not only the lady with the highest age-graded score this week of 80.88%, but was also the person who had run the most parkruns and who achieved a PB this week.  Caitriona Farrell (JW15-17) finished second for the women in 21:47 and Sachiko Dixon was third in a time of 22:08.

For the junior runners, Charles Wagstaff was first, followed by Ryan Powell (JM15-17) with a PB of 19:58 on his 67th parkrun and Daniel Weston (JM15-17) in 20:21. For the junior women, Caitriona Farrell finished first and she was followed by Amelia Smith (JW11-14) with a PB of 22:55 and who also achieved the highest age-grading for a junior woman of 71.05%. Amelia Collins (JW15-17) was a very close third with exactly the same time of 22:55.

After I had crossed the finish line and realised that I had failed to achieve a new PB, just one look at the friend who had attempted to urge me on and get me round the last 500m and the smiling faces of Pam and Peter Berriman giving the tokens out at the end of the funnel and I knew that it was still gonna be a lovely day! However, unlike me, some 121 people managed the feat of a new PB in the heat this week. Nearly half (59) of those new PBs were achieved by people with 10 parkruns or less and after a random check, it appears that quite a high proportion of the 121 PBs were earned by returning visitor parkrunners! Our youngest parkrunners to achieve a PB (all aged 10 years or younger) were: Cerys Findlay, 34:07; Freddie Hopping, 32:54; Morgan James, 29:03; Nathan Allen, 24:05; Lucas Pay, 25:47; Jacob Harkness, 24:15 and Jeremy Rushforth, 23:57. Our oldest runners who achieved a PB were all in the 70-74 age group: Rita Adam, 47:32; George Kendall, 27:57 and Clifford Hopkins, 42:44. Some home-grown parkrunners who achieved a PB this week, with more than 50 parkruns (who haven’t already been mentioned) were: Jason Mistry, 24:37 (his 4th PB in his last 5 parkruns); Alasdair Nuttall, 19:37; Emma Howden, 31:22; Dave May, 26:05; Mark McGuiness, 23:55; Etienne Danilo (JM15-17), 22:04 and Rob Clark, 22:48. Well done to everyone who achieved their fastest run at Frimley Lodge this week.

My special award however, goes to Beata Allen, who as a first time parkrunner managed to achieve the rare feat of running the date (30:06). Congratulations. Thank you to everyone who came along and ran, jogged and walked our parkrun this week and to all of our volunteers and particularly those operating our barcode scanners, who had a hard job in the bright sunlight. Finally, Happy Birthday in advance to Maurice Gooderham who I believe will be 85 next week and who rarely misses an opportunity to marshal at the end of the first field. Just one look at his smiling face encouraging us all each week and we know it’s gonna be a lovely parkrunday!

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