parkrun cancelled 19th May 2018

parkrun CANCELLED Sat 19th May 2018

Please note that we're not running on Sat 19th May 2018 due to the Surrey Heath Show taking place at the park.  Perhaps a good opportunity to do a tourist parkrun, the nearest parkruns are Rushmoor, Woking, Guildford, Alice Holt and Bracknell.


Run Report 7 April 2018

Heralding Spring?


By Alastair Gibbs (aged 8) and Nick Gibbs (aged 38 ¾)

On a dry Saturday morning with the birds chirping away it felt like spring might finally be here. 433 runners, joggers and walkers enjoyed parkrun at Frimley Lodge Park, with 26 different running clubs represented.  After last week's mudfest caused the route to be changed, we were back on the familiar two lap course.  A few muddy puddles remained and most avoided them, but some like me ploughed straight through them.  It was great to see 24 people run their first ever parkrun and another 13 enjoyed the friendly Frimley Lodge welcome for the first time. Hopefully we will see you all many more times in the future.

Before we set off, Georgi Welch from parkrun sponsor Alzheimer's Research UK reminded us of the great work done by the charity and the #runningdowndementia campaign.  So lace up and raise £100 by running or walking 100km before the 31st August and power life-changing dementia research.  Run a parkrun every week until then and you will be make the 100km!  To sign up click here:

A huge thanks to the 38 volunteers who made today’s parkrun possible.  Peter Riley, who has been a regular volunteer while recovering from injury, completed his first parkrun this year along with Kelly Bain as the Tail Walkers. Thank you!  Event regular and today's pacer Brian supported those aiming for a sub 30 minute parkrun and brought them home a second early! To volunteer for future weeks please email:

Congratulations to Luke Robson on completing 10 runs, Alex Webb 50 runs, Keren Day and Alison Bone on 100 runs, and David Bales on his 350th Parkrun.

This week, Emily Gow was the first lady home with a new PB, followed by Caitriona Farrell and Sonia Whatley.  Warrick Raath finished first out of the men, followed by the McCawley pairing of Rian and Brogan.  As always Frimley has a great spread of ages with 15 under tens completing the parkrun and five over seventies.  An amazing 59 PBs were set including Paul Bass after 110 runs; more than normal possibly reflecting the better weather and drier course.

See you all next week!


Run Report 17th Mar 2018

Frimley Lodge parkrun
Event number 424
17th March 2018

by Martin Wood


It was St Patrick’s Day and the exhortation was: Come in green for St Patrick’s Day!  Although I have not a trace of Irish blood in me I did look around in vain for a green t-shirt but couldn’t find one and not being an owner of one of those ridiculous felt green top hats just hoped no-one would notice an absence of green.   Some people clearly revel in these instructions and there was considerable effort made so well done all who remembered. Ironically the weather did its best to spoil the green effect by snowing over everything in white!  Though St Patrick had the last laugh by the end of the day thanks to the Irish rugby team.

It was freezing and snowing again, only two weeks after the last winter wonderland.  There were an impressive 415 runners (and fast walkers) at Frimley Lodge.    Numbers were boosted by quite a few visitors, particularly from Guildford which was closed, but still that is amazing when it would have been easier to turn over and go back to sleep!

Even more impressively there were 44 volunteers many of whom were standing in the cold as marshals, timers, token issuers, funnel managers and barcode scanners for a whole hour until the last finishers emerged in the snow.  A big big thanks to them all. No volunteers: no parkrun.

Conditions were not bad underfoot although I did almost slip into the canal at one point.  I also have to say that the wind was whipping in nastily especially in the dog field which on the first lap still feels a long long way from the finish.  It was my 250th run this week which is a big deal for me, someone who hates running!   I would NEVER have thought I would be doing this.   I managed to persuade my mum and her friend Bryan to come along to watch, my son came especially from London to run with me and with daughter and wife also running today I had plenty of support.  But what makes parkrun special is the parkrun family as I felt I was running with lots of supporters today and I hope they all felt supported too.

Big shout outs for running their 100th run went to Ben Feltham and Joanna Thompson.   Running their 10th run (juniors) were Lara Croft and Benjamin Etherington.  Congratulations!!  It’s great that parkrun celebrates commitment and participation.

There were 34 first timers at our lovely parkrun of whom fourteen ran their first ever parkrun anywhere.  What a week to pick!  I hope you felt welcome and will come back for more.

There were lots of Personal Bests today - 39!!! – quite a few were from visitors who have got the measure of Frimley Lodge on a second or third run – but still an achievement.  I shall pick out Etienne Danilo who ran a PB on his 49th FL parkrun, Adam Carman on his 21st FL run, and Clive Adam on his 10th at Frimley Lodge.

With luck of the Irish we may eventually get some spring-like weather next week.


Run Report 10th Mar 2018

I’m dreaming of a white parkrun day!

by Amanda Critchell

A rare snow day for Frimley Lodge parkrun meant not staying at home in the warm but getting out for a challenging, cold and very pretty run around the park. With less than a fifth of UK parkruns open this week, it was a privilege to be able run in such magical conditions. The trees were glistening, the canal was frozen, there were quite a few children running (with one on a sledge, although without the sleigh bells) it was bright all around and the runners were (mostly) merry! There was a certain camaraderie around the course as we overcame the unusual conditions, many people seemed to have decided on an easy run and there were smiling faces and woolly hats everywhere. After getting used to having to pick up your feet higher through the deeper bits and a bit of a backslide on the compacted ground, by the second lap we were warmed up and feeling like we were getting the hang of this running on the white stuff. It was quite cold, but I certainly felt a lot warmer, running, than the many marshals around the course looked, who had volunteered in force to ensure our safety. A special thankyou to everyone who came out to support the run in the cold and snow this week as a volunteer. A huge thankyou also, to Brian and his team for inspecting the course on Friday and Saturday and for their brave decision to keep Frimley Lodge parkrun open. In Frimley Lodge parkrun’s 8 year history, we have only had just a few runs (including this one) with snow on the ground, so this week was a special opportunity to experience a snowy run. With the cancellation of most other local parkruns, we thought we might be inundated with runners. However, although we did have quite a few visitors, just 257 hard-core parkrunners ran the course this week. Unsurprisingly, we had no first-time parkrunners (and just 2 second-time parkrunners) but there were 5 seasoned parkrunners who were first time visitors to Frimley Lodge parkrun.

The first runner to finish is recorded as unknown with a time of 17:22 (DFYB). Second to finish was James Wallace in 18:15 on his 151st parkrun and third place went to Cameron Enser (JM11-14) in a time of 18:41. The runners who finished with the highest age-graded runs this week were: Koji Myazaki with 77.05% for a time of 20:07; Mark Symes (it was good to see our runner with the most first-place finishes at Frimley Lodge parkrun back running the full course again) with 76.48% for a time of 19:08 and both Ted and Cameron Enser, tied for third place, with 75.91% each for times of 19:35 and 18:41 respectively!

The first female runner to finish was Eloise Stradling in 22:34, however, she was very closely followed by Naomi Wyatt, also with a time of 22:34! Kayleigh Copeland finished as third lady in a time of 23:10.

There was a reduced field of junior runners, with just 22 taking park, but the first boys to finish were: Cameron Enser (JM11-14), 18:41; Ted Enser (JM11-14), 19:35 and James Spencer (JM15-17), 20:19. For the girls, Caitriona Farrell (JW15-17) finished first (4th lady overall) in a time of 23:14. She was followed just over a minute later by Christina Denbigh (JW11-14), celebrating her 100th parkrun in a time of 24:23. Esme Holmes (JW15-17) was third with 26:28. Well done to all of you.

The only person who celebrated a milestone parkrun this week was Christina Denbigh (JW11-14), who reached her century of parkruns. She and her family and friends celebrated with lots of cake afterwards. Christina is a regular Frimley parkrunner and a very fast junior, with a PB of 23:11 set in October 2017, a highest age-grading of 73.14% and a highest female placing of 4th overall. She also, regularly appears as one of the first three junior ladies to finish. However, her 100 parkruns have included no less than 20 PB’s seeing her time improve by more than 12 minutes in just over 3 years’ of parkruns. Congratulations Christina.

Most runners seemed to think that slow and steady was the order of the day this week, but 8 people still managed to achieve a PB. However most of these people run more regularly at other parkruns. Heidi Saddleton (JW10), who achieved a PB of 33:26 on her 26th parkrun and Jodie Harthill-Coom with a PB of 25:09 on just her 2nd parkrun, were the only regular Frimley Lodge parkrunners to achieve a PB. The other runners who achieved a PB were: Richard Williams, 21:00; Andrew Kingston, 21:34; James Boyle, 21:55; Andy Capel, 26:17; Alex Hunter, 30:57 and Will Halsall, 32:29. Well done to all of you.

So thankyou to our parkrun team and family for enabling us all to run a very merry, bright and white parkrun. Also, Happy Birthday to Dennis, who was 84 last week, but felt it was a bit too cold and slippery to join us for a run. He was very pleased to receive his birthday card signed by lots of our parkrunners and hopes to be back next week.


Run Report 24th Feb 2018

Run Report – Frimley Lodge #421 24th Feb 2018

by Richard Boese


This week at Frimley Lodge it was cold….No wait. It was flipping freezing! with the First Field and Dog Field frozen solid and still a bit crunchy going along the canal.  This made for much lumpier conditions under foot and something to look out for next week when indications are it will be frozen and possibly snowy too!

I arrived with my family to find lots of my Sandhurst Joggers comrades already at the park at 08:30 ready to take on pacing duties for the day.  As club chairman and regular Frimley runner I had taken on organising the pacing volunteers and had a list of everyone pacing between 21 minutes and 40 minutes including a run/walk pacer.  I had all the pace numbers printed and a box of safety pins which I put in the car the night before so I didn’t forget anything.  I even had a list of paces in miles and kilometres for all our pacers, which included me at 27 minutes. 

So, everything was in place? Not quite – I managed to forget my own watch! D’oh! Luckily, one of our SJ runners lent me her watch (thanks Sophie LeSaux), but as it was set up differently to my own I decided to write pace notes on the back of my hand. Great idea to check my time at Canal Turn and the First Field, but rubbish at keeping my hands warm, as I couldn’t wear gloves.  

Pacing seemed to go really well – all our runners came back saying people had really appreciated the pacers, even though a few were a bit enthusiastically quick and they all enjoyed encouraging the runners around them.  I managed to come in just 5 seconds ahead of my 27 minute target, but even better, two people who ran with me got PBs! Great news - there were an amazing 78 people who recorded new Personal Bests.  Thanks Sandhurst Joggers pacers!

This week 461 people ran, jogged and walked the course. The first finisher was Warrick Raath, who finished in 17:12 and the first female finisher was super speedy Clare Rees of Aldershot Farnham and District athletic club with a time of 18:32.  There were 31 first timers, of whom 18 were new to parkrun – welcome everyone and hope to see you again soon! 

Milestones were achieved by juniors daisy Harding and Isobel Dutton both in the  JW10 category achieving their 10th runs, Anne Carter, Mary Aldfers and Rigby Donaldson achieving their 50 run milestone, Emma Young achieving her 100th run and Audrey Gaines her 250th run. Our age grade winner this week was also our fastest woman Clare Rees in the age category SW30-34 with 80.4% with a brilliant new PB time of 18.32.  Well done everyone!

Finally, a huge thank you to our 55 volunteers who made this week's Frimley Lodge parkrun possible:

Darren WOOD • David BRESLIN • Alison LENAGHAN • Richard BOESE • Jenny GRAY • Royston CRANDLEY • Andrea HADFIELD • Duncan BALL • Maurice GOODERHAM • Cliff HILTON • Mark SYMES • Neil PRAINE • Brian HOLDEN • Paula FUDGE • Monica BURBIDGE • Nigel BOARD • Roger SMITH • John TAYLOR • Alurie Maye DUTTON • Karen BARNARD • Malcolm Eric VAUGHAN • Elinor Mary BOESE • Amanda Dorothy CRITCHELL • Gary DAVISON • Lucinda COBB • Jacqueline KENT • Bryan PORTER • Alec CHURCHILL • Bob TURNER • Julia BOESE • Janet Lynn VENABLES • Dawn FAILES • Karen HENDERSON • Ava BERRIMAN • Charlie ST AUBYN • Peter PORTER • Caroline CUTLIFFE • Catherine DAVIS • Declan DAVIS-PORTER • Blanche BARNES • Robert CARD • Declan FARRELL • Tabitha CHARMAN • Craig BOWLES • Alison BONE • Hannah GLAISTER • Peter RILEY • Jane BANNISTER • Eva CHURCHILL • Jana BOGGUS • Dave BARTLETT • Rachel MASON • Tanya O'KEEFE LIMB • Tanya HUTT • Stephen DIAPER

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