Run Report 16th Mar 2019

The A – Z of Frimley Lodge Parkrun

by Catriona Riddell


Arrive nice and early to park your car easily, use the facilities and hear our morning brief.

Breathe – you’ll find parkrun (along with most other things) easier if you remember to breathe!

Canines are very welcome at Barkrun, as long as they are with a human and on a short lead!

Don’t forget your barcode!

Everyone is very welcome, Frimley Lodge welcomed 41 first timers this week

Finish tokens are not a memento to take home so please remember to hand them in

GP Practices can now become, “Parkrun Practices” and can prescribe parkrun to their patients

Hi-viz heroes! For your chance to become one, please see the Volunteer page on the website and email

Interesting fact: since Frimley Lodge Parkrun started 17,103 participants have completed 159,386 parkruns covering a total distance of 796,930kms!

Jog, walk or run your way round our lovely two lap course

Keep your barcode safe – flatbands, wristbands and plastic tags are all available to purchase (and remember that each time you buy one of these you’re supporting the future of parkrun!)

Little legs are welcome too, but under 11s must be accompanied by a responsible adult

McIntosh, Louise – one of the founding members of Frimley Lodge Parkrun who celebrated her 250th run this week

No-one finishes last at parkrun as our Tail Walker will keep those at the back company

Over the line you go, only once please and remember to smile as you do!

Personal bests – 63 people recorded these this week – well done!

Queues in the funnel were managed well by the Funnel Manager (and the cute little Security Dog!)

Register before your first run, remember that parkrun is always free

Social media, you can contact parkrun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Tommy Rollins celebrated his 10th run this week, and managed a PB too!

Unknown – this is what happens if you forget your barcode

Volunteers - 48 of them made this event possible.

Windle Valley Runners – just one of the 36 running clubs present at Frimley Lodge this week

Xenodochial – a highly intellectual sounding word for, “friendly”. We’re very friendly at Frimley Lodge and love having parkrun tourists come to visit us!

Young or not so young, everyone is welcome at parkrun!

Zymotechnics – the art of fermentation. Absolutely nothing to do with parkrun, but an interesting word don’t you think?!


Run Report 9 February 2019

Windle Valley Runners #RunandTalk Event at Frimley Lodge parkrun’s 9th Birthday.

By Karen Henderson and Phill Young

Saturday 9th February had lots going on at Frimley Lodge parkrun. Not only was it Frimley Lodge parkrun’s 9th Birthday, where there was a “bake off” style competition which Dawn Salter won with her wonderful cake (tasted really good too). It was also a Windle Valley Runners ‘take over’ to promote a campaign called #RunandTalk. Last year Windle Valley Runners became an approved club with England Athletics for this campaign, where the premise is to promote the benefits of exercise and running to improve our wellbeing. You can find out more information at the following:

After a brief introduction to the campaign, Rob Shenton, who is a mental health ambassador for Help for Heroes, gave a speech about how running and exercise has helped him through his own struggles. If you missed the speech you can view it here you can also read more about Rob Shenton on his website

Emily from Cornerhouse, a local charity offering emotional and wellbeing support, was on hand to chat to anyone who wanted further information. Their website is

Corrine from the Welcome Project Surrey also attended:  they work in partnership with other charities and volunteers to provide a variety of activities, support, guidance and opportunities for people who feel isolated, have lost their focus, suffer from anxiety or need a change of direction. Their website is

There was also a Windle Valley Runners member called Adam who was present to chat about his experiences with exercise and mental health.

A huge thank you to these people who spared their time on a rather windy Saturday morning.

With pacers provided by Windle Valley from 20 minutes up to and including 45 minutes, 56 people managed to clock up personal bests: including Dee Mackenzie-Jones who got a PB after 6 years of trying to beat a time set in 2013. Well done Dee.

Well done to the junior parkrunners who managed a personal best this week; this includes Shaun Sheffield, Alexander Thompson, Daniel Bailey, Harvey Humphrey, James Praine, Camellia Harding, Naomi Piper (who also celebrated her 10th parkrun), Daniel Baines and Eloise Waite. Fantastic running by you all.

Also a huge well done to the 48 first timers at Frimley Lodge, we hope to see you back again really soon.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who baked a cake for the 9th Birthday celebrations and all the wonderful volunteers, without whom parkrun couldn’t happen.


As an addendum to the Run Report, a very personal view including the mental health benefits of parkrun:

My running club took over Frimley Lodge parkrun this morning to help raise awareness of mental health issues. I’m extremely proud that Karen, Phil and Michael took this on. I wasn’t able to step up and help. That is due to my own struggles with my mental health. However, in the last few months, parkrun has been a constant that has shone a ray of light in a dark time.

My problems have become so severe that I have had to completely rethink my career. I have left my job, am adapting to medication and undergoing counselling to try to get to grips with all the things that have completely overwhelmed me. Running has enabled me to spend a little bit of time each week with a different focus, to place a positive emphasis on my health rather than being bound up by the fears and anxieties. Sadly, these fears have meant that my running has not been consistent; runs are often planned but rarely happen. But knowing that parkrun is there at 9am every Saturday morning gives a wonderful focus in a relaxed environment, where the only pressures are the ones we place on ourselves.

This morning was a struggle for me. It was my first run in over a week. Things have closed in around me over the course of the week and I really didn’t feel like socialising but I wanted to be there. I actively disliked the first 2.5 miles of the run, feeling like I was getting slower and slower (in fact I got steadily and marginally ‘quicker’!) when suddenly the endorphins kicked in and created a distraction so that the self-doubt temporarily cleared.  It didn’t take long for the gloom to kick in again once I’d crossed the finish line but those few minutes of distraction are welcome relief and cherished fondly.

People attend parkrun for many and varied reasons. My reasons have changed significantly over the years. I hope that soon, I will be able to place a greater focus on speed again. For now, it’s enough just to be taking part.



Run Report 26 January 2019

parkrun sends my soul sky high!


By Amanda Critchell

Saturday 26th January was a day of celebrations. Australia Day and India’s Republic Day were celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere and closer to home, Andrew Ridgeley also celebrated his birthday, but more of that to come… At Frimley Lodge parkrun we celebrated: lots of visitors (including some from Manchester, Glasgow, Basingstoke and Bedfont Lakes to name but a few); milestone runs; our 40 volunteers; the 57 first timers, who included 31 newbie parkrunners who had come to join the fun; lots of camaraderie and some great running, walking or a mixture of both by the 553 parkrunners this week. Seeing so many gathering to go for it on a fresh but dry winters’ day put the boom boom into my heart! The course was muddier this week and slippery in places, and yet, there were an increased number of PBs, 85 in total. I, however, along with many others, just took it easy, well, this young (or not so young) gun says caution pays!

Our handsome, tall and strong first three finishers were led home by Paul Gaylor in a time of 17:34. Paul also achieved the highest age-graded score of 83.97%. Second to finish was a returning visitor, Allan Coyle, on his 8th parkrun, who achieved a PB of 17:58. Ian Coates was third, on his 317th parkrun in a time of 18:29. Koji Miyazaki achieved the second highest age grading of 83.16% for his time of 18:48 and Chris Try finished in 19:25 and came third in the age-graded scores for this week with 78.45%.

Naomi Wyatt must be thinking I just can’t lose at the moment (although it is a run and not a race) as she finished first lady for the fourth week in a row! She finished with a time of 20:54 and the second-highest age graded score for a woman of 70.81% on her 75th parkrun. Samantha Murphy was second in 21:25 and also achieved the third highest female age grading of 69.42%. She was closely followed by Ffion Harris who finished third in 21:32. However, I think there’s something you should know, which is that Jean Drummond achieved the highest age-grading by a woman of 72.68% on her 243rd parkrun for her time of 32:13.

Sometimes you know today you’re gonna have a good time and maybe that’s how Alfie Boese (JM15-17) felt this week as he finished first junior male with a new PB of 19:38 on his 255th parkrun and achieved the third highest age-grading by a junior runner of 70.88%. Alfie was also the parkrunner who had run the most parkruns at Frimley Lodge (211) and who also achieved a PB this week. Some say that bad boys stick together, well perhaps great ones do too, as Alfie was shortly after followed to the finish by Olly Webb (JM11-14) in 19:50 and Thomas Denbigh (JM15-17) in 19:55, who were the second and third junior parkrunners to finish respectively. Olly Webb also achieved the highest age-grading for a junior of 74.96% and Aaron Webb (JM10) achieved the second highest age-grading of 73.24% for his time of 21:33.

The junior women were led home by Caitriona Farrell (JW15-17), a regular amongst the top three junior finishers, in a time of 22:52 and with an age-grading of 66.91%. The second junior woman was Paige Daniel (JW11-14) who finished with a PB of 24:58 (her age grading was 62.95%). It was her seventh PB of the last twelve months and in that time, she has reduced her parkrun time by 4 minutes 27 seconds. I sense your inspiration! Milly Cronin (JW11-14) completed the top 3 junior women finishers also with a PB of 26:44 and an age-grading of 60.91%. It was her second PB in a row in her results, although it’s been nearly 6 months since her last visit to Frimley Lodge. Welcome back Milly! Perhaps some had been thinking that they hadn’t seen your face around town for a while! These first three junior women to finish also achieved the highest three age-grading scores achieved by junior women.

Congratulations to everyone who didn’t let the hard times stand in your way as you fought your way to a new PB. As already mentioned, Alfie Boese was the parkrunner with a PB who had run the most parkruns at Frimley Lodge, but in second place was Leonie Harvey, who achieved a PB of 28:20 on her 122nd parkrun and her 83rd at Frimley Lodge. Norma Dudley had run the third highest number of parkruns at Frimley Lodge (96 out of a total of 106 parkruns) with a new PB. Norma achieved a PB of 32:40, with an age-grading of 67.04%, which was her 5th PB of the last 12 months (somebody told me that she had achieved a massive age-grading score!) Norma was also one of our two oldest runners to achieve a PB and the other was Richard Hailstone, who achieved his third PB in a row, all on consecutive weeks, with a time of 36.08. As is usually the case, most PBs were achieved by those at the beginning of their parkrun journeys. Over half the PBs (43) were achieved by those who had run a total of just 2 or 3 parkruns at Frimley Lodge (including visitors). Those who had run 10 or less parkruns at Frimley Lodge accounted for 68 of the 85 PBs achieved. As I can’t name everyone with a PB in this report, although every one of you deserves a huge well done, those with more than 10 parkruns, run at Frimley Lodge, who I haven’t already mentioned were: Viebeke Clark, 25:08; Jack Hobbs, 22:39; Susan Williams, 28:09; Edward Carr, 27:04; Rhian Jones, 29:16; James Denbigh, 20:30; Harriet Page, 29:25; Edwin Griffiths, 22:09; Aloka Dias (JM15-17), 24:41; Helena Farrington, 38:12; Jon Anker, 29:30 and Matthew Knight, 32:05.

Finally, congratulations to everyone who celebrated a milestone number of parkruns this week. Edward Nelson (JM10) joined the 10+ parkruns’ club for our junior runners with a PB of 33:07. Cathy Lafrenais and Martin Chowney both finished their 50th parkrun and Thomas Denbigh joined the 100+ parkruns club. Although not official milestones, well done also to Julia Boese who celebrated her 200th parkrun and to Simon Harvey and myself as we completed our 350th parkruns. Looking back on the good old days of those 350 runs, I’m thankful to parkrun for the gift of running, it’s where I found my groove! Maybe next year we’ll see a rash of 500 parkrun celebrations as Frimley Lodge parkrun reaches its 10th birthday and those who have been there since the beginning and who really really love to stick around at parkrun every Saturday morning reach this impressive milestone!

Thank you to all of our volunteers this week, most of whom had to stand out in the cold and who made our parkrun possible this week. When I see our smiling marshals as I run around the park and Roger, with his timer in hand and the finish area team at the end of the run, I know I ain’t got no more worries! Don’t forget that in two weeks’ time, on the 9th February it will be Frimley Lodge parkrun’s 9th birthday so come along, bring cake to share if you can and come along to join in the celebrations if you don’t want to miss that high of running parkrun! On the same week, Windle Valley Runners have kindly offered their services as volunteers and pacers and are also providing a talk on the benefits of running for mental health at 8:45am before the run. Don’t forget, parkrun membership’s a smiling face (and you don’t even need that!). Just register online and don’t forget to bring your printed barcode with you!

In tribute to Andrew Ridgeley, did you spot the 20 quotations from Wham’s hit singles in this run report and did you guess which songs they were all from?


Run Report 19th Jan 2019

A run report full of stats

 by Amanda Critchell

“Not as cold as it might have been and not too muddy”, seems to have been the judgment of most people I spoke to on Saturday, although I still thought it was really very cold and slippery underfoot! However, in spite of these apparently reasonable conditions for the time of year the downward trend in our attendance figures continued this week (since the record breaking 741 on New Years’ Day) with just 533 running or walking our course. However, whilst this downward trend across January appears to have been a feature of recent years, looking back at the stats, in the first few years at Frimley Lodge, the opposite was true, with the New Years’ Day run having, traditionally, a lower turn-out and the numbers picking up as January continued. Despite the group from Bracknell parkrun winning the visitor postcard this week for being the visitors from furthest afield, it appears that there were plenty of visitors about, who perhaps didn’t reveal themselves in the run briefing. There were 64 people at Frimley Lodge parkrun for the first time and a massive 40, for whom it was their first ever parkrun. In spite of the not too bad conditions, however, just 60 people (11%) achieved a new personal best time and, of those, more than a quarter were running just their 2nd parkrun at Frimley Lodge.

Mark Symes finished first in a time of 17:37 and also achieved the highest age-graded score this week of 83.73%. It was the second week in a row that Mark finished first and his 177th first-place finish at Frimley Lodge parkrun to date (out of 340 runs). Mark is currently 9th in the all-time parkrun first-place finishers’ list with 181 first finishes in total. Alex Mogford, who more usually runs at Guildford, finished second and Callum Darby was third on his 196th parkrun.  Koji Myazaki (4th overall) achieved the second highest age-grading score this week of 82.14% for his time of 19:02 and he was just one second away from running the date with his time!

Naomi Wyatt was the first female to finish with a time of 21:06 on her 74th parkrun. Naomi has finished first for the last 3 weeks in a row and it was her 6th first-place finish overall. Naomi started running parkrun in 2016 at Reigate Priory parkrun, but has made Frimley Lodge her home since January 2018. Jo Longmuir finished second in a time of 21:17 and achieved the third highest overall age-graded score of 77.84%. Lois Oliver was third in 21:56 in just her 5th parkrun and her first at Frimley Lodge. All of Lois’ other parkruns have been run at Coffs Harbour parkrun on the western coast of Australia and she may have been our visitor who had travelled the furthest to reach us this week.

Well done to all of our junior runners and particularly to Rebekah Smith (JW15-17) who was the first junior woman to finish this week with a new PB of 22:07, which was her second in a row and her 8th PB over the last 12 months, wiping a massive 6 minutes and 24 seconds from her time in the last year alone. Ines Goncalves (JW15-17) was the second junior lady, who finished in 23:05 and who also achieved a PB of 23:05, reducing her best time by more than 3 minutes since her last PB in 2015. Christina Denbigh (JW11-14), was third with her time of 23:58. For the junior men, Thomas Denbigh (JM15-17) was first on his 99th parkrun with a time of 20:01. Liam Byrne (JM15-17) was second in 20:45 and Alfred Boese was third in 20:58. Congratulations to you all.

Congratulations also, to all of you who celebrated a milestone parkrun this week.  Andrew Scrowcrof and Keith Hull both achieved their 250th parkruns this week. Sarah Campbell-Foster, Tonya Mayes and Alexis Shirtliff all reached their 100th parkrun, whilst Jack Hobbs and Ceri Magness both completed their 50th parkrun. The juniors’ 10 parkruns’ club also welcomed the new members of Matthew Knight (JM10), Harry Devitt (JM10) and Maisy Farrington (JW11-14). Well done to all of you and also to Koji Myazaki who achieved the unofficial milestone of 150 parkruns.

A special congratulations also to our Event Director, Brian Holden, and our regular timer-keeper and results processor, Roger Smith, who have both now volunteered on 450 separate occasions and have both completed many different volunteer roles and jobs over the years to keep Frimley Lodge parkrun running smoothly. A huge thank you to both of you.

Well done to all of you who achieved a PB this week. The person who achieved a PB and who had run the most parkruns at Frimley Lodge was Marc Dubresson, who finished in a time of 22:33 on his 90th parkrun and his 81st at Frimley Lodge. Our oldest parkrunners to achieve a PB were Margaret Hopkins, 44:34 and Richard Hailstone, 36:10, who were both in the 65-69 age group. At the other end of the scale, the youngest runners who achieved a PB were all aged 10 years or less and were: Annika Toft, 32:55; Sophie Coates, 31:08 and Daniel Orbell, 22:06. There were just 11 people who achieved a PB and who had run 10 parkruns or more at Frimley Lodge and those, who I have not previously mentioned, were: Bryan Smith, 22:55; Simon Tigg, 23:55; Maisie Oliver (JW11-14), 27:45; April Howlett, 33:20; Patrick Coppins, 26:54; Adrian Laidlaw, 26:59; Anthony Brimble, 27:17 and Brian Theobold, 25:26.

Finally, thank you to all of our 41 volunteers who made our parkrun possible this week. A particular thank you to all of our marshals, who had to stand for quite a long time in the very cold conditions. If you haven’t volunteered before, why not give it a go, it gives you a different perspective of the run and allows you to meet new people, who you probably run with each week, but never meet. You could volunteer and still run, by helping with one of the set-up or close down roles, or even write this run report! Alternatively, if you are not planning on running one week, why not volunteer instead?


Run Report 1st and 5th January 2019

The Most Wonderful Time of the parkrun Year

By Lucinda Cobb

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when you can take part in 5 parkruns at Frimley Lodge in 15 days, plus a sixth if you do the New Year’s Day double. And what a 15 days it was with a total of 2,774 runs recorded across the 5 events - up from 2,437 over the same period in 2017!

New Year’s Day also saw a huge new attendance record of 741, which was superbly managed by our team of amazing volunteers.  Today was no different with 637 people taking part, demonstrating that parkrun is the best way to start the new year.

At both events we saw lots of people coming to parkrun for the first time - congratulations to you all, we hope this is the start of your parkrun journey and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.

New Year’s Day saw 95 first timers of which 27 were first first timers and 52 people recorded a personal best.

This weekend saw 82 first timers of which 41 were first first timers, 59 people recorded a personal best!

Over the course of the two events we had lots of people achieving notable runs: Joseph Owen and Rosko Hodgson completed their 10th run, joining the 50 club were Andrew Loutit, Kayden Lenaghan, Mike Brock, Emma Booth and Finlay McGuinness and completing their 100th run were Yasmin Mackenzie-Jones (Happy Birthday, too, Yasmin!), Ed Welford and Kevin Burgess - brilliant running by all of you.

2018 was an incredible year in the life of parkrun with new events starting every week both in the UK and further afield, and that popularity was also seen at Frimley so here’s some stats:

-  we recorded 25,026 barcode scans

- that’s a total of 125,130kms meaning that we ran around the world more than three times

- there were a total of 2,171 volunteering credits from our wonderful volunteers

In 2016 I wrote the run report at the end of the year and we had run 106,945kms - what an increase in 2 years, an additional 18,185kms!

parkrun wouldn't happen every week without our volunteers and we are always looking to fill the volunteer roster, it is looking very empty for the next few weeks. If everyone who ran, jogged or walked today volunteered three times a year we would have our whole roster filled for the entire year.

If you'd still like to run, there are plenty of roles you can do and still take part - pre-event set up, post-event close down, first timers briefing, writing the run report, to name a few. If you’ve never volunteered before but are worried about doing it - don’t be, all the roles are easy to pick up and we’ll explain everything to you beforehand. So drop us an email at and put your name down.

We’ve had a fantastic start to the new year and no doubt we will have another wonderful year of parkrun, so may your parkrun year be filled with mud, milestones and memories; some home runs, some tourism and some volunteering; may your runs be slow, fast, jogged or walked; dogs on short leads, children under 11 within arm's reach; barcodes not forgotten; the occasional PB mixed with wonderful social runs; the odd helium balloon, lots of coffee and cake but most of all fun.


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