Event 132: December 16th 2018. Chilly.

When I sit at home after a Gedling junior parkrun and I have to think about what to write in my run report, it is sometimes difficult to come up with something that is a little different from every other week. This week I have decided to pick up on something that never changes from one event to the next. That is the spirit of teamwork, community and general fantastic attitude that everybody involved in these junior events shows every time they turn up.

Whether you are there to run, jog or walk around our beautiful course, put on the hi-viz and dish out high fives or you're a grown up who comes along to support a junior parkrunner, we couldn't put on the show that we do without any of you. So right at the very start of the report, I would just like to say thank you to you all.

Gedling junior parkrun.  16 Dec 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  16 Dec 18.

You don't need me to remind you that it's winter now, and with that comes the usual list of problems when it comes to junior parkrun. After a course inspection was carried out today, we decided to give it a go. I was a little slippy in places, but a couple of our volunteers volunteered to double up on their roles and they made sure that all of our juniors were guided around the icy bits with great care. Thank you to Laura and Martyn for their extra effort, it made all the difference. All of our hi-viz heroes, Ian, John, George, Frances, Louis A, Ewan, Louis J, Joanne, Zoe, Nick, Oliver, Sharon, Yasmin and Sammy deserved their round of applause today.

Gedling junior parkrun.  16 Dec 18.

A grand total of 23 hardy souls made it around the course today and EVERYONE had their barcodes with them. It was great to see so many of you turn up and just wonderful that without exception, everyone seemed to go around with a big cheesy grin on their faces. What a brilliant way to start a Sunday! Despite the chill in the air, five of you even managed to zoom around in your fastest time ever, I suppose that's one way to keep warm!

Gedling juniors 16-12-18   Gedling junior parkrun.  16 Dec 18.

Next week is the last Gedling junior parkrun before Christmas day. Helen will be your Run Director and I know that she is looking forward to seeing you all. Please feel free to wear a festive jumper, hat, gloves, whatever you want to be a little bit Christmassy!

Gedling junior parkrun.  16 Dec 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  16 Dec 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  16 Dec 18.

So, until next week, it's bye from me. I'm off to dig out my reindeer antlers.

See you at the start line, Jonathan. #loveparkrun


#131 – 9th December 2018

After what seemed like a week of never ending rain, the sun came out in time to welcome 32 runners and their families to Gedling Country Park.

Gedling junior parkrun 9th dec 18

It was another celebration as we welcomed the 3rd member of the 100 club to our #parkrunfamily. Charlie has run 96 of his 100 runs at Gedling meaning he has rarely missed an opportunity to speed round the course. And today he was rewarded with a first finisher slot as well as a slice of this fantastic cake which he shared with us all, thank you!


There were a whopping 10 PBs on Sunday, that's almost a third of the field running faster than they ever have before, congratulations to you all. And for the first time in a long time, every runner had done our course at least once before. In fact, the average number or runs per finisher at Gedling is 7.3 although this Sunday over 2 thirds of you have already earned at least one wristband.

Gedling junior parkrun 9th dec 18

The last of my stats for today's report is that since we started in 2016, a total of 948 individual runners have completed the course at Gedling. I think I speak for the whole core team when I say how proud we all are of the amount of people who have been touched by our little event. Sarah, Helen and I have been involved since the beginning and we have now welcomed Jonathan and Jenny to the RD team as well as being supported by our friends at Gedling parkrun. We also have some fantastic regular volunteers who we rely on heavily to put on the parkrun magic so from me, thank you!

Gedling junior parkrun 9th dec 18

After the run on Sunday we went down to the Willowbrook for some refresher training. If you'd like to get a bit more involved, please just shout up and we can pass your a high vis!

On Sunday 16th Jonathan will be taking the reigns and then next week, Sunday 23rd will be our Christmas themed run, come as a reindeer, christmas tree, angel, father christmas, turkey or whatever takes your fancy!



Event 130 – the one where Sarah returned

A dull and miserable start to a Sunday morning. The hills were missing the sunshine today, but that didn't stop you coming to join us - hooray! We did witness a rainbow too so that’s a lovely sight to see.

We arrived at 8.15 to get the show on the road. We had one missing spot this morning but thank you to Ian arriving we had a full roster so thank you very much to our wonderful volunteers!


So we had Ian and Louis timing you through finishing line. Our lovely Marshals giving high five were Lindsey, Michele, Rob, Sam, Karen, Alice, Esther, James, Jonah, Tom and Kel. Team working the finishing area we had Ewan and Louis giving out the finishing tokens, barcode scanning you in were our brother and sister team Yasmin and Sammy. Nicola and Kitty ensured everyone got back safely as our tail walkers, Then there was me, Sarah in the Run Director vest - for the first time in a while - properly complaining it was too cold, but wearing a Christmas jumper to make up for the whinging!


There’s always room on the roster to volunteer so if any parents are free in the next few weeks please email in to juniors head office - gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com. We would very much appreciate it. We've also got a meeting next week after parkrun for anyone who's interested in getting a bit more involved and might be interested in roles such as volunteer coordinator or Run Director... full training would be provided and we'd love to have you join us!


43 of you tackled our course this morning. That’s a great turnout. There were two newbies to our wonderful course this morning so a huge Gedling juniors' welcome to Harry and Frieda. We hope you will join us again soon.

The weather must have helped because 5 off you achieved personal bests. That’s brilliant well done guys. Every single one of you ran your socks off this morning and it was lovely to see. Especially so many smiley faces who'd earned themselves plenty of high fives as they ran round the course.


We love hearing everyone’s stories of success and milestones so don’t forget if you think you're due your wristbands shout up to the Run Director on the day. Remember it's 11 runs for a half marathon wristband, 21 runs for a marathon band and 50 for an ultra marathon band. When you get to 100, you'll have a certificate to show off and lots of cheers from us all for such an amazing achievement!

We hear that there will be cake next week as Charlie joins the 100th junior parkrun. So if you love cake and running... we are definitely the place to be on Sunday.

Have a lovely week.

Happy Running Sarah x


Event 129 – The one where Jenny wore the blue vest.

The weather was pretty miserable for my first junior parkrun as RD and it felt like winter was really setting in. Nonetheless 31 brave runners turned out to enjoy themselves running 2k around the park.

Gedling junior parkrun 25th november

We had a great team of volunteers and with Alice Townend (and baby Joseph) and Peter Duff stepping in as last minute marshals which meant we got off to a good start not too long after 9am. It was a bit of a family affair this week with Yasmin’s brother Sammy coming back for his second stint as a Duke of Edinburgh volunteer, and John bringing along his son, daughter in law and grandson! Gedling junior parkrun 25th november

Ewan our regular volunteer who did his first and last ever junior park run as tail walker last week turned 15 and brought goodies in which the volunteers quickly devoured. By turn this week Erin did her first junior parkrun with her Dad as tailwalker and we hope this will be the first of many.

Gedling junior parkrun 25th november

It was an exciting day as Theo did his 100th run (which we celebrated with biscuits made by his family) and Tegan brought along her certificate that she got for doing her 100th run the week before. Bring yours next week Theo! The biscuits were a great motivator for those who were struggling at the top of the zig zags. Gedling junior parkrun 25th november

Although it was chilly it wasn’t as windy as it has been recently and we had 4 pbs and some excellent sprint finishes. We had a couple of first timers so we’ll hopefully see you all again soon!

Thanks as always to all the volunteers. Just a reminder that on Sunday 9th December, we will be running an information session for anyone who wants to learn more about volunteering at Junior parkrun. We'll be heading straight down to the Willowbrook in Gedling after the run where we can have a tasty breakfast and talk all things volunteering. Keep an eye on facebook for an event being set up.

Gedling junior parkrun 25th november


Gedling junior parkrun: Number 128. There was cake!

We've only gone and done it again!  Another successful and incredibly fun morning on the hills of Gedling Country Park.  There are many reasons why today was great, just like there are every Sunday, but the main one, the reason that we all turn up is to see happy, smiley faces.  Today was certainly no exception, a grand total of 47 sets of junior teeth grinned their way around the course, it definitely was a sight to see!

Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.  

Now you all know that our milestone wristbands are earned and handed out when you have completed 11, 21 or 50 junior parkruns.  That in itself is a fantastic achievement, but today was extra special for one of our regulars; today Tegan took part in her 100th junior parkrun!  Of those, 88 have been here at Gedling, what an amazing feat.  Congratulations Tegan, we hope to see you here for many more Sundays.  I think everyone will join me in saying that the special celebration cakes that your grown-ups brought along went down very well!

Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.

There must have been something in the air today as eleven of you managed to knock at least a second off your previous best time and record a new personal best, very well done to Leo, Theo, Jude, Tegan, Arthur, Jamie, Keris, Lucas, Mia, Millie and Alberto.

Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.

There was just the one first-timer today.  Strangely it was his last time too!  You've all seen Ewan, he's one of our most regular volunteers, always happy to help out and an absolute master of the pre-run warm up routine.  Today he acted as tail walker and registered a time of 28:26.  As it's his 15th birthday in the week, he'll be too old to record another time!  From all of us here on the team, have a very happy birthday.

Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.

As usual, it is only right to thank the volunteers.  Not only do they make sure that everyone gets around the course safely, there is also a bagful of high-fives and cheers up for grabs, anyone can have one, they're free!  Todays roster was filled and overflowing, but that's not always the case.  So if anybody fancies a stint in the hi-viz, please let us know.  We're very friendly and every job is easy to do, come and have a go, what else are you doing at 9am on a Sunday morning?  Drop us an email here:  gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com

Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.  

So, I'll finish with a few more of my favourite pictures from the finish area today.  Well done everybody.

  Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  18 Nov 18.

Jenny is your Run Director next week, I know she is already looking forward to seeing you at the start line.

Bye for now, Jonathan.  #loveparkrun

Oh and please, don't forget your barcode!  #dfyb

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