Event 57 – 4th June 2017

I don't know about you, but I do love 9am on a Sunday morning when our junior parkrunners are coming off the playground ready for their run... there's a real buzz of anticipation in the air and it's so much fun!  This morning was a real goodie too.  Memories of cold, grey, wet winter mornings are long gone and the sunshine and blue skies have well and truly taken over.  Just fantastic!

Making the magic happen as ever were our wonderful heroes in the hi-vis.


Our volunteers did a brilliant job and I kept asking people if I'd forgotten to do something as everything happened almost too smoothly!  A big thank you to Martin and Jack the timekeeping two; Peter, Jayne, Sam, Kel, James, Jonathan, Kelly, Jenny, Tamsin, Richard, Ian M and Ian S for marvellous marshalling; Pete and Sean for barcode bipping; Debbie and Wayne on finish funnel fun duty; Nicola for her tremendous tail running and last but by no means least, Fleur, bringing the wow-factor to the warm-up!


Talking of wow-factor, we had a couple of superstars picking up their half marathon wristbands this morning... Elizabeth and Oliver you've well and truly earned your wristbands on our beautiful hills and we can't wait to have you run with us again as you start to work towards your marathon bands.  Don't forget to go to your parkrun profile and print off your certificate in the meantime!



So, what happened with the running?  Well, 68 of you took to the hills... we had 2 brand new parkrunners (welcome to parkrunning - we hope you had a great time!)... and there were 13 personal bests today.  We also had 8 'no barcodes' which meant that there was no time recorded for those runners... don't forget your barcodes next week!  Our finishers arrived at the line in anything from 7 minutes 34 seconds to 18 minutes and 48 seconds - and we were proud of the efforts that everyone put in this morning.  Tob job Team Gedling juniors!


That's about it for me!  We've got spaces on next week's roster if you'd like to volunteer - just email Olivia or contact us via our Facebook page - we'll add your name to the great and the good with pleasure!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend and we'll see you on the hills next parkrunday!  Fingers and toes crossed the new visitors' centre is open too and we'll have somewhere to share a cuppa tea and a chat after the running's done. Can't wait!