Event 122 & 123 – Double the fun!

I find myself sitting down with a cup of tea, a grumpy ginger cat and a MASSIVE slice of cake, desperately trying to dry off after a tremendous but oh so wet junior parkrun this morning. But first, let me tell you about what we got up to last Sunday, which was a very different day!

Event 122: 7th October. Last weekend was crisp, bright and very sunny. Because of the cancellations at Rushcliffe and Forest Rec junior parkruns, we had a grand total of 15 first timers to the rolling hills of Gedling in amongst the 47 finishers. It was wonderful to see so many new faces joining forces with our seasoned veterans, welcome one and all! Please come back again soon. We had a magnificent seven of you going quicker than ever before, so a huge well done and an online high-five from me.

Gedders jp   Gedders jp

The usual band of happy volunteers turned up and made sure that every one got around safely, I'll do a roll-call a little bit further down the page, but it was also great to be joined by a couple of marshals making the trip from the cancelled runs. If anybody fancies looking gorgeous in the hi-viz, then please let us know, we are always very happy for new faces to come and take part. All of the roles are simple enough for even me to do, you'll get a full briefing and I guarantee that you will enjoy your Sunday morning as much as I do.

Gedling juniors 7th october 2018

Thank you to Helen for taking this wonderful picture from the bottom of the first hill. Doesn't our park look fantastic?

Gedders jp

Moving forward through time, we get to Event 123: 14th October. I woke up this morning to the sound of rain blowing against the bedroom window. Not a great start, but if there is something that gets me up and motoring on any Sunday morning, it's the thought of having fun on the hills, no matter what is falling from the sky. I certainly wasn't let down today, we may have been small in number, just 20 of you braved the conditions, but we were gigantic in effort! We even had two brand new runners today, welcome to Millie and Edward, I hope you'll be back again soon. Even in the unhelpful conditions, a famous five of you managed to record your quickest time so far. That is a great effort, well done.

Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.

If there's one thing that can always be relied on, it's the energy, enthusiasm and general cheeriness of our volunteers. It's so easy to stay in the warm comfort of your own living room on a day like today, so thank you to all for donning raincoats, wellies, hats and brollies and lining our route. Today was the day that Jenny took over the reins as Run Director too, she had to cope with a dodgy megaphone and some of the soggiest barcodes ever presented for scanning, but I think she did a top job.

Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.

For the last two weeks, our army of volunteers has been made up of Tamsin, Frances, Finlay, Sharon, Nick, Jack, Ian, Ruth, Joanne, Julie, Helen H, Richard, Zoe, Myles, Ewan, Yasmin, Kelly, Louis A, Oliver, Jenny, Emma, Esther, Jonah, James, Helen S, Jayne, Madeleine and Louis J. A massive thank you to you all.

Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.

Today Sammy was presented with his half-marathon wristband for completing his 11th junior parkrun, well done Sammy, doesn't he looked chuffed?

As always, I'll leave you with some of my favourite pictures of our amazing junior parkrunners from the last two events. For more photographs, just pop over to our Flickr page, your smiling face will be in there somewhere.

Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  7 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  7 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  7 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  7 Oct 18.   Gedling junior parkrun. 14 Oct 18.

I'll be your Run Director next week, I'm already looking forward to seeing you all, whatever the weather!

Jonathan #loveparkrun


Event 121 – Sunday 30th September – the day the Firemen visited!

Sunday 30th September will no doubt be memorable for 1000s of runners across Nottinghamshire. It was the day of the Robin Hood half marathon and the mini mile which many of our regulars took part it. Well done to the 38 runners who came to the hills as well as all of our #parkrunfamily who were running down at the embankment.

Gedling junior parkrun.  30 Sep 18.Gedling junior parkrun.  30 Sep 18.Gedling junior parkrun.  30 Sep 18.

I absolutely #loveparkrun (not sure if I've mentioned it before) and these photos of these fantastic smiling families tells you exactly why!

Gedling junior parkrun 30th october 2018Gedling junior parkrun 30th october 2018

Six first timers were registered on the results on Sunday, welcome to parkrun Porsha, Pippa, Theirry, Mia and Greta. And also welcome to Daniel who was visiting us from Rushcliffe parkrun, we hope you enjoyed the variety and look forward to seeing you again.

Gedling junior parkrun.  30 Sep 18.

It wasn't just the Robin Hood runners who were recording their first half marathons, here's Jude, accepting his well earned wrist band (at least, the results say that Jude earnt one but I feel like I may have the name wrong - sorry if I have!). Also, Seb recorded his 21st Marathon run but didn't claim his wristband so please ask next time you visit.

Gedling junior parkrun 30th october 2018

Most of you didn't notice but we had a visit from the Fire Brigade. One of the officers was supporting his son in the run so he took the opportunity to pop down with some information leaflets. They got a call just as most of your reached the top of the hill but it was lovely to see you so please pop in again.

2018-10-05_06-14-17Gedling junior parkrun 30th october 2018

Thank you as always to our amazing volunteers, without whom this run wouldn't take place. We have a fantastic bunch of under 18s who choose to get out of bed early every Sunday to set up the course and lead the warmup. Most of them have now finished their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering stint but still come every week - thank you, we are so proud to have you with us.

Gedling junior parkrun 30th october 2018

Here is a photo of the volunteers acting like Robin Hood. Visit the website for a roll call of everyone's names.

Gedling junior parkrun 30th october 2018

On Sunday 7th October, Forest Rec and Ruschliffe are both cancelled so we hope to welcome lots of tourists.

See you back at the park on Sunday morning for more outdoor fun!!



September 23, 2018.

What a lovely morning for another edition of Gedling junior parkrun! Fresh Nottinghamshire air filled the lungs as we were setting up the course and thankfully, the rain that had been promised/threatened didn't appear.

Gedling junior parkrun by numbers:

120 - The number of times that Gedling Country Park has echoed with the joyful noise that is our young athletes making their way up and down the hills.

3 - The amount of minutes that Ewan and Louis led the warm up. There's no better way to ensure that everybody is stretched off and ready to go. Great jumping!!

Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Sep 18.

34 - Juniors that walked, jogged or ran around the course today. Every single one of them with a huge smile on their face.

18 - Hi-viz heroes lining the course, making it a safe and happy event. Freely offering a high five, a cheer and some wonderful words of encouragement. Thank you Ewan, Zoe, Jack, Yasmin, James, Sam, Joanne, Rob, John, Oliver, Jon, Nicola, Kelly, Louis and Louis for doing what to do. If you fancy joining the team, have a chat with the Run Director on the day, or you could just drop us and email to gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com All of the jobs are pretty simple and stress-free, go on, you know you want to!

Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Sep 18.

2 - Gedling first timers. It is always fantastic to see some new faces here to pit their wits against the hills. We welcomed Alfie and Phoebe to Gedling for the first time and we hope to see you again very soon.

2 - Junior parkrun debuts. Today was the day that Mia and Amelie took part in their very first junior parkrun. It was brilliant to see you, please come back and have another go whenever you like.

1 - Half marathon wristband given away. Well done and congratulations to Micah on completing your eleventh junior parkrun today. You are on your way to the full marathon and ultra marathon bands. All you have to do is keep going through to your 22nd and 50th events and you'll have the full set to proudly show off.

6 - Half a dozen of my favourite photographs from today.

Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Sep 18.

If you want to see some more pictures (and there are plenty of them) just have a look at our Flickr page, a grin or two is guaranteed.

Next week Tamsin will be your Run Director, I know she's looking forward to it already. Have a great week folks, see you on the hills next Sunday.

Jonathan. #loveparkrun


Event 119 – 16th September 2018

Sunday brought a reminder of the fact that autumn is creeping in as we swap the t-shirts & flip-flops for jumpers and boots, but that didn't put off the 47 of you who joined us on the slightly breezy hills.
As we set up for the run, there were still a few marshal spots left on the roster, with a little bit of shuffling roles we were down to one short. Thanks to Michele for saving the day by being our last marshal, Jacob was happy to run without his mum, and his brother Charlie stayed with him throughout the run and paced him to a new PB! Well done Jacob! Great work!

So if your little ones are starting to out pace you, you'd be welcome to volunteer instead! You'll have the chance to give them a hi-5 as they run around the course. Just drop us an email or let us know via facebook. We love volunteers and the event really couldn't happen without them. Your volunteer team for event 119 consisted of Sharon Astill, Frances Astill, Louis Astill, Nicola Dickinson, Katrina Edwards, James Gilbert, Eveline Griffith, Nick Hill, Oliver Hill, Louis Jamson, Yasmin King, Jack Matthews, Kelly Morphus, Robert Newton, Samantha Newton, Michele Noble, Jonah Sinclair, James Sinclair, Myles Somerton, Ian Sullivan, Joanne Tanner, Zoe Tanner, Ewan Wane. Many thanks to all of you. Gedling juniors 16-9-18

Big thanks as ever to our fantastic bunch of DofE volunteers for leading the warm up with amazing enthusiasm, whatever would we do without them?
Gedling juniors 16-9-18
Well done to Bobby who recieved his half marathon wrist band. Don't forget you can also download your certificate to print out by visiting your profile at parkrun.com

After the warm up and wristband giving, off you flew heading for the first hill. Please be careful when you're running, poor Evelyn took a bit of a tumble and ended up with a cut knee, but after a spot of medical attention from her mum, she was back up and running and completed the course and went home with a fresh plaster on her knee!

Our first finisher was also the first lady finisher! Girl power! Gedling juniors 16-9-18

We welcomed 5 first timers to the wonderful hills of Gedling, thank you for making our event your first and hope you come back again. The slightly chilly weather conditions were perfect for the 7 of you who got a PB, great work!
That's all from me, have an enjoyable week and see you on Sunday when Jonathan dons the run-directors hi-vis.



Event number 118: 9th September 2018.

Each week when it's my turn to sit down and write the run report, I always think that I'll struggle to come up with the words which would accurately describe the events of that morning. I'm not sure that I need more than one word to describe today, BRILLIANT! Each of you who took part - brilliant. Every adult who was dragged along - brilliant. All of you who put on the hi-viz - brilliant!

Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.

Today we had a wonderful turnout, 57 of you took a gamble on the forecast rain holding off for the morning and it certainly paid off. It was a terrific day for a run, jog or walk around our beautiful park, and a couple of you were doing it for the very first time, we all say a big welcome to Ravi and Rosie and hope to see you both again very soon.

Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.

I also gave away three wristbands today, all to junior parkrunners who have completed their eleventh event, massive congratulations to Harry, James and Harriet, who all looked very pleased to have been given their half-marathon band. If you are due your wristband for completing your half-marathon, marathon or ultra-marathon, please let your Run Director know and we'll make sure that you get the wristband that you have earned.

Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.

It's not all about the pace, but three of you managed to record a personal best time today, well done to Maisy, Joe and Betty who all knocked a few seconds off their best times. Remember that you will only get your time recorded if you bring your own, scannable barcode with you, our scanners don't work on mobile phones, so please make sure that your barcode is printed out (and not too creasy), that way you won't be disappointed.

As always, we wouldn't be able to put on the marvellous event without the lovely volunteers who give up their own time to cheer, high-five and encourage you around the course. Today, your hi-viz heroes were Effie DICKINSON • Eveline GRIFFITH • Ewan WANE • Frances ASTILL • Helen SMALLEY • Joanne TANNER • Jon POTTER • Katrina EDWARDS • Kelly MORPHUS • Louis ASTILL • Louis JAMSON • Nick HILL • Nicola DICKINSON • Oliver HILL • Richard MILLNS • Sharon ASTILL • Tamsin MILLNS • Yasmin KING • Zoe TANNER. Thank you to each and every one of you. If you fancy joining the team, just let us know. Every job is easy enough for me to do it, so nothing is too testing, you'll be fully briefed and looked after all the way. Go on, give it a go.

Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.

I always like to finish off my reports with a few pictures of our junior parkrunners on the move. If you're not on here, have a little wander over to our Flickr group, I'm sure you'll find your smiley face in there.

Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  9 Sep 18.

That's it for now folks, Ian is your Run Director next week. Have a BRILLIANT week and we'll see you next Sunday, happy, grinning and ready to go.

Jonathan. #loveparkrun


Event 117 – 2nd September – when we had an Olympic gymnast as tailwalker!

Sunday 2nd September 2018 will go down in Gedling juniors history as one
of the best events ever! Who’d have thought the weekend before school
starts could be a cause for so much celebration?!

Gedling junior parkrun 2nd September 2018

It started bright and early at 8.15 when the happy band of volunteers
arrived to welcome the fabulous Ellie Downie, Olympic gymnast to
Gedling Country Park. Ellie is supporting the #teamparkrun initiative
which aims to showcase lottery funded athletes and help promote the
benefits of parkrun. I hope you all agree she was a fantastic ambassador
for gymnastics, Nottingham and #teamparkrun.

Gedling junior parkrun 2nd September 2018

The excitement didn’t end there, we also welcomed a film crew from
parkrun head office. They were soaking up the atmosphere and taking
shots of you as you ran around the course. Some of you were interviewed by
them afterwards. Watch the local news over the next couple of days as
the footage might just crop up. If not it will be used on the main
parkrun social media pages so keep your eyes peeled. Here’s Charlie and
Austin being interviewed:

Gedling juniors 2nd September 2018 #teamparkrun

We welcomed six brand new parkrunners this morning, Verity, Erin, Daisy,
Edward, Joe and Esme, we hope you enjoyed the run and look forward to
seeing you again. We guarantee a warm welcome and lots of fun but
can’t promise celebrities and film crew every week!

Gedling junior parkrun.  2 September 18.

A massive congratulations to Amber for reaching her Ultra Marathon
milestone. She has completed all 50 of her runs with us here at Gedling
and we are all super proud of her achievement. I’m sure you won’t
forget being presented with your wristband by Ellie Downie in a hurry!

Gedling juniors 2nd September 2018 #teamparkrun

According to the results, Hannah and Luke recorded their 21st run today
and they too have now earnt a wristband. Please shout up next time you
are here and we will present yours. Don’t forget to print off your
certificates and take them to school to tell everyone what you have
achieved. You deserve all the kudos for the hard work you have put in
running up those hills!

Well done to Oliver, Jack, Jacob, Rory, Harriet, Leo and William for
recording a new PB today. Perhaps you were spurred on by the support
crew provided by Notts Women Runners Arnold Arrows who took a break from their long run
this morning to cheer you on. Thanks for popping by!

Gedling junior parkrun 2nd September 2018

Each week we all take loads of photos and they are uploaded on to our
Flickr page which can be accessed straight from the website. Here’s the
link: https://www.flickr.com/groups/gedling-junior-parkrun/
We’ve signed up a new Run Director this week so keep an eye out for
Jenny over the next few weeks. If you’d like to get more involved,
just have a chat to one of the core team and ask us whatever you’d like
to know, there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

Gedling junior parkrun.  2 September 18.

So as always we want to thank all our volunteers today - Richard, Eloise and Madeline joined Ellie as tail walkers, Myles and Zoe were keeping time, Louis and Ewan were bar code scanning and Louis and James were on the funnel.

Gedling junior parkrun 2-9-18

Our magnificent marshals cheering you around the course were Jonathan, Ruth, Joanne, Sharon, Jenny, Nicola, Emma, Eve, Jayne, Ian and Kelly. Tamsin was enjoying herself as communications person with the press and run report writing, Evie processed the results and Helen was your run director.

Gedling junior parkrun 2-9-18

Well we’re off to put our feet up but we’ll be back next week for

Gedling junior parkrun.  2 September 18.


Event 115 – 19th August 2018

It was wonderful to see 34 juniors and their family/friends/carers on the hills of Gedling Country Park this week. There were lots of smiling, happy faces.

Gedling junior parkrun.  19 Aug 18.

We welcomed 3 runners completely new to parkrun so hello to Lily, Lucas and Scarlett. A family who regularly run at Rushcliffe junior parkrun also joined us for the first time so we hope that Alice, Oliver and William enjoyed our hills!

Gedling junior parkrun 19th August 2018

Gedling junior parkrun.  19 Aug 18.

A third of you recorded personal bests today so well done to Jake, Amber, Nathan, Fyfe, Micah, Lily, Noah, Gabriel, Sophie, Emily and Joshua.

Gedling junior parkrun 19th August 2018

Remember that when you have ran, jogged, skipped or walked 11 junior parkruns you receive a half marathon wristband, 21 is a marathon and 50 is an ultra marathon. This week Austin achieved his ultra marathon wristband - a big congratulations to Austin! He has ran 49 of his junior parkruns here at Gedling and one with our friends at Forest Rec juniors.

Gedling junior parkrun 19th August 2018

As always a big thank you to our wonderful volunteers who were cheering you around the course. Our hi vis heroes this week were Myles, Zoe, Jonathan, Joanne, Amanda, Kelly, Glenn (all the way from Hilly Fields junior parkrun!), Rob, Sam, Martin, Aiden, Kate, Ian, Louis, James, Yasmin, Eve and John. A special mention to Joanne who volunteered for the 25th time this week which is the volunteer milestone and so she will be receiving the lovely purple volunteer T shirt.

Gedling junior parkrun 19th August 2018

Gedling junior parkrun 19th August 2018

Next week is the bank holiday weekend and George is going to be the Run Director so a big thank you to him for helping us out. We are really short of volunteers as a lot of the regular volunteers are away so we would appreciate all offers of help. Please let us know if you can volunteer!

Until next time, happy parkrunning!



Event 114: 12th August 2018

Wow! What an awesome morning at Gedling Country Park we had. There may have been just 24 youngsters bombing round the park but that didn't make it any less eventful.

Gedling junior parkrun 12th august 2018

Here is Grace who runs in the JW10 category and has just completed her 100th junior parkrun as well as having completed 50 5km parkruns! She started her junior parkrun journey at Markeaton juniors before trying out Long Eaton then Hucknall before finding Gedling parkrun. She has toured all over the country but chose to run her 100th run with us here at Gedling. By my reckoning she has completed 455 parkrun kilometres which is a truly inspirational feat! I am in awe! And she bought you lot cake and sweets?! I think we should be giving her a prize!

Gedling junior parkrun 12th august 2018

And despite the rain early on, we still welcomed 5 brand new parkrunners. Jack, Jack, Alexis, Abigail and Esme, we hope to see you again soon (but please don't expect cake every time)!

Gedling junior parkrun 12th august 2018

We had a visitors from Newark and the aptly named Hilly Fields parkrun in London who came in 1st and 2nd place on our fantastic course. I absolutely love the camaraderie in this photo of our 2 visitors - Well done Edward and Jake!

Gedling junior parkrun 12th august 2018

There were 6 new PBs too - too much excitement for one morning!

Gedling junior parkrun.  12 Aug 18.

The volunteers had to take shelter before you arrived but the rain stopped in plenty of time for the run. Thank you for giving up your lay ins to make sure that parkrun is safe for all the participants. We welcome volunteers of all ages, so even if your youngster doesn't fancy running the hills, perhaps they'd like to come along and give the high vis a try. Everyone who completes 25 volunteer stints qualifies for a free purple milestone Tee and its surprising how quickly you can earn one. Please get in touch at gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com if you can help in the next couple of weeks as we are quite short.

Gedling junior parkrun 12th august 2018

Thats all from me, Tamsin, I'm handing over to Helen who'll be in charge next week.


Event 113: Sunday 5th August.

Today was the fiftieth time that I have been involved as a volunteer at Gedling junior parkrun. Over the last year or so, I can say that no event is like the one that came before it, or any other! Today was one of those that I will remember for a while: we had a birthday, a couple of stumbles and some international participation.

So, 39 of our finest junior athletes made it all the way around our course and four of you were having a go for the very first time, they were Gabriel, Gilbert, Emily and Joshua, hopefully you enjoyed it enough to come back for another try, well done. It's also worth noting that a grand total of twelve of you managed to shave some time off your previous best and record a new PB, that is amazing, huge congratulations.

There was runner celebrating something special today, Francesca let us all know that she was having her fifth birthday by dressing beautifully and attaching a celebration balloon to her costume! From all of us, happy birthday to you!

Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.     Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.

As I said, 39 of you finished the course today but we started with 41. Leo and Dylan both had tumbles while they were running. The good news is that both boys had brought their grown ups with them, so with the help of our on-site first aid kit, they were both patched up. We hope you are both feeling better very soon and can come back to give the hills another go.

Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun. 5 Aug 18.

As always, we cant do anything without our volunteers, today a tremendous 19 lined the route, timed and scanned you in. Thank you to Eveline, Ewan, Jack, Jenny, Joanne, Madeleine, Myles, Nick, Oliver, Richard, Rob, Ruth, Sam, Thomas, Tasmin and Zoe for all your help. I must say a MASSIVE thank you to Huw and Naoko who interupted their holiday from Hong Kong in order to volunteer today! Only another 24 times and you'll qualify for your stunning purple tee-shirt. If you can spare a few minutes on a Sunday morning, please let us know through the Facebook page, chat with a Run Director or drop an email to gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com and we'll get you on the roster.

Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.

One of my favourite parts of the day is getting home and sorting through the photographs that have been taken. Two things always stand out, effort and enjoyment. Everybody always seems to try so hard and has a great time as they do. That is what makes me and the other volunteers come back, time after time.

Next week, your Run Director will be Tamsin, I'm sure that she is looking forward to seeing you all.

Bye for now, Jonathan. #loveparkrun


Event 112: Wet, windy & wonderful.

Who was expecting that? After weeks of scorching temperatures and glorious sunshine, this morning was a different story altogether. I arrived at Gedling Country Park at 8 o'clock, the car park was empty and the weather was pretty uninviting. But just 60 minutes later I had been joined by thirty of the smiliest young people, just slightly less eager adults who had been dragged along and a bevy of beautiful volunteers. It seems that whatever the weather, a junior parkrun will always give it a good go. Well done everyone.

Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.

We all needed a warm up today, so Jack and Louis led the group with some vigorous bouncing, hopping and jogging on the spot. Also today, I handed out a couple of milestone wristbands; Abigail got her ultra marathon band for completing her 50th run and Joshua got his half marathon for completing his 11th last week, well done both of you. If any of you are due your wristbands for your 11th, 21st or 50th junior parkruns, please let me know and I'll make sure that you get a shout and your photo taken (if you want).

Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.

Each and every junior parkrun can only take place if we have enough volunteers to cover all of the spaces and ensure that the runners are looked after. Over the next few weeks, due to the summer holiday season, we are looking a bit thin on the ground and could really do with some fresh faces to boost our numbers. If you think that you would like to help out, please speak to a Run Director, comment on our Facebook page or drop an email to gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com

Your wondrous hi-viz heroes for today were Eveline, Jack, Jasper, Joanne, Jon, Katrina, Louis, Nick, Olivia, Peter, Peter, Ruth, Yasmin and Zoe. Some had been carried away on the breeze before the photo was taken...

Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.

Today we had three brand new junior parkrunners, welcome and well done to Jack, Caitlin and Lily. we all hope that you come back again soon. Not only that, seven of you shrugged off the conditions and recorded your personal best times on the hills, Luke, Joshua, Max, Zach, Ella, James and Owen all managed to shave off a few seconds, very well done to you all.

Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.

I'll be Run Directing again next week. It would be great to see you all again. Bring a friend, bring an adult, lets make it noisy! See you at the start line, Jonathan.


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