Event 113: Sunday 5th August.

Today was the fiftieth time that I have been involved as a volunteer at Gedling junior parkrun. Over the last year or so, I can say that no event is like the one that came before it, or any other! Today was one of those that I will remember for a while: we had a birthday, a couple of stumbles and some international participation.

So, 39 of our finest junior athletes made it all the way around our course and four of you were having a go for the very first time, they were Gabriel, Gilbert, Emily and Joshua, hopefully you enjoyed it enough to come back for another try, well done. It's also worth noting that a grand total of twelve of you managed to shave some time off your previous best and record a new PB, that is amazing, huge congratulations.

There was runner celebrating something special today, Francesca let us all know that she was having her fifth birthday by dressing beautifully and attaching a celebration balloon to her costume! From all of us, happy birthday to you!

Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.     Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.

As I said, 39 of you finished the course today but we started with 41. Leo and Dylan both had tumbles while they were running. The good news is that both boys had brought their grown ups with them, so with the help of our on-site first aid kit, they were both patched up. We hope you are both feeling better very soon and can come back to give the hills another go.

Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun. 5 Aug 18.

As always, we cant do anything without our volunteers, today a tremendous 19 lined the route, timed and scanned you in. Thank you to Eveline, Ewan, Jack, Jenny, Joanne, Madeleine, Myles, Nick, Oliver, Richard, Rob, Ruth, Sam, Thomas, Tasmin and Zoe for all your help. I must say a MASSIVE thank you to Huw and Naoko who interupted their holiday from Hong Kong in order to volunteer today! Only another 24 times and you'll qualify for your stunning purple tee-shirt. If you can spare a few minutes on a Sunday morning, please let us know through the Facebook page, chat with a Run Director or drop an email to gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com and we'll get you on the roster.

Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.   Gedling junior parkrun.  5 Aug 18.

One of my favourite parts of the day is getting home and sorting through the photographs that have been taken. Two things always stand out, effort and enjoyment. Everybody always seems to try so hard and has a great time as they do. That is what makes me and the other volunteers come back, time after time.

Next week, your Run Director will be Tamsin, I'm sure that she is looking forward to seeing you all.

Bye for now, Jonathan. #loveparkrun


Event 112: Wet, windy & wonderful.

Who was expecting that? After weeks of scorching temperatures and glorious sunshine, this morning was a different story altogether. I arrived at Gedling Country Park at 8 o'clock, the car park was empty and the weather was pretty uninviting. But just 60 minutes later I had been joined by thirty of the smiliest young people, just slightly less eager adults who had been dragged along and a bevy of beautiful volunteers. It seems that whatever the weather, a junior parkrun will always give it a good go. Well done everyone.

Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.

We all needed a warm up today, so Jack and Louis led the group with some vigorous bouncing, hopping and jogging on the spot. Also today, I handed out a couple of milestone wristbands; Abigail got her ultra marathon band for completing her 50th run and Joshua got his half marathon for completing his 11th last week, well done both of you. If any of you are due your wristbands for your 11th, 21st or 50th junior parkruns, please let me know and I'll make sure that you get a shout and your photo taken (if you want).

Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.

Each and every junior parkrun can only take place if we have enough volunteers to cover all of the spaces and ensure that the runners are looked after. Over the next few weeks, due to the summer holiday season, we are looking a bit thin on the ground and could really do with some fresh faces to boost our numbers. If you think that you would like to help out, please speak to a Run Director, comment on our Facebook page or drop an email to gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com

Your wondrous hi-viz heroes for today were Eveline, Jack, Jasper, Joanne, Jon, Katrina, Louis, Nick, Olivia, Peter, Peter, Ruth, Yasmin and Zoe. Some had been carried away on the breeze before the photo was taken...

Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.

Today we had three brand new junior parkrunners, welcome and well done to Jack, Caitlin and Lily. we all hope that you come back again soon. Not only that, seven of you shrugged off the conditions and recorded your personal best times on the hills, Luke, Joshua, Max, Zach, Ella, James and Owen all managed to shave off a few seconds, very well done to you all.

Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  29 July 2018.

I'll be Run Directing again next week. It would be great to see you all again. Bring a friend, bring an adult, lets make it noisy! See you at the start line, Jonathan.



Event 111 – 22nd July 2018

Another warm morning saw 35 eager young people tacking the zig zags, out and backs and winding paths at Gedling Country Park. I love our varied course, and it was pointed out to me recently that when you look at it on a map, it looks a bit like an elephant. HAs anyone else ever noticed that?

Gedling junior parkrun course picture

The slightly cooler start to this Sunday suited over a third of you to speed away to a PB, well done all of you!

Gedling junior parkrun.  22 July 18.

As always our volunteers were there bright and early to set up the course, remove the dog poo (oh, the glamour!) and make sure the run was put on safely for you. Our youngest volunteer Jonah managed incredibly well with the only working scanner. We have asked head office for a new one as we've managed to wear one out after over two years of beeping!

Gedling juniors 22nd july 2018

Molly received her half marathon wristband and according to the results, Eddie is due his too so please make yourself known to Jonathan next week.

Gedling junior parkrun.  22 July 18.

We tried a different pose for the volunteer photo this week, thank you to
Linda, Charlie, James, Eveline, Nick, Oliver, Tony, Jack, Richard, Kelly, James, Jonah, Joanne, Zoe, Jonathan, Thomas and Ewan for all your help.

Gedling juniors 22nd july 2018

That's me for a week, I'm off to cool down in Portugal and Jonathan will look after you on Sunday



Event 110. Sunday 15th July 2018.

I thought that last Sunday would be the warmest Gedling junior parkrun of the year, but it turns out that I was wrong! In what seems to be a never-ending summer, I was, as I always am, genuinely delighted to see so many of you turn up and have a go at our hills when there are so many more tempting options.

Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.

I mean, if you had given and stayed in bed, you'd never have seen James catching himself out with the complications of the patting your head and rubbing your tummy exercise!

Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.

Today, a wonderful 34 of you put on your trainers, gave up your Sunday morning lie-in and gave it your best shot. Amongst the group today were a magnificent seven who were experiencing junior parkrun for the very first time. A huge welcome and well done to Zoe, Haydn, Daniel, Bethany, Luke, Daniel and Levi. We hope to see you again very soon.

Despite the temperature, a few of you even managed to record your personal best times too, Maisy, Mylo, Leo, Theo, Sofia, Bobby, Sophie and Siena all managed to knock a second or two off their best efforts. It's not all about racing around though, today we had Reece and Fyfe collecting their wristbands for completing 21 junior parkruns, well done boys. Wrist bands are available when you have done 11, 21 or 50, so if you think that you're due one, please let one of the Run Directors know and we'll make sure you get some pretty funky wrist wear.

Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.

As always, I have to say a massive thank you to our lovely volunteers. You know the score, if they didn't turn up, there wouldn't be a junior parkrun. It always amazes me just how keen people are to give up their time to help. Thank you Eveline, Ewan, James, Joanne, Kelly, Lily, Linda, Lisa, Louis, Michael, Myles, Nick, Nicola, Nikki, Oliver, Richard, Seren, Yasmin and Zoe. If you would like a go in the hi-viz, just let a Run Director know, or even email your details to gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com to get on the roster. Today, Zoe did her 25th stint in the hi-viz and has earned the right to claim a beautiful purple volunteer tee-shirt. Well done you.

Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.

A special mention must go out today to Charlie who had a little tumble whilst out on the course. He was looked after by Nicola, our Tail Walker until his Mum arrived with some TLC and a plaster. Despite deciding not to complete the full course, Charlie was given a round of applause and a little cheer when he got back to the finish area. We hope to see you back, up and running as soon as possible.

Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.   Gedling junior parkrun.  15 July 2018.

Have a great week folks, we look forward to seeing you on the hills of Gedling junior parkrun very soon indeed.

Bye for now, Jonathan.


Event 109. 8th July 2018.

At 0855 this morning, I was a little bit concerned that there would be more marshals than junior parkrunners, Gedling Country Park was pretty quiet to start off with. Where was every body? Still recovering from watching the World Cup or Wimbledon? Settling down to watch the British Grand Prix or the Tour de France? I needn't have worried, by 0900, 32 of our own sporting heroes were revved up and ready for the off.

Gedling junior parkrun.  8 July 2018.

After a gentle warm-up led by Ewan, today's only Duke of Edinburgh volunteer, we counted down from five and the stampede started! Amongst those rushing over the line today was Reed, who collected his half-marathon wristband for completing 11 junior parkruns and Leo who was awarded his marathon wristband after his 21st last weekend.

Gedling junior parkrun.  8 July 2018.Gedling junior parkrun.  8 July 2018.

It's also always brilliant to see some new faces and today we welcomed five brand new junior parkrunners to our hills. Tyler, Ava, Summer, Toby and George all looked like they enjoyed themselves, we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Gedling junior parkrun.  8 July 2018.

This week, almost all of our gang of Duke of Edinburgh volunteers were away on their expedition. I really hope that they had a great time and have lots of stories to tell. This meant that there were a few holes in the volunteer roster, however, the people of Gedling never let us down and all of the marshal points were filled with glorious hi-viz. Thank you to Eveline, Ewan, Jayne, Jenny, Joanne, Katrina, Kelly, Linda, Lisa, Michael, Nicola, Peter, Robert, Samantha, Seren and Zoe for giving up your time this morning.

If anyone would like to spend some time in the hi-viz, please let us know with an email to gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com

Gedling junior parkrun.  8 July 2018.

Thank you all, junior parkrunners, parents and volunteers for making Sunday mornings in the the park a fantastic event. Next week, Helen will have the megaphone of power, I know that see is looking forward to seeing another great turnout.

Gedling junior parkrun.  8 July 2018.Gedling junior parkrun.  8 July 2018.Gedling junior parkrun.  8 July 2018.Gedling junior parkrun.  8 July 2018.

See you at the start line, have a tremendous week. Jonathan


Event 108: 1 July 2018 – Toasty!

Wow!  What a great morning on the hills of Gedling Country Park, the sun was out, the sky was blue and a fantastic total of 52 junior parkrunners got their trainers on and persuaded their adults to venture out for a breath of Nottingham's freshest air.

Not only did 52 of you walk, run or jog around with smiles on your faces, every single one of you remembered your scannable bar code and you all got the results that you worked so hard for, well done.

Amongst the turn out today was Elizabeth, who was taking part in her 21st junior parkrun. For that, she earned her lovely green 'marathon' wristband. If you think that you are due to collect one, they are awarded after 11, 21 and 50 junior parkruns. You can even download and print a certificate to put on your wall.

Gedling junior parkrun.  1st July 2018.Gedling junior parkrun.  1st July 2018.

Today we also had three juniors making their debut, not only at Gedling, but also at any kind of parkrun! Well done to Maisy, Mylo and Sofia, we all hope that you enjoyed yourselves and will come back soon for another go. Despite the very toasty condition, a magnificent seven of you managed to record a personal best time, Theo, Saul, Ezekiel, Joseph, Jack, James and Bobby all deserve their own round of applause.

Gedling junior parkrun.  1st July 2018.

None of the times that you recorded or the fun that you had would be possible if your hi-viz volunteers didn't turn up. We are very lucky each week to have a great bunch of Duke of Edinburgh Award participants helping us out, however next week they are all away! If you think that you are able to spare some time to help us out, please drop an email to gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com and we'll put you on the roster. All the tasks are easy and you'll be briefed fully. There's even a tee-shirt incentive if you help at 25 events!

Gedling junior parkrun.  1st July 2018.

Today's volunteers were Alberto, Clare, Ewan, Helen, Ian, Jack, Jayne, Joanne, Kelly, Louis, Myles, Nick, Nicola, Olivia, Ruth, Samantha, Yasmin and Zoe. Hi-viz is a great look, even if it does attract all kinds of unwanted insect attention!!

Gedling junior parkrun.  1st July 2018.Gedling junior parkrun.  1st July 2018.Gedling junior parkrun.  1st July 2018.Gedling junior parkrun.  1st July 2018.

Everyone here at Gedling junior parkrun is looking forward to another great morning next Sunday. Bring your friends, bring your adults and don't forget to bring your bar code!

Have a tremendous week, see you on the hills, Jonathan.


Event 107 – 24th June 2018

Sunday 24th June was a scorching sunny morning, which brought out 61 little pairs of legs to run the hills of Gedling.

We'd had a fantastic response to our volunteer appeals which meant we had all the roles filled with a few marshals left over to spread a little more hi-vis magic around the course.

Junior parkrun wouldn't happen without the efforts of our amazing volunteers, on timing we had Richard and Yasmin, managing the funnel was Ewan and Zoe, and scanning those barcodes was Louis and Helen. Making up the marshal team was Denise, Lindsey, Kelly, Ellie, Sam, Jayne, Roger, Jo, Jonathan, Joanne, Thomas and Nic. Making sure everyone got round safe was Jack on tail walking duty, and that left me (Ian) with the RD's hi-vis on looking like I knew what I was doing!!
We all met up at 8:15 to get the course set up and all the signs out, and we were that efficient we even had time for a game of parkrun bingo.
What's parkrun bingo we hear you ask? We ask each volunteer for their guess of how many runners there will be (before we've seen them). Usually the RD pays attention and makes sure no twp people guess the same. The eye was taken off the ball as both Richard and Jo guessed 61, and they won! What you win at parkrun bingo is a little kudos, a free 5k on a Saturday morning at the event of your choice (or a Sunday if you're 14 or under) and another name check in the run report! Yes, it is just for fun!
Gedling juniors 24-06-18If you want a go at volunteering one day, please let us know, either by emailing our volunteer co-ordinator, drop us a message on Facebook, or put your name down on the paper roster on a Sunday morning. Please do come and help out, it is loads of fun and none of the roles are difficult. There are loads of gaps in the coming week which all need filling, take a look at our future roster page.

There was a couple of milestones to celebrate, Aiden was awarded with his half marathon wristband (11 runs) and Arthur was awarded with his ultra marathon wristband (50 runs). Well done both of you! Don't forget you can download your certificate from your parkrun profile. Gedling juniors 24-06-18

The warmup was led (as usual) by our dedicated warmer uppers Jack and Ewan, though I think that with the temperatures there wasn't a great deal of warming necessary!
Gedling juniors 24-06-18
After a 3-2-1-GO you were all off & running up & down those lovely hills in the sunsine.
First across the line for the boys was Jude and for the girls was Esme. We had 5 first timers to Gedling, we do hope you enjoyed it and come back next week, we had a tourist from Netley Abbey juniors in Southampton, and also a tourist from nearby Hucknall juniors who loved our hills!

Following our final finisher, we got the equipment tidied away and went for a cup of tea and a spot of results processing. We were extremely lucky in the fact we'd just done the results and volunteers, and then the computer decided to do a Windows update... what good timing! Thanks to Eloise and Madeline for sorting the tokens. We had three finish tokens go walkies from this event, if you have them can we please have them back? We need them!

Thank you for coming to Gedling juniors to run, jog, walk or volunteer, see you next week when Jonathan is back in the run directors hi-vis.

Enjoy your week!


Event 106 – 17th July 2018 – Fathers’ Day!

What a special day it was on Sunday! On Fathers' Day we welcomed 54 young people with their parents and carers whizzing up the hills of Gedling.

Gedling juniors 17th june 2018

6 eager runners chose Sunday 17th June to kick their Dad's out of bed and record their first ever run at a parkrun. Well done Dexter, Ezekiel, Jack, Zach, Jamie and Penny, we hope to see you again soon. And a big Gedling welcome to Milo who was trying the hills of Gedling for the first time having started out at Forest Rec. We hope you enjoyed those hills!

The weather was cooler than it has been recently which must have suited the 14 pairs of speedy legs who recorded Personal Best times.

Gedling junior parkrun.  17 Jun 18.

Mia got in touch to say she hadn't claimed her half- marathon wrist band so here she is receiving her wristband on her 13th run at juniors. Looking at the results there are some big milestones coming up. Don't forget you can print off a certificate once you've completed your milestones and take them to school to tell all your friends about your achievements. We also know that you can use your certificates to earn badges at brownies, check with your cub master too to see if you can earn something there!

Gedling juniors 17th june 2018

Your volunteers today were:

Gedling juniors 17th june 2018



Event 105 – 10th June 2018

Another Sunday morning and another fabulous Gedling junior parkrun! We had 70 juniors (same number as last week) and their grown ups enjoying running, jogging and walking around our course.

Gedling junior parkrun 10th June 2018

We welcomed 10 first timers to parkrun so hello to Siena, Bobby, Kai, Patrick, Darcy, Sophie, Sofia, Henry, Dulcie and Luke as well as Della and Ruby who have been to junior parkrun before but it was their first time embracing the hills of Gedling.

Gedling junior parkrun 10th June 2018

Our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers warmed you all up and you also showed us how to do the floss! Some of the grown ups were also joining in but I think that they need to improve their moves until they are as good as the juniors!

Gedling junior parkrun 10th June 2018

Gedling junior parkrun 10th June 2018

There was some terrific personal bests this week so well done to Reece, James, Elliott, James, Leo, Henry, Ewan, Logan, Sammy, Martha, Lexie, Imogen, Eloise, Ivor and Bertie.

Gedling junior parkrun 10th June 2018

Gedling juniors from Nic

Don't forget that you can collect a wristband and print a certificate off the parkrun website when you achieve 11 (half marathon), 21 (marathon) or 50 (ultra marathon) junior parkruns. Eloise and Rowan achieved their 11th junior parkrun this week. Rowan did not collect his wristband so do let the run director know next time. Isabella and James also collected their wristbands awarded from previous weeks. Here are Eloise and James collecting their wristbands.

Gedling junior parkrun 10th June 2018

We want to say a massive thank you to our terrific volunteers. This week we had Myles and Ian keeping time, Jack and James bar code scanning, Yasmin managing the funnel, Louis handing out the tokens, Evie writing down the unscannable bar codes and sorting the tokens after the event and Ruth tail walking. The magnificent marshals were Eveline, Jonathan, Zoe, Joanne, Roger, Richard, Nicola, Jayne, Michael, James and Nic. Do let Richard, our volunteer coordinator know if you can help out. Other roles as a volunteer could be a photographer or run report writer. (I would certainly appreciate it if these roles could be filled when I am Run Director!)

Gedling junior parkrun 10th June 2018

Gedling junior parkrun 10th June 2018

Gedling junior parkrun 10th June 2018

Tamsin is back as Run Director next week so I will be handing the blue and white vest over to her. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.



Event 104, 3rd June 2018.

What a morning that was!  Seventy of my favourite people turned up to walk, jog or run around our wonderful park. Not only that, many of you brought along a tame adult for some exercise and everyone was carefully marshalled, high-fived and cheered on by 22 happy volunteers.

Gedling junior parkrun.  3 Jun 18.

Today we welcomed visitors from Bromley and Rushcliffe juniors, we had 11 Gedling first-timers and of those, six of you were absolutely new to the parkrun family. Gedling junior parkrun is happy to have you, we hope that you enjoyed your trip up and down our hills and we look forward to seeing everyone come back as often as they can.

Gedling junior parkrun.  3 Jun 18. Gedling junior parkrun.  3 Jun 18. Gedling junior parkrun.  3 Jun 18. Gedling junior parkrun.  3 Jun 18.

Three of you glorious lot were awarded a milestone wristband today, very well done Madeline, Archie and Anya. Anyone can qualify for a wristband after completing 11, 21 or 50 junior parkruns, so if you think that you are due to collect one, just speak to your friendly Run Director and we'll make sure that you're not disappointed. In order to qualify, your parkrun must be recorded, so don't forget to bring your scannable, printed barcode with you to the finish area.

Gedling juniors 3rd June

A huge thank you must go out to your volunteers, today was easy for me, we nearly ran out of hi-viz jackets, so many helpful people were willing to turn up and ensure that you all got around safely. It really wouldn't be possible to put the event on if the volunteers stay at home. Today, your smiling supporters were: Joanne, Eveline, Tamsin, Helen, Roger, Richard, Andrew, Nick, Lindsey, James, Evie, Louis and Mike. Scanning your barcodes were Ewan and the birthday girl Zoe. Time was kept tremendously well by Jack and Oliver. The funnel was managed by Myles and finish tokens were handed out by Yasmin. Archie managed to scoff a sausage cob whilst sorting the barcodes and last, but never least, the tail walker, making sure that you all got home was Nicola.

Gedling junior parkrun.  3 Jun 18.

If you ever fancy seeing just how good you could look in hi-viz (the answer is "very"), just drop us an email or speak to your Run Director on the day. We're always happy to say hello to more volunteers and I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

I think that has covered everything from another fantastic day on the hills of Gedling. We look forward to seeing you all have another go next week when Helen will be your Run Director, megaphone at hand and roster at the ready.

Well done everyone, Jonathan.

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