Event 96 – 8th April 2018 – with flying feet and hidden pigs!

I asked my 8 year old son how he thought that I should start the run report this week and this is his opening sentence - "What another lovely morning at Gedling junior parkrun!" We had 36 fantastic runners, joggers and walkers negotiating the hills and zig zags that we love about Gedling country park.

Gedling junior parkrun 8th April 2018

Two enthusiastic first timers to parkrun joined us today so welcome to Saul and Luca. Lilia and John who have ran at other junior parkruns tried out Gedling for the first time. We hope that you come and visit us again. Gedling junior parkrun 8th April 2018

We had 5 juniors achieving a personal best so well done to Chloe, William, Joshua, Stefan and Henry. They have added to an amazing total of 967 personal bests at Gedling junior parkrun in the last 2 years.

Gedling junior parkrun 8th April 2018

Remember that we give out milestone wristbands (and you can print off a certificate off the parkrun website) when you have achieved 11 (half marathon), 21 (marathon) or 50 (ultra marathon) junior parkruns. Today we presented Stefan and Rafe with their half marathon wristbands. Joshua should have had one as well so please ask the run director for one next time you are at junior parkrun.

Gedling junior parkrun 8th April 2018

It is a fact that our volunteers are amazing! On Saturday afternoon we were short of 8 volunteers but when we put another request out lots of people came forward and filled the roster so a big thank you to you all. Today we had Evie and Kelly keeping time, Jack and James bar code scanning, Claire managing the funnel, Ewan handing out the tokens and Mandy tail walking. Our magnificent marshals were Roger, Sam, Libby, Hilary, Jon, Karen, Ben, Lyndsey, David, Rebecca, David and Lily.

Gedling junior parkrun 8th April 2018

Claire and Adam were helping out with run directing and they sucessfully processed the results as practice for when they are on the core team of Newark junior parkrun so best of luck to them when this launches.

As always our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers led a fantastic warm up and even managed some flying feet!

Gedling junior parkrun 8th April 2018

Important news - next week is our 2nd birthday! Where has all that time gone? To celebrate we would like you to wear fancy dress (including parents!) although this is of course optional. I have also heard that there may be cake!

Which brings me round to a toy plastic pig. When David and Rebecca cleared away the cones at the out and back they found a toy plastic pig under the cones - answers on a postcard for how that got there please! Although I have my suspicions as to the culprits i.e. the Duke of Edinburgh volunteers - Jack and James who set this part of the course up!

Enjoy the birthday celebrations next week! A fantastic birthday present for junior parkrun would be to get the volunteer roster filled as soon as possible so please let us know if you can help out.

Gedling junior parkrun 8th April 2018



Event 95 – April 1st 2018

This Sunday we welcomed 30 young athletes to the hills of Gedling. You could have said it was a normal junior parkrun day, it wasn’t….
It was Easter Sunday
It was April Fools Day
It was my first outing as run director for a junior parkrun…..!

After being a run director 32 times at the 5k event on a Saturday, you’d think it’d be a breeze, but no, I was as nervous as you could possibly imagine! What if the children don’t run the right way? Where do all the signs go? What if something goes wrong? Well, I needn’t have worried! When you’ve got a team of well trained volunteers, you don’t actually need to do much as RD except for looking organised!
bunny ears
Well, as organised as you could possibly look with a set of bunny ears!

Big thanks to this weeks team, on timekeeping you had James and Ewan, on scanning was Ruth and Zoe, managing the funnel was Jack and Yasmin, marshalling the little legs round the course was Damian, Fyfe, Lyndsey, Ben, Adrian, Cathy, Simon, George, Jo, Joanne & Jonathan. And finally your tail walker was Amanda.
Gedling juniors 1-4-18
If a volunteer team could be bottled and shared with the parkrun world it would be this one, thank you!

We also had a touch of parkrun royalty joining us, Cathy, who works for parkrun UK decided she’d like to join us on the hills with her husband Ade. Glad we were all on our best behaviour!

As it was Easter Sunday, there was a selection of chocolate eggs being handed out, and a few of us were wearing bunny ears, some looked better in their ears than others!

Half way through the pre-run brief, I got a text message from parkrun. They said that all junior events must start at 9:30, and if they shared the same venue as a 5k event, the juniors must run the 5k course.

Of course it was an April fool! I think that the only ones fooled by this were our DofE volunteer team! The majority of the juniors seemed quite happy to run 5k!

The main thing that I was worried about was leading the warmup, but I needn't have worried, as it was deflty taken care of by our fantastic DofE team.
Gedling juniors 1-4-18

And then they were off! 30 pairs of legs (not counting the grown ups) went sprinting up towards the solar farm and began their first 2k of April.
Gedling juniors 1-4-18
Gedling junior parkrun.  1 Apr 18.

And within 9 minutes the first finisher zoomed across the finish line! Then it didn't take long for the remaining 29 to follow, Gedling junior parkrun.  1 Apr 18.
before long we were clearing up and thinking about a warm cup of coffee (and maybe some more chocolate).

Results were processed this week courtesy of Will, who, was supposed to be running, but had a sudden change of heart when being dragged out of bed and decided to volunteer instead!
Gedling juniors 1-4-18

There were two first timers to the hills, one who was a first timer to the world of junior parkrun, we do hope you enjoyed it and come back soon. Four of you achieved new personal bests (well done), and Lewis joined the Marathon club, don't forget to claim your milestone wristband next time you visit Gedling!

Please do have a look at the future roster page, there are plenty of spots available for the coming weeks, it's a guaranteed hour of fun for a Sunday morning, drop us an email!

Well, that's all from me for now, have a good week and we look forward to welcoming you next Sunday.


Event 94 – 25th March 2018 – when the sun was shining and the snow had gone!

Hooray! After last week's cancellation due to snow we went ahead today with the sun shining and blue skies. Even though the clocks had changed and we had less sleep we still had an amazing 40 juniors join us today.

Gedling junior parkrun 25th March 2018

We welcomed James who was completely new to junior parkrun. Hope you enjoyed it James!

The sunshine was certainly encouraging you around the course today and 9 of you recorded a personal best so well done to Rafe, Megan, Phoebe, Anya, Seb, Rowan, Stefan, Tallyn and Isla.

Gedling junior parkrun 25th March 2018

Well done to Ewan who completed his 21st junior parkrun and collected his marathon wristband. (Sorry that there isn't a photo Ewan - it did not turn out very well!)

We were so pleased that the volunteer roster was full to bursting this week, it makes it much easier for us. So a big thank you to Jack (who also did the warm up) and Myles keeping time, Yasmin and Natalie barcode scanning, Tamsin and Richard on tokens and the funnel, Amanda tail walking and Helen as run director. Our magnificent marshals cheering you around the course were Jonathan, Joanne, Zoe, Ellie, Adam, Roger, Tony, Helen, Maisie, Lyndsey, Ben, James and Sarah.

Here are the volunteers all squashed up in our fab finish funnel. Below are Lyndsey and Ben who were busy setting up the course when we took the photo.

Gedling junior parkrun 25th March 2018

Gedling junior parkrun 25th March 2018

Please do let us know if you can volunteer over the next few weeks. We would love it if you could join us.

Do have a look on our facebook page - this week Tamsin has posted a video of our warm up from today. You all have so much energy!

Next week is Easter Sunday and Ian (who is the Event Director from Gedling 5K) will be your run director so please give him a lovely juniors welcome!


Event 91- 18th February 2018

Another fantastic morning at Gedling junior parkrun. We had lots of lovely comments today about how much people love junior parkrun so thank you for being part of the magic of Gedling junior parkrun.

Gedling junior parkrun 18th February 2018

We welcomed 2 official first timers - Kiera and Phoebe and hello to our first timers who did not have a bar code. We hope to see you all again soon!

Gedling junior parkrun 18th February 2018

There were 46 runners, joggers and walkers today, luckily the mist started to clear at 9am. When we set up the course there was hardly any visibility so we were a bit worried that we would not be able to see how super you were all doing.

Gedling junior parkrun 18th February 2019

An amazing 10 of you recorded a personal best this morning - well done to Dominic, Emily, Luke, Holly, Billy, Rafe, Oliver, Lewis, James and Henry.

Did you notice our lovely new finish funnel that has been donated to us? Here are the Duke of Edinburgh volunteers showing it off!

Gedling junior parkrun 18th February 2019

As always we had a fantastic bunch of volunteers this morning. A big thank you to Sammy and Jack keeping time, James, Louis and Myles bar code scanning, Yasmin managing the funnel, Ewan handing out the tokens, Evie sorted the tokens after the run, Roger tail walked and our magnicient marshals were Kelly, Rory, Hilary, Jonathan, Ellie, Karen, Natalie, Adam, Ian, Joanne, Zoe, Rita and Nic.

Gedling junior parkrun 18th February 2018

Did you realise that out of all our volunteers this morning 17 of them did not even have family running at junior parkrun? They were volunteering just because they love parkrun! Some of our volunteers also travelled some distance to be with us. Nic came from Beeston, Adam came from Sleaford but the winners of the furthest distance travelled are Rory and Hilary who came from Ipswich (although they were visiting family as well!) Rory has now volunteered at parkrun over 450 times and Hilary over 100 times. Wow! Isn't that amazing? Thank you for coming to visit us at Gedling juniors.

Next week our regular volunteer Jonathan will be doing his first time stint as Run Director so a big thanks to Jonathan.

See you again soon on the hills of Gedling.



Event 88 – 28th January 2018

We were so pleased this week that there was not any ice on the paths and so Gedling junior parkrun could go ahead. Remember that if we ever need to cancel a junior parkrun (which we try and avoid if at all possible) the first place to know about cancellations will be on our facebook page. (We can't update the website from our phones so are unable to do that while we are at the park).

Gedling junior parkrun 28th January 2018

So back to event 88 - 40 juniors were running, jogging, skipping and walking our lovely route at Gedling country park.

We welcomed 2 first timers to parkrun - we hope you enjoyed it Reuben and Billy!

Since Gedling junior parkrun started we have had 914 personal bests recorded. Wow! Today Rafe and Eve added to the total of personal bests. Well done!

Gedling junior parkrun 28th January 2018

We gave out a half marathon wristband today. Remember you get a wristband when you reach 11 (half marathon), 21 (marathon) or 50 (ultra marathon) junior parkruns. Don't forget to print your certificate off the parkrun website. Eve (who also got a PB) should have had her half marathon wristband today. Seth and Bethan should have had their marathon wristbands today so let the run director know next time you are here.

Gedling junior parkrun 28th January 2018

So next week we should reach 10,000km ran by runners at Gedling junior parkrun! So if you are runner 36 next week you will be the lucky junior who reaches this milestone!

A massive thanks to all our volunteers. We were concerned that we would not be able to get enough volunteers this week and would love it if we could get the roster filled up in advance. If you can help please let us know on our facebook page or by email on gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com.

Gedling junior parkrun 28th January 2018

So this week we had Ewan and Evie keeping time, Sammy and Christopher scanning bar codes, Jack handing out the tokens, Louis managing the funnel, Nicola tail walking, Helen was run director and the marshals giving out the high 5's were Maisie, Helen, Kelly, Karen, Sam, Roger, Rachel, Jenny, Peter, Rob, Tony and Natalie.

We look forward to seeing you next week when we welcome Nickesh in the run director vest.


Event 87 – 14th January 2018 – the first one this year!

Happy New Year junior parkrunners!! First junior parkrun of the year and what a parkrun it was! We had a superb 68 runners join us on Mount Gedling and it was brilliant to see that we had 15 first timers join us. A very warm Gedling juniors welcome to Charlie, Eva, Ella, Amisha, Olivia, Marrissa, James, Harry T, Harry P, Charis, Talitha, Dominic, William, Oscar and Luke - we hope you had fun running up and down our crazy hills and we'd love to see you again another week!

Gedling junior parkrun 14th jan 18

As ever, junior parkrun just wouldn't happen if it weren't for our wonderful volunteers. We had 22 hi-vis heroes this morning and from setting up the course first thing to high fiving our juniors around the course, they did a terrific job. If you fancy having your name in lights another week, give Richard, our brand sparkling new volunteer co-ordinator, a quick email at gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com or shout up on our Facebook page and he'll pop you on the roster no trouble. We promise you'll enjoy yourself and if you fancy helping out while your junior runner does their running, then we have roles you can slot into a treat!


Keeping everyone in order this week was Jonathan in his first go at Run Directing (you did a terrific job, Jonathan - thank you!); timekeeping we had Sammy and Jack; Marshalling we had Kel, James, Jonah, Tamsin, Richard, Clare, Ian, Wayne, Tabitha, Sarah, Ellie and Sam; barcode beeping were James and Yasmin; having fun in the finish fun-nel were Ewan and Christopher; Tail Walking was the lovely Nic; Bea did an awesome warm up; and me, Sarah, supported Jonathan, did the results processing and report writing and generally floated about happily!

And what about the running? Well, boy oh boy did you run your socks off today! We had a cracking 9 personal bests out there today and when our 15 new runners join us again another week, I bet there will be plenty more personal bests in the bag too! A huge well done to Seb, Oliver, Erin, Max, Alexander A, Alexander L-H, Rafe, Luke and Anastazia - you worked hard for those PBs this morning and I hope you're all feeling really proud of yourselves.

Gedling junior parkrun 14th jan 18

Congratulations to Jude and Erin who were first boy and girl respectively... and welcome to the Half Marathon club Jude and Alexander L-H - you've done 11 junior parkruns and you've well and truly earned those blue half marathon wristbands. Don't forget to go to your parkrun profile and print off your certificates too!


Next week, Tamsin will be Run Directing and no doubt we will have lots more little legs zooming up and down the hills. For now, sit back, relax and give yourselves a pat on the back for starting your Sunday off in a brilliant way!

Happy running!



Event 85 – 24th December 2017 – the one with Jingle bells on!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from all of us at Gedling juniors to all of our lovely runners and families who came to see us this morning.  I don't know who was more excited - our juniors... or me, getting the opportunity to dress up as an Elf for the morning.  You all looked amazing and absolutely rocked those Christmas jumpers and hats.  I bet they helped your legs work extra quick this morning.


As ever, I need to say a huge big thank you to our wonderful volunteers. Some splendid Santa hats and reindeer antlers were worn and set off the hi-vis a treat


With their names up in lights today were Sammy and Jack on the stop watches; Amanda, Sam, Roger, Jonathan, Nic, Sue, Allan, Olivia, Peter and Kel giving out festive high fives; Felix and Orla scanning the barco-ho-ho-des!; Ella and Ewan managing the finish funnel in Christmassy style, Helen doing tinselly tail walking; Fleur doing her best winter wonderland warm-up... and me, holding clipboard, loud hailer, pens, phone, wristbands and just about everything else and realising that elves don't have pockets, which is a bit of a nuisance if you're run directing!  Whoops!


I don't know whether being super excited about Christmas helped... but of our 53 participants (9 of you were first timers and we hope you had a great time with us) this morning, a terrific 7 of you bagged yourselves a PB.  Well done!  In the PB hall of fame this morning were Reece, Anora, Matilda, Seb, Tallyn, Alexander and Ivy - you rocked it!


An extra congratulations to Ivy today as she not only got a PB, but managed to earn her half marathon wristband - and wore some exceptionally cute reindeers on her head!


It always amazes me to see where you all keep your barcodes as you run. Some are clipped to shoes. Some pinned on to tops. Some folded up into a scrunched up bundle! And my new favourite, Fleur, who wore hers in her hair! Genius!


As we head towards the New Year, we wanted to remind you all that we will be holding a junior parkrun on New Year's Eve... so, what better way to see our 2017 than with a run?  Come and join us all then, and if you want to get your name on the roster, then please shout up.  We're very short of marshals as well as a barcode scanner and tail walker.  We need you!

A final special mention needs to go to one of our core team (all of whom are brilliant and help keep our parkrun alive week in and week out)... Olivia Deacon.  She is stepping back from the core team and I wanted to say what an utter superstar she has been for the past 18 months - not only a member of the core team and a fabulous run director, but she has also been our volunteer co-ordinator since we started and has done an absolutely tremendous job of helping to build our very special volunteer community.  Thank you so much, Olivia - we'll miss you lots and it's been an absolute pleasure to have you as part of the team.


So... now that the kit is back in storage, results are processed, tokens sorted, photos uploaded and run report written, all I need to say is another very MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us to all of you. I hope you have a lovely time!

Happy running!



Event 82 – 26th November 2017

Bright blue skies, lovely sunshine... but ooooh it wasn't half cold up on Mount Gedling this morning.


We welcomed 38 fabulous junior parkrunners including 1 brand new parkrunner (glad you came to join us, Alexander!) and despite it being frosty out there, 8 of you earned yourselves a PB... on the role of honour this week were Joshua, Sienna, Seb, Reece, Lucy, Fyfe, Tallyn and Kitty, didn't you all do well today!


This morning's hi-vis heroes were awesome as ever. It was Nickesh's first time as run director for juniors and he did a great job - thanks, Nickesh! Thank you also to Sammy and Ewan on time keeping duty; Pete, Sam, Kelly, Jonathan, Sue, Allan, Sarah, Emma, Jenny, Tamsin and Richards who were marvellous marshals; Christopher and Felix who were brilliant at beeping barcodes; Jack and Martin who were fabulous at the finish funnel; Nic who tail walked tremendously; James who brought his own special skills to the loud hailer cheering everyone in; and me, Sarah, floating around supporting Nickesh on his first time as run director.

If you fancy a go at volunteering, that would be awesome! None of the jobs are difficult and you'll be talked through what you need to do on parkrunday... so why not join us? Email our volunteer co-ordinator Olivia at gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com or stop by our Facebook page and let us know you'd like to help. It's a brilliant way to start your Sunday and there's nothing quite like giving out high fives to all of our juniors as they whizz past!


Talking of brilliant, we had a fair few wristbands to give out this morning. Heidi, Alice, Luke and Joshua all got their half marathon wristbands, while Effie and Libby earned the very impressive ultra marathon wristbands. Superb effort you guys! If you're due a wristband (11 runs for a half marathon wristband, 21 for a marathon and 50 for an ultramarathon) then just let the run director know and we'll make sure you're presented with it!


Congratulations to Joshua and Lucy for being our first finishers this morning... and a massive congratulations for all of our runners today who absolutely stormed into the finish funnel! The number of juniors I saw running so fast they almost didn't get a finish token... well, I lost count!


Olivia is in charge next week for our first run in December (which reminds me - we have a Christmas jumper juniors on Christmas Eve morning so tell your friends it'll be a really fun one!) and we're looking forward to it already!

Happy running!



Event 79 – 5th November 2017

The junior parkrunners were showing lots of sparkle at our 5th November Gedling junior parkrun. We had 62 juniors join us today for some rocket running, joyous jogging and whistling walking. (Yes we were struggling with bonfire themed words that begin with J! Let us know if you can think of one - your prize will be a free junior parkrun next week!)

Gedling junior parkrun 5th November 2017

We welcomed one official first timer - welcome Kitty! However there was also at least one other first timer without their barcode so welcome to you too (sorry we don't know your name).

Gedling junior parkrun 5th November 2017

The juniors today were like fizzing fireworks - 9 of you recorded a pyrotechnic personal best so well done to Rafe, Dylan, Seren, Saphia, Luke, Ella, Thomas, Rosemary and Esme. Of course it does not matter how fast or slow you run or walk - we just love that you are outside having exercise and enjoying yourselves.

Gedling junior parkrun 5th November 2017

We had quite a few wristbands to hand out today so well done to Isaac, Ewan and Thomas who ran their 11th (half marathon) junior parkrun and Evan and Austin who ran their 21st (marathon) junior parkrun. Don't forget to also go on your parkrun profile to print off your certificate.

Gedling junior parkrun 5th November 2017

Junior parkrun would not be able to go ahead without our amazing volunteers, who were on the hills at 815am in the cold getting the course ready for you. So a big thank you to our terrific time keepers Jack and Kelly, our magnificent marshals were Peter, Jonathan, Emma, Jenny, Robert, Samantha, Sammy, Clare, Roger, Sarah and Olivia, the brilliant bar code scanners were Sarah and Felix supported by Tom. On the fantastic funnel we had Christopher and James and terrifically tail walking were Amanda and Niamh and Helen was your run director.

Gedling junior parkrun 5th November 2017

We had a little mishap with the tokens today so if you think that your result was not correct let us know and we will see if we can do anything about it.

Can we also remind you of our junior parkrun code - "No dogs on the course please" except of course for assistance dogs. Obviously we can not stop dogs who are with other park users but no dogs please with runners or parents on the course.

Now I know that you are all keen to get running but please can faster runners be aware of the other runners around you as we had an incident today when a junior was knocked over by another runner. Please help keep the parkrun fun for everyone!

That's all for now. We hope to see you again next week at Gedling when Tamsin will have the Run director vest on.


Event 75 – 8th October 2017

Wow! Event number 75 sure was a doozy, wasn't it! We had 83 perfect parkrunners, 22 volunteers, 13 first timers (welcome to our lovely Gedling hills!) and a cracking personal bests. On the PB role of honour this week we had Dylan, Jack, Zoe, Jack, Holly, Harriet, Thomas, Ivy, Zoe, Harriet, Dylan, Austin and Fallon.

A special well done to Fallon who not only scored herself a personal best, but she also got her half marathon wristband today with her 11th junior parkrun! Poppy also earned her half marathon wristband and I've just spotted that Adam earned his marathon wristband with 21 runs completed (let us know next weekend and we'll present you with your wristband too!)

As ever, our event couldn't take place if it weren't for our heroes in hi-vis... our amazing volunteers. Thank you particularly to those of you who stepped in to help at the last minute - Allan, Felix and Brian it was much appreciated. So, who did what? We had Kel and Jack on the stop watches; Jonathan, Amanda, James, Max, Allan, Brian, Rob, Sam, Jenny, Peter and Wayne marshalling the mountains; Nic and Felix beeping barcodes; Joe and Christopher managing the finish funnel; Sue brought up the rear as tail walker; and I, Sarah, wore the oversized run director's vest and attempted to keep the show on the road! You were all superstars!


If you would like to see your name in lights next week - or any future week - then please do shout up and we'll get you on the roster. It takes a minimum of 21 volunteers each week for juniors to take place so more help definitely makes the parkrun fairy (otherwise known as our lovely volunteer co-ordinator Olivia!) happy. I promise you'll have fun when you do it! Email us at gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com or head over to our Facebook page and volunteer there.

After some very enthusiastic warming up, the run was ready to start.


And boy did you all go off like a rocket today! Those hills aren't easy but you did it. No skinned knees from slipping on the gravel today (phew!) and lots of happy faces at the end. Hooray! It really is a wonderful sight to see you all head off up that first hill and then to see you cross the finish line at the end. Well done to all of you. I hope you feel proud of yourselves today, you started off your Sunday with a little splash of awesome!


While I remember, a head's up to you all that on the 29th of October, we'll be having our annual Halloween run. Come dressed as ghosts, ghouls, witches, wizards, vampires and zombies and let's get spooky!

So until next week, it's a bye from me! Helen will be in charge and I know she'll be looking forward to it already.

Happy running!