Event 61 – 2nd July 2017

Another Gedling junior parkrun has whizzed by! We welcomed 72 juniors to the course who hopped, skipped, walked, jogged and ran around Gedling country park.

Gedling junior parkrun 2nd July 2017

We had an enthusiastic 11 first timers to Gedling and also welcomed tourists from High Wycombe.

Gedling junior parkrun 2nd July 2017

Personal bests were plenty - 16 of our juniors recorded impressive personal bests.

Gedling junior parkrun 2nd July 2017

Well done to our 3 runners who were presented with their milestone wristbands. Don't forgot you can print off a certificate from the parkrun website and receive a wristband when you achieve 11 junior parkruns (half marathon), 21 (marathon) and 50 junior parkruns (ultra marathon.)

Gedling junior parkrun 2nd July 2017

So that was our amazing runners but we don't have amazing runners without our amazing volunteers. This week we had our magnificent marshals - Peter, Roger, Christopher, Olivia, Peter, Samantha, Amanda, Allan, Rob and Tom. The terrific time keepers were Evie and Eloise (thanks Eloise - she thought that she was just coming for a sleepover with Evie and wasn't expecting to be roped in as timekeeper - her first experience of parkrun!) The brilliant bar code scanners were Jack and Orla, fantastic on the funnel were Yasmin, Jonathan and Zoe, wonderfully warming you up was Fleur, terrific tail walkers were Debbie and Tabitha and Helen was your run director.

We love how parkrun have changed the tail runner role to tail walker to promote how it does not matter how fast or how slow you are at parkrun - it is the taking part that counts!

If you would like to join our team our volunteers please contact us - we would love you to join us!

Gedling junior parkrun 2nd July 2017

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Event 58 – 11th June 2017

Yet another enjoyable junior parkrun with lots of smiley faces and bouncy feet! We welcomed 70 juniors and their parents/carers to the hills of Gedling Country Park. There were 4 first timers to Gedling and 3 of you were completely new to junior parkrun. We hope to see you again soon!

Gedling junior parkrun 11th June 2017

It does not matter how fast or how slow you are at junior parkrun it really is the taking part that counts, enjoying the experience, getting some exercise, fresh air and socialising with the local community. We now have the added bonus of the cafe being open so there is the option of breakfast or ice cream after you have ran!

Gedling junior parkrun 11th June 2017

14 of you must have had your weetabix on Sunday morning (other breakfast cereals are available) as you managed to achieve a personal best! We were also able to hand out half marathon wristbands (11 junior parkruns) to Chen, Holly and Finlay. Well done! Don't forget you can get a wristband for 11 (half marathon), 21 (marathon) and 50 (ultra marathon) junior parkruns. You can also go on your profile on the parkrun website to print a certificate for your milestones.

Of course we always love to say a big thank you to our amazing volunteers. This week we had Nicola and Jack timekeeping, Naomi and Jonathan scanning the barcodes, Orla and Sean on the funnel, Olivia and Fleur tail running and Evie helping with the warm up. Marshalling the mountains were Roger, Wayne, Tabitha, Andy, Peter, Peter, Ian, Ian, Sam and Nicola and Helen was your run director.

Gedling junior parkrun 11th June 2017

We would love to be able to get a full roster of volunteers prior to each week. It would be great if you could consider helping us out. Lots of juniors love volunteering too! Please let Olivia, our volunteer coordinator know if you can help via email, facebook or see the run director. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

That's all for now! We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Event 57 – 4th June 2017

I don't know about you, but I do love 9am on a Sunday morning when our junior parkrunners are coming off the playground ready for their run... there's a real buzz of anticipation in the air and it's so much fun!  This morning was a real goodie too.  Memories of cold, grey, wet winter mornings are long gone and the sunshine and blue skies have well and truly taken over.  Just fantastic!

Making the magic happen as ever were our wonderful heroes in the hi-vis.


Our volunteers did a brilliant job and I kept asking people if I'd forgotten to do something as everything happened almost too smoothly!  A big thank you to Martin and Jack the timekeeping two; Peter, Jayne, Sam, Kel, James, Jonathan, Kelly, Jenny, Tamsin, Richard, Ian M and Ian S for marvellous marshalling; Pete and Sean for barcode bipping; Debbie and Wayne on finish funnel fun duty; Nicola for her tremendous tail running and last but by no means least, Fleur, bringing the wow-factor to the warm-up!


Talking of wow-factor, we had a couple of superstars picking up their half marathon wristbands this morning... Elizabeth and Oliver you've well and truly earned your wristbands on our beautiful hills and we can't wait to have you run with us again as you start to work towards your marathon bands.  Don't forget to go to your parkrun profile and print off your certificate in the meantime!



So, what happened with the running?  Well, 68 of you took to the hills... we had 2 brand new parkrunners (welcome to parkrunning - we hope you had a great time!)... and there were 13 personal bests today.  We also had 8 'no barcodes' which meant that there was no time recorded for those runners... don't forget your barcodes next week!  Our finishers arrived at the line in anything from 7 minutes 34 seconds to 18 minutes and 48 seconds - and we were proud of the efforts that everyone put in this morning.  Tob job Team Gedling juniors!


That's about it for me!  We've got spaces on next week's roster if you'd like to volunteer - just email Olivia or contact us via our Facebook page - we'll add your name to the great and the good with pleasure!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend and we'll see you on the hills next parkrunday!  Fingers and toes crossed the new visitors' centre is open too and we'll have somewhere to share a cuppa tea and a chat after the running's done. Can't wait!



Event 54 – 14th May 2017

Gedling junior parkrun 14th May 2017

This week's run report is courtesy of Will, one of our junior runners. If a junior would like to write the run report just let the run director know. Maybe it could count towards homework or a badge for brownies, cubs etc? We just need the text as an email and then we add the photos and publish it. It's as simple as that! So here is Will and his run report. Thanks Will!

Gedling junior parkrun 14th May 2017

To start with I want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers for
making sure junior parkrun happened on Sunday, and while thanking them I
want to put a request out to everyone who comes and watches to have a go
at volunteering if you haven't already because it is really easy and
lots of fun.

Gedling junior parkrun 14th May 2017

It was really sunny on Sunday morning and there were lots of juniors
ready to have a good run at 9am. After a fun warm up, we started off and
although it isn't a race a few of us battled it out from the start to
the end to see how well we could do. Junior parkrun appeals to lots of
different people and you can come along to walk, skip, hop or run it.
Everyone is welcome.

Gedling junior parkrun 14th May 2017

It was only my second time at Gedling junior parkrun. It's certainly one
of the harder ones, but it's also one of my favourites and I can't wait
to come back soon.

There were a few milestone runners and even one ultra marathon runner.
The junior parkrun milestones are 11 (a half marathon), 21 (a marathon)
and 50 (an ultra marathon), you get a new wristband for each milestone.
Tegan got her ultra marathon band this week. Well done Tegan.

Gedling junior parkrun 14th May 2017

This week there were 5 first timers - welcome to you all; 14 PB's, 59
runners and 24 volunteers.

See you all soon.



Event 47 – 26th March 2017

Well, I have got to admit that I was a bit worried on Sunday morning. Would any juniors turn up to Gedling junior parkrun or would you all still be in bed forgetting that the clocks had gone forward or would you all be busy making breakfast in bed for your mums? You did not disappoint me! 39 juniors turned up on a glorious sunny morning to run, jog, walk, hop and skip around our lovely park.

Gedling junior parkrun 26th March 2017

We also had an amazing 9 first timers to parkrun so welcome to George, Eva, Frances, Theo, Mala, Arthur, Alexander, Lavinia and Holly. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Five of you had a terrific personal best so well done to Reuben, Ollie, Noah, George and Jacob. Those personal bests have been added to the 531 personal bests that have already been recorded in our 47 events. Wow! That is an amazing number of personal bests!

We handed out a well deserved half marathon wrist band to Sam who has now done 11 junior parkruns. Don't forget you can get a wristband and download a certificate on the parkrun website when you have ran 11 (half marathon), 21 (marathon) or 50 (ultra marathon) junior parkruns. There is also a new 100 junior parkrun club! (Although no wristband for this achievement)

Gedling junior parkrun 26th March 2017

As always a massive thank you to our wonderful volunteers in the high vis. This week we had Yasmin and Evie terrifically keeping time, Kirstie, Allan, Ellie, Jenny, Debra, Tabitha, Wayne, Jayne, Abigail, Sarah, Jason and Peter magnificently marshalling the mountains, Martin and Sean were brilliant on the barcode scanning, Jack and Lesley were fantastic on the funnel, Susan was a terrific tail runner and Helen was your relieved run director that everything went to plan! A special thanks to Jack who also helped with the warm up!

Gedling junior parkrun 26th March 2017

Please let us know if you would like to volunteer and we will pop you down in the roster. Your help would be much appreciated.


So that is it for another week, next week Olivia will be the run director and she looks forward to seeing you all there!





Event 44 – 5th March 2017

A fantastic turn out this morning at Gedling junior parkrun, 71 of you walked, jogged and ran around our course! We were a bit concerned the rain might come down on us but luckily that waited until we had all finished.


We welcomed 10 first timers to the world of junior parkrun! We hope you enjoyed it and will be back again soon. There were also 3 tourists who were first timers to Gedling from Rushcliffe junior parkrun.


The atmosphere was fabulous this morning - lots of smiles, thank you's, encouragement and happy faces! Thank you to you all for being there and being part of the magic of parkrun. Nobody forgot their barcodes so you will all have results this week!


We were able to present a half marathon wrist band (11 junior parkruns) to Ruby and a marathon wrist band (21 junior parkruns) to Zachary. Well done both of you! Don't forgot to let the Run Director know when you are due a wrist band for when you have completed 11, 21 or 50 junior parkruns. You can also print off a certificate from your profile on the parkrun website when you have achieved these milestones.

As well as our juniors running around the course the other important part of junior parkrun is our volunteers. Unfortunately we did not have enough volunteers to go ahead last week but we had plenty this week so a big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers in the high vis! We love to get the volunteer roster filled up as soon as possible so please let us know if you are able to help.


This week we had Martin and Sue keeping the time, James, Jack and Roger scanning the barcodes, Isaac and Yasmin on the funnel, Nicola tailrunning, Jenny, Sean, Ed, Peter, Lorraine, Ellie, Libby, Louise, Ian, Lisa and Katie marshalling you around the course, Evie and Henry sorting the tokens and Helen was your run director. Thanks to our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who also helped with our warm up!


Looking forward to seeing you all next week!


Event 43 – 19th February 2017

What a gorgeous morning it was for parkrunning!  Sparkly sunshine, not even the slightest breeze and 59 happy faces ready to run the hills.  Perfect!  We even had 11 first timers join us and a few tourists too - welcome to you all, we hope you enjoyed our lovely views on your way round the course!

Gedling juniors 19th feb 17

Keeping the show on the road, as ever, were our amazing band of volunteers.  We really couldn't do it without them and it was great to have some brand new volunteers join us as well as our regulars.  We've also got 5 Duke of Edinburgh volunteers with us at the moment, and they're doing a great job too.


On stop watches we had Tamsin and James; managing the finish funnel were Jenny and Yasmin; beeping barcodes were Martin and Isaac; Debbie and Tabitha were tail running today; and Sean, Olivia, Orla, Peter, Jack, Richard, Kelly, Jayne and Ellie did a fabulous job of cheering our runners around the course this morning.  Thank you also to Fleur for leading the warm-up.  It's so great to have our juniors volunteering and making such a difference.  Love it!  If you fancy giving it a go and helping out, then just drop Liv, our volunteer co-ordinator, a line and she'll have you signed up in no time!



We got to share in a few milestones this morning too.  Joe, Lucien, Ruby and Hugo joined our half marathon club and received their wristbands today.  Make sure you also look at your parkrun profile, guys... you'll be able to print off a certificate of your achievement there.  Congratulations!

There were some pretty quick legs out on the hills today.  It always amazes me how quick the morning flies by.  Twenty minutes and we're done!  


All in all, it's been a real dose of happy on a Sunday morning.  If you have friends who haven't heard about junior parkrun, make sure you let them know there's free, safe, fun to be had with our 2k course every Sunday.  The more the merrier!

See you all next week


Event 40 – 22nd January 2017

It may have been a bit chilly this morning but that did not stop 69 of you having big smiles on your faces as you ran, jogged and walked up and down the hills of Gedling junior parkrun.

2017-01-22 09.06.21


We welcomed 9 first timers and 5 of you achieved a personal best. Fantastic!

2017-01-22 09.09.46 HDR

Well done to Max who received his half marathon wristband for achieving 11 junior parkruns today. Don't forget to tell the run director when you have achieved 11 runs, 21 runs (marathon) or 50 runs (ultra marathon) to be given your wristband. We love giving them out!


Apologies that we didn't have time to take a volunteer photo this morning but that doesn't mean that they are any less appreciated! We could not put on our event without our wonderful volunteers so a big thank you to them all. This week we had Debbie and Abigail keeping time, James and Sarah scanning the barcodes, Tamsin and Olivia looking after the funnel and tokens, Nicola tail running, Fleur doing the warm up, Richard, Peter, Peter, Susan, Isaac, Darren, Karen, Karen, Ellie, George and Tom marshalling and Helen was your run director.


We always welcome new volunteers so let us know if you would like to be a high vis hero!


Event 37 -18th December 2016

The hills of Gedling Country Park were not how we had seen them before - there were Santa hats, reindeer ears, Christmas jumpers and lots of sparkly tinsel! We hope you enjoyed our festive Gedling junior parkrun.


Our juniors had a great time decorating the finish funnel!

Gedling juniors 18-12-12

40 jingly juniors ran, jogged and walked our parkrun and we welcomed 2 festive first timers - Charlotte and Chen. There was one personal best - well done Tilly!

We did not have any wristbands to hand out today but don't forget to tell the Run Director when you have reached 11(half marathon), 21 (marathon) or 50 (ultra marathon) runs. There are quite a few juniors who are due a wristband soon.

We had a new junior warm up leader this morning who did a fantastic job - well done Bea!


As well as our jingle bells juniors we also need our brilliant bauble volunteers to make the magic of Gedling junior parkrun happen. A big thanks to them all!


This week tinsely timekeeping were Tamsin and Debra, Susan and James had bells on the barcode scanners, the festive funnel was looked after by Richard and Yasmin, the good tidings tail runner was Olivia and wrapping up the warm up was Bea. Our mistletoe marshals were Wayne, Allan, Ian, Orla, George, Peter, Abigail, Ellie, Tabitha, Jenny, Nicola and Brian, Evie and Henry sorted the tinsel tokens and Helen was your Rudolph Run director!

Don't forget we are not holding a Gedling junior parkrun on Christmas Day or New Years Day but have a look on the parkrun website to see what events are happening if you would like to do some parkrun tourism.

We will see you all back on the hills on 8th January. We are looking forward to starting our fantastic new route then. The start point will be near to our current finish area.

Lastly all of the Gedling junior parkrun team would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We hope you enjoy the holidays and would like to thank everyone for your support during 2016. We look forward to many more junior parkruns in 2017!


Event 34 – 27th November 2016

It might have been a grey start to the day, but our brilliant junior parkrunners soon brightened things up.  We had 46 juniors joining us on the hills and we were so happy to have 6 first timers with us as well.  The more the merrier!

2016-11-27 09.03.46

As ever, we had the help of our terrific high-vis hero volunteers to get the show on the road.  We really couldn't do it without our 21 posts filled on the roster each week and although it's often a close run thing as to whether we get enough helpers, some how it always happens... so a big thank you to everyone who steps forward to help... and a warm welcome awaits for any new volunteers.  Just let Olivia know via email or via our Facebook page that you'd like to help, it's that simple!


With their name in lights today were Mia and Fleur who did a fabulous job of warming everyone up;


Abi and Debbie timekeeping in style; Evie and Olivia barcode beeping; Orla, Peter, Rob, James, Kelly, Yasmin, Ellie, Helen and Ian mountain marshalling; George and Karen flourishing finish tokens; Nicola bringing up the rear as our tremendous tail runner;  and me, Sarah with cold hands, cold nose, cold feet and a little cold Run Directing thrown in for good measure!

2016-11-27 09.06.12

What was brilliant this morning was the number of personal bests out there.  You guys were awesome!  11 personal bests today, so a huge well done to Ruby, Lucy, Arthur, Freya, George, Cian, William, Joseph, Hugo, Rebecca and Maria!  Great running!!


It was also exciting to give out some of our lovely wristbands.  Kitty, Effie, Jacob and Caitlyn earned themselves their marathon wristbands with 21 runs... and Josh got one of our very special ultra marathon wristbands as he completed his 51st run.  What a lot of miles you've run between you!!


And that was another parkrun done!  We had smiles, we had energy, we had zippy legs... what's not to love!  See you all next weekend!