Event 93 – Mothering Sunday 11th March – The one with the new Kit!

What a fabulous morning for some fun on the hills of Gedling. I thoroughly enjoyed starting off my Mothering Sunday with our lovely Gedling junior parkrun family, so nice to be back out there with no snow or ice to contend with. We had new kit to play with this week from head office including a flag which migrated from the start to the finish. Here it is at the start:

Gedling junior parkrun 11th mar 2018

And here it is at the finish with first finisher George who was visiting us all the way from Lincolnshire.

Gedling junior parkrun 11th mar 2018

We have discovered that Gedling is actually the closest junior parkrun to Lincolnshire so as well as today's visiting families we also have a regular family who commute over an hour each way to get to us. We appreciate your dedication and are so pleased that you feel welcome at our little event.

Gedling junior parkrun 11th mar 2018

We gave out half marathon wrist bands this morning to Leo and Fyffe, congratulations on your achievement and don't forget you can print off a certificate on your athlete profile to take to school and tell all your friends about parkrun.

Gedling junior parkrun 11th mar 2018

Gedling junior parkrun 11th mar 2018

We welcomed six first timers to parkrun this morning which is 15% of the total runners in attendance. Well done! There were also 7 PBs today. Some of you may not have received your well done on your text or email due to a slight timing issue. Finishers after position 15 may well have been sent a text with a slower time. The results on the website are now accurate so check them out and well done all!

As usual a massive thank you to the volunteers. Here is a shot of most of us looking rather pleased with our shiny new lanyards, high vis, flag and Industrial strength megaphone (borrowed from the 5k event!). Check out our home page for a full list of name credits. https://www.parkrun.org.uk/gedling-juniors/

Gedling junior parkrun 11th mar 2018

Check out our flickr page for more photos from our events: https://www.flickr.com/groups/gedling-junior-parkrun/

I'm handing over to Jonathan for next week so until next time its good bye from me Tamsin.


Event 89 – February 4th 2018 – the one where we reached a milestone

What another brilliant week at Gedling junior parkrun this Sunday, finally after a few snowy weeks we have reached a landmark in our history. Last Sunday saw Charlie become the 5000th finisher of Gedling junior parkrun, which means that our amazing athletes have completed over 10,000 kilometres since we launched in 2016. Alongside Charlie were another 48 of you (and some willing adults!) tackling the hills.

Gedling juniors 4th feb 2018

We had two wristbands to give out this week, congratulations to those dedicated people. Remember you get wristbands for completing 11 (half marathon, 21 (full marathon) and 50 (ultra marathon) parkruns so shout up to the Run Director if you qualify.



The event wouldn’t be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers.
Nickesh popped over from the 5k event to Direct events, Bea and Bethan warmed you up, Tom and Nicola tail walked and in between, Wayne, Tabitha, Natalie, Tony, Richard, Madeleine, Tamsin, Kelly, Ellie, Sam, Helen and Roger marshalled the course and the funnel and finish area was staffed by our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers Louis, Sammy, Yasmin, Jack and Chris.


And Eloise and Madeleine sorted the tokens ready for next week.


See you on the hills on Sunday morning!


Event 86 – 31st December 2017 – the last one this year!

Hasn't this year just flown by? One minute we're enjoying summer sunshine, and next thing you know we're polishing off the last of the Christmas chocolates and seeing out the last few hours of the year. And what a way to do it by running with your friends at Mount Gedling. Despite the horrible dark and miserable rain first thing, we had 31 brave parkrunners come to join us. We also had one first timer - welcome to parkrun Oliver, we hope you enjoyed it! It was also lovely to chat to you all before the start and hear about how much fun you'd had at Christmas. You can't beat a junior parkrun for starting your day right!


Huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers this morning too. You have been utterly brilliant all year and today was no exception. Our Duke of Edinburgh teens got the finish funnel set up in double quick time. Our junior volunteers were there bright and early. And the rest of our fabulous hi-vis heroes made magic happen and conjured a parkrun up out of nowhere. Thank you! If you'd like to have a go at volunteering, please let us know at gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com and we'll add you to the roster. It's lots of fun, you'll be talked through what you need to do and it's a great way of helping our youngsters have a terrific start to their Sundays!


With their name in lights today we had Christopher and Ella on the stop watches (Ella's first go at timing and she did a great job); Jonathan, Amanda, Iain, Alex, Ed, Wayne, Tabiltha, Kel, Ellie, James, Jonah, Rob and Pete marshalling the mountains; Ewan and Felix beeping barcodes; Sammy and Jack on the finish funnel; Nic bringing up the rear as tail walker; Bea doing a wonderful warm-up; and me, Sarah, wearing the run director's vest and hoping the wheels didn't fall off the whole shebang! You all made the last junior parkrun of the year an absolute treat!


Looking at the results, Amelia and Reece were our first finishers today... and only one runner managed a personal best out there (think everyone was probably too full of Christmas cake to run super fast!), and that runner was Leo. Great job today, Leo! Well done also to Ava who earned her half marathon wristband today - wear that wristband with pride and don't forget to print off your certificate from your parkrun profile page!


Once everything was packed away safely, I headed off to process the results. We had a slight mishap with dropping a big batch of the finish tokens during the run this morning (whoops!), so I've hopefully sorted it all out on the results. If you spot that your result looks odd, just email us at gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com and I'll take a look for you!

All that remains is for me to thank you for a brilliant year of junior parkrunning... and to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2018 be full of running, fun, friends and happiness!


Happy running!



Event 84 – Sunday 17th December 2017 The freeeeezing one!

Wow! After snow and ice caused us to cancel last week, I was determined to deliver a safe run for the people of Gedling so after an early morning course inspection, the hills were declared safe.

Gedling junior parkrun 17th december

26 hardy souls warmed up to run the course with the most awesome smiles. Thank you for making me smile on a Sunday morning, it warms the cockles!! It was a compact and bijoux event, perfectly formed with jewels of awesomeness.

Gedling junior parkrun 17th december 17

And even though the advice proceed with caution, regular runner Tegan was determined to clock up a PB, here she is rightly looking very happy with herself.

Gedling junior parkrun 17th december

Another regular Henry celebrated his 50th run and claimed his Ultra wristband and we welcomed one young lady totally new to parkrun.

Your volunteers were: Abigail COCHRAN • Allan COCHRAN • Amanda BURROWS • Christopher PIERCE • Ella PROBERT • Eloise MILLNS • Evie SMALLEY • Ewan WANE • Felix HORRIGAN • Helen SMALLEY • Jack MATTHEWS • James GILBERT • Jon POTTER • Jonathan TANNER • Kelly MORPHUS • Niamh BURROWS • Olivia DEACON • Richard MILLNS • Roger SMALLEY • Sammy KING • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • Susan COCHRAN • Tamsin MILLNS

Gedling junior parkrun 17th december

We can't wait to see you in your tinsel, elf hats, beards, baubles, Christmas jumpers and whatever else takes your fancy to celebrate Christmas Eve. And we'll be back on New Year's Eve too and we could do with some more of santa's helpers to make sure that we can say goodbye to 2017 in style. Please email gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com or comment on our facebook page if you can help.

Happy wrapping!


Event 82 – 26th November 2017

Bright blue skies, lovely sunshine... but ooooh it wasn't half cold up on Mount Gedling this morning.


We welcomed 38 fabulous junior parkrunners including 1 brand new parkrunner (glad you came to join us, Alexander!) and despite it being frosty out there, 8 of you earned yourselves a PB... on the role of honour this week were Joshua, Sienna, Seb, Reece, Lucy, Fyfe, Tallyn and Kitty, didn't you all do well today!


This morning's hi-vis heroes were awesome as ever. It was Nickesh's first time as run director for juniors and he did a great job - thanks, Nickesh! Thank you also to Sammy and Ewan on time keeping duty; Pete, Sam, Kelly, Jonathan, Sue, Allan, Sarah, Emma, Jenny, Tamsin and Richards who were marvellous marshals; Christopher and Felix who were brilliant at beeping barcodes; Jack and Martin who were fabulous at the finish funnel; Nic who tail walked tremendously; James who brought his own special skills to the loud hailer cheering everyone in; and me, Sarah, floating around supporting Nickesh on his first time as run director.

If you fancy a go at volunteering, that would be awesome! None of the jobs are difficult and you'll be talked through what you need to do on parkrunday... so why not join us? Email our volunteer co-ordinator Olivia at gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com or stop by our Facebook page and let us know you'd like to help. It's a brilliant way to start your Sunday and there's nothing quite like giving out high fives to all of our juniors as they whizz past!


Talking of brilliant, we had a fair few wristbands to give out this morning. Heidi, Alice, Luke and Joshua all got their half marathon wristbands, while Effie and Libby earned the very impressive ultra marathon wristbands. Superb effort you guys! If you're due a wristband (11 runs for a half marathon wristband, 21 for a marathon and 50 for an ultramarathon) then just let the run director know and we'll make sure you're presented with it!


Congratulations to Joshua and Lucy for being our first finishers this morning... and a massive congratulations for all of our runners today who absolutely stormed into the finish funnel! The number of juniors I saw running so fast they almost didn't get a finish token... well, I lost count!


Olivia is in charge next week for our first run in December (which reminds me - we have a Christmas jumper juniors on Christmas Eve morning so tell your friends it'll be a really fun one!) and we're looking forward to it already!

Happy running!



Event 80 – 12th November 2017 – The Cold One

Such a beautiful sunny morning for a junior parkrun! But it was cold, brrrr! 63 chilly children and their adults chivvied themselves out of their beds to run around our twisty turny course. I hope you've all warmed up with a hot chocolate!

Gedling junior parkrun 12th november 2017

We welcomed 2 youngsters new to parkrun, we hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we enjoy putting it on. There were 5 of you new to Gedling, we hope to welcome you again soon. And once you've notched up 11, 21 and 50 runs you will be eligible to claim your wrist bands, just like Max and Zoe here who proudly claimed their Half Marathon bands. According to the results, Heidi and Noah are also entitled to a Half and a Full marathon band so please make yourselves known to the Run Director next time you visit.

Gedling junior parkrun 12th november 2017

Despite the cold, 12 of you recorded a PB, well done! Here's Freya our first finishing female looking deservedly pleased with herself!

Gedling junior parkrun 12th november 2017

An extra special heartfelt warm and fuzzy thank you to our volunteers today. Olivia and I were chatting this morning and realise that most of our volunteers are so regular and committed that they are on the hills more often than the Run Directors. I personally am really proud of the community that has built up around our little event in Gedling and love watching whole families coming down to volunteer and run together. The rota is full for next week but there's always room for more so if you aren't quite sure what's involved and would like to shadow a volunteer we would always welcome extras!

Gedling junior parkrun 12th november 2017

Advanced warning that we WILL be running on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve but have declined the opportunity to host an extra event on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If you'd like to bag a volunteer slot for either of our festive events, please email Olivia at the office gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com or comment on our facebook page.


Event 77 – 29th October 2017 – the one that went bump in the night

I hope you've all recovered from the spooky goings on at Mount Gedling yesterday.  The place was full of scary characters - from zombie unicorns, to devils, skeletons, witches, werewolves and spiders - my poor nerves have only just recovered!


A haunted 74 of you joined us on the hills and 2 of you were completely new to parkrun.  Welcome to our happy band of parkrunners Charlotte and Emma!

Our haunted hi-vis heroes as ever did a brilliant job of volunteering and making the ghoulish goings on happen.


We had Ali, Iain, Amanda, Niamh, Tabitha, Wayne, Sarah, Claire, Orla, Peter, Pete, Ellie, Rob and Sam dishing out horrific hi-fives; Jack and Kel as terrifying timekeepers; Felix and Sammy frightening the finish funnel; Jon and James brutally bashing barcodes; Nic as the terribly scary tail walker and me, Sarah, casting evil spells on everyone as the rotted run director.  Bwahahahahaaaa!!


If you fancy your turn in the volunteer hero corner another week, give us a shout.  Let Olivia our volunteer co-ordinator know via email or our Facebook page and she'll whip you down onto the roster before you can blink!


Despite and hideous horrors lurking on every corner, an amazing 16 of you earned yourselves a shiny new personal best.  Stand up and take a bow to Maiya, Sienna, Rosemary, Samuel, Caleb, Arthur, Beatrice, Olivia, Stefan, Vivien, Grace, Dylan, Jessamine, Ivy, Marlow and Jack!  You are all awesome!


Talking of all things awesome, it was also brilliant to be able to give out some more of our milestone wristbands - half marathons from Naylon, Will, Alice, Leo, Sienna, Rosemary and Ava - fantastic!  I know not all of you collected your wristbands yesterday, so come and speak to the run director next Sunday and we'll make sure you get yours.  In the meantime, go to your parkrun profile and print off your certificate - I bet your teachers would love to see what you've achieved!


You were all fantastic today - whether you dressed up or not, whether you got a personal best or not... I saw lots of smiles and lots of quick legs and you all did a great job!

Until next week... happy running!





Event 77 – 22nd October 2017 – The Windy One

In the style of an episode of the 90's classic friends, I'm calling event 77 "the windy one!" Storm Brian was blowing over head but that didn't deter Gedling's finest from coming out in full force (9 gale) to run up the hill, down the hill, up the zig zags, along the out and back and come storming to the finish! And 7 is our lucky number because  by the end of Sunday's run, a round 700 different individuals have completed our course. Myself and the core team are proud of each and every one of you, well done!

Gedling junior parkrun 22nd oct 17

We recorded at least 4 first timers to Gedling, 2 of whom were totally new to parkrun - welcome. And the wind assisted 11 of you to a new PB (don't worry, your times will still stand!!)

Here are Charlotte Esme and Charlie receiving their wrist bands to recognise their awesome achievements. I think there should have been another Charlie due to receive his band too so make yourself known to the Run Director next week and we can make sure you receive yours.

Gedling junior parkrun 22nd oct 17

Your high vis heros on Sunday were: Iain and Alex father and daughter team joining us for the first time as volunteers and already signed up for next week (see we don't bite, thank you!), the fantastic Susan reaching a regular volunteering milestone (your contribution is valued by us all) and our awesome regulars Sarah COTTRELL, Olivia DEACON, Nicola DICKINSON, James GILBERT, Felix HORRIGAN, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Peter HOULT, Jack MATTHEWS, Richard MILLNS, Tamsin MILLNS, Kelly MORPHUS, Ellie MORRISON, Robert NEWTON, Samantha NEWTON, Christopher PIERCE, Jonathan TANNER. 

Gedling junior parkrun 22nd oct 17

Also joining us for the first time was our new Duke of Edinburgh Bronze volunteer Sammy KING who lead the warm up fantastically. Here here is with our other fabulous youth volunteers, James, Jack and Chris

Gedling junior parkrun 22nd oct 17

Next week is our Spooky Halloween run. Please dress up if you'd like to, here's a reminder of last year's fun!

Gedling juniors 30th Oct 2016


Event 71 – 10th September 2017

It's like we have never been away from the hills with Sunday coming round so quickly, that must mean one thing....junior parkrun day!


Today was event number 71 and would you believe it we had 71 juniors navigating their way around the course! 11 of you managed to complete the 2km with a personal best and 4 of you were recorded as first timers so a big welcome from us. There were 8 unknown runners today who won't get a run credit so don't forget to register via the parkrun website, print a barcode and bring your barcode with you next time as we always enjoy handing out half marathon (11 runs), marathon (21 runs) and ultra marathon (50 runs) wristbands to celebrate your achievements.


This week we celebrated the achievements of Arthur, Oliver and Florence who all received their marathon wristbands! If you are due a wristband, just let the run director know so they can present it to you!


A big thank you to our amazing hi-vis volunteers for this week. The team consisted of Kelly and James timekeeping, Peter, Samantha, Sarah, Allan, Peter, Roger, Jonathan, Robert, Ellie, Peter and Stuart marshalling, Orla and Libby barcode scanning, Wayne on tokens, Helen managing the funnel, Fleur doing the warm up, Caroline tail walking and Olivia run directing.


Fingers crossed for another dry day next week when Helen will be taking charge of the equipment and volunteer roster! Until then, have a good week everyone.


Event 69 – 27th August 2017

August bank holiday weekend did not disappoint us with glorious sunshine out on the hills of Gedling Country Park.

Gedlung juniors 27th august 2017

We were delighted to welcome 37 of you and with all but one of you returning to parkrun its not surprising there were so many smiles. Here's Sophie who was joining us for the first time with her brother Nathan who was returning after a break with a shiny new PB – well done!

Gedling junior parkrun 27th august 17

There were 11 PB's on Sunday, so the school holidays seem to be suiting you and giving you speedy legs.

Gedlung juniors 27th august 2017

Harriet made herself known to me at the beginning to let me know she was running her 21st junior parkrun and claimed her marathon wrist band – what a fantastic achievement! Don't forget to print off your certificate by signing in to your profile https://www.parkrun.com/signin/ and clicking on Club Progress. It looks like James and Alexander were both due their half marathon wrist band for completing their 11th runs so please make yourself known to Sarah next weekend.

Gedling junior parkrun 27th august 17

A special thank you to our volunteers who have stepped up consistently throughout the holidays meaning we haven't had to cancel a single event! And special mention to Ian Sullivan our fantastic Event Director from Gedling Parkrun who chose to celebrate his 100th volunteering session with us here at the juniors. We have three marshall slots left for next week and there are slots available in to September so please contact Olivia on gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com to bag yourself an opportunity.

Gedling junior parkrun 27th august 17


Its over to Sarah for next week's run. Then its back to school for you all!!

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