Event 71 – 10th September 2017

It's like we have never been away from the hills with Sunday coming round so quickly, that must mean one thing....junior parkrun day!


Today was event number 71 and would you believe it we had 71 juniors navigating their way around the course! 11 of you managed to complete the 2km with a personal best and 4 of you were recorded as first timers so a big welcome from us. There were 8 unknown runners today who won't get a run credit so don't forget to register via the parkrun website, print a barcode and bring your barcode with you next time as we always enjoy handing out half marathon (11 runs), marathon (21 runs) and ultra marathon (50 runs) wristbands to celebrate your achievements.


This week we celebrated the achievements of Arthur, Oliver and Florence who all received their marathon wristbands! If you are due a wristband, just let the run director know so they can present it to you!


A big thank you to our amazing hi-vis volunteers for this week. The team consisted of Kelly and James timekeeping, Peter, Samantha, Sarah, Allan, Peter, Roger, Jonathan, Robert, Ellie, Peter and Stuart marshalling, Orla and Libby barcode scanning, Wayne on tokens, Helen managing the funnel, Fleur doing the warm up, Caroline tail walking and Olivia run directing.


Fingers crossed for another dry day next week when Helen will be taking charge of the equipment and volunteer roster! Until then, have a good week everyone.


Event 69 – 27th August 2017

August bank holiday weekend did not disappoint us with glorious sunshine out on the hills of Gedling Country Park.

Gedlung juniors 27th august 2017

We were delighted to welcome 37 of you and with all but one of you returning to parkrun its not surprising there were so many smiles. Here's Sophie who was joining us for the first time with her brother Nathan who was returning after a break with a shiny new PB – well done!

Gedling junior parkrun 27th august 17

There were 11 PB's on Sunday, so the school holidays seem to be suiting you and giving you speedy legs.

Gedlung juniors 27th august 2017

Harriet made herself known to me at the beginning to let me know she was running her 21st junior parkrun and claimed her marathon wrist band – what a fantastic achievement! Don't forget to print off your certificate by signing in to your profile https://www.parkrun.com/signin/ and clicking on Club Progress. It looks like James and Alexander were both due their half marathon wrist band for completing their 11th runs so please make yourself known to Sarah next weekend.

Gedling junior parkrun 27th august 17

A special thank you to our volunteers who have stepped up consistently throughout the holidays meaning we haven't had to cancel a single event! And special mention to Ian Sullivan our fantastic Event Director from Gedling Parkrun who chose to celebrate his 100th volunteering session with us here at the juniors. We have three marshall slots left for next week and there are slots available in to September so please contact Olivia on gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com to bag yourself an opportunity.

Gedling junior parkrun 27th august 17


Its over to Sarah for next week's run. Then its back to school for you all!!


Event 66 – 5th August 2017

What a sunshiney dose of happiness this morning was! Our junior parkrun always seems to be over before you realise and today was no exception. From the buzz at the start to the bounce of the warm-up and into the running and results... whoosh! It's done!


So, what are the stats that matter? Well... we had 37 juniors join us this morning, 21 volunteers helped get the show on the road... there were 8 PBs... 3 of you were new to Gedling juniors.


We also gave out 3 wristbands as well. A massive Gedling juniors' congratulations to Niamh on her half marathon and to Elliot and Ellie who both earned their marathons wristbands today. Don't forget to look on your parkrun profiles, guys - there's a certificate there waiting to be printed off for you to keep! If you have a milestone run coming up then please let us know with a quick word to the run director... we just love to celebrate with you!


Other things worth celebrating? Well, the brilliance of our volunteers that's for sure. At 8:30 we were three short on the roster... by 8:40, we had those slots filled and an extra 2 for marshalling duty as well. Thank you so much to all of you who volunteered. Olivia, our volunteer co-ordinator, does a wonderful job of getting the roster filled each week, but sometimes we're just short so having people step forward on the day and ask if we need a hand, well, that's definitely welcome! If you'd like to help next weekend where we're short of marshals again, then do drop Olivia a quick message or stop by our Facebook page.


Who did what? Well, Olivia and Jon were on the stop watches timing everyone in; Wayne, Amanda, Peter, Jenny, Pete, Jonathan, Sam, Joanne, Jayne, Rob, Stuart and Glenn marshalled magnificently - and a particular thank you to Glenn who was visiting us from Hilly Fields and who was a great volunteer tourist; we also had Kel and Jeny beeping barcodes; Orla and Andrew managing the finish funnel; Debbie bringing up the rear as tail walker, Fleur doing a terrific warm up; and lastly me, Sarah, run directing and juggling clipboards and megaphones!


Phew! There are a whole lot of ingredients that go into a happy junior parkrun, and it seems that we managed to have all of those ingredients today. I hope you enjoyed yourselves - I definitely saw a whole lot of quick legs and eager beavers this morning. I don't think I've ever been deafened as much as today when you all yelled back 'morning!' to me! Top work Team Gedling juniors! You rock!

Hope you have a lovely week ahead, enjoying those deliciously long summer holidays with your families. We'll see you again next Sunday.

Happy running!



Event 65 – 30th July 2017

Phewie!  I've got my cuppa cha.  I've got myself a spot on the sofa.  It can only mean one thing... another junior parkrunday has whizzed by and the run report is waiting to be written!  And what a morning it was!  44 runners... 9 first timers (welcome to our beautiful hills!)... and a couple of handfuls of personal bests.  We had... *takes deep breath*... Joseph, Sylvie, Maddie, Ellie, Dylan, Sam, Lola, Marlow, Charlie and Niamh running their fastest Gedling juniors... and all with a super smile of satisfaction at the end.  Well done all of you!

Another big well done and thank you to our hi-vis heroes this morning.  


We were a bit short on volunteers this morning, but thanks to Jonathan and Peter doubling up on roles and Jon stepping in to time keep at the last minute (feel the power of the stop watch, Jon!!) we got our lovely show on the road.


Thanks to Kelly and Jon on the stop watches; Wayne, Amanda, Pete, Sarah, Sam, Peter, Jayne and Rob high fiving and marshalling the mountains; Jonathan and James on barcode bipping duty; Orla and Zoe (who won parkrun bingo this week!) on finish funnel fun; Debbie making sure everyone got round safely with some fabulous tail walking and Fleur doing a terrific warm up as usual!  


Oh, and there was me, Sarah, run directing and getting tangled up in the 'far too large' run director vest!

A big Gedling juniors' round of applause for Jacob who earned his marathon wristband with us this morning - that's 21 junior parkruns done.. and 26 miles altogether!!  Wow!  


As ever, if you know you're due a milestone wristband, do give the run director a shout before we get started so we can present you with your wristband and get you a huge clap for being so awesome!  It's 11 runs for a half marathon, 21 for a marathon and 50 for an ultra marathon band.

We know lots of you are off on your holidays soon, so have a lovely time and we can't wait to have you back with us!  Our volunteer roster is looking just a tad bare during August, so if you're around then come slip on the hi-vis of happiness and we'd love to have you along for the ride.  Just let Olivia, our volunteer co-ordinator know via Facebook or email and the magic will happen!


Hope you all have a great week.  You did a fabulous job of running today - I hope you all feel proud of yourselves!  


See you next Sunday!!



Event 62 – July 9th 2017

We love waking up on a Sunday morning when the weather is perfect for getting on to the hills of Gedling Country Park to set up the course and welcome everyone to Gedling junior parkrun...and this morning didn't disappoint!

57 juniors thought exactly the same and joined us to run, jog, skip and walk their way around the 2km course to reach the finish funnel and get their barcodes scanned.  This week we had an amazing 10 personal best times and were joined by 7 first timers, a big welcome to you and we hope to see you again.

July 8 2017

There was one junior reaching their milestone this week, well done Noah for completing 11 runs and earning your half marathon wristband!  Don't forget to tell the run director when you reach your 11th (half marathon) 21st (marathon) and 50th (ultra marathon) runs so we can award you with your well earned wristbands.

July 8 2017

As always, I must mention the fabulous hi-vis wearing volunteers who make it all happen.  Peter and Jack were in charge of timekeeping, Peter, Jonathan, Wayne, Samantha, Ray, Elizabeth, Jenny, Sarah and Kelly marshalled brilliantly, Orla and Christopher were on barcode scanners beeping everyone in helped by Naomi with the clipboard, Debra looked after everyone managing the funnel, Yasmin handed out tokens with Tabitha as token support, Nicola followed you all around the course as a newly named tail walker, Fleur ran the warm up and Olivia wore the run director vest...phew what a list!

July 8 2017

Well that's all for now.  Just a reminder that we will run throughout the holidays because we love junior parkrun so if you are free to help out, just let us know at gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com  or visit our facebook page.

Time to hand over to Tamsin who will guide you safely through the 63rd junior event!


Event 60 – 25th June 2017

Wow! Junior parkrun was short but oh so sweet this morning as 50 of you ran round our hills in super quick time! 8 Personal Bests - and our first three finishers all managing to bag themselves a PB which was really fabulous to see.

Gedling juniors, June 25th 2017

A massive thank you needs to be said to our volunteers this morning. Not only did they give their time for free but they chatted, high-fived, cheered and laughed their way through parkrun. It's such a great atmosphere to be part of - I'm a lucky old me to be part of that!


So, who did what? Well, we had Jack and Shaun concentrating on the stop watches; Kel, Allan, Pete, Jonathan, Wayne, Zoe, Ray, Christopher, Ian, Jo and Tom (thank you for your last minute volunteering, Tom! An extra pair of hands is always appreciated) out and about marshalling the mountains; Nicola and Jenny beeping barcodes; Martin and James (the chaos twins) on finish funnel duty; Sue tail running and making sure our little legs got round safely; and lastly me, Sarah, brandishing the clipboard and megaphone and making sure the wheels didn't fall off!


I know I'm always asking for volunteers... so I won't do that this week. Okay, that was a lie. Of course I'm going to ask for more volunteers! Just give Olivia, our fabulous volunteer co-ordinator and all round top sort, a shout and she'll get you added to the roster quick smart!

Talking of fabulous people - congratulations to our new wristband holders. Tabitha did her 21st run and earned her marathon wristband as did Logan, while Noah earned his half marathon wristband. Congratulations team! Don't forget to print your certificates from your parkrun profile page! If any of our brilliant runners have reached a milestone (11 runs for half marathon wristband, 21 runs for a marathon wristband; 50 runs for an ultra marathon band) and haven't yet had their wristband, just chat to the run director and they'll make sure you get one!


Rightie ho! Think that's me just about done for another week. Enjoy what's left of the weekend - you've already been awesome today by coming to parkrun, so give yourselves a well earned pat on the back!

Gedling juniors, June 25th 2017

Helen is driving the Gedling junior parkrun bus next week. Hold on tight until then and happy running all!



Event 57 – 4th June 2017

I don't know about you, but I do love 9am on a Sunday morning when our junior parkrunners are coming off the playground ready for their run... there's a real buzz of anticipation in the air and it's so much fun!  This morning was a real goodie too.  Memories of cold, grey, wet winter mornings are long gone and the sunshine and blue skies have well and truly taken over.  Just fantastic!

Making the magic happen as ever were our wonderful heroes in the hi-vis.


Our volunteers did a brilliant job and I kept asking people if I'd forgotten to do something as everything happened almost too smoothly!  A big thank you to Martin and Jack the timekeeping two; Peter, Jayne, Sam, Kel, James, Jonathan, Kelly, Jenny, Tamsin, Richard, Ian M and Ian S for marvellous marshalling; Pete and Sean for barcode bipping; Debbie and Wayne on finish funnel fun duty; Nicola for her tremendous tail running and last but by no means least, Fleur, bringing the wow-factor to the warm-up!


Talking of wow-factor, we had a couple of superstars picking up their half marathon wristbands this morning... Elizabeth and Oliver you've well and truly earned your wristbands on our beautiful hills and we can't wait to have you run with us again as you start to work towards your marathon bands.  Don't forget to go to your parkrun profile and print off your certificate in the meantime!



So, what happened with the running?  Well, 68 of you took to the hills... we had 2 brand new parkrunners (welcome to parkrunning - we hope you had a great time!)... and there were 13 personal bests today.  We also had 8 'no barcodes' which meant that there was no time recorded for those runners... don't forget your barcodes next week!  Our finishers arrived at the line in anything from 7 minutes 34 seconds to 18 minutes and 48 seconds - and we were proud of the efforts that everyone put in this morning.  Tob job Team Gedling juniors!


That's about it for me!  We've got spaces on next week's roster if you'd like to volunteer - just email Olivia or contact us via our Facebook page - we'll add your name to the great and the good with pleasure!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend and we'll see you on the hills next parkrunday!  Fingers and toes crossed the new visitors' centre is open too and we'll have somewhere to share a cuppa tea and a chat after the running's done. Can't wait!



Event 53 – 7th May 2017

Many of our volunteers were lulled in to a false sense of security on Sunday, dispensing with coats and opting for hoodies. We may have peaked too soon as it was still a bit chilly on the hills but that didn't deter 56 of you from joining us. The results officially tell us that 3 of you were visiting us for the first time but we know from talking to you that there were quite a few more who had forgotten their barcodes! You are all very welcome and we hope to see you again soon.

Gedling junior parkrun 7th May 2017

In the month of April we recorded 26 newcomers to Gedling Juniors, watch this space for a bring a friend event when we will be encouraging you all to spread the word about Junior parkrun and share the love by bringing along someone new to experience the zig zags, hills and flying feet!


Don't forget that after 11, 21 and 50 junior parkruns your achievements will be recognised with our free wristbands. The number of parkruns are equivalent to a half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon. Here's Madeleine accepting hers!


Sunday's event was brought to you by: Debra CHANDLER • Helen SMALLEY • Ian HIND • Jack MATTHEWS • James GILBERT • Jenny DUFF • Kelly MORPHUS • Martin HUTHWAITE • Olivia DEACON • Peter DEACON • Peter HOULT • Richard MILLNS • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • Sean BRIMACOMBE • Susan COCHRAN • Tamsin MILLNS • Theo DEACON • Wayne CHANDLER. Here we all are behaving ourselves:


And here's a shot of some of our fabulous Duke of Edinburgh volunteers showing you all how the warm up is done:


Thats all from me (Tamsin) for this week, I'll hand you over to the (much more capable) Helen for next week's event! If you'd like to join the hi vis fun, please email Olivia on gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com


Event 51 – 23rd April 2017

It might be St. George's Day... the London Marathon might be happening... but it was also parkrunday in Gedling junior-land and we had full sunshine and happy faces all round this morning!  What a terrific start to a Sunday!


48 junior runners, 21 volunteers, 11 first timers and lots of lovely parents cheering our little runners on.


As usual, our trusty volunteers got the show on the road - big thanks and squishy grateful hugs to you all!  The roster was looking a bit empty up until Saturday evening, so we're all hugely grateful that you guys stuck your hands up and stepped in to help.  We had Sean and Sue timing tiddlers; Pete, Wayne, Peter, Ellie, Allan, Sarah, Owen, Ian, Sam, Nick, Phoebe, Tabitha and Felix marshalling the mountains; Jenny and Yasmin beeping barcodes; Martin and Jack being fab in the funnel; Kel bringing up the rear as tail runner; and me, Sarah, donning the Run Director tent... sorry... vest *grin* and attempting being organised.  What a great team!

If you fancy volunteering for the future, don't be shy... we always need an extra hand so let Olivia, our volunteer co-ordinator, know or post on our Facebook page and we'll add you to the roster quick smart.

This morning was obviously the day when personal bests were in the air - 7 of you managed to bag yourselves a PB and chatting to some of you at the end lots of you told me that you'd had felt like a really good run too.


New milestone club member Jacob ran his marathon-band-earning 21st run so congratulations to you, Jacob!


So, on marathon day, you all did brilliantly.  From exuberantly taking part in the warm up and countdown to zooming down the hills and braving the uphill parts, it was another excellent parkrun.  


Well done all and we'll look forward to seeing you again next week too!



Event 49 – 9th April 2017 – it’s our birthday!!

Happy birthday to us!  Happy birthday to us!  Happy birthday dear Gedling junior parkrun... Happy birthday to us!

I can hardly believe it but a whole year has flown by from the very first Gedling juniors and now we are 1!  We had absolutely perfect weather for a birthday celebration this morning and 60 happy juniors joined us on the hills.  We also had a couple of Supermen, a trio of bunny rabbits, assorted superheroes and a few princesses scattered in for good measure as we fancy dressed our way through the morning!  You all looked amazing and it was fab to see how great everyone looked today.


We also had some lovely first birthday cake from Tamsin... and Nicola Dickinson baked us some yummy chocolate birthday cookies too.  Mmmmm mmmm!!!

As ever, we couldn't have had a parkrun at all without our lovely volunteers - thank you to all of you for coming along this morning... you are all superstars!  We had James and Evie timing everyone in... Debbie, Sue, Melanie, Helen, Pete, Peter, Libby, Ellie, Kel, Wayne and Ian marshalling the mountaines... Jo was cake monitor (precision cake cutting skills duly employed!)... Jack and Issac beeped barcodes... Yasmin and Orla managed the finish funnel, and Abi and Martin tail ran terrifically!


Fleur did another excellent warm up for us and looked brilliant in her 25 volunteer t-shirt.


I know we always thank our volunteers, but it being our birthday it's worth us saying an extra couple of thank yous, firstly to someone who works busily behind the scenes throughout the year - and that's our awesome Volunteer Co-ordinator, Olivia.  Liv does an amazing job of filling the roster each week and getting our parkrun off the ground, she also run directs and does a fab job of that too.  She's also squeezing in training for a marathon and regularly volunteers straight after one of her long training runs.  She's fab!

Secondly a warm and fuzzy group thank you to our core team.  Helen, Tamsin, Abi and Liv all share the run directing with me and make parkrun magic happen every time they put on the huge run director's vest.  From setting up for parkrun at 8:15 on a Sunday morning, to battling with Flickr and the run report each week... they do an amazing job and our running community wouldn't be here were it not for them all.

And what about the running?  Well, we had a really brilliant sprint to the finish from Henry and Will this morning.


We also had a fantastic 7 personal bests this morning and 5 brand new parkrunners joining us, which was ace.  Gedling juniors is a run not a race... so whether it was sprinting and feeling like you're so fast you're flying... or getting the giggles as you run down one of our hills... I really hope you had as much fun as we all did for our first birthday!


Gedling junior parkrun 9th April 2017

So - we made it.  A whole year of us.  Come rain or shine we've got our trainers on and got out there.  We've had milestone wristbands earned.  We've had personal bests galore.  And most importantly of all, we've had fun!  Here's to our next year of parkrunning.  Let's see where it takes us!


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