Event 180 – 17 November 2018

Well the weather wasn’t the most amazing for my first parkrun as Run Director but the bigger issue was the fact I didn’t really have a voice – the megaphone certainly came in handy once Ian pointed out how I made it work – my initial attempt having resulted only in the siren and giggling (might have been me).

F56DC4D7-1CE7-40F6-B193-391DAEDFF70AI got there early to set up and make sure I didn’t come across as unorganised which fell apart the moment we realised the laptop bag was missing the all important pieces of paper. We improvised with a wing mirror leaflet from the back of my car. I then ‘lost’ the lanyards which Kelly found – they were right in front of me. This meant the volunteers saw me at my best. I ploughed on and Denise’s excellent enthusing about volunteering during the week meant we had plenty of volunteers so we were able even to double up on station 2 with Liz and Martin. Mark had already had a good run round the route before we even started and used his left over energy to cheer people up the cobra and June handled point one and four. Lana waited to hand out tokens while looking cold. 1B56D653-AA04-4F64-87FF-69222B384EF7

It wasn’t the biggest turn out at 124 participants despite the highest guess on parkrun bingo this week being 194 but we had some tourists from various places including Leicestershire and Yorkshire who Sarah H-F briefed along with our first timers. Meanwhile I squeaked random instructions through the megaphone forgetting the vital stuff like looking out for other park users but remembering to get people to thank the volunteers! B98AB950-A18D-4FF4-BE7D-AFD401FE6453

If you’d like lots of runners saying thank you to you on a Saturday mornings why not try volunteering? It’s great to have plenty of volunteers but it isn’t the case every week and some of our regulars do like to run occasionally so if you fancy giving it a go please contact Denise at gedlinghelpers@parkrun.com Our tourists all seemed very pleased about the course later on much to some of our surprise, we’re more used to people complaining about the hills not complimenting them!!! I was pleased that Kelly and Harvey were on the timekeeping as I’m still wary of the stop watches. Our nerves jangled when we realised that Kelly’s stopwatch kept stopping (one could argue that is what it says on the ‘tin’ but it was at injudicious moments) so the pressure was really on for Harvey. He needed a hot chocolate, with cream, to get over the stress. C929570A-4549-4098-BE5B-830003F94CFB

I suddenly realised I was also in charge of taking photos, a role which we realised quickly I am not well suited to. Here are some of my less good attempts. The photos of the fence were intended to be action shots as people went past…. Not so good. I even had warning that Ian Marshall was about to do his jump for the camera and still managed to time it wrong. Next time I think I might need an official photographer. Or we could pretend they are Harry Potter style photos with the subjects simply having left the shot for a moment. 9BE47060-EF22-46C2-A336-BFCAD9F208F536C7586F-C883-4194-8393-92681B62B054

We had a steady flow of runners ably managed by Stephen as they came through the funnel with Lana making sure everyone got a token then Jo and Karen made sure everyone got scanned in. We had very few people without barcodes this week – well done for remembering everyone! Dawn Hughes and Claire Sambridge both got their 100 parkruns and I remembered to take a photo. I’m not sure who was more proud of themselves. We had 20 PBS and 10 first timers! Well done everyone! Matthew Nutt crossed the line first quickly followed by Ian Hales. 566282BD-8466-4D39-92D8-AF1C59615B34FEAA23F9-3B54-49F0-8226-FD488EEA733C

Jess and Kevin and their dog rounded up all the runners as tail walkers and were cheered in as with a drop out they were a long way behind the last runner and Jess clocked it as her first official parkrun having previously volunteered in other roles! Good day for a nice walk round too and a great way to get some exercise if you’re not feeling up for a run on a Saturday (hint hint).

Then it was off to the Willowbrook for a brew and breakfast while Kelly and Sarah sorted tokens and I asked a million and one questions about results processing!!

Thanks especially to Ian S and Kelly who made sure I remembered everything and got the results processed properly – I am learning it honest! Ali – your turn next week! Over and out - Jenny Bx




Event 179 – 10th November 2018

What a lovely morning for a parkrun!! Sunny skies but I was glad I wore my gloves!!

IMG_20181110_090249603Thank you to our fabulous set of volunteers. Jess and Kevin Barker were timekeepers, keeping me on my toes by going for a cheeky hot drink before casually strolling down to the finish line just a few minutes before the first finisher!!! Maureen (and dog), Lindsey and Friedal put up the signs and were marshalling round the course. Laura and Lana were first time barcode scanners (full training is provided for all roles!!), Laura also relished the task of token sorting, bringing a whole new enthusiasm for the job! Harvey and June were on funnel and token management and Anysha, Neil and Izzy were our tail walkers, collecting the signs on their way round. Sarah gave an enthusiastic first timers brief and tourist welcome as well as result processing support at the Willowbrook. IMG_20181110_084208183_HDR

A few names were added to the future volunteer roster after the run and Jan was organised enough to volunteer for the Saturday before Christmas. If anyone else is interested in volunteering, just email gedlinghelpers@parkrun.com to get your name down.

There were 21 first timers and quite a few tourists at the pre-run brief with Sarah, we spotted quite a few parkrun milestone tops, including a 250.

IMG_20181110_085408333_HDRThe first finisher today was Matthew Nutt, with a time of 18.54. IMG_20181110_091303392

Scot Riggans completed his 50th parkrun today and will be eligible for his free t-shirt, this was his 35th at Gedling, finishing 24th with a time of 24.20.

There was a large number of people with no printed out barcode today, which meant their time wasn't recorded.... #dfybarcode


One day I will learn how to upload the run report instead of emailing it to Ian. I can now breathe a sigh of relief that the final task of Run Director is done, ready to pass on to Jenny, who will be run directing for the first time next week - good luck! ( I will be doing a stress-free tourist run somewhere in Lancashire, I just need to choose).

See you on a Saturday morning soon...



Event 178 – 3rd November 2018

Well the weather wasn't too bad for us this morning on mount Gedling, a windy breeze but no rain is always a good run. We had 135 runners who ran, jogged and walked the course, with a huge turn out of first timers, we recorded 19. Welcome to parkrun and Gedling.


We arrived at 8.15 to get ready to start our Saturday morning so a huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers. We had Jacob and David timing you in. I had to do a bit of changing the roster this morning so thank you David for swapping to time keeper. I know everyone is always anti timing but you did a perfect job.  Our wonderful marshals on the course were Kevin, Friedel, Maureen with the help from her grandchildren.  Barcode scanning we had June and Gaz. Funnel manager and tokens where Anysha and Natalie both new to volunteering. Tail walking you all home safely was Lana and Nickesh. Ensuring the 1st timers knew exactly were they were going on route we had Sarah briefing. Then me Kel wearing the run director vest. Thank you all. If anyone would like to volunteer for future weeks please get in touch with Denise our coordinator who will happily add you on the high vis roster.

. parkrun 3.11.18

We had two special milestones this morning Ian Johnson doing his 100th Parkun which 38 were ran at Gedling. Well done and welcome to the 100 club. We look forward to seeing you wearing your T shirt on the hills.  Also Aiden Doyle who ran his 50th today, we have loved watching Aiden's enjoyment for running develop from the first time in the pushchair and now running where dad is trying to catch him. He has completed 34 at Gedling and done 12 Junior park runs too.

parkrun 3.11.18parkrun 3.11.18

I loved hearing the Pb bell going this morning and managed to grab a couple of you. Well done guys.

parkrun 3.11.18parkrun 3.11.18

Everyone  is very welcome at Parkrun even dogs, however sometimes they can became a little excited to get running, After a incident this is just a gentle reminder can we ensure they are at the back to avoid the busy start or maybe make sure your right at the front. What i am trying to say, we just need to be aware off your surroundings and potential hazards. Thank you.

Back to the Willowbrook for a well earned cuppa and breakfast where results were processed by Sarah, i sorted out the finish tokens while Nickesh relaxed with his feet up enjoying his pint and breakfast, that is what we call team work.  We will see you next week when Cath will be wearing the run director vest.

Happy Running Kel x


Event 177 – 27th October 2018

The last parkrun for October brought out 122 of you to our fantastic hills of Gedling. Autumn is most definitely here as it was freezing!
We often celebrate our runners and volunteers milestones, whether it’s their 25th volunteer occasion or 100th run, but this week saw a different kind of milestone. Ian Marshall, who has volunteered as a marshal 19 times did timekeeping for the first time! Even those who think timing is scary can be convinced to give it a go occasionally! And of course he did it exceptionally.

Gedling parkrun  177
Big thanks go to all our volunteers who made event 177 happen, you had Carl and Ian timing, Jenny and Jacob were scanning, Hilary and Harvey on the finish funnel, June, Neil, Izzy and Kevin as your marshals, with Denise and Georgiana as your tail walkers. Thanks also to Gaz for donning the last minute hi-vis taking the role on the clipboard. Last minute volunteers are always welcome, we can always find you something to do, and a hi-vis does technically count as an extra layer, which is always welcome this time of year!

You can always book your volunteer slot in advance by dropping Denise an email, have a look at the future roster and see if there’s anything that you can do.

Thanks to Jenny for doing the first timers and tourists brief, we welcomed 11 parkrunners who were new to the hills.
Gedling parkrun  177
Well done to our first timer Gina, who joined us all the way from Texas. She first came to the park 3 years ago at the end of one of our parkruns and wondered what was going on, so on her next visit to the UK decided to join us. Now she’s looking to help the parkrun revolution Stateside!
Gedling parkrun  177

One of our runners had a fall early on in the run, and we tried to catch the attention of her partner at the half way point. Despite our shouts and waves, we didn’t manage to catch his attention, maybe due to him having his headphones in (and probably being “in the zone” too!). If you are running with headphones, please don’t have the volume so high you can’t hear the marshals.

Our first finisher was Chris Kilburn in 17:51, followed by Bob Templeman in 19:06 and then Ian Hales in 19:14.
Gedling parkrun  177
For the ladies, first was Grace Ollivent in 19:10, followed by Jo Cropley in 26:29 (new PB!) and then Laura Fisher in 26:39 (new PB!)

There were 13 new personal bests recorded despite the chilly conditions.

Gedling parkrun  177
Well done Ellie!

Gedling parkrun  177
Well done Laura!

If you’ve got a PB, or if you think you’ve got one, or if you’ve just had a good run, maybe your first time running up the Cobra non-stop, whatever the reason, ring that bell and celebrate!

parkrun bingo was won by me! With the correct guess of 122 runners. I don’t have any magic powers, but the average number of runners (according to the parkrun website) at Gedling currently stands at 122.5. What do I win, apart from kudos? A free 5k timed run of my choice on a Saturday morning, which is quite fitting as I’m off to Barry Island parkrun next weekend for their Gavin & Stacey themed parkrun.

Back at the Willowbrook, it was time for results processing and breakfast, all done in a flash thanks to the accuracy of our timers, scanning and token team.

Please bear in mind that in the coming months there will be roadworks on Spring Lane as they carry out footpath widening and cycle way works. This may affect your journey time to parkrun.

That’s it for this week, next week Kel takes on the blue & white hi-vis, and at the time of writing there are a handful of volunteer spaces available, can you help?

See you soon



Event 176 – 20th October 2018

161 runners embraced the hills of Gedling Country park for this week's Gedling parkrun. A big increase on last week when lots of people may have chosen to stay at home rather than face the strong winds.

Gedling parkrun 20th October 2018

Gedling parkrun 20th October 2018

We welcomed 25 first timers to Gedling including 3 completely new to parkrun so we hope that you enjoyed your first parkrun Donna, Rebecca and Claire and do come back and see us again soon.

Gedling parkrun 20th October 2018

There were lots of tourists from near and far including Mansfield, Norwich, Sheffield, Cambridge, West Sussex and Boston. Ben Chamberlain from Cambridge joined us for his 323rd parkrun. That is a lot of parkruns! He has ran 1,647km at parkrun at 44 different parkruns. Here is a photo of some of our tourists this week - the Eggleton family from Boston.

Gedling parkrun 20th October 2018

We also need to mention some great milestones this week. Although not an official parkrun milestone we gave a shout out to Rachel Grant who ran her 150th parkrun. The official milestones were Laura Wyatt on her 50th parkrun and James Pilling on his 100th. Laura has completed 45 of her parkruns here at Gedling and the others have been at Bushy, Clifton, Forest Rec, Edinburgh and Beeston. James has ran 94 of his parkruns here at Gedling and the others have been at Bestwood Village, Colwick and Sherwood Pines. Apologies for not getting photos of you all but I think this is James at the finish line.

Gedling parkrun 20th October 2018

The first finisher this week was Matt Waterfield (18:25) followed by Bob Templeman (18:51) on his first visit to Gedling and Nickesh Patel (19:19). For the ladies there were Carolyn Hay (20:40) who was 9th overall, Ruth Brandon (22:25) who was 19th overall on her first visit to Gedling and Sarah Tyler (23:49) who was 35th overall.

Gedling parkrun 20th October 2018

As always a massive thank you to our volunteers. This week we had Kelly and Julie keeping time, Alex and Harvey scanning barcodes assisted by 8 year old Martha, June on the funnel and Charlotte handing out the tokens. The marshals were Kevin, Roger and Kathryn. Vivienne and Maureen were the tail walkers, Sarah gave the first timers brief and I was your run director. Please do let us know if you would like to join our happy bunch of volunteers - we would love to hear from you.

Gedling parkrun 20th October 2018

They say volunteering is easy (which it is!) but what wasn't in the run directors notes is what to do if a tractor turns up on the course half way through a parkrun which some of you may have seen happen this week! The farmer had come to bring some more water for his cows and thought that Saturday morning would be a quiet time to do it! He certainly hadn't imagined 161 parkrunners to get in his way. Very luckily there was a gap between parkrunners for him to get to the cows which meant that the course was cleared with about 30 seconds before the first finisher had to go along that part of the course. Phew!

Gedling parkrun 20th October 2018

I will be run director at Gedling juniors this weekend but will not be back at Gedling run directing until New Years Day when I am sure that I will be seeing lots of you doing the "double". I look forward to seeing you all again then (or before then if I get chance to run!)


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