Event number 137 – 13/01/2018

Did you know, every week the volunteers play "guess the number of runners"? well, this week Harvey (Timekeeping) won with his high guess of 170 as Saturday saw 166 participants finish.....of which a whopping 28 were new to Gedling and 6 people were completely new to parkrun. Well done and welcome to all.

1st timers Liz, Kym and Carl

The cold conditions did not prevent some great PB's (31), although it cause a few frozen fingers at the finish funnel which resulted in the tokens 20-34 being dropped as the first few runners ran through! By the time runner 20 came in we were all sorted as if nothing had every happened!!

It is always lovely to hear tourists thoughts on our course and Jennifer (1st female), enjoyed the course and didn't seem to mind the hills or cold, Saturday was her 212th parkrun. We are glad you enjoyed it Jennifer.

We are missing a few tokens at the moment so we have some "homemade" ones (I am sure my husband won't miss his AA card). Tamsin was delighted to receive one of them this week, if you do have any of our lovely finish tokens it would be great to get the real ones back. Simply hand them to Nickesh the Run Director next week.

A few runners this week commented on the path back from the finish to the car park, it gets quite congested and people still running sometimes can't navigate a clear path through. It would be great if walking back you could stick to the left hand side and obviously give the runners a cheer as they go by, as you lovely bunch normally do.

A big thanks as always to the volunteers this week. We are being well supported currently by the D of E helpers gaining their volunteer credits, but more help is always welcome, so if you are interested please drop us a quick message at gedlinghelpers@parkrun.com

Have a great week and remember it is only 6 more sleeps till we can do it all again!!


Event 136 – 6 January 2018 – the one where we froze our fingers off!

Welcome to the new year parkrunners!  The weather gods decided to make you prove how hardcore you are by being cold and rainy today.  With the rain only happening at the exact time we were doing our run. So kind of them, right?!  169 of you proved your awesomeness by coming along for the ride today, with 24 first timers joining us.


I wonder how many of you were at Gedling as part of a New Year's Resolution to be more active?   We hope you all had some fun despite the grotty conditions and will come and join us again soon!

A very special mention for our volunteers this morning.  Despite it being utterly horrible out there, you turned up smiling at 8.15, helped set up the course, processed all the runners and gave high fives a-plenty. Thank you so much, you were all absolutely amazing and we really couldn't have done it without you.  You went above and beyond to stand out in such awful conditions and I know our runners appreciated it hugely. If anyone else would like to be a hi-vis hero too, then just let Ian know at gedlinghelpers@parkrun.com and we'll get you popped on to the roster quick smart!


With their names in lights this morning we had Benjamin and Sarah (who managed to win the 'who was wearing the most layers' contest with her superb 7 layers, including 3 coats!!) on the stop watches; 


Russell, Leah and Ian were marvellous marshals; Kelly and Harvey were epic barcode beepers and assisted by Ruby; Jacob and Kathryn bringing order to the finish funnel; Neal and Emma on terrific tail walking duties;  Ian who did the first timers' briefing and stepped in to process results when my hands were too cold to do it; and finally me, Sarah, run directing in the rain and trying to write things down on a sodden paper roster which had turned itself into papier maché!!

And what is there to say about the running today?  Well, for 9 of you, today was personal best day as you ran your socks off! 


It was also fab to see Edward Kolb come in as our first finisher, the first time he's ever done that at Gedling.


Kat Malone was first female finisher on her 199th parkrun - great stuff, Kat!

I notice that we have 15 unknown runners in the results - don't forget to bring your barcodes with you next parkrunday as we'd love you to record a time too!  If you are missing a time and you know you were scanned in, then do give us a shout to gedlingoffice@parkrun.com.  One of our barcode scanners was protesting about the rubbish weather and not quite playing ball!


Lastly, congratulations to Rhod Price, Jo Sullivan and Rachel Boardman who were marking their 2 year and 4 year parkrun anniversaries. That's a delicious amount of parkrunning guys and we love how many times you've run with us!

That's me done for the week.  The soggy kit has been packed away, the tokens dried off and sorted ready for next week and all of our wonderful volunteers have thawed through!

Same time again next week?  Don't mind if we do!

Happy running



Event 135 – 1st January 2018

This week's run report is brought to you by tourist Daniel Connolly!

For the first parkrun of 2018 we were joined by seven shiny new people to the parkrun family, maybe as a start of a New Year's Resolution, part of training for a bigger event in 2018 or maybe talked into it by another parkrunner as Big Ben chimed. For whatever reason you turned up today hope you had a great time and once you get that text alert of your result and start racking up those T-shirt points, meeting and chatting to others before, during and after your run it's what your Saturday mornings will be all about from now on. So a huge welcome to: Thea DAYKIN, Jodie GRAHAM, Najat KHALIFA, Frances HOFFMAN, Roger BATTEN, James CASH and Steven DAYKIN.

Gedling parkrun NYDFor two days a year, parkrun HQ gives parkruns the chance to put on additional runs to the normal Saturday fun. So depending on park availability and very importantly VOLUNTEERS willing to give up a little time with their family to help out, Christmas Day and New Year's Day see extra parkruns. Flexibility is given to vary the start time to allow these extra runs to take place. New Years Day offers another special... The one chance in the UK to register two parkruns on one day, this does depend on lots of factors – start time and travelling distance being the main ones. East Mids NYD 2018.001

This event is so special and important to parkrunners that people create websites that list all the possible doubles – that when estimated run and travel times are factored in leave you with a number of options.

Most people pick their local runs, however being one of those rather fanatical parkrun tourist the joy for me was finding two new parkruns to run to add to my tally of different events- even better if they are in the East Midlands as I would like to complete another region and for my daughter starting with a G – as she has set herself the challenge of completing the UK Alphabet of parkruns!

IMG_3094So it was back in November, studying the 2017 list Gedling was top of our doubles with part 2 being at Colwick. The stars aligned and start times sorted and our preferred option was on for 2018! Tourism can often be affected by travel, but on New Years Day, fairly empty major roads made the drive north a delight, but as it wasn't Saturday Tony Blackburn's Sound of the Sixties wasn't the soundtrack to accompany the snoring of my passengers on the drive! The clear roads and a perfect postcode for the parking meant an early arrival in a near-empty carpark. However, 361 other runners and marshals meant that by the start the carpark was heaving! In fact, the total of 365 runners smashed the previous record set last New Years Day of only 205, and is nearly 3 times larger than the normal weekly turn out. Well done to the hi-vis heroes as until looking at the stats I had no idea that this was so much higher than your usual figure as you managed it brilliantly. IMG_3013

After leaving my parkrun picture frame (after capturing the volunteer team in a group picture) at the finish for any others to use and post run bag I wandered back to the start passed a very exciting looking playground – which although I was tempted to climb on or slide down each time I passed I didn't really have the time!

After a rather busy New Runners / Tourist briefing – well there were 120 First Timers to Gedling today! – and the main runners briefing the run started almost perfectly promptly at 9am to a chorus of GPS watch beeps... It had to start on time as I imagine a few others in the assembled mass of runners also needed to travel to Colwick!

The course offered some lovely views of the surrounding area, this was due to a few decent slopes – in fact, I would even call them hills! However, what goes up must come down so there were some lovely sweeping downhills to enjoy and get your breath back which you certainly needed for the short sharp final undulation. Despite the recent rain, the surface of the parkrun was perfect for road shoes.

IMG_3084Having never run Gedling before, I had no time expectations so I could happily take it a little easier as I knew I had another run to do an hour later. However, 33 people did manage a PB! I wonder how many are regulars or who are irregulars and only do Gedling on NYD or as a bit of tourism? Either way, it doesn't matter as you all deserve a huge WELL DONE. I hope you all enjoyed seeing PB in your results text. On his yearly trip to Gedling (well he has run at Gedling in 2016 & 2017) Redhill Road Runners' Leigh STUBBS (VM35-39) maintained his perfect record of being first finisher each time he has run here in a time of 17:16. On her first visit to Gedling, Lizzy L (VW35-39) finished as first lady home in 16th position in a time of 20:45. IMG_3029

Whenever I am organised on my parkrun tourism trip I check the volunteer roster to check for a role I like to try and do - Report Writer. I do this for two reasons, one is to keep a record of my travels and the other is to offer thanks to the marshals who make these events possible. I try an offer thanks as I run but the hills made that a challenge and normally I hang around at the end or run a lap in reverse to thank the marshals who have stood out there cheering us all on and keeping us safe no matter what the weather, but today after gathering my family we had to race off. So a huge THANK YOU to :- Jan BAUDER, Abigail CAST, Georgiana CROSSLAND, Jacob CROSSLAND, Ben JOHNSON, Vin LACEY, Catherine MCKEE, Tamsin MILLNS, Harvey NEAL, Michael QUALTROUGH, Sarah REEP, Evie SMALLEY, Henry SMALLEY, Helen SMALLEY, Liz SPINKS, Ian SULLIVAN, George SULLIVAN, Lyndsey WRIGHT who made this event possible. As with parkruns around the world if you fancy giving scanning a go, fancy being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please look on the roster and e-mail - gedlinghelpers@parkrun.com IMG_20180101_084146301As with many other runners today there was no heading to the café for a chat and post run analysis of this week's parkrun but the gathering of the rest of my clan and bundling them into the car to drive the 5 miles to our next parkrun adventure. IMG_2839

Thanks Daniel, great report! Now, a few words from me...

Thank you so much to all our amazing volunteers who coped so well with 365 runners! A special thank you to Sarah who joined us from Burnham & Highbridge parkrun to help with the funnel. I forgot to mention to Sarah that Burnham & Highbridge is our sister, like us, they were born on the 20th June 2015! Thanks also to Ben Johnson for taking some awesome photos, you can check them out on our Flickr group.

The high numbers meant parking was a little more challenging than usual, thanks to everyone who parked responsibly. If you park on a residential street please remember to park responsibly, and under no circumstances should cars be left on Spring Lane. Our thanks must also go to GBC for providing portaloos as our usual toilets in the cafe were closed. Thanks to everyone who used them. IMG_3114

New Years Day parkrun is always very special for me. For a good few years, the east side of Nottingham had a fantastic community in Colwick parkrun. When Gedling started, some stayed, some moved over to the hills, new communities were formed, new friendships created, then when Bestwood Village came along it happened all over again. New Years Day felt like these three parkrun communities blended as one. Because after all, we are one big #parkrunfamily.

All the best for 2018.



Event 134 – 30th December 2017

Phew! We did it! It was looking very uncertain on Saturday whether parkrun would go ahead due to sheet ice. However on the course inspection we did some breaking up of the ice and then we were ready to go. I am sure some of you were still tucked up in bed thinking we would cancel but we are pleased that you were able to join us.

The last Gedling parkrun of 2017 had 132 runners, joggers and walkers to the hills. We welcomed 20 first timers to Gedling including 1 runner who was new to parkrun - Andrew Sutcliffe.

Gedling parkrun 30th December 2017

Our tourists came from as nearby as Beeston and as far away as France. There were also parkrunners from Sheffield, Cambridgeshire, Manchester, Glasgow, Basingstoke and Cardiff - apologies if I missed anyone else.

It wasn't a day for PB's with the wind against the runners but 9 of you still managed a PB. Here is Charlie Pearce ringing the PB bell. He has completed 139 parkruns in 75 different locations. He also demonstrated some heroics at the end of parkrun diving for one of blue clothes bags that was blowing away in the wind which he managed to catch but only after falling in the mud! Thank you Charlie!

Gedling parkrun 30th December 2017

The first finisher today was Matt King (19:31), 2nd finisher was Jake Greenhalgh (19:53) and 3rd finisher was Jon Fox (21:04). For the ladies there was Emily Lucas (21:13) who got a new PB and was 4th overall, Natalie Jayne Hoffman (23:11) and Jane Matthews (24:55). A special mention to Jake who is only 11 years old - great running Jake!

Gedling parkrun 30th December 2017

Congratulations to Chris Ellis who ran his 50th parkrun. 49 of these have been at Gedling and also 1 at Killerton. Also congratulations to Helen Swarbrooke, who despite only just recovering from serious injury, completed her 1000km of running for the year while at parkrun. Fantastic!

Gedling parkrun 30th December 2017

It's not all about PB's and milestones so I also want to mention some of the regular parkrunners at Gedling who were with us today and have recorded lots of runs at Gedling. Hilary Povey has ran 181 parkruns of which 85 have been at Gedling, Jan Bauder has ran 83 parkruns and 82 of these have been at Gedling and David Greenwell has completed 174 parkruns and 70 have been with us at Gedling.

Of course none of this is possible without our wonderful volunteers. Helping us celebrate the end of 2017 were Neil and Emma keeping time, Tracy, Charlie, Kathryn and Ian marshalling, Jacob and Claire bar code scanning, Benjamin managing the funnel, Julie giving out the tokens, Linda and Lewis tail walking, Michael gave the first timers brief and Helen was your run director.

Gedling parkrun 30th December 2017

Don't forget we have an extra parkrun on New Years Day at 9am when George will be back at Gedling to be the run director. We are all looking forward to seeing him back on the hills. Don't forget it is the only day of the year when you can do "the double" and record 2 different parkruns. I am sure a lot of you will be heading to Colwick which starts at 10.30am.

That's all from the team at Gedling parkrun for 2017.



Event 133 – 23rd December 2017 – The one before Christmas!

It was the Saturday before Christmas and all through the land everyone was so excited it was parkrun day!!!
What a magical day with a whopping 162 runners coming out and many of the runners in the most fantastic Christmas outfits
Thanks to everyone for making this such a special day to remember


BIG thanks to this weeks hi-viz volunteers (including some that had never done this before) and all worked together so well to make this event "run" so smoothly for you all



If you'd like to help out and volunteer for future events, please go to the Gedling parkrun website, click on the volunteer tab and getting involved to make more magic happen

Back to the pre-Christmas run magic and oh what magic on the Gedling hills - This week we had an incredible -
13 first timers - Hope you all enjoyed and will be joining us and parkrun again and bring your friends with you as more the merrier!
15 tourists from as far away as London and Rushcliffe! Speaking to one happy tourist and the Gedling profile made this a challenging/fun run and so hope to see you all again
21 (YES, twenty one!) PB's today!!! This included 4 PB's in the top 5, 2 PB's for the Santa Claus family (loved the outfits!) and PB's all throughout the results - Well done to all



This week was also an extra special event for two runners that completed their 50th parkrun this week - Congratulations and well done to Helen Smalley and Rachel Moore



There was so many pictures from this event and so go to Flickr link on website and the Gedling parkrun Group


There's no Gedling parkrun on Christmas Day (but other local parkruns are available) and we're back next Saturday 30th December and then host a New Year's Day run at Gedling

Have a wonderful Chrstmas and happy running!


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