Event 196 – 2nd March 2019

Well this first parkrun in March brought a respite from the wintery conditions that have prevailed throughout all of ... erm... winter.

Many thanks to the volunteers who came out: We had Nick, Vivienne and Anne marshaling; Kelly & Jess were on the timekeepers; Harvey & June were scanning barcodes; Claire & Rachel were managing the funnel; Sarah, Ruth and Chris were tailwalking and David & Savitaa were pacing.

Here are the happy faces below:


They all did a great job... they were only let down by me who forgot to say parts of the pre-run brief. Oh well.. I put it down to not having had a coffee yet.

Volunteering a great fun. You can get in on the action by having a look at the future roster and if you can help out, please drop Denise our fabulous volunteer co-ordinator an email. We'd love to see you in the hi-vis, and we can't do it without you!

We had a tourists from all-over including a massive contingent from Kingfisher Harriers in Redditch who were completing the "G" in their alphabet tours of parkruns.


Well that's about it from me so until next week...


Event #195 – the one with superior quality biscuits

It was a really overcast start to the day but with a definite promise that it would burn off and turn into a lovely lovely day.


As ever we had a brilliant team of volunteers, Sarah kicked us off with the first timers briefing (20 people including tourists, one from as far away as Brisbane!).  Kel and Tom were in charge of time keeping whilst June, Dave and Kevin did some excellent marshalling.  Lana, Harvey and Anysha made sure you got through the funnel with the right tokens and Jacob and Jess scanned your excellent results in - with 28 of you getting a PB!  Katie, Bohdan and Thomas made sure everyone got back safely.



Our regular pacers, David, Michelle and Savitaa did a sterling job as ever - one of the hardest jobs on the roster.  If you fancy volunteering Denise would always love to hear from you on gedlinghelpers@parkrun.com - try your hand at any of the above roles - the team are really friendly and it's such a lovely way to start the weekend - thanks team -= we couldn't do it without you!



We don't know who our first finisher was this week as he didn't get scanned but we do know that Andrew King was one of our PBs this week - here he is below eating one of the superior biscuits....







bought by Meryl who was celebrating her 150th park run - well done!!!  Rhod and Scoot were also running their 150th but they didn't bring biscuits so.......



That's all folks - after 3 week as RD I'm taking a break for a few weeks (also aiming to get over the enduring chest infection) so over to you Nickesh......



Event #194 16 February 2019 – the one with too many Jammie dodgers

We'd nominated this week as the official Valentine's Day run with many people turning up in red although I included a bit of cross over with my birthday so there were packets of Jammie dodgers to celebrate (they have little hearts, see....).  And it was such a lovely day - it was unbelievable that only a week had passed since the monumental winds of the previous week!

We had a fab team, of volunteers: David and Kevin on pacing, Kel and Jess on the stopwatches, Izzy and Karen on the barcode scanning and Chris and Harvey making sure everyone got their tokens.  June, Carl and Damian picked their marshal spots and Mike and Lana had a brisk trot round as tail walkers after Neil had briefed all the first timers.  Thanks to all of you and of course the amazing Denise who makes sure we have a full roster each week.  Some weeks this is harder than others so if you have the time please do sign up for the odd volunteer spot (perfect if you're in a big training programme and need a rest day or alternatively if you think you might be nursing a hangover) it's as simple as emailing gedlinghelpers@parkrun.com.  Thanks to all of you!

IMG_0664 IMG_0665

We had two 100 runners this week Chris Ellis and Kevin Barker but in true style I got distracted at a critical moment so don't have photos of them both - Kevin used his 100th to pace and did a very good job of it too!  Much respect to our pacers - keeping the right pace is a real skill.  The amazing Denise (of the volunteer co-ordinating) also chose this week to get a PB - go Denise!  While I remember - Ian Hales has been our first finisher for quite a few weeks in a row now (see very bad photo below - well done Ian) but I am very reliably informed he's away stag do-ing next week just so as to give everyone else a chance of course!!!

IMG_0668 IMG_0670

Ah - the lovely funnel - without the wind the chains were back and there were many fewer funnel duckers.....



See you Saturday.......


Event #193 – 9 February 2019 – Gedling and the blustery day

It was a very very windy day - and we should be proud of ourselves that we lost no kit, park runners or volunteers to the other side of the valley!  Our volunteers turned out all togged up and ready for the weather and coped admirably even though we were down by a few people due to the February Flu..


The marshalls, Karen, Izzy, Bohdan, Thomas and Tom had their work cut out making sure runners followed the right route with no signage.  Lana funnel managed a chain-less funnel (so it couldn't blow away) with Emma handing out tokens while Mary and Anya did the time keeping with frozen fingers.  Harvey heroically did all the bar code scanning with a tiny bit of help from Neil when the queue got too long.


Katie did her 100th park run and was very cheerful as ever on completing - cakes and biscuits abounded and we managed to stop them from blowing away!  Well done Katie!


Bringing up the rear were Carl, Jess and Kevin - probably the least cold of all of us!

Thanks to Savitaa and Rhodri for pacing you all round in their lovely smart pacer bibs - thanks for stepping in at such short notice particularly Rhodri!


Thanks for yet another brilliant parkrun folks - the roster is looking a little light in coming weeks and there's still lots of illness knocking around so it means things can get a little tight - if you're up for feeling like you've already done something brilliant by 10am on a Saturday morning with minimal running effort - why not give it a go - it works wonders for blowing away a hangover!!! contact gedlinghelpers@parkrun.com for more info - Denise always likes making new friends!!


Event 192 – 2nd February 2019

Winter is definitely coming! As most of Southern England was knee deep in snow, we were spared the snow up at Gedling, but it was cold and there was a fair amount of ice about. The bit at the back of the solar farm always seems to attract thick ice, so we did a bit of a course inspection first thing, and as the ice was present, dispatched 3 willing volunteers, equipped with finish funnel stakes to smash it up a bit. Thanks to Rhod, Dave and Simon for helping us out.

The cold conditions didn't stop 152 of you turning out to embrace our hills and gorgeous views, there were two people brand new to the world of parkrun - Welcome! And 18 tourists who were doing their first run with us. Thank you Nickesh for doing the first timers brief.

Big big thanks as ever to out marvellous volunteers. On the timers you had Harvey and Carl, on the funnel was Nikki and Anysha, doing the barcodes was Lana and Jess (helped by Lily on the token bucket). Marshalling you safely round the course was Izzy, Karen, June, Neil and Rhod who was the emergency marshal up on the icy bit by the solar farm. Nic and Hayley were tailwalking, making sure you all finished safely and all the signs were brought back.

Our parkrun simply could not happen without the efforts of our amazing volunteers, why not have a go? It is fun (guaranteed) and we give full instructions on everything you need to do. If you're interested, please drop Denise, our volunteer co-ordinator a mail at gedling@parkrun.com

We had two pacers, Dave doing 25 minutes and Savitaa doing 35. If you'e up for a bit of pacing one day, choose your time and drop us a line!

First across the line for the gents was Ian Hales in 19:10, followed by David Leeming (3rd overall) in 20:05 and then Andrew Walters in 20:38

For the ladies, it was Lisa Deacon in 19:57 (2nd overall and a new PB!), followed by Ruth Brandon in 22:57 and then Katie Hicken in 23:34

Apologies for not getting many photos of you running, the sun was right in our eyes and made it difficult to see never mind for taking photos!

Some people wonder what a run director does, there are many tasks that need doing from sorting the kit and making sure everyone is safe to looking after a unicorn.
No, I'm not going mad, you read that right.
Our youngest volunteer Lily decided that looking after her favourite unicorn called "Aurora" would be a job best suited to the run director!

Despite the harsh and slippy conditions, there were 18 new personal bests recorded! Well done all of you!

If you get a PB, ring that bell and celebrate! Here's Tegan showing how it's done.

Back at the Willowbrook, it was a team token sorting effort with Denise, Nickesh, Darren and Nic all diving in to get those tokens sorted. Number 68 was missing, if you've accidentally put it in your pocket, we'd love to get it back and will give you a free 5k on a Saturday morning in exchange!

The parkrun elves who run the computers were a bit busy on Saturday morning at results processing time, which meant that the bulk of the results got done, but the system was just too busy to add in the unscannables. Not a problem, I'll do them at home later I thought. Brilliant idea! All good except the piece of paper with the unscannables fell out of my pocket somewhere between the Willowbrook and home. If you are one of the people on the list, please let us know and I'll get you added in.

That's about it from me for this week,

Keep warm!




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