Event 157 – 9th June 2018

We were graced with perfect running conditions this morning on Mount Gedling, cool and overcast and 177 of you decided to leap out of bed and join us on the glorious hills.

The first timers briefing was done by Surgeon Neil Gregory to a larger than normal group, this may have had something to do with the cancellation of Colwick parkrun today which has been overrun by people dancing until the early hours at the detonate festival. We had 23 first timers and for a fantastic 5 of you it was your very first parkrun (Adrian, Joseph, Chau, James & Peter) maximum respect to you all for choosing Gedling as your first parkrun, all the others will seem easy now! We hope you’ll join us again.

Gedling parkrun 9-6-18

We were also celebrating 70 years of the NHS this morning. If you were confused by the presence of a surgeon and nurse, it wasn’t to perform medical procedures on any casualties of the Cobra (aka heart attack hill), but to celebrate and recognise the work of all the fantastic NHS staff and the services they provide, which I’m sure has played a part in most of our lives at some time.

Other celebrations at Gedling include Sammi Grewal who has completed a fantastic 50 parkruns and also Jan Bauder choosing us to celebrate her 100th parkrun and she must have been flying round the course as she equalled her personal best time at Gedling! Amazing achievements guys – well done!! The running conditions were obviously good as a huge 39 of you also achieved personal bests today – awesome running!

Gedling parkrun 9-6-18

1st through the funnel for the men was Stefan Kozlowski in 17:49 with a new PB, 2nd Ian Hales in 18:33 also achieving a PB, and 3rd was Adrian Turton in 19:32 on his debut run here. For the Ladies 1st Lisa Deacon in 20:17 with a new PB. 2nd Katie Hicken in 23:13 a regular on the hills and 3rd Tracy Hill who also achieved a shiny new PB. Well done guys!

Gedling parkrun 9-6-18

As always a huge thanks to all the volunteers including Surgeon Neil Gregory who stepped in at the last minute to take the reins as run director Also this week Victoria Kozlowski, Hannah Banbury, Ian (Mr Gedling) Sullivan, Andrew Gardner, Michele (nurse) Noble, Nick and Oliver Hill, Denise (broken ankle) Hooley, Cheryl Jackson, Rebecca Prime, Lindsay and Phoebe Simpson, Benjamin Staniforth, Stan and Samuel Riley were our super stars today thank you all.

parkrun wouldn’t happen without all the volunteers so why not put your name down for a role, full training is given (not that it's complicated) and we are a very friendly bunch, please email us, message us on facebook or speak to someone on the day. There are still a few vacancies over the coming weeks.

Gedling parkrun 9-6-18

As always it was back to the Willowbrook where myself and Denise sorted tokens and Ian processed the results and a well-deserved sausage cob was eaten...obviously, it’s hard work timekeeping and token sorting! A quick shout out and thank you to Nickesh for nominating me for run report writer this week, no doubt I will return the favour at some point ;-)

Next week we are handing over to Ian Sullivan to kick off the celebrations for Gedling parkrun’s 3rd Birthday and I have been reliably informed there will be cake so it’s not one to miss! Have a fab week all - enjoy your running! Michele x

Gedling parkrun 9-6-18


Event 156 – 2nd June 2018

It feels like quite a while since I did a run report but I thought as I've got a quiet hour on a sunny afternoon why not.

It was rather rainy last Saturday but that didn't dampen the spirits of the hardy group of volunteers. Who were these paragons of awesomeness you ask? Well I was just about to say- we had Kelly and Claire timekeeping; Bohden, Thomas, Lana, Mark and Ian marshalling; Adam and Denise barcode scanning (who both did a fantastic job scanning in the rainy conditions); Olivia, Ruth and Michael tailwalking and Stephen and Hilary managing the funnel.

Also special thanks to Mr Gedling Ian Sullivan who did the first timers' briefing. Unfortunately the megaphone seemed not to be working so I was forced to rely on my loud and resonant voice to make myself heard. Unfortunately nature decided not to give me a loud resonant voice so apologies to those who could hear.

The rain didn't deter 107 of you from turning out including 10 new to Gedling. Also eighteen managed PBs including Gary and Michele below:


Daniel Bagley was first over the line with a time of 17:45 and Michele Noble (above) was the first lady in a time of 23:22.

It was back down to the Willowbrook for breakfast. Kelly and Tamzin very kindly offered to process the results so I could relax enjoy my breakfast and Olivia, Orla and Peter Deacon sorted the tokens for next week.

Well that's about it from me so until next week...


Event 155 – 26th May 2018

120 runners made it round Mount Gedling today. We had a fantastic 29 PBs and 12 first timers. Dave Baldock completed his 100th parkrun with 74 here at Gedling also including international visits to Copenhagen and Berlin parkruns. Valerie Walker completed her 50th parkrun today with 20 here at Gedling.

This was my first Run Director shift without Ian on hand to help so I was a bit nervous... I got back from London at 10.30 last night and had a quick read of my notes and realised that I had to charge the scanners... A big thank you to today's team of volunteers, especially Kelly who had the equipment and most of the team organised before I had even arrived, she also stayed on to help me process the results - thank you so much! Claire and Laura were on timing, Laura dragged herself to come and help even though she was not feeling 100% - thank you! Katie, Jan and Sophie were all marshaling around the course. Denise and Jacob were on scanning, a special mention for Denise who volunteered despite having a broken leg and being on crutches, she even bought her own chair along. Harvey was on finishing tokens, Kelly was out Funnel Manager, Pete helped write down any barcodes which wouldn't scan and Kim and Louisa were our tail walkers. There is still a few gaps on the volunteer rota over the next weeks, so if you're available and fancy giving something back, please contact gedlinghelpers@parkrun.com - thank you to those that put your name down today with Nick's gentle persuading.


12 first timers today, including this gentleman with his 3 legged dog... We hope you join us again!
Dave Baldock's 100th parkrun! 1527368063946blob


Event 154 – 19th May 2018

For some, the 19th May 2018 was a very special day. People across the world were getting excited for something truly amazing that was happening that day. Yes, that's right, it was parkrunday!! Oh, and I think someone got married too, but enough of that, let's talk about parkrun!!

We were rewarded with a splendid morning on the hills of Gedling, the parkrunweatherfairy has certainly waved his/her magic wand and let the sun shine on 157 of you as you went up and down our slight undulations.

Harvey, one of our regular DofE volunteers delivered the first timers and tourists brief. We had six first timers to the wonderful world of parkrun, and a good handful of tourists who braved a trip to Gedling, some were from Grantham (Belton House parkrun) who left these kind words in the comments of our visitors book; "Brutal!" Thank you gents! We hope to see you again.
Gedling parkrun 19-5-18
parkrun wouldn't be parkrun without our splendid volunteers, in fact, it wouldn't happen at all! Big thanks to all who helped make the event a success.
Gedling parkrun 19-5-18
We had Harvey and Emma timekeeping, marshalling you round was Bohdan, Lana, Kelly, and sister act Laura and Lindsey, managing the funnel were Jacob and Lois. On scanning duty you had Thomas, Jenny and Benjamin and bringing up the rear tail walking was Charlotte and Vin. Thank you each and every one of you! Please have a look at the future volunteer roster, we welcome newcomers who've never volunteered before, none of the roles are difficult and fun is guaranteed!
Gedling parkrun 19-5-18

It's always a bit of fun to play parkrun bingo before the event, where the volunteers try to guess the number of attendees. Harvey won this week with a guess of 160, it's just for fun, and Harvey won himself a free 5k at a location of his choice on a Saturday morning!

Gedling parkrun 19-5-18

First across the line today for the gents was Darren Potter in 17:20, followed by Ian Hales in 19:12 and then David Leeming in 19:45.
For the ladies it was Katherine Packwood in 22:41, followed by Natalie Crawford in 24:27 and then Hannah Millwater in 26:21.
We did think at one point that Darren was going to break the course record with how fast he was flying down the hill from the solar farm! Fantastic running in the heat! Well done!
Gedling parkrun 19-5-18

29 new personal bests were recorded, the sunshine obviously helped! Well done to Tamsin, who after many weeks of trying, broke the 27 minute barrier!
Gedling parkrun 19-5-18Once you'd all finished we cleared away and headed off to the Willowbrook for breakfast and results processing. The results this week were done by Ben, as part of his DofE volunteering, but of course they had to wait a few minutes until we'd finished our breakfast! Priorities!

If you fancy giving volunteering a go, please drop us an email or let us know on facebook.

Finally, our friends at Newark parkrun had to deal with an incident where a runner collapsed and the AED had to be used. Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, the runner is recovering and making good progress. However there's something which we can learn from this incident.

The runner involved had a barcode with him, but did not contain any emergency contact details. These were retrieved from parkrun HQ but this itself took some time, where the priority was dealing with the air ambulance and emergency services.
If your emergency contact details are stored on your parkrun profile, but don't appear on your current stash of paper barcodes, please reprint them from your profile page. Then the ICE details will automatically be populated on the printed barcode.
If you haven't stored your emergency contact details on your parkrun profile, please do this as soon as you can (and reprint your barcodes).

In light of this recent event, we are going to deliver some more emergency first aid & defib training over the coming months. If you could please let us know if you are interested in receiving or helping with training via this form? When we have an idea of numbers we will sort some dates out.

Next week it's Cath's turn in the run directors hi-vis, enjoy your week!



Event153 Another lovely sunny day

Another rain free morning, that's what we like to see on a Saturday on the hills of Gedling, This week 132 people ran, jogged and walked of whom 27 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. What a fabulous morning. Welcome to you all and we hope to see you again . Thank to Jenny for doing the first time briefing, what made me smile when I asked if any of the volunteers would like to do this, everyone looked at the floor. You did a great job Jenny. First time briefing is always a good volunteer role because it still means you can get your hills in too.

Volunteers arrived nice and early and we were all set up and ready to get the show on the road by 8.40. A massive thank you to our volunteers. Volunteering is really important to be able to have our lovely Saturday morning runs so  team Gedling really appreciates your support and dedication. So if you would spare one Saturday it would make our events coordinators job a little bit easier. Here's our wonderful team from yesterday: Liz and Jim beeping you home, Liz did a fab job considering her first time on the timers. Marshalling you around the course we had Sam, Little Arthur, Paul and Jo   to ensure you didn't take any wrong turns. Jacob and Helen using them barcode scanners. To ensure that the finishing tunnel stayed in order we had Jenny managing the funnel and working alongside her we have David who gave out tokens. then we had Anne and Claire making sure everyone got back safely as our tail walkers. Finally Me (Kel) wearing the run director vest pretending to know what I'm doing

Gedling parkrun 12th may 2018

Everyone did fantastic but what is great to see  the results table is that our first male, female and Junior were all first timers. Well done guys. So we have Andrew Humphries, Lisa Deacon and Isabel Westwood.

Gedling parkrun 12th may 2018

Gedling parkrun 12th may 2018

Here at Gedling we love to see everyone's determination, running goals and there love for running from our regular runners and new ones. We just wanted to say a massive well done to Little Aiden Doyle. We remember the days when Dad was pushing him around in a pushchair up the hills, we celebrated his fourth birthday and now he's running with such confidence and getting those personal best. Gedling parkrun 12th may 2018

Right that's it for this week and ill be passing the run director vest over to Ian. Happy running Kel

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