Event 164 – 27th July 2018

After 5 weeks of glorious sunshine, some folks were wishing for a bit of rain to help with their gardens, which is something I never wish for on a Saturday morning. Looking at the forecast last night it was going to be a rainy parkrun day.... During my morning cup of tea I was watching the rain pour down, and thinking this should be the week that "Mr Rain Director Nason" puts on the RD hi-vis! Luckily, by 8:15 the rain had stopped as our fabulous volunteers assembled to get the show on the road.

We were blessed with a fabulous team of volunteers this week. Expertly timing you in was Kelly and Carl, on the barcode scanners we had Denise, Jacob and Emma, managing the funnel was Zoe and Suzanne. Keeping you safe on the course you had Charlotte, Natalie, Michele, Jacob and Charlie, and making sure everyone was accounted for was your tail walkers Martin and Angela. That just left me (Ian) wearing the RD hi vis and looking like I knew what I was doing!
Gedling parkrun 28-7-18

Big thanks to Emma who did the first timers and tourist brief. We had tourists from as far away as Poland, Huntingdon and Hampshire, we also welcomed three first timers to the world of parkrun, thank you for making Gedling your first!
Gedling parkrun 28-7-18

Thank you all for paying attention during the pre-run brief. The batteries on the megaphone had died so we had to do the brief the old fashioned way with a big old SHOUT!

We had to make mention of one particular special volunteer during the brief, and that's Kelly, who did her 100th volunteer appearance at Gedling parkrun. That's not 100 volunteer occasions overall, oh no! She's done loads at juniors too, but 100 hi-vis appearances at one event is something worth shouting about! Thank you Kelly!

Before a run, it appears some of you have certain rituals that you do. Whether it's putting your socks on before your pants or always tying your left shoe first, there are plenty. I have, however, never heard of having to have a mint toffee before a parkrun. Not a liquorice one, or a plain one. A mint one. At every parkrun. Just because. Well, whatever works for you Katie!
Gedling parkrun 28-7-18

I suspect my voice was loud enough, as you all heard me shout GO! 128 pairs of feet sped up and down the hills of Gedling. It wasn't long before the first finisher came home in a time of 18:33, well done Richard Herrington!
Next across the line was Matt Nutt in 19:34 and then Alex Dalton in 20:03.
Gedling parkrun 28-7-18

For the ladies it was Katie Hicken in 23:01 (yes, I reckon I need to start eating mint toffees before a run!!), closely followed by Tania Coates in 23:43 and then Daisy Price 25:09

There were 15 new personal bests today, well done to all of you! Did the slightly cooler morning help? Or was it the wind pushing you up the cobra?
Well done too to Georgiana, who thought she might have got a PB and gave the bell a ring anyway, unfortunately she was only 9 seconds off, that's close enough in our book to ring that bell!
Gedling parkrun 28-7-18

Our tourist from Poland, Adam, said he thought our course was beautiful and loved the views! Thanks for the feedback!
Gedling parkrun 28-7-18
Another tourist from Hampshire also loved our course, and the fact that we started on time! We do pride ourselves on that, I must admit!! And it did make me chortle!

We managed to get a great response in filling some gaps in the roster in the coming weeks. Thank you! If you can help out, please let us know, volunteering is great fun. Suzanne, the winner of our parkrun bingo game thought it was great fun. She correctly guessed 128 runners at the start of the event and has won herself a free 5k run at a choice of locations on a Saturday morning!
Have a look at the future roster and if you can help out, please drop Denise our fabulous volunteer co-ordinator an email. We'd love to see you in the hi-vis, and we can't do it without you!
Gedling parkrun 28-7-18

Back at the pub it was time to process the results and sort the tokens.

Thanks to the fantastic timing and funnel team the results were a breeze, with only a handful of unscannables to manually process. Easy!
Thank you to Jacob and Charlie who sorted the tokens, it's great to get the little ones involved!

Finally, we'd had a request from the folks organising the Nottingham 10k, who are on the lookout for volunteers. If you can help them on the 12th August, please drop Matt Robinson an email.

We'll leave you in the capable hands of Nickesh for next weeks event.




Event 161 – 14th July 2018

Wow it was warm out there last Saturday... even volunteers had to take off their hi-vis vests and put them round their waists as modeled by the glamorous Jo Sullivan.


So well done to the 122 of you who ran or walked the mightly hills of Gedling especially to the four first timers who were there on Saturday and the twelve people who achieved pr's. That is a mighty 10% of runners so massive respect to them.

There was a scramble for the small patch of shade generated by the gazebo at then finish.


Also Massive respect to the volunteers:we had Kel & Ian on the timekeepers, Emma and Kelly managing the funnel, Jo and Denise barcode scanning, Kev, Anne and Chris marshaling and Lindsay and Vin tailwalking. P1020548

Please examine whether you can help out in future weeks at is saves a great deal of stress behind the scenes if the roster is filled up in advance.

In other news, we had a contingent of tourists from the Lincoln parkrun care team who were visiting and who gave some really positive feedback about Gedling parkrun.

The sun brought out a fine selection of sunglasses- my favourite being Ian Sullivans's rather fetching pink parkrun shades. Of course I needed to try them on:

Gedling parkrun 14-7-18

Well that's about it from me so until next week (or accurately 10 hours)...


Event 160 – 7th July

Well Saturday was a scorcher! The weather was amazing and was over 25 degrees before we have even set the course up. The heat didn't stop the hills welcoming 217 runners including 58 first timers and 17 PB's!

There were a group of approx 50 runners who were running 7 parkruns on the 7th day of the 7th month and it was lovely to see them arrive fresh from Forest Rec. Thank you for choosing Gedling as your official parkrun.

One of the runners , Charlie was getting married later in the day and he chose Gedling for his "groom run" whilst his bride to be was at another parkrun beginning with B. It was lovely to see his guests joining the run as well.

7th July 18

7th July 18

Thank you to all the volunteers, the heat was sweltering and the flies were very attracted to the hi viz jackets! Here is a picture of us wishing England good luck quarter final of the world cup.

7th July 18

Thanks from all the Gedling team


Event 159 – 23 June 2018

Another week of glorious weather attracted 117 of you stampeding around the scenic mountains of Gedling Country Park.

Daniel Cordle kicked off todays parkrun with the very important First Timers Briefing to 2 first timers and 12 tourists. Nickesh, this weeks Run Director, did a fantastic job with the pre run briefing. That was, of course, after he showed off his under pressure workman skills and fixed the megaphone with only 5 minutes to go before the start. Well done Nickesh!

31 of you smashed your PB's. This was, of course, with the help of little Lily Greenwood, handing out lots of generous lucky high fives on the first down hill.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Craig Taylor and Charlotte Ellis for coming the first male and female to cross the finish line. Craig finished a very respectable 17:26 and Charlotte an amazing 22:57. Fantastic work to you both!

We had 10 unknown runners who had forgotten, lost or dog had eaten their barcodes. Well done, whoever you were. You can reprint your barcode from your profile on the parkrun website or, if you prefer, you can buy a wristband from the parkrun shop.

None of this would have been possible without our HI VIS Hero's. Pointing you in the right direction we had Marshals Kevin Quigley, James Pilling and Ian Daws. 30 minute Pace Maker, Michele 'BOLT' Noble, who helped 3 runners achieve PB's.
Bringing up the rear we had Tail Walkers Nick Hill and Oliver Hill. Timing you we had Timekeepers Daniel Cordle and Julie Bridges. Sandra Gell kept order in the funnel. Nikki Dixon was dishing out the finish tokens. Joanne Massey and myself, Denise 'Broken leg' Hooley were doing the most important job and scanning the barcodes. Lily Greenwood was multi tasking collecting the scanned barcodes and handing out the Holme Pierrepont Grand Prix flyers.

After the run, we were off to the pub for A well deserved brekkie and brew whilst we sorted the tokens and processed the results.

If you'd like to be a HI Vis Hero, please email the Gedling Team. We're always grateful for the help, they are all really easy tasks with lots of on the day training, plus you get free t-shirts once you hit your milestones.

Next week the forecast looks lovely. Don't forget your sun cream and bring plenty of water.


Event 158 – 16 June 2018 – 3rd birthday

It does not seem like three years ago since we started Gedling parkrun. In some ways it seems only a few months ago and in some it feels like it's been here forever. We have come a long way in our three years. We've had 3,608 different participants run around our fabulous hills, clocking up a total of 93,990 kilometres with a total of 2,569 personal bests! This would not have been possible without the help of our splendid volunteers, 464 individuals who've made the magic happen!

So what do you do to celebrate a birthday? Well, cake is the obvious answer! We had pretty standard sponge cake (made by me!), and Tamsin and Kel each made a "Three cake". Savitaa brought along a coffee cake, and Neil brought some nibbles. Also on offer was some fruit (for those healthy runners) and a selection of sweet treats.Thank you to all of you who brought something along. I did think, however, that there would be loads left over, there normally is. How wrong was I? A swarm of runners soon devoured the lot and left us with nowt but a crumb to take to the Willowbrook! Good job we had the extra table! IMG_2018-06-16_12-39-24

Thanks to my parkrunning neighbours Paula & Max we were able to borrow their gazebo for the event (due to the one we ordered being somewhere unknown between the Amazon warehouse and the carrier!) which served two purposes, it kept the rain off the cakes, and gave the scanners somewhere dry to scan the barcodes. We were hoping not to have any rain for our birthday, but those grey rain clouds followed Rob Nason up the hills and ensured that the statutory downpour was delivered! It didn't dampen the spirits though!

We were amazed with the turnout, our attendance is an average of 120 runners per week, but this time we were visited by 248 of you! Was it the promise of cake? We don't know but we had to break out the second set of finish tokens. Thanks to Nikki who stepped in to assist with barcode scanning after finishing her run, it certainly helped to get the queue down.

We had a proper set of magic makers making the event happen, with Kel and Tom on timing, Nickesh, Jo and Nikki on the scanners, being helped by Lily and her unicorn on token bucket duty. Marshalling you round the course was Savitaa, Dave, Martyn, Bohdan, Lana and Thomas. On the funnel was Vin and Jacob and we had Katie and Jayne tailwalking.
Also getting the hi-vis on for the first timers brief was our guest speaker Jode from Brierley Forest parkrun, who always considers Gedling as "home", it was good to see you back Jode! Gedling parkrun 158

Following the first timers brief, it was time for the main brief, thank the volunteers, welcome the tourists, dogs on a short lead, under 11's in arms reach etc, before and during this I'd had a nagging doubt that I'd forgotten something. Only when I shouted 3-2-1 go! I remembered what it was!
We used to have the points table some years ago and at a birthday celebration, some parkruns would give awards to the most achieving runners etc, but we'd decided that we'd like to thank two of our special volunteers. AND I FORGOT! Which I am truly sorry for, and I apologised profusely to the two winners and hung my head in shame, so here's a bit about them:

Grown up volunteer of the year award was given to Ian Marshall. Quite often, when the roster is empty all week, and there's a frenzied push to get it filled on Thursday / Friday, sometimes there's just one marshal spot left, and there will be one man who always mails in to say "I'll do it! I was going to run but will help out if needed". Ian is that one to thank on a Saturday morning who has made sure the roster is full and you can safely run round the course. It really does mean a great deal to us Ian, thank you.
Gedling parkrun 158Junior volunteer of the year award was given to Jacob Crossland. Jacob first came too us more than six months ago as he embarked on his Silver Duke of Edinburghs Award. Jacob has consistently helped in a variety of roles, timing, scanning, funnel managing and has been a very reliable and dependable member of the team. Jacob finished his required volunteer appearances a while ago, and he was back on the roster this week following three days of his DofE expedition, this just shows his commitment. Well done Jacob! Gedling parkrun 158

Also on the roster this week was Abigail and Simon who were VI Guides, who helped guide our VI guests Agata and Iris up the hills.
Gedling parkrun 158
Iris's guide dog Delaney also took the opportunity to have a good 5k walk with Trevor, he loves barkrun!
Gedling parkrun 158Our first finisher was Samual Barnes who crossed the line in 17:04 (New PB), an extremely quick time, and he was lucky to get a time as we were still facing up toward the solar farm watching the runners coming past and hadn't noticed him tearing down the hill towards us until the last minute, luckily our ever professional timekeepers didn't miss him! Next over the line was Chris Bell in 18:12 followed by Tom Needham in 19:02. Gedling parkrun 158
For the ladies, Lisa Deacon was first in 20:23, followed by Amanda Hibbert in 22:45 (new PB) and then Daisy Price in 23:53 (new PB)

A total of 45 new personal bests were recorded, it was obviously the right weather for a PB! There were 16 first timers to the world of parkrun. Some of whom were from Col Frank Seeley school couch to 5k graduation. Well done to all of you, and you couldn't have picked a better parkrun course to graduate at! We also had tourists from Rugby, and also some from Australia, who sadly forgot their barcodes, luckily they're in the UK for a few weeks so are hoping to get some printed and do another parkrun while they're over here.
Gedling parkrun 158

Once the tail walkers had come home, it was time to clear up, fight with the takedown of the gazebo, and get back to the Willowbrook for results processing.

As well as the award for Jacob and Ian, we bought Sam from the Willowbrook some flowers to say thank you. We've been coming back to the Willowbrook for two weeks short of 3 years, and sometimes there's four of us, sometimes twenty, sometimes forty (like this week), and they always cope with the demand and have always been welcoming.
Gedling parkrun 158They also serve beer too which is always a bonus! Gedling parkrun #158 3rd Birthday

Our birthday spirits were dampened somewhat when we were doing the results to have received two separate complaints regarding the inconsiderate parking at the event from residents both on the Bloor estate and Spring Lane. We were not expecting the raised numbers at this event, however we have always encouraged car sharing and other means of getting to the event, these are on the website and on social media. Whilst we understand that we cannot stop you from parking wherever you like, be it legal or not, we would ask that you park considerately and remember the future of our event relies on the good will of our neighbours and the council.

If you want to get involved in the coming weeks there are plenty of spaces available on the 30th June and into July. Please send us an email and let us know what you want to do. You can also sign up to receive the regular volunteer appeal emails, you can opt in by visiting your parkrun profile. Failing that you can always use Twitter or Facebook or sign up on the paper roster at the next event. We are always on the lookout for new volunteers, and all the roles are really simple. It's always great to see new faces in the hi-vis.
There are plenty of photos from this event and the past ones on our Flickr page, why not have a look?

That's it from me for now, thank you to all who have made the past three years very special. Next week sees Nickesh back in the run directors hi-vis but there's likely to be less cake!


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