Event 189 – 12th January 2018

The second parkrun in January should've been a pretty sedate affair (okay, the third if you include New Years Day), but as it turns out it was a pretty damn special event!

This is for numerous reasons, I shall explain.....

207 of you joined us on the hills.. Yes, 207, just think about that for a moment. Back when we started there was an average of 81 runners (for 2015) and our "statistical average" remains at 125.9 runners per week, so 207 is a pretty high number for a mid January run.

We had a massive number of 28 volunteers on the roster this week, yes, 28. For the event to go ahead safely, we need a minimum of 12 hi-vis heroes to join us. So why so many people with the yellow vests on I hear you ask?!? Read on...

When we kicked off Gedling parkrun 3 and a half years ago, there were 4 people on the "core team", 4 people who would put their name down for run director duties and be shouty to the big crowd of people.
Gedling parkrun #189
Now we have 14 (an ever increasing number), people like you, who will run direct, co-ordinate the volunteers and sort the social media stuff out.
Gedling parkrun #189The event itself is the strongest it has ever been in the 3 and a half years it's been going, and it is the right time for me to step aside and let someone else have a go at being the Event Director. For some this may be a surprise, but we've been talking about this for a while now (ever since the Christmas team curry night anyway!). It is healthy for the event to have a change of ED after a few years, a bit like having a change of chairman, a different point of view and a different way of doing things will be healthy for the event long term.

About 4 years ago, Helen Hood approached me at the finish line at Colwick, and said "there's a new parkrun starting near you, do you want to help out at it??", what I didn't realise was that it meant "you're the new Event Director, good luck!". Thank you Helen for bringing me into the parkrun family. Thank you to our amazing team of volunteers who make the event happen week after week, and thank you to the runners who bring their love (and sometimes cake) to the hills each week.

So this was the day for handing over the reins to Neil Gregory, since Neil first came to Gedling on 16th Jan 2016, he's been part of the regular runners, and before long a regular volunteer, and also getting his children to don the hi-vis on occasion (ok they were doing their DofE!!). Please give him as much love and support as you've given me over the past three and a half years.

Please don't worry! I'm not leaving the country, or leaving the area, I'm still going to be here to receive those sweaty hugs!

Enough about being sentimental, what about the run I hear you ask!

In the hi-vis we had Kel and Neil timing, Tamsin and Alison on the funnel. Nikki and Jenny on the scanners, ably assisted by Lily, Carys, Harvey and Adam. Marshalling was Denise at marshal point 1, June and Anysha at point 2, George and Nickesh at point 3 (the cobra) and Will and Rob at point 4, the zig zags. Bringing up the rear as your tail walkers was Helen, Michele, Jacob and Charlie. Big thanks also to Emma for keeping the finish area in order. Pacing you around was David doing his comfortable 25 minutes, Cath doing 28 mins and Ruth doing 30 mins (despite being a bit poorly).
Gedling parkrun #189

Look at how many people were going for the 28 minutes with Cath Gedling parkrun #189

207 runners, of which 8 were absolutely brand new to the world of parkrun, thank you for choosing Gedling for your first! There were another 19 who'd done parkrun before but were on the hills for the first time.
Big thanks to Sarah for welcoming our first timers and tourists with her thoroughly thorough first timers brief!
Gedling parkrun #189

Nickesh stole the megaphone from me and did a bit of a speech about how far we've come in the past 4 years and now Neil is taking up the helm. Ok it was only just 9:00 and I shed my first tear of the day....

So first across the line was Ian Hales in 18:51, second was an unknown runner and third was Stuart Crowder in 20:14.

For the ladies it was Carolyn Hay in 20:46 followed by Katie Hicken in 23:09 and then Jo Massey in 23:12.

A massive 39 personal bests were recorded, 39!! That's incredible, nearly 20% of the runners. The PB bell was ringing loud and clear, here are some photos.
Gedling parkrun #189Gedling parkrun #189

Congratulations to Ian Clarke who joined the 250 club and was also doing his 100th run at Gedling.
Gedling parkrun #189Well done to Nick Tennant who ran his 50th, and to Gerran Windibank who's run his 10th parkrun at 10 different events and now qualifies for his junior 10 milestone t-shirt.
Congratulations also to Sarah who was doing her 200th volunteer day

There were a good handful of forgotten barcodes, please remember that if you want a time, you have to bring your barcode with you to be scanned. We cannot accept pictures on phones or add you in because you dropped your barcode half way round. No barcode, no time, no exceptions.

Some people are taking part in "Run Every Day January" this month, whether it be purely for personal fitness or to raise money for a worthy cause. It's hard enough running every day, so spare an extra round of applause for Stuart Crowder who is running 10k every day in January to raise funds for the Muscle Help Foundation.

It truly was a party atmosphere at Gedling today.
We had party hats.
Gedling parkrun #189
And hi-vis bunting!
Gedling parkrun #189

Even Molly the dog was keen to get in on the action. Gedling parkrun #189

Back at the Willowbrook, it was time for breakfast and results processing, thanks to our fantastic timers and scanners, it was all processed before the breakfast arrived, so we celebrated in the typical Gedling fashion.... with a pint!

And the fun didn't stop there, oh no! As I was planning on doing some work on my car in the afternoon, some others had different plans.

Our new Event Director Neil did a speech, (which made me shed a tear again) and presented me with some gifts as part of my parkrun journey. I had a #teamgedling t-shirt, a water bottle for Lucy the dog (Miss Gedling), a tankard, a framed stopwatch, a massive framed collage of photos depicting my parkrunning life, and a voucher for a brewery tour at Castle Rock for that afternoon.

So I wasnt going to be working on my car, I was going to an organised p#$£ up in a brewery! The car can wait til next week.

I wasn't going on my own either, I was joined by Jo, Neil, Rachel, Tamsin, Richard, Emma, Jenny, Emma, Helen and Nickesh. After the tour we were allowed to pour ourselves some beer.
Gedling parkrun #189Just look at how much Tamsin is enjoying herself! Gedling parkrun #189

And some more, and some more until we were politely asked to stop!
Gedling parkrun #189And the fun didn't end there either, another pub visited where Kel joined us, and then we went for a curry.. And some more beer. Gedling parkrun #189

What a day, thank you so much. If reading the above isn't enough to make you want to join us for a bit of volunteering, I don't know what is!


#loveparkrun #teamgedling

Much love!


Event 188 – 5th January 2019

Wow i totally think that cold weather is now with us on the hills off Gedling. It was freezing though it didn't stop a 187 off you turning up to run, jog or walk our course. Well done all off you its always a lovely sight to see the masses running up the first hill. We also welcomed 29 first times and 24 personal best recorded. Gedling parkrun 188 Firstly i would like to thank all the volunteers, we were set up and ready to go by 8.30. So there is our fab team, We had Ian wearing the Run director vest, Nickesh did first timer briefing, Myself and Neil timing you in with ice block fingers, Jess and Sarah managing and giving tokens out, Barcode scanning Harvey and Anysha. High fives and encouragement around the course we had James, Richard and June. We only had one Pacer this morning which was David. Finally ensuring everyone was back safely was Anne and Claire. Back in the pub to process results we had Darren helping sort of the tokens. Gedling parkrun 188 If you fancy putting on a yellow high vis please email in, we love having newbies and all roles are easy to do. Even the white and blue vest position is up for grabs. Its a new year and everyone has some sort of goals maybe it could involved giving a Saturday once a month to help. So milestones we had a few today so Bohdan celebrated his 100th parkrun with us, He has done 97th of his runs here on the hills off gedling that is pretty impressive, he also brought some lovely cakes. As well as achieving his 100th run, he has also volunteer 30 times with us. so thank you. Gedling parkrun 188 Team Deacon's had a great morning Orla celebrated her 100th parkrun with us, 45 runs have been on our course. We were happy she decided to come back after doing her 50th with us too. Orla does enjoy doing lots of tourist parkruns. She has also done 42 volunteering, Thank you. Fleur and Theo didn't want there sister to take all the limelight and smashed out fab Pb's too. They also made lots off yummy cakes for all our runners. Thank you guys. Gedling parkrun 188 We all know how much Nickesh likes a bit of the praise so though its not a milestone in a parkrun t-shirt, he did do his 200th run this morning. Very impressive effort there. Gedling parkrun 188 I know its sometimes not always possible to hear the welcome but there is a gentle reminder about other park user, we don't have priority of the park and we just need to be a bit more mindful when we are running around the park  to avoid complaints. We had a lot of runners without barcodes today, please ensure you have them for your next run so you can be placed in our results table. Also we are missing two tokens if you have them could you please return them 98 and 48. Next week Ian is back in the Run directors vest. Have a good week Kel x     .


#186 29th December 2018 – the last one of the year.

With all the excitement of New Year’s Day, I almost forgot to write a report for Saturday 29th December, the last Gedling parkrun of 2018! It was a memorable run in its own right, with the 9th highest Gedling attendance of all time which was somewhat unexpected for a betwixtmas Saturday! It also half explains why there aren’t many photos, sorry!

Gedling parkrun 29th december 2018

29 runners were on their first visit to Gedling and it looks like there was a group from Ruschcliffe AC fitting in some hill training, we hope to see you again. 3 of those runners were totally new to parkrun so welcome Ellie, Alex and Stephen. Some returning tourists joined us as we were setting up and they make a guest appearance in the Volunteer photo. They had travelled from Preston and Daventry and were both chasing their 100th different parkrun total! Now that’s dedication for you. I spoke to a gentleman visiting from North Devon and looking at the results there were lots of Christmas visitors from Wimbledon, Stamford, Stockton on Tees and Bicester as well.

It doesn’t look like the mince pies and alcohol were slowing you down as 24 of you recorded Personal Best times – congratulations! Here's Junior Male Finn taking 41 seconds off his best time:

Gedling parkrun 29th december 2018

Thank you as always to the volunteers who put on such an awesome event. There was me Tamsin in the blue vest, Sarah doing the first timer’s briefing, Mary Yeadon and Lana Makuszenko walking the tail (thank you Mary for stepping in at the last minute!), Savitaa Kapoor and David Greenwell pacing, Gary Manson and Ian Sullivan timing, June Greenwell and Ellie Morrison scanning, Jess and Kevin Barker managed the funnel and finish tokens, Jenny Brown, Bohdan and Thomas Makuszenko and Ian Marshall marshalled, Michele Noble made sure the rota was full and back at the pub, Kelly sorted the tokens.

Gedling parkrun 29th december 2018

The placings are as follows:
Men: Ian Hales, Chris Moore and Peter McNally (with a mew PB)
Women: Carolyn Hay, Natalie Crawford and Katie Hicken

On Saturday 5th January, Sarah will be back at the healm again. She could do with a couple more Marshals so please get in touch at gedlingoffice@parkrun.com if you can help.


Event 187 – 1st January 2019

Happy New Year from all the Gedling team! What a great start to the New Year it was too! Today was a Gedling parkrun record attendance with 466 parkrunners - wow! Last New Year's Day had an attendance of 365 and 2017 was 205 so that just shows you how much the popularity of parkrun is growing.

Jan 1 helen

Not only was it a record number of parkrunners it was also the largest number of volunteers that Gedling parkrun has ever had. 29 fabulous volunteers worked together as a great team to make today's parkrun happen. I am sure that you would all agree that they did a great job so a big thank you to every one of them. This week we had Julie and Alison keeping time (we did have spare stopwatches just incase we went over 500 runners which is all the stopwatches will store) and Jess, Jacob, Mandy and Heidi scanned your barcodes assisted by Evie writing down the bar codes that would not scan. (We only have 400 tokens so everyone over 400 had our home made tokens!) Gary was managing the funnel and June was handing out the tokens assisted by Jenny who was also our "trouble shooter" as she liked her role to be called! (Unfortunately our finish poles were missing so we had to do a last minute DIY job to make a funnel!) Our magnificent marshals were Meryl, Bohdan, Thomas, Debra and Tabitha and the terrific tail walkers were Liz and Katie. As always Sarah gave a great first timers briefing, Savitaa and David were pacers, Abigail was a VI guide and the car park marshals were Neil, Rhodri, Emma, James and Daisy. Henry helped me with the massive task of sorting out the tokens and Michele did a great job of being the interim volunteer coordinator to get us a full roster.

Jan 1 helen

Jan 1 helen

We welcomed 5 first timers to parkrun - Rachel, Joseph, Laurence, Alexander and Ellen. There were also a whopping number of tourists - 126!! This is probably a record too but I am not going to go back through every week's results to check whether this is correct! We had a tourist from Sydney as well as Leeds, Wellingborough, Exeter, London, Dewsbury, Lincoln and Werrington. I am sure that there were lots of other tourists too so apologies if I have missed you off!

New years day at Gedling parkrun 2019

There were some milestones to celebrate - Samantha Brown and Sam Heath completed their 100th parkruns and Jane Harvey, Stefan Kozlowski and Debbie Crouch completed their 50th parkruns. Congratulations to you all.



Also congratulations to Heather and Charles who celebrated their first anniversary of being a couple after meeting here at Gedling parkrun a year ago today! That is true parkrun love and they celebrated in parkrun style by achieving personal bests!

Here are Maria and Jon looking absolutely fab as unicorns!

Jan 1 helen

9 of our parkrunners today have ran over 250 parkruns each, Karen Jane Parkin had ran the most - 323 parkruns and she went to Colwick after Gedling to make it 324. Lots of you carried on from Gedling to complete a New Years Day parkrun double.


Lots of running clubs were represented today. The clubs with the most representatives were Holme Pierrepont Running Club with 39 runners, 28 from Redhill Road Runners and 24 from Notts Women Runners.

New years day at Gedling parkrun 2019

I hope that 2019 is a happy and healthy year for you all and you continue to enjoy parkun whether running, jogging, walking or volunteering.



Event 185 – 22nd December 2018

We welcomed 177 runners to the hills of Gedling for our last parkrun before Christmas. Many of you were sporting festive attire, from festive deely boppers to the ubiquitous Christmas jumper.

Gedling parkrun #185

But some took it that one stage further. Helen, for example came dressed as a Christmas tree! Top marks for that Helen! And she even ran in it!
Gedling parkrun #185

At the first timers briefing, Sarah welcomed 10 tourists and 4 people who were brand new to parkrun, we do hope you enjoyed our course and come back soon. Gedling parkrun #185

Big thanks to our volunteer team, Kevin and Jess were on timekeeping duty, Jan, Bohdan, Thomas and Gaz were your marshals, Nikki, Lily, Emma and Jenny were on barcodes, bucket and clipboard. Managing the funnel was Lana and June, and Hannah and Anysha were tail walking. In addition we also had some pacers, big thanks to David, Neil, Savitaa and Mike (who was also pushing a buggy!)
Gedling parkrun #185Tamsin celebrated her 100th run with us, and also brought mince pies and sweets for the finishers, thanks Tamsin! Gedling parkrun #185
(Tamsin is the one without the beard!)

It was also Darren Long’s and John Field’s 50th run, but they were keeping quiet about it! If you’re doing a milestone run, please let the run director know and they’ll give you a shout out at the pre run brief and we can all celebrate your success! Don’t leave it until you’re in the pub to tell us you’ve run your milestone next time Darren! Gedling parkrun #185We do apologise for the sudden downpour during the run, but it did however create a beautiful rainbow! Gedling parkrun #185

We were joined by members of a new running club, Running Club Bread & Bitter. Running and beer... What a great combination! We will have to organise their club takeover soon, maybe they'll bring beer for the end instead of cake!!!

First across the line was Stefan Kozlowski in 18:31, followed by Ian Hales in 19:00 and Andrew Walters in 22:35 (new PB)

For the ladies, first was Catherine Jackson in 22:09, followed by Natalie Crawford in 22:35 (new PB) and Claire Hayes-Gill in 22:45 (new PB) A whopping 28 of you recorded new personal bests, it must have been perfect running weather.

Well done to Louisa for getting a new PB and breaking the sub 30 milestone! Gedling parkrun #185And to Michele for taking over 30 seconds off her previous PB, Gedling parkrun #185Apparently, it was “hug a run director” day at parkrun today (thanks Denise) and I must admit, I did get plenty of hugs! I even got some mid run which was unusual! Gedling parkrun #185We have a special event on New Years Day, starting at 9:00 sharp to enable those who want to do the “double” enough time to get to Colwick. We are in need of three volunteers for this event still, so if you’re not running, why not have a go in the hi-viz? There are also spaces available next week, and then into the new year. Please drop us an email if you can help.

Back at the Willowbrook, Tamsin had got the beers in before we arrived (thank you) and Kel sorted the tokens while I processed the results, and all done by the time breakfast arrived. Gedling parkrun #185

Thank you for joining us, and have a very happy Christmas.

Lots of love & hugs

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