Event 144 – What a difference a week makes…

This is the latest report after a two week break due to the "Beast from the East" causing last week's cancellation (first one at Gedling!). The weather looked threatening as we arrived and then the drizzle kindly cleared to leave a cool and fairly dry run. This weeks event was brought to you by new Run Director Emma who did a great job mastering the new mega megaphone. Big thanks to all this weeks volunteers who all did a terrific job with some being experienced in their roles, some new to the role and some first time volunteers who made the magic happen easily. Special thanks to the regular DoE volunteers who are all doing an excellent job and can be so proud of all their help for the Gedling team

Gedling parkrun 10-3-18

This weeks hi-viz heros were - Emma (running the show) and helping Neil. Ian and Carl on the all important stopwatches. Alison, Phil and Rachel out in the field marshalling. Jacob, Benjamin, Harvey and Ian doing scanning, finish funnel and tokens. And finally finishing off as tail walkers so all safe and sound to the finish; Joanna and Caroline. Every weeks parkrun is completely dependant on the help of all the volunteers and so please let us know if you can join in and help in the next few weeks

Just to prove that the volunteer super hero's are real and such a great team, the finishing tokens were dropped (oops, sorry) soon after the start and all remained (fairly) calm and cool as these got put back into the correct order before the first runners arrived from 17:39 - Well done Darren Potter, then Edward Kolb and then Rob Carmichael for this weeks top 3. This week was 138 runners and the volunteer bingo game won by Neil and Carl

Gedling parkrun 10-3-18


Apologies to these runners - With the excitement of the new mega megaphone these special mentions were missed out at the pre-run briefing -

Erin Heald - 10 (junior runner)
Liz Spinks - 50
Brandon Gell - 100
Kevin Quigley - 100
Jo Sullivan - 150

Gedling parkrun 10-3-18


FIRST TIMERS - Surprisingly we had no complete first timers recorded this week (unless they were one of the 5 runners without a barcode - REMEMBER: #DFYB next week please) and we welcomed 13 tourists running at Gedling for the first time - Hope you all enjoyed the undulating hills of Gedling!
Special mention to Charles Green who was visiting Gedling for the first time and this was his 379th recorded run


If you were a runner without a barcode please could you check your running gear as we're missing finishing barcode token 44 if this could be returned as 43 and 45 are missing their company in the finishing token family

PB's - The two week rest must of helped some, as 12 PB's were recorded and so well done to all the runners. The PB bell has sadly gone AWOL and so this was the virtual bell being rang


Not sure if this was a personal PB for this runner and his dog, but hope the runner got a bowl of water and special treat and pat on his head at the end - Good boy


A few more great pictures to finish this weeks report and please see and add to Gedling's Flickr group

Gedling parkrun 10-3-18

Gedling parkrun 10-3-18

Tell all your friends and family how amazing parkrun is (and come along) and so see you all on the hills soon

Gedling parkrun 10-3-18

Gedling parkrun 10-3-18

Gedling parkrun 10-3-18


Event 143 – 24th February 2018

Crisp, sunny, perfect running conditions greeted the 138 runners who turned out last Saturday and Mt. Gedling was looking resplendent.

Continuing from her Run Directing Debut last week: Kelly Morphus very kindly brought the laptop bag and ensured the finish area was almost entirely set up before I'd even fully awoken. Indeed thanks to all the volunteers who made event 143 happen:


They were Rachel and Emma Gregory on the timkeepers; Harvey and Jacob managing the finish funnel; Ben, Ian and James scanning barcodes; Jack, Katie, Liz and James marshaling; last but not least were Martin and Angela who were your tailwalkers.

We also got to meet Liz's puppy Betsy (I think I'll stick to the day job and not pursue a career in animal photography).


We got to celebrate Rhod Price (pictured below) running his century. Of the 100 runs, 63 have been at Gedling. Well done on a fantastic achievement. Also Roger Smalley who was running is half-century and to Joe Scoffings who ran his 25th parkrun. While we're on the subject massive respect to Ian Marshall who completed his 25 time volunteering. Mega-thanks Ian!


So unfortunately the timekeepers were temperamental (the watches not the people, the volunteers were great :-)). One faded in and out of life and chose to omit times and the other just randomly reset. It made processing the results difficult but thanks to Cath McKee who processed the results.

Congratulations to Craig Taylor who finished first with the super-quick time of 17:06 achieving a pb. That's some mighty quick running


Well that's about it from me so until next week...


Event 142 -17th february 2018

It was a lovely crisp Saturday morning on the hills at Gedling and yay we managed to miss the rain.This week we had a 161 people who joined us to run, jogged and walked  of whom 21 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests. We also welcomed two brand new guys to the parkrun family. Welcome to you both and we hope you enjoyed your first time.

Gedling parkrun 142Today we saw Harvey and Myself as run directors, Harvey needed to tick the role of his Duke of Edinburgh award and me....... well considering i am on the hills doing lots of volunteering i thought it was time to cross this role off,and a little of encouragement from Ian and exactly wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

Massive thank you to our volunteers this morning, we were completely set up and waiting around for our runners to join us at 8.30 with a new finishing tunnel. We have gone all up market. So we had Ian and Carl beeping you through, Hilary and Jack managing the funnel and giving out the tokens, On the course Ian, Pamela and Jo making sure you didn't take the wrong route and there loudest cheering voices and finally Karen and Joanna tail walking you all in safely. Before i forget to mention him thank you to Nickesh for sorting the tokens out while results were being processed. Gedling parkrun 142We saw some fabulous running this morning the first three male finishers were: James Read, Craig Matthews and Peter Mcnally and our ladies to across the finishing line were Carolyn Hay, Katie Hicken and Abigail Simpson. Well done to all our fantastic runners.

We do have a few spaces left on the roster for next week and the coming weeks, if you want to have your frame of wearing the yellow high-vis. Its the second place to be if your not running. Just a polite reminder we do encourage you run with your dogs however can we please ensure they are kept on a short lead at all times while running the parkrun route. Thank you.

Harvey has written a section on his experience of run director "

Saturday the 17th of feb was my first time volunteering as a run director. We had a great time with lots of new faces and tourists who were up for the steep Gedling hills. We couldn't do it without our volunteers and they helped all the runners round the course. Well done to everyone who took part.
Gedling parkrun 142


That is it from me now and we will see you next week when its back to the professionals and Nickesh will be wearing the run leader vest. Have a good week of running Kel .


Event 141 – 10th February 2018

It started as a beautiful morning, bright red sky, crisp & frosty first thing, perfect for parkrunday. As soon as we started the course setup, the clouds came over and down came the drizzle, so it was both cold and wet. However, that didn't keep away the 174 of you who decided to put your shorts on and come to Gedling!

We had 8 newcomers to the world of parkrun, and 15 first time visitors from other parkruns. Welcome! We do hope you enjoyed the hills!

Today marked two significant milestones for a couple of our regular runners. It was Gary Cragg's 50th parkrun and Rob (Rain Director) Nason's 100th parkrun. This occasion was marked with a selection of cakes & biscuits, and attendance from what seemed like half of Holme Pierrepont Running Club!
Gedling parkrun 141

Big thanks to all the volunteers this morning, Joe and Jacob on the timers, Lisa and Ben on scanning, Will and Jenny on the funnel, and Harvey and Martin tail walking. Marshalling you safely round the course today was Michele, Jacob, Charlie, Mark and Lindsay.
Big thank you to Sarah for stepping in and managing the soggy clipboard for writing down the unscannables, the rain and barcode scanning are never a good mix.
Gedling parkrun 141
Thanks also to Nickesh for doing the first timers brief and to Kel and Jo for sorting and drying the tokens back in the pub.
Gedling parkrun 141

Joe won parkrun bingo today with a guess of 160 runners, I guessed at 120 which was way off!

First across the line today was Ian Hales in 19:06 followed by Eddie George in 19:14 and James Thurman in 20:06.
Gedling parkrun 141
For the ladies, Rachel Dearden in 23:06, followed by Katie Hicken in 23:09 and Christine Heaton in 23:49.

There was a total of 24 new personal bests recorded today, well done all of you, it turned out to be good day for running after all!

Once the tail walkers were back, it was time to clear up and clear off to the pub to process the results. Today it was Joes turn to learn a bit of results processing, it wasn't the easiest one today, what with the couple of dropped/stuck finish tokens and the soggy barcodes, but it wasn't long before it was all done and breakfast could be eaten.

Next time you're up at Gedling, be sure to have a look in the blue bags, we're currently carrying quite a bit of lost property. We've mentioned those pesky soggy barcodes a few times, but there are a few ways of avoiding them.... Obviously there's the sparkly posh wristbands and key fobs which can be bought here, laminating the paper ones is a great idea and makes them more durable in the rain. Don't have a laminator? Sellotape works just as well!

Please have a look at the Future Roster page when you get chance, there are plenty of spaces that need filling next week, we can't guarantee sunshine but we can guarantee sunny smiles. Drop us an email and let us know!

Meanwhile *puts on David Attenborough voice* deep in the fluorescent parkrun jungle the Gedling parkrun elves are busy laundering the hi-vis ready for next week where Kel and Harvey are run directing....
Enjoy your week!



Event 140 – 3rd February 2018

Event 140, the week where the results needed reprocessing!

Thanks to everyone who got in touch to make us aware there was a problem with the initial results, it quickly became clear that the stopwatch we loaded the results from had an "off day". We had reprocessed the results by lunchtime with the backup stopwatch, but you may not have received a new text or e-mail, so please see the website for the final results.

It was lovely to see the supportive messages on the Facebook page whilst we sort it.


The weather was foul on Saturday, so well done to all the volunteers and runners. The atmosphere was great with lots of cheering at the figure of 8.

155 runners crossed the line, with 18 PB's including Chris and his dog Ronin who were 1st home. We also had a whopping 3 people who completed their 50th parkrun at Gedling, a huge congratulations to Peter Scoffings, Angela Copleland and Neal Fellows.

There is still lots of lost property in the blue bag, please have a look next time you visit Mount Gedling as there is everything from wristbands, water bottles and tops.

Have a great week everyone and see you all next Saturday ?? The stopwatch promises to behave!!




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