Christmas and New Year parkruns 2017-18

Our parkrun plans over the coming festive period are as follows:

23rd December (Saturday) 9am as usual

25th December (Christmas Day) Extra 9am run

30th December (Saturday) 9am as usual

1st January (New Years Day) Extra 9am run, allowing for a New Year Double.

As with every parkrun, we need volunteers to deliver parkrun. If you are able to volunteer for one of these runs, it would be hugely appreciated. Email and include your email.


Run Report Number 5

Run Report 24/10/15

Hello, this is Rosie Ibberson. I am writing the run report for the 5th Glossop parkrun.

Saturday was a great day for the 36 runners receiving PB’s. Also we are very happy to have the 39 new runners. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best weather with rain beginning to fall near the end of the parkrun. I wonder whether the rain encouraged lots of people to run faster or not.

The first male finisher was Keith Littlewood and the first female finisher was Kerrie Wood-Doyle and for both it was only their first time!

I myself doing the parkrun the previous week understand how hard a 5km parkrun can be. All the hills around the course don’t really help, but if you pace yourself properly it can be made easier.

The first junior to finish was Emma Chrystie-Lowe, for whom it was her first time at Glossop. There were representatives of over ten different running clubs.

From the 26th of September when the first Glossop parkrun was held it has been graced by 381 different runners, members from 45 different clubs, 620 runs covering a total of 3,100km and there have been 152 new personal bests. This a great achievement for only 5 weeks!

I would like to remind you of the parkrun on the 31st October, to help make this parkrun ‘more’ interesting we would appreciate it you could come in fancy dress for Halloween. If you would also like to bring something to hang around the park, it would be welcomed.


Thanks to Rosie for a great report. Just a quick word to let everyone know about the fairly serious incident that happened on Saturday. A runner fell and banged her back on the short descent out of the walled garden onto the riverbank. The marshals were all brilliant, and ensured that the runner was looked after and the ambulance got to her as soon as possible. She was in a lot of pain, but fortunately there were no broken bones. We will review all aspects of what happened, and make any changes deemed necessary.


Run Report #4

Hello, Freya your run reporter here, for week four. Me being a junior myself I decided to base most of this on the under 18s:

We had a six new juniors; Jacob Cook, Jonathon Whitehead, James Given, Adam Crompton, Rosie Ibberson and Ewan Hall Green. Congratulations to the first three male juniors Reuben Hewitt , Jacob Cook and Jonathon Whitehead and Niamh Boyle, Harriet Williams, and Rosie Ibberson were the first three female juniors.

In the grown-up world, there was some outstanding running from the first and close second, runners James Young and Anthony Aimon was also there first time running Glossop parkrun! Bethany Hirst and Jenny Rouse were the first women runners home.

Congratulations to the park runners that that have run all 4 Glossop parkruns so far (we think 10). Well-done to the fifty runners that completed the Glossop parkrun for the first time, and 35 who posted new personal best times.

Of course parkrun would not be parkrun without the lovely kind volunteers so thank you to the marshals and scanners and time keepers and anyone else that gave up there time to make this a nice friendly parkrun, a very special thank you to the team of run directors who has started up this parkrun.

I would like to let everyone know that anyone can volunteer all you need to do is let the team know by email ( Volunteering is an incredibly easy and fun job to do: you can marshal, scan barcodes and even write this report (and many more).

I'm really looking forward to seeing you all dressed up for the Halloween run on the 31st. If you want you can bring something to help decorate the course too, and leave it for the Friends of Manor Park Spooky Day in the park.

Thank you for reading my run report please. If you had any problems with it come and tell me on Saturday many thanks Freya Ellingworth-Grundy.`


Glossop parkrun Report Number 3

The weekly parkrun results page is always the source of delight for us obsessional stats geeks, isn't it? Just me.... oh, well: I'm writing the run report so I get to focus on whatever I want (Aside: if anyone wants to write the run report, please let us know - it is open to anyone who wants to give us their thoughts. Just email the office at

I would imagine that the results page is mainly used by individual runners, checking their times and positions against previous weeks, and seeing how many parkruns they have completed. But I've looked at the first three weeks' results in a bit more depth, to see how the event is doing overall.

Saturday saw 124 people completing the course, almost exactly the same as last week. The received wisdom from the parkrun world says that new events see numbers drop back a little after the first event, and then build up again over the next few months. We appear to be following that pattern. Digging a little deeper, the figures show that over 100 people have joined teh wonderful parkrun community, and run their first ever parkrun in the past three weeks at Glossop. In all, 291 different runners have done the three laps of Manor Park, and we have run a total of 2040km (a distance from Glossop to Potsdam in Germany).

First finisher on Saturday was Leon Foster  in 18:22 in his first appearance here. Leon is a parkrun "uber-tourist" having run 118 parkruns at 117 different courses (go on, Leon, we would love to see you again). Steve Knowles (18:39) and Charlie Eaton (19:36) followed him home. First female finisher was Zara Blower in 21:05, followed by Charlotte Allee (23:42) and Madeline Pilbury(23:45). Also very worthy of note is Frank Fielding who hit the age-related grading 75.99%, a course record, having finished in 15th position in (21:52). 49 personal bests were recorded. All fantastic stuff.

Could I also make a couple of appeals? Firstly, you may have noticed a link in your results email to the "Donate Your Time" initiative that parkrun are running throughout October, with their national charity partner, Alzheimer's Research UK. The idea is that parkrunnners donate an amount of money based on their finish time at parkrun. More information can be found here:

Secondly, Mick Owen from WellFit was at parkrun on Saturday. WellFit is a Glossop based social enterprise using physical activity to improve people's health and sense of wellbeing in Glossop and beyond. WellFit is looking to appoint a Jog Leader to do a couple of hours per week in Nov & Dec leading low level runs, related to the project. If you are interested in this, please contact Mick at Mick will also be at parkrun in the next few weeks, so we'll point him out.


Glossop parkrun Run Report Number 2

A chilly morning, but dry and great running conditions today, the 11th International parkrun Day: this marks the date when thirteen parkrun pioneers set out on a 5k run around Bushy Park in London: the so-called "Bushy Park Time Trial" has evolved, changed name, and has expanded hugely to become parkrun. Glossop (and Jersey which started the same day) were the 351st and 352nd 5k events established in the UK, not forgetting the 2k junior parkruns, and events across the world.

126 runners today: down a bit from the inaugural, but this is the pattern of attendance at parkruns round the country. Forty two runners have now run the course twice.

Some great performances out there today: Caity Rice was first finisher, and worthy of note as parkrun female first finishers are a relative rare event, and indeed the first time Caity has achieved this. Mark Johnson, Charlie Eaton and Craig Leith were the next three finishers, and the first three men home, while Rosa Chrystie-Lowe and Kasia Osipowicz second and third women home. Rueben Hewitt was first junior male junior home in a new PB, and Harriet Williams first female in her first run. Also noteworthy is Eric Gebbett's new PB: he is our veteran male 80-84 record holder, a great supporter of parkrun, and a runner with a massively impressive personal running history.

A couple of things for parkrunners to note in the next few weeks: firstly, Halloween falls on parkrun day, and the exact arrangements have yet to be decided, but we will be tying in with the Friends of Manor Park 'Spooky Fun Day'. Plan your fancy dress, and decorations for the park.

Secondly, as a result of the Rotary Club's bonfire on the 7th November, we are cancelling parkrun on the day to allow the organisers full access to the park. A chance to try out another course?

Finally, a big thank you to all the volunteers, and the quote from an email we received sums it up: "Just wanted to say thanks to all the volunteers today. There was one lady in particular who was stood next to the pond/lake who cheered everyone. She was a star and it really helps having people like her cheer you on. Thanks for all your support".

See you all next week.

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