#269 – Saturday 5th January 2019 – So how does an 11 year old get involved with parkrun….?

Hi, this is Rosie Regan aged 11 writing the run report for you this week!

So how does an 11 year old get involved with parkrun….?

Well…. my mum Wendy started running parkrun a couple of years ago, she would wake me and my brother up really early to stand (mainly in the cold) and wait for her to finish. She then joined one of the local running clubs, Rebel Runners (which you've probably heard of) and started making new friends and talking to other parkrunners.

I soon realised that cheering my mum and other runners across the finish line was actually quite fun. My mum then told me about Junior parkrun at the Strand on Sunday mornings, which is a little shorter in distance (2k) and is ideal for children (4 – 11 year olds). The warm up beforehand is really fun and you even get sweets at the finish, pretty much like Great Lines parkrun when someone is celebrating a birthday, milestone or C25k graduation there's always cake and goodies on offer. My brother plays football on Sunday, so getting to the Strand every week was a little difficult, so I decided to run with my mum at the Great Lines and soon received my milestone 10 t-shirt – it is free!.

Running is really hard, so when I turned 11 I asked my mum if I could volunteer on a regular basis and so far I have taken on many parkrun roles. I've marshalled in various places with my mum, Karen Illman and Sue Moreton (Sue's the lady who plays music at the top of the hill, we do like to dance). I have scanned barcodes quite a few times too, I prefer to stand right at the front to try and scan the first runner through. You'll be surprised where people keep their barcodes whilst running and they tend to slip into all sorts of places! I have also given out barcodes during the Rebel takeover with Jenny Baldock, this made me really nervous especially when lots of runners came through the finish funnel at the same time.

I've also been funnel manager, making sure people stay in the correct order and keep moving through the funnel. But you also have to make sure that everyone is feeling OK, as running 5k is hard work. Just a couple of weeks ago I helped Lori with the time-keeping role, which I personally think is the hardest and the most important job that you could do.

But my favourite role of all time was when I was Run Director (plus I was the youngest person to have a go at it). I prepared for it by practising my speech, trying to be loud and clear remembering to hold the microphone horizontally and not vertically. I was a little nervous standing on the step ladder, but thankfully all the runners listened in silence which was a first! Everyone was so supportive and I even got a laugh when I announced my finish line word of the week 'PLUNGE' (this was to make sure everyone had listened to me). Yes I was nervous standing in front of nearly 300 runners, but once you start, it's very fun – I even had the chance to start parkrun by pressing the air horn!

I am gradually working my way through all the different volunteer roles – I love doing it and it is really fun to meet new people and help the parkrun 'family'. So no matter how old or young you are, anyone can volunteer at Great Lines parkrun and any help you can offer is always appreciated. Don't worry about not knowing what to do, you receive training from the regular volunteers. Soon, I will be receiving my 25th parkrun volunteer point and I am hoping to get my 50th point by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

But parkrun is for everyone, runners, non-runners, wheelchair users, dogs (on leads with owners), children and buggies. My dad Jeff soon found out how friendly and inclusive parkrun really was and it wasn't too long before he signed up to the Rebel C25k – he ran his 82nd parkrun today!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my run report and if it's inspired you to do something different and volunteer then just email greatlineshelpers@parkrun.com

 Rosie Regan - Run report writer

*** New from the office***

There were lots of pictures taken at the event, they can be viewed here:


 *** Facts and Figures #269 ***

This week 507 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 49 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

*** Milestones ***

The 50 club members were: Maggie Baxter

The 100 club members were: Lisa Stace & Mark Presland

The 150 club members were: Kevin Hall and Philip Davies

The 200 club members were: Carole Pinder

PLEASE let us know when it is your special milestone days as we hate to miss them and can only check the results to see who is on 9, 49 or 99, so if you run those at another parkrun or have a gap between that and your milestone run we might miss you out and you know we love give you a cheer.

*** The 49 personal bests go to ***

Agilan XAVIER * Alison BARTHOLOMEW * Amy CARLISLE * Barbara GUNNS * Bhavin RUGHANI * Charlotte HUGHES * Chloe HARDING * Daniel WELLS * Danielle MUNSON * Dave WILLIS * David WESTBY * Deborah TILLS * Devanshi CHENGAPPA * Emma BISHOP * Hayley ATKINSON * Jamie ROBERTS * Jamilah LAWRENCE * Jane CARTER * Jane ROZEE * Janga THAPA * Jerome SADLER * Jog ALE * Karen GARDINER * Katie MUDGE * Kerry BRIFFITT * Kevin FINLAYSON * Laura LIDDLE * Macala WRIGHT * Mark BARNES * Mark BOYLE * Melanie PARISH * Montgomery MURPHY * Neil AITKEN * Nicholas FELMINGHAM * Paul CURTIS * Paul PHILBY * Phoebe MASON * Samantha BINFIELD * Samuel FOTHERINGHAM * Sebastien CHAPLEAU * Shaun WILDGOOSE * Shikhar MUKTAN * Stephanie BYERS * Steven COOK * Sue MACKEY * Tony HOLLINGDALE * Vicki KELLY-GEE * Vicky BIRKETT * Wendy SAUNDER

*** Welcome to the 49 first timers ***
(39 new to parkrun and 10 tourists)

Agwunobi NWABUE * Aimee KINGSTON * Alison BAKER * Anna ROWE * Ava GELDENHUYS * Bob DONKIN * Craig BIRKETT * Danielle BAKER * Darren TILLEY * David ALEXANDER * David ROWE * Diane CLARKSON * Donna DAVIS * Ellie DUNN * Emily BUNYAN * Gavin VALLELY * Georgie BEGGS * Helen TELFER * Holly VINCE * Isobel FRENCH * Jade Lauren CAWTHRAY * James ALEXADER * Jeevan DHESY * Jim SCOTT * Jodie ALLARD * John LEONARD * Jonathan COBBOLD * Karen BALDWIN * Kayleigh SIBTHORPE * Liam TULLETT * London HUGHES * Maria GREEN * Marion MURPHY * Matthew BARKER * Michael THOMSON * Michelle MILHAM * Molly ROWE * Nancy KINGSTON * Nick DYKES * Olivia JEFFORD * Owen STONE * Paul JONES * Peter TURNER * Ralph ALLISON * Simone BALDWIN * Stacey DONNELLY * Terry LIDDLE * Tom STEPHENS * Wendy VALLELY

*** Volunteers ***

Alan LE GRYS  •  Andrew BURGESS  •  Andrew LUNNON  •  Anthony WICKER  •  Barefootricardo D'ASH  •  Carol DAVIS  •  Carrie BROOM  •  Catherine RODWELL  •  Cathy RAHMANZADEH  •  Chris ARNOLD  •  Chris DORAN  •  Chris GOWER  •  Dan GOWER-SMITH  •  David SHARPLEY  •  Debbie WATTS  •  Dee YAMOAH  •  Diane ARNOLD  •  Esme TILLEY  •  Francoise COSTELLOE  •  Gary SMITH  •  Hannah RENKLIDAG  •  Heidi O'NEILL  •  Helen GORDON  •  Isabel KING  •  John RAINS  •  June RODWELL  •  Karl GRIMBLE  •  Lani HALL  •  Lori BENNETT-HORSFALL  •  Max GORDON  •  Michael HARVEY  •  Michael PAYNTER  •  Mick SMITH  •  Neville BROOM  •  Nick TUFF  •  Nigel READ  •  Philip WALLACE  •  Rebecca WINTER  •  Richard MATTHEWS  •  Roger Ernest LODGE  •  Rosie MALLION-WOODS  •  Rosie REGAN  •  Ross SANDY  •  Ross SANDY  •  Sally CONGRAM  •  Sharon BOYLE  •  Sian JONES  •  Simon HALL  •  Stephen JONES  •  Thomas ARNOLD  •  Thomas WINTER  •  Tom HOLLANDS  •  Tony FAIRCLOUGH  •  Vanessa VANDER TUFF  •  Vicki TILLEY

The male record is held by Teweldeberhan MENGES who recorded a time of 15:41 on 5th August 2017 (event number 197).

The female record is held by Chloe SHARP who recorded a time of 17:52 on 25th December 2017 (event number 217).

The Age Grade course record is held by Barry ROYDEN who recorded 85.16% (17:11) on 24th September 2016 (event number 153).

Great Lines parkrun, Medway started on 28th September 2013. Since then 7,455 participants have completed 79,202 parkruns covering a total distance of 396,010 km, including 14,482 new Personal Bests. A total of 726 individuals have volunteered 8,911 times.



#268 – Saturday 29th December – Last parkrun at Great Lines for 2018 – a rather chilly affair

Well here we are, the last Great Lines parkrun for 2018. That sodding wind, talk about cold but what a year it’s been (see the Event Directors summary of the year on Great Lines Facebook page, a good read)!

As many of you know I have been volunteering here since the second week of GLPR existence in September 2013 and even now things happen on some Saturday’s that we have never experienced before. Needless to say when the results were being processed this week, Dan Gower-Smith (who was results processor) mentioned to me that when he uploaded the stopwatch file the parkrun system (FMS) had just started the stop watch again as though the run had just begun! So we both looked over the process as he uploaded the second stopwatch into the FMS and we waited with great anticipation that the same situation would not happen again. After two attempts on the second stopwatch the FMS finally gave us the option we were waiting for to save the stopwatch file so we could process the results! Phew – what a massive relief. This has never happened before and hopefully won’t happen again. This does however strengthen the whole purpose of us having two time keepers at each event.

Now I am generally a placid individual and don’t get wound up that easily but sometimes I am aware I have voiced my opinion loudly (and I hold no apology for that) when a runner hasn’t followed the simple rules and has basically thrown everything out by their actions. An example being crossing the finish line more than once and then ducking out of the finish funnel because they have already been through and had their personal barcode and the finish token scanned. Oh well, what does that matter? It actually causes the volunteers who are processing the results a lot of extra work (sometimes a couple of hours and emails to answer throughout the week) trying to piece together where something has gone out of sequence and how to best correct it. Sometimes we are texting or even phoning other known runners to try and confirm who they run in with to get the results as accurate as possible. In my days at the Woolwich as a cashier that’s the sort of thing we would do at the end of the day if we had an over or short situation when balancing the till. I wonder how many other parkrun’s do a similar thing when their results go out?

As we approached silly season our numbers had tailed off to a disappointingly low of 217. Out of the 268 runs we have done at Great Lines this comes out at position 68 (the lowest being 60 runners on 15 February 2014). Boy do I remember that Saturday! I was time keeping with Liz Vassell (who was Run Director on Christmas day 2018) and the sky became as dark black in the daytime as you could imagine and the wind suddenly came out of nowhere. We had a few runners left who were completing lap 2 of our course, along way up the course from the finish line, when the heavens opened and the torrential rain just came down on us like a ton of bricks. Me and Liz were soaked through within 30 seconds – yes it really was that quick, ask her if you don’t believe me. We just stood there and said – ‘Bring it on’ while the other volunteers were sheltering under the former gazebo laughing at us. But you know, I wouldn’t change that experience for anything, it happened, move on. That’s exactly what you see at parkrun. Yes we have regulars and we had regulars who had achieved what they wanted and have moved onto other things. When I look at the event history of the 268 runs, it’s very much, oh yes, I remember him or her, wonder what they are doing now? If they came back on another weekend it would be like we saw them a month ago. A classic example is seeing our fellow runners Gordan and his son David who have appeared at Great Lines twice in recent months and it has been great to see them again.

A couple of our former Great Lines parkrun regulars, Kerry and Dave Drew moved home some time ago and have not been with us apart from the occasional visit but they have had great success setting up their own parkrun in Deal and Walmer. It was a good surprise to meet Hannah (a regular volunteer at that parkrun) this Saturday who brought along with her, Wonky Bear (he has his own Fartbook page) who was attending his 100th parkrun in Kent. Kerry mentioned to Hannah to look out for Barefoot Ricardo although this weekend I was unwell so fully dressed

Right time to finish this report, I have things to do

So some ‘chart’ stats for you (we all love a chart at Christmas / New year time don’t we?).

This weekend we had 379 runners (just shy of the 381 on Christmas day 2018)

Great Lines lowest number of runners was 60 as mentioned above and our highest number was 535 this year on 5 May

Our average number of runners has been 294 (rounded) from all 268 events

Our lowest volunteer numbers were 12 on 5 and 26 October 2013 and 18 January 2014 but our highest was 90 on 29 July 2017 (this was a take over day by a local running club).

On average we have 33 volunteers each weekend and we are so lucky for that support to run our free event.

New Years Resolutions

Dear runners, if you don’t do so already please add these simple points to your new year resolution list:

1) Please listen to the runner’s brief – yes I know it can be boring as you have heard it all before BUT sometimes (more than you think) there is really important information being communicated

2) Only cross the finish line ONCE. We encourage you to support your fellow runners but please tail back way before you enter the finish funnel otherwise the time keepers may time you in

3) Please don’t ask the timekeepers for a time or try to look over their shoulders. Sometimes things can be quite fraught and we are trying to give every punter the most accurate time possible. You may have finished but more often than not we are already focussed and counting the number of runners about to approach let alone give instructions to the number checker between runners!

4) Please don’t Funnel Duck and stay in order, it is only a short distance to walk in what I call the Great Lines maze to get your finish token – such fun!

5) Make sure you get your personal barcode scanned and then your finish token scanned so we can provide the most accurate results

6) We encourage dogs with runners but please, keep the dog on a short lead (we have had runners tripped up in the past by long leads and I have certainly seen some very long leads of late)

7) Have as much fun as possible and don’t forget to thank the volunteers as you go around the course. Even if you are out of breath and sound like Darth Vader, a thumbs up is good enough and very much appreciated!

 So thank you for running at Great Lines parkrun and thank you to my fellow volunteers. It all just makes Saturday mornings a highlight of the week to look forward to.

I finish by wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Take care of yourself and each other.

Ricardo D’Ash - Run report writer

 *** Facts and Figures #268 ***

This week 379 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

*** Milestones ***

The 50 club members were: James Merry, Jez Maytum and Louisa Perryman

PLEASE let us know when it is your special milestone days as we hate to miss them and can only check the results to see who is on 9, 49 or 99, so if you run those at another parkrun or have a gap between that and your milestone run we might miss you out and you know we love give you a cheer.

*** The 24 personal bests go to ***

Alice WHILEY * Andrea MUTTON * Cheryl MCMILLAN * David GUNNS * Dean PARKINSON * Elisabeth SADLER * Emma PORTUS * Ewan PARKINSON * Gary TAPSON * Jog ALE * Jonathan BURCH * Joshua BAUCKHAM * Lisa KING * Louie COCKER * Mark HOLLANDS * Nadine MCGINLEY * Neil MCCUE * Nicholas FELMINGHAM * Nik OSIPOV * Paul MANTLE * Sharon WELLS * Sophie DOWNHAM * Tony CROSFILL * Zoe HILL

*** Welcome to the 27 first timers ***
(12 new to parkrun and 15 tourists)

Andressa MINOGUE * Andrew CORNFORD * Anya PORTUS * Darren AYLWARD * David COESHALL * Devanshi CHENGAPPA * Elaine EAGLETON * Hannah PERRIN * Jackie LEE * James MERRY * John MINOGUE * Lesley PILSON * Mark EAGLETON * Mark TYRRELL * Melanie PARISH * Rosie PLATTS * Sally-Ann JOHNSTON * Samuel ALLEN * Sarah SIMMONDS * Shikhar MUKTAN * Sophia MAYTUM * Stephanie GARDINER * Steven CORNEW * Stuart WITTY * Terry MERRY * Tony HOLLINGDALE * Zehra MUSTAFA

*** Volunteers ***

Andrew BURGESS  •  Andrew FORD  •  Andrew LUNNON  •  Annalise CASS  •  Anthony WICKER  •  Barefootricardo D'ASH  •  Cathy RAHMANZADEH  •  Chris ARNOLD  •  Clayton BARRETT  •  Dan GOWER-SMITH  •  Darrell HARMAN  •  David SHARPLEY  •  Declan CASS  •  Dee YAMOAH  •  Diane ARNOLD  •  Dominic NORTON  •  Francoise COSTELLOE  •  Gary SMITH  •  Hannah RENKLIDAG  •  Heidi O'NEILL  •  Iain BOOTH  •  Isabel KING  •  Jason MALLION-WOODS  •  Jenny BALDOCK  •  John LLOYD  •  John RAINS  •  June RODWELL  •  Karl GRIMBLE  •  Lani HALL  •  Lori BENNETT-HORSFALL  •  Lucy WINTER  •  Maggie BAXTER  •  Michael HARVEY  •  Michael PAYNTER  •  Mick SMITH  •  Nigel READ  •  Phil OBRAY  •  Philip WALLACE  •  Rachel FORD  •  Rebecca WINTER  •  Richard MATTHEWS  •  Roger BARRETT  •  Roger Ernest LODGE  •  Rosie MALLION-WOODS  •  Ross SANDY  •  Sheila STONE  •  Sian JONES  •  Simon HALL  •  Sophie WINTER  •  Stephen JONES  •  Sue LEA  •  Suzanne GILBERT  •  Symon WILDGOOSE  •  Tom DIVERS  •  Tom HOLLANDS

The male record is held by Teweldeberhan MENGES who recorded a time of 15:41 on 5th August 2017 (event number 197).

The female record is held by Chloe SHARP who recorded a time of 17:52 on 25th December 2017 (event number 217).

The Age Grade course record is held by Barry ROYDEN who recorded 85.16% (17:11) on 24th September 2016 (event number 153).

Great Lines parkrun, Medway started on 28th September 2013. Since then 7,406 participants have completed 78,695 parkruns covering a total distance of 393,475 km, including 14,433 new Personal Bests. A total of 721 individuals have volunteered 8,856 times.



#267 – Tuesday 25th December – Christmas Day parkrun


Have you run at Christmas parkrun yet? If not, why not?! As you’re missing out on a whole heap of fun!

This was the third time that I had run at parkrun on Christmas Day. The other two times I was fit, but this time I was injured, but I was still determined not to miss it!


I had not run for about 5-6 weeks due to injury and must admit I had become a little lazy! I had originally planned to make up my mind on Christmas Day, to see how I felt. But with a couple of busy weeks leading up to it, I knew I would be tired, and would most probably not make the effort. Unless I volunteered to write the run report, that is, then I would have to show up!


So here I am guys and gals! … Writing the run report! So glad I volunteered, and am so glad I ran Christmas Day parkrun! I had previously ran on Saturday 22nd December, and my heel has been paying for it since, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from running on Christmas Day.

I was all set to run on my own (I can run on my own, but hate it!), until my lovely friend Max Lehane came up to me and said, ‘Are you alright to run together for a bit? I know you’re faster than me, even when injured, but we can start out together?’ That was music to my ears! I hadn’t seen and run with Max for a while and had missed her. I said to her that pace wasn’t an issue, and that she would actually be helping me, so I wouldn’t go off too fast, and make my injury worse. So everyone was a winner!


As we started out to run together, we were careful not to slip on the cold and frosty grass and paths. Great Lines looked magical, covered in a thick, not quite white (but almost!) coat of frost. It reminded me of the Christmas Carol ‘Good King Wenceslas’, with the snow laying round about, deep and crisp and even! Well, it wasn’t deep, but the frost was certainly crisp and even! That was enough to put me and Max into a good running Christmas mood! The air was cold, and so were our hands and fingers too, but we soon warmed up once we started running.


As we both ran up The Alps for the first time, we both remarked on how beautiful the Great Lines looked. The sun was shining through, everyone was cheerful, and wishing each other and the marshals happy Christmas. Lots of people had made an effort to wear Christmassy clothes, hats and outfits, and it was just a really lovely, happy atmosphere!


Max and I had a lovely catch up running round, and soon got into our breathing and running stride, and were running comfortably. We had both decided to just have a bimble round, chat to peeps and take in the morning fun and frolics!

As we came around the back of the war memorial the second time, and started to run along, the path had become noticeably less busy. We had a great view of up ahead, and it was at this point that Max pointed out the rolling mists, slowly moving across the sky onto the Great Lines. The sun rays were streaming though the mists, creating a hazy, pretty scene. ‘Omg, that looks so beautiful’, I said. ‘It makes you feel glad to be alive!’ And as I said it, Max came out with the exact same words halfway through! What a spectacle we had both been treated to!


My left heel, hamstring and glute had all hurt since I started running, but with the company of lovely Max, and the beautiful sight we had just seen, it gave us both incentive to keep carrying on. It was definitely worth putting up with the niggles for the way we were both feeling, which was great!

Before we knew it, we were both on the home strait! Max reminded me of the run brief chosen word, and we both shouted out ‘TINSEL’, and waved our arms, as we crossed the finish line together!


We were rewarded with mince pies and chocolates for our efforts from members of the volunteer team. We got our breath back, and did our stretches, before we caught up with our friends.

We all chatted together for what seemed like ages! Everyone were all talking about their plans for Christmas and Boxing Day, when lo and behold, Father Christmas, in the shape of Jeff Regan, came walking up to our group with a big black sack full of presents! He gave everyone a present, with the aid of his little helper, Rosie Regan! Santa gave me one present, then another, and then another, and before I knew it, I was struggling to hold onto a pile of 5 presents! It really was a very lovely moment, and one which I shall treasure for years to come! Thank you Santa! (And Wendy, Ben & little Rosie too!).


And to think that I nearly didn’t go! … I had been to Midnight Mass at Rochester Cathedral the night before, and had only had 3 ½ hours sleep! So glad I went! So glad I ran, and so glad I volunteered!


I shall continue to volunteer whilst still injured, to make sure that I’m still involved, and playing a part, in the fab running community that is Great Lines parkrun!


How was your Christmas Day parkrun this year? Bet you loved it! And if you didn’t or couldn’t make it this year, make a little promise to yourself to go next year! … I promise you won’t regret it!

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and I wish a very happy new year to you all!


Christmas parkrun
‘You must be mad?’ they said, ‘Running on Christmas Day!’
Maybe, but I’m in good company, so what the hey!
Turkey in the oven ready, to be cooked later on,
but first, I’m enjoying and running, and yes, just for fun!

It sets you up for the day, breathing in the cold, crisp air!
Seeing your friends, feeling happy, with good times to share!
Christmas gifts and cards are swapped, along with hugs and kisses,
Cries of ‘Happy Christmas!’, alongside more Christmas wishes.

There’s a heavy frost on the grass, making it white, crisp and even.
Which helps to set the Christmas mood, as on the feast of Stephen.
Even with no snow, our hearts are a glow, we’re full of Christmas cheer,
Such a special atmosphere, at Christmas parkrun, at this time of year!

Karen Illman– Run Report Writer


*** New from the office***

There were lots of pictures taken at the event, they can be viewed here:


*** Facts and Figures #267 ***

This week 381 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.


*** Milestones ***

The 10 club members were: Ben Regan


The 50 club members were: Maggie Baxter, Mark Reader, Heather Parkinson, Susan Moore, Amanda Harrision, Stephanie Philips & Stuart Bell



The 100 club members were: Steve Cummings & Neil Crust

The 150 club members were: Ross Sandy


The 200 club members were: Peter Young

PLEASE let us know when it is your special milestone days as we hate to miss them and can only check the results to see who is on 9, 49 or 99, so if you run those at another parkrun or have a gap between that and your milestone run we might miss you out and you know we love give you a cheer.

*** The 36 personal bests go to ***

Alice WHILEY * Angela SMITH * Archibald BEAN * Barbara GUNNS * Ben REGAN * Brian CULVER * Carol BOND * Catherine YOUNG * Cesare SAGUATO * David WESTBY * Dorothee BARKER * Eric DUURENJARGAL * Gabriella HORNE * Gary GROUTAGE * Gemma PARKINSON * James GOSTICK * Joanne LILLICRAP * Joshua BAUCKHAM * Katie BROWN * Mark JENNINGS * Molly STEWART * Nathaniel FREGOSO * Nick HAYNES * Oliver HORNE * Oliver WARREN * Patrick WHITTON * Paul MANTLE * Peter YOUNG * Richard VASSILIOU * Sharon BOYLE * Sophie CHILD * Steve PERRIN * Toby BARKER * Tony ROCCO * Warren HORNIGOLD * Wayne MEEK


*** Welcome to the 25 first timers ***
(6 new to parkrun and 19 tourists)

Alan CLARK * Bryan MUNCE * Casey ABRAHAMSE * Cassius SEALE * Chris WARD * Craig TYLER * Daniel VASSILIOU * David MILLS * Emma TOVEY * Gavin TOVEY * Grace DURRANT * Hussain Nimer ADIP * Ian BATES * Lauren MILLS * Lisa BERKMAN * Mavis TONKIN * Mehmet RENKLIDAG * Nia THOMAS * Oliver NORTHERN * Paul TYLER * Robert CLARK * Sam TOVEY * Stephanie PHILLIPS * Steve SMITH * Stuart BELL

*** Volunteers ***

Alexandra BAXTER • Andrew FORD • Andrew LUNNON • Andrew PATERNOSTER • Andy JAMES • Anthony WICKER • Cathy RAHMANZADEH • Chris ARNOLD • Chris GOWER • Christine JONES • Clayton BARRETT • Dan GOWER-SMITH • Dee YAMOAH • Diane ARNOLD • Elizabeth VASSELL • Gary SMITH • Hannah RENKLIDAG • Helen GOWER • Jason MALLION-WOODS • Johanna BRIDGE • Karen ILLMAN • Karl GRIMBLE • Lani HALL • Lori BENNETT-HORSFALL • Lorraine RUMINSKI • Michael PAYNTER • Mick SMITH • Neville BROOM • Paul JOHNSTON • Philip WALLACE • Rachel FORD • Richard MATTHEWS • Richard PEMBERTON • Roger BARRETT • Roger Ernest LODGE • Rosie MALLION-WOODS • Rosie REGAN • Ross SANDY • Tim DECKER • Vanessa VANDER TUFF • Wendy ANSLEY


The male record is held by Teweldeberhan MENGES who recorded a time of 15:41 on 5th August 2017 (event number 197).

The female record is held by Chloe SHARP who recorded a time of 17:52 on 25th December 2017 (event number 217).

The Age Grade course record is held by Barry ROYDEN who recorded 85.16% (17:11) on 24th September 2016 (event number 153).

Great Lines parkrun, Medway started on 28th September 2013. Since then 7,379 participants have completed 78,316 parkruns covering a total distance of 391,580 km, including 14,409 new Personal Bests. A total of 718 individuals have volun-teered 8,801 times.


2018 at Great Lines, Medway parkrun

It has been another amazing fun year at Great Lines, Medway parkrun. There have been many achievements but in keeping with tradition, as Joint Event Directors we will now share our thoughts and memory’s on the past year.

Let’s start by saying “Merry Christmas to Great Lines parkrun!!” and it was great to see so many of you dressed up for Christmas Day and a massive thank you to Father Christmas who come and run after his long night of working – I hope he is now well rested. We had lots of Turkeys on their last run before they were roasted. The weather was cold with frost on the ground but the penguins enjoyed it. We had lots of festive jumpers, tinsel, fancy festive leggings and so much more. It was great to see. You all do great when it comes to fancy dress.

The festive spirits were flowing and when the volunteers arrived to set up the course, the fields were crisp and white with the overnight frost which did not really thaw as the event progressed.

As people ran, jogged or walked you could hear “Merry Christmas” over and over again. There was Christmas singing at the finish area and kind donations of mince pies and chocolates that were all enjoyed before people headed off for their day ahead.

Now looking back over the year, where do we start?

Some facts and figures!

Since the start of this year there have been 50 events and in turn this has resulted in 18,985 runners, joggers and walkers and 1,851 volunteers or approximately 2,776.5 hours of time given to the event on a Saturday by our community. There are other roles that take place behind the scenes that are not included in this figure but I am sure you will agree this is staggering number of hours.

Did you know that every week one of the volunteers collects rubbish before the event starts so that is 50 black sacks of rubbish that is collected each year by the event. We do this not only to ensure the park is safe for people taking part in the event but to give something back for the use of the amazing park

We would just like to thank our outstanding team of volunteers who have not only helped put on the Christmas Day Event, but have helped make this such a great event for the last 12 months and in fact over the past 5 years. We say it so often; we could not offer the free weekly event without all the volunteers. If you haven’t volunteered before please do give it a go. Also, if you have friend or family member that isn’t a runner but would like to volunteer we would love to hear from them too.

As Event Directors we cannot thank you all enough, for making this event the fun filled weekly event it has become, without you all we wouldn’t have Great Lines parkrun.

The event has been lucky enough to support many of Medway’s young people with their Duke of Edinburgh awards, well done to everyone – we currently have 3 of them regularly on the roster. It was a great pleasure to see each of them achieve their goals and build their confidence but also, continue taking part in the event after their award was completed.

We were so pleased to see that Great Lines parkrun worked with Medway Hospital and Medway CCG to celebrate our NHS turning 70 years old this year. As always you didn’t disappoint with your dressing up and the outfits were amazing. It goes to show what our NHS means to you all.

“Chase the Pacer” days have been popular and always welcomed by everyone, we have more planned for 2019 and we will be again seeking pacers to cover every minute.

Your donations have been amazing, whilst we say “Thank you” that never seems to be enough, we are truly grateful. Your kind donations throughout the year have enabled Great Lines parkrun to support its community. We have collected for the foodbank, local animal charities and at Christmas we collected for the Salvation Army to enable all children of Medway to have a present this Christmas and without your donations this would not have been possible.

“Club Take Overs” have featured throughout the year and have always been well supported by their members. We are very lucky at Great Lines to be supported by our local clubs, not just on take over events but all year round.

We live in a world where too often people do not know their neighbour or in some cases don’t even speak to someone from one week to the next but how that all changes on a Saturday morning from 8.45am. We all have the pleasure of hearing the laughter and chatter as people arrive saying “hello” or catching up on their week’s events and not forgetting the round of applause and cheers during the run brief welcoming new people or celebrating a milestone or two.

We often hear that parkrun is a catalyst in people achieving the own personal fitness and running goals, whilst forming new friendships along the way, and this makes us proud to be playing in just a small part of this.

Our final thanks must go to, in no particular order:

-          Medway Council for their continued support and allowing us to use this magnificent park free of charge each week

-          Medway Sport

-          Medway Park for allowing us to store our equipment there each week.

-          The local running clubs who have all helped grow this event.

We are planning for 2019 to be as fun filled as 2018 and we have already started to plan ahead with parkbench to parkrun graduations, chase the pacer days, fancy dress events and on the last Saturday of the month the event will be supporting and encouraging people who have been affected by cancer to come and run, jog, walk or volunteer.

Great Lines, Medway is fully inclusive and very supportive of people with disabilities or life limiting conditions to take part and we will continue to raise the profile of the event through our social media networks, working with local GP’s and CCG and hopefully, word of mouth will continue to aid others to take part. It is really important to remember that you are never last, we have a tail walker volunteer who will always be the last to cross the finish line.

We look forward to the year ahead and together we can make Medway a happier and healthier place to live, work and enjoy life!

Dan and Gary

Joint Event Directors


#266 – SATURDAY 22nd December my journey!


22nd of December made me hit the big 50 which is usually something people complain about ......unless it is a parkrun and then we will tell the world and his wife and wear a vest to show people on the way round it's your 50th and to cap it off you get a T Shirt from the lovely parkrun people another to show off in (and quite rightly). Well my 50th has taken 17 months , have 14 PBs in my first 17 goes, but have had a dry spell for the last 33, so I must be due one soon .... Do I have to have a chat with the Timelord to put me in the Tardis and help with a bit of time travel, although knowing Riccardo I would have to laugh at his jokes!!


Talking of dry spells, Saturdays this year we have been mostly lucky with rain, well apart from a few weeks ago when my jacket got so heavy with water I think I lost about 7lb after the first lap ( having thrown the jacket to the official dumping ground of the parkrun flag on lap one). Funnily though it was one of my favourite runs as there was so much camaraderie, people thanking the marshals, smiling at everyone and rolling our eyes at people knowing that we are a mad bunch of people that even in the pouring rain we will be there getting our weekly fix.


I loved doing the walk with Bill, he reached his 50th earlier in the year and got a real buzz of Medway Fit walking round and occasionally jogging to keep up with him, such an inspiration. Today was a good day felt good to reach the 50 milestone and wear the red bib of honour and run with Jane, having a chat, and generally plodding round enjoying being there and feeling accomplished as I do each week. Although in my run through the funnel I forgot to say the word of the week Elf... feel that I let myself down hehe.


8th July 2017 was the my first step to becoming a runner, I turned up extra early to be there for the first time chat, feeling nervous, but although on my own, I did not feel it, all these people coming together for one goal to run, jog or walk two laps of the Great Lines, big crowds too, as I did a little run, little walk, little run, which I now know to be jeffing more to putting one foot in front of the other this running lark.


I got around in 41 mins and 17 seconds and felt ecstatic that I'd made it around the footy pitch and alps felt like they were going on forever and I did look like a beetroot at the end! I know this as the official photographer captured the moment for me. Then I got hooked on PB after PB, such a high as a non-runner. I joined a little group called Medway Fit in January and now parkrun means meeting friends each week and having pre and post run chats.


Volunteering has also been part of my parkrun this year and I have taken the tail for a walk a few times and have made more friends to have a laugh and a joke with (such a great bunch of people some even giving you a pet name of June LOL), I do get a buzz out of people saying thank you foxy and chatting to people and encouraging them round to finish the 5k. I think that I can safely say I will never be super speedy, but I don't mind as they say 5k is 5k whether you do it in 16 minutes or 60 minutes.


Thank you parkrun for helping me start my running journey and giving inspiration to a few of my friends to get running, I looking forward to sticking around for at least until I reach 100 (watch this space)

Jude Freed – Run Report Writer


*** New from the office***

There were lots of pictures taken at the event, they can be viewed here: https://www.flickr.com/groups/greatlines-parkrun/

*** Facts and Figures #266 ***

This week 319 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 13 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

*** Milestones ***

The 50 club members were: Adam Austen, Hayley Stewart and Jude Freed

The 100 club members were: Ingrid Harrison

PLEASE let us know when it is your special milestone days as we hate to miss them and can only check the results to see who is on 9, 49 or 99, so if you run those at another parkrun or have a gap between that and your milestone run we might miss you out and you know we love give you a cheer.

*** The 20 personal bests go to ***

Amy CARLISLE * Angela SMITH * Ben REGAN * Carol BOND * Carol VALENTINE * Charlotte CARRIER * Darren LAST * David REDDING * Evelyn GOSS * Jamie ROBERTS * Kerry BRIFFITT * Kevin DAWSON *Mark NICHOLLS * Nicholas BOYLE * Nicholas FELMINGHAM * Nicola LILLEY * Steven COOK * Sue MACKEY * Thomas DENNIS * Vicki KELLY-GEE

*** Welcome to the 13 first timers ***

(7 new to parkrun and 6 tourists)

Colin DINWOODIE * Gary TAPSON * Hamish BIRKETT * James HUDSON * Karen MORELAND * Kate BRIFFITT * Lisa KING * Nick HAYNES * Patrick STONE * Peter YOUNG * Rylee ANDREWS * Steve SMITH * Vicky BIRKETT

*** Volunteers ***

Alan LE GRYS  •  Andrew LUNNON  •  Anthony WICKER  •  Barefootricardo D'ASH  •  Cathy RAHMANZADEH  •  Chris ARNOLD  •  Dan GOWER-SMITH  •  David PICKNELL  •  Dee YAMOAH  •  Diane ARNOLD  •  Francoise COSTELLOE  •  Heidi O'NEILL  •  Iain BOOTH  •  Ian SMITH  •  Ian SMITH  •  Ingrid HARRISON  •  Isabel KING  •  Jason MALLION-WOODS  •  Jude FREED  •  Karl GRIMBLE  •  Lani HALL  •  Maggie BAXTER  •  Mark HOLLANDS  •  Michael HARVEY  •  Michael PAYNTER  •  Mick SMITH  •  Neville BROOM  •  Nick TUFF  •  Patrick STONE  •  Paul BARRY  •  Paul JOHNSTON  •  Phil OBRAY  •  Philip WALLACE  •  Richard MATTHEWS  •  Rosie MALLION-WOODS  •  Rosie REGAN  •  Ross SANDY  •  Sharon BOYLE  •  Sheila STONE  •  Sue LEA  •  Suzanne GILBERT  •  Tom HOLLANDS  •  Vanessa VANDER TUFF


The male record is held by Teweldeberhan MENGES who recorded a time of 15:41 on 5th August 2017 (event number 197).

The female record is held by Chloe SHARP who recorded a time of 17:52 on 25th December 2017 (event number 217).

The Age Grade course record is held by Barry ROYDEN who recorded 85.16% (17:11) on 24th September 2016 (event number 153).

Great Lines parkrun, Medway started on 28th September 2013. Since then 7,354 participants have completed 77,935 parkruns covering a total distance of 389,675 km, including 14,373 new Personal Bests. A total of 717 individuals have volunteered 8,760 times.


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