Guildford parkrun #337: Records Tumble & Marvelous Milestones

Good day to all you lovely people :-)

Before we go any further I would like express my heartfelt thanks to all our 25 volunteers for this Saturday. They. Where. Brilliant. Then again our volunteers are always brilliant. They are the heartbeat that gives Guildford parkrun life. Next time you go running show your appreciation to these wonderful folks and give them a cheer & a thanks.

Every week at Guildford parkrun is different; different stories for the runners, different motivations & goals, different personal experiences and different situations arise. Guildford parkrun, like all parkruns, is a continually evolving narrative of thousands of people – and that’s what makes parkrun so engaging, so warm and so beautiful. People. People who volunteer, people who run and people who spectate & support their loved ones.

06:53 and dark. A lonely figure shuffles around Stoke park depositing bits of brightly coloured plastic. He hopes they resemble some meaningful order, provide guidance & instruction even, or at least line-up with each other! But it’s dark and difficult to tell. ‘Ah well’ he thinks, ‘I’ve done the best I can and can only go back & forth so many times before I forget what I’m supposed to be doing’ and plods on. Beneath his feet the ground feels, unexpectedly, not too muddy, nice & firm with just the right amount of give. Lucky runners. As dawn breaks the solitude is broken by a very cheerful lady arriving and asking ‘What can I do to help?’. ‘Cool’ he thinks, ‘let’s talk finish tunnels’ he grins. Better make it quite long as the weather is perfect, the time of year still within touching distance of making those pesky resolutions, and no G3 event so there might be a good crowd of runners today!!

08:46 and the sheer lack of people leaves him confounded. Realising he clearly doesn’t have a pulse on, well anything really it would seem. So much for his guessing on a good crowd, he delays the first timers briefing because, well they simply haven’t seemingly arrived yet.

08:54 and by gosh there’s a lot of people here. What happened!!

Happy expectant runners :-)

The tension builds, the excitement mounts!

The crowd is going wild!!!!

09:03 and they’re off!!!! All 614 runners. Wait. What. Did you say 614 runners at Guildford parkrun? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a new attendance record for Guildford parkrun, beating the previous record by a whopping 64!!! It was magical watching this huge mass of people set off in a riot of colour and happiness. A tsunami of intent and enthusiasm (the grim determination was obviously due to set in latter!!).

09:17 and a blur of committed happy faces goes past dazzling us. Some, incredibly, completing their 2nd lap, others just starting theirs and maybe another new first for Guildford parkrun; an unbroken, continuous line of runners right around Stoke Park. From the finish area a full line of runners could be seen disappearing just past Wild Wood, back on to the grass and over the hillock, while simultaneously runners where re-appearing on the London Road footpath, again as a continuous line of runners all the way back to the finish area. It looked glorious, definitely awesome and made one Run Director giggle a little. That’s the power of parkrun!

Mr Gingerbread was incognito on Saturday so you probably missed him. Here's what he looked like on Christmas Day ;-)

09:26 and by heck the finish area is busy. We’ve drafted in additional Barcode Scanners (who very kindly stepped-in) to help with the queues and at peak we had 6 Barcode Scanners on Saturday – another Guildford parkrun record. All around was the buzz of achievement as runners basked in their success, sweaty bodies and happy faces surrounded by loved ones. The finish line also became a little congested so we apologise for that, but lots of encouragement to keep the runners moving down the finish tunnel as quickly as they could helped matters.

09:53 and our 2 smashing tail walkers come in. Thank you ladies as always.

10:21 an empty silence has descended on Stoke Park, as the Run Director looks around he realises once more, that he is alone with his thoughts, a solitary but contented figure. Another great Guildford parkrun (record breaking in fact) but how odd it all seems, a little over a hour since the run started, and now there is no one. 25 volunteers, 614 runners and perhaps another 60 odd people who came to support friends & family. 700 people rocked up, did their thing and then poff – gone – just like that. Many of course off to the Daisy Chain Café to enjoy coffee/tea/cake or something more, swap stories of personal bests, of running daring dos (and perhaps daring don’ts) and celebrate what they have, individually & collectively, achieved that Saturday morning, 12th January when records were set. What a perfectly smashing way to start a weekend :-)

Now that's a celebration! Super smiles as Anna MACLEAN, with friends, is clearly very happy with her 100th parkrun. Huge Congratulations Anna.

Speaking of celebrations and records we must mention some fabulous milestones and massive congratulations to the following for their very own personal record and achievements:

Virginia DE SANTIS and Stephanie FERRO for both reaching their 50th parkrun milestone this Saturday. Very well done to you both.

Robert FELTHAM: an inspiring gentleman who shows us all that age is simply a mental attitude reached his 100th parkrun milestone.

Anna MACLEAN: technically a tourist but her 1st parkrun, her 50th and now her 100th have all been at Guildford. She also managed to talk her lovely Mom into baking a lot of very tasty fairly cakes which she very generously gave out to runners and volunteers alike. Thank you so much Anna’s Mom (who is most welcome anytime ;-) ). It was delightful to see Anna so well supported by (at least) two cousins, a sister and a Mom & Dad.

Anna MACLEAN looking deservedly happy. Thanks for the cakes Anna's Mom :-)

Congratulations and very well done. You should all be very chuffed with your marvellous achievements. Wear your t-shirts with pride and lots and lots and lots of joy :-)

Mr Reindeer, who was not able to make this Saturday, is currently being much loved by the HOUGHTON family (who adopted him on Christmas Day). Mr Reindeer reports to being very well but wishies he could overcome his slight bout of laziness!! :-)

I thank the lovely, the wonderful, volunteers once again who did us all so proud. Please take a bow you incredible individuals - you rocked it. A roll call of honour for Saturday:

Monica ALONSO • Keith HARRISON • Jeremy Paul HUTCHINS • Andrew FLANAGAN • Isabel THOMAS • Pauline HASTINGS • Wendy SCOTT • Alastair HESLOP • Stephen OSBORNE • Jan SPENCER • Jane FOSTER • Mary MANNING • Jody GREEN • Henry FORREST • Maria TITCOMB • Liz WILLANS • Sian WILLIAMS • Maddie HESLOP • Paul TATLER • Saira BLOOMFIELD • Gemma MEAD • Wayne SMITH • Joshua SMEETH • Joanna TICEHURST • Nicholas GOLDMAN

For those that like facts and figures:

Volunteers: 25
Runners: 614 - have I mentioned this is a Guildford parkrun record attendance...?
Personal Bests: 67 !!!! - very well done to you all
First Timers: 71 !!!! - we hope you had a smashing experience with us, we loved having you
Distance Ran: 3,070 KM - 5KM x 614 runners. Yes that is a lot!!
Energy Used (VERY approximate): 310,000 calories. Yes, again, that is a lot!! For those interested an assumed ~ 500 calories per runner.

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves, we certainly did. We’d love to see you again sometime and until then, happy running, happy loving.

Guildford parkrun Team


parkrun #330 a 250th milestone and a 40th birthday – celebrations a plenty!

Firstly, as always, thank you so much to Run Director Andy Bishop and his volunteer squad who made this morning's parkrun possible. It goes without saying, without the Core Team and the volunteers we would have a rather empty Stoke Park!

Saturday, 8 December saw two celebrations. Congratulations Richard Parke on your 250th milestone run with a time of 22:16 it makes your run today very impressive on both accounts. As your banner said, only another 250 to go until you reach 500!

Richards 250th

Richard was a little confused - lols!

Richards 250th

Bernard Parke and Jane Rostant - checking Richard hadn't tied himself up with his celebratory sash - (watch out for Jane's 250th run on 22 December, celebrations a go for that one 1st woman to reach 250 at Guildford)!

Happy 40th birthday to Mary Manning and with the purpleness of fellow parkrunners and friends streaking round Stoke Park, it was lovely to celebrate with you.

Mary’s 40th Birthday parkrun

Mary’s 40th Birthday parkrun

Mary’s 40th Birthday parkrun

Bill Wild, selfie King!

A picture says a 1,000 words, or whatever the expression take a look, it's not all about the running. It's about being with friends, laughter, and it certainly looks like A LOT OF CAKE!

Mary’s 40th Birthday parkrun

Richards 250th

Richards 250th

Richards 250th

Have a great week.

Here are the Stats!

Nicky (Hack)

This week 386 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 39 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 33 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Paul W H MILLER • Jacqueline MERLINI • Martyn THOMAS • Andrew BISHOP • Isabel THOMAS • Belinda BARRATT • Lauren THOMAS • Pauline HASTINGS • Wendy SCOTT • Alastair HESLOP • Robert FELTHAM • William BOLTER • Stephen OSBORNE • Giles CAMERON • Henry FORREST • Harry CONLAN • Sam CONLAN • Sian WILLIAMS • Simon COX • Maddie HESLOP • Paul TATLER • Gemma MEAD • Nicholas GOLDMAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Guildford parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Emily WICKS who recorded a time of 17:31 on 8th October 2016 (event number 227).
The male record is held by Phil WICKS who recorded a time of 15:14 on 23rd September 2017 (event number 274).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 90.41% (22:25) on 27th April 2013 (event number 57).

Guildford parkrun started on 10th March 2012. Since then 12,462 participants have completed 93,241 parkruns covering a total distance of 466,205 km, including 16,380 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,006 individuals have volunteered 6,048 times.


Extra parkruns on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day!!

I know, some of you may think it is really far too early to be planning Christmas!! But surely never too early to let you know about extra parkruns!! We are therefore pleased to confirm that as well as our usual Saturday 5k events at 9am we will once again be hosting extra events on Christmas Day (Tuesday 25th December) and New Year's Day (Tuesday 1st January). Both these events will start at 9am. We will of course need volunteers on these days too!!

For the really keen amongst you, don't forget that you can get two, yes two, run credits on New Year's Day - Cranleigh will be hosting a parkrun at 10.30am which should provide plenty of time to finish Guildford parkrun, get your barcode scanned and get to Cranleigh ready to do it all again!! Yes, we really are spoiling you!!


315 Guildford parkrun -thought we’d say it with photos this week! Thank you Jane Rostant for words and photos!

Another gloriously sunny morning in Surrey for our 315th Guildford Parkrun.  Run Director Nicky Hack welcomed 409 runners and our brilliant volunteers.
Parkrun 11 Aug 2018

We had a few milestones, congratulations to 25 volunteering roles Maddie Heslop!
Parkrun 11 Aug 2018

Also Nathan Fitzpatrick was running his 50th as was Rachel Brooks.
Parkrun 11 Aug 2018

Will Bolter and Wendy Fitzpatrick were running their 100th parkruns.  Well done to you all.
Parkrun 11 Aug 2018 Parkrun 11 Aug 2018

Honorable mention also to Oliver Jones running his 200th parkrun - you owe us tea and cake next week for not mentioning this!!  Look at Nikki Simpson who demonstrated the joy of parkrun!

Parkrun 11 Aug 2018

It was great to see a large number of first timers, including Ian Worley who had enjoyed his first ever parkrun. Ian said, "it was great" and he'll be returning next week for a PB.

Fantastic encouragement as ever from our lovely volunteers - it makes such a difference when you are struggling round the course.  Here are some of our finest in action:

Bernard Parke - encouraging as always!
Parkrun 11 Aug 2018

And Carol Dunnett helping you up that hill!
Parkrun 11 Aug 2018

Please remember to volunteer as parkrun is brought to you by our team of volunteers and it couldn't happen without you. So, please email in to;

See you all next week for another amazing Saturday morning.


Some missing results today

Unfortunately we had a problem with one of our scanners today and it has lost about the first 7 mins of results which is up to about position 95. If you find you are missing a result then please mail in to & we will add you in.


Andy (Run Director today)

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