Event 223, 09/03/19 – march winds

It was a rather blustery morning on top of Harcourt Hill for event #223, but we had brief shafts of sunshine to illuminate the daffodils, as 123 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 8 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

Will Frank held off Mark Bell, wth Nick Coupe not far behind in 3rd place. Kate Allred headed the ladies

Today we cheered in Alex Tulip on his 100th parkrun, and Matt Daniels on his 50th.

Anne Dally who holds the VW80-84 course record did a PB beating her previous best time by 32s

Lost Property

We often get asked if it is safe to leave things in reception area of the centre (usually yes, but no guarantees since so many families  are in the area for swimming on a Saturday morning), and many outer layers are regularly deposited outside near the start. These are nearly always waiting for you at the finish! However today R... could not find a blue Asics top left on the low wall near the scanners, so we gave the usual advice if we find any lost property at the end we hand it in to reception and publicise it. Reception log it by date and time so you can visit at any time and ask at the desk. Anyway today, after R... had left, up comes another runner who had picked up and put on the wrong blue top. They had found theirs and were very apologetic. I was able to give assurances we knew who owned the Asics and they knew to pick it up if it was found.

More worryingly, a few minutes later some one found a bunch of house keys left on the wall. While we stood there discussing what to do, a runner who had sat down to change their spikes realised they were hers, and so we did not have to go away leaving them in lost property.

I sometimes have real valuables left with me to put in my pocket for safekeeping. But please don't everybody rely on that except in an emergency, Get yourself a proper zip up pocket, or bumbag which wont impede your running.

The event was made possible by 14 volunteers:

Peter STOCKDALE • Claire HAZLETON • Helen TURLEY • Graham BRIDGES • Kerry PAPPS • Tim PAGET • James POYSER • Michael SANDFORD • Matthew PEARCE • Karen EVANS • Elaine SPENCER • Luke WOODWARD • Barbara SARGENT • Anu DUDHIA

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Harcourt Hill parkrun Results Page.


Event 222, 02/03/19 – Spring is in the air!

We had cloudy conditions for parkrun #222 at Harcourt Hill, with a hint of spring sunshine. There was a great turnout with 150 parkrunners crossing the finish line, in line with the steadily increasing numbers we’ve seen since the start of 2019. Evidently Harcourt Hill parkrunners have been great at sticking to new year’s resolutions to run with us! The course conditions are still a little slippery, but didn’t stop 17 of you from recording Personal Bests today – well done all.

Harcourt Hill parkrunners at start of event 222

Harcourt Hill parkrunners at start of event 222

This Saturday was definitely a day for welcoming all kinds of visitors.

We love to see first-timers and tourists joining us from other parkruns, and this week we welcomed 19 first-timers at Harcourt Hill, of whom three were completely new to parkrun, and 16 were visitors from as far afield as Maidstone, Essex and …. Didcot. We hope you enjoyed your morning with us and to see you again soon. It was great that runners from GoodGym Oxford could join us before taking part in Oxford Spring Clean. GoodGym has recently started up in Oxford and its aims are to get you fit by doing good, through combining regular exercise with helping our communities. For more information about how to get involved, see https://www.goodgym.org/areas/oxford.

Claire and Helena representatives from the MS Trust

Claire and Helena representatives from the MS Trust

We were also joined by Claire and Helena, representatives of the Multiple Sclerosis Trust charity (https://www.mstrust.org.uk/), who visited Harcourt Hill parkrun to meet this week’s Run Director, Mark Taylor.

Mark is a parkrun outreach ambassador for multiple sclerosis (MS), with the PROVE (parkrun: running or volunteering for everyone) initiative and has recently set up the `Run 4 MS’ parkrun club, aiming to encourage people with or affected by multiple sclerosis to get involved with parkrun. So the MS Trust were keen to meet Mark and his family (i.e. me and our sons Euan and Niall) and ask us not only about Mark’s experience as a person living with MS and how our family lives with this, but also about our involvement with parkrun and the benefits of getting involved with parkrun (either as parkrunners or volunteers) for those people with or affected by MS.

As ever, we were supported this week by a great team of 13 volunteers, so a special shout out and thanks go to: Euan TAYLOR • Mark TAYLOR • Kerry PAPPS • Tim PAGET • Niall TAYLOR • Kathryn DALLY• James POYSER • Michael SANDFORD • Anita JASSI • Jane GARTON • Karen EVANS • Elaine SPENCER • Sylvia BUCKINGHAM

Do please get in touch if you can help out with volunteering at Harcourt Hill parkrun. You’ll always be warmly welcomed, and it’s really rewarding to be able to contribute to such a great event.

Have a great week and see you for next Saturday’s parkrun!


Event 219, 09/02/19 – bright and blustery

It was a bright and blustery morning as 119 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 14 were first timers and four recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part. Tourists joined us from Lincoln, Carlisle and Plymouth.

Congratulations to Kerry Papps who celebrated his 100th parkun this week! Two athletes joined the 50 club this week. Congratulations to Flippa Watkeys and Michael Lay! It was also Pippa's 8th birthday – Happy Birthday! We hope you had a lovely day.

Do let us know if you are celebrating any milestones or birthdays in the coming weeks (including anything arbitrary) – any excuse for cake!

This week, I was tail walking, just one of the many roles you can undertake if you volunteer at parkrun (read more about volunteering here).

Compared to other parkruns that I have attended, we do not seem to have as many regular walkers at Harcourt Hill. Sometimes people say that they think they are not fast enough to come to parkrun, and worry about coming last. But parkrun is not a race; it is all about taking part and doing something positive and no-one comes last. Whatever time you finish, you can be sure of a friendly welcome at the finish funnel from our merry band of volunteers.

I was reflecting on this as I was tail walking yesterday, so I wanted to share my top five reasons why it is great to walk at Harcourt Hill parkrun.

1) Appreciating the outdoors. For example you can see horses in the nearby fields and birds in the trees and hedgerows.

2) Socialise: If you want to, you can chat with other walkers and the person on the tail.

3) Interesting quirks: You can spot interesting things on the way round, for example there is secret den in the woods.

4) Cheer-leading: When you walk, you can also give words of encouragement to other athletes along the course, and thank the marshals as you pass them.

5) Health benefits: According to the NHS, walking is sometimes overlooked as a form of exercise. However, it is a great way to improve both your physical and mental health. Starting the weekend with a walk can also help to shake off the stresses of the week.

I hope that has made you think about joining us for a walk soon. Please pass this on to your friends and family and encourage them to come along and walk with us too!

There is now also Facebook page dedicated to walking at parkrun, which is full of inspirational stories about walkers from around the world

The event was made possible by 11 volunteers:

Claire HAZLETON • Kerry PAPPS • Michael SANDFORD • Chris SKEPPER • Alexander TULIP • Leila LAWRENCE • Matthew PEARCE • Richard BROWN • Emma DAVIES • Luke WOODWARD • Sylvia BUCKINGHAM

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Harcourt Hill parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Diane FOSTER who recorded a time of 17:58 on 18th April 2015 (event number 27).The male record is held by Ollie GARROD who recorded a time of 16:13 on 19th May 2018 (event number 182).The Age Grade course record is held by Kate WILLIAMSON who recorded 92.39% (24:06) on 21st January 2017 (event number 117).

Harcourt Hill parkrun started on 18th October 2014. Since then 3,961 participants have completed 21,467 parkruns covering a total distance of 107,335 km, including 3,626 new Personal Bests. A total of 314 individuals have volunteered 2,444 times.

Emma Davies


02/02/19 event CANCELLED

Dear parkrunners and friends,

Harcourt Hill parkrun is cancelled on 2nd February 2019. It's a white-out on campus and getting there is also tricky because local bus services U1 and 4A are not servicing the campus or the nearby hills. Please help us share this news.

White out at HHP

We look forward to seeing you the following week!

Harcourt Hill parkrun event team


Event 218, 26/01/19 – a post Burns night parkrun!

It was a cold and drizzly start for 161 participants and the 12 volunteers who made Harcourt Hill parkrun event 218 a success today. Thank you all for choosing to run, jog, walk and volunteer with us! We had 13 first timers from far flung places such as Manchester, Wolverhampton and Sydney, Australia. 8 of us recorded new Personal Bests and representatives of 18 different clubs took part. To all our first timers, a huge and very special well done!

Today's event was made possible by:
Claire HAZLETON • Chris SMITH • Adam CLILVERD • Michael SANDFORD • Anita JASSI • Mark JONES • Matthew PEARCE • Charley GASTON • Esther BYROM • Luke WOODWARD • Nick SHEARD • Anu DUDHIA
Our finish funnel volunteers are sometimes joined by spectators. Today, Tonya Greenhill (student at Oxford Brookes) helped add to our cheer - thank you Tonya!

Parking is free. If you are staying beyond 10am please enter your car registration details and take a ticket - this gives you a two hour stay.
Doors - our hosts have kindly agreed to allow us to exit using the fire door. Entry to the building is always via the main door (carpark side of the building).
Printed barcodes - please ensure that you have your up-to-date ICE and medical details on your printed barcodes so that we can respond appropriately in an emergency.
Under 11s at parkrun - parents and guardians, please keep your child/children within arms reach at all times.
Dogs - currently our event cannot accommodate participants with dogs.
Volunteering - it's fun and easy to get involved. Send us an email and we will help you find a role that works for you!

parkrun takeover - we're planning an Eynsham Road Runners parkrun takeover in April. Look out for further details in incoming weeks... Other running and sports clubs are also invited to "takeover" with the support of our core team. Interested? Please send us an email. You will need about 12 volunteers - we provide training, the Run Director and the Results Processor!

Lost property:
A couple of items handed in. If you are missing a black glove, or a camera (or cup) attachment, these were logged with the sports centre staff - please contact them directly to arrange collection.

We hope you had fun today - happy parkrunning everyone!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Harcourt Hill parkrun Results Page.

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