Fabulous midweek message

Half way through the week again and not only that but half way though the year too already....eeek.... ah well it's the perfect time to reassess those parkrun goals and set some targets for the coming weeks and months.

So what's it to be? Maybe.....go a bit faster and try for a new PB, go a bit slower and pace a friend round to their new PB.....or just bring a friend along and introduce them to the fun that is parkrun.

Or maybe take a look at the other side of parkrun and volunteer for the first time......if you've already discovered the joys of volunteering then you could try out a new role instead. And as we're fast approaching holiday season, dig out the map and enjoy some parkrun tourism (as long as you come back to us).

There's plenty of options so make up your mind and we'll see you at the weekend ready and raring to go.