Fabulous midweek message

Fed up with the unpredictable weather? Got caught up in the show traffic? Just having one of those days? Or maybe everything's perfect?

Whatever way your week is going don't forget a bit of exercise and fresh air works wonders for us all. Sometimes it hardly seems worth making the effort (especially if it's raining) but you know you'll always feel better if you do.

We are so fortunate to love in such a beautiful area which offers us the chance to relax and get away from it all without having to go far.

So try and make time for yourself to get out there - doesn't matter what pace or distance - simply enjoy it and appreciate the wonderful scenery around you.

And if it's just not possible right now then make it a priority for the weekend. Be sure to join us on Saturday - we've got it all: lovely surroundings, fresh air, motivational support and that overall feel good factor.

We hope to see you then and in the meantime enjoy the rest of the week.