Harrogate parkrun 301 run report

As we setup for parkrun on Saturday morning, you couldn’t see across
the Stray due to the early morning mist, but did it stop us…. Of
course not, not much does!!

447 of you fantastic runners and walkers joined us despite the mist –
which had gone before the end anyway.

We were helped by 31 lovely volunteers, and thank you so much, we say it
every week but we couldn’t do it without you.

We changed the finish funnel this week, directing people to the sparkly
new parkrun flag for barcode scanning, which seemed to work well, but
would be good to hear from you as to what you thought.

So onto the run itself, and a few stats for you.

Big well done to ….

RACHAEL RIDLEY completed her 150th parkrun

HANNAH PEAGRAM and PHIL VENTRESS completed their 100th parkrun

STU HARVEY completed is 50th parkrun

And THOMAS GILLETT completed his 10th parkrun

Well done to you all, amazing!

And finally a couple more mentions.

For those of you who saw/help/called for help - Jackie Swainston who fell over a tree root near corner 3 is on the mend and thanks everyone who helped.

Congratulations to Phil and Rebecca Ventress who celebrated their 17th
Wedding Anniversary, though they didn’t stretch to running together!

And a big shout out to our local GP Barney Tinsley on his 3rd with a 3rd
PB – Good Luck in your race next week!

Thank you to everyone who makes the life of an RD easier!!

See you next week.


PS… Bit of a mixup with the lost kit… two Knaresborough Striders
hoodies went missing – they weren’t lost and belonged to someone, so
if you accidentally took them, would you be so kind as to return them to
us. Thank you.


In Case of Emergency - Please double check that your emergency contact details are complete and up to date on your parkrun profile. You'll find a link to your profile on your weekly results email and newsletters or via this How can I access my profile / account? link. It only takes a few moments, put could really help us to help you if and when you most need it.

Barcodes - Is your printed barcode looking tired or not scanning easily? There are a range of tough and durable plastic parkrun barcode ID tags and parkrun wristbands available via http://www.parkrun-barcode.org.uk/ These are the only UK authorised and professionally printed tags and feature the parkrun branding and logo, your athlete details and can also be personalised with your ICE (In Case of Emergency) telephone number and additional information including specific medical details. They come in a range of options and can be attached to a key ring, laces, and running vest zip or worn on a lanyard.

Volunteering - We do ask that each of you, if possible, volunteer 3 times over the year. It is thanks to our great volunteer teams that parkruns around the world continue to happen every Saturday. Harrogate is no exception and without your kindness we would not be able to put on this wonderful free event. If you would like to help out please visit http://www.parkrun.org.uk/harrogate/volunteer/ for more information or talk to anyone in a yellow vest on parkrun day and then email us at harrogatehelpers@parkrun.com to get involved. If you still want to run don't let that put you off we have lots of jobs where you can still run !


Now the official bit ...

Harrogate parkrun
Event number 301
23rd September 2017

This week 447 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 76 were
first timers and 60 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 32
different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Louise ILES • Simon WILLIAMS • Alexandra WHAPPLES • Peter HIBBERT
• David WHAPPLES • Ted WELTON • Louisa WELTON • Mark BRYANT •
• Ralph BROOK-DOBSON • Fiona BARKLEY • Morgan GLAZIER • Ben
Ken THOMAS • Richard HINSON • James FORSTER • Katie EDWARDS •
Linz MCCOOKE • Kaelin MCCOOKE • Chloe MCCOOKE • Alfie TEMPLE •

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the
Harrogate parkrun Results Page .

Male placings:
Andrew DOBBY (VM45-49) of Harrogate Harriers & AC, was first over the
line in 17:19 - 19th time in 75 appearances.
An unknown runner was second.
An unknown runner was third.

Female placings:
Rebecca NORMINGTON (SW25-29) of Wetherby Runners, was first (38th
overall) over the line in 21:33 - second time in 3 appearances.
Sharon Elizabeth HARDCASTLE (VW45-49) (Unattached) was second (48th
overall) over the line in 21:54 - has been first to finish on 62
previous occasions.
Jennifer WHITEMAN (SW25-29) of Chapel Allerton Runners, was third (57th
overall) over the line in 22:15.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Andrew DOBBY (VM45-49) – 81.91% for the time 17:19 (first overall).
Caleb AYLESBURY (JM10) – 80.21% for the time 20:23 (26th overall).
Sue SIMPSON (VW55-59) – 77.19% for the time 23:27 (92nd overall).

The male record is held by Mike BURRETT who recorded a time of 15:46 on
27th July 2013 (event number 81).
The female record is held by Rosie SMITH who recorded a time of 17:28
on 3rd October 2015 (event number 196).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ben GRANT who recorded 89.30%
(19:19) on 23rd July 2016 (event number 239).

Harrogate parkrun started on 21st January 2012. Since then 10,896
participants have completed 83,992 parkruns covering a total distance of
419,960 km, including 15,129 new Personal Bests.