It’s the Friday countdown…

Well, where to start... We've been watching the weather all day and with the earlier sunshine, have our fingers crossed that the ice and snow may disappear. We're not so sure, so here's the plan... psst, pass it on.

We do our utmost to ensure that parkrun can take place each and every week. Your safety is paramount; as is the condition of the Stray and the wellbeing of our beloved croci.

We'll do an early course inspection tomorrow morning and either:

  1. parkrun as normal
  2. parkrun as normal, solely on the grass (if paths are icy and if grass not too boggy)
  3. Cancel
  4. Another cunning option we haven't thought of yet...

So look out for updates on our facebook and internet pages as if we have to cancel, this is where you'll hear it first. If you don't like grass, mud or the risk of a parkrun cancellation... might be worth checking out your other local parkrun options.

Have a great Friday evening and we'll hopefully see you all very soon.