Harrogate parkrun 3rd February 2018 – Cancellation

Harrogate parkrun loves the Stray, we are there every week through the seasons and always strive to leave the park as we found it.

As most of you know we move the course a little every week to try to alleviate any damage and to leave as little impact as possible (and to avoid crocus beds, fairgrounds, football pitches and all the other things that crop up and make Harrogate parkrun so fabulous).

The weather over the past few weeks has not been good for the Stray. Even more than normal for the time of year its looking decidedly waterlogged and the section up between corners two and three particularly so.

So this morning we have taken the decision to cancel Harrogate parkrun on 3rd February 2018. We have not taken this decision lightly but we need to give the ground chance to recover.

We will be back soon and when we return please, please , please  stick to the flagged and marked route. Our volunteer  Run Directors go to a great deal of effort each week to mark a course avoiding crocus beds and to cause minimum impact. Please you getting wet or muddy feet is better than jeopardizing the event.

Please spread the word that we are off this week. Take the opportunity to go and do some parkrun touring there are literally hundreds to choose from !

Have a fabulous week, Happy touring and see you all soon.