3 December 2017

Winter has arrived but we were presented with mind conditions for the 187th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun.  47 youngsters lined up today in order to run for fun.

There were no 'real' first timers, though we did welcome 2 runners who were new to Harrow Lodge - Arthur Ansell and Ethan Georgeson.  It's always great to see visitors on the run and we hope to see you both again at some point.

We were able to present an ultra-marathon wristband to Jamieson McLaren following the completion of his 50th junior parkrun last Sunday.  What a great achievement.

The good conditions brought 14 personal bests.  Congratulations to Oscar Emery, Findlay and Jamieson McLaren, Michael Henry, Erin Chester, Rocco Bellamy, Saul and Caleb McGrath, Charlie and Abigail Rogers, William and Rosie Hobbs, Samuel Kirk and Senan Leggate.

Thanks as ever to all our wonderful volunteers for making the event possible.  We'll be back next Sunday and hope to see you again then.


26 November 2017

Another Sunday and another beautiful crisp (freezing cold) morning greeted us.  53 youngsters lined up today for the 186th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun.

Newcomers keep coming and today was no different with Lucas Nolan, Holly Reilly, Oscar Cornwell and Thomas and Rosie Warner making their first junior parkrun.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves and come back for many more.

We presented 2 milestone wristbands today.  First up was Alex Robinson who received his half-marathon band having previously completed 11 junior parkruns.  Then we had Olivia Forrest receiving her marathon wristband after completing her 21st junior parkrun last week.

We saw 11 personal bests today on what was a cold but otherwise perfect running morning.  Well done to Stanley and Louis Smith, Olivia Forrest, Adam Ledger, Matthew Mwangi, Shannon McGarry Marsden, Luke Frensham, Rocco Bellamy, Senan Leggate, Patrick Kilgannon and Paige Wicks.  Well done to you all on a great effort!

Thanks as ever to our volunteers.  Katie Grove and Jen Sheridan joined our merry gang this week for the first time.  We are very grateful and hope to see some more newcomers getting involved soon.  Nothing beats being part of the volunteer group!

See you again next week as we move into December!


19 November 2017

It was not quite freezing but almost for the 185th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun on 19 November 2017.  Beautiful blue skies presented a bit of frost but otherwise pretty much ideal running conditions today.

56 super youngsters ran today, including 2 first timers.  We welcome Luke Frensham and Jensen Hope to the parkrun family and hope you come back for many more runs.

We were pleased to present 4 wristbands today.  Toby Allen, Sammy Yusuf and George Smith all received half-marathon bands having completed 11 runs previously.  Abbey Philpott received her marathon band after completing 21 runs last week.  Well done to you all for your great efforts.

There were 8 personal bests recorded today so congratulations go to Olivia and Ronnie Wrafter, Patrick Kilgannon, Evelyn Raison, Daisy and Ruby Johnson, Ellen Carter and Senan Leggate.

Thanks as always to our super volunteers for making the event possible.  It was great to see some new names on the volunteer board for the next couple of weeks so come on folks and get involved!

See you next Sunday!



12 November 2017

A decidedly chilly morning greeted us on 12 November 2017 as 58 youngsters lined up for the 184th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun on Remembrance Sunday.

A fabulous 9 first timers joined the fun this week.  We welcome Rohan Sullivan, Lillie-May Allen, Scarlett Leslie, Olivia and Ronnie Wrafter, Freya Rowley, Ava-May Watts, Patrick Kilgannon and Noah Crawley to the parkrun family and we hope to see you for many more runs.

We were very pleased to hand out 2 milestone wristbands this week.  Alice Yusuf received a half-marathon band after completing 11 junior parkruns and Oliver Jarvis received his ultra-marathon wristband after completing the big 50 runs.  Well done to you both!

It may have been wet but we still saw 11 personal best runs.  Congratulations go to Jacob Ley, Hollie Poynton, Dylan Leggate, Aileen Henry, Ellie Wicks, Paige Wicks, Asmee Yanglang, Billy Sheridan, George Sheridan, Oliver Woolnough-Brown and Shannon McGarry Marsden.

Thanks as ever to all our wonderful volunteers for giving their time to make the event happen.  We salute you all!

We look forward to seeing you all again next Sunday.


29 October 2017

It's now almost November and by this time in the year we generally see low numbers in attendance as the weather turns gloomy and the nights draw in.  So how surprised were we to see 65 youngsters line up for the 182nd Harrow Lodge junior parkrun on 29 October 2017.  65 is the equal 7th highest ever turnout which is just fabulous!

Among the 65 were 8 first timers.  We welcome Ethan Brien, Joseph Gray, Lois Smith, Shannon McGarry Marsden, Layla Fincham, Oliver Woolnough-Brown, Mitchell Thurgood and Albie Lane to the parkrun family and hope to see you for many more runs.

We were very please to award 2 wristbands today.  Robbie Brown received a half-marathon bands after completing his 11th junior parkrun last Sunday.  Jacob Ley completed his wristband set by receiving his ultra-marathon band after running his 50th junior parkrun last week.

The good conditions saw 15 personal bests recorded.  A big well done to Oscar Emery, Aidan Doherty, Shreya Acher, Evie Doherty, Eva Yohannes-Williams, Robbie Brown, Joe Poynton, Grace Murphy, Ciaran O'Dea, Ewan Bryant, Rosie Hobbs, George Sheridan, Poppy Holman, Jake Lane and Billy Sheridan on your super efforts!

Thanks as ever to all our wonderful volunteers for making the event possible!

We hope to see you all again next Sunday.


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