15 October 2017

If I didn't know better I'd have thought it was a Summer Sunday, such was the weather on 15 October.  Only the wet grass gave away that it's the middle of Autumn.  Perhaps it was the weather that helped the numbers, as for this, the 180th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun we had 60 runners (on the same Sunday last year there were just 29).

Of the 60 we were over the moon to see 8 first timers.  We welcome Joshua Tinsdale, George and Billy Sheridan, Jake, Ollie and Albie Lane, Asmee Yanglang and Sophie Cross.  We hope you enjoyed the event and come back for many more.

We were very pleased to award a half-marathon wristband to Isabel Forrest after she made it to 11 junior parkruns last week.  Well done Isabel.  We also had 2 significant milestone runs today.  Aidan Raison was undertaking his 100th junior parkrun and Samuel Burdett was running his 150th junior event.  Well done boys on what really is a fabulous effort!

On an almost perfect running day we saw 12 personal bests recorded today.  Congratulations to Jacob Ley, Findlay and Orlaith McLaren, Sammy Yusuf, Ben Herbert, Summer Smith, Ava Illingworth, Lenny Oliver, Paige Wicks, Rosie Hobbs, Isla Sullivan and Caleb McGrath on your achievements!

Thanks go to our wonderful volunteers this week.  A special word for regular runner James Tudor who is injured right now.  Rather than staying in bed, he was out on the course with his camera taking photos of the children as they went past.  We look forward to seeing the results on Facebook!!

The weather will inevitably change soon but we hope you keep coming and keep fit and healthy.  See you next week!!


8 October 2018

Well the weeks and months go by and we are starting to head into the colder, darker months of the year.  The leaves are falling and the grass is always wet.  However, we just don't stop running.  Well certainly not this week when another great turnout saw 59 youngsters line up for the Harrow Lodge junior parkrun.

Zachary Laws and Caleb McGrath were our first timers this week.  They were joined by Emily Murphy on her second ever junior parkrun, and her first at Harrow Lodge.  We hope you enjoyed the run and come back for many more.

We were very pleased to present half-marathon wristbands to Holly Little and Rosie Philpott, both of whom had reached 11 junior parkruns the previous Sunday.  Well done girls, I look forward to seeing you received your marathon wristbands in a few months!!

There were 12 personal bests this week.  Well done to Eliza Pain, Jamieson McLaren, Erin Coyle, Jamie Philpott, Dylan Leggate, Thomas Alder, Charlotte and Hannah Evans, Saul McGrath, Isla Sullivan, Amelia Eason and Freya Goodyear.  What a great effort from you all!

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for making it happen.  From Duke of Edinburgh helpers to super parents to long term fabulous friends of parkrun, we salute you all on smiling, high 5-ing and standing in the rain when required, in order to make Sunday mornings what they should be - junior parkrun mornings.

We'll be back next week and hope you all are too!


17 September 2017

Another Sunday and another great junior parkrun on Harrow Lodge Park.  58 youngsters lined up this week (with lots of adults along for the ride) as numbers remained high.  No first timers this week but I'm sure we will see some again soon.

There were plenty of wristbands for presentation though.  Isabelle Wilkins and Olivia Forrest received the half-marathon band having reached 11 parkruns.  John Coshell received his marathon band having completed 21 junior parkruns.  And finally there was the big ultra-marathon wristband for Eddie De Souza who reached 50 junior parkruns a couple of weeks previously.  Well done to all 4 for your achievements!

13 personal bests were secured this week - well done to Evelyn Raison, Jacob Kelly, Phoebe Vallis, Matthew Mwangi, Harry Lawes, Millie Dowsett, George Smith, Isabel Forrest, James Keaney, Isabelle Wilkins, Abbey Philpott, George Burgess and Emily Clarke.

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers.  We always need more of you and it's great to see new names on the whiteboard.  Feel free to get involved as without volunteers the event can not function.

We'll see you again next Sunday!


10 September 2017

After the long hot (ish) Summer and a lack of run reports, we are back for the Autumn season.

Yes, Autumn is here, and with it the long awaited return to school.  However these early Autumn mornings can be the best of the year and so it was on 10 Sep 2017 as 68 young runners (and lots of parents) lined up for the 175th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun. 68 runners is our second highest ever total, so next to 67 on 3 September we are definitely going through a bumper period for attendance.

Among the 67 were 7 brand new parkrunners.  We welcome Phoebe Vallis, Sidney Allen, Neve and Erin D'Arcy, Travis Davis, Alex Stokes and Ben Collins.  We also welcomed 2 junior tourists from Brentwood - hello to Elliott and Summer Glen.  We hope you enjoyed your morning and come back for many more runs.

I said the weather was good and it brought 12 personal best runs.  Well done to Rosie, Connie and Jamie Philpott, Jasper Jay Gordon, Tilly Bunn, Zac and Jacob Brook, Eliza Pain, Orlaith McLaren, Summer Smith, Ava de Souza and Harry Lawes on a great effort.

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers.  It's great to see lots of new faces stepping forward to volunteer and I look forward to seeing more new purple volunteer shirts around the park in future.  Without our volunteers we just can't function so you help is hugely appreciated.

Let's keep those high numbers up next week.  See you then!


Cancelled event on 30th July

Regrettably we have been forced to cancel the Harrow Lodge junior parkrun on 30th July due to no Run Directors being available.  Hopefully this will be a one off.  We definitely will be back the following Sunday.

So on 30th July why not visit another local event?  Brentwood and Mile End are close by and are very welcoming.  Don't go to Barking and Dagenham though as they too have had to cancel their event this weekend.

So enjoy some tourism but remember to come back on 6 August!!

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