Harrow Lodge parkrun #299, New Year’s Day 2019

Everyone a record-breaker!
New Year's Day attendances at Harrow Lodge have grown steadily from 49 in 2014 to 164 in 2018. However a new factor in the mix in 2019 was neighbouring Raphael's first New Year event, and rumours of a strong attendance there at 9am and a consequent parkrun horde heading for Harrow Lodge caused concern among the Token Team armed only with their standard ration of 250 results tokens! Fortunately the next set of 250 were found just in time.....and they were needed: in total there were 269 runners, supported by 24 volunteers. Of these 156 had impressively made their way from Raphael (just under half the attendance there) to complete their 'double'; and for some of these it was merely part of a longer journey.
So, firstly, thank you very much to Daniel Noonan and John David Rozee and their team of volunteers for coping so well with the record numbers at the opening briefings. Milestones today included Paul Newland's 50th parkrun, and quite a collection of superheroes carrying on from Brynley Gidding's 250th at Raphael earlier. There were 80 First Timers welcomed to Harrow Lodge, and 4 of those were running their very first parkruns.
New Year's Day was mild and calm this year and the pleasant conditions resulted in 23 Personal Bests despite or perhaps because of the night before; congratulations to those. Course and volunteers all seemed to be looking their best! Harrow Lodge is favoured by having one lap, rare amongst London parkruns, which I think gives a very pleasant run experience. It's also surprising no one (that I saw anyway) was tempted by a New Year's dip in the lake afterwards. Among the First Timers, Toby Johnson (JM11-14) made a strong start with a time of 21.46.
At the faster end of the event, Robin Smith (SM35-39) was once more first into the funnel with a time of 18.30, followed by Ryan Murphy (JM15-17) with a PB of 18.47 and Barry Smith (VM40-44) with 18.50. Morgan Campbell (SW25-29) made one of her regular appearances as First Female in 21.36, followed by Caroline Tuck (VW50-54) in 23.55 and India Sandever (JW15-17) in 23.59. On Age gradings Linda Smith (VW65-69) took top honours with 26.17/78.31% followed by Findlay Mclaren (JM10) with 21.24/73.75% and Caroline Tuck with her 23.55/73.73%.
All in all a very successful and enjoyable 5th New Year's parkrun for Harrow Lodge. A great start to the year. Thank you again to all the Harrow Lodge volunteers.
Guy Surtees
A visitor from Woking parkrun



Harrowlodge parkrun New Years Day

Harrow Lodge parkrun will be holding a New Years day run, starting at 10:30.

Come along and blow away the hangover! Be aware, there could be minimal volunteer support - marshals, self service finish tokens, etc.


Harrow Lodge Parkrun in reverse event 260

Well…what can I say? This has been a really great fun morning!! It was really muddy all around (apart from the few tarmac stretches) and some of the runners were covered in mud all the way up their backs. The muddiest part was up by the lake where you go both ways on the course. It wasn’t too cold this morning which was good. It was great fun running the course in reverse, it definitely made a change, and I don’t think it was any harder or easier in reverse. I think it was about the same as the normal way round.

We had 27 first timers today at HL, a big welcome to all of you. You are more than welcome to come and visit us at any time. Well done to 9 of you that got a PB!

Well done James Stubbs for reaching 100 Parkruns that’s a great achievement. Also a big well done to the runners doing the 0 to 5K challenge this morning.

Every week we rely on Volunteers to make the event possible. If you would like to volunteer please either speak to the run director at the event or email harrowlodgehelpers@parkrun.com

It’s always appreciated

Male placings

Gavin Watts (SM30-34) of Defence sports and recreation was 1st over the line in 18.53

John Barker (VM50-54) of Thrift Green Trotters was 2nd over the line in 19.59

Robin Smith (VM35-39) (unattached) was 3rd over the line in 19.18

Female placings

Natalie Sewell (JW11-14) of Havering Athletic Club was 1st (13th overall) in 22.17

Leanna Romano (SW30-34) (unattached) was 2nd (28th overall) in 25.29

Danielle Last (VW40-44) (unattached) was 3rd (36th overall) in 26.42

Age grades

The three highest age grades were

1st highest was John Barker (VM50-54) - (78.24%) in the time 19.09

2nd highest was Natalie Sewell (JW11-14) - (71.65%) in the time 22.17

3rd highest was Gary Flint (VM50-54) - (70.63%) in the time 21.34



March 3 – A little bit of snow

Has Harrow Lodge ever looked as beautiful as it did today covered in a blanket of white? On a day when so many other park runs were closed it was wonderful to be able to run at our home course.


Run director Josie gathered us all at the start line and announced two amazing celebrations. It was the wedding day ofJames but he turned up to run like a true trooper. Good luck on your big day! We were all delighted to give you a big cheer.
We were also honoured to have Steven Ramek, a tourist from Surbiton run his 300th run with us. Well done Steven, an AMAZING achievement!
Welcome to all tourists, especially those whose home courses were closed. We were delighted to host you!
Today, even more so than usual I felt the strong sense of community that parkrun is all about. As someone who has been a Harrow Lodge regular for a long time now, I love seeing all the different characters running every week. When I arrived in the car park our lovely Leanna was doing laps of the lake after running to the park as part of her marathon training. Our old Harrow Lodge regular Mark Fowler was back today, and pushing his buggy round the course! Well done Mark, couldn't have been easy (was super jealous of you little one all bundled up and snug in the buggy!). During the run, Laura Sherman was kindly marshalling (at arguably the riskiest part of the course!) and was possibly the only marshal to have felt warm - evidently pregnancy is it's own form of central heating. Thanks for helping out today Laura, looking radiant :-). On that note a MASSIVE thanks to all the marshals this morning. Today more than ever the marshals played an important part in getting us all safely round the course and making sure we avoided the slippery paths. Thanks guys!
Next week it's International Women's Day and we are asking for men to take the volunteer slots so women can run. To all the guys who haven't marshalled in a while, next week may be a good time to do so!
Good luck to everyone running elsewhere this weekend, especially those doing the Big Half. Lets hope its a tad warmer.
See you next week guys!

Harrow Lodge Parkrun #255 24/02/18

Well it was very chilly to begin with however it was so nice to have the sun out while we were running, it made me think it was summer or spring and actually it will be soon. The ground was frozen today with one soft bit of mud towards the end. It was really good to see 116 people complete the course this morning with 10 of you getting a new PB (well done) and a huge welcome to the 10 first timers to Harrow Lodge I hope you had fun and come back at any time.

Male Placings

Finn Hutton (SM 18-19) of Havering Athletics Club was 1st over the line in 18:25 (new PB)

Robin Smith (VM 35-39) (unattached) was 2nd over the line in 18:45

Barry Smith (VM 35-39) of Havering Athletics Club was 3rd over the line in 18:54

Female placings

Juliet Ward (VW 50-54) of Havering Athletics Club was 1st (34 overall) in 25.37

Tracy Bailey (VW 50-54) was 2nd (39th overall) in 26:08

Jodie Schubert OF Havering Athletics Club (SW 30-34) was 3rd (42nd overall) Club in 26:26

Age Grades

The 3 highest age grades were:

Barry Smith (VM 35-39) - 71:69% in the time 18:54

Finn Hutton (SM 18-19) - 71:58% in the time 18:25

Robin Smith (VM 35-39) - 70:31% in the time 18:45

Thank You to all the volunteers that made HL parkrun happen today. Remember you are always more than welcome to volunteer at any time by emailing harrowlodgehelpers@parkrun.com or by speaking to the run director. See you all next week

Rory Burr

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