Run Report – Saturday 14th July.

Harwich parkrun # 161 - 14/07/2018

Another hot morning in Cliff Park for our 161st Parkrun.

Returning to Harwich Parkrun for the first time since June, Graeme KNOTT continued his streak of winning by making it 7 wins in his last 7 appearences while also pushing young Leo. Graeme finished in 17:56 and this was Graeme's quickest time this year. Second today was fellow Harwich Runner Mark LLOYD. Mark's time was 18:22, 1s behind last weeks time. In 10 of his last 11 Parkrun's, Mark has finished either first or second. Third today was Ben FORREST in 19:06 and was rewarded with a new PB. Ben knocked an impressive 41s off his previous best.

Kate HODGKISS finished in an impressive 7th place to make it first female. This was Kate's quickest time at Harwich since November 2017. Second was Claudine TISBURY in 9th place in a time of 20:41. Third female was EMILY ZETHRAEUS in 21:46 and 17th place overall.

Our First Junior today was Eddison BARKER who finished in 12th place and recorded a time of 20:57

Emma MACKILLOP has completed 7 Parkrun's now and today took a huge chunk of her previous best of 24:14 and today set a new PB of 23:16. It won't be long until Emma is in the 22's. Paul SMITH set a new best last week of 25:06 and today set another new PB of 24:06. After hitting the 50 milestone last week Dalia JABALLAH was this week rewarded with a new PB of 26:06, and this was 1m1s quicker than Dalia last best. Ian PENNELLS timecard continued to be filled with PB's and another one has been recorded this week. Ian set a new PB of 27:15 today and has 18 PB's to his name. TIM WARREN set an amazing PB today with a time of 37:38 and this was an improvement of 4m29s. Well done Tim and well done to everyone that reported a PB this week.

Thank you to all the Volunteers who make these events possible and don't forget Junior Parkrun starts tomorrow (15th July).




Run Report Saturday 7th July

Again this week we were treated to a beautiful morning on our 160th Harwich Parkrun. 123 ventured to Cliff Park with 15 attending Harwich Parkrun for the first time and 2 of the 15, completing Parkrun for the very first time. Even with the heat, 17 recorded new personal bests.

First home today was Steve COOPER who cruised to victory in a time of 17:43 and was rewarded with his 3rd straight 1st place at Harwich. Second place went to a first time visitor to Harwich, with Peter BIRD going over the finish line in 20:18. Third Place this week and his highest finish was Eddison BARKER in a time of 20:28.

First female this week was Harwich Runner Karen STAPLETON, returning in 22:27 and not to far off her best. Second place was Cheylynn Donna JEFFRAY in 23:11 & Emma MACKILLOP who finished in 24:14.

Congratulations to Gina JABALLAH who completed her 100th Parkrun today and Dala JABALLAH who completed her 50th.

Top 3 for Age Cat this week were: Steve COOPER - 80.06%, Ann HERBERT - 72.72% and Eddison BARKER - 72.64%. The course record is 91.63%.

Thanks to this weeks volunteers:

Alexander MCCREADIE  •  Alison EVANS  •  Claudine TISBURY  •  Clive PLATT  •  Diane WARNER  •  Edward MCCREADIE  •  Helen MCCREA  •  Isabella MCCREADIE  •  Jeff HIGGON  •  Jez DOWNS  •  Justin BURLS  •  Kellie MCCREADIE  •  Ole PETERSEN  •  Peter GOODING  •  Val MANLE


Run Report – Saturday 30th June

Harwich parkrun # 159 - 30/06/2018

This week 126 were welcomed to Harwich Parkrun on another lovely summer morning.

First place this week was Mark LLOYD finishing in 18:59. Second was Alexander SALES from Colchester Harriers in 18:30 and Also setting a new PB. Third place again was Simon HARRISON in 19:02,

First female was Claudine TISBURY, finishing 8th place overall in a time of 20:49. Second Female and 15thoverall was Emily ZETHRAEUS who finished in 21:53. Third Female and was Nicola HILSON who finished 17th overall in a time of 22:09.

Top Junior this week was Michael KNOWLES who finished 6th and in a time of 20:15. Today was a new PB for Michael and his 5thin 10 runs.

Next week will see Harwich Parkrun take our total number of Runs over 15,000 and with our current total of 14,918, it was wonderful to see that on 3,154 occasions a Parkrunner has successfully achieved a personal best. We have also welcomed over 2,000 Parkrunners.

Well Done to all 13 of you that achieved a Pb this week. Full list below:

Alexander SALES 18:30 > Michael KNOWLES 20:15 > Nicola HILSON 22:09 > Stuart DOCHERTY 26:29 > Nick LETCH 27:38 > Siobhan DAVEY 28:32 > Andrew BLOOM 29:12 > Aaron MANLEY 30:06 > Richard MANN 32:15 > Sam SANDS 37:15: > Aidan TAYLOR 37:47 > Kerry TAYLOR 39:10 > Elizabeth CAYFORD 41:54

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:

Clive PLATT  • Helen MCCREA  •  Jennifer GRIFFITHS  •  Jez DOWNS  • Justin BURLS  •  Kevin FITCHETT  • Marcus TURNER  •  Ole PETERSEN •  Peter GOODING  •  Rose LEECH  • Steve MANLEY  •  Val MANLEY



Run Report – Saturday 23rd June

Harwich parkrun # 158 - 23/06/2018

This week 117 were welcomed by a beautiful morning and about a million black fly’s along the see front.

First place this week was local runner Graeme KNOTT finishing in 17:59. Second was Wayne COOK from Colchester Harriers in 18:19 and Also setting a new PB. Third place for the 4th week in a row was Simon HARRISON in 18:35, 1 second slower than last week.

First female was Claudine TISBURY, finishing in 9th place overall in a time of 20:23. Second Female and 17thoverall was Kate HODGKISS who finished in 21:47. Third Female and ensuring all 3 top female places were filled by Harwich Runner was Karen STAPLETON who finished 19th overall in a time of 22:13.

Top Junior this week was Alexander MCCREADIE who finished 22nd and in a time of 22:44. The 3 PB’s in the Junior cat all came from the JM10 and were cheered all the way by their parents running alongside. Well done to Adam FERN, Aidan DOWNS & Harry FERNwho all set new bests.

 Well Done to all 20 of you that achieved a Pb this week. Full list below:

Adam FERN > First run since event 87 and todays PB was an improvement of 2m36s. Aidan DOWNS > 35th Adult Parkrun and todays PB was an improvement of 8s. Harry FERN > Has set a PB every time he has turn up and went 2m53s quicker than last week. Tom DEAN > 6th Harwich Parkrun and improved by 1s from event 111. Gareth CHARLES > First PB since event 93 and today was 14s quicker. Stuart DOCHERTY > 4 run and 3 PB’s. Today’s PB was 8s quicker than last week. Samantha LEE > 3rd Parkrun and new best was a 5s improvement. Scott BRIAN > 1m21s quicker than last week’s PB. Allan BUSH > 43s Quicker than last week and 3rdPB in a row. Wayne COOK > 10s improvement from PB set at event 155. Roger OLIVE > 2ndParkrun and today went 1m25s quicker. Ian PENNELLS > 7 PB’s in 8 runs and a further 34s improvement. Roger DAVEY > 8 PB’s in 12 runs and today best was a further improvement of 26s. Emma MACKILLOP > in only 4 runs, an improvement of 6m41s and today new PB was 1m04s quicker than last week. Beth IVORY > 2ndHarwich Parkrun and 32s quicker than last time out. Julie FOX > 23s PB today following from time set at event 154. Sally MORRIS > Today’s PB was 15s quicker than previous best at event 152. Samantha COLE > 7 Harwich Parkrun’s and todays new PB was 56s improvement. Lynn TANNER > 64 Parkrun’s with 6 at Harwich. Today new PB was an improvement of 2s.  Glynis CHARLES > 93 Parkrun’s at Harwich and today’s PB was first since event 124 and a 13s improvement.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:

Justin BURLS, Alison EVANS, Alan GARDNER, Steve MANLEY, Val MANLEY, Kellie MCCREADIE, Alexander MCCREADIE, Edward MCCREADIE, Patricia O'TOOLE, Martin O'TOOLE

Photo’s provided by Barry EAGLE and.



Run Report – Saturday 16th June 2018

Harwich parkrun #157 - 16/06/2018

Today’s attendance at Harwich was 140 which again made it into our top 5 all time attendances. We welcomed 22 “First Timers” to Harwich, with 7 completing Parkrun for the very first time. A massive 27 achieved new Personal Bests today.

First place at Harwich was Jon LIKE finishing in 17:32. Jon also achieved a new PB today, beating his previous best by an impressive 1m01s. Jon has completed 5 Parkrun’s at Harwich and today was his second win. Second was Harwich Runner Mark LLOYD in 18:18 and continues his impressive record of top 3 finishes at Harwich. Third place for the 3rd week in a row was Simon HARRISON in 18:34.

Matching Jon, first female was Harri LIKE, finishing in 5th place overall in a time of 19:57 and also setting a very impressive new PB, beating her previous best by 1m42s and becomes only the 10thFemale to go sub20. Second Female and 8thoverall was Claudine TISBURY whofinished in an impressive 20:18 and setting another PB, beating last weeks’ time by 9s. Third Female was another Harwich Runner, Kate HODGKISS who finished 13th overall in a time of 21:58.

We had 16 Juniors this week and 5 achieved new PB’s. Well done to Eddison BARKER, Samuel BARSTOW, Kayleigh NEWMAN, Harry FERN & Aidan TAYLOR. First Junior back was Eddison BARKER who is in our JM11-14 and finished 7th overall with a time of 20:17 and setting a new PB by 13s.

Well Done to all 29 of you that achieved a Pb this week. Full list below:

Jon LIKE > Harri LIKE > Matt BOOTH > Eddison BARKER > Claudine TISBURY > Matt CAYFORD > Emily ZETHRAEUS > Darren PASCOE > Scott BRIAN > Samuel BARSTOW > Allan BUSH > Jack AXFORD > Emma MACKILLOP > Sue CROSS > Stuart DOCHERTY > Sue FOLEY > Jon ENEFER > Ian PENNELLS > Sarah > COOMBS > Michael LAWLOR > Donna HARRIS > Kayleigh NEWMAN > Timothy PARKER > Roger DAVEY > Paul CROSS > Harry FERN > David ROUT > Richard MANN > Aidan TAYLOR

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:


Photo’s provided by Barry EAGLE.

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