Run Report – 13th October

Harwich parkrun # 174 - 13/10/2018

119 turned up at Cliff Park for our 174th Parkrun with conditions more favourable on the return part of todays Parkrun after 2.5km of running into the wind. Suppose we need to get used to these conditions for a while..Hopefully the 6 First-timers to Parkrun won't be put off.

Congratulations to Ian CANNONS and Clare FRASER-HOPEWELL who both achieved the 100 Parkrun Milestone and can look forward to one of those new Black tops. Kathryn SCRIVENERVictor MITCHELL can look forward to the red version as they reached the 50 Milestone today. Well done

Graeme KNOTT returned to Harwich Parkrun after a few weeks away and finished in first place with a time of 19:09 and stretching his run of either finishing first or second to 14 consecutive events. "First timer" Paul GAME from Haverhill RC was rewarded with an impressive second place, in a time of 19:28. Third back was Mark RUTTER who completed today in 19:40

Claudine TISBURY once again was First Lady in 7th position overall and in 20:43. Second went to Karen STAPLETON with a time of 22:56 and 19th overall and third position went to Nicola CHALLIS in 24:35 making it a clean sweep of Harwich Runners for the top 3 female placings today.

New Personal Bests today went to Daniel DAY who completed his third Harwich Parkrun and improved on his previous best by a whopping 4m23s. Watch out Simon, Daniel is coming for you.. Keith BRETTON on his 34th Harwich Parkrun went 9s quicker and is closing in on going under 20minutes. , Young Aiden Edward CARTER completed his second Parkrun and today improved on his first time by 3m18s. David ROUT now has 3 PB's in a row and further improved by 9s today. Shaun PALMER also recorded his 3rd consecutive PB today by going 5s quicker than last week. Victoria WILLSON has done 4 Harwich Parkrun's and today's new best was an impressive 1m32s quicker than her last Parkrun. Harry PITHAM is a regular to Harwich and today on his 69th event, made it 4 PB's in 5 weeks and at 21:03 is agonisingly close to hitting the 20's. Today's new PB was an improvement of 10s. Matthew Lee BRIDGES took 3m2s off his best today on his 2nd Harwich Parkrun. Angela WALTON has done 103 Parkrun's with 91 being at Harwich and today set a new PB of 26:43, improving on her previous best by 48s. Stephen WALSH has done 98 with 2 being at Harwich and today further improved his Harwich PB by 8s.  Charlie JONES on her 2nd Harwich Parkrun went 1m42s quicker.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Helen BENHAM, Justin BURLS, Alison EVANS, Kevin FITCHETT, Jeff HIGGON, Brian LESLIE, Steve MANLEY, Val MANLEY, Jack MANLEY, Chloe MANLEY, Patricia O'TOOLE, Martin O'TOOLE, Antoinette WILSON



Run Report – 6th October

Harwich parkrun # 173 - 06/10/2018

173 Parkrun's completed and 2,193 runners have taken part. Thank god they didn't all turn up on the same Saturday morning... Parkrun is now 14 years old and from the original 13 that took part in the very first event at Bushy, 8 have not yet made it to the 50 Milestone while one has done over 200, one over 300 and James Russell has completed over 500 Parkrun's. The individual who has completed the most Parkrun's is Darren WOOD. Darren has completed a whopping 687 Parkrun's...

Back to this week and Harwich Parkrun, first back to Cliff Park was Archie BARRINGTON in 18:56 followed by Liam ROBSON in 20:25 and setting a new personal best. Third went to Rem'a EAGLE in 20:27.

In 11th place overall and First Lady back today was Madeline LEWIS in 22:10 with fellow Harwich Runner, Karen STAPLETON second back in 16th place and in a time of 22:55. Third went to another Harwich Runner, Carrie HOOK who finished with a time of 24:18.

Congratulation to Michael KNOWLES who completed his 50th Parkrun


Well done the the following who achieved a new Personal Best this week:


We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Justin BURLS, Jez DOWNS, Alison EVANS, Kevin FITCHETT, Jeff HIGGON, Brian LESLIE, Steve MANLEY, Val MANLEY, Patricia O'TOOLE, Martin O'TOOLE, Beverley YOUNGS



Run Report – Saturday 29th September

Harwich parkrun # 172 - 29/09/2018

This week some of the regulars to Harwich Parkrun were off touring at the Jersey Parkrun and it seems both groups were rewarded with some fantastic late Summer sunshine. 129 arrived at cliff Park for our 172nd Parkrun with 10 taking part for the first time and 27 securing new PB's.

First back was Rowan HOBBS from Brackia Harriers in 17.49. It was Rowan's second Harwich Parkrun with his only previous run being at Event 66. Today's Pb was 38s quicker. Second was young Sam PLUMMER in 18:28 and also recording a new Pb. In Fact Sam was 1m12s quicker. Sam is in our JM 11-14 and it was only the previous week when Same won the Clacton Parkrun. Third was David CATO in 19:11 and running at Harwich for the first time.

In 6th place overall and first female was Claudine TISBURY in 20:40 and securing her 43rd first place. Second female and 14th overall was Caroline HORDEN in 21:28. Third went to Harwich Runner Nicola CHALLIS in 26th overall and in a time of 23:43.

Matt PLUMMER made it a family double with a 12s PB. Matt's previous best was set at event 137. Harry PITHAM has completed 67 Harwich Parkrun and this weeks PB was Harry's 3rd in a row and 38s better than last week. Kim PRETTY is one of our 100 club regulars and today set a new best of 23:16 and knocking 16s of his previous best. Laura RACE now has 2 PB's in a row and this week improved by a further 11s and is getting close to hitting the 23's. Andrew BLOOM has done 11 Parkrun's and now has 8 PB's. Todays new PB was a 40s improvement and is 8m59s quicker than Andrew's first Parkrun. Iain HEPBURN has 4 PB's in a row and went 53s quicker this week. Beth IVORY has 7 PB's in 9 Parkrun's and 3 in a row. This week was a further reduction of 31s. Another on a winning streak is Ian PENNELLS who has 3 in a row and improved this week by 7s. Dave REDMAN is also on 3 in a row and took a massive 1m14s off his previous best this week.

Well done to all who achieved Personal bests last week.

Rowan HOBBS, Sam PLUMMER, Liam ROBSON, Matt PLUMMER, Jon WHALL, Michael GREENE, Harry PITHAM, Shaun PALMER, Kim PRETTY, Daniel WHYMARK, Lauren RACE, Rodney BYRD, Andrew BLOOM, Iain HEPBURN, Sam EDWARDS, Beth IVORY, Ian PENNELLS, Dave REDMAN, Timothy PARKER, Jennie CASSWELL, Michael HEALY, Ben HAWKINS, David ROUT, Yasmin ATTWOOD, Larissa HIRST, Loretta PENNELLS, Geraldine WEST

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Justin BURLS, Jez DOWNS, Alan GARDNER, Peter GOODING, Sandra JONES, Brian LESLIE, Steve MANLEY, Val MANLEY, Edward MCCREADIE, Patricia O'TOOLE, Martin O'TOOLE, Antoinette WILSON

See you all on Saturday



Run Report – Saturday 22nd September

Harwich parkrun # 171 - 22/09/2018

122 made the way to Cliff Park for our 171st Harwich Parkrun I what turned out to be the best part of the day. The Sun went in about 10am and hasn't come out again since.. A Little bit of head wind on the way out but nothing like what we experienced on Thursday and Friday.

5 First Timers to Harwich and 2 attempting Parkrun for the very first time. A massive 29 achieved Personal Bests today.

Congratulation to Alan GARDNER & Glynis CHARLES who ran the 100th Parkrun today and Elspeth & Graeme KNOTT who ran there 50th Parkrun.

Top 3 Men today went to Harwich Runners with Steve COOPER coming out on top, running the 5k course in 17:29, followed by Graeme KNOTT in 17:48 and Simon HARRISON in third with a time of 18:20.

In 7th Place overall and first female was Becky McCORQUODALE in 20:21 and setting a new PB of exactly 1m. 11th Place overall and second female went to Emily ZETHRAEUS in 20:51 and matching her own PB today that was set at event 169. Third female in 12th position was Claudine TISBURY, finishing in 21:17.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved a Personal Best today.

Rem'a EAGLE 20:20, Becky MCCORQUODALE 20:21, Rachel JARVIS 21:46, Harry PITHAM 21:51, Al GREEN 22:09, Emma MACKILLOP 22:27, James ASHWORTH 22:46, Neal WOLTON-HARRAGAN 23:26, Dean VOKES 23:42, Stuart PHILLIPS 24:02, Steve BATCHELOR 24:09, Lauren RACE 24:27, Kathryn SCRIVENER 25:09, Valentina BURLEY 25:10, Andrew BLOOM 25:56, Dave JONES 26:24, Iain HEPBURN 26:31, Thomas PHILLIPS 26:41, Ian PENNELLS 26:45, Mia WRYCRAFT 26:49, Nick LETCH 26:59, Robert COOK 27:27, Claire LAWRENCE 27:30, Angela WALTON 27:31, Victoria WILLSON 27:41, Kinsey PALMER 28:16, L HUTCHINGS 28:47, Michael HEALY 29:13, Katy WILLIAMSON 29:57

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Justin BURLS, Jez DOWNS, Alison EVANS, Peter GOODING, Brian LESLIE, Steve MANLEY, Alexander MCCREADIE, Edward MCCREADIE, Donette TINIAKOS, Diane WARNER


Run Report – Saturday 15th September

Harwich parkrun # 170 - 15/09/2018

This week we welcomed 132 to Cliff Park for our 170th Parkrun. Congratulations to Isabella MCCREADIE who completed her 100th Parkrun. Isabella has completed 79 of her 100 here at Harwich. Ian Pennells was another celebrating a milestone as he completed his 50th today. Well done to both Isabella and Ian.

10 First Timers attended Event 170 with 4 completing a Parkrun for the first time.

First Place today went to Harwich Runner Rob REASON in 17:21 and making it 19 victories and maintaining his recorded of finishing first every time he runs at Harwich. Second went Steve COOPER in 17:36 and third was Alexander SALES in 18:16 and being rewarded with a new PB.  Todays time was a 14s improvement.

First Female was Claudine TISBURY who finished 12th overall and in a time of 20:30. Second was Madeline LEWIS in 21:27 and third in a time of 22:41 was Emily ZETHERAEUS.

First Junior this week went to Michael KNOWLES who finished in 10th position and in a time of 20:20.

We had an impressive 19 PB's today. Kathryn SCRIVENER on her 48th Parkrun managed a 11s PB and made it two in two weeks. Mark GRINDROD headed over from Clacton once again and went home with a 8s PB and went under 26m for the first time. Rem'a EAGLE has had to wait since event 153 for a new PB and today knocked a further 3s off. Young Harry PITHAM has completed 65 Parkruns and today took a further 3s off his previous best. On his 50th Parkrun, Ian PENNELLS ran a new best of 27:04, knocking 11s off his previous best. Kim VERBRUGGE took 2m16s off her previous best.

Well done to everyone who achieved a PB today.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Helen BENHAM, Keith BRETTON, Justin BURLS, Jez DOWNS, Barry EAGLE, Alison EVANS, Kevin FITCHETT, Peter David FRASER-HOPEWELL, Alan GARDNER, Peter GOODING, Jeff HIGGON, Brian LESLIE, Ole PETERSEN, Christina PRETTY, Diane WARNER



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