Run Report – Saturday 12th January 2019

Harwich parkrun # 189 - 12/01/2019

So only 11 more events until we reach 200 Harwich Parkrun's and we continue to grow our attendance. Todays 145 is our 7 largest attendance. 15 First Timers with 5 running a Parkrun for the very first time. 15 was also the number who recorded new Personal bests.

First spot today went to Josh NEWLYN in 18:32 followed by Matthew FRIEND in second, in a time of 18:40 and third going to Mark RUTTER in 19:26. All 3 are Harwich Runners.

In 21st place and first female, Karen STAPLETON finished in 22:53 followed by Lauren RACE in 23rd with a new PB of 23:04. In 27th and third female, Nicola CHALLIS completed to distance in 23:46

In 10th position overall and top Junior, Rem'a EAGLE finished with an impressive time of 21:21.

Well done to the following who all achieved new Personal Bests today: Adam HOMATOPOULOS 19:57, Daniel WILKINSON 20:55, Matthew PUMFREY 21:53, Lauren RACE 23:04, Tom HOWELL 24:27, Colin LAWRENCE 26:43, Jason SCRIVENER 27:03, Adam RICE 27:51, Michael WILLIS 30:48, Charlie JONES 31:41, Alex FLOOK 31:51, Francine BATTRAM 32:37, Jeanette ANDERTON 32:59, Deborah BUNCE 35:09, Lisa WILLIS 35:37

Congratulation to Helen BENHAMKeith BRETTON who completed the 50th Parkrun today.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Ian BOLTON, Jez DOWNS, Barry EAGLE, Kevin FITCHETT, Alan GARDNER, Sara HAWTHORN, Jeff HIGGON, Brian LESLIE, Jack MANLEY, Chloe MANLEY, Steve MANLEY, Val MANLEY, Ole PETERSEN, Clive PLATT, William ROXBY-CLARKE, Antoinette WILSON, Beverley YOUNGS

Looks like it will be a cold one this Saturday.



Run Report – Saturday 5th January 2019

Harwich parkrun # 188 - 05/01/2019

134 turned out for our 188th event at Harwich Parkrun with 18 new personal bests achieved. 9 for the males and 9 for the females. We had 7 visitors today and 13 taking on Parkrun for the very first time. Check-out our Facebook page for some more detailed information about the results from this event.

First back today was Harwich Runner Matthew FRIEND who also set a new PB with an impressive 18:12. Second was Ben FORREST in 19:12 and only just missing his personal best and third back was Rory HARMAN in 19:16 which isn't a bad start for your first Parkrun.

A very strong female field today saw all of the first 3 females finish in  the top 8. First back in 5th position was Kiera-Jayne ATKINSON from Chelmsford AC in 19:21. This is the 4th quickest recorded Female time at Harwich, with Kiera also having the 3rd quickest time. Cx§losely behind in 6th was Kayleigh Ann ATKINSON, also from Chelmsford AC and her time of 19:34 was a new PB. In 8th overall and third female was Emily ZETHRAEUS from GBRC in another personal best time of 20:26. Well done.

Our full list of the 18 personal bests are: Matthew FRIEND 18:12, Kayleigh Ann ATKINSON 19:34, Emily ZETHRAEUS 20:26, Ian HAYWARD 21:16, Andrew NOBLE 21:59, Carl JENNINGS 22:49, Andrew BLOOM 23:11, Andrew KEY 23:31, Nigel SELLARS 24:20, Tom HOWELL 24:49, Valentina BURLEY 24:52, Sarah ROXBY-CLARKE 27:11, Jennie CASSWELL 28:36, Katie GOOCH 31:46, Kerry TAYLOR 33:09, Amy DALE 33:49, Neil PALMER 34:04, Claire KEY 38:11

As always, thank you to all the volunteers who help make our Parkrun happen. If you can help out, please speak to our Run Directors or send them a message.

Thanks to the volunteers
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Justin BURLS, Jez DOWNS, Barry EAGLE, Kevin FITCHETT, Jeff HIGGON, Val MANLEY, Patricia O'TOOLE, Martin O'TOOLE, Clive PLATT, Eileen THURSTON 



Run Report – New Years Day 2019

Harwich parkrun # 187 - 01/01/2019

154 attended our New Years day Parkrun at 09:00 with many then heading off to Clacton Seafront Parkrun to take advantage of the opportunity to record 2 parkrun's in 1 day.     NYD is the only opportunity for this to happen.

Todays attendance was our 4th largest and that compared with 113 in 2018, 90 in 2017 and 74 in 2016.

First position today and for the 20th time, Robert REASON from Harwich Runners ran an impressive 16:55. Second was fellow Harwich Runner Gavin RACE  who completed the course in 17:33. Third was Scott MANNING who completed our parkrun for the first time in a time of 17:57.

First female finishing in 5th position was Daisy GLOVER in an impressive 18:29. In 22nd and second female was Ella JEFFRIES who finished in 20:57 followed by Madeline LEWIS in 33rd with a time of 22:58.

Our top junior was the very quick Sam PLUMMER who was fourth overall in a time of 18:02. Well done on your new PB today.

Some very impressive runs today resulted in many new PB's. Well done to everyone who achieved a new best today. Gavin RACE 17:33Sam PLUMMER 18:02Matthew FRIEND 18:32Scott BRIAN 19:42Ashley CARDEN 20:44Martin BENNETT STANLEY 20:55Daniel FOLEY 22:22Dean VOKES 22:56 ,Lauren RACE 23:06
Hannah JARVIS 23:44James ADDISON 24:07Beth IVORY 25:15Caroline FOSTER 26:50Helen RICH 27:15Simon RICH 28:02Dave GEE 29:15Claire KEY 38:23Andrée RYAN 45:11

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Ian BOLTON, Justin BURLS, Jez DOWNS, Aidan DOWNS, Barry EAGLE, Kevin FITCHETT, Alan GARDNER, John HAWTHORN, Jeff HIGGON, Gina JABALLAH, Helen MCCREA, Lian MEACHEN, Ole PETERSEN, Donette TINIAKOS, Beverley YOUNGS



Run Report – Saturday 29th December

Harwich parkrun # 186 - 29/12/2018

Today was the last race of 2018 and as you read on today, hopefully you will enjoy some facts about our 54 events this year. Before that, below is the normal summery of todays 186th event.

Josh NEWLYN from Harwich Runners was first back today in an impressive 17:32 and setting and new PB. Second spot went to Michael GEOGHEGAN in 18:05 followed by another Harwich Runner Matthew FRIEND who also set a new persona, best of 18:42.

First female today was Karen STAPLETON in  22:30 followed by Rachel JARVIS not far behind with a time of 22:47 and third was Laura TAYLOR in 22:51.

Top Junior once again was Harry PITHAM who finished in 11 position with a time of 21:40.

Well done to everyone below who achieved the followed new Personal Bests today: Josh NEWLYN 17:32, Matthew FRIEND 18:42, William ROXBY-CLARKE 20:23, Dean VOKES 22:57, Andrew NOBLE 23:38, Tom HOWELL 25:20, Jean WIER 28:22, Jennie CASSWELL 28:38, Francine BATTRAM 33:05, Gerald JACQUES 33:37, Neil PALMER 35:23, Elizabeth WHALL 41:39, Erica SANDS 41:50.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Justin BURLS, Peter GOODING, Brian LESLIE, Steve MANLEY, Patricia O'TOOLE, Martin O'TOOLE, Ole PETERSEN, Clive PLATT, Eileen THURSTON, Dennis WARNER, Beverley YOUNGS

This year an amazing 6016 runs were completed meaning a total distance of 30,080Km were covered by 1,193 individuals. Our top 5 appearances this year were: Alison MANLEY 51, Andrew FARTHING 50, Ian PENNELLS 50, Colin YOUNG 47, Ken DALBY 47. This is out of a maximum of 54 Parkrun's.

An impressive  918 new PB's were achieved with the following recording 8 or more. Well done. Ian PENNELLS 14, Andrew BLOOM 13, Liz ROWAN 11, Sarah COOMBS 10, Beth IVORY 9, Harry PITHAM 9, Roger DAVEY 9, Emily ZETHRAEUS 8, Francine BATTRAM 8, Paul NEWMAN 8

Our top 3 times for 2018 were on 31/03/2018 - Danny ROCK 16:41, 28/04/2018 - Steve COOPER 17:09, 09/06/2018 - Josh SOWMAN 17:09

Also if you missed it, at Dulwich Parkrun, a gentleman by the name if Alex Yee completed the second quickest Parkrun time ever. Alex finished in 13:57. Now theirs a goal for someone.... Also on Christmas Day, Bushy Parkrun set a new attendance record of 2,011. WOW!

Thanks, Jez.


Run Report – Christmas Day 2018

Harwich parkrun # 185 - 25/12/2018

In preparation for some big dinners on Christmas Day, 99 braved the icey conditions for our 185 Harwich Parkrun and 4th Christmas Day Parkrun. Looking through the history books, it appears 9 have competed all 4 of our Christmas Day events.

Sebastian BURLEY was first to return today in 18:49 followed by Ian ELDEN in 18:53 and third was Richard BUNCE in 19:14.

Setting a new PB and first female was Harwich Runner Victoria MCCREA who now has a best time of 23:25. Second and Third went to Hannah JARVISRachel JARVIS who both finished with a time of 24:23. This was also a new PB for Hannah. Hannah also reached the 50 milestone today. Well done Hannah, Lots to celebrate.

Top Junior was Harry PITHAM who finished in 9th position overall and set a new personal best of 20:39.

Our full list of PB's are: Patrick JARVIS, Ashleigh RANSON, Harry PITHAM, Allan BUSH, Al GREEN, Matthew PUMFREY, Victoria MCCREA, Hannah JARVIS, Lizzy BRAY, Louise LOVESEY, Kim VERBRUGGE. Well done.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Jennifer CANNONS, Barry EAGLE, Peter GOODING, Jeff HIGGON, Val MANLEY, Victoria MCCREA, Helen MCCREA, Martin O'TOOLE, Diane WARNER, Dennis WARNER

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