Harwich parkrun # 149 - 21/04/2018

On a glorious morning at Harwich Parkrun, Personal Bests were up for grabs. We welcomed 133 to our 149th Parkrun and this was our joint 5th largest attendance.

First place went to Graeme KNOTT in 17:58 and recorded his 18thwin at Harwich in 34 events. Simon HARRISON was 2ndin 18:48. In 28 runs, Simon has finished in the top 3 on 23 occasions. Third was Simon TAYLOR who ran at Harwich for the first time and finished in 19:34.

Top 3 Females places went to Claudine TISBURY in 20:49, recording her 31st First Place Finish. Second was Emily ZETHRAEUS in 21:56 and recorded a new PB which was an improvement of 23s. Karen STAPLETON was third Female today in 22:24 and although no PB Today, it was Karen’s quickest time since her PB in November.

Our Top 3 Juniors were all rewarded with new PB’s today in what was 3 very impressive times. First was Camron LOCKE in 20:18 and this was a 2m14s PB. Second was Michael KNOWLES in 20:39 and Michaels PB was 2s quicker than last week. Third Junior was Eddison BARKER in 21:36, setting a new PB that was 21s quicker than Eddison’s previous PB at Event 147.

Jules LAWRENCE set a new PB of 21:48, this was his first since August 2017 and was an improvement of 17s. On Andrew CARTER’s 50th Parkrun he treated himself to a new PB. Today’s 22:39 was a 2s PB and his quickest time since November. Paul NEWMAN continues to improve and has now gone under 24m with a new best today of 23:56. Shaun SWINBOURNE now has 4 PB’s in a row and today’s 24:52 was a 32s improvement from last week. Mia WRYCRAFT’s 27:05 was her third PB in a row and 59s quicker than last week. Jo HIGGON set a PB of 28:08 and this was Jo’s first PB since April 2016. Roger DAVEY is another who is showing some strong progress and today’s 31:51 was Roger’s third in a row and an improvement of 1m9s. Liz ROWAN achieved her 5thconsecutive PB and now has 8 in 10 Parkruns. Today’s 32:14 is getting close to a 10m improvement on Liz’s first time at Harwich. Loretta PENNELLS has 8 PB’s in 12 runs and today’s 35:13 was Loretta’s 3rdin a row and 6s quicker than last week.

31 PB’s in Total today and below is the full list. Well Done to everyone.

Camron LOCKE 20:18 > Michael KNOWLES 20:39 > George TURPIN 20:56 > Eddison BARKER 21:36 > Jules LAWRENCE 21:48 > Emily ZETHRAEUS 21:56 > Andrew CARTER 22:39 > Magdalena KOMOROWSKA 23:07 > Shaun GARDNER 23:19 > Paul NEWMAN 23:56 > Andrew READ 24:35 > Shaun SWINBOURNE24:52 > Luke GROVES24:54 > Brett JOSE 25:19 > Steve WHYTE 25:33 > Lisa BRIGGS 26:10 > Mia WRYCRAFT 27:05 > Dalia JABALLAH 27:07 > Jo HIGGON 28:08 > Donna NIGHTINGALE      28:12 > Tanya OREILLY 29:48 > Tessa HILL 31:06 > Vhaire STEWART 31:45 > Roger DAVEY 31:51 > Laura BAYLEY 32:04 > Liz ROWAN 32:14 > Loretta PENNELLS 35:13 > Sophie COLE 38:16 > Ruby WILLIAMS 41:18 > Claire RUMSBY 45:22 > Emma WARREN 45:28

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:



Run Report – Saturday 14th April 2018.

Harwich parkrun # 148 - 14/04/2018

Today’s attendance of 147 at our 148th Parkrun (If only I had run…) was our largest attendance since event 100 on the 20/05/2017. It was also our 2nd largest Attendance since we started back in 2015.

Today's top 3 went to 3 familiar faces at Harwich with Steve COOPER coming over the finish line first in an impressive 17:28, making Steve our 6th quickest man at Harwich. Simon DAY was second today in 18:32 as he prepares for next weeks London Marathon. Today was Simon’s quickest time this year.  Mark RUTTER was third in 19:17.

First Female was Claudine TISBURY for the 30th time, Finishing in 12th place overall in a time of 20:47 and only 2 seconds away from her own Pb. It was also Claudine’s 50th Parkrun today. 2nd Female and 20th overall was Nicola RANSOM in 22:19 and third Female was Nicola HILSON who finished 21st overall in 22:24 and set a new Pb.

Todays top 3 Juniors all finished very lose to each other in 23rd, 24th and 26th place. First Junior went to Camron LOCKE on his debut in 22:32 followed by Alexander MCCREADIE in 22:35 and just behind was Jamie CARTER, finishing in 22:44.

Steve COOPER didn’t only win today, he set a 23s Pb on his 12th Parkrun. David HILSON completed his 69th Parkrun and todays Pb was a 1m43s improvement from event number 143.  Lee CLARKSON finished his 99th Parkrun and 5th at Harwich. Lee’s Previous Pb was at event 55 and today was an improvement of 1m47s. Stuart RAFFLE recorded his 2nd Pb in 2 weeks and todays Pb was a further 2s quicker than last week.

Michael BALL's Pb was a further 4s improvement. Mike continues to show the impressive form that has delivered so many personal bests in 2018. Edward EVANS completed his 5th Parkrun and today went 1m37s quicker than his previous best at event 135. Another PB for a fast improving Paul NEWMAN. Today's Pb was a further 6s improvement. Deborah CUBBERLEY finished her 6th Harwich Parkrun today and the first time we have seen Deborah since event 63. Todays Pb was an improvement of 2m38s. Shaun SWINBOURNE now has 3 PB's in a row and a further 43s improvement on his previous best. Valentina BURLEY returned to Harwich after last weeks Marathon and was rewarded with a 15s Pb. Liz ROWAN today achieved 4 Pb's in a row and 7 in 8 runs. Liz improved her PB by another 43s today.

Others to achieve a PB today. Well done:


Thank you to all our Volunteer’s.




Run Report – Saturday 7th April 2018

Harwich parkrun # 147 - 07/04/2018

On Saturday we welcomed 110 to Cliff park for our 147th Parkrun. We had 12 complete Harwich Parkrun for the first time and from this 12, 6 were completing a Parkrun for the very first time.

22 achieved PB's today and that now takes our total PB's to 2,861 over the 147 events at Harwich. I wonder who will be the person to achieve our 3,000th PB?

Craig WARRINER on his debut at Harwich was first to cross the line in a time of 17:51 followed by Wayne COOK who was second and with a new PB time of 18:30. Third place overall and also first female was Emma DRURY who on her first run at Harwich, completed the course in 19:56 and became only the 8th Female to complete our course in under 20 minutes.

2nd Female went to Claudine TISBURY, finishing 8th overall in a time of 21:03. Third Female was Sally-ann BOWEN in 22:00.

First Junior again today was Michael KNOWLES in 20:41. This was also a new PB for Michael. Eddison BARKER was 2nd Junior in 21:57 and this was also a PB. Third Junior went to Edmund GRIFFITHS in 24:05 and Edmund made it a full set of PB's for the Juniors.

Keith BRETTON set a new PB of 20:16 and this was an impressive 49s quicker than Keith's previous best set back at event 134. Edisson BARKER has completed 6 Harwich Parkrun's and today went 57s quicker than his previous best. Liz ROWAN completed her 8th Harwich Parkrun and has now set 6 PB's. This weeks PB was Liz's 3rd in a row and an improvement of over 7 minutes from Liz's first Parkrun on the 13th January.

Our Full List of PB's today are:

Wayne COOK 18:30 ~ Stuart RAFFLE 19:57 ~ Keith BRETTON 20:16 ~ Michael KNOWLES 20:41 ~ Eddison BARKER 21:57 ~ Emily ZETHRAEUS 22:19 ~ Edmund GRIFFITHS 24:05 ~ Marie KEIGHLEY 25:01 ~ Natalie WARRINER 25:38 ~ Shaun SWINBOURNE 26:07 ~ Pablo FENTON 26:16 ~ Sandra KELLY 27:21 ~ Stuart DOCHERTY 27:33 ~ Mia WRYCRAFT 28:16 ~ Claire LAWRENCE 31:02 ~ Liz ROWAN 33:48 ~ Roger DAVEY 34:22 ~ Siobhan DAVEY 34:22 ~ Loretta PENNELLS 36:21 ~ Melanie BRAND 37:11 ~ Jardine MACRAE 37:34 ~ Emma WARREN 46:51.

Well done to Kevin JAMES who completed his 100th Parkrun today and Tevor WILSON who completed his 50th.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Justin BURLS, Alison EVANS, Alan GARDNER, Peter GOODING, Jeff HIGGON, Patricia O'TOOLE, Martin O'TOOLE, Ole PETERSEN, Donette TINIAKOS, Dennis WARNER, Diane WARNER, Antoinette WILSON


Run Report – Saturday 31st March 2018

Harwich parkrun # 146 - 31/03/2018

Today’s Harwich Parkrun was our largest attendance of 2018 and the highest since the same weekend last year (29-04-2017). It was also our 4th Largest attendance ever.

First today was Danny ROCK in 16:41 followed by Steve COOPER in 2nd with a time of  17:52 and third was Josh NEWLYN in 18:31.  Today’s time from Danny is our 4th fastest at Harwich. Well done to Danny ROCK who also set a new PB 

First Female and 8th overall was Caroline HORDEN in 20:41, in second place and 12th overall was Claudine TISBURY in 21:20 and third female and 22nd overall was Nicola RANSON in 23:21

Today we had 8 Juniors. First Junior was Alexander WILLIAMSON in 18:46, finishing 4th overall. Well done to Alexander WILLIAMSON achieved a new PB. Second Junior and 10th overall was Michael KNOWLES in 20:55 and third Junior in 59th place was Eddison BARKER in 27:31

Colin PARKER was completing his 13th Harwich Parkrun (38 In total) and today set a PB of 23:16 which was a fantastic 1m13s quicker than his previous best. Marie KEIGHLEY completed her 8 Parkrun and today improved by 33s. Helen GILBERT-KORINTH may have only just completed her 3rd Parkrun but has shown fantastic progress. Helen’s first run was 42:37 followed by a PB on run 2 when she completed the course in 35:47 and today went and set a new PB of 29:04. Really well done. Ian PENNELLS set his 3rd PB in 4 runs, todays new best was a further improvement of 48s and that took Ian under 30m. Jean WIER also went under 30 minutes and today’s PB was her 5th in 8 run. Diane STACE has now recorded 4 PB’s in a row and in that time has improved by 2m15s. Well done.

Congratulations to Jo HIGGON and Shuna HODGES who both reached 50 Parkrun’s today. A double well done to Shuna who also set an ew PB. Well done.

20 First Timers today and of this 20, 8 were taking part in Parkrun for the very first time.

Full List of Today’s PB ParkRunners: 

Danny ROCK 16:41 • Alexander WILLIAMSON 18:46 • Colin PARKER 23:16 • Marie KEIGHLEY25:37 • Ruth P COWLIN26:02 • Shaun SWINBOURNE26:28 • Neil RICHARDSON 27:19 • Faye MANSFIELD 28:59 • Helen GILBERT-KORINTH 29:04 • Ian PENNELLS 29:34 • Jean WIER 29:59 • Beth YOUNGS31:12 • Tessa HILL 31:34 • Shuna HODGES32:26 • Lorraine PLANT34:01 • Liz ROWAN34:37 • Grant HODGES35:02 • Gillian PLANT 36:20 • Claire RUMSBY 45:54 • Diane STACE 46:56

As always, a Massive thank to all the volunteers.




Run Report – Saturday 24th March 2018

Harwich parkrun # 145 - 24/03/2018

This week, we were rewarded with much better conditions and with the Essex Road Relays happening along the Prom at 10:30, we also welcomed a lot of new and different faces.

Top 3 today went to:

(1st) David ASKER - 19:24, (2nd) Jackie STRETTON  [NEW PB]  - 19:49, (3rd) Leo COLE - 19:51.

Top 3 Females:

(1st) Jackie STRETTON  [NEW PB] - 19:49, (2nd) Emily ZETHRAEUS - 23:42, (3rd) Marie KEIGHLEY - 26:10.

Top 3 Juniors:

(1st) Michael KNOWLES - 20:51 [NEW PB], (2nd) Alexander MCCREADIE - 22:28, (3rd) Jamie CARTER -22:54

Well done to Sandra JAMES who completed her 100th Parkrun today and also finished in 100th Position..

113 took part in our 145th Harwich Parkrun and 24 were First Timers to Harwich with 12 also running a Parkrun for the very first time. 20 achieved new PB's with Jackie STRETTON being our highest place finisher with a PB. Trevor WILLIAMS achieved a new PB of 23:25 in his 4 Parkrun and has improved by 3m57s. Paul NEWMAN on his 25th Parkrun was rewarded with his 2nd PB in 3 weeks and now has a new best of 24:09. If I had a bet, I think Paul will be in the 23's very soon.

Liz ROWAN has now completed 6 parkrun's and this weekends time of 34:40 is an improvement of 6m59s in just 8 weeks.  Alex FLOOK now has 4 PB's in the last 6 weeks and when we consider the weather recently, this is even more of an outstanding achievement. 34:46 is Alex's reward for all her hard work at Parkrun and also at Di & Dennis midweek First Steps to Fitness Club. Jardine MACRAE has now achieved 4 PB's In a row and has improved by over 13 minutes. This weeks PB was over 2 minutes better than last week. Well done to everyone else who achieved a PB this week.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Neal BEAUMONT, Justin BURLS, Jez DOWNS, Alison EVANS, Kevin FITCHETT, Jeff HIGGON, Stephen HIRST, Scott LUCKEY, Val MANLEY, Finn James MASSEY, Patricia O'TOOLE, Martin O'TOOLE, Ole PETERSEN, Christina PRETTY, Diane WARNER

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