Henley parkrun #83

Time to settle down with a nice cuppa (or whatever you fancy) to read this weeks' fantastic run report from Liam Busby. Many thanks Liam, and we look forward to seeing you back soon.

Liam writes:-

"Thanks for having us today and for a really lovely warm and friendly parkrun, I’ve been to 21 different events now and I really loved the atmosphere you have at Henley, keep up the great work!

This week saw 94 parkrunners complete Henley-on-Thames parkrun. The weather was near perfect for running as it was cool and dry but an extra special thank you to the volunteers for leaving their warm homes to brave the cold so we can run. The first timers briefing was well delivered by Nia Ashton and was much needed this week with a deluge of tourists and New Years resolution runners.


We then had a pre run briefing from Louisa Mead who did an excellent job of organising us and reiterating the rules and any announcements.


We all took a moment to remember Erica Bensly a member of Tri50 who sadly passed away just before Christmas. A number of members joined us to pay tribute to Erica wearing bright colours as she wasn’t one for wearing black i’m reliably informed, it was a very touching moment and it reinforces everything I love about the parkrun and running community. I’m sure she would be proud of you all.



This week we had a few milestones as follows:-

  • Dominic Reed ran his 50th run and also bagged 1st place back today in 18:59! Nicely done Dom.
  • Rachael Reid ran her 50th and was 3rd female in an impressive 24:20.
  • Alice Gerlach also joined the coveted 50 club.
  • Daisy Feeney joined the Junior 10 parkrun club today, well done!

I hope you all receive your t-shirts soon and wear them with pride!


We had a vast number of tourists this week:
Myself (Liam Busby) and Dani Warner ventured from the far far away land of Maidenhead! Dominic Reed, Robert Kader, Kate Sandford, Will Russell and Jen Lande joined us from Wycombe Rye, slightly further flung was Matthew Walton, Alice Gerlach and Catherine Hill from Didcot. Tom North joined us from Tring, Josh Alfred from Hampstead Heath, Graham and Judith Ann Le Good from Oxford, Rhodri Phillips a seasoned tourist with over 100 unique events run joined us from Oak hill, Rachael Reid joined us from Finsbury, Stephanie Fagan, Vasso Tsastami, Carmel Bees, Snita Sharma, Deborah Valentine, Alison Hood, Helen Bach, Jo Lewis and Maureen Pedri from Black Park, Robert Mcgregor, Angelica Wright, Nicola Leroy and Cindy Goslar from Reading, Robert Smith from Dinton Pastures, Anne Reede from St Anne’s in Dublin! A special welcome to Lucy Rutland, Lara Sullivan, Dan Marett, John Gibbons and Adam Boyle who each completed their first parkruns! I hope you enjoy your new habit of a lifetime and hopefully Henley will welcome you again soon!

This week my top 3 aesthetically pleasing times are the following;

  • In 1st place Steve O’Connor with 22:22 - 4 little ducks ;)
  • In 2nd place Lara Sullivan with the palindrome time of 35:53 - nicely done.
  • And in joint 3rd Adam Boyle in 23:22 and Tracey Hayes in 26:00. Well done all! your prize is one free parkrun ;)


Finally a mandatory plea for volunteers... it’s really nice to have such a wonderful event provided for free each Saturday but it can only take place with volunteers, if anyone is unsure about volunteering I urge you to try it, if you’re racing on Sunday and don’t want to burn out Saturday, fancy meeting some wonderful like-minded people or just don’t feel like running up that hill twice then I recommend volunteering. It’s really rewarding to give something back to this fantastic event and it allows some of the regular volunteers a go at running. Many hands make light work. I hope everyone is easing back into work and studies and you all run safe and injury free.


Well done all. Thanks for having me"


Henley parkrun #81 – New Years Day Special!

It was 8:20 on New Years Morning 2019 and the Henley parkrun team were fast asleep nursing sore heads...NOT!

No, it was run briefing time for 56 hardcore parkrunners on what was going be a light touch run with marshals instead of signs to enable a quick getaway for the famed NYD double. Lots of people were using Henley as part one of their day's efforts, heading to Woodley, Prospect, Bracknell or Newbury for a 10:30 run.

Our fantastic marshals cheered the runners on and despite the late night and early start, we got 11 PBs, 23 first timers to Henley and two special milestones to mention:

Jessica Gibbon has held our female course record of a very impressive 18:41 for a long time but on her return run she not only blasted to first finisher but took 41 seconds off her time, taking back the age grade record as she did so!

The other was Jeannie Engela - who's run every Henley parkrun since we started and took 8 seconds off her previous PB, what a way to start the year for her and us :).


It was also great to see a lot of local runners back along with tourists including some regular visitors, everyone loves our hill!

A huge thanks to the volunteers today; Samantha Carradine, Paloma Crayford, Abbs Clayton, Craig Henderson, Kirstin Henderson, Stephen Nichols, Emilia Nichols, Abbie Hawkins, Tracey Hayes, Malcolm Hayes, Elise Way, Phil Stubbington and Louisa Mead.

Let's do it all again on Saturday shall we?


Henley parkrun report – Event number #77 – a tourist’s eye view

Thank you to Nicola Reynolds for the run report :)

It was a glorious day at Tilebarn Close, the sun was shining, the birds were singing,and suddenly – parkrun! As myself and co-tourist Emma arrived, we were greeted by ample easy parking and the very friendly directing team, headed up this week by Phil Stubbington.


Phil and the merry band of yellow hi-viz heros, Nia ASHTON, Matilda CARTER, Rebecca EVANS, Emma GENNARD, James GRINDLAY, Kevin JACOB, Sarah JOYCE, Simon LUNN, Adrian MARSH, Louisa MEAD, Lukasz SIEMBAB, Will WALKER had prepared the course ready for the intrepid runners.

As a first timer the course, I was particularly appreciative of the website directions (especially the local toilets!) and the superb first timers' briefing. Lots of clear directions given – though I must admit the instruction "if you're going to fall, fall right – there's barbed wire on the left" certainly sharpened my focus!

The two lap course was soft underfoot but this proved no hinderance to our speediest participants – Rob Simmons brought us home in just over 20 minutes – outstanding! Alongside our first female finisher Annabel Litchfield in a cool 21:27 on her very first visit here. Congratulations!

We welcomed 14 first timers to Henley-on-Thames, of which 3 were first timers ever to parkrun! Welcome! Lauren NOTTAGE, Zahra BARDAI, Lottie LINDSLEY – we hope you will be back soon!

Alice Carpenter ran her 50th run here with us and set a new PB – well done!

Thanks for a great visit – hope to be back soon – perhaps for the Christmas extravaganza!


Henley-on-Thames parkrun #76 1/12/18

After a damp week and heavy overnight rain it was with some trepidation that we did a pre course recce at the notoriously mud-prone course. And it was pretty muddy, slippery and wet! 

Anyone could be forgiven for staying in bed on a morning like this but our hardy volunteers came out well waterproofed, to cheer a hardcore of 22 runners, including a first timer Mike Hayward and a very speedy first finisher Matthew Hartgrove (5 mins ahead of the next!). Regular Henley Park runner Jodie Sikkel was First Lady and Jeannie continues her 100% attendance clocking up a total of 152 climbs.


The usual cowbells encouraged everyone up the hill and the cows themselves got a rude awakening when one of our signs blew into their field! Thanks to marshal Simon Lunn for retrieving it :)

We’re now drying all the kit off - hope to see lots of you next week! Untitled

This week 22 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 2 were first timers and 3 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 1 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 12 volunteers:

Simon HARRIS • Rebecca EVANS • Marcus FLETCHER • Caroline MITCHELL • Craig HENDERSON • Kirstin HENDERSON • Louisa MEAD • Phil STUBBINGTON • Fiona PHAROAH • Simon LUNN • Adrian MARSH • Sarah JOYCE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Henley-on-Thames parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Jessica GIBBON who recorded a time of 18:42 on 25th November 2017 (event number 22).
The male record is held by James TURNER who recorded a time of 17:03 on 17th November 2018 (event number 74).
The Age Grade course record is held by Penny PETTER who recorded 79.74% (29:52) on 28th July 2018 (event number 58).

Henley-on-Thames parkrun started on 1st July 2017. Since then 1,987 participants have completed 5,154 parkruns covering a total distance of 25,770 km, including 959 new Personal Bests. A total of 215 individuals have volunteered 1,015 times.


Henley parkrun report – Event number #74

There was a strong turnout at the Henley Parkrun this morning, as 66 feisty runners defied the drab grey that filled the skies as 9am approached. They were rewarded for their resolve as the clouds lifted and it turned into another beautiful Autumn morning, showing off the Henley course at it’s most picturesque. We were pleased to welcome 18 first timers and 9 visitors to Henley today, and one of those visitors, James Turner, from Brighton, set a new course record of 17.03. Huge congratulations to James, who has promised to visit us again and try to break the 17-minute barrier! Today was also the day that we passed another milestone, in total more than 5,000 Parkruns have now been completed at Henley, by almost 2,000 separate participants. Of course the mathematicians amongst you will quickly realize that between them these runners have run in excess of 25000km, not bad before 10am on a Saturday morning! (Okay, 74 separate Saturday mornings). Congratulations to all of our Parkrunners today, and we hope that many of our first timers will have caught the bug, and come back and join us next week!


A big thank you to today’s team of 13 volunteers without whom none of this would be possible:


Julie RAYFIELD • Simon HARRIS • Tracey HAYES • Sheena LAVERY • Craig HENDERSON • Sam BREWSTER • Matt SWINBURNE-JOHNSON • Simon LUNN • Adrian MARSH • Isabella STOBIE • Kevin JACOB • Gwilym SATCHELL • Will WALKER


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Henley-on-Thames parkrun Results Page.

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