#190 14/07/2018 Brian Comes to Visit

Brilliant effort from all the runners today!  Well done and hope you enjoyed your run.

Please note that there will be some earth works on our course the next few weeks as a new water main is installed to provide water for Hereford.  There will be a rolling 30 meters dug up along the Grandstand Road side of the course.  The works will leap frog along in 30 meter steps.  We will just go round the works where possible.  Please take extra care while the works are ongoing and pay attention to any slight changes in the course.

Despite the high humidity today, there were 18 new pb's recorded and 19 first timers.  We were pleased to welcome Brian from Leominster who ran our course with a new hip and inspired us with his 1300 marathon tally and a world record for 100 marathons in 3 countries.  GO BRIAN!

Thank you to the hi-viz heroes who made your event possible today.  They are:  Adam MICHNIOK  •  Andrew LYKE  •  Andrew TYLER  •  Anthony CHAMPKEN  •  Barbara SPANJERS  •  Fred TYLER  •  Jill CUNNINGHAM  •  Kate LYKE  •  Natalie HEYDON  •  Nikki TYLER  •  Paul GILBERT  •  Sue BISSELL  •  Tony MURGATROYD

It was Tony Champken's first stint as a solo Run Director today.  Superb job!


Hall of Fame (at least 10 runs and a pb today)

Adam Jones

Ben Skinner

Oscar Martin

Steve Hartley

Mark Eckley

Eleanor Morris

Gaynor VanDerBurton

Diane Stapley

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Huge congratulations to new run club members:  50 Runs for Ashley Powis and Ivan Bowley & 100 Runs for Kate Backhouse.


 Volunteers needed in the coming weeks throughout summer holiday time.  If you appreciate our little event and want to keep it going, please take a turn to volunteer.  Email us at herefordhelpers@parkrun.com to let us know what date you can help.  Did I mention the Volunteer Club?  Free purple milestone shirt for those volunteering 25 times!  Many thanks.


#187 23/06/2018

This week 178 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 18 were first timers and 42 recorded new Personal Bests.  We welcomed tourists from Newcastle, Canterbury and Liverpool.  

Although the weather was warm, a number of pb's were recorded...some by a substantial chunk of time.  Well done everyone for coming along and getting some exercise.  Your hearts thank you!

animation hearts GIF by jmckeehen

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers - our hi-viz heroes:

Many thanks to those who have reached out to volunteer recently.  It is brilliant to see new faces.  We need a minimum of 11 volunteers each week to put on our event.   The summer holiday period can be a difficult period for recruiting volunteers.   If you can help out any Saturday, please let us know.  email - herefordhelpers@parkrun.com  OR speak to the RD or anyone in hi-viz on Saturday morning at parkrun.

Hereford parkrun started on 11th October 2014. Since then 4,631 participants have completed 25,820 parkruns covering a total distance of 129,100 km, including 4,800 new Personal Bests.

Hereford Hall of Fame ( at least 10 runs and a pb  today)

Laura Tootell

David Archer

Eva Tyler

Mike Shaw

Andrew Nixon

Daniel Ruffe

Holly West

Bronwen Tyler-Joes

Simon Somers

Jacky Hart

Nic Dauncey

Jo Preece

Chris Probert

Kate Backhouse

Laura Webb

Katy Fogg

Abigail Williams

Margarent Compton

Gaynor VanDerBurton

Have a great week and we hope to see you next Saturday when we'll do it all again!



parkrun #186 – 16/06/18 – 30 PBs today!

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This week 137 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 9 were first timers and 30 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

Hereford Hall of Fame  (at least 10 parkruns and a pb today)

Charlie Egan

Geoff Prewitt

Paul Bridgewater

Lynne Compton

Emma Cleal

Leanne Fletcher

Hanah Haves

Gayle Scot

Clare Blum

Lisa Fenn

Sharon Wood

Image result for thank you The event was made possible by 14 volunteers, thank you:

Adam MICHNIOK • Martin FOGG • Bernice JAGGARD • Darren WILLIAMS • Hugh SWEET-ESCOTT • Eva TYLER • Peter GITTINS • Ivan BOWLEY • Bev PHILLIPS • Katy FOGG • Zoe FOGG • James FOGG • Freddie BOWLEY • Alison EVANS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hereford parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ben RIDDELL who recorded a time of 16:11 on 26th May 2018 (event number 183).
The female record is held by Sarah TUNSTALL who recorded a time of 17:51 on 26th May 2018 (event number 183).
The Age Grade course record is held by Elizabeth BOWERS who recorded 88.35% (22:36) on 7th May 2016 (event number 82).

Hereford parkrun started on 11th October 2014. Since then 4,613 participants have completed 25,642 parkruns covering a total distance of 128,210 km, including 4,758 new Personal Bests.


#185 09/06/2018 70 Years of the NHS

We had doctors, nurses, physios, admin staff, health care assistants, dentists, pharmacists, cleaners, psychologists.....and of course, we had patients!  Thanks to everyone who got involved to help celebrate and mark the occasion of 70 years of the NHS.

There will be a Service of Thanksgiving at Hereford Cathedral on Tuesday 10th July 19:30-20:30.  Everyone is invited.  There will be a social time afterwards at the Left Bank for those who are able to attend.  Please confirm your attendance at the Left Bank by emailing nhs70@herefordshireccg.nhs.uk so preparations for the correct number can be made.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the pre-run warm up led by Jodie Newell of Impact Fitness.  Thanks you Jodie for showing us the proper way to warm up to help avoid injury.

What a turnout!  We smashed our previous attendance record by 2 runners.

Congratulations to Michelle, Adele, Dave on achieving 50 parkruns and to junior Gabrielle on her 10th parkrun.  Keep running!

This week 230 people completed the course.  There were 29 first timers and 43 new pb's were recorded.

Thank you to the volunteers who made it all possible.  They are:

Adam MICHNIOK  •  Angus MARTIN  •  Anthony CHAMPKEN  •  Barbara SPANJERS  •  Charlotte GODSALL  •  Hugh SWEET-ESCOTT  •  Jacky HART  •  Jane MATTHEWS  •  Jodie NEWELL  •  Lois NEWELL  •  Nikki TYLER  •  Peter SMITH  •  Phil BUTLER  •  Stephen VAUGHAN


Hereford Hall of Fame  (at least 10 parkruns and a pb today)

Adam Jones

Geoffrey Hirst

Kelly Murray

Emma Cleal

Jeremy Formby

Jo Preece

Laura Webb

Michelle Rawlings

Peter Gittins - 2 weeks in a row!

Caroline Kenyon

Liam Curtis-Moore - 2 weeks in a row!

We'll be looking for volunteers to fill the required roles throughout the coming months.  If you can lend a hand, please do get in touch.  If we all help a little...well, you know.   You can email herefordhelpers@parkrun.com or put a comment on our Facebook page or speak to the Run Director at our event any Saturday.



# 184 02/06/2018 We Weren’t Worriers Thanks to The Couriers

This week’s Hereford parkrun saw a “takeover” by Hereford Couriers Running Club whose enthusiastic volunteers provided a great atmosphere (not to mention some delicious home-baked cakes!). And for the first time at Hereford we had a team of pacers, and a fine job they all made of achieving their target times. We hope they proved useful to those of you who were chasing PBs – it would be great to get some feedback from anyone who achieved a PB by sticking with a pacer.

We welcomed visiting parkrunners from far and wide, including Burnley, Birkenhead, Barry Island, Barnstaple, Leeds and Widnes. We hope you enjoyed your visit to Hereford and will come and see us again sometime soon.

We also welcomed 13 first timers to the parkrun family. It’s great to see new faces each week and we hope you will keep coming back for more.

A whopping 39 of you achieved new PBs this week - what a fantastic effort! The following enter the Hereford Hall of Fame, having achieved a PB with at least 10 runs completed:

Christine Bryan

Antonia “PB” Hastings

Geoff Prewitt (again?!)

Liam Curtis-Moore (well done, after enduring last Sunday’s Crocodile 8!)

Peter Gittins (Great effort, Peter, no wonder you were out on your feet!)

Kema Gaster

Oscar Martin

Dave Hider

Kate Backhouse

Alice Taylor

Ralph Moore

Natalie Connors

Henry White

Colin Hughes

As well as setting a new PB, Henry White also smashed the course record for the JM10 age category by 20 seconds. Well done, that’s great running, Henry!

Congratulations to Hugh Sweet-Escott who completed his 100th parkrun, and Avrl Seftel and Roy Mack who joined the 50 Club – don’t forget to check your profile on the parkrun website to see when you can order your free t-shirts.

Unfortunately, one of our regular runners lost his glasses during the run, possibly around the finish funnel area. If anyone found a pair of rimless glasses, please let us know via the Facebook page or by email to herefordoffice@parkrun.com.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Beverley BISHOP, Sarah BOWRING, Anthony CHAMPKEN, Christopher CLEARY, Jonathan EDWARDS, Steve HERINGTON, Katherine HOLMES, Esme LANG, Ryan LAWRENCE, Mike LINK, Brent LOWSON, Kelly MURRAY, Barry REYNOLDS, Lisa RUCK, Isabella SEAL, Ben SKINNER, Jim SMITH, Barbara SPANJERS, Nikki TYLER, Jake UNDERHILL

Should any runners feel the urge to help out by volunteering (it’s a great way of keeping involved with the parkrun community if you are injured or saving your legs for a race) please do let us know by posting on our FB page “Hereford parkrun”; emailing herefordhelpers@parkun.com or speaking to the Run Director or any volunteer at our event on a Saturday morning.


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