#214 12/01/2019 Thank You Wye Valley Runners! It’s All About the Numbers!

Wye Valley Runners (WVR) held a Hereford parkrun Take Over Day.  And TAKE OVER they did!  They had a huge contingent of volunteers, supported by a few regulars, including pacers for your running enjoyment.    A very big thank you to their club for their support.  Today's volunteers were:  Alison TURNER  •  Andrew PANTLAND  •  Ann PRITCHARD  •  Anthony CHAMPKEN  •  Barbara SPANJERS  •  Brent LOWSON  •  Emma CLEAL  •  Jodie NEWELL  •  Kelly ROSE  •  Lynne COMPTON  •  Mark ASTON  •  Mark DEMPSEY  •  Paddy NUGENT  •  Paul GILBERT  •  Peter NUGENT  •  Peter SMITH  •  Phil BUTLER  •  Sian CHAMPKEN  •  Simon OLIVER

We certainly hope you enjoyed your run today.  Besides the encouragement and technical support, WVR put Jodie on warm up duties and provided a choice of healthy snacks at the finish.  Can you feel the love?

Let's talk this week's numbers...   327 runners (that's the largest group ever at Hereford parkrun, following a record setting week last Saturday with 242 runners).

20 volunteers

56 first timers

37 new pb's

23 different running clubs represented

Hereford stats...5,367 runners at 214 events have completed 30,787 Hereford parkruns, covering a total distance of 153,935 km (that's 3.8 times around the world!).  There have been 5,473 new pb's.  We've had 344 individuals volunteer a combined 3,065 times.

No new club members this week, but several of you are due to hit 50 or 100 on their next run, so we'll be looking for you next Saturday.

A note of thanks to all....  We had queue's this week, which is not surprising given the large number of people participating.  Thank you to everyone for their patience and kindness.  We will learn and get better at coping with increased numbers.   Incredibly, there were no missing finish tokens today!   Hereford parkrunners are terrific!




#213 05/01/2019 Best Feet Forward In 2019 & Congrats Brent on 2 X 100

New Years Resolutions a plenty
We smashed our attendance record today at Hereford with 242 braving the colder weather to join us for the weekly 5k parkrun.
18 of you were first timers to Hereford and 20 of you starting your parkrun journey and we really hope you enjoyed your morning and will join us again.
A big congratulations to the 39 new PBs that were set this morning - the conditions must have suited you.
A thank you as always to the volunteers that allow this event to happen each week. It's particularly difficult in the colder months but very rewarding. If you fancy giving it a go one week, do e-mail us, comment on our Facebook page or speak to one of the hi-vis heroes on a Saturday morning.
Final word goes to a valuable member of a core team, Brent Lowson, who simitaneously achieved his 100 runs and 100 volunteer stints this morning.  A big shout out and thanks for the cake.
Enjoy the weekend and we look forward to seeing you again next Saturday when local running club, Wye Valley Runners, will be hosts, undertaking all volunteer roles and, I believe, putting pacers on, so we may see even more PBs.



#212 – 01/01/2019 Happy New Year

This week 169 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 12 wonderful volunteers, thank you all:

Jessica DEANE • Jill CUNNINGHAM • Hayley LOVATT • Bernice JAGGARD • Andrew BRISCOE • Philip HART • Jacky HART • Richard BISSELL • Andrew LYKE • Nigel POWELL • Isobel CRAWFORD • Bridget MACKERETH

Congratulations to our new club members, well done:

Victoria Darke - 100

Antonia Hastings - 100

Lavinia Edwards - 50

Peter Flynn - 50

Hereford Hall of Fame  (at least 10 runs and a PB)

• Matthew BRUNNOCK


• Martin CLARKE



• Tom DEAN

• Sarah DEAN

• Lisa GRAY

• Bryony DEAN

• Lisa JUSON

• Margaret MACLEOD

• Katy FOGG



• Knill MAX


• David CROSS

• Kayleigh CRESSWELL


• Knill PHOEBE

• Stacey KNILL

• Sally LEE

 The female record is held by Sarah TUNSTALL who recorded a time of 17:51 on 26th May 2018 (event number 183).

The male record is held by Rhys PARK who recorded a time of 15:27 on 21st July 2018 (event number 191).
The Age Grade course record is held by Elizabeth BOWERS who recorded 88.35% (22:36) on 7th May 2016 (event number 82).

Hereford parkrun started on 11th October 2014. Since then 5,272 participants have completed 30,218 parkruns covering a total distance of 151,090 km, including 5,396 new Personal Bests. A total of 337 individuals have volunteered 3,032 times.


#210 22/12/2018 100 Runs for Marcella, Geoff and Phil & 50 Runs for Nigel and Ken

Santa comes but once a year, but run reports are required weekly.  So first may I apologise to our regular readers for the delay in publication of this week's parkrun must-read.  NORAD may track Santa, but no one is tracking your author.
It was amazing to see 194 happy souls, including 19 first-timers, turn up on Saturday for one of the nicer days that winter offers.  It was especially good to see so many who had made the effort to dress somewhat sub-optimally for recording a PB.  At one point during the run, a group of 15-20 red-clad assorted Santas and elves could be seen rounding the corner like some kind of present-chasing pack-hounds.
There must have been something in the water this week, we had a number of runners getting confused at the finish ducking in and out of the funnel, at one point both timekeepers and the token giver were all on a different number.  So if your official time varies wildly from you own time, that will be why.
I hope you all received the things you needed, the gifts you wanted and the hangovers that some of you deserved :)  Hope to see you all next week and also at 9.30 on New Year's Day.



#207 24/11/2018 The Case of the Swapped Jackets

174 runners and 19 volunteers gathered to participate and make possible our parkrun event this morning.  We welcomed 16 first timers and 26 of you recorded a new pb.   It was great to have pacers again today courtesy of Hereford Couriers. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped.  They are:  Andrew PANTLAND  •  Anthony CHAMPKEN  •  Barbara SPANJERS  •  Ben SKINNER  •  Bernice JAGGARD  •  Harley PEGGS  •  Isabella SEAL  •  Jan EDWARDS  •  Jane MATTHEWS  •  Kelly MARSHALL  •  Lidia MICHNIOK  •  Magdalena MICHNIOK  •  Nikki TYLER  •  Phil BUTLER  •  Ryan KNIGHT  •  Sharon WOOD  •  Sian CHAMPKEN  •  Simon OLIVER  •  Tim PEGGS

Congratulations to Andrew Nixon on completing his 50th parkrun - Well done!

Welcome to Andrew who has moved to Hereford from Poole and came to volunteer this morning.  We hope you feel very welcome and find many new friends here.

Special mention to our tourist from Lancashire.

Hereford Hall of Fame  (at least 10 runs and a pb)

Alice Godding

Paul Bridgewater

Robin Shaw

Hayden Marshall

Graham Powell

Chris Ruck

We had a jacket left behind today.  And we have one person missing a jacket of the same colour.  Have you picked up the wrong jacket by mistake?  The one we have is a swanky brand, the missing jacket is more Primarni.  Might be worth checking what you took home with you!  Get in touch - herefordhelpers@parkrun.com to arrange a swap.

Thank you to everyone for volunteering!  Keep the offers coming please.  If we all take a few turns each year, those that pick up the slack can have a chance to run too.  I am pleased to report that next week is fully covered, bar a photographer - which would lovely to have, but not essential.  Subsequent require more volunteers.  You can see the state of future rosters here...http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hereford/futureroster/

A reminder that Hereford parkrun is cancelled on 16 December due to a horse racing fixture.


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