Pacers this Saturday 13 October

Mornington Chasers volunteer takeover

This Saturday, 13 October, sees local running club Mornington Chasers taking over the volunteer roster at Highbury Fields parkrun! They will also be providing pacers for the morning - currently we've got the following times covered if you're looking to get a particular time: 20, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 35 minutes.

Chaser Pacer Ciara

We look forward to seeing you there!


Highbury Fields parkrun Event Number 365

Highbury Fields parkrun
Event number 365
6th October 2018

On the day that we celebrated International parkrun Day, 353 people came to a rather chilly Highbury Fields to run, jog or walk the course. 68 were first timers and 54 recorded new Personal Bests. Tourists came from far and wide - we hope you all enjoyed our unique 5 & a bit lap course..

We congratulated Melanie Armstrong & Mia Oyesiku on reaching their milestone 50th parkrun. We also congratulated Highbury Fields parkrun (& junior parkrun) regulars Khara Mills & Steve Haunch, who got married yesterday. We wish them many many years of happy parkrunning together. We also welcomed back Rosie Millard, volunteering only 4 weeks after undergoing major surgery; what an inspirational woman.

We had a great team 15 volunteers who helped to make the event run smoothly:

Lizzy MUGGERIDGE • Rosie MILLARD • Jacqueline MURPHY • Jessica VINLUAN • Deborah ROBACK • John ROBACK • Thomas WHITE • Peter SCOTT • Luke MILLER • Sean SMITH • Chris D PEACOCK • Bruno MANTEIGAS • Ursula YATES • Conny OYESIKU • Robert ASHBY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Highbury Fields parkrun Results Page.

Have a great week everyone, from your Run Director today, Deborah Roback


Highbury Fields parkrun Event Number 364

Highbury Fields 29th September 2018
There was a lot to celebrate on Saturday when 336 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 48 were first timers and 67 recorded new Personal Bests.
IMG_7755 Untitled
We welcomed Lizzy Muggeridge and Stephen Hey to the 250 parkrun milestone club and Ben Roback completed his 50th parkrun. Thanks to Lizzy for the baking and to Stephen on bringing treats.
On a personal level I stepped down as Co-ED of Higbury Fields after 4.5 years. This is the introduction to the role from the parkrun wiki:

The Event Director (ED) is responsible for the long-term health of his / her parkrun and provides leadership and direction to the event’s core team.

It is an essential role and calls for sustained long-term commitment but it holds the potential for great rewards. As an ED you can become the figurehead for a unique and cherished institution within your local community.

For a more grandiose detail you can see more here.

My Co-ED for the past year has been Lizzy who now sheds to the "Co" part of the title. I'm sure Lizzy will do a blinding job in leading Highbury Fields parkrun into the future. I'm stepping down as I thought a change was needed both for myself and for Highbury Fields. It's been a great honour to be your ED and Co-ED since the spring of 2014 and I'm delighted to have seen the growth in numbers of runners, joggers, walkers and volunteers that come here on Saturday mornings. Thank you all for the kind words expressed to be me on the day and via social media. I will still be around volunteering and perhaps even running a bit more!

It was wonderful to have Dave Mason, our founding ED, on Saturday and he took the opportunity to set a PB! As is usual we had a sprinkling of first time overseas visitors - from Brisbane, Dublin, Melbourne and Belfast (well you have to come across a sea to get here). It's always wonderful to have lots of out-of-towners visiting us.
A big thank you to this week's volunteers (who I forgot to thank in the rather extended pre-run brief - apologies for that!):

Claire's photos can be seen here.

Your RD this week,


p.s. congratulations to the Robacks on the new edition to the family over the weekend.


Highbury Fields parkrun Event Number 362

Highbury Fields 15th September 2018

Happy Volunteers by Deborah Roback
This week 289 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We welcomed 46 first timers. We clocked 46 new Personal Bests.

We had so much going on today, so apologies again for the longer than usual pre-run briefing!
James from Dublin by Deborah Roback

Tourists this week included Brendan Maher from New Jersey, USA (NJ being a very recent addition to the parkrun family), Rich Monasterski from Washington DC & parkrunners from Llanelli. We welcomed back James Enright, who used to be a regular at Highbury Fields (he even proposed to his girlfriend, now wife, at HF parkrun), now more likely to be seen running at Tymon parkrun in Dublin. Walking to the start this morning, James said to me "my favourite thing about London is Highbury Fields parkrun". On a gorgeous day like today, who would disagree with him?

We also welcomed Leo Rosenthal & Rafi Pearce, both JM 11-14s, who are running their way round the 53 parkruns that are in the M25 area, to raise funds for the homeless charity Together in Barnet. Well done boys, we are all very impressed with your efforts; please keep us informed of how your journey goes.

Ben C-J by Deborah Roback

There were also some big milestones achieved today. Ben Clarke-Janssen ran his 200th parkrun, 116 of which have been at Highbury Fields. Ben is also a regular volunteer at parkrun & Junior parkrun & has paced quite a few of us to PBs. Michael Smith ran his 100th parkrun, 95 of which have been at Highbury Fields; he's also run 47 Junior parkruns! Sam Collins ran his 50th parkrun today; thanks for taking a break from Hampstead Health parkrun to run your milestone on Highbury Fields. Congratulations Ben, Michael & Sam.

Nathan compeles DofE by Deborah Roback

Nathan Morgan Newham completed his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award this week, pictured here receiving his certificate. Well done Nathan!

We had a spectacular team of volunteers out on the fields today, making my job as Run Director so easy. Thanks to every single one of them:

Lizzy MUGGERIDGE • Rachel WHITE • Stephen HEY • Danny OLIVE • Deborah ROBACK • Joanne HISLOP • John ROBACK • Thomas WHITE • Ted HISLOP • Haidee O'DONNELL • Will KENDALL • Julian OYESIKU • Yuki OYESIKU • Jen GLASSFORD • Nathan MORGAN NEWHAM

Huge thanks also to all the lovely people who came up to me when they had completed their parkrun, to offer their volunteering services over the next couple of weeks. The attraction of wearing the high-viz is reaching legendary status.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Highbury Fields parkrun Results Page.

Have a great week everyone.

Deborah Roback, your Run Director this week.


Highbury Fields parkrun Event Number 361

Highbury Fields 8th September 2018
Today had a bit of a back to school feel about it as we welcomed back people who have been away the past few weeks. We welcomed 325 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 72 were first timers and 64 recorded new Personal Bests. So lots of PB's so you must have been busy staying fit over the summer!
There were some fast times at both ends of the age categories. 10 weeks after his VM75-79 Age Best at Higbbury Fields being beaten, Joseph Aspinall shattered the VM80-84 Age Best. The at the front of the field, the first 3 finishers were all in the JM15-17 age group - I think that's a first for us. Lead home again by Seyfu Jamaal who improved his Age Best performance by 9 seconds. He was followed across the line by Lemi Mideksa and Jadon Dodson both running PB's.

Congratulations to 3 new members of the 50 milestone club - Anna Edwards-Stuart, Josie Ewin and Steve Buckley.

It was nice to welcome The Running Chartity who brought with them a big contingent of runners, mentors and coaches. Some of them are pictured above enjoying the rewards of running in the form of breakfast and cake!

As usual we had a lot of visitors today. We had 45 first time visitors (not first timers to parkrun). We had runners from Sydney and Brisbane; we had a group of Chorlton Runners and Sutton Runners. We hope you all enjoyed your visit to us.

Of course this event could not be put on without our volunteers so many thanks this week's crew:
Catherine GILDER, Jennifer GLASSFORD, James HISLOP, Colleen KRENZER, Jonathan LITCHFIELD, Nathan MORGAN NEWHAM, Haidee O'DONNELL, Julian OYESIKU, Chris D PEACOCK, John ROBACK, Jessica VINLUAN. A special thanks to those that volunteered on the day. It's really easy being a volunteer, please do consider volunteering once in a while so that the event can go on each week.

Your RD this week,


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