Highbury Fields Parkrun Event Number 382

Highbury Fields 19th January 2019

What an absolute pleasure to be Run Director this week. An awesome team of volunteers meant that the event was almost faultless (other than the odd funnel ducker, forgotten barcode, miscalculated laps & abandoned jacket). So a massive thanks goes to all of the high-vis heroes:

Colleen KRENZER • Rachel DAY • Brigid RENTOUL • Danny OLIVE • Jessica VINLUAN • Chloe ALDER • Joanne HISLOP • John ROBACK • Isobel GRAHAM • Ted HISLOP • Jennifer GLASSFORD • Matthew SHEPPEE • Chris D PEACOCK • Charlie BOLAM • James BEVAN • Jonah Samuel BEVAN • Mary BEVAN • Fergus GRAY • Amos SHAMMAI

Jan 19 volunteers

An incredible 433 people ran/jogged/walked the course on the 382nd event on Highbury Fields. 75 were first timers. 45 recorded new Personal Bests. We welcomed tourists from as far away as New Zealand, as well as the Netherlands, Scotland & a group of GPs from East Yorkshire celebrating their colleague Andrew Brew's retirement (all pictured).


Congratulations to milestone parkrunners this week - Thomas WHITE (100), Andreas WUEGER (50), Helen GORDON (50) & Emma Hancock (50 PLUS a new PB!).

The recently introduced "left hand out, palm up" tactic in the finishing funnel again seemed to help the flow of finishing tokens distribution, so we will be continuing with this for the time being. Thanks everyone for going along with this, it definitely seemed to avoid a line of finishers backing up into the funnel.

Hoping you see you back on Highbury Fields some time soon,

Deborah Roback, your Run Director this week.


Highbury Fields Parkrun Event Number 381

Highbury Fields 12th January 2019
Wow that escalated quickly. Last week we had 373 participants - our 5th largest turnout. Well this week we added 36% more with a fantastic 508 walkers, runners and joggers completed the famous 5 and a bit laps of Highbury Fields. It was a beautiful sight to see so many taking part, making a continuous line of people going round Highbury Fields. My first HF parkrun there were just 10 people; the idea of 508 would have been unthinkable back then. By the way there were 3 people from that run taking part in some form on Saturday.

We welcomed 54 first timers that presented their printed out barcodes for scanning. There were no doubt a lot more first timers without their barcodes - nearly a quarter of our field are unknown! To receive a time please do printout your barcode and bring it with you each and every week. For all you first timers we do hope you enjoyed the experience and will be back with us regularly.

We had lots of first time visitors from outside of London. As is usual we welcomed visitors from Australia (Koonwarra, Victoria and Mount Barker near Adelaide). Ireland had representatives from Shanganagh Park, Shankill. From these shores first time participants came from (amongst others) Abingdon, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Corby, Great Conrad, Southampton, Southsea and Temple Newsam/Woodhouse Moor. Hope to see you all again soon.

Surprisingly there were only 2 people earning milestone t-shirts today. Congratulations to James Hush and Faith Buck on reaching 50 parkruns.

Event 381 could not of happened without the wonderful contributions from the following 20 volunteers (many of them seen above):
Lizzy MUGGERIDGE • Martin BLACK • Jessica VINLUAN • Jonathan LITCHFIELD • Andrew MCGEARY • Paul KEATING • Ted HISLOP • Jerome BOUGHTON MILLS • Yvonne MCSHERRY • Chris D PEACOCK • Haidee O'DONNELL • Mia OYESIKU • Paul MAKIN • Conny OYESIKU • Scarlett PARKER • Charlie BOLAM • James BEVAN • Fergus GRAY • Malcolm COOMBER • Amos SHAMMAI

The new "left hand out, palm up" approach to distributing the finishing tokens seemed to work well and will be an ongoing feature of processing people through the funnel. Thank you all for working with us to get everyone through without backing up through the finish line.

See you all soon,

Your RD this week,


Highbury Fields Parkrun Event Number 380

Highbury Fields 1st January 2018

The first Saturday parkrun of 2019 saw a whopping 373 finishers at Highbury Fields. This is our 4th largest turnout ever, though the top 3 are all occasions where our neighbour Finsbury Park was cancelled. At least 50 of you took part in your first ever parkrun - welcome! We hope you enjoyed it and will come back again. I say 'at least', because we also had 78 'unknowns', which also undoubtedly includes many other first-timers. Don't forget your (printed) barcode next time! So far in January, we've had 117 new parkrun registrations with Highbury Fields as their home run - looks like the new year health kick has begun in earnest! We only had one of our finish tokens go missing, which is pretty good going - please remember to always return these to us.

Among the seasoned parkrunners, 32 were completing Highbury Fields for the first time - welcome to you too - and 24 who've run or walked with us before got a new course personal best - well done!

You may have noticed we had a slightly new procedure in the finish funnel (which I'm afraid I forgot to mention in my pre-run briefing!). With the larger numbers, to keep everyone moving through as quickly as possible, we are now asking all finishers to place their left hand out flat palm up (if possible), so we can simply place the finish token on it and you can walk away quickly off to our barcode scanners. This will hopefully cut down on queues in the finish funnel and keep things moving so that those still finishing are able to cross the line. Our funnel managers will be shouting this at you to remind you, as well as asking you to keep moving and close any gaps in the finish funnel.

As always, thank you to this week's wonderful volunteers, without whom none of this would have happened:


Please do consider volunteering at a future event - it's all very easy and anyone can do it! Just email highburyfieldshelpers@parkrun.com or ask any of the volunteers at a parkrun.

This week's run director


Highbury Fields Parkrun Event Number 379

Highbury Fields 1st January 2018
On New Year's Day 275 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 90 were first timers and 37 recorded new Personal Bests (although I didn't see 90 people at the First Timer's briefing!). What a great way to kick of 2019. Many people took the opportunity to record 2 parkruns with London Overground doing good business between Highbury & Islington and Surrey Quays. Check out this tweet that shows just some those making the short journey south of the river - https://twitter.com/SELondoner/status/1080039180095369216
Highbury Southwark parkrun train 1
Highbury Southwark parkrun train 2

(photos thanks to "SELondoner")

To see where people doubled, here's a wonderful graphic from David Barnett. There is probably a Kevin Bacon statistic to come out of this I suspect.

NYD Double - David Barnett

We had to milestones mark on Tuesday - Rachel HUTCHINSON from Finsbury Park completed her 50th parkrun. Our 8th place finisher (Unkown unfortunately) brought up the 300,000th KM completed at Highbury Fields! There was also an age-graded record as Sefu improved his SM17-18 age group best but still didn't set a PB.

Our volunteer team was Helen SMITH • Steve WOOLF • Martin BLACK • Elaine BATTSON • Deborah ROBACK • John ROBACK • Jenny MCCULLOUGH • Chris D PEACOCK • Haidee O'DONNELL • Ursula YATES • Julian OYESIKU • Manal HEGAZY • Charlie WATKINS

Your RD on NYD



Highbury Fields Parkrun Event Number 377

Highbury Fields Christmas Day 2018
Image from iOS (7)
Christmas day saw 105 runners, joggers & walkers join us for a festive edition of Highbury Fields parkrun. They included Stephen Perkins who was parkrunning for the 150th time and Barbara Tomaszczyx joined the milestone club with her 50th run. 21 first timers joined us. We’ll done to all.

A special thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this Christmas day event happen and some brave souls have made it possible to bring a new year’s day event. This made me think of a new year’s resolution, as our event grows year on year we need more volunteers to make it happen and you could become one of our merry band of hiviz heroes. So might I please suggest your resolution be to send that email and get yourself on the roster.
Email: highburyfieldshelpers@parkrun.com

Your Christmas Day RD,


There are few photos from Deborah on our flickr group

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