Hillsborough parkrun is cancelled on 21 July 2018: Tramlines Music Festival taking place

Hillsborough parkrun – Tramlines Festival

As our regulars may be aware, the Tramlines music festival takes place in Hillsborough Park across the weekend of 20th, 21st & 22nd July.

This is a large event with multiple stages and is a significant logistical exercise for the organisers as well as the council. The event set up will commence on 11th July and as such there will be no Hillsborough parkrun on either Saturday 14th July or 21st July.

The organisers have committed to clearing the park as soon as possible following the event and currently they envisage being clear for Friday 27th July; as such we will be running again on Saturday 28th July.

For the 2 weeks we are not operational, we would encourage all the Hillsborough parkrun community to try other nearby parkrun's; these being Concord, Castle, Graves Park and Endcliffe Park (please be aware due to other Tramline event's, Endcliffe Park does not have a parkrun on the 21st July), You may wish to try parkrun's further afield with a full list of event's being shown on the main parkrun website.

Happy running !!


5th Anniversary Run – 3rd February & Details for Awards Next Year !

Happy 5th anniversary to us! Thanks to everyone that brought cake and everyone that ran. We hope you enjoyed running in reverse. We had 402 finishers, 30 first-timers and 66 reverse-direction PBs. Photo's and video of the run are showing on our Facebook page (web address below). For those of you on Facebook, you'll find that this is one of the key communication methods we use and we aim to respond very quickly to all messages posted.


On our anniversary runs, we present awards for the last 12 months. In the past years we have awarded prizes, this was based on a parkrun points system which was a combination of the number of times you ran and your finishing position. This method isn't used any more across the parkrun estate and for the 2017/18 awards here, we awarded prizes to those who simply have run the most frequently –irrespective of their time. (see below for 2018/19 method)

The winners in the male & female category received an engraved shield to keep for 12 months, a large bottle of prosecco & a box of chocolates. 2nd & 3rd place winners received bubbly and chocolates too !

We also presented a special trophy for the top junior boy & girl (aged 11 & under), as well as bottles of wine to our most 'senior' runners and a small keg of beer to our 'volunteer of the year' :)

Congratulations to our fantastic prizewinners !!
Seniors: Andrea Patrickson and Roy Phoenix
Juniors: Kai Harrison (31 runs) and Isabel Hunt (32)
Men: 1st - Eric Latham (50), 2nd - Richard Eyre (45), Joint 3rd - Robert Dawson, Daniel Villalba (41)
Ladies: 1st - Elaine Harrison (42), Joint 2nd - Emma Quince, Nikki Homyard (40), 3rd - Kathryn Harrison (37)
Volunteer of the year: Stephen Oldfield

Everyone really appeared to enjoy themselves this morning, despite the inclement conditions. Loads of lovely comments - thank you. Well done to those reaching milestones this morning:
50 club - Corinne Howse, Simon Dickinson, Paul Simpson, Martin Moss, Bernadette Edge, Gavin Church
100 club - David Wilson


A big thank you to the volunteers: Jack, Erin, Christopher, Matthew, Isaac, Oscar, Hannah, Olivia, Anna, Corinne, Phoebe, Sam, Caroline, Mark, Isobel, Peter and Caroline B, Carol and Lionel, Elizabeth, Jon, Graham, Stephen, Heather. It was a very busy morning and we may not have got an opportunity to thank you all personally, but rest assured we (John and Vanessa) really appreciate you all volunteering!


We are very fortunate to have a great team of core volunteers and this is bolstered by the fantastic teenagers who are completing their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering duties at parkrun too. Volunteering is a great way to see the run 'from the other side' - we have a wide variety of roles and many of them even mean you can still enjoy your run.


For the 2018/19 awards, these will be presented to the runners who have ran the most over the next 12 months (your time doesn't matter) and have volunteered a minimum of 3 times. If you ever wish to volunteer, simply respond to our request when we ask for helpers via Facebook or e-mail: hillsboroughhelpers@parkrun.com


Take a look at the wide variety of roles which can earn you a volunteer credit (don't forget, the purple volunteer t-shirts are awarded to those who have volunteered 25 times and are the most coveted amongst all parkrun t-shirts !!). We never force someone into doing something they are not comfortable with and we do provide guidance etc. if you are doing something new - it's not that hard, honest !! Each week, we are now looking to have about 15-20 volunteers to ensure all aspects of the run go smoothly (a smooth run ensures that everyone receives their time correctly in a prompt fashion).


Helping setting the course up *

Helping clear the course up & helping carrying the equipment back to a car etc. *

VI Guide *

New runners / parkrun tourist briefing *

Sorting the finishing tokens in the café after the run ! *

Tail walker *

Pacer * (we hold pacing events at least twice a year and need pacers from usually 20 mins to 40 mins)

Time keeper

Handing out finishing tokens


Number checker (ensures the time-keepers & those handing out tokens are in sync)

Funnel helper (on busy days we like an extra helper to keep the funnel moving to the scanners)

Marshaling (lots of corners !)

Photographing the event

* - these roles mean you can run/tail walk as well as volunteer on the same day


....and if anyone would like to learn more about parkrun and help process the results, be Run Director on occasions etc. - that is great too, just let us know. If you haven't volunteered (over 100 different people have in the last 12 months !!), please give it a go - it is very rewarding as well as enjoyable.


Occasionally in the summer & over Christmas, we look to build up the volunteer rota in advance but usually work 2-3 weeks ahead as a maximum. However, we do recognise that some of you may wish to get dates in the diary in advance, as such, if you know of a Saturday when you would like to volunteer, let us know by e-mailing hillsboroughhelpers@parkrun.com and we will put you on the rota. If you have a preference for a certain role, please let us know.


We have an exciting 12 months ahead of us, with pacing events to come in April & September and possibly a novelty event or two to try something different on occasions. However, rest assured, every week will be the normal 5k run/jog or walk for those of you like it that way - anything extra we do, will not be compulsory etc.


On behalf of the core volunteers, thank you everyone for making Hillsborough parkrun what it is - a fantastic free & inclusive community event and a great way to start your weekends. We look forward to seeing you all throughout the year ahead.


John (Hillsborough parkrun - event director)


5th Anniversary !

Would you believe it ? Hillsborough parkrun has been going almost 5 years !

We are holding our 5th anniversary run on Saturday 3rd February and we intend to make it a bit of a party :)

We'll be announcing the winners of the 2017 awards, plus running the route in the reverse direction (the only time of the year we do this). Is it easier ? - give it a go & find out !

Plus, there will be a bit of a social afterwards with hopefully lots of cake to eat, so those bakers amongst you, if you could bring with you on the morning, something home-made that would be fantastic - thank you.

If you have a parkrun top of any colour, if you could wear it at this event,that would also be great, thanks.

Details of the run are showing on our dedicated Facebook page which we use to keep the local community up to date about all things 'Hillsborough parkrun'. Link here:-


We hope to see you on the 3rd February and if you can't make it on that Saturday, don't forget we're here for you every single Saturday at 9am - we hope to see you soon.


New Years Day – Hillsborough parkrun

Start the new year in the best way possible at parkrun !

Hillsborough parkrun is holding an extra parkrun on Monday 1st January with a special start time of 10.00am.

For those of you trying to 'double up' (New Years Day is the only day of the year you are able to log 2 parkruns on the same day !), both Graves & Barnsley are holding their parkrun's at 9am which should be enough time for you to travel to Hillsborough - please drive safely !

We look forward to seeing all our friends from the parkrun community; our regulars, tourists and first timers. We will have our first timers and parkrun tourists briefing at 9:55am with the run starting at 10am.

Happy New Year !!





Hillsborough parkrun – No. 251 – Saturday 18th November

Well done to all the 360 parkrunners on this chilly but sunny morning. 55 runners joined us for the first time and 57 managed a PB. 23 fantastic volunteers made it all possible.

Special mention to Anthony on his 100th parkrun with his special team of guides, Susan, Ed, Steve, Peter, Jack, Peter. Thanks to Kathryn for making Anthony his vest as well !!

Milestone mentions this morning: Gillian Burgon and Anthony O'Keefe joined the 100 club... (and thanks Gillian for the cakes), Isobel Hunt and Michael Hunt joined the 50 club.

Thanks to the 30 or so runners from Warwick University. Hope you enjoyed it and have a good weekend in Sheffield.

Today's lovely volunteers: Carol Ann WOLSTENHOLME • Steve HELMORE • Vanessa ROUND • John LIDDLE • Edward STARTUP • Anna TRASK • Josie BROOKS • Peter MACQUEEN • Caroline BRASH • Jack SWINDELLS • Susan GILLIE • Steph MOORE • Lionel WOLSTENHOLME • Charlie ANDERSON • Phoebe SWINDELLS • Alice SWINDELLS • Stephen OLDFIELD • Peter MCCOY • Jack CRAINE • Cara MORRIS • Tabitha HEMPSHALL • Sam KEEN • Hannah POLLARD

Couple of bits of lost property: a key inside a sweatband, a pair of running gloves and a fuel belt. Let us know if these are yours, either by contacting us on Facebook or e-mailing hillsboroughhelpers@parkrun.com

Photos by Carol and Lionel of the run have been displayed on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you all next week!

John and team

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