CAR PARKING – please read

If you use the car park in the park for your event, please note

Sheffield Wednesday have a match at 12:30 and will be setting up their permit parking in the morning, but we are welcome to use the car park for the duration of the event but please do remove your car as soon as you can.



More shirt news

FOr those who are wanting to wear the apricot (and not a banana), then there is good news.

Please read more on the main parkrun new site


Event 307 – New Years Day Special

Happy New Year ! - and what a parkrun it was.......the results were slightly delayed (sorry !) - it's what happens when a new RECORD number of superb parkrunners attend - what a fantastic atmosphere, so many smiling faces.

Yes, we had a record attendance of 579 this morning , and we find out that the stopwatch only records the first 500 times ! - so we needed to take some effort to process all the data; see below. Thanks for your patience, and thank you for not forgetting your barcodes (mostly) and for all taking a token when you cross the finish line.

It was especially pleasing to see new faces experiencing parkrun for the first time (27 first timers !) and 76 parkrun tourists visiting Hillsborough parkrun for their first time too.
For the new ones - we're here every Saturday morning at 9am; look forward to welcoming you back.

Congratulations to those of you who hit a milestone on this record breaking morning:-
Red 50 parkrun t-shirts are now available for Hannah M, Eloise B, Alison W, Chris B, Glenn S & Daniel R
Black 100 parkrun t-shirts can be ordered by Caz K, Mark S & Rosie S

All the times up to position 500 are correct as is our tail-walker at position 579. For the times in between, we have adjusted them manually in order to give you a time. If you know your specific time, please e-mail us and we will endeavour to update them to make them more accurate - again this only affects those in places 501-578.

Photos of today's parkrun have been uploaded onto our Facebook page & include the panoramic shot from the start showing our record number of runners - thank you everyone for run, jog, walking & showing your support. Also a big thank you to all our volunteers for their invaluable assistance - great work everyone. Please see our frontpage for the role-call of glory

See you all on Saturday!
John and the team


New Year’s Resolution

Are you wondering what to do as your positive contribution for 2019? Then why not commit to a bit of parkrun HiViz action

If everyone who runs were to do a couple of volunteer shifts a year, then we would have more than enough offers to get through the year. And you don't have to be involved in anything that you don't want to take on.

So, why not look at what is involved, have a chat to those who do / have volunteered, read our wonderful reflection on volunteering from earlier this year
And give it a go

WARNING: It can be addictive !


Event 306

As we bid and wild and windy farewell to 2018, we said a warm welcome to 285 parkrunners this morning who enjoyed Hillsborough's 306th & final parkrun for the year. We had a fantastic 13 first time visitors to parkrun (we're here every week & hope to see you back soon !) & it was great to see 24 parkrun tourists who tried Hillsborough for the first time; we hope you enjoyed our little route !
Caroline was taking a stream of photo's today & these will be posted on the facebook page later this afternoon, for those who have access!

21 of you have a new PB to finish the year off with ! Well done; don't forget to try for your best time of the year next weekend !!

Today we saw all the club shirts on show- including a rare item at Hillsborough a 500 parkrun t-shirt (worn by a visitor from Bushy) !
Those soon to have new red shirts after completing their 50th parkrun today are:
Elise H
Erica O
Ed G

And a special mention for Stephen who today marshalled on his corner for the 100th time - a big thank you Stephen.

Always, a big thank you to all the HiViz heros, and you are each mentioned on the front page - as is every volunteer every week; that is how we mark and recognise how essential they are to the running of the event

There will be a special event parkrun on New Year's Day at 10am - and then normal 9am service is resumed from next Saturday


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