Hillsborough Park Day

On Sunday the 30th, there is an Open Day in Hillsbrough Park ..

you can see details on their webpage

or for those of you with facebook accounts you can see the event page

So if you fancy seeing the park without the need to run, do go along.

They are also offering the chance to spread the word about parkrun to the wider S6 population. If you would like to help with that, please do have a word with the Core Team at one of the upcoming events.

Or just go along on the day wearing a parkrun shirt and let people know what fun it was to earn it.



After all the wind in the past few days, there has been a lot of damage to trees in and around the park.
The council have been in and removed all the dangerous branches and such, BUT there is a lot of general debris on the paths with sticks, leaves, conkers, and all such.
So, do please be very careful as you go around. Be aware of what is on the path, and please be aware of others - please don't force them to run on part of the path where they might not be comfortable.

Also one of the drains broken by the festival is still leaking a lot so on the grass by the football stadium It is very soggy so do try to keep to the right on the path as you run down there, and again please be thoughtful about other users and don't force them in to the swamp.


Sheffield 10k weekend

A number of you will be involved in the Run For All Sheffield 10 k on Sunday. Good luck to all taking part, and if you see anyone in 'apricot' then give them a cheer.

These not wanting to have a paced run on Saturday, we are always happy to have extra and new hands helping out on the volunteer side esp with the pacing event so many of the regulars may well be out on the course. Why not contact hillsboroughhelpers@parkrun.com and let us add you to the HiVizHeroes for this week's event.


Path Works

Just to warn you that the council are doing some work on the pathways in the park to repair the damage done by the summer festivals.
Most of it is minor patching, and the new bits of replacement fence, but there is a collapsed drain at the main crossroads - just at the bottom of the path down from the library.
It is not on the direct path, but other park users may be trying to avoid it so please be considerate and ensure that they have room .
And, where the resurfacing is being done, do just be aware of any potential trip hazards
We will remind you in the pre-event briefings …
See you on parkrunday at 9am - #DFYB


parkrun practice initiative

For those of you who have not seen this yet, there is a new system where local GP practices are encouraging people to get involved with parkrun, not just for the exercise, but also to get a real feeing of involvement in a community

Watch this video made with our friends at Graves to show what a difference this can make.

So, why not encourage all your family, friends, neighbours, people you know to come on down to a parkrun and to be involved.
No matter who you are - runner, walkers, volunteers - you are all very welcome

The official statement from the Volunteer emails if you are interested to know more

Thank you for your support for the ‘parkrun practice’ initiative. Since the launch in June, over 300 practices across the UK have registered as parkrun practices.

This project aims to raise awareness of parkrun amongst GP practice staff, encourage them to signpost patients to our events and to take part themselves. Details can be found on the RCGP website.

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