Event # 68 Saturday 20th January 2018


A soggy and boggy Homewood this week where the rain held off till the 2nd lap, 86 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 7 were first timers and 10 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part including Windle Valley Runners and Team Nuts.

Some local tourists this week from Woking and Pirbright, nice to see you here, its always great to see new faces!

We welcomed Helen KLAOS and Heather STEPHENSON, thank you for joining us here at Ottershaw Memorial Fields on your very first parkrun, we hope you enjoyed the muddy experience, and that we will see you both again soon.


The event was made possible by 18 amazing volunteers led by this weeks Run Director Kate HICKEN, and taking over from Suzi BOWEN as Event Director Dee HARPER who had a nice big umbrella at the bottom of Achilles Hill:

Richard JONES • Samantha PENNELL • Kate HICKEN • Alison JAMES • Phil STOCKER • Phil MOSS • Sidrah SHAFAQ • Ralph STADIE • Jason TUTTY • Steve DYE • Dee HARPER • Lisa MCLAREN • Simon CORRIGAN • Ian HARPER • Kathy MILLER • Richard MILLER • Kai HARPER • Holly STILLINGFLEET


Congratulations to Ian HARPER on completing 50 parkruns, all of which have been here at Homewood, Ian is also a Homewood helper, leading the pre-event set up and post event close down almost every week, so whilst most people do 3 laps of the woods, Ian does 5! Thanks for keeping us all well signposted Ian!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Homewood parkrun Results Page.


Well done to everyone for making it round the three laps today, first across the line was Matthew BRENCHLEY with a new PB of 19:12 and Joanne LOCKER was first female with a nice symmetrical time of 23:23.


More pictures from today’s event are available on our Flickr group page : https://www.flickr.com/groups/homewood-parkrun/


Please take a moment to check that your ICE In Case of Emergency details are up to date on your parkrun profile, and jot down your contact details on the back of your barcode so that we will know who to call should we need to help you.

Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in the Old School Café, Longcross Road, Chertsey, KT16 0DP - you are most welcome to come and join us!


Great running everyone, see you next week

#DFYB Don't Forget Your Barcode!

#loveparkrun Jason


Event # 67 Saturday 13th January 2018

Well this certainly feels surreal following my final parkrun at Homewood this weekend. It only feels like it was yesterday I sat in Costa with parkrun ambassador Rory Murphy and happily agreed to be an event director to set up a new parkrun....and with that Homewood was born! Following 7 months of planning, and gathering a core team, it was with great pride that I gave the first Homewood briefing back on 15 October 2016.


67 events later, in our second venue and with the best team of run directors, volunteers and runners dressed in green around me, it is with a heavy heart that I leave Homewood for pastures new.


It has been the biggest honour being Event Director for such a wonderful parkrun. We have a fantastic team that help deliver a safe and fun run every week, and I still find it incredible that in just over a year we have had over 2,300 runners and 178 different volunteers.


A big thank you to everyone who turned out this Saturday in green in honour of my move to Ireland, it was quite overwhelming the sheer number of well wishers.



Thank you of course too to the core team for the fabulous gifts and very kind words and I'd like to take this opportunity to make a few special thank you's. Firstly to our team of run directors past and present; Dee, Roland, Paul, Steve, Kate and Steph. From setting up, to moving venue, to putting on our first Xmas parkrun, it wouldn't have all been possible without such a wonderful, strong team of leaders. 

2017-03-25 10.27.53

To Ian for taking on set up and set down every week along with Jason who as well as doing the set up has become our regular photographer and run report writer.



To all of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who have become a core part of the team, in particular Amy, Kai and Joe who have all gone above and beyond their DofE duties.


To our parkrun ambassadors Rory, Ian and Caroline who have been a fantastic support throughout.


To all of the other regular volunteers, Sidrah, Keith, Sam, Kathy, Dave, Lisa and so many more of you. And to every other volunteer and runner who has made Homewood what it is today. Homewood is certainly in good hands with Dee at the helm, and I look forward to coming back to visit in the not too distant future.


So, this week, 117 people ran with an unknown runner first home, followed by Andy Mcewan in a very impressive 19.28. First lady home was Cara Silbery 24.06 with junior Jessica Wilkes not far behind in 24.46.


The run was possible thanks to the following fantastic volunteers



We had 24 first timer's at Homewood, and 5 new to parkrun - we hope you enjoyed your run and will be back with us soon. With course conditions a bit more pleasant this week, 17 of you managed personal bests! Well done to everyone!

Congratulations to Ian Harper for completing his 50th volunteering, I hope you enjoy celebrating your 50th run next week I shall be thinking of you!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Homewood parkrun www.parkrun.org.uk/homewood/results/latestresults

More pictures from today’s event are available on our Flickr group page www.flickr.com/groups/homewood-parkrun

Finally, if there was one thing I can leave you with, it would be to encourage you to volunteer with parkrun at least once this year. There are so many different roles you can do, all are simple, and you will be surrounded by a brilliant team. Volunteering really is the best way to get to know other runners and volunteers and understand more about parkrun. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a volunteer at Homewood and it is something I will take with me to Ireland!


I look forward to coming back to visit, but until then I would like to wish you all many happy runs with lots and lots of mud :)

Suzi x



Event # 66 Saturday 6th January 2018


The first run of 2018 and the course starts as it ended in 2017, very slippery and muddy, 105 people ran, jogged and walked the 5km, of whom 16 were first timers and 3 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part including Vegan Runners and Elmbridge RRC.


Welcome to Rupert DEVEREUX, Luke BATTING, Oscar CAMARGO,  Bea BONTES, Joanna SHILLABEER, Tracey OWEN and Sarah PENNINGTON who all must have made a New Years resolution to come and join us here at Homewood parkrun, it was great to see you all and hope you enjoyed the experience, well done on reaching your first milestone, run #1.

Congratulation to Daniel EVERALL and Larisa ANDRONACHE on completing 25 parkruns, half way towards joining the 50 club and claiming a red shirt.


The event was made possible by 19 amazing volunteers led by this weeks Run Director Steve DYE suitably attired in some lovely wellies: Calvin MANNING • Samantha PENNELL • Sam BLOOMFIELD • Kate HICKEN • Vicky BURR • Dave FITTON • Phil GARTY • Suzi BOWEN • Sidrah SHAFAQ • Jason TUTTY • Steve DYE • Jane STRATFORD • Dee HARPER • Lisa MCLAREN • Della KENDALL • Ian HARPER • Joseph MARDELL • Cora GILLETT • Holly STILLINGFLEET


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Homewood parkrun Results Page.

5 Unknown runners this week, #DFYB Don't Forget Your Barcode! Why not print out a spare from your profile page and keep in your car or bag?

Most symmetrical time of the week was Dan SKERTEN finishing in 25:25, first female across the line was Homewood Event Director Suzi BOWEN in 26:19 and first male was Chris DYSON in 18:41. Good running and walking everyone, remember nobody finishes last at parkrun!


It was great to welcome tourists to Homewood this week, including from nearby Bedfont Lakes and Reading, in fact Homewood is firmly on the tourist map coming in 7th most visited parkrun in the UK in 2017, with 365 people visiting at least once during the year, not surprisingly Bushy, the birthplace of parkrun topped the list with 902 visitors.


More pictures from today’s event are available on our Flickr group page : https://www.flickr.com/groups/homewood-parkrun/


Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in the Old School Café, Longcross Road, Chertsey, KT16 0DP - you are most welcome to come and join us!

Great running everyone, see you next week #DFYB Don't Forget Your Barcode!




Event # 65 Saturday 30th December 2017


The last Homewood parkrun of 2017 and 98 people ran, jogged, walked and got very muddy on the course, of whom 28 were first timers, including a large number of Bushy tourists and not surprisingly given the puddles and squelchy bits no new Personal Bests.

Representatives of 22 different clubs took part including Dorking & Mole Valley AC and Team Bushy, including Kirsty BANGHAM on her 510th (yes over 500 wow!) run.

Big parkrun welcome to all our Homewood newbies and tourists including Tim CANE on his first ever run and Suzan BAKER on her 440th run, hope to see you again soon here at the Ottershaw Memorial Fields.

The event was made possible by 16 wonderful volunteers led by this weeks Run Director Dee HARPER:

Oliver BERRY • Keith BATTEN • Roland HOGG • Samantha PENNELL • Kate HICKEN • Dave FITTON • Phil STOCKER • Andrew CLUNEY • Suzi BOWEN • Sidrah SHAFAQ • Jason TUTTY • Steve DYE • Dee HARPER • Ian HARPER • Kathy MILLER • Richard MILLER • Joseph MARDELL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Homewood parkrun Results Page.

Homewood review of the year 2017

January 2017


A new year and a new home, through the hard work of the core team, and support of Runnymede Borough Council, Homewood parkrun family moves to Ottershaw Memorial Fields, the first run taking place on 7th January drawing the years highest number of participants, 175.

O – ur new home
T – ry your best :-)
T – ail runners will ensure that everyone gets around safely
E – ach and every one of our runners is wonderful
R – esults are whizzed to your email and phones thanks to our amazing result processors
S – aturday's are made for parkrun
H – omewood parkrun marshals will cheer you round with a smile
A – lways remember your barcode!
W – alk, jog or run, we love having you at our parkrun!


The cold weather meant some icy starts and some interesting headgear and leggings of the week rivalry. We had quite a lot of tourists visiting Homewood due to their own events being cancelled and one parkrunner all the way from South Africa. On the 21st January we were joined by by Rima or 'Tyre Lady' who, in case you didn't know, runs whilst pulling a tyre behind her (yes really!)


February 2017

As the wood turns into a squelchfest and we start seeing some fallers tripping on tree roots the Homewood apricot army is out in force...


It was great to see some more walkers completing parkrun in February. We all get involved in parkrun for different reasons; some of us strive to be a first finisher, or set a new Personal Best. Others are trying to run all the way round (no mean feat sometimes!), and some enjoy walking the course to get some fresh air and exercise and to enjoy the lovely views from the hill. The great thing about the parkrun concept is that it caters for all of these aims and enables all of our participants to be part of our community.


There was a terrific buggy show down on the field as the buggy pushers battled for supremacy.


A big thank you to everyone who has volunteered with any Homewood parkrun which now includes some Duke of Edinburgh helpers. These are the people who make the event happen safely and smoothly every Saturday morning. They arrive early to set up, encourage people round the course, sort out the technicalities of recording the results and then put everything away again at the end until the next parkrun. Our parkrun community is always eager to welcome new volunteers, so please do not be shy in giving it a go.


it was Marnie's 50th parkrun and she ran the entire course with a 50th balloon in tow. This created a bit of confusion as various people assumed it was her 50th birthday and were wishing her many happy returns. Marnie would like to make it known she has a few years to go yet before reaching that particular milestone! :-)


Stephanie Louise MUZZALL made her first appearance as Run Director and did a great job...


Homewood ran a poll to name our famous 'hill' and the results were unveiled on 25th February by Steve DYE. From now our beloved incline will go by the name of Achilles Hill. Thank you for all that got involved and voted!

March 2017


It's interesting talking to parkrun tourists about how Homewood compares to their regular parkrun venue. One runner from Woking said their course is usually quite muddy – but after completing the course at Homewood he decided Woking wasn't that muddy after all. Other's described the course as a 'great cross country trail', 'quite hard' and 'a really special course' – oh, and several mentioned 'That Hill'! There's no doubt that Homewood has a lot to offer – even if it is rather muddy, which it was especially in March, however we were already seeing the start of spring and started to spot the crocuses peeping through.


We were joined by representatives of many different athletics clubs and on the 4th March if you were there you couldn't help but notice one club in particular. It was great to have a good number of runners from 26.2 RRC – looking smartly turned out in their club colours! As part of 26.2 RRC's 'Grand Prix' they have a 5km run, and in 2017 they chose Homewood parkrun for this event, and we are delighted that they did.


Saturday 4th March was also special as we had first time Run Director Steve, who did a brilliant job leading a smooth event. When asked about the secret of his success Steve was quick to acknowledge that it was due to "the help of the great team around me". It's true, parkrun would not happen without our wonderful Volunteers who make it possible each week.

A couple of notable milestones this month were Isabella Farrington completing her 10th run as a junior (White Tee) and Dee Harper, one of our team of Run Directors, notching up her 25th volunteering role and earning her a much coveted purple Tee.

2017-03-25 10.27.53

Ever wondered how your results get processed so quickly to get you your text/emails? Well, here's a little secret, it's all done over flowers in the Old School Café where we head to as soon as we've finished packing up. Do come and join us for a butty, brew and banter.

April 2017


There was some lovely spring sunshine here at Homewood parkrun with hardly any mud to slow us down up Achilles Hill, certainly fewer gloves and hats around than a month or two ago .


We had a lovely comment from one of our first timers on the weekend of 2nd April, we are so proud of our friendly parkrun family at Homewood and so pleased that it has such an impact on our runners:

"It was brilliant​ fun- what an incredible lovely, friendly group of people. And thanks so much Sam for persuading me to try. We walk-jogged at the back; stop- starting all the way chatted to some great people all of whom have got up on a Saturday morning to run or walk 5k and we're home in time for tea and toast for breakfast. Loved it!"


On the 8th April Michael WAINE joined the 50 parkrun club with a new PB time of 21:14. The parkrun clubs are a great way to stay motivated, club t-shirts are awarded for 10 (Juniors), 50, 100, 250 and 500 runs, and 25 for volunteering.

May 2017


Thanks to Steve Stockwell and his wife for some of the photos we used on the 13th May, Steve joined us as tourist and wrote an excellent blog review of his experience: http://www.blog7t.com/2017/05/parkrunottershawmemorialfields.html?m=1


Well done to Gareth JOHN on completing his 50th parkrun on the 27th May, 23 of which have been here at Homewood, Gareth crossed the line in 12th place in a great time of 23:32.


There were a couple of fallers this month, so as usual, please take care when running, especially through the trail sections where tree roots can appear from nowhere and easily send you flying.

2017-05-13 11.47.10

The team have some well earned refreshments as Steve eats a post run sandwich down at the Old School Café, Longcross Road, Chertsey, KT16 0DP - it would be great for you to join us!

June 2017


As the season changed to Summer, we continued to welcome tourists here at the Ottershaw Memorial Fields from all over the UK and Australia, good to know Homewood is on the must visit UK parkrun map!


Jason TUTTY celebrated his 100th parkrun on the 3rd June after two years starting at Woking, now a volunteer here at Homewood.


With high temperatures on the 17th June, it was a big well done to Oliver Berry for completing his 100th parkrun, Oliver is now a regular here at Homewood, he was easy to spot on his way round the course as he was wearing a red '99' parkrun tee-shirt. Thanks to his wife and family for handing round some lovely treats after he made it safely across the line to help us all celebrate.


A fantastic PB run by Matt HALLAM saw him complete the course in 17:35 on the 24th June, the 3rd fastest official time for Homewood, but the quickest on the Ottershaw Memorial Field course (Homewood started down the road at Homewood and changed to its current location at Ottershaw from Jan this year), running for Air Products Flyers he did quite literally fly around the course, well done!

July 2017

Homewood parkrun Event #39 08/07/17

Many of our regular volunteers like to go away on holiday during the summer (I know, how could they abandon you), so it was great to see some new helpers lend a hand.


Thanks to everyone who helped on the post run litter pick up, on the 1st July, we managed quite a few bags of rubbish from around the grounds and car parks, leaving the place looking nice and tidy!


After the park was nice and clean a bring and share picnic took place, due to the hot weather suitable headgear was worn by some to avoid sunburn...

Homewood parkrun Event #39 08/07/17

It was another hot morning on the 8th July and we had a third of the participants visiting us for the first time, some from local parkruns that had been cancelled due to conflicting events, like Woking, and some had travelled from as far as Singapore and Australia (to be fair, perhaps not JUST to visit us)


Ian HARPER reached his 25th volunteering session on the 15th July, Ian regularly sets up the course to ensure it is well sign posted and fill in the odd hole here and there to help make the course as safe as it can be, thanks Ian, great job!


We also said thanks to our Event Director Suzi BOWEN and Run Director Paul SILVESTER who in recent weeks clocked up 50 and 100 volunteer duties for the parkrun community - amazing! Thanks from us all!


August 2017


Extra special mention to Steve DYE on 5th August for reaching 50 parkrun volunteering occasions, we all thank you for all the help, both here at Homewood and at the junior parkrun events you assist with.


A brilliant run on 12th August by Ollie GARROD of Epsom & Ewell Harriers who flew up the hill and through the woods to record a new male course record time of 17:10 today, this is an amazing achievement given that the previous record was on the old Homewood course which didn't have Achilles Hill to contend with.

The female record remains with Rachel PHARAOH who recorded a time of 20:00 on 24th December 2016 (event number 11).


The 19th August was #teamparkrun, following on from the World Athletics Championships in London, the UK's National Lottery funded Olympic and Paralympic athletes teamed up with parkrun to encourage the nation to get active and show that no one finishes last at a parkrun. We joined in at Homewood by capturing some of our parkrunners with the #teamparkrun logo.


We had quite a few visitors from other parkruns on the 27th Aug which is always nice. Special mention for Gary GROUNDS, first finisher, and Victoria FAWCETT who were driving from Teesside to Brighton but were delayed in traffic. They looked online and decided to divert off the M25 to Homewood, and both posted really good times considering they had been stuck in a car for hours!


Much travelled Simon JUDD, of Staple Hill Runners in the Bristol area, celebrated his 100th run with us (and his 40th different parkrun). We're not sure why he chose Homewood for his century run but we're very glad he did, and not just because he brought cake! Judging by his attire we guessed he was up to watch Crystal Palace play Swansea (if so commiserations!).


September 2017


The first few runs in September the parkrun weather fairy was feeling exceptionally kind to us at Homewood with lovely sunny starts mixed with a little early morning dew on the grass as we reached the meteorological Autumn.


Joseph Mardell, one of our regular DofE volunteers, celebrated his 25th volunteering time with us on the 9th September, thanks for all your help Joseph, and look forward to seeing you in your V25 T-Shirt soon.

Homewood #48

Now, what was it about mushrooms? One of our core volunteer team Dee, was amazed at these mushrooms that she found close to her marshal point. So excited in fact that she showed a number of runners them on the way round.

Homewood #48

The last run of September and we had some nice new parkrun signs to put up today (many hands make light work they say....)


October 2017


On the 7th October it was international parkrun day today, the 13th anniversary of parkrun starting at Bush Park, to celebrate we joined in by taking a group photo of some of our runners in their apricot parkrun shirts #parkrun13. A very special thank you to parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt for starting it all!


A big thank you too to Runnymede Borough Council for making some improvements to the park just in time for winter, we now have a nice new path on the exit from the woods which should help keep some of the mud at bay in the coming months.


Congratulations to Jane STRATFORD on joining the parkrun 50 club on the 14th October, Jane is a regular here at Homewood both as a runner and a volunteer. We helped Jane celebrate by enjoying some of the delicious cakes she was kind enough to bring along to share with everyone.


Last run on the "Summer route"


Happy Birthday Homewood!


21st October, wow, what a great turnout for our first birthday and the parkrun that had a bit of everything. 152 of you came along to help celebrate, run and eat cake! And the first run of the new "Winter route".

Some in fancy dress, Wheres Wally?

2017-10-21 08.45.20

The milestone runs. 4 of you this week – Congratulations to Jon Mainwaring for his magnificent 250th run, Suki Gilliland and her friend Beth Hendy (who came all the way down from Newcastle) to run their 100th runs together and Ruth Clarke who also hit the 100th run milestone.


The cheeky wedding during the week (Massive congratulations to Suki and Ross).

2017-10-22 00.06.28

28th October and the new finish is proving popular with the shorter run out of the woods giving people a chance to make good progress as they cross the line.


November 2017


Into November and there are now some nice splooshy sections and muddy patches on the course, which is great news for all mud lovers, (though if you don't like the mud so much it is possible to minimise the splashing by carefully threading your way around the puddles).


On the 18th November among the visitors today we had visitors from Perth in Scotland (that must have required an early start) and blind runner Linda Gaitskell who was guided around the course by our own Paul Silvester.


Congratulations to Ralph STADIE on joining the 100 parkrun club on the 25th November, with 14 of those runs here at Homewood. Ralph also managed to clock up a new PB of 29:25 to boot.

December 2017


2nd December and a picture taken at our 1st birthday is hitting the news, the picture of Jonathan Mainwaring taken by Susan Noone as he did a Mobot after his 250th parkrun here at Homewood parkrun helped reunite him with his family, the full story is wonderful and can found on our run report (and on Sky and the BBC!).

Parkrun 3

Scribe Philip of Chertsey brought us the The Battle Of Achilles Hill. Parte LXI in his run report for the 9th December, it is a tale of olde Homewood and is great fun, the full story is well worth a read...


Congratulations to first time Run Director Kate HICKEN for a great job leading our marvelous band of 21 volunteers on the 16th December.


23rd December 'Twas the run before Christmas, when all thro' the park, 101 runners were stirring, having left for a lark; The leggings were worn and santa hats placed with care, In hope of a Personal Best 9 would would be there; 14 first timers made it with muddy legs, while visions of bar codes danced in their heads.


Happy Christmas, Homewood holds its very first Christmas Day run on the 25th December, lots of fancy dress and good spirits, even it was a little damp, and everyone made it home in time for brussel sprouts..


30th December, last run of the year, and possibly the muddiest


Well done and thanks to everyone who has run, walked, spectated, or volunteered at Homewood in 2017, special mention to the core and regular volunteer team who make it all happen week in and out, often with lots of work behind the scenes, and extra special thanks to our volunteer Event Director Suzi BOWEN for all her efforts to get Homewood up and running and inspire us all to make it such a success!

Have a very happy new year and wish you all many Homewood parkruns for 2018!

Homewood has its own Facebook page which contains up to date information and postings, it is available at:



We have lots of great pictures from today's event, and from previous parkruns available on our Flickr feed: https://www.flickr.com/groups/homewood-parkrun/

Don't forget, every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in the Old School Café, Longcross Road, Chertsey, KT16 0DP - you are most welcome to come and join us!

Great running everyone, see you next year #DFYB Don't Forget Your Barcode!




Event # 64 Monday 25th December 2017

A brilliant turnout today for a murky Christmas day! Christmas fancy dress was the order of the day and we weren't let down - Reindeer, Christmas puddings, elves, Santas to name but a few!20171225_092046
This week 90 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 19 were first timers and 2 recorded new Personal Bests. Congratulations to Vicky BURR, Jonathan TENNANT and Lisa MCLAREN who all celebrated their 50th run.
We are very grateful to the volunteers without whom this Christmas day parkrun could not have taken place: Hayden BINNS, Suzi BOWEN, Madeleine CHARBINE, Simon DRAKE, Steve DYE, Ian HARPER, Kai HARPER, Dee HARPER, Tane HARPER, Kate HICKEN, Joseph MARDELL, Lisa MCLAREN, James OWEN, Samantha PENNELL, Philip ROBSON, Judith SHEPHARD, Paul SILVESTER, Sarah SKERTEN, Phil STOCKER
Well done to everyone for some good running and walking and squelching through the muddy parts. First male across the line was Chris DYSON with 18:29 (Woking AC). First female was our very own Suzi BOWEN with a time of 24:40. Along with leggings of the week, we now seem to have a new award for most symmetrical time. This week it was was shared by 3 people: Tane HARPER with 27:27 and Adam and John TYNDALL both with 41:41.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Homewood parkrun Results Page.
We finished with biscuits and mince pies and a few coffees before all going home to overindulge. It will be interesting to see how many PB’s there are next week!

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