The one with the persistent mizzle

Run Report for Horsham parkrun #180 on the 20th January 2018

What a dull and dismal start to the morning, as I drove to the park, with windscreen wipers flashing away across my screen, the thoughts that ran through my head mainly focussed on how wet I was going to get and how lucky we were that there hadn’t been a frost overnight as promised earlier in the week!

Miraculously the heavy ’ish’ precipitation had slowed to less than a bit of mizzle (Cornish misty rain) by the time that myself and the set up team started a  nice walk around the lake to set out the markers and we  spotted the ‘mini rivers’ flowing down the paths in a couple of places, once the lake section was finished I then walked along the Downs Link to put the Caution Runners sign out near Lintot Square and suddenly realised that it was longer than I thought but at least it is a nice flat section especially with that short sharp downhill bit at the park end, just right for a fast finish.

As 8.45 approached the runners started to appear and soon we had a nice compact crowd and it was time to start the briefings, I must thank everybody for the wonderful decorum during the main briefing as it made things very easy and everybody seemed to be able to hear my dulcet tones. Once the briefings were finished we started our walk down to the start area and finally I was able to utter those wonderful words ‘Timers Ready’ and then ‘ three, two, one & GO’ and the run was on, it was nice that the rain remained as mizzle during the run so as the volunteers did not have to get too wet.

Soon the Tail Walker (the lovely Tanya) came past the finish line and it was ‘game over’ for another week and time to pack up, store the kit and retire to home to process the results but not before popping in to the café and enjoying a mug of lovely black coffee, it was nice to hear that many of you had supported the café and enjoyed their yummy offerings. :-)

Now for a few stats:

246 runners of which 10 were first time parkrunners and 9 first time visitors to Horsham parkrun.

13 of you  ran a New PB so very well done

NO milestones were reached this morning.

Only 5 runners were listed as Unknown

The first 3 male finishers were: Bradley BURKE, Ashley WILLIAMS & an unknown :-(
The first 3 female finishers were: Emily CHADWICK, Niamh DONNELLY & Geri SMITH

The highest male and female Age Grade went to:
Ashley WILLIAMS 77.65% & Val MCLACHAN 74.26%

This week’s silly facts:
Since the first Horsham parkrun 7,041 runners have covered a total distance of 277,620km which is almost 7 times the circumference of the Earth and almost 25.5 times the circumference of the moon.

My choice for the Most Aesthetically Pleasing Time goes to Adam MARTIN with a time of 25:25

As always there could be no parkrun without the volunteers and I would like to say a HUGE thanks to the wonderful team that turned out to support me with the organisation of the run

Lorraine BULBECK • Margaret WADMAN • Nina BERRY • Carol BROWN • Gary BURCHETT • Sarah MACLEAN • Christian LIBERMAN • Gail JENKINSON • Jo HOPKINS • Rachel MACLEAN • Penny BARRON • Paul AYLETT • Richard BARRON • Clive WALKER • Yan YIP • Arun COOKE • Olive HOBBS • Justine TANNER • Karen WHEATLEY • Tanya KEELING • Melody PILGRIM • Jane FOOTER • Sue CHAPMAN • Matt PILGRIM • Rachel BOWMAN

Well that’s it from me folks, until next time

Richard and the Horsham parkrun team


GO WEST!!!!………………well South actually………

After probably the most stressful week and a half of my time as Event Director at Horsham parkrun we finally landed at our new “temporary” home of Southwater Country Park this Saturday just gone. With brilliant cooperation from Horsham and West Sussex councils and the support of my Core Team Richard Mullans and Raff Vitale as well as some very important others, we turned this operation round in an amazing 4 days……..

I was asked a couple of times whether I was more nervous for this new location or before the very first Horsham parkrun in September 2014? The resounding answer was this one! The first time you do anything I find, you tend to go into it with no fear because you aren’t so aware of what can go wrong! Or at least that’s my take on life. The worries of whether we would engulf the park with a record attendance, if there would be loads of pedestrians and dog walkers in the park or whether Southwater locals would be lying on the course in protest all crossed my mind!

The course is certainly easier to set up than Horsham Park, as it is all path and a lot of the sections are self-explanatory, so we were back at the assembly area as Volunteer Coordinator Claire started to check in the people that would make this parkrun tick.
DSC00432  A great atmosphere was building as 9am approached and the run briefing was observed with immaculate silence, thank you to everybody. The predictable jokes were had about “any tourists” were duly made! We also celebrated a few 50 and 100 run milestones so well done to you all! The course was explained…….. to a fair few puzzled expressions! I hope now you have run it once it’s a bit more fixed in your minds, I have a couple of videos to put up next week that will hopefully help to seal the deal. We will also be separating the path where you start your lap around lake from the finishing straight next week, as it did get a little lively there! But when finishing please be careful of the bollards as there isn’t much we can do about them! One tweak we won’t be making is on the course, we measured it with a wheel and it comes out at 5km give or take about 4m so I guess its those hills that are taking it out of your times! Anyway we are really proud of our new course and from the sounds of it you like it quite a lot too. DSC00069

First finshers this week were Bradley Burke (18.41) Paul Tomlinson (18.46) and Matt Mason (19.41) for the men and Johanna Spannagl (19.12) Emily Chadwick (23.15) and Emma Walters (23.17) for the ladies.

310 of you finished and hopefully we will see lots of you running around SCP for a few weeks to come, as we intend to stay here till mid to late February.

Thank you to you all for making sure this went off without a hitch, it means a lot to me personally, see you all very soon.

Phil & Team


MUD glorious MUD

Run report for Horsham New Year’s Day parkrun (#178)

The morning dawned a little gloomy with some precipitation threatening which finally arrived just in time for the start of the run. I could have sworn I asked for NO rain but sunshine instead, looks like that some wires got crossed somewhere along the line. :(

316 brave runners ventured out on this New Year’s day parkrun, many of who were going to run the ‘double’ which is a once a year opportunity for runners to run not only an extra parkrun on a day other than a Saturday but also to officially run a second parkrun on the same day.  We welcomed 24 members of the Horley Harriers for the first outing of their Winter parkrun tour 2018, special mention has to go to 3 of their members who after running the Horsham course then ran to Tilgate parkrun to then run the double, a total distance of approx. 14 miles, well done to the three of you.

A slight variation on the start and finish but unfortunately due to the extreme amount of precipitation during the week the ‘corner cut’  for the finish soon turned into a rather nasty mud slide, my apologies to anybody that this caught out as it was my decision to use this finish.

First 3 male finishers were: Jacob CANN, Luke BURGESS & Bradley BURKE (all in the JM15-17 age grade)

First 3 female finishers were: Rhiannon DUNLOP, Susan MCDONALD & Kat OWENS

Amazingly, despite the rather soft going, 14 of you managed to run NEW PB’s which was really great going.

4 of today’s runners joined the milestones clubs:
50 runs - Jacob CANN (with a new PB) and Aimee FENWICK
100 runs – Kath GARRIDO and Lorraine TREADWELL

We welcomed 3 first time parkrunners and 54 first time visitors to Horsham parkrun, including some from as far afield as Guernsey and Australia.

No run report would be complete without acknowledging the wonderful group of volunteers that assisted me in bring you yet another fun (and mud) filled Horsham parkrun:

Andy MITCHELSON • Raff VITALE • Lorraine BULBECK • Caroline DAYKIN • Vicky MULLANS • Gary BURCHETT • Christian LIBERMAN • Sophie DUNNELL • Sarah MITCHELSON • Pip MORTIMER • Jeannie BURTON • Yan YIP • Jenna SWAN • Roy ROTHE • Rylee ROTHE • Gary BUDINGER • Jan HATWELL • Helena WICKS • Kiki MOSS • Lesley GREGORY • Catherine JOHNSON • Ruth M • Rachel BOWMAN • Fiona RIDPATH • Tim M • Sue FRANCOIS

All the best for 2018

Richard and the Horsham parkrun team


Run Report # 177 – Reflecting on 2017!

With plenty of rain falling during the week leading up to event 177, we were promised some mud and a slight change of course and some mulled wine and cake at the ready for post event, 328 of you finished with a smile.

First over the line was Oliver Pritchard, followed by Ash Williams. Adrian Haines was 3rd. First lady was Hannah-Mai Flynn, second was Phyllis Flynn, and Sophie Gunning was 3rd.

We had 32 fist timers and only 14 unknown runners, with 3 of you achieving a PB.

Today’s results:

Many milestones this week were achieved. Running their 10th Junior parkrun were; Felix Clark & Monty Boniface. Young Monty who was inspired for achieving his milestone ran a 5 minute PB to boot. Running their 50th was Anna Tapponnier, Helen Gallacher and Nick Coysh. Also running their 100th were Paul Burgess and Lorraine Bulbeck. Congratulations to you all and welcome to the milestone club.

As 2017 draws to a close, here is how it all unfolded in a few numbers:

Over the 53 runs during 2017, we saw 22225 runners cross the finish line, making that an average of 419.3 per week!! This is an incredible number with the average increase over 100 finishers from 2016 when we averaged 318.2 per event.

Remember this would not happen with our Volunteers giving up their time each week, and we saw 1394 volunteer roles filled which averages 26.3 roles a week.

We really do appreciate the support of our volunteers to make parkrun happen and encourage as many of you as possible to give it a go, if you have not done so. If you would like to volunteer in the coming weeks please email us at

This week’s volunteers to thanks are:

Adam WICKS  •  Ali SHEARS  •  Andrew CLARK  •  Chris OLEARY  •  Christian LIBERMAN  •  Christina HARRISON  •  Coralie BEAMISH  •  Debbie VON BERGEN  •  Finlay BURCHETT  •  Fiona RIDPATH  •  Freddy BONIFACE  •  Gary BURCHETT  •  Gillian AYLMORE  •  Helen MARSHALL  •  Helen WALDEN  •  Jane RAYNER  •  Karen ENGLAND  •  Keith TOWERS  •  Lorraine BULBECK  •  Lyndsay CAMPBELL  •  Matt PILGRIM  •  Matt WHYMAN  •  Melody PILGRIM  •  Penny SANDERS  •  Raff VITALE  •  Ryan ROTHE  •  Sharon BURCHETT  •  Sophie DUNNELL  •  Stephen CHRISTY  •  Tanya KEELING  •  Yan YIP

Remember parkrun is not a race and please respect all other runners and park users!

On behalf of all the Core Team, have a very Happy New Year and let’s make 2018 another great one for parkrun!

Raff RD and VC


Ho Ho Ho A festive run report from RD Paul

There have been many special Parkruns throughout this year for me and the Christmas run is always a highlight. I'm not sure if we are all boosted by the thought of family time, holidays, gifts and general over indulgence but spirits seem to be lifted over the general gloomy weather and short daylight hours that this time of year brings.

Early set up with VC Raff was dark yet uneventful and we managed to set out the revised winter course in good time to get back for the volunteers to arrive. The weather couldn't have been much different to last week's cold hard frost and, with mild cloudy and sticky conditions, it was clear that mud was a big factor to mention in the run briefings (as well as the mince pies and mulled wine at the finish of course!).

An incredible 40 first timers took part at Horsham today, as well as tourists from Rother Valley, Reigate, Yorkshire, Durham, Bristol, Manchester and Guernsey and you are all very welcome! With conditions a bit sticky underfoot to say the least, you'd be forgiven for thinking that PB's would be out of the question. However, 22 of you decided to push the boundaries and set new PB's as well! Luckily ED Phil was on hand with a recovery aid station fit for Kings (and Queens!) and many of you joined us for a festive cup of mulled wine, mince pies and other Christmas fayre.

Now with my debut stint as RD a few weeks ago being a tad eventful, I hope you can forgive me for wanting a quiet one this time around and while we waited for the 482nd and final person to return I was breathing a big sigh of relief that everything was spot on. And then we processed the results! Perhaps I sighed too soon? It should be a simple case of crossing the line once as a registered runner, collecting a finish token, having it scanned and bobs your uncle (or aunt?) right? However, with some additional little runners crossing the line and not taking tokens we were all in a pickle for a while at the café afterwards. Luckily VC Raff was there again to assist and we made some sense of it all before midday.

So all that remains is to wish you a very Merry Christmas! We look forward to seeing you again next Saturday (30th) as usual and again at 9am on New Year's Day if you need a hangover cure? Tilgate Parkrun will be "doing the double" at 10.15 ish for those who want to hotfoot it over there as well.

Paul and the team.

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