Play Misty for Me

Some of you are not old enough and will not get the film reference, but it was quite a misty morning, but alas no appearance from Clint Eastwood joining the other 328 runners. This was the most runners we had at Southwater thus far, which is obviously fantastic! It was so foggy, that Roger Johnson our Run Director, was unable to determine the beginning of the starting line and apologises that you all had to shuffle backwards.

As usual, a great atmosphere and helped by the fact that the lovely people from Southwater Cafe provided free cakes and biscuits for all the runners. If you are able, it would be nice to leave them a little review on TripAdvisor. I’m sure you’ll agree that they have made us feel quite welcome, whilst at Southwater.

Before going onto results, well done to Martyn Newton who was parkrunner for the month of March. Martyn has done 20 parkruns and achieved 2 PB's in April. Martyn has also helped us out 3 times, including taking on the tricky new position of the New Runners Briefing!

We had quite few tourists travelling as far as Plymouth. We also had 11 first timers, so a heartfelt welcome to: Caitlyn TUCKER, Chloe FRANCIS-SMITH, Rosie COLLINS, Lisa BARTLETT, Charlotte GANGEMI, James JOHNSTON, Thomas REYNOLDS, Graham WALKER, Louise COPUS, Katie PHILPS and Christine AMSON.

As conditions were generally good, a phenomenal 38 of you got personal bests on the day. A very well done to you all

Also, a well done to the fastest three men and women of the week:

Men: Jason HARROLD (18:36) Matt MASON (19:11) Rondo SELWYN (19:22)

Women: Emily CHADWICK (21.28) Vicky HANDY (22:57) Zoe WELCHMAN (23:16)

Claiming their milestones this week included:

100TH:  Captain Gold Pants, aka Matt WHYMAN, Wonder woman aka Emma WALTERS. Also, husband and Wife duo, Martin and Pauline Nichols. A note for Matt, Kylie would like her shorts back!

50th: Matthew CUMBER

Lastly, well done to those of you who took part in the Brighton Marathon this week. Also, a special well done to Nicola Smith, who completed the Manchester Marathon a couple of weeks ago, in 3 hours 42 minutes.

Please remember that none of this would be possible if it wasn't for the team of volunteers helping out each week. This week's heroes are:

Alan BUCKINGHAM  •  Anaya WAKEFIELD  •  Carol BROWN  •  Christina HARRISON  •  Gail JENKINSON  •  Geoff NOBLE  •  Gillian AYLMORE  •  James BONIFACE  •  James WELCHMAN  •  Jan HATWELL  •  Jeannie BURTON  •  Jo HOPKINS  •  Kathryn SLATER  •  Katie BURT  •  Laura SOWTON  •  Martyn NEWTON  •  Nara SULLIVAN  •  Nicola BOND  •  Rachel MACLEAN  •  Richard BARRON  •  Richard MULLANS  •  Roger JOHNSON  •  Sacha HILLICKS  •  Sarah MACLEAN  •  Sue CHAPMAN  •  Susie MILBANK  •  Tanya KEELING  •  Yan YIP

There's a wide variety of roles and you can see what's needed here on the future roster page; So please volunteer by emailing with the position and date you can help out on and someone will get back to you.

One last thing in case you missed it last week, some new photos were added to our Flickr album which you can check out here:

Roger & Team


The England family Run Report is cancelled…….

Actually, its back on again!

The biggest drama of the day was the cancellation due to a locked storeroom, meaning no access to equipment, so no parkrun.  Fortunately the team were eventually able to get the store unlocked, the event uncancelled, and get set up in time.  With Raff and Lorraine's heart rates slowly returning to normal the volunteers and runners started arriving: some having done a swift U turn back towards Southwater when they heard it was back on.  Having missed all the excitement the lead run reporter and my team of intrepid young (and not so young) reporters were sent out to find out what else went on during the run.  Here is what we noticed:

Firstly, there were lots of volunteers: we love you folks, and everything you do!  So thanks again to you all (in reverse alphabetical order, thank you Tim): Yan YIP, James WELCHMAN, Raff VITALE, Justine TANNER, Angela SCOTT, Lawrence ROY, Rebecca RAYNER, Melody PILGRIM, Matt PILGRIM, Martyn NEWTON, Sarah MACLEAN, Rachel MACLEAN, David MACLEAN, Alan MACLACHLAN, Carole LEONARD, Tina KNIGHT, Sacha HILLICKS, Dennis EMSON, Arun COOKE, Neil CLARKE, Lorraine BULBECK, Rosie BUCKINGHAM, James BONIFACE, Gillian AYLMORE, Laura-Kate ANDERSON.

Did you know it was the 190th Horsham parkrun.  There were 272 runners of which 5 were first timers (welcome to you all).  5 were tourists to Horsham, including from Timboon in Australia.  The fastest man was Gary Tomlinson (17:47), and good to see the first lady Kat Owens close behind at 19:46.  28 of you got a new PB.  There were milestones too to be celebrated: 2 juniors joined the 10 club, 3 runners ran their 50th, well done especially to Rylee for running round whilst attached to balloons. 

We managed to avoid the rain, and the wind – not even the tops of the tallest trees were moving.  Staying dry was only thing that made deputy reporter Tim smile (he would have been happier in bed).  As roving reporter Daniel ran around he was really encouraged by all of the other runners, as well as the volunteers.  This support is one of the things we really like about parkrun.  To all those who say a cheery 'hello and well done' to your fellow runners, thank you, carry on, we love it and we need it!  Reporter Matthew, motivated as ever by cake, had fun walking with his normal parkrun Buddies, and meeting the visitors too, and was of course rewarded by a big slab of cake from the café!

Another great parkrun start to the weekend: we hope you enjoyed it too!

Karen, Tim, Matthew and Daniel and the Horsham parkrun team.




The not quite Italian job!

Whilst one could have hoped Horsham's Piazza Italia weekend would have bought some warmer weather to this week's parkrun at least it didn't rain. In fact during Run Director Melanie's opening talk we even had a burst or two of sunshine which helped take the edge off these still chilly mornings.
Much like the sporty pedigree of all the Ferrari and Lamborghinis gathering around town, 320 of you raced down to Southwater Country Park for your weekly parkrun fix. In fact it was the busiest parkrun in two months. Perhaps, like me, many of you were trying to burn off all the chocolate eggs! Joining the regulars were 20 tourists plus we also welcomed 8 new people to the parkrun family so hello to Amelia CARNACHAN, Andrew JACKSON, Irene DICKSON, Oscar DAVISON, Amelia LAWTON, Eleanor MCMAHON, Dawn WINTER and Katie STOCKWELL. We hope you all enjoyed your first parkrun experience and hope to see you many more times in the future.
Speaking of speed machines congratulations to the 30 people who got a new PB this week plus well done to the fastest three men and women of the week:
Men - Francis SCARR (17:35); Jacob CANN (17:59); Hadley O'DWYER (18:53)
Women - Johanna SPANNAGL (18:36); Jessica LEE-WRIGHT (20:55); Sally PHILLIPS (22:04)
Claiming their milestones this week include a tremendous 300th run by Guy GILDER plus two people were also inducted into the 200 club; Joseph PRECIOUS and Sarah CAPSTICK.
Please remember that none of this would be possible if it wasn't for the team of volunteers helping out each week. This week's heroes are:
There's a wide variety of roles and you can see what's needed here on the future roster page; So please volunteer by emailing with the position and date you can help out on and someone will get back to you.

One last thing in case you missed it last week, some new photos were added to our Flickr album which you can check out here:

Have a lovely Easter weekend and see you next Saturday.
Martyn and the Horsham parkrun team



A Morning of Firsts!

Apprehensive of my first outing as RD (albeit Richards Apprentice), I was relieved that the snowy weather of the previous week had been replace by dry, but overcast conditions.

Even as Raff, Tina and I walked the route in the early morning murk putting out the signage, Southwater Country park was serene and beautiful and ready for our faith runners to descend.

On the point of the signage – much respect to the pre setup team who mark out the route each week – it was a bit of a challenge for me to follow the map and the visual aids in order to ensure all signs were in the right place and pointing in the right direction – all before I’d had any caffeine!!

As the crowds gathered, another first was about to happen as Karen England stepped up and gave outstanding first timers and tourists run brief, if there were any nerves they didn’t show! So the benchmark was set, all I now had to do was deliver the Run Brief as well as she had done.

Being of somewhat short stature, I carefully stepped up on to the flowerbed and managed to balance (a bit difficult when your legs feel like jelly!)  As Richard asked for silence I took a deep breath……and miraculously words came out in the right order, people listened ( it was quiet enough to hear a pin drop!), more miraculously I remembered everything and even managed to get everyone up to the start and off running by 9am - lets just call that a first time fluke!

Speaking of first timers of our 274 runners , 15 were first timers and 50 PB’s were achieved.

Our first finisher was Simon Perkins in a time of 18:20, with Stuart Dustan coming in second in 18:22 and James Dear in third with a time of 18:48. Our first female finisher was Amy Hudson in 19:49, with Yasmin Akbay coming second with a time of 21:51 and Vicky Handy coming home in third in 21:58 – a new PB for her!

Charlie Waldman Brown joined the Junior 10 club, Amanda Hipwell joined the 50 club and Ian Lower joined the 100 club – well done to all and looking forward to you showing off your milestone T-shirts soon.

A special mention to Carol Brown who following on from last weeks run as a super hero, tail walked in a rather fetching pair of crocs after forgetting her trainers ( so she says!) top effort!!

Thankfully the event completed without major incident, so we headed to the café to process the results. After a couple of heart stopping moments and thanks to Richard and Raff disaster was averted – results were uploaded and all was good in the Horsham parkrun world.

A huge thank you to the wonderful team of volunteers who made it possible to host another Horsham Parkrun

Raff VITALE • Lorraine BULBECK • Carol BROWN • Richard MULLANS • Anaya WAKEFIELD • Eshan WAKEFIELD • Gary BURCHETT • Sarah MACLEAN • David BURT • Jo HOPKINS • Rachel MACLEAN • Paul AYLETT • Clive WALKER • Yan YIP • Ray AYLMORE • Arun COOKE • Kath BARNES • Neil BARNES • Lucy PHILLIPS • Karen ENGLAND • Thomas MARSHALL • Tanya KEELING • Gillian AYLMORE • Vanessa TAYLOR • Trevor SCOTT • Claire BUTLER • Tina KNIGHT • Sacha HILLICKS • Louise POWLING • Gail SPRING • Kathryn SLATER

Having undertaken the RD role, I have total respect and Admiration for my esteemed and experienced RD’s who make it look effortless week after week – it was both challenging and enjoyable (I hope I did you proud!) and yes if you’ll have me back, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Until the next time

Tanya (RD apprentice) and the parkrun team


‘Twas the night before Christmas…….

Well actually it wasn’t! But with the forecast of heavy snow and races being cancelled due to “predicted weather” you might have believed it! It was such a nice start to the day to actually walk down to Southwater Country park in the light at last, the promise of brighter days ahead…… the park when we arrived looked beautiful as ever. We truly have been blessed to be able to use such a lovely area during our hiatus from our spiritual home in Horsham and on that note, I have been asked many times in the last few weeks about our return……. In response we published a post on Facebook and Twitter this weekend. The news is that we will not be back in Horsham for a few weeks yet, keep your eyes on social media for when we do! So as the masses assembled and we welcomed a contingent of pyjama dressed peeps from Lancing Eagles, winter was in the air! Lancing jim jamsMartyn Newton presented a magnificent first timers and new runners briefing for the second week in a row and if anyone else would like to get involved with this just let us know! Also if you would like to write a run report, please approach the Run Director on parkrunday and ask, we always welcome a fresh perspective on things, but some of our RD’s (and I won’t mention any names) like to present their ramblings of a weekend…..!!!!!!! We had some fantastic milestones this week, Gary Budinger ran round with son Matthew as he completed his junior 10, Claire Miller (sorry, I know I’m biased!) completed her 100th Horsham parkrun and crazy ladies Carol Brown and Jane Footer completed their 100th parkruns with full posse! The theme of the day was Superhero’s as you can see, Ladies you truly are………. 29365432_958099374348501_8689902934544647022_n The run started at its currently traditional time of not 9am with everyone getting their morning 600m warm up walking to the start. Alex Smith of Horsham Tri Club overhauled an early break from multi Horsham first finisher Bradley Burke to come home in 17.48 with BB 2nd in 17.57 and Johanna Spannagl 3rd and first lady in 18.26. Third man and 4th overall was Matt Mason (19.14) and 2nd and 3rd ladies were Emily Chadwick (21.51) and Theresa Ward (22.18). There were 17 first timers and 23 personal bests as well! So as the snow descended and winter returned and we all pushed off to the café your brave Event Director was left to battle the elements and finish off and here’s the proof…….. Seriously what does he want? A biscuit…………?! 29339961_10156355379168896_240962143640354816_oFinally, showing that we welcome all to parkrun we even looked after 3 gentlemen who have sadly fallen upon harder times……….currently sleeping rough (well for one night!) at Horsham FC Roger Johnson, Clive Walker and Matt Ide completed the run after sleeping out raising over £1000 for the YMCA, well done guys………. 29258313_10156355371793896_2144963073427898368_o So till next week when the inimitable team of RD Rich and VC Raff make a glorious return, keep warm, keep running and stay happy

Phil and Team.

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