Nerves were buzzing around as I entered the park for early set up. Not just because it was my first time flying solo without any of the core team around but because I had a flight to catch to Australia that evening! However I need not have been nervous. It was a beautiful start to a summer's day as the early vollies arrived and we were set up in good time for the breifings and a fairly punctual start. The run was thankfully uneventful and everyone stayed in the funnel this week so we were packed up and off to process the results by 10am! Of the 528 finishers we had tourists from Tilgate, Nonsuch, Ross-on-Wye, Bradford and Glasgow as well as 38 newcomers and 92 PB's! Congratulations don't just go to Rob Sherwood and Elspeth Turner who were first man and lady home but to all those who joined us on a warm and sunny Saturday to run around our beautiful park. Milestones were few and far between with Kieran Bolton's junior 10, Andrew Burrows, Penny Marsh and Claire Butler's 50th and Clare Dutfield completing her 100th. Finally, a big thanks to all the volunteers and especially VC Lorraine without whom the results may have been somewhat delayed! And, yes, I did make my flight, l'm typing this in the at 36,000 feet! TTFN
Paul and the team.

The one where……………..the whole of Horsham turned up!

I have seen a lot of run reports over time who have used the old “Friends” take of “the one…….” And I have always refrained from going down the same route but it seemed the only way to go this week as the whole of Horsham’s running community did indeed come out as we smashed our attendance record by over a hundred with an enormous 655! Our theme was Sussex (by the sea) day so we were hoping for a few more traditional costumes but it seemed most of you headed for Hawaii and gave the day a huge splash of colour and it really was a joy to behold!                                                                                                                                                           DSC00018 DSC00011                               DSC00004DSC00020


Ably assisted by Run Director in training Jeannie Burton the course was set up and VC Claire also assisted by her hired muscle (Martyn Newton and Andy “Horsham parkrun rocks!” Mitchelson) ensured the finish area looked resplendent. It was also going to be a big day, we were 200 parkruns old! Secretly I had hoped we may top 600 but when news broke Friday evening of a certain double Olympic gold winning Dame attending another Sussex parkruns 100th event, I wasn’t so sure. But we are Horsham parkrun and we rock so I guess it was never in doubt! It seemed hard to comprehend, after the event, that nearly double the amount of people started on Saturday that did our inaugural. How would we have ever got all those people through our old start by the tennis courts? This is how it looked then…………                                 


.................i love a bit of nostalgia as many of you know!

The atmosphere on the run was amazing, beach balls were thrown (Saul!) flamingos, crocodiles, surf boards and even a unicorn was spotted out on the course.                                                                                                                            DSC01058DSC01089

There were also a handful of life guards out, just in case.         




We had some amazing milestones, Dereck Warwick who has been a Horsham regular for a few years completed his 250th run and now joins a select club of 4 Horsham parkrunners to have achieved this. Keith Haynes, who has been with us since the start did his 100th as did Lesley Gregory and Ray Aylmore, who ran with Son Mark doing his 50th. Well done to you all!                                                             DSC01097


At the sharp end young Ethan Scott stormed round in 17.24 closely followed by Edward Harper (17.29) and Rob Sherwood (17.35) and for the ladies Olivia Collins did 19.57, followed by Frances Sille (20.57) and Charlotte Nash (21.37). We had 47 first timers and a mind blowing 126 PB’s!!!!!!!!! As is the law there was huge amounts of cake afterwards and thank you so much to everyone who baked and bought sticky treats! And that, as they say was that! I remember my Son Christian who was looking after our Twitter account at the time, posted New Order’s song “Here to stay” after our first run and though the personnel have and may still change over time, we are indeed, here to stay. Thank you to all of you volunteers and runners for making Horsham parkrun so so much more than I could ever have envisaged 200 runs ago, I’m truly touched and you make every Saturday amazing.

Here’s to many many more…….

Phil and team.


The Awesomeness that is Horsham parkrun!

Today was quite daunting for me as it marked my first solo Run Director stint, because despite how it looked I was incredibly nervous and was desperate to ensure the event went off without a hitch.
I needn’t have worried, you see, as my Horsham parkrun Volunteers were as always totally awesome and gave me fantastic support and help throughout the morning but more importantly were fantastic in supporting our runners. I do need to thank James Boniface and Kirsty Anstee-Brown, who after they had run, assisted in directing and moving the crowds away from the finish funnel – a heartfelt thank you to you all from me.

So looking around this morning I was reminded of the quote from the film, Field of Dreams “if you build it they will come”, we had built it, marked it out well and wow, they just kept coming. As, I looked out from my viewpoint atop the park bench , I saw a wonderful sea of people , no actually Ocean of people, who were very kind and listened to my run brief – I think the mention of the 200th party with music and cake held the attention! As I walked round lots of people commented and advised that they have costumes already, so I have no doubt it will be an awesome occasion!

We had some milestones today, two of our Juniors Jacob Davis and Kieran Boulton have achieved 10 runs, Nick Broom and Penny Marsh achieved 50 runs and Nick Street, who we haven’t seen at Horsham running for a few weeks, ran his 100th – Congratulations to you all.
Well it was almost a record breaking week in terms of runners, our 2nd highest turnout with a massive 547 runners – do you think we can top that for our 200th event?
We had tourists from Reigate, Swindon, Richmond, Colchester and Cardiff, 40 first timers who were briefed beautifully by the lovely Lesley Gregory and 102 runners achieved new PB’s. First finisher was Neil Boniface with a time of 16:20, followed by Andy Gardiner in 17:54 and Richard Lee-Wright in 18:35, First lady home was Kat Owens in 19:38 followed by one of our tourist from Colchester, Helen Taczynski in 20:43 and Charlotte Nash in 21:49.

Whilst the event itself passed without a hitch, unfortunately the same could not be said for the result processing, due to some technical hiccups it took much longer to process than normal, Richard was a complete star and spent several hours making sure that everyone got the right time. Massive thanks to Richard for this and thanks to you all for your patience in waiting for your results.

I know I have mentioned them already but massive thank you to our awesome volunteers without whom we wouldn’t have a parkrun :- Andy GARDINER • Joanne BULL • Richard MULLANS • Christina HARRISON • Mari SALO-OJA • Kirsty ANSTEE-BROWN • Christian LIBERMAN • Gail JENKINSON • Thomas PATTERSON • James BONIFACE • Ben PHILLIPS • Jeannie BURTON • Yan YIP • Ali SHEARS • Karen ENGLAND • Matthew ENGLAND • James WELCHMAN • Debbie VON BERGEN • Jan HATWELL • Lesley GREGORY • Gillian AYLMORE • Alan MACLACHLAN • Nara SULLIVAN • Martyn NEWTON • Nicki HOLDER • Gary HOLDER • Gail SPRING • Kathryn SLATER • Rebecca RAYNER • Varsha BONGALE

If you didn’t know (where have you been!!) its Horsham parkruns 200th event next week – “Sussex by the Sea” Beach party, there will be music (hope you like my play list), please dress up and more importantly bring cake so the event can be celebrated in awesome style –I’m off on holiday, I will miss you all but take loads of photos for me

Thank you and keep up the awesomeness (see you in a few weeks!)
Tanya and the Horsham parkrun team


Run Report 198 – National Volunteers Week

For those of you have got to know me well, you will know just how passionate I am about volunteering, but most especially about the parkrun volunteer model.  I’m sure you’ll all agree, there is nothing else quite like it in the world and even as parkrun grows so dramatically, this model continues to work, bringing us all our weekly fix of, walking, jogging, or running a lovely 5k with friends, old and new. So from me it is again a huge THANK YOU to Paul Sinton-Hewitt for coming up with such a wonderful idea, and to Phil and his core teams, old and new, for bringing this to us in Horsham.

Some of our happy band!

DSC07399I do feel we are particularly blessed here in Horsham with a large number of committed and regular volunteers, some of whom have no desire to walk, jog or run the course, but who gain pleasure from the simple act of helping others. However, in recent months I have seen many new faces on the volunteer rosters, so the word is out just how much fun it is and it means that there are even more of you now gaining pleasure from helping others, all for free! So to everyone who has ever volunteered at Horsham parkrun……..

Thank you Teddy

On to matters of the day itself, the 2nd June, we were blessed with a beautiful morning again and the park was looking resplendent and lush after all the rain. For our long standing parkrunners, you will be aware that we are running alongside one part of our usual course, to let the reparation work that Rob Jochimson kindly did for us a couple of weeks ago settle in and give time for the grass to establish itself. This time spent off this part of the course is paying dividends and it is beginning to turn green again. This leads me on to Congratulate Rob Jochimson on becoming parkrunner of the month for May. This is not only because of the work he so kindly did on our behalf, and for the wider community of Horsham, but because he truly embodies the parkrun ethos of supporting others without question. CONGRATULATIONS Rob and thank you for all your support!


On to other achievements of the day, congratulations went to Ed Cox, one of our Junior 11-14 year olds and Yuko Casey for achieving their 50th milestones. Talking of milestones, it was great to see so many people wearing the new parkrun milestone t-shirts and you all looked wonderful! Everyone seemed very positive about the feel of them and said they are very comfortable to wear, but many suggest that they come up a bit a bit smaller than the old ones. Something worth taking note of if you are about to place an order. I’m happy to feedback that the lady who took a tumble at the top corner of the course, didn’t feel the need for a paramedic and felt confident and able to drive herself home, despite many kind offers of help. We are all wishing her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back running again very soon. Unfortunately, we did have reports of participants being ‘barged’ from behind from some of our faster participants, as they were lapping. This always makes me and most of us, I’m sure, very sad. L. We don’t want to be sad on parkrun day, so please, please remember:

  • Faster participants, please take a wider route round the outside and remember, this is NOT a race.
  • Slower participants, please stick to one side of the path to make way for the faster participants.
  • Everyone is out to do the best they can, no one person has any more right to the use of the park than any other.
  • Please be considerate.

OK. That’s me off my soap box now and back to the celebrations of all things great at parkrun and stats. I don’t know about you, but I hated stats at school, but I LOVE parkrun stats. J. This Saturday we had 29 volunteers and 498 lovely parkrunners, of whom 34 were first timers. WELCOME. We hope you had fun and really hope to see you again next week! We also had tourists from as far as Torbay, Eastbourne, Basingstone, Riddlesdown and Sheffield, as well as others a little closer to home. We hope you all enjoyed our beautiful park and café. First Male finisher today was Luke Burgess, one of our regular Junior 15-17 year olds, Alex Smith was second, and another Junior 15-17 year old, Josh Barnett came 3rd. First lady home was Olivia Collins, followed in by Tara Oxley and then Nicola Smith. Happy National Volunteers Week Claire and team


Where is everybody……..????!!!!!!

At 8.45am, it crossed my mind, and I even commented on the fact that the gathered crowd didn’t look as numerous as previous weeks. Famous last words  - as then, as per usual, Horsham’s parkrunners emerged from all corners of the park to join the small but eager crowd of runners and volunteers that had already started gathering since 8.30am, turning it in to the third largest Horsham parkrun ever! It must have been the sunshine that got everyone out of bed, which made an appearance once again creating a rather a warm and humid atmosphere. Probably just as well as we had some fabulous tourists that joined us from as far a field as Cape Town, Fife ….and Reigate! It’s always worth listening to the race brief as one week is never the same as this next, and this week was no exception. We had to run a diversion around the seeded grass at the far end of the park (mentioned in the national parkrun newsletter email no less!), which was easier said than done as holes and lumps had appeared in all directions which were found during the course inspection beforehand. However, our intrepid team of set up heroes managed to find the safest way to navigate the craters. Also mentioned were our runners celebrating their 50th Parkrun who were Brian Martin, Alan Pettitt and Thomas Spalding and those doing their 100th who were Elizabeth Pavolic and Ralph Streamer. Well done! Following the race brief, nervous first timers (see there was NOTHING to be nervous about!) and enthusiastic regulars made there way to the start line and with the help of a bit of mass crowd control managed to find the start line and were off! There were some great times this week from (M) David Bull (over the line in 1st position at 16:56), Richard Lee-Wright (17:29) and Alex Smith at 17:53 (not forgetting #DFYB number 2 – Dean Heneghan) and (F) Emma Walters (21:49), Zoe Welchman (22:23) and Colette Landells (23:21). There were also a staggering 72 PBs, 40 first timers and the most popular age decade this week was 40s at 152! FANTASTIC EFFORTS WELL DONE ALL OF YOU! However, I’m not so keen on the sweaty handshakes afterwards! As always the finish line had its usual rush about half way through, but with a bit of direction from lovely funnel manager Jan encouraging our hot and tired parkrunners to ‘keep moving!’ we managed to prevent finishers spilling out beyond the timers! HUGE thanks to all our lovely volunteers who get up extra early and give up their valuable time for you.  Any parkrunner is welcome to volunteer and we would love to have you come and help out. All roles are uncomplicated; some you can still do the run. You will be given a full brief on what to do, with plenty of people on hand to help if you need it. If you’d like to volunteer, please email Another successful morning the core team retired to the Conservatory Café to process the results and have plenty of coffee and cake. I now need to run twice as far next week. RD Simon and team. 33770850_10156547312958896_4316569942116794368_o

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