Community, community, community and a bit of rain!

Boy, it was a tough one on Saturday! I think my trainers and coat finally dried on Monday!!!!

But the weather didn’t stop 179 of you taking the option to brave the conditions to get your weekly fix on parkrun and of course not forgetting our fantastic volunteers.

In a week where Mike Hibberd and Harry Chantler produced for us all, the fantastic Horsham parkrun film that focused on community, the community spirit was there for everyone to see and soak up at this parkrun just gone. Our fantastic Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteers really stepped up to the plate filling 6 roles. James Welchman, Caitlin Boyes, Jack Dawson, Sacha Hillicks, Louise Cowley and for her first time Charlotte Masser! Who said that teenagers can’t get out of bed on a Saturday morning? Their help and great attitude was very much appreciated, thank you guys!

The day was actually very eventful too, we turned up to find a huge low loader parked right on our course by the Rec Rooms Thankfully the lorry had gone by the time most of you arrived, fashionably last minute and to be honest I didn’t blame you!

The run briefing was, as I had intended, brief! As I wanted to get you all on your way ASAP. Congratulations to Dan Price our only milestoner to turn up on the day, a tough one for your 100th but well done all the same.

The run went off without a hitch with the runners negotiating the slight tweaks to the course. We will try to keep running at the park for as long as it is possible but we are aware it is now getting very muddy.

Barney Roberts stormed round the course and coming home just over a minue ahead of Harry Wilcox and Luke Carter.

Charlotte Nash was just inside the top ten and first lady with Zoe Welchman and Rachel Hamson in a sprint finish to make up the top 3.

17 first timers and 4PB’s make up the stats.

It was great to see so many smiling faces at the end and thank you for your kind words, it is never a problem for me to get up on parkrunday even on days like that, I simply love it and I am glad you seem to as well.

So that was it, if you ever wondered about other things that need doing apart from just turning up and putting on the run, this week the bibs were washed and so were the cones and the gazebo dried out! This week the tokens will need a wash too, so much more than just a run in the park in every way!

I just want to leave you with my 2 favourite quotes from the film, while they were all wonderful these really resonated with me….

“When I come here after a run and a coffee with my mates, all is right with the world” – Geoff Fisher

“It’s genuinely bought our family together and increased the numbers in our family” – Charlie Footer.

Till the next time, Horsham parkrun rocks!

Phil & Team.


The Squidgy Bit!

It's only a matter of time before our beloved park succumbs to the winter wetness, so as we approach Christmas, it's damage limitation time! I'd already had early warning that skate park corner had become quite squidgy and so as we lugged Thunderbird 3 around the course during early set up, we put in a slight diversion for the regular corner huggers to negotiate and as I cruised around during the first lap, it was nice to see that most runners were observing the change. We really need to keep the parks department on our side so it is great to see so many doing their bit to help.

Talking of help, we had our usual full roster of hi-viz heroes on Saturday and the next few weeks are also filling up. It is so nice to see regulars turning out time and time again and it is even nicer to see new volunteers stepping up to help. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go. It really is nice to give a little back to the parkrun community sometimes.

We welcomed 34 first timers today and tourists from Tadworth, Sutton, Ealing, Leeds and Bolton to name but a few. After a slight pause to allow pedestrians to clear from the pathways, 369 of you made three laps of the park and, despite the sticky and slimy conditions underfoot, 28 of you managed a new PB!

We also welcomed Rosie Sawyer to the junior 10 club while Alan and Alisha Buckingham, Alistair Coyle, Andy Strang, Caroline O'Leary and Robert Cleworth joined the 50 club! Last but very much not least, our very own run director and core team member, Simon Perkins joined the 100 club!

So not too shabby for a damp and cool November morn after all!

Paul and the team.



Psychedelic Snake!

45298689_1360412267427514_970658863684517888_nWhat a wonderful site you all were today, snaking your way round our park in all your brightly coloured clothing. A site that always fills me with joy and I’m pleased to be able to share with you today! It was perfect weather for us again, being warm for this time of year and thankfully dry again. This means the park is still looking good and feeling good underfoot, which provides us with ideal PB conditions, of which 70 of you took advantage. Well done, as it’s not easy these days with so many of you taking part……486 to be precise! 45329700_186263118924536_7573033155469246464_n

We welcomed 14 first timers to parkrun today. We all really hope you enjoyed your parkrun experience and look forward to welcoming you back next week. We also welcomed 8 tourists, who were at Horsham for the first time today, from Crawley to as far afield as Spain and Trinidad no less. We hope you enjoyed our course and will visit us again, if you’re ever this way.

As it was the first Saturday of the month, it was time to celebrate our ’parkrunner of the month’ for October. It was a real privilege for me to present Kat Slater with this award. Kat is not one of our walkers/joggers/runners, but is parkrun through and through. She has been volunteering regularly since the early part of the year, always with a smile and kind word for all and notched up her 25th volunteering stint today! Thank you Kat for everything you do in support of Horsham parkrun.

45364125_2284868184879444_3263302261576564736_nFor those of you in attendance this week or who follow us on social media, you will be aware that one of our runners, Mike Hibberd, is making a small movie on Horsham parkrun, for Horsham’s year of culture next year. As such, he is looking for those of you willing to contribute your stories, to help him with this. Many of you took time to speak with Mike after your parkrun on Saturday, for which he is very grateful. However, if you didn’t get the chance, Mike will be around again this coming Saturday, so please do go and speak to him, as I know you have many great stories to be told! I did have a few people come to me after their runs to say they couldn’t hear me at the briefing. I’m sorry for that and we all do our best, but please do come forward and stand closer! We don’t bite and we love to see your faces and the sound does get lost in a large open space like our park. Just a quick update on our parkrunner who fell last week. She came home from hospital on Thursday and is now learning to master the use of crutches. She thanks everyone for thinking of her. Finally, as we are settling into our new Briefing/meeting area, I thought I would share with you some images of our ‘new’ hanging tree and also how great it is to see so many of you coming in on your bicycles now. 45259846_1891732284248358_1000866240555646976_n

Thank you all for making Saturday another great morning.

Horsham parkrun rocks!

Claire & Team



Is there a doctor in the the house???

Well we had a few doctors and their families, from Courtyard Surgery who came along and took part on Saturday promoting the“parkrun Practice” initiative. It was great to see them and talk to them about Horsham parkrun and I am sure they will become regulars over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully our other local GP surgeries might also link up in future.

Courtyard Surgery 9 - team photo

parkrun Practise is a collaboration between the Royal College of General Practitioners and parkrun to prompt the health and well-being benefits of parkrun. It’s not just about the running jogging or walking but also about the social interaction of volunteering and being part of a community event.

We also celebrated Our amazing Event Director Phil Liberman who won the West Sussex County times community award for Good Sport – such a well deserved accolade !

479 of you came along on a lovely fresh morning to run, jog or walk, with 43 first timers and an impressive 84 of you recording PB’s, so congratulations on all of your achievements.

A massive thank you to my wonderful volunteers without whom parkrun isn’t possible:-

Gill ENGLISH • Laura BARTLETT-SHORT • Claire TILSON • Matt MASON • Paul CHANTLER • Paul AYLETT • Claire MILLER • Ben PHILLIPS • Jeannie BURTON • Yan YIP • Bianca CRAYFORD • Ali BOULTON • Tanya KEELING • Martin NICHOLLS • Danielle MOORE • Roger JOHNSON • Catherine JOHNSON • Nara SULLIVAN • Martyn NEWTON • Louise POWLING • Alex COOPER • Celia TAYLOR • Nicki HOLDER • Gary HOLDER • Helen SKINNER • Gail SPRING • Samantha EDWARDS • Caitlin BOYES • Jack DAWSON

At this point you may be expecting to read about the first finishers, but to be honest for me that’s not what parkrun is about. For me it’s about the runners and the volunteers that make up our Horsham parkrun family.

I wanted to briefly share the impact that Horsham parkrun has had and continues to have on me.  Since joining the Horsham parkrun family, I have met some amazing and inspiring people both volunteers and runners, and have shared their progress and celebrated their achievements.

Most recently, I have joined the ranks of the runners and felt the immense pride of achieving a PB, and while I’m never going to be fast or elegant ( my running style isn’t pretty)  I am starting to develop a strange addiction…..Watch out local running clubs!! But most importantly I am so proud to be part of the core team that supports this fantastic event

All I can say is Horsham Parkrun rocks!

See you all at our spooky reverse route next week!

Tanya and Team.


Horsham parkrun A-Z!

A is for the Almost! The course record almost went.
B is for Barney Roberts, who came 2nd today
C is for Cake, head to the cafe after the run for lots of it
D is for drain, watch out for Janes Drain!
E is for excited
F is for fifty five personal bests
G is for going for it, did you?
H is for Horsham, the best parkrun
I is for injury free and I hope you all are?
J is for jolly, how I felt as I set up first thing.
K is for kids, any under 11 should be with an adult.
L is for lead, all dogs on a short non-retractable one.
M is for mixture, from 4 to 94 we have a mixture of abilities and ages.
N is for Nash, Charlotte this weeks First Lady
O is for the oath we all take to give room to normal park users
P is for postman's corner
Q is for quiet for the run briefing
R is for Runners, 460 took part
S is for smiles, and there were lots around the course!
T is for thirty four first timers
U is for all of you, thanks for coming to our wonderful course
V is for the 27 volunteers, thanks to you we can make the event happen
W is for Westlake, James, this weeks winner
X is for xenos, we had tourists from Tunbridge Wells and Edinburgh
Y is for your club, representatives from 28 different clubs took part
Z is for the zigzags we do to get to the front.
Have a great week!
Jeannie and Team


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