Event #17 – The one that was as nice as Nice

Ok so it wasn’t quite as nice as Nice but it was the warmest event we’ve had.

It was the first event I’ve been RD at where it wasn’t freezing, raining or more often both. It looks like sunscreen is going to be standard issue for the finish area in the summer!

With Marathon season underway we thought we might have a lower turnout but obviously the sunshine inspired people to give us a try as we had 31 first timers in our 167 participants. We had tourists from Manchester and I spotted a Buckingham parkrun top too.

For the first time in a while we had a photographer and massive thanks to Dave for avoiding the flying bugs to take over 450 fab photos of you all – he seems to be a master of capturing those sought after flying feet! You can check them out here.

Now for the regular stats:
• 1 missing token – finish token 128 has gone walkabout
• 167 Finishers
• 31 new to Houghton Hall event
• 9 new to parkrun
• 44 PBs (a massive 26% of all finishers!)
• 12 members of the 100 club and 1 of the 250 club
• 14 clubs represented
• 1,139 Houghton Hall parkrunners have now covered 14,425km
• Age categories from under 10 to 70-74 (proving parkrun’s broad appeal)
• 49% female / 51% male (again showing how inclusive parkrun is)
• 12 unknown runners

A massive thanks to all the volunteers that made it another successful event:
Adrian SHOTBOLT • Dave MORGAN • Rebecca SHOTBOLT • Benjamin WARREN • Ian SAGE • Shelah SURGEY • Sharon ROBERTS • Neil CURRANT • Endre CZIRBESZ • Grace O'BRIEN • Tom FIELD • Deborah SOUTH • Annalisa FITZGERALD • Rebecca FITZGERALD • Sue COX • Hannah BAILEY


Event #15 – Easter Bunny & Mud!

After all the rain on Friday we were relieved that the forecast for Saturday morning was rain-free. A forecast is only a forecast though and we were greeted by another drizzly Saturday morning.

One the course walk it became clear that the grassy area at the finish funnel would become very slippery so we took the decision to adjust the finish slightly to keep the runners on the path until the last moment. Even with these changes the funnel did turn into a bit of a slip-n-slide, so our timekeepers, Phil & Rob, had an extra job to warn the approaching runners. We had a few bolero-esque finishes but everyone managed to just stay upright.

Congratulations to Sarah Cornell who celebrated her 50th parkrun and provided some very delicious cake for us all. If you have a special run coming up then do let us know so that we can celebrate it with you x

We also had a special visitor, the Easter Bunny, as our tail walker! Thanks Chris Quelch for being such a great sport.

Now for the regular stats:

  • 168 Finisher (amazing turnout in such wet conditions)
  • 36 new to Houghton Hall event
  • 10 new to parkrun (welcome to your new Saturday!)
  • 39 PBs
  • 10 members of the 100 club
  • 15 clubs represented
  • Houghton Hall parkrunners have now covered 12,855 km
  • Age categories from under 10 to 65-69
  • 46% female / 54% male (maybe they are less fussed by getting their hair wet)

A massive thanks to all the volunteers that made it another successful event:
Hannah BAILEY, Phil BROGAN, Ian COX, Neil CURRANT, Jeannette EAMES, Johanna HADLEY, Ursula HEWSON, Alison HUNT, Margaret LAID, Robert LEE, Delilah LEE, Fiona MCTAGUE, Christopher QUELCH, Jose SANTOS

We had a struggle for volunteers this week, which is often the case during school holidays unfortunately. Future weeks are still looking very light so if you are able to help out on future weeks then please check out the roster: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/houghtonhall/futureroster/ and drop us an email houghtonhallhelpers@parkrun.com. It is possible to do some roles and also run, get in touch for some options.


Event #14- The one that ALMOST got away!

Hip Hip Hooray! No Snow this week- a dreary start with a little drizzle, however, the proof was in the pudding with a hearty 128 of you coming out to don your trainers!

Below are a few stats for you;

Event Number 14:

128 participants

18 Volunteers :)

35 PBs

36 first timers!

13 members of running clubs represented

Thank you to Clare Littlewood, our hearing interpreter.

Congratulations to Peter Jones, Joni Snell who ran her 10th parkrun and also to our very own Houghton Hall parkrun director, Jeanette for their milestones this week. It is lovely to see, via the results pages all of the milestones being achieved. Well done.

Reaching out to all you wannabe volunteers! Please feel free to opt-into the volunteer emails via the Houghton Hall parkrun page. Have a look at our future roster, and have a go at a role, all abilities welcome! Once again I would like to say a special thanks to our volunteers who give up a few hours on a Saturday. You are truly AWESOME.


Lots of healthy good 'ole competition amongst fellow runners this morning and great support from the crowd. Thank you to the two kind gentlemen who helped fold up the baggage drop tarpaulin when we were packing up to head back to the café.

Running in walking boots is not ideal, I tested this difficult experience after realising we were about to loose token number 80 by a lovely lady power walking from the finish area. If you choose not to finish a park run, this is absolutely fine, however, please do not pass through the finish funnel or take a token.

On to next week, where perhaps, you might just bump into a white and fluffy character on your 2 and a half laps of Houghton hall! Come join us for your Easter Houghton Hall parkrun.

Have an eggs-cellent week!

Regards your Houghton Hall parkrun team








Event #13 – Another chilly but welcoming one

Before we start just a note to say Finish Token 45 has gone walkies and we would appreciate it’s safe return.

So Saturday saw a visit from The Beast from the East’s younger sibling with ‘feels like’ temperatures of a less than balmy -9!

drr snowy prDespite that 114 of you still pulled on your hero pants and came along to take part. This included 9 graduates from the Run Together Houghton Regis Couch to 5k group; if you can make it out in this weather you can make it out in any weather. Massive congratulations and we really hope that you will become regular visitors. run together HR

We also had a group from Access Bedford, a group that works with people who are D/deaf or hard of hearing. Claire Littlewood came again to provide sign language support (and put in a fab sprint finish!). We hope you felt very welcome with us; it would be lovely to see you again (I definitely recognised a couple of people from the last visit).

Our volunteers were fantastic turning out in the conditions and both keeping everyone safe as well as providing entertainment on the way round (especially ‘crazy Hannah’ in the woods ;-)). We want to give belated congratulations to Sharon Hawkins on reaching her 25th volunteer milestone.

As you know parkrun is completely free for all; most funding comes from parkrun HQ and it the result of sponsorship (such as Vitality) and covers the basic. A very kind person is the first ever donor direct to Houghton Hall parkrun and without embarrassing them we really would like to say a big thank you. These donations help us with some of the little extra costs that make a parkrun event even better. If you would like to find out more just click here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/houghtonhall/aboutus/

Now for some of our regular stats:

  • 114 runners
  • 23 new to Houghton Hall event
  • 28 PBs
  • 13 members of the 100 club
  • 12 clubs represented
  • Age categories from under 10 to 65-69!
  • 48% female / 52% male (which is pretty representative of the UK as a whole)
  • 7 unknown runners

If you fancy being a Hi-Viz hero then check out our roster

You can volunteer by emailing us at houghtonhallhelpers@parkrun.com



03/03/2018 Event Cancelled

Due to the adverse weather conditions we have decided to cancel this weeks event. We have made this decision in both the runners and volunteers best interests.

We hope you are not too disappointed and have a great weekend.

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