Event# 29 Hello Pacers !

"Hell, that was HOT!"

What a beautiful day!

We started with a congratulations to Dunstable Road Runner's 10 week couch to 5K course. They have come such a long way and it was lovely to see some of them this morning, all kitted out ready to smash, for some, their first park run.



Group Leader, Lisa receiving flowers to say thanks from the group. A BIG hello to our Pacers, a first for Houghton Hall, and will now be a regular addition. Anyone can pace, just watch out for the facebook post in the week leading up to the event you wish to pace at or alternatively visit and email the future roster webpage. http://www.parkrun.org.uk/houghtonhall/futureroster James 21 minutes 36722691_10156474426089561_1840392601572737024_n

Neil 23 minutes


Phil 25 minutes


Lisa 30 minutes


Chloe 35 minutes


A fantastic addition and I think will prove popular as the months go on. These will take place once a month on the first Saturday of every month. We would like to buy the brand new pacer bibs, any donations are greatly appreciated to the Houghton Hall Parkrun webpage. This money helps Houghton Hall Parkrun buy new kit like bibs, hi-vizs or replace lost tokens.


I spied two 250 milestones which is absolutely fantastic, so well done to;

Chris who was 39th in place and Lesley in 130th place.

Well done to the runners also sporting the 25th volunteer award and any other great  10th 50th and 100th Parkrun milestones. That just shows great dedication! Keep it going! The T-shirts are great.


Please do be careful when entering and running through the forest- it can be slippy no matter the weather. thumbnail_20180707_093115_resized


We are unfortunately missing 5 TOKENS! If you suddenly find them lurking in your pocket or wallet please hand them back next week to any one in a hi viz. Numbers: 161, 195,197,200,202

A huge shout out to the team I was working with this morning, fab job. thumbnail_20180707_093228_resized thumbnail_20180707_093239_resized


Take a look at the following stats for this week.....

That's all for now folks, have a good one and we'll see you bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take part next week!

Number of events: 29 Number of runners: 1,643 to date
Number of first finishers: 42 Number of clubs: 136 to date Number of PBs: 1,422 to date
Average number of runners per week: 179.1 Average number of runs per runner: 3.2 Biggest Attendance: 243 (still the highest flyer on New Year's Day!
Average run time: 00:31:10 Total hours run: 0Years 112Days 10Hrs 44Min 20Secs Total distance run: 25,970km
Female record holder:
Natalie LAWRENCE - 18:56 - Event 23 (26/05/18)
Male record holder:
Darren DEED - 14:53 - Event 21 (12/05/18)
Age graded record holder: Darren DEED - 91.71 % - 14:53 - Event 21 (12/05/18)































Event #26 – The one with all the PBs!

It’s been a bit of a busy weekend so it’s only a short report I’m afraid.

Let’s be British and start with the weather … After a string of hot and sunny Saturdays the weather wasn’t sure what to do this week. Setting up was tricky with umbrellas but we got it all done and back to the start to greet the volunteers just!). Thankfully it petered out and we stayed dry for the actual event which is always welcome.

We had tourists from Tring & Gadebridge looking for something flatter than their usual as well as from Wycombe Rye & Bicester (which I believe are similar in elevation to us).

We had a great turnout with 199 runners, our 7th highest number.

Neil Currant celebrated his 50th run by tail walking. Remember to let us know if you have a milestone and we’ll give you a shout out, don’t be shy!

Now for the regular stats:
• No missing tokens – Thank You!
• 199 Finishers
• 32 new to Houghton Hall event
• 9 new to parkrun
• 65 PBs (33% of all finishers! – that PB bell is getting good use)
• 20 members of the 100 club and 1 of the 250 club
• 23 clubs represented
• 1,537 Houghton Hall parkrunners have now covered 23,090km
• 12 unknown runners

A massive thanks to all the volunteers that made it another successful event:
Jeannette EAMES • Lorna MORISON • Shelah SURGEY • Sharon HAWKINS • Sharon ROBERTS • Neil CURRANT • Karen MULHOLLAND-MCGROARY • Fiona SIMMONS • Annalisa FITZGERALD • Christopher QUELCH • Ian BYFORD • Hannah BAILEY • Roy BAKER

Fancy seeing your name in lights on these reports.:

1. Opt-into the volunteer emails : Simply open a recent parkrun newsletter, results email or volunteer email, click on 'manage my profile', then 'email options', then select Houghton Hall and click 'save opt-in events list'. 

2. Have a look at our future roster and if you fancy helping drop us an email at: houghtonhallhelpers@parkrun.com

Everyone's help is greatly appreciated. Find out more at : http://www.parkrun.org.uk/houghtonhall/volunteer/


Event #24 – A comedy of errors


If it could go wrong it did! But let’s start with the positives.

It was a lovely sunny day and with Milton Keynes being cancelled due to the Colour Run we had a bumper group of runners. We welcomed a number of tourists from places near (Bedford) and far (Humber Bridge!) – we hope you enjoyed our lovely course and super volunteers.

Jeannette started proceedings with a thank you to Dunstable Road Runners for our lovely new PB Bell before handing back to me for the briefing and to get proceedings underway.

And with a 1,2,3, GO off went 214 runners, walkers and run/walkers (who fancies adding dancers to that one week)

The funnel team then hot-footed it over to the finish area arriving just as the first runners were passing. It was a muggy day and the tarpaulin quickly filled up with discarded layers (remember to bring bags etc over to the tarpaulin before the start – we have people keeping it all safe).

The first 50 finishers came through without incident but a mix up with the tokens and a dropping of the tokens in the rush meant we had to stack the funnel with finishers – thanks for standing so close to other sweaty runners whilst we got ourselves sorted.

Next up was the timers and tokens getting out of sync (only to get mysteriously back in sync with each other later) and then the timers losing sync with each other!!

Let’s just say we were not looking forward to the results processing. However, the parkrun system is really very clever and we ended up with just one anomalous blank entry to remove and then it all seems to have been pretty much ok.

A massive thanks to all the volunteers but especially those at the finish area who kept calm in the face of adversity. Thanks also to the runners who were so understanding both during and after the event.

Alongside the new PB bell we now also have a table at the finish with a copy of the volunteer roster for the next few weeks – why not pop your name down for one of the roles and see how fab parkrun is from the other side (full support and training is provided for all roles).

Now for the regular stats:

  • No additional missing tokens – woo hoo
  • 214 Finishers
  • 45 new to Houghton Hall event
  • 15 new to parkrun
  • 59 PBs (27.5% of all finishers!) – that bell got some good use
  • 25 members of the 50 club, 12 of the 100 club and 2 of the 250 club
  • 20 clubs represented
  • 1,470 Houghton Hall parkrunners have now covered 21,165km
  • Age categories from under 10 to 70-74 (proving parkrun’s broad appeal)
  • 46% female / 54% male (again showing how inclusive parkrun is)
  • 8 unknown runners

All supported and made possible by the volunteers.

Mark WILCOCK • Jeannette EAMES • Martin COWLEY • Ian SAGE • Shelah SURGEY • James LAID • Paul STACK • Karen MULHOLLAND-MCGROARY • • Laura HART • Jose SANTOS • Fiona SIMMONS • Annalisa FITZGERALD • Claire NOLLER • Shahima BEGUM • Arooj SHAH • Margaret LAID • Hannah BAILEY • Roy BAKER






Event # 23 Pea Soup

Event Number 23 was on my watch this morning, two words.... PEA SOUP.
Thank you all for spending time at our Houghton Hall parkrun this morning. I need to grow louder lungs to make myself heard in the brief! I am hoping you all got the gist, and if you did not, don't be shy come closer I don't bite! :)

159 runners/walkers joined us for a rather damp start to the day! I think I can say we were all shocked.... " Who ordered the rain?!" Nothing damp about the spirit of you all, uplifting motivating and encouraging in true park run community style!
Hello to our first timers to parkrun and/or Houghton Hall. Nice to hear of where our tourists have travelled from to our lovely green area, I heard Leciester, Bedford and Nottinghamshire.

Congratulations to the 10, 50 and 100 milestones, thank you for making your parkrun special at Houghton Hall today.

First man home today was Stuart from Leighton Buzzard AC in 18:20
First lady home Natalie from Fairlands Valley Spartans RC in 18:56

Well done to the juniors today, I saw a fair few coming in around the 28 minute mark.

Over 30 of you, got PBs today some even on your special milestones

I love starting the event, sending you off on your merry way and watching the fab team burst into action to ensure you are safe supported and looked after throughout.

Huge hats off to our lovely volunteers, who get their names down on the roster week after week.

Never volunteered? Please don't be shy! Have a go, perhaps try a marshal to start with.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday, see you next week!







Houghton Hall Parkrun – Event 22 – Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

Houghton Hall Parkrun number 22 and the weekend that Markle put the sparkle into a royally sunny few days; let’s hope this weather hangs around for next weeks bank holiday, fingers crossed.

If Meghan left an impression, then so did you. 200 participants this weekend with an impressive 25 first timers, hopefully a reflection of the area's growing running community. Even more outstanding was the 68 personal bests, which is over a quarter of all the runners in this weeks event.

There were nine under elevens this week; with the first finisher of these being Liam Neale in 27:20. The first female was Hannah Oldroyd of Airedale Dodgers in 19:56 who competed her 305th Parkrun, what an amazing achievement.

On the tourist front we had another claim for furthest travelled with a Kiwi amongst the ranks. New Zealand I’m led to believe is further to travel than Australia, I let those experienced on this journey correct me later if I’m wrong. Closer to our hearts and a warm welcome were those that travelled all the way from Wardown Park to join us.

As always, a massive thank you to all our volunteers and the staff in the discovery centre who deal with the Parkrun dash after each event wonderfully and was lovely to see so many Parkrunners enjoying the sunshine in the cafes outdoor area, look forward to seeing you all again at event number 23.

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