Hove Promenade parkrun event #176 – 12 January 2019

The one with the record numbers* 

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*(for a non-new year double)

If you don't count the new year's day run, which is unusual in many ways, this week saw a record number of people running, jogging and walking Hove Prom parkrun - 442, to be precise!

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There were 76 first-timers to the Prom, of whom 31 were doing their first ever parkrun. A very big welcome to parkun, Dave JONES, William MCGUIGAN, Adam EARP, Hannah WILKINSON, Emma LOPEZ, Tom BUTLER, Alkan HASSAN, Regan POLLARD, Guy DOYLE , Mark ADAMS, Kitty HENNESSY, CAMPBELL, Katharine FERGUSON, Brenda LEITHEAD, Sarah DALY, Rachel HAMMOND, Richard LANDY, Maddie AUCKLAND , Alexandra COUTTS, Marco BUCCIARELLI, Debbie BUCCIARELLI , John BUCCIARELLI, Abbie DAWSON, Marie ELLISON, Ro MOSS, Kip BETTISON, Mia WATKINS, Phoebe RANGER, Kevin MOSS, Emma COX, Tracey BUTTON!

There were also 63 new PBs - well done to all the PBers, especially Leon Van Den Berg who achieved his Junior 10 milestone, as well as a 25:56 PB. Check out the  Hove Promenade parkrun results page for full results and event history.

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Each week, parkrun can only happen if enough people volunteer their time and this Saturday an amazing 34 volunteers stepped up. Big thanks to:

Joe ADDISON • Peter RANSON • Marc BONALDI • Jim CALLENDER • Sue PINNICK • Clare RYAN • Lynne SWAISLAND • Archie SWAISLAND • Michelle PAULI • Julie RAINEY • Kathryn MARTIN • Robert BISHOP • Rachel DYSON • David SPENCER • Adriana KEMPT • Rebecca CLARE • David MARTIN • Luke CARTER • Antony BRADLEY • Mark DYSON • Chrissie BUCKLEDEE • Ali PASSMORE • Jackie WARE • Ina REESE • Kaitlin EMERY • Sian NASSE • Jeff JOHNSTONE • Louise THOMAS • Stuart BRUMHILL • Ross MACKENZIE • Lily GORROD • Jamie SPIERS • Olivia KELLY • James MARTIN

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Archie, who you're probably more used to seeing cheering everyone on at the east turn, did his first stint as walk pacer this week with his mum - thanks, Archie and Lynne!

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If you don't volunteer already, why not make 2019 the year you give it a go? There are lots of different roles to try, from marshalling and tail walking to timekeeping and barcode scanning. You'll be shown exactly what to do and paired up with a more experienced volunteer if it's your first time in some of the roles, such as timekeeping. Some volunteer roles can even be done by speedier runners after they have been through the funnel. Check out the future roster to see where the gaps are in the coming weeks, have a look at these handy descriptions of all the volunteer roles and drop a line to hovepromenadehelpers@parkrun.com if you can help out in the next few weeks.

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There were quite lot of 'unknowns' listed in the results this week - don't forget, if you want a time, you need your barcode (and not on a phone)! Print it out or, if you're a regular forgetterer, why not invest a few pounds in barcode tags to tie to your shoelaces or a band to wear?

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Like podcasts? You might be interested in the most recent Reasons to be Cheerful podcast. In episode 68, hosts Ed Milliband and Geoff Lloyd give Finsbury Park parkrun a try, discover that "it's all about community" and interview Nick Pearson, parkrun chief executive, about parkrun's growth and its plans. Worth a listen. They also go on to interview Bella Mackie, author of Jog On, about how running has transformed her life, helping her deal with anxiety and other mental health issues.

Positive mental health and well-being is high on the agenda of the Salty Seabirds sea swimming group, many of whom were out on the Prom yesterday morning ahead of a dip in the waves. They are going to be starting a regular post-parkrun sea swim at 10.00am on the beach opposite Lawns Cafe so listen out for further announcements about that, if a wintry swim is your thing.

All the wonderful photos in this report are by James Martin - see the full set on the Hove Prom facebook page.

Have a great week!



Hove Promenade parkrun event #175 – 5 January 2019

After the excitement of the new year, we were back on a chilly prom with another big turn out of 392 walkers, joggers and runners.

Of those 392, 25 of you were first time parkrunners. Well done to the following people on their first ever parkruns:

Nat ROWLAND, Csada TOROK, Paul HARDMAN, Simon RUPNIAK, Chris FOWLER, Nazario RUGGERI, Dean MEAKER, Anthony DUNN, Owen CHAPMAN, Claire RYAN, Joseph SWIFT, Sofia DAVIES, Mick BRAZIL, Lily TOROK, Freyja HUNT, Abbie WALKER, Lee DAVIES, Daria SZOTEK, Kerry WATKINS, Ceri WALKER, Rebecca DUNN, Steve BARRY, Cara BUSHELL, Gemma DAVIES and Catherine EMMA.

This week also saw the return of the Rogue Runners providing us with pacers from 19 to 30 minutes.  Thanks Rogues!! Here are some of the pacers showing how fun it is helping others achieve their goals:

A massive 66 of you also recorded new PB’S!! Perhaps thanks to the pacers?? Anyway, what a great way to start the year with brand new shiny PB’s. Well done everyone. Want to see what a PB face looks like… here’s Joe smashing his PB :-)

Caroline MATTHEWS joined us for her 50thparkrun also. Well done Caroline. Don’t forget to let us know if you are coming up to a milestone so we can give you a shout out.

Last week we did a sweepstake on how many people would run the prom of New Years day. You are probably all aware that we had an absolute massive turn out with 787 people walking, jogging or running the prom. Well done to Lorraine WEST who guessed the closest number. Lorraine if you see next weeks Run Director, Clare, she has a little something for you. A massive thanks from me to everyone who took part. We raised another £51.50 for Breast Cancer Care. You guys are the best!

This weeks event was made possible by the following volunteers:


Our parkrun can only go ahead each week with the support of our volunteers. All roles are easy and it’s incredibly satisfying being part of the event from the other side. If you haven’t yet volunteered, why not make it a resolution to volunteer at least once this year. If you can help in future, do drop us a line at hovepromenadehelpers@parkrun.com

Yesterday’s full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hove Promenade parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Ella REVITT who recorded a time of 17:51 on 19th March 2016 (event number 35).
The male record is held by Robbie FITZGIBBON who recorded a time of 14:31 on 9th December 2017 (event number 120).
The female record is held by Fiona DE MAUNY who recorded a time of 17:51 on 1st January 2019 (event number 174).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sue GARNER who recorded 92.65% (24:02) on 9th September 2017 (event number 108).

Hove Promenade parkrun started on 11th July 2015. Since then 9,285 participants have completed 42,606 parkruns covering a total distance of 213,030 km, including 7,178 new Personal Bests. A total of 874 individuals have volunteered 5,039 times.

Don’t forget to check out Pete’s photo’s of yesterday’s event on our Facebook page. Thanks Pete for great photo’s again.

That’s it for now. See you all next week!!




Hove Promenade parkrun event #174 – 1 January 2019

The one with the record-breaking numbers, brilliantly resourceful volunteers and many happy starts to the new year

Wow, what a morning on the Prom. An amazing 787 people got 2019 off to a fantastic start by running, walking and jogging 5k by the sea in the sunshine. Is there any better way to begin a new year?

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The numbers were unprecedented - 344 more people than our previous record - and far exceeded expectations. According to Elliot Line stats, we made the top 10 biggest parkruns list yesterday (Bushy Park predictably topped the list with 1156 participants. Hove Park was sixth with 826). That's not a top 10 we're normally in, and was down to the New Year Double (with Hove Park at 10.30am). Not only that, of the 150 parkruns that had record-breaking attendance, we increased the most in absolute numbers (find out more about this in parkstats).

Thanks to the core team and hard work of all the resourceful volunteers, nearly 800 people ran, walked and jogged safely in a shared public space and received a result at the end of it. Here's run director Clare on the brilliance of yesterday's volunteers

"It was absolutely wonderful to see that many people all running happily on the southern half of the prom - expertly guided by our amazing and hugely supportive marshals who everyone spoke so highly of.  As for the finish funnel - what a team!  We had runners coming out of our ears!  But every single volunteer played their part so fantastically and calmly: the timekeepers walking down the course clicking away at two finishers a second; the funnel management team expertly and very creatively stacking lines of finishers up next to each other and keeping people moving through; the number checker capturing lots of data to ensure that I had enough info to keep us on track with processing the results; the finish tokens team madly handing out tokens and then, when these ran out, writing numbers on hands; and the barcode scanners processing over 200 runners each."

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The volunteers were spectacular. Thank you to:

Tamsin SHASHA • Chris BAKER • Glenn STILL • Nicky YEATES • Michael GREEN • Belinda GIBSON • Valerie GATES • Stephen SCOTT • Sue PINNICK • Clare RYAN • Michelle PAULI • Thomas IRELAND • Stuart ROBERTS • Michael GREEN • Lucy ANDERSON • Andrew BULL • Julie RAINEY • Kathryn MARTIN • Dawn PAUL • Jon ELSOM • Rachel DYSON • Mark SALLIS • Deborah ABSALOM • Mark SASO • Lucy DEAN • David CRAGGS • David SPENCER • Adriana KEMPT • Nigel TURLEY • Cathy BIRMINGHAM • Luke CARTER • Helen HAWKEN • Antony BRADLEY • Mark DYSON • Jane TEW • Jackie WARE • Carl BENNETT • Caroline SHARP • Jeff JOHNSTONE • Peter BENNETT • Karen BENNETT • Enrique MARTIN

and everyone else who jumped in to help out after their own run.

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Of course, when an extra 500 or so parkrunners turn up (for comparison, the previous Saturday, on 29 December, we had 327 people taking part), the added logistical load is inevitably going to mean that the usual processes may not go quite as smoothly as usual. Contingency planning kicks in - the funnel was twice as long as normal with a double funnelling system within it, the back-up token plan went smoothly and there were more volunteers - but there are always going to be limitations. A completely tarmac-ed course means it's tricky to stake out extra areas in the way you can on a grass-based course, and it's too expensive to own and store extra bulky crowd control barriers for a once-a-year explosion in numbers. The core team will be reviewing processes to see if there is anything that can be learned from yesterday's event to make next year's new year's day parkrun work even better (assuming the double takes place again).

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We'd like to thank everyone for their good humour and the patience of those who had to wait a short while to cross the finish line on this extraordinary morning.

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On to the fun stuff! There were 125 new PBs, including first male finisher Todd Leckie with 15:46, and the female course record was equalled for the first time in nearly three years! Congratulations to Fiona de Mauny (pictured far left above, in long-sleeved purple top) from Herne Hill Harriers who achieved 17:51, equalling Ella Revitt's course record from 19 March 2016. Well done to everyone who achieved a new year's day PB.

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In addition to Fiona's female course record equaliser, there were two new age category records. Emma Navesey and Jay Smith started 2019 in style with runs of 18:09 and 16:15 giving them the women's 30-34 and men's 35-39 age records. Great running!

There were 192 first timers to the Prom, of whom Michael ODELL, Stephen LOGUE, James CAMERON, Helen VEITCH, Michael TINGSAGER, Matthew OFLINN, Veronica HAMILTON, Daryn GROSSMITH, Emma HOUSE, Erica SMITH, Edward DE SOUZA and Lesley ISHERWOOD were doing their first ever parkrun - welcome!

Congratulations to everyone who kicked off 2019 with a milestone run: Oliver Sutherland got his Junior 10 and there were FOUR 50 milestones - congratulations to Charlie Todd, Phil Grabsky, Sara Patience and Noah Powell! Phil and Sara even topped off their 50 run with PBs each - 19:49 and 29:01 respectively. Extra well done!

There were FOUR 100 milestone runners - well done Tamsin Shasha, Rachel Perry, Mark Dyson and Ann Dyson!

There were also THREE 250 milestone runners (is that a record?) Congratulations to Henry Miller, Claire Giles and Kelvin Macdonald (pictured below in the fabulous Wallace and Gromit t shirt) on their 250 milestone runs.

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For the stats geeks, on this new year's day double, and excluding unknowns (#dfyb!!), 458 people ran both the parkruns, 281 only ran Hove Prom and 331 only ran Hove Park.

There's a bumper selection of fantastic photos from the wonderful Pete Bennett on the Hove Prom Facebook page this week so do take a look and see if you can spot yourself (and thank you Pete, as always).

All that's left to say is...Happy new year!

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Have a wonderful 2019 and see you on the Prom soon!

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Hove Promenade parkrun #173 – 29 December 2018

The one where... 327 people celebrated the last parkrun of 2018!

It's hard to follow on from Clare's amazing Christmas roundup run report last week (read it here if you missed it) so this may be a short one!

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Firstly, and most importantly, thank you to this week's wonderful volunteers:

Iain MARTIN • Joe ADDISON • Steve FARMER • Lisa FARMER • Cass CASTLETON • Georgia CARRICK • Sue PINNICK • Helen BLOCK • Mark BROCKLEHURST • Michelle PAULI • Stuart ROBERTS • Kirsty PUGH • Kathryn MARTIN • Alison KUY • Jon ELSOM • Mark SALLIS • Claire NELMAN • Jenny PREECE • Dave SKINNER • Vanessa DEROO • Adriana KEMPT • Nigel TURLEY • Dennis LANCASTER • Mark DYSON • Jackie WARE • Joanna LYONS • Carl BENNETT • Jeff JOHNSTONE • Peter BENNETT • Karen BENNETT • Enrique MARTIN • Leon NELMAN

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With a special mention to Kirsty Pugh (above, second from right in the bobble hat!) who completed her 100th volunteer role today. Thank you Kirsty, we really appreciate it!

Other milestones this week were Atticus Strickland with his junior 10, and Laura Elliott and Celia Roberts both celebrating 50 parkruns - well done!

Welcome to Paul PARKER, James MACDONALD, Abi COX, Phillip LUCAS, Laurie WALLIS, Charlotte RICE , Patricia DEL GRAZIA, Paula GARDNER, Marilyn WALLIS, all doing their first parkrun ever. Hope the parkrun bug has bitten and we'll see you on the Prom again soon.

There were an impressive 48 new PBs. Of these, special mention to Tara Shanahan who not only PBd with an incredible 17:59, she also smashed her age category record and scored the spectacular age grading of 91.01% (the third highest ever seen on the Prom). Amazing running, Tara, well done!  [What's age grading? Find out here.]

See the full set of results here.

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Don't forget, you don't have to wait a whole week for your next parkrun fix - the New Year bonus parkrun is coming up on Tuesday and it's a double! 9am on the Prom as usual, followed by 10.30am at Hove Park. Can you volunteer? Drop us an email at hovepromenadehelpers@parkrun.com or via facebook. Why not take a look at how the volunteer roster is looking for future weeks and see if you can help?

Thanks, as always, to Pete Bennett for the fabulous photos - don't miss the full album on the Hove Prom parkrun facebook page.

Finally there was one person who didn't get properly appreciated in last week's Christmas roundup report - because she wrote it. Co-event director Clare Ryan, you rock! Ever enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging, your dedication to parkrun and the time and effort you put in each week is incredible. You're an inspiration to so many people and Hove Prom parkrun wouldn't be the same without you. Thank you from all the Hove Prommers!

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That's all, folks. See you in 2019!

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Hove Prom parkrun # 172 – 22 Dec 2018 – The Christmas round-up!

Every Saturday, I feel so incredibly blessed for the parkrun love that is so prevalent amongst everyone that takes part - regulars, visitors, volunteers and supporters!  There are many, many reasons that people get involved with parkrun and often exercise is quite low down the list!   As with any large event, it wouldn't happen without a huge amount of support behind the scenes.  So for our last run report before Christmas, I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to some of the many, many stalwarts who are so instrumental to our event happening every week.  This list is by no means exhaustive and if I were to thank everyone who has played an important part, I would still be typing away in 2019 so please forgive me if you don't get a personal mention!  Anyway, here goes:

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Pebbles on the course are our particular nemesis.  What you may not realise when you turn up to run on a Saturday morning, particularly throughout the winter months, is that two particular individuals have spent many, many hours that week sweeping stones off the course just so we can hold our weekly parkrun.  We sometimes supplement this when it is particularly bad with Friday night sweeping parties (followed by a trip to the pub) and huge thanks to GoodGym Brighton who hold regular sweeping parties (as they did this week - thanks guys), but our Glenn and David are out there day after day, week after week, holding the pebbles at bay; we would have had to cancel so many times if it wasn't for the back-breaking work that they do for us.  Guys - from the absolute bottom of my heart, thank you!

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This year, we have found that parkrun angels truly exist!  We have a great team of Run Directors who populate the roster, look after the event on the day and process the results.  But the bit that most people don't see is the many hours that go in to creating the run reports such as the one you are reading now.  A huge thank you to Michelle who, this year, has become our roving reporter and taken this particular task over on a regular basis - what an absolute joy!  Thank you for the many, many hours of weekend that you have given back to us and for the fabulous reports that you write!!!  Guys - please "like" these run reports when we post them on our Facebook page and comment on them regularly - it makes it all worthwhile when we know that you get pleasure out of reading them!

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We have many regular volunteers and I couldn't possibly name everyone who unfailing put their hands up when we "shout out" for volunteers.  However, I am going to take this opportunity to name just a couple who have donned the hi-viz of glory regularly over the past year.

Jeff of "Jeff's Junction" fame was cajoled into volunteering at parkrun after he retired by his son Ryan; and now Jeff is there every week, come rain or shine cheering runners along at the west cones.  Thanks so much Jeff!

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We're not supposed to have favourites but who could fail to adore the fabulous Archie of "Archie's Ace Place" fame.  Archie is volunteering as part of his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award and is found every week jumping up and down and whooping loudly even in the worst of weathers to cheer runners on down at the East Cones with his mum, Lynne.  Go Archie!  You rock!!

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Filling the volunteer roster every week can be a very stressful experience, particularly when we get to Thursday night and there are still loads of gaps.  But we know that every week, Team Bennett have our back!  Karen is a constant at the end of the beach huts and most of us have used Pete's wonderful photos (with publishing tech provided by Carl) as their Facebook profile pic as some stage.  Thanks so much guys - you're amazing!

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People's parkrun experiences are often shaped by the support that they get out on the course.  We have so many regular, and hugely enthusiastic volunteers and today, I am going to give a particular shout out to three lovely peeps: our lovely Julie, Jackie and Anthony - whose names appear on the roster week after week and who I can always hear cheering hard encouraging everyone on.  You guys are totes fab!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shoes and outdoorImage may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes, child and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sky and outdoor

Also to Alison who embarked on a project of support to encourage newbies and also to train up pacers in the 30+ minute section.  You have made a huge difference to so many people - thank you so much!

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Volunteering is a key component of the Duke of Edinburgh Award schemes and we are very lucky to have lots of Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE'ers who have done their volunteering with us at the prom. It has been an absolute joy to see how they grow in confidence and step up over the weeks that they are with us.  Congratulations - you are an absolute credit to your generation and you have been a huge help to us at the prom!

This list wouldn't be complete without a thank you to Cass and Dennis.  Cass has been with us since day one, driving over from Tunbridge Wells to set up the finish funnel then more often than not, pacing and sorting out the finish tokens afterwards, not to mention showering us with gifts and many acts of kindness.  There are so many DIY tasks that we always need doing especially with the beach hut, and we always know that Cass is the man to turn to!  We pay tribute to Cass's son Jordan, a regular at the prom, who was tragically taken too soon but leaves a lasting legacy with us.  Huge thank you Cass for your unfaltering support of parkrun - not only at the prom but around the world.

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A huge parkrun thank you to Richard, Oly, Perry, JC and all the wonderful team at the Lawns Cafe - who not only provide us with tea, coffee and lots of yummies every week, but also let us use their beach hut for storage; goodness only know what we would do without that!!


With every team, there is an infrastructure of support that sits behind the scenes to help us.  A big thank you to our ambassador Val who has provided many a sanity check (!) as well as to Brockles, who is not only on our core team but also is the South East Regional Ambassador.  And to our amazing HQ team - especially Helen Hood and Jo Sinton-Hewitt, who have our backs every step of the way.

Image may contain: Mark Brocklehurst and Val Gates, people smiling, outdoor

And so to the absolute unsung heroes who make it all happen and without whom, our parkrun just wouldn't exist...the Hove Prom Core Team!  We have the most amazing team of Volunteer Coordinators and Run Directors who selflessly give their time, week after week, with huge amounts of humour and support, to fill the roster, brief volunteers clear up the beach hut and generally make sure everything runs completely smoothly on the day.  You guys are completely and utterly amazing and I feel so privileged to work alongside you to make this amazing event happen.  Thank you thank you thank you - a thousand time - THANK YOU!!!!!

Hove Promenade parkrun Volunteers

At this point, I become quite tearful to mention the ultimate icon of Hove Prom parkrun who has not only been an utter stalwart, but a complete inspiration to all of us: my fellow Co-Event Director Georgia!  As many of you will know, Georgia was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and has been going through chemo - with her last session scheduled for this coming week.  Georgia - you are one in a million!  You have faced this challenge that life has thrown at you with absolute grace and tenacity.  You have raised over £1k for Macmillian and you have opened a conversation about cancer that has given confidence to so many to engage with.  I am so proud to stand alongside you at the prom and to call you a friend.  You truly are the embodiment of "AMAZING"!

Image may contain: Georgia Carrick, smiling, outdoor

To our amazing walkers, joggers and runners who make this the fabulous event that it is every week. Fast or slow, old or young, small or large - we love the special community that together, we all create. It is amazingly inspirational to watch the speediest amongst us flying past.  And we are equally inspired by those at the back end of the field, some of whom are perhaps taking their early steps into fitness.


The biggest myth in parkrun is that you need to get fit before you come down and join in the fun. Most people can manage 5k - and walking speed is completely welcomed.  In fact, not only do we have a Tail Walker every week whose job it is to come last, but we also have both a Walking Pacer and a Jog/Walk Pacer to help you on your way.  You don't need to do a Couch to 5k course before you start. Sign up, print off your barcode and come on down. Please spread the word to your family and friends and bring them along to join in the fun. Nervous beginners are warmly encouraged but for those who might need a a bit more TLC, point them in the direction of our "Walkers at Hove Prom parkrun" Facebook Group  where we provide a safe space to share experiences, ask questions and arrange to meet others at the prom.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sky, shoes and outdoor

Some of our highlights this year have been working with the teams from our new sister parkruns at Lancing and East Brighton.  Welcome to the parkrun family! We truly are a city of parkruns!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

So this is a great time to remind you about the extra parkruns taking place over the festive period.  Christmas Day in Preston Park (note: parking charges apply) at 9.00am, next Saturday 29th as normal on the prom then a New Year's Day Double - 9.00am at Hove Prom followed by 10.30 at Hove Park.  We are still looking for volunteers so give us a shout - either by commenting on our Facebook page or by dropping us an email to hovepromenadehelpers@parkrun.com if you can help.  There are opportunities for speedy runners to do a role after their run.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shoes and outdoor

A quick round-up of this week: 230 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests.

A big thank you to all today's volunteers:

Cheryl COSTELLO • Simon BELSER • Adam WALTER • Stephen SCOTT • Clare RYAN • Lynne SWAISLAND • Archie SWAISLAND • Thomas IRELAND • Julie RAINEY • Kathryn MARTIN • Rachel DYSON • Claire NELMAN • Jenny PREECE • Stephen PAYNE • Edward LANDAUER • Jan HERITAGE • David MARTIN • Luke CARTER • Antony BRADLEY • Mark DYSON • Jane TEW • Carl BENNETT • Anna TINLEY • Caroline SHARP • Jeff JOHNSTONE • Peter BENNETT • Karen BENNETT • Stuart BRUMHILL

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Congrats to Steffen Conn, Holly Hatfield, Conner Rowson and Chad Burge doing their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun family guys.

Huge welcome to all our visitors from near and far and well done to Jack Silbertston who achieved his junior 10 milestone this morning - new t-shirt awaiting for you to add to the collection!

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, shoes and outdoor


Here are the photos from today's parkrun - big thanks to Pete and Carl from Team Bennett.

May I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a peaceful and healthy festive period.  We look forward to seeing you after Christmas; here's to many parkrun adventures in the New Year.

All the very best

Clare xxxx

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