Saturday 12th May 2018

On Saturday 12th May 2018 Huddersfield parkrun was proud to host one of two meet ups in the country for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. National Deaf Awareness Week is from the 14th to 20th May 2018.

Myself and Philippa Wynne, parkrun UK Outreach Ambassadors for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, wanted to celebrate the beginning of National Deaf Awareness Week by doing something a little different. Last year we had arranged three parkrun takeovers which were a great success. Two of these were in Huddersfield at Huddersfield parkrun and Huddersfield junior parkrun. We wanted to build on this success and continue to raise awareness and improve inclusivity at parkrun for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This year as connections in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing parkrun community had strengthened, mostly through the Facebook Group, ‘parkrun for the deaf and hard of hearing’ and regular Newsletters, we decided to arrange two parkrun meet ups. One in Bromley at Philippa’s home parkrun, the other in Huddersfield my home parkrun. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, other hearing problems, carers, parents, family, teachers, signers, interpreters etc. were all very welcome. It was suggested that people might want to bring along friends and family to be a spectator, volunteer, run, jog or walk. Sign support would be available at both parkruns.

On the day Huddersfield parkrun had eight Deaf or Hard of Hearing parkrunners and several Teachers of the Deaf, support workers and family running. Numerous other Deaf or Hard of Hearing people, Teachers of the Deaf, support workers, charity workers and family members either volunteered or spectated.

We had both the first timers/new runners briefing and the main briefing in sign language by one of our 2 very regular volunteer signers Fiona McTague. I must add here that our other regular signer Angela Joseph had a prior commitment on the day and we missed her very much! Fiona and Angela both support us throughout the year offering sign support and I want to take this opportunity to thank them both very much. We also had Leah Swallow a regular Huddersfield parkrun runner and volunteer. Most of you probably know Leah, Leah is my daughter and was born severe to profoundly Deaf and was the person who inspired our whole family to join parkrun. We also had Sophie Chappell, Sophie is a local BSL interpreter who works as a communicator at a local school; both volunteered as signers available to meet and greet people.

The local charity, the Kirklees Deaf Children’s Society, arranged a cake stall and provided everyone with information and support on the day. The Kirklees Deaf Children’s Society made just over £200 which they will use to enable Deaf children in Kirklees to be involved in social activities.

People had travelled from other parkruns to visit Huddersfield parkrun especially for the event and spent time chatting, signing and generally getting to know one another. Their feedback was very positive and several said they will come back.

At Huddersfield parkrun we are currently able to offer sign support (volunteer role) of all our briefings on a weekly basis. We even had it on Christmas and New Years Day. We know we have at least 3 Deaf runners at Huddersfield parkrun regularly, that use sign language and we have also welcomed several Deaf visitors over recent times.

The list of contacts for numerous parkruns continues to increase gradually. This list includes the details of Sign Support or even just a contact person who can greet you on arrival at different parkruns. The list currently has 65 different parkruns in the UK where someone can be available on most weeks and it continues to grow. Obviously Huddersfield parkrun is on that list and we hope this helps put Huddersfield parkrun on the map as a welcoming and an inclusive parkrun!

It is has been an amazing year since the volunteer role of ‘Sign Language Support’ became official on all parkrun and junior parkrun rosters. We are seeing the role go from strength to strength with many parkruns having all their pre run briefings signed every week. There were over 500 separate instances of sign support across the UK since the role became official in its first year. This was made up of mainly Saturday parkruns but also some junior parkruns too.

A blog was produced to share on various platforms and is being shared across a number of different organisations, again increasing awareness of parkrun as an inclusive event for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The link is here;

Saturday was a busy day at Huddersfield parkrun, our very regular runner and volunteer Sean Doyle was also celebrating 5 years since he woke up from an induced coma to be told he had suffered a heart attack whilst at Huddersfield parkrun. A number of other runners who like Sean are part of a group called ‘Cardiac Runners’ joined him and ran with us to help him celebrate. There was also a blog produced by parkrun UK. The link is here;

Thank you to all the runners, walkers, spectators and volunteers on the day. And thank you to Event Director Mark Nicholson and all the regular team for allowing Huddersfield parkrun to host our Deaf Meet Up and Sean to celebrate.

Keep on parkrunning! Victoria

Victoria Knight-Phillips. A1528987. Outreach Ambassador (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) & Social Media Ambassador (Volunteer) | parkrun UK and regular runner and volunteer at Huddersfield parkrun.



New Years Day!

We're back for New Years Day parkrun again!

10am start!

There are opportunities to 2 parkruns on New Years Day.

More details can be found here:






Just to say we are cancelled on the 11th of November.



Huddersfield parkrun Event Director



Run Report – 13/08/16 – Rachel Gibson

On holiday in Marsden = an opportunity for some parkrun tourism. With husband volunteering and one daughter flying around the course with son, I was free to go round with youngest daughter enjoying the beauty of Greenhead Park. Our usual parkrun is a straightforward lollipop shape once round a playing field and however much I stared at the Huddersfield parkrun map I was never going to know where I was going. To begin with there were hundreds of people to follow but as the numbers thinned thankfully there were many many very lovely volunteers to keep us out of the paddling pool and going under the right bridges. From our vantage point towards the back it looked as if the whole park was full of colourful runners going in every direction. It is a wonderful park - after our scanning we counted ducklings, tried out the extensive play equipment and played hide and seek. Thank you for hosting a great parkrun, especially the volunteers whose encouragement and enthusiasm helped up us those unfamiliar hills and to a sprint finish (downhill to the finish line - excellent course planning)! Everyone was very friendly although I never did find out what the bunny ears were about.....


Male placings:
Simon COURTNEY (SM30-34) of Stadium Runners, was first over the line in 17:03 - 34th time in 89 appearances.
Darren REECE (VM35-39) of Huddersfield RR AC, was second over the line in 17:31 - was first to finish once before.
An unknown runner was third.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Ian RAFFERTY (Unattached) 1727 pts.
Luc BURNIP (Unattached) 1496 pts.
Matthew KELLY (Huddersfield RR AC) 1245 pts.

Female placings:
Emma BURKE (VW45-49) of Meltham AC, was first (47th overall) over the line in 21:27 - 19th time in 103 appearances.
Lynn BIRCHALL (VW40-44) of Stadium Runners, was second (51st overall) over the line in 21:43 - has been first to finish on 5 previous occasions.
Fiona ORDWAY (VW35-39) (Unattached) was third (55th overall) over the line in 21:52 - has been first to finish on 13 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Lindsay ROBERTS (Unattached) 1784 pts.
Fiona ORDWAY (Unattached) 1667 pts.
Michelle BRIGGS (Unattached) 1615 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Dorothy JACKSON (VW70-74) was graded 78.01% for the time 30:01 (325th overall).
Simon COURTNEY (SM30-34) was graded 76.93% for the time 17:03 (first overall).
Darren REECE (VM35-39) was graded 76.78% for the time 17:31 (second overall).

This week there were 557 runners, of whom 43 were first timers and 62 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different athletics clubs took part.

Huddersfield parkrun started on 2nd April 2011, and since then 10,348 different runners, including participants from 372 athletics clubs, have completed 108,024 runs covering a total distance of 540,120 km, and there have been 21,057 new Personal Bests.

The female record is held by Jennifer WALSH who ran in a time of 00:16:40 on 15th September 2012 (event number 78).
The male record is held by Mark BUCKINGHAM who ran in a time of 00:14:49 on 3rd October 2015 (event number 231).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lynne MANNION who recorded a 93.67% run (21:19) on 16th November 2013 (event number 137).

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