Event 414, 20th January 2018 by Keith Jackson

Trainers Advised: Ice Skates Optional


Checking my Garmin (other sports watches are available) this morning I note that the temperature in East Park for Hull parkrun number 414 was a shivering 1.1 degrees Celsius. It certainly felt extremely cold (having to scrape the ice off of my windscreen is a tell-tale sign), but nevertheless, 536 of us turned up to run, jog, walk, skate and slide our way around the two and a half very slippery laps of the lake (which was actually frozen in places). That is in fact the 10th highest ever Hull parkrun attendance – indeed, three of the top ten busiest Hull parkruns have all been in 2018. Proof, if it was needed, of our growing popularity.

Once again, four finish tokens have gone AWOL. Numbers 88, 172, 185 and 198 are still unaccounted for, so please, double check those pockets in case you inadvertently took home a little souvenir of your run. As has been mentioned several times, they are costly and difficult to replace, so please double check.

We had a lot of first timers this week: 44 in fact, 33 of whom were participating in their very first parkrun. We very much hope you enjoyed it, and hope to see you all again next week. We welcomed a handful of visitors, including Robert WILLIS and Nicola SAVAGE, who usually run at Bradford and Barnsley respectively, while Sarah FAWCETT made the very short trip from her usual run at Peter Pan. Terry (Fred) SAVAGE made the longer journey from Ashford in Kent.

First over the line this week was Ben SADOWYJ in 17:13, the 26th time Ben has finished in first place. Stacy DYSON was first female in 21:09 on her first visit to Hull – she often runs at Barnsley. First junior was Andrew M SMITH with 19:21.

One milestone was achieved: Darren TOMLINSON completed his 50th parkrun, so should be getting his red t-shirt soon. Congratulations Darren.

I thought that PBs would be difficult to come by given the conditions, but 33 were achieved. Very well done to you all, but a special mention to:

  • Paul MARTINDALE, who finished in 21:29, his first PB since, astonishingly, April 2011
  • Helen ATKINSON, finishing in 28:20, her first PB since September 2016
  • Caleb DEVANY, knocking almost a minute off of his previous best
  • Tom GARDINER, who improved by almost a minute and is under 25 minutes for the first time

The top age grades were recorded by Stephen RENNIE (86.33%), and Carol Ann WOLSTENHOLME (80.38%).

Saturday’s event was made possible by 26 volunteers – please thank one when you get the opportunity, without them parkrun just couldn’t take place. If you fancy giving it a go yourself, click on the link on the email you get with your parkrun time, or alternatively email hullhelpers@parkrun.com. Volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your run; there are plenty of roles for runners and non-runners alike.

Finally, and I’ve said this many times before, do please keep quiet during the pre-run briefing. It’s for your safety, and the safety of others. The icy course this week was a textbook example of why the briefing is important.

Have a good and safe week, and hopefully see you all again next week.



Run report for event #413, by Keith Jackson

Happy St Knut’s Day!

I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you, but every January 13th, St Knut’s day marks the end of Christmas in Sweden and Finland, drawing to a close twenty days of festivities. The festive season seems like a distant memory now, and most of us are probably focussing on the new year and what it has in store, perhaps training for those 10Ks, half marathons, marathons or whatever. With that in mind, the second Hull parkrun of 2018 saw an impressive 584 of us turning up on a cold and damp morning to run, jog or walk the two and a bit laps around the lake. To give some indication of the popularity of Hull parkrun, this is over 140 more than completed the second event in 2017. Increasing attendances inevitably means more volunteers are required – 21 high-viz heroes ensured we all got around safely, so do thank them: the events simply can’t take place without them.

Unfortunately four finish tokens are still missing in action. Numbers 221, 231, 292 and 564 never returned to base, so please look in pockets to see if you accidentally took one home. They are costly and difficult to replace, so please double check.

Of course St Knut’s day isn’t the only notable event of January 13th. In 1888, the National Geographic Society was founded, and in 1957 the Frisbee was launched. Way back in 1785, the very first issue of The Times was published, and with that tenuous link, let’s have a look at this week’s times:

First over the line in 16:52 was David BALL, with the first female, Lisa SKINNER, crossing in 20:24, and Daniel O’REILLY the first junior at 20:10, also bagging a PB to boot.

Milestone t-shirts went to….nobody! Remarkably, in a field of 584 runners, not a single person finished their 10th, 50th, 100th or 250th parkrun. Welcome to the 46 first timers, who are now on the road to earning those coveted t-shirts. I trust you enjoyed the morning, and hope to see you back next week.

PBs were achieved by 52 of you – so congratulations and very well done to you all, but a special mention to:

  • Jude BRADY, who finished in 27:24, beating a PB she’s held since November 2011
  • Rachael SHARP, down to 24:13
  • Martin GREENSIL, under 22 minutes for the first time, and 3 PBs in a row
  • Steph RICKETTS, under 28 minutes and knocked almost a minute and a half of her previous best
  • Andy A C TAYLOR, with his 5th PB in his last six runs
  • Sarah WEBSTER, under 30 minutes for the first time and over a minute improvement on her previous PB
  • Dovile ZEMRIETE, with four consecutive PBs

Most of us have probably set some resolutions, or aims for the coming year. Perhaps yours was to volunteer from time to time? We’re lucky at Hull to have a great team of volunteers, but could always do with more, so if you fancy volunteering yourself, why not give it a go? Click on the link on the email you get with your parkrun time, or alternatively email hullhelpers@parkrun.com.

Finally, do please keep quiet during the pre-run briefing. It’s for your safety, and the safety of others, and you’d save Dave bellowing QUIET!! at the top of his voice.



Event 412, 6th January 2018, by Claire Robinson

Happy New Year!

It’s the first Hull parkrun of the year, and lots of people must have resolved to come along to East Park for the first time, as we had a massive field of 540 runners.

After Gary ROBINSON’s previous run report which looked back over the last year, I thought it was time that Mystic Claire made some predictions for the year ahead.

Prediction 1: We’ll see over 600 runners. If we can get 540 on a drizzly morning in January, surely a nice sunny morning will bring out the crowds.

Prediction 2: The longstanding Hull parkrun course record, 14:46, set by Ian Kimpton in 2011, will finally be broken. We’ve had a couple of people (Harry POWELL and Baldvin MAGNUSSON) get near to it last year, so maybe 2018 will finally see a new record.  Who is up for the challenge?! (Don't look at me, I couldn't do the course that quick if I was in a car, let alone on foot).

Prediction 3: We’ll get a Hull parkrunner passing the 450 run mark. Nearest at the moment is John BAKER, at 404 runs, with Trevor ROSE snapping at his heels on 382 runs.

Prediction 4: Parkrun will introduce a “naughty step” for those talking during the all-important run briefing.  Please make sure you listen, everyone, and if anyone near you is talking, please ask them to shush. There are often things to mention that will keep you all safe – for example, issues about the conditions underfoot, or warnings of hazards on the course – so even if you’ve run hundreds of times (in fact, especially if you’ve run hundreds of times), you need to listen carefully.  Thank you.

Prediction 5: Photo-taker extraordinaire Farhat BAIG will get a call from Kim Kardashian asking for tips on how to take successful selfies.

Let’s see at the end of the year how accurate Mystic Claire’s predictions are.


This week’s first finisher was a surprised and delighted Robert SMITH, in a time of 17:27. This was Robert’s first experience of Hull’s flat and fast course, although he has run 272 parkruns in total, with his home event being Brockwell, Herne Hill.  Robert is also a frequent volunteer, with run reports being his speciality.

Steve MASON came home in second, only nine seconds behind Robert. Steve really is a consistent runner, with his last three runs being: 17:36, 17:36, 17:37.  Remarkably similar times from Steve

Third place went to Paul WASS, in 18:06. Paul has only run eight times in East Park, but he’s a regular at Peter Pan parkrun on the other side of the city.

First woman over the line was Vicky GODFREY, in 21:23, on her 261st run.  When she first started parkrunning back in 2012 her time was just over 30 minutes, so if you’re new to parkrun and are running around the 30 minute mark, look to Vicky for inspiration – in a few years, you could be the fastest female in the pack!

Second lady was Sara ROOKYARD, just nine seconds behind Vicky in 21:32, on her 161st run.

Third woman was relative newcomer (compared to Vicky and Sara) Emily WIX, in 22.42. This was her 21st parkrun, and her 18th run at Hull.

New age category record

We have a new age-category record, with Doreen RAINES running a time of 37:43 to set a new record time for women aged 75-79. Well done, Doreen, fantastic effort!


Three people qualified for their red ‘50’ t-shirts this week.

Sarah CARTER has run at nine different parkruns across the country, but the majority of her 50 runs have been at her home event of Hull. Her best anywhere time of 25:14 was achieved here.

Paul WASS celebrated his 50th run with a spot on the virtual podium.  He has run at nearly 20 different events, and he’s never been out of the top 10 when running at Hull.  He also has an excellent age graded score of over 80%.

Patryk SEMIK has run nearly all of his 50 parkruns at Hull, with his PB of 38:53 gained just last month. He’s still improving, with three PBs achieved since the start of October.


Liam GUEST normally runs at Whitley Bay, and made his first visit to Hull today.

Una O’Kane joined us from Princes parkrun in Liverpool.

Kieran JOY can normally be found at South Manchester parkrun, but made his maiden run at Hull today.


Congratulations to all those who started the year as they meant to go on with new PBs. Some of the PBs that stood out are:

Eunice SMITH, who got a second PB in a row, now reaching 29:29.

Martin GREENSILL took a whole second off his PB to get to 22:06.

Paul SELLENS could soon go sub-19, as he’s now at 19:12.

John GILL got his first ever PB since he started parkrunning in 2016.

Christine KEENAN achieved her fourth PB since October, knocking nearly four minutes off her time!

Craig REED now has a PB of 26:11, and his best ever placing in a parkrun.


Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out this week, especially to Gill and Adrian who did a lot of work to sort out the results. One of the scanners “lost its beep”, and parkrun stopwatches only record up to 500 times, so when we have more than 500 runners there is a lot of hard work during and after the run to match up multiple timers and try to get an accurate set of results.  Gill and Adrian put in hours of effort to sort it out, manually inputting hundreds of times, so thanks for your patience in waiting a little longer for the results to appear.

Volunteers this week were:

Adrian PARKER, Alexia MORGAN, Carrie MURPHY, Chris AYER, Claire ROBINSON, Diane MAWER, Farhat BAIG, Gill TREMERE, Graham HALL, Gwen RODMELL, Jenny ROSE, Jo VINCE, John BAKER, Keith CONKERTON, Lisa GOODMAN, Paul TREMERE, Peter RODMELL, Phil HARLAND, Sophie ALDUS, Spike MORGAN, Steve CRONAN, Terry SMITH and Trevor ROSE.

January is always a busy time for Hull parkrun, as we get a surge of new runners coming along for the first time, which means we need extra marshalls and barcode scanners. If you’re an experienced parkrunner, and you’d like to give something back to parkrun, please email Gill at hullhelpers@parkrun.com to say which week you can help out.  Ideally, please get in touch by Wednesday before the run, as parkrun HQ need to know in advance that we have enough volunteers for the event to go ahead safely.  An additional benefit of volunteering is that you get to wrap up warm in a big thick coat, scarf, hat and gloves, rather than having to wear thin running gear!  Look forward to seeing some new volunteers this month.

Happy running.


Event 411, 30th December 2017, by Gary Robinson

Another One Bites the Dust

Event 411 was the final parkrun of an incredible 2017.
The frosty and icy conditions of the last few days gave way to a damp Saturday morning. The overnight rain had left some large puddles behind for us, especially that whopper on the lakeside path which made us choose between getting soaked when going through it, or getting muddy going round it. Happy days!

As always, Run Director Gill was busy with the preparations for our parkrun.
Gill also had an early morning run down to the finish area to check the conditions there and the decision was made that we would be finishing on the road this week, in order to avoid any slippery endings on the grass.

386 people rolled up, keen to work off the excesses of the festive period.
16 people ran their first ever parkrun (a New Year’s resolution perhaps?) and we had stacks of visitors:
Chris BELL is from Beeston, Vicky SCROWSTON was a long way from her Yeovil base, Alex CHARD mainly runs at Catton, David NIELD has ran at numerous places with Harrogate being the most frequent, while Stephen and Ben WILSON run at Sewerby.
Tracey COOL has ran at 31 different locations but seems to be based at Penrhyn, I’m going to guess that Tracey was with Gwyn WILLIAMS because there are many similarities in their running history.

Still on the subject of visitors...as the cafe was closed this week, a few of us had breakfast and drinks in the Lambwath pub, where we were pleased, if somewhat surprised, to meet up with Tom WILLIAMS (who is the Global Chief Operating Officer of parkrun, no less!), Jamie DILASSER and Lee STANLEY. We spent a while chatting, exchanging stories and generally agreeing how fantastic parkrun is.
For the record, Tom’s time was 20:04, Lee finished in 7th position with 17:58 and Jamie was 22nd in 20:13 – so, as you can see, none of them like to hang around for too long on a parkrun course!
All three said they found the course to their liking and assured us they’ll come back again sometime – please do, we are going to hold you to that, chaps!

Just squeezing in those important landmark runs before the year-end were juniors Jack FLINTOFT, Spencer ATKINSON and Alfie PALFRAMAN on 10 runs.
Thomas MAWER, Sam BROWN, Amy SISON, Michael ATKINSON and Annette HUNTER will soon be seeing red after reaching their 50s.
It’s 100 runs and a black t-shirt coming right up for Adam CARPENTER.
Congratulations to you all.

Henry BROCKLEHURST was the first person to finish in a time of 16:41, Barnaby WALKER was 10 seconds behind in 16:51 and David BALL secured third with his 17:04.
Megan WILSON made her 9th appearance at Hull and was our first lady home in 18:26 (12th overall) Grace ALLEN took second (28th overall) with 20:42 and Sara ROOKYARD finished third (37th overall) in a time of 21:59

29 of you got your hands on a new personal best at the last opportunity of the year.
Alex ALVINO went sub-20 with a fine 19:49 in his 46th run.
Jensen EMMERSON made it a hat-trick of PBs with his 25:53, Chris RANSOM ran 26:02 to take 31 precious seconds off and Paul STOREY, who visits the three runs in the Hull area, reduced his East Park best to 26:26.
Well done to Jacqueline HUGHES, who ran a super 27:18 and claimed her first PB since November 2012.
Eunice JORNA continued her recent good form and crossed the line in 29:45

Our tail walker, Vicky COE, did a sterling job and brought our parkrun year to a close as she crossed the line in 1 hour and two minutes. Thanks Vicky!

So, those were a few of the highlights of event 411.



Now, let’s rewind and look back at some of the memorable moments of 2017, a truly great year for Hull and Hull parkrun.

Hull began its reign as UK City of Culture with fireworks and the ‘Made in Hull’ celebrations, meanwhile a huge 250ft blade appeared in Queen Victoria square.
In East Park, we got 2017 up and running with Forrest Gump (a keen runner himself, of course) making an appearance at event 360
Angela HEARD-SHAW completed 100 runs and had many of us wiping away the tears as we listened in silence to her emotional speech about the help that is available to those who are battling with depression.
Reaching the Holy Grail of 250 parkruns during January were Nick SHAKESBY, Claire BELL and Carrie MURPHY.

Run number 367 on 25th February was rather eventful; heavy rain saw the return of permapuddle (Ah yes, remember him..?) who claimed a couple of victims that day. When puddles attack, they have to go and resurfacing works near the bridge meant our watery chum disappeared down the plug hole and was never to be seen again - Oh, and who remembers the ‘RIP permapuddle’ sign that appeared to bid it farewell? Did we ever discover who put it there?
Jan SUDDABY completed 250 runs and regular volunteering meant Dave MASKELL could claim his aubergine t-shirt.

Thousands of ceramic poppies cascaded down from the Maritime Museum.
Skirlaugh under-8 rugby team came and ran with us.
A double-Olympian, Anthony WHITEMAN, was our first finisher at event 368 - his time of 16:35 set a new record for the VM45-49 age group.
Hull parkrun showed its community spirit as we began raising funds for our own defibrillator. Donations from generous parkrunners poured in and we were able to purchase this piece of potentially life-saving equipment in next to no time. This is one piece of kit we will be happy never to use but it is reassuring to know it’s there if we ever do need it.

April began with our annual anniversary awards, with trophies being presented to the great and good of Hull parkrun; Claire ROBINSON was awarded volunteer of the year, Quintina DAVIES was the most improved runner and there were no surprises when the ever-present John BAKER collected the trophy for most runs during the year.
When parkrun tourist Charles GREEN visited us, we were the 238th different event on his hit-list. Crikey!
Consistent running meant Carole MacMAHON and Amy BARTON qualified for their green 250 t-shirts.
There was much excitement amongst younger runners as junior parkrun was launched in Hull on 30th April - a welcome new addition to the local parkrun portfolio.

It was a great morning for the JOPLING family, as Dallas, David and Phoebe all got PBs on the 5th of May.
620 runners turned up for event 379 on 20th May – it was to be our largest attendance of the year.
Also at event 379, East Hull Harriers filled up the volunteer roles, including a shedload of red-vested pacers that covered every time slot from 18 minutes to 31 minutes.
Visiting parkrunner Carl CROSS finished his 126th run in 6th place and duly became the 10,000th person to complete our parkrun.

Paul reflected on age-grades in his write-up of event 382, where Ruth MORLEY smashed the VW65-69 record with 23:35 (87.28%)
Hull regulars Kristina and Mark GADIE would have to learn the new skill of navigating parkruns while piloting a buggy after proudly announcing the arrival of baby Jenson.
Our small team of run report writers were suffering severe symptoms of writers-block when along came Sophie ALDUS to save the day with the first of her excellent reports, featuring Hull’s ‘Yellow Day’

Brenda MACLEOD was our ever first ‘tail-walker’, after this volunteer role was renamed to become more inclusive with the aim of attracting more people to parkrun.
Brothers George and Oliver BURNETT both got new PBs at run number 386
Julie BARKER clocked up her 250.
Youngsters featured strongly at event 389, where James CHALLEN, Ashley JACKETTS, Harvey SOUTHCOAT and Elliot ATKINSON all got new fastest times.

The Humber Street Sesh returned in the first weekend of August.
Adrian PARKER kept himself busy at event 391 – firstly, Adrian completed his parkrun in exactly 20 minutes, before donning his hi-viz to carry out his usual volunteer roles of funnel manager, backup timer and number checker. The man is a legend!
Bernard CHILD set a new age-grade record for VM70-74 of 22:36. Wow!
Chloe WILSON and Barry COOPER chalked up 250 runs.

City of Culture celebrations continued as the Royal Ballet officially reopened Hull New Theatre, meanwhile a combined total of 2371 people pirouetted and tippy-toed their way through the 5 Hull parkruns that month.
Claire HUGHES is another welcome new recruit to our run report writing team and quickly showed that she has a talent for this kind of thing - Claire’s impressive first report featured parkrunners who took part in the Hull marathon, which was won by East Park regular Ben SADOWYJ.
Alan SMITH racked up his 250th run and Shirley OGLESBY ran 22:56 to set a mind-blowing new age-grade record of 89.75% for VW65-69.

It was international parkrun Day on 7st October, when we celebrated the start of the parkrun movement 13 years ago.
Vicky GODFREY got a new PB in her 250th run.
It was our 400th event on 14th October and soldiers from the 4th Yorkshire Regiment grabbed our ‘Atten-shun!’ when they came along.
The NORMANs (the parkrunning family and not the invaders from the middle ages) were in the news as Josh (358 runs), Andy (330) and Cheryl (312) completed 1000 runs between them.
Mike SALVIDGE made it to 250, while Ken UPSHALL and Sophie ALDUS were rewarded with purple t-shirts after volunteering on 25 separate occasions.

Pete BARNARD juggled his way round the course.
Jane TEW gave us a tourists perspective of Hull parkrun with her run report on 18th November.
Batman and a miniature Harley Quinn appeared at event 406. Apparently, Batman had to dash straight off after the run for his dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner….

Keith JACKSON made an excellent debut as a run report writer.
There were scorch marks on the tarmac after Harry POWELL sped round the course in 14:56 at event 408, only 10 seconds adrift of Ian KIMPTON’S course record of 14:46.
There was a very rare occurrence on 16th December – a Saturday without a parkrun in East Park, when the icy conditions meant we had to cancel an event for the first time in our history, but safety must always come first folks.
The following Saturday, 23rd December was our Santa run, with many people dressing up in festive hats and costumes. Dave CRACKNELL ‘branched out’ and turned up as a Christmas tree.
Karl ROLSTONE reached his 250 and John BAKER became the first Hull parkrunner to make it to 400 runs.
341 people ran on Christmas morning.

And finally..

Heroes of the year – all our volunteers, of course! 203 different people made Hull parkrun possible during 2017.
A little known fact is that most weeks, Keith CONKERTON helps to set up the finish area, then returns home for some family duties before coming back again to do his parkrun. Keith personifies the kind of volunteers that we are so lucky to have.

Keeper of the Peace 2017David GINGELL, for the occasional “QUIET!!!!!...

Selfie-taker of the year – Mmmn, let me think, erm…who else but Farhat BAIG.
Farhat has added a new dimension to recording our fun and probably covers more distance taking photos of everyone/everything than he does parkrunning. Thank you Farhat!

Witty comment of the year – when I volunteered as a number checker, I asked Paul TREMERE if he was wearing a watch and knew what time he’d just ran. As quick as a flash Paul replied “I don’t need a watch to know my time, I need a calendar!”

That’s about it from 2017.

Happy New Year and see you in 2018


Fairytale of East Park


Hull parkrun
Event number 410
25th December 2017

What better way to start Christmas Day, than to have an excuse to get a bonus 5k run with friends around East Park? An incredible 341 of us took the opportunity, which far outweighed the estimates guessed at before the race, with several going for a hundred or so, while the experienced John BAKER came closest with his ‘upwards of 250’ punt.

I’m sure many of us actually had a much earlier, but dare I say, just as exciting real start to the day, with the present opening children in the very early hours and I hope everyone has had a happy and rewarding time.

Paul delivered his usual opening address, with added festive spirit to warm us up for the start and called on our milestone achievers to make themselves known and receive their deserved applause from fellow parkrunners. This Christmas Day we had Harriet COBB representing the Junior 10’s, while Emily PATTISON and Luke BARNES both reached 50 and Lisa DOUGLAS and Richard WILSON made it to 100. Just Emily and Lisa were brave enough (or was that cajoled enough) to stand in front of the crowd (and Farhat’s camera) to have their moments recognised.

Leading the pack this special parkrun day were the following:

For the lads, Mike TANNER (15:25), Henry BROCKLEHURST (16:38) and a Santa suited Gregan CLARKSON (17:01). Mike and Henry both scoring Christmas parkrun PB’s

For the lasses, Sophie LEE (19:48) Bethan ASHMEAD LATHAM (21:33) and Debbie JACKETTS (23:14) were our top three.

This week 341 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 30 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 42 different clubs took part.

As is often noted on these pages, the more parkruns you do, the more elusive the PB’s tend to be, at least that is after the initial burst of improvement that most of us are rewarded with for our efforts. This week there were seven athletes still improving with over 100 runs under their belts, these being Jane HORNBY (154 runs), Steve LONGNEY (124), Roisin GORRY (120), David BIRKIN (114), Ali CARTER (109), David MONAGHAN (103) and John ESCRITT (101).

This seasonal event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Gillian May TREMERE • Paul TREMERE • David GOWANS • John S BAKER • Diane MAWER • Trevor ROSE • Keith CONKERTON • Kelvin ECCLES • David GRAY • Terence William PARKER • Pam ATKINS • Andrew SHAW • Angela HEARD-SHAW • Adrian PARKER • Chris AYER • Jo VINCE • Steve CRONAN • Tina MAUNOURY • Sophie ALDUS • Megan STONEHOUSE

There is a fine selection of photographs kindly taken by Dave GOWANS on the Hull parkrun Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hullparkrun/ and Dave is always happy for people to tag and share photo’s as they wish, so please feel free to do so.

After the run there was the usual friendly chatting, but this time with the added excitement of the secret Santa for those that brought presents to exchange, I am actually enjoying my gift of posh choccy biccies as I write this report and I hope whoever got my tub of Roses is happily tucking into them. There were also a few drinks and Christmas snacks exchanged as has become the tradition at the car park before going back home to our respective families.

That’s all folks

Keep on Runnin’

Keith Konk

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