Run Report for Event 452 by Rebecca and Mark Fox

Hull parkrun event number 452 saw 462 runners, walkers and conker hunters (best not to ask) getting blown around the lake on a surprisingly warm October morning.  Thankfully with not too much tree debris underfoot!  Nathan, fleet-footed as ever, led the charge for the men, Emily WIX for the ladies, and Ashley JACKETTS for the juniors.  Dave PENSON, Neil DIXON and Peter BOOTH all achieved their 50 milestones. While Vince McGOWAN and Tracey PARKER each ran their 250th parkrun. Congratulations to all of you on your achievements!

 31 runners experienced the windswept vista of East Park for the first time, 11 of which were tourists from as far afield as Dundee, Newcastle, Liverpool, Dudley and Sheffield, and as close to home as Humber Bridge.  A special mention must go to Pauline WOODHALL of the intriguingly named UK Mudd Queens, who has clocked up 31 parkruns at impressive 21 different locations!

Whilst some participants found it tough going running into the wind, there were a fantastic 44 new PBs achieved, taking the total number of PBs achieved at Hull parkrun to over 25,000!  Most notable was by Stuart BUCHANAN with 19:42, Warwick ANDERSON with 20:19; John Leslie MURPHY with 20:51 (so much for not fancying the unfavourable weather conditions John!); John WALKER has been chasing a new PB for a while and today was the day with 21:11; Adam TAYLOR, just squeaking in under 25 minutes with 24:58; Rachel WADE with 25:20; Cerne FELSTEAD with 25:28; Liz WEIGHELL, comfortably coming in under 31 minutes with 30:55 and Anthea BAINES with 41:00. Well done to all of you recording your fastest time today.

Parkrun can only happen every Saturday thanks to those 'Hi-Viz heroes' who give up a bit of their precious free time each week to enable the event to go ahead. We are, as always, infinitely grateful to the 28 volunteers who made event 452 happen. Massive thanks to; Sophie ALDUS, Shaun ATKINSON, Michael BAGGOTT, John S BAKER, Vicky COE, Keith CONKERTON, Anj DAUBS, Christian Rees DAVIES, Quintina DAVIES, Beverley FAIRBURN, Rebecca FOX, Mark FOX, Billy FOX, Sarah GREENLEY, Graham HALL, Leanne HALL, Keith JACKSON, Diane MAWER, Carrie Ann MURPHY, Adrian PARKER, Claire ROBINSON, Jenny ROSE, Trevor ROSE, Mike SHARP, Paul TREMERE, Gillian May TREMERE, Jo VINCE, Alan Stanley WILSON.

Curious about volunteering but don't want to miss out on a run? There are plenty of roles that you could do... Early birds can help with pre-event set up or brief the first timers. If you're one of the front runners, you could join the scanners or lend a hand with managing the funnel (we'll let you recover and stretch off first!).  If you invariably hang around 'til the tail walker comes in, you could help with post-event close down and equipment storage.  We might even let you pull the trolley!  If you enjoy going to the café for a post-run cuppa, please consider volunteering to sort the tokens or process the results. Got an event on a Sunday and want to take it easy at parkrun?  Tail walk!  Good at keeping an even pace and encouraging others? Give pacing a go.  Reading this and think you could do a better job?? You can even volunteer to write the run report!  Perhaps there is a member of your family or a friend who always comes along to support you on a Saturday morning? Maybe they'd like to support the other 400+ parkrunners too.  We're always in need of lovely people to hand out finish tokens, scan, timekeep and be a marshal.  Please, please, PLEASE consider volunteering.  We're a very friendly bunch, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of the roles. Training is all on-the-job.  And when you get to 25 volunteer credits, you qualify for a phenomenal purple parkrun T-shirt!  If you try it and find volunteering is not for you, you can walk away, head held high in the knowledge that at least you tried it. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised and find that you absolutely love it!

And lastly, but certainly not least, tokens 109 and 137 have gone awol.  Please check pockets and running belts!  We do need them back!!

See you at event 453.  Have a great week everyone.

Keeeeeeeep running!!

Rebecca and Mark Fox



Hull parkrun Event 451 Run Report by Sarah Greenley

Hull Fair Weather!

Hull parkrun
Event number 451
6th October 2018

Hull parkrun event number 451 appropriately saw “proper Hull Fair Weather”. Steady rain during set up and the season’s first transfer from a grass to “road finish” firmly convinced us that summer is well and truly over. Despite the weather, 410 people ran, jogged and walked the two- and a-bit times around the lake and animal enclosure today. Of these, 22 were first timers and an amazing 11 people decided to start their parkrun journey with their first ever parkrun today. I salute anyone who drew back the curtains and decided to run today but especially you!
Unfortunately, a couple of tokens went missing this week: if you find position tokens number 64 and 332 in a pocket this week, please bring them back!
Despite the rain (which seemed to ease off during the event, or maybe I was just used to it by then), 62 people recorded new Personal Best times at Hull. Perhaps they were inspired by the event being held on International parkrun Day: marking 14 years since the first event was held at Bushy Park in London on 2nd October 2004. On that day, five volunteers helped 13 runners in their 5k time trial. Today there are 1,650 parkrun events in 20 countries around the world with around 270,000 walkers, joggers and runners and volunteers each weekend. Hull parkrun has seen 12,527 participants in total since starting on 3rd April 2010.
Special thanks to our volunteers this week who braved the rain to ensure we ran today. It’s not easy to hand out finishing tokens when they stick together in wet weather, or deal with scanning equipment that doesn’t like the rain. Some volunteers don’t get to warm up with a trek around the parkrun course so a big thank you to all who made the event happen. Hopefully you’ve all dried out now:
Gillian May TREMERE • Paul TREMERE • Joan Marion FAREY • Chris SUMPTON • John S BAKER • Diane MAWER • Trevor ROSE • Keith CONKERTON • Jenny ROSE • Michael BAGGOTT • Claire ROBINSON • Tony PAYNE • Alan Stanley WILSON • Dave MASKELL • Adrian PARKER • Graham HALL • Chris AYER • Sarah GREENLEY • Steve CRONAN • Kalina MORRIS • Mike SHARP • Rebecca FOX • Mark FOX • Lee STONEHOUSE • Leanne HALL
First finishers this week were Nathan VEGAN in 17:07, Darren Robert EDGE in a new PB of 17:15 and Andrew John DEYES in 17:44. Female first finishers were Lauren TURNER in 22:12, Sam DRURY in a new PB of 22:33 and Stacy Ann FOXWORTHY in 22:58.
This week Lox SHANKS celebrated his 10th parkrun with his 4th PB in a row. Lox has run all his parkruns with in Hull.
Three parkrunners will soon be sporting those well-earned red 50 t-shirts after completing their 50th runs this week:
Eunice JORNA has run 49 of her 50 runs with us at Hull and started with us just over a year ago in September 2017, chipping away at her time with 18 PBs in that period.
Andrew TWEDDELL has also run 49 out of 50 parkruns in Hull. Andrew also started his parkrun journey in September 2017 and has celebrated 10 PBs since then.
Lynne WHITEHURST started her parkrun journey in 2013 and has run 48 of her 50 in Hull. Bagging 10 PBs along the way, Lynne is also a regular volunteer, taking the role of a Timekeeper 21 times in total.
No t-shirt for Julie BARKER’s 300th parkrun today but an impressive achievement all the same.
Congratulations to you all!
Visitors we welcomed this week included a group from Morley Running Club, Sian THOMAS who usually runs at Kingston, Joshua BELL, who joined us from London and Sam DUNN from Lincoln.

Of the 62 people who achieved a PB this week, here are a few that caught my eye:
Oliver BURNETT 18:34 on his 154th parkrun
David WAUGH 22:27 on his 107th
Quintina DAVIES 23:21 on her 145th
Darren Robert EDGE 17:15 on his 142nd
Tim GROVES 19:25 on his 196th
Adele LOWE sub 30 for first time on her 14th run
Rebecca FLEMING sub 29 on her 27th run
Looking back over the month of September with 5 possible Hull parkruns to take part in, a few names stood out for progress:
Angela DUNN ran all 5 parkruns in Hull in September and managed a PB in all of them, marking a monthly improvement of 1:19. Angela has achieved 22 PBs since her first parkrun in July 2017.
Charlotte JESNEY achieved 3 PBs in her 5 September parkruns, seeing a monthly reduction of 59 seconds on her PB. Charlotte has had 15 PBs since 2013.
Hel BIG achieved 4 PBs in her 5 September runs, seeing a monthly improvement of 1:23
Anj DAUBS managed 3 PBS in a row in September seeing a monthly improvement of 5:51
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hull parkrun Results Page.


Run Report for Event 450 by Keith Jackson

Having spent around three-quarters of my life living in the south-east of the country, I’m not 100% au fait with what ‘Hull Fair’ weather is. I know it’s something to do with being cold, dark, and damp, so we weren’t quite there on the crisp Saturday morning, but we’re well on the way. The leaves are beginning to fall and there is certainly a chill in the air, which to me, shows East Park off in its best light. Event number 450 saw 469 of us turn up to run, jog or walk the two and a bit laps around the lake, and included 27 first timers – 18 of whom ran their first ever parkrun - and visitors from Leeds and Swindon.
First over the line this week, marking his 50th parkrun in some style was Philip PELL, with Daniel CAIN and tourist from Milton Keynes Simon KIRSCHNER-HEAVENS rounding off the podium. Oliver DONKIN was the first junior, and bagged a PB, in 4th place overall, with Catriona WARD SELL the first female in 8th position overall. Ann LONG, who finished on exactly 27 minutes, took the prize for to highest age grade with 79.81%.
Lots of milestones this week, so let’s celebrate those who have achieved t-shirts: Dylan THOMAS (10 runs), Ann MATTHEWS, the aforementioned Philip PELL, Gary OADES, Samantha GRAHAM, Sarah Jane DAVISON, Janette FOX and Mark FOX (all 50), Ian BRIGNALL (100), and Rich NORTH (250). It was a double celebration for Rich as he also managed a PB. Well done all of you. A special mention (but alas no t-shirt) to Claire TANG on her 200th run, and Paul TREMERE who was too modest in the pre-run announcements to mention he was running his 350th.
The cooler temperatures helped 64 of you to a PB, so congratulations one and all. Some that caught my eye included Charlotte JESNEY who has managed four PB’s in her last six runs, an excellent achievement when you’ve ran at Hull parkrun 204 times. Quintina DAVIES ran a best time of 23:29 in her 144th parkrun, while Helen GAWTHORPE ran a best time of 24:45.  Catherine CREES came in under 25 minutes for the first time, while Daniel LITTLE broke the 29 minute mark. Terrific stuff.
There were 24 ‘unknowns’ this week, so a gentle reminder not to forget your barcode: no barcode, no time, no exceptions.
You may have noticed a course with a large number of inflatables set up in East Park. This was for the Gung Ho 5km assault course, which thankfully ran in perfect harmony with parkrun. Gung Ho travels around the country charging an eye watering amount to participate, whereas parkrun is completely free and we’re here every week. No doubt the entry fee for Gung Ho contributes towards the power, staffing, transport costs etc associated with such an event, but parkrun is free and remains free for all, but of course instead of paid staff we rely entirely on volunteers, so a big hand to those who helped out today: Michael BAGGOTT, Farhat BAIG, John S BAKER, Keith CONKERTON, Steve CRONAN, Billy FOX, Rebecca FOX, Mark FOX, Lisa GOODMAN, Sarah GREENLEY, Leanne HALL, Keith JACKSON, Diane MAWER, Adrian PARKER, Steven POULSOM, Claire ROBINSON, Trevor ROSE, Jenny ROSE, David RUSSELL, Mike SHARP, Gillian May TREMERE, Stuart WHITTINGHAM.
Fancy giving any of the volunteer roles a go yourself? The roster for the next few weeks is on the website at or email .
Finally, a gentle reminder that we don’t have exclusive use of the park for our Saturday get togethers. It was noted by a marshal that a few people were cutting the corner just past the splash boat, which at one point almost resulted in a collision between a runner and a dog walker. Please look out and be respectful for other users of East Park.
Enjoy your running,
Keith Jackson


Hull parkrun News Report for Event 449 by Martin Greensill

Hull parkrun -  Event 449, 22nd September 2018,  by Martin Greensill
With the recent stormy weather having passed through, it was a dry, cloudy and cool morning at East Park as 476 people ran, jogged and walked our scenic course, of whom 52 were first timers and 54 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.
First-time visitor numbers were surely boosted by those people taking part in the Hull Marathon on Sunday, Sept 23. First timers included Daren and Deborah Parris, both of whom have participated over 100 times at Whitstable parkrun in Kent; and Graham and Sylvia Crump, who both attended over 90 events at Little Stoke, the former parkrun near Bristol which closed in 2016. There were also six visitors from Eye Community Runners, a club based in the village of Eye, near Peterborough. We hope you all enjoyed the East Park experience and look forward to seeing you again.
The event was made possible by 33 volunteers:
Gillian May TREMERE  Paul TREMERE  John S BAKER  Frank HARRISON  Diane MAWER  Gary ROBINSON  David WALMSLEY SENIOR  Ken UPSHALL  Trevor ROSE  David RUSSELL  Jed HOLDEN  Keith CONKERTON  Jenny ROSE  Kelvin ECCLES  Michael BAGGOTT  Angela HEARD-SHAW  Nathan COBB  Alan Stanley WILSON  Elizabeth Katherine SHAW  Adrian PARKER  David GINGELL  Lisa GOODMAN  Martin GREENSILL  Vicky COE  Farhat BAIG  Terry SMITH  Kalina MORRIS  Rebecca FOX  Mark FOX  Billy FOX  Leanne HALL  Elisabeth LAMB  Louise VIETEN
Leading Lights
Male placings:
Thomas RAMSAY (SM25-29) Unattached was first over the line in 17:49
Stephen JONES (VM35-39) Unattached was second in 17:57
Sean THOMPSON (VM35-39) Unattached was third in 18:06
Female placings:
Vicky GODFREY (VW40-44) of East Hull Harriers & AC was first over the line in 21:27 (34th overall)
Deborah PARRIS (VW50-54) of Canterbury Harriers was second in 21:30 (35th overall)
Leanne MATTHEWS (VW35-39) Unattached was third in 23:01 (63rd overall).
The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Kevin NEWMAN (VM60-64) was graded 87.32 % for the time 18:23 (7th overall)
Mick PAGE (VM65-69) was graded 84.40 % for the time 19:52 (19th overall)
Ann LONG (VW65-69) was graded 78.46 % for the time 27:28 (228th overall)
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hull parkrun Results Page.
Milestone Markers
Official milestones were achieved by junior Harvey WEATHERILL (10), Caron ADAMSON, Tracy HUNTER, Carl SANDERS, Ashley TONG (all 50) and Christian Rees DAVIES (250). Christian began his parkrun journey in Sept 2013 and 161 of his 250 runs have been at Hull, where he set his PB of 20:31 in 2014. He has also visited 30 other parkruns, 27 in the UK and three in Poland.
Record Breakers
Well done to all 54 of you who achieved a Personal Best. Here are just some of the highlights:
Near the head of the field, Andrew VIGGARS' overall PB (18:23) resulted in his first 70% age grading and an excellent fifth-place finish, five spots ahead of Mike SHARP, whose 19:17 is also his best anywhere. Both men have run at several other venues but seem to produce their best form at East Park.
John PRITCHETT, in 11th place, achieved his fourth sub-20 this month and a second PB in a row (19:28), while Nick CARY, who usually attends Clumber Park parkrun in Nottinghamshire, secured an overall PB (19:38) on only his second appearance at Hull.
Stuart ESKRETT was another to achieve his first 70% age grading (for 21:31), while Steve CAVANAUGH chalked up his fourth consecutive PB (22.09), the most recent two being set this month and the first two back in 2011.
Lee PEARSON smashed his previous best (24:43) by 70 seconds with 23:33, while Tracy HUNTER marked her 50th run with a shiny new PB (24:34) and Rob CHARLTON achieved a first sub-25 clocking on his 40th (24:58).
Joanne HEMSWORTH gained her second consecutive PB to go sub-29 for the first time (28:52), while Hel BIG recorded a third PB in a row (29:13) and her seventh in nine outings.
Stephanie COOK made it four PBs in a row (36:11), while Anj DAUBS notched her second consecutive PB (42:55) and has now improved by nearly six minutes since her parkrun debut here only two months ago (48:40 on July 21).
Last but not least, it's always good to see juniors making progress and the following had their efforts rewarded with PBs: Adam TAYLOR (25:02), Lox SHANKS (26:43), Indie PROUDLOVE (28:18), Mia TATE (30:19), Georgina BAGULEY (31:55) and Adrian FOULDS (41:50).
Hi-Viz Heroes
We always need volunteers to ensure our parkrun goes ahead. If you fancy helping out, then please click on the link in the email you get with your result, or email There are a variety of roles available and not all of them, such as pacing, mean having to give up your run.
Finally, token number 69 went missing, so please check you didn't take it home by mistake.
Until next week. Mind how you go and enjoy your running, jogging or walking.

Gdansk 2018, by Keith Conkerton

Gdansk 2018


Our now annual trip to Poland brought us to the port and resort of Gdansk, a place steeped in history and with plenty of bars full of the hospitality that we have become accustomed to.
Being the fine bunch of athletes that we are, one parkrun wasn’t enough and so it was that we planned to take the short train journey up to Gdynia on Friday, to run the course of Polands first ever parkrun as a “freedom run”.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, or more accurately, lack of self control, some of us had to do this with no sleep after the draw of Polish hospitality and the fine logistical planning of an all night bar situated right next to our hotel, meant that our visit for a swift couple before bed, turned into a new PB of sorts. Finally getting to bed for a well earned rest, not at an amateurish 5 in the morning, but a very impressive (in my book) 5 in the afternoon.
Back to Gdynia, the parkrun course takes you along the sea front, which on a very hot September day (24°C) had drawn out plenty of locals to the picturesque white sandy beach. Having lack of sleep and in some cases no sleep, certainly didn’t prevent the usual quips and laughs as we ambled along trying to find the starting point of this out and back course. Having settled for a start point (unusually for Polish parkruns, there was little permanent evidence of where the official start and end point was), we set off gently and stayed together at a nice pleasant pace until our watches told us it was 5k then decided it was coffee time. Walking through an impromptu film set, we all observed the requests for silence, except Paul, who hadn’t noticed this and asked at full volume if we needed to be quiet.
We found ourselves at a nice beach café, where the relaxed chatter in the hot sun was suddenly disturbed by the startling sound of gun fire and explosion, which awakened our alcohol numbed senses, until we remembered the film set, phew. Back to relax mode. We made our way to the train station for our return journey to Gdansk. Mark took the opportunity to grab a quick McDonalds as we had 20 minutes to spare, this turned out to be the slowest fast food ever, as he got some unplanned running practice in, eventually chasing down the platform to catch us, with his un-started breakfast in his hands as the train pulled in.
On returning to Gdansk we split up, those that had had some sleep wandering around the impressive town, those that had no sleep, taking a well-earned couple of hours Nana nap, before we met up again for our evening meal. The majority went for the speciality soup in a bread bowl, to set us up for one of the best steaks we’d ever tasted. Then it was back to the bars for a steady few refreshers while we waited for the arrival of Jan and Craig who were joining us on the Friday night, 24 hours after we landed, but we seemed to have already packed in a weeks’ worth of entertainment.
Saturday morning started with a light breakfast kindly put on earlier for us by the hotel, then an unusually expensive taxi ride to Park Ronald Reagana, in the equally unusual rain. As we huddled under whatever shelter we could find in the playground, we watched as the Polish locals started to turn up, as ever we were greeted with friendly handshakes and hugs and I’m always surprised how many of the Poles speak fluent English, they really put us to shame with their multi-linguistics. The announcements were made, to the sound of barking dogs and (very unusually) chattering, that almost rivalled Hull parkrun in its ability to discourteously drown out the announcer. Nevertheless, we were soon on our way, with a quite difficult wet sandy opening couple of hundred yards, before the more palatable cycle/footpaths that made up the majority of the route. The course is a two lap circuit with steady gradients rather than climbs, but with our excesses of the previous 36 hours it did seem disproportionately tough. Mark was first Hull parkrunner home with a swift 19:50, while Jan had the top age grade honour in 70.16% I was happy to be second Hull runner to finish in a time of 22:46. After the run there was a walk around the park and onto the adjacent beach, before heading back into Gdansk, where we had time to shower and change before the alcoholic onslaught continued (well the majority did go to the exceptional Second World War museum, but each to their own). Needless to say food and drink aplenty was still to be had before a more quiet and contemplative Sunday was spent with a river cruise, which culminated in a very informative trip to Westerplatte, which is the site of the first shots fired in WWII.
In summary the trip was filled with plenty of sun and fun accompanied by educational visits, healthy exercise, excellent food, excessive alcohol, late nights, non-existent mornings and most importantly friendship and laughter.





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