Event 439, 14th July 2018, by the parkwriter

It's Love Parks Week!

(it started in a park)

Keep Britain Tidy, are encouraging everyone to visit their local park or green space this week and celebrate all the amazing things that ‘started in a park’. Their website tells us that most people have fantastic memories that started in a park – whether it’s flying a kite with granddad, time spent with friends, teaching our children to cycle, or a hundred and one other things. They say that “Parks, bring people together”.
I think that we can add parkrun to the list. It's probably the most amazing thing that started in a park and it certainly brings people together.


People have been coming together in Hull's East Park at 9 o'clock on Saturday mornings since April 2010. David Walmsley first showed up soon afterwards, on 26th June, this week was his 384th appearance, which together with 16 runs elsewhere gives him 400 parkruns. He is only the fourth parkrunner from Hull to pass this landmark, a fine achievement. Pam Gladwin, reached 300 runs, 287 of them in East Park, dating back to September 2012. The distinctive green T-shirt for 250 runs goes to Paul Ream. Paul first ran in March 2013 and soon began to reduce his times, becoming our most improved parkrunner for 2014. Yvonne Ward recorded her 50th run, with 48 of them in East Park, since June 2016. It has taken David Anderson a little while longer to reach the 50 run mark, he began in July 2010, running exclusively in East Park. Octogenarian Ben Moody is one of the 22 people who began their parkrun journeys this week. Remember that the second run is probably the hardest and that you will always be very welcome.
Not only is East Park a Saturday meeting place for local parkrunners, but a destination for a welcome band of visiting tourists.
At least three of them marked their visits by recording “best anywhere times”. Gaynor Kitchen usually runs at Sewerby, 30:26 is her best by 49 seconds. Paul Thompson from Halifax, beat his previous best by 47 seconds. It was a massive reduction of 1:21 for Daniel Campion from York.
Leigh Martin's home run is Cannon Hill, Birmingham, he has also run at Hega in Stockholm.
Daniel Whatmough runs at Heaton, north of Manchester. Charlotte Cait made her first parkrun at Peacehaven, near Newhaven last week, 133 of Tim Fox's 151 runs are made in Scunthorpe. Andrea Thompson comes from Goole and John Ward raced in from Pontefract. Richard Palmer has made 159 of his 162 runs at the spirtual home of parkrun in Bushy. This was his second visit to East Park. Barbara Lewandowski of Ealing Eagles, has 169 parkruns to her name, 101 in Bedford and 62 at Gunnersby in Ealing. (I know where Gunnersby parkrun is, because I've run there).



Ealing Eagles, what a great name for a running club! Noticed that Lee Murrell is a member of Lonely Goat, hope he is happy running with the masses on Saturdays. This prompted a quick search for more evocative club titles. Two members of 100% me have totally completed 5 Hull parkruns. Then there have been Dashers from both Darwin and Datchet. A further two runners have represented Massey Ferguson RC. Do you remember when most large companies had their own sports clubs? Fenner's Flyers springs to mind alongside several others, but I would really like to join Friends that Run.Altogether 522 different running clubs / organisations have joined in Hull parkrun. Unsurprisingly East Hull Harriers lead the way with 268 members completing 19,384 runs. Rather surprisingly, Fit Mums and Friends are next in line with, 250 members having run 4,931 times.
The impact of regular exercise on improving health and fitness is well documented, non more so than in the parkrun results page where some remarkable improvements in 5K times are recorded. Susan Chapman only began parkrunning on 9th June, her 5 runs have seen her time reduce 6 mins 17 secs. Sean Winship has achieved 10 PBs in 18 runs, this week's reduction of 14 seconds made it 6 mins 13 secs overall. Erika and Mark Spight both made their first runs on 5th May. Erika's time is now 6 mins 56 secs faster, whilst Mark is 8 mins 1 sec quicker, with a massive improvement of 1 min 29 secs this week. Junior parkrunners George Morris and Teo Ema, both recorded their best times. George 40 secs quicker at 30;32 and Teo a considerable 1 min 20 secs to the better at 22:08. Sharon Chen has managed 7 PBs in 14 runs, the latest by 14 seconds, down to 26:56. It took Mike Lockwood over a year to improve his parkrun time, then like the proverbial bus, 4 PBs came along in his last 5 runs. This week's improvement of 12 seconds gave a new best of 21:03. Perseverance paid off!. Mark Wannan made his first run back in July 2011, his last PB was in August 2013. Celebrations this week due to a precious 2 second decrease down to 23:39. Andrew Conlon's PB of 28:49 represented an improvement of 7 seconds, his best in just over a year. Katie Wright recorded dead on 24 minutes her best by a hard earned 1 min 14 secs.
Special congratulations are due to wheelchair athlete Georgina Lord, who reduced her time by 1 min 13 secs to 18:34, the best ever recorded in East Park by a wheelchair user.


Just for the record, 515 parkruns took place in the UK with 117928 runners in attendance, supported by 10493 volunteers. Just one new parkrun was added to the list, Dinton Pastures near Reading. 166 turned up, but tourists outnumbered beginners by the tune of 161 to 5.



Run Report for Hull parkrun event 438 by Sarah Greenley

Run Report for Hull parkrun Event 438 by Sarah Greenley

Hull parkrun run report for Event 438, 7th July 2018

The number of people running, jogging and walking around the lake and animal centre dipped just below 500 for the first time since March 2018 but 499 people completed the 438th Hull parkrun this week, taking part in their very own Super Sporting Weekend alongside World Cup Quarter Finals, the Grand Depart of the Tour de France, Wimbledon and British Grand Prix. 46 people were first time visitors to East Park with 17 parkrunners taking part in their very first parkrun anywhere.

First finishers this week were first timers Aedan ROGERS in 16:23 and Patrick GARDINER in 16:57 followed by Rachel ROBINSON in 17:04. Gary COUZENS finished as third fastest male in 17:32, Sara ROOKYARD as second female in 21:14 with Lesley CONNORS just behind in 21:25.

Visitors this week included Zoe BRENTANO-MURPHY who usually runs at Bronberrik parkrun in South Africa, Jannette PETITJEAN who has mostly run at Bolton and Mary PATON who has most recently run at Kawana in Australia.

Three position tokens went walkabout this week so if you find numbers 78, 103 and 197 please let us know and ideally bring them back next week.

Hull parkrun relies on volunteers and with the large numbers attending every week you would perhaps assume there's a steady stream of people willing to occasionally give up their weekly run to fulfil one of the core volunteer tasks to ensure parkrunners make their way around the course safely and receive a finishing time a few hours later. Unfortunately this is not always the case and this week for example, because of the gaps still on the volunteer roster Peter Rodmell kindly gave up his run to act as a Timekeeper at very short notice. Maybe you've been thinking of volunteering but are not sure what it involves? Maybe this week's run during a heatwave made you wonder whether it would have been more enjoyable to hand out tokens for a change instead of taking one? Why not opt in to the volunteer email list (if you open a recent results email you will see a link) to learn of weekly opportunities and please take a look at the future roster at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hull/futureroster/ to see why the hours before a parkrun can be an anxious time. Volunteering does not always mean not running – there are plenty of roles where you can do both. Here are this week's 26 "hi-viz heroes":

Adrian PARKER  •  Becky LUCAS  •  Chris SUMPTON  •  Chris WILES  •  Diane MAWER  •  Farhat BAIG  •  Gillian May TREMERE  •  Graham HALL  •  Gregan CLARKSON  •  Gwen RODMELL  •  Jenny ROSE  •  John S BAKER  •  Kalina MORRIS  •  Keith JACKSON  •  Kelvin ECCLES  •  Leanne HALL  •  Mark GADIE  •  Mike R COOPER  •  Nathan COBB  •  Pamela MAUNSELL  •  Peter RODMELL  •  Sarah GREENLEY  •  Stephen PEACOCK  •  Tracey REES  •  Trevor ROSE  •  Vicky COE

4 people joined the parkrun 50 club today. John WALKER started parkrunning in February 2014 and has run 49 of his 50 runs with us at East Park. I'm reliably informed that Freddie JORNA is only six years old but has run 42 junior parkruns as well as his 50 parkruns in total since starting his parkrunning journey in February 2017. Rohan BUCKLEY started in Inverness back in 2015 but since then has run around half of his 50 parkruns with us in Hull. James CHALLEN, who runs in the JM11-14 age category has run every one of his 50 runs with us at East Park since starting in September 2016. Paul WILKINSON joined the 100 club today, running with us at Hull 95% of the time since March 2016. No official milestone t-shirts for Jen WALKER on her 150th run, Mike R COOPER and Val GARDNER on their 200th run and Keith GADIE on his 300th run but congratulations to you all!

Congratulations to anyone who managed to run near their best in the heat today but 50 of you somehow managed it. As well as achieving the highest age grade this week at 86.72%, Rachel ROBINSON's PB of 17:04 broke her own age course record for SW 25-29, slicing 4 seconds off her previous best in June. The Overall Women's record of 16:56 was set by Katie CLARK on 31st December 2011.

Other PBs to catch my eye were:

Mike LOCKWOOD at 21:15 has been chipping away at his PB for the last few weeks

Adam THOMPSON at 22:34 shaved 2 seconds off his previous PB set in February 2015

Lee MURRELL with a new PB of 23:27 on his 106th run

Andy NAYLOR who normally runs at Peter Pan parkrun finished in position 100 with a new best anywhere PB of 23:57

Rob JEWITT went sub 33 minutes for the first time with a new PB of 32:51:00

Ebonni PATTISON with a best anywhere run of 26:53:00, her first time under 27 minutes

Other finishing times and position numbers to note were Anthony COYLE who finished in position number 21 on his 21st run. Colin ATKINSON finished in exactly 30:00 in position 300 with a new PB.

Next week's parkrun will be on the eve of the World Cup Final – see you then!


Event 437, 30th June 2017, by the parkwriter



Saturday, 9 am parkrun begins
Wednesday 9 pm preparation begins


Usually parkrun life is smooth and stress free. Occasionally it throws up challenges. Sometimes these are swiftly resolved, sometimes they are not. Sometimes its equipment failure, sometimes its human error, sometimes its both. I'll let you guess about this week's situation.
My own thoughts are that everyone (513 parkrunners, supported by 27 volunteers on Saturday) can contribute a little more to making life that little bit easier.
Runners, follow the parkrun code, cooperate by remembering your barcode, don't take your finish token home and above all listen to the pre-run announcements.
Volunteers look at the volunteer roster during the week and please register by Wednesday. Being without a timer / scanner / funnel manager / etc on Friday evening and hoping that someone will turn up to fill the role at 8:30 on Saturday is nerve racking to say the least.
Hi Vis volunteers are visible, but what about the invisible roles? Keeping our social media pages up to date, volunteer coordination, token sorting, results processing, etc, can be swift and easy, but then again …….
If you think this is a cry for more help …… you are right !
The 100th finisher next week, will have completed the 145,000 parkrun in East Park, 837 volunteers have made this possible.

Well done to this week's achievers, wear your T-shirt with pride … when it arrives.
A very special day for the McDonalds with both Neil and Jessica celebrating their 50th run, together with Isaac on 10. Michael's 10th run will not earn him a T-shirt, but he also deserves a mention for keeping Isaac at arms length. Not sure how many generations of McDonalds this incudes, but its a fine example of family participation in a great community event.
Chris and Harry Knee provide more evidence of family running, with Chris completing his 50th and Harry his 10th.
Paul Rookyard has made all of his 50 runs in East Park, since he began in June 2015.
Greg Semik made his first parkrun in September 2015, he ran his 100th with us today. Pity I missed the magnificent cake and post run gathering in the cafe.
Bill Pike's parkrunning is split 80 / 20 between Sewerby and East Park. His first run at Sewerby was during November 2015, his 100th was in East Park today.
Look out for the coloured symbol against their name on the results page, they deserve that recognition. Also, look out for the purple volunteer symbol, indicating volunteering on at least 25 occasions, its hard earned too.
Worldwide statistics for this week show that, 1,011 parkrunners joined the 50 run club, 404 completed their 100th run with 50 registering 250.

Despite not registered as a wheelchair athlete, Georgina Lord from Leeds achieved the best time by a women wheelchair user in East Park of 19:47.

On Tour
Welcome to our visitors. I often wonder why they are visiting Hull, there must be some fascinating back stories hidden behind the facts.
The Chief Operating Officer of parkrun, Tom Williams visited for the third time this year and eighth overall. I guess that Tom was looking for a fast time, 19:48 is far from slow, but not quite his quickest. Still not bad for someone who did not start running until his mid twenties and claims he avoided it before then.
Holly Donaldson from Liverpool is the first member of her club, Dockside Runners, to run a Hull parkrun, in fact its Holly's first parkrun anywhere. Dockside is the 520th different running club to be represented at Hull parkrun.
Tom Mawer and Jenifer Cole usually run at Castleblayney parkrun in Ireland. Jenifer's 29:05 was her best anywhere time. This week at Castleblayney parkrun 14 volunteers supported 18 runners and there was a dead heat for the first to finish.
The Hoggarths, Sophie, Alison and Paul came from Goole.
Sally Cope and Sarah Rodgers are from the Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun. (Should we have called our run the Kingston-upon-Hull parkrun?)
Victoria Sedman from Beeston, Nottinghamshire, recorded her best anywhere time of 28:37
Another best anywhere of 24:55 was achieved by Isaac Robertson from Heslington, York.
Terence Hobson of Huddersfield has visited 14 different parkruns.
Alan Clarey from Lloyd parkrun, Croyd
on made his third visit to East Park and Choni Montaque from Sheffield made her first.

Random parkrun stats.

Armley (214 runners) and Whitehaven (92 runners) joined the parkrun family, bringing the UK total in action this Saturday to 520, with 29 postponements. 119,097 parkrunners took part with 10,745 volunteers.
Middleton Woods achieved the largest percentage increase in attendance, 147%, from 90 up to a new record attendance of 222. Did visiting tourists make the difference?

On this Day
In 1969 Australian Derek Clayton established a new world record marathon time of 2:08:34. The current official world record of 2:02:57 is held by Kenya's Dennis Kimetto set in2014. Eliud Kipchoge has run the marathon distance in 2:00:25, but not under race conditions. A team of pacers ran in shifts and they drafted behind a specially adapted vehicle.




Run Report For Event 436 by Keith Jackson

Run Report for Event 436

With the World Cup in full swing and the grand depart of the Tour de France less than two weeks away, summer appears to be in full swing. The sunny warm weather on Saturday - ideal for running - brought people out in their droves to East Park and 567 of us turned out to run, jog and walk our way around the two and a bit laps of the lake. Visitors were in abundance – we had Leanne NIVEN up from Kettering, Katarzyna BZDYK, Iwona BZSYK and Adam KOTAS from as far away as Katowice, but taking the prize for the longest parkrun tourism of the week must go to former Hull residents Mary and Dave PATON, visiting all the way from Kawana parkrun in Australia. We also welcome visitors from various runs in Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire – we trust you enjoyed your visit and would love to see you again. There were 49 first timers in Hull this week, including an impressive 30 who completed their first parkrun anywhere. The Big Malarkey Festival, which was taking place in East Park over the weekend, prompted a handful of people to run in fancy dress – it was great to see a gaggle of pirates taking part.

Just the three tokens went AWOL this week. It’s three too many, so please double check pockets, as we really could do with having them back- 82, 409 and 418; also 107 from the week before.

So onto the run: first over the line in 16:56 was David BALL, closely followed by the mysterious UNKNOWN, with Steve MASON in third. Lucy STAMFORD was first female with a PB of 20:42, with the aforementioned Katarzyna BZDYK and Megan HATFIELD completing the podium. Megan was also the third placed junior, behind Andrew M SMITH and Oliver BURNETT.

A grand total of 89 of you achieved a PB this week – well done! Far too many to mention individually, but a few that caught the eye included Vicky WOOD who ran under 30 minutes for the first time; Rob PARRITT and Florida DENESEVA who both came in under 25 minutes for the first time; Alphonsus DODD with nine PBs in his last ten runs; youngster Hayden FOX on his 45th run; Michelle SMELT who has improved by almost six minutes in two months, and excellent PBs for Lee STONEHOUSE and Megan STONEHOUSE.

Jack PARSONS – who bagged a PB with a time of 23:05 recorded the 24,000th PB we’ve had at Hull. Well done Jack.

Not too many milestones this week, but very well done to Oscar COBB (10), Mark SPILLINGS, Ben EVES and Mike STAPLES (50), Andrew Brown (100) and Wayne MARTINDALE (250). New t-shirts should be heading your way soon.

Of course none of this could’ve taken place without the wonderful volunteers. So a big hand to this week’s hi-vis heroes:

Adrian PARKER  •  Alan Stanley WILSON  •  Carrie Ann MURPHY  •  Chris SUMPTON  •  Claire ROBINSON  •  Daniel CARPENTER  •  Diane MAWER  •  Farhat BAIG  •  Gillian May TREMERE  •  Gwen RODMELL  •  Jenny ROSE  •  John S BAKER  •  Keith JACKSON  •  Kelvin ECCLES  •  Ken UPSHALL  •  Lisa DOUGLAS  •  Mike R COOPER  •  Paul MAUNOURY  •  Paul TREMERE  •  Phil HARLAND  •  Rebecca FOX  •  Tina MAUNOURY  •  Trevor ROSE  •  Vicky COE

If you fancy giving any of the volunteer roles a go yourself, the roster for the next few weeks is on the website at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hull/futureroster/ or email hullhelpers@parkrun.com . Do get in touch. This week we had lots who had never volunteered before and they all enjoyed it.

No doubt a few of Hull parkrun regulars also took part in the Humber Bridge Half Marathon at the weekend – congratulations for getting round the course in the blistering heat.

Enjoy your running, jogging, walking, and hope to see you bright and early next Saturday.

Keith Jackson


Run report for Hull parkrun Event 435 by Martin Greensill

Hull parkrun - Run Report for Event 435 16th June 2018 by Martin Greensill

Just as it was a busy day at the FIFA World Cup in Russia with four matches taking place, it was another busy morning at East Park as 500 people ran, jogged and walked our scenic course, the early rain stopping just in time for us to enjoy a dry two laps around the lake.

Of those participating today, 23 were first timers and 85 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part. First-time visitors included Matthew GARSIDE, whose total of 142 runs includes 89 at Heaton Park, Manchester; Stephen CARTER, whose 37 runs have come at 21 different venues; and Andy LLEWELYN, all of whose previous 19 runs had all been at Holkham parkrun in Norfolk. We hope you all enjoyed the East Park experience (geese and all!) and look forward to seeing you again.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Gillian May TREMERE • Paul TREMERE • Chris CHESTNEY • Chris SUMPTON • John S BAKER • Diane MAWER • Gary ROBINSON • Trevor ROSE • Keith CONKERTON • Jenny ROSE • Steven POULSOM • Kelvin ECCLES • Claire ROBINSON • Sue CARTER • Nathan COBB • Alan Stanley WILSON • Adrian PARKER • Gwen RODMELL • Sarah GREENLEY • Keith JACKSON • Ann SMITH • Steve CRONAN • Martin GREENSILL • Terry SMITH • Harriet COBB • Oscar COBB • Rebecca FOX • Pamela MAUNSELL

Leading Lights
First finisher today was Anthony WHITEMAN, a former Olympian and masters world champion. Anthony, who reached the 1500m semi-finals at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, has won five middle-distance titles at the World Masters Athletics Championships and holds several world records in the M40 and M45 age categories.

Male placings:
Anthony WHITEMAN (VM45-49) of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers was first over the line in 16:42
Steve MASON (VM55-59) of Hull East Park Runners was second in 17:23
Rob NEWTON (SM25-29) of City of Hull AC was third in 18:05 (4th overall).

Female placings:
Megan WILSON (SW20-24) Highgate Harriers was first over the line in 17:33 (3rd overall)
Erin GLOVER (JW11-14) of Beverley AC was second in 20:49 (24th overall)
Emily WIX (SW25-29) of East Hull Harriers & AC was third in 21:27 (35th overall).

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Steve MASON (VM55-59) was graded 90.70 % for the time 17:23 (2nd overall)
Anthony WHITEMAN (VM45-49) was graded 85.19 % for the time 16:46 (1st overall)
Megan WILSON (SW20-24) was graded 84.33 % for the time 17:33 (3rd overall).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hull parkrun Results Page.

Milestone Markers
Official milestones were achieved by juniors Harrison CALVERT and Isobel DAUBNEY (both 10 parkruns), while Charlotte ATKINSON and John GILL both reached 50 runs.

Record Breakers
Well done to all 85 of you who achieved a Personal Best. Here are just some of the highlights:

Megan WILSON, the first female finisher, chopped 45 seconds off her previous best with a superb 17:33, while Mark GADIE showed he is still improving with a PB (19:04) on his 370th run in total and 275th at East Park. Martin SMITH set a second successive PB (19:05) and James COOK collected a fifth PB in six outings (19:09).

Other experienced runners to set new marks were Mike LOCKWOOD (129 runs) with 21:16, Chris KNOWLES (162) with 21:40, Des MILES (196) with  21:55, and Duncan JOHNSON (136), who went sub-23 for the first time with 22:34.

Both the junior Jack MIDGLEY (25:57) and Andrew HOLMES (25:58) went sub-26 for the first time, while Nicolle CRAWFORD improved by 44 seconds from last week to go sub-27, her 26:28 making it three PBs in four outings.

Angela DUNN (27:53) and Rachel WATERSON (27:58) both dipped under 28 minutes, while Sorelle MOORE (30:53) and Laura DUNLIN (30:56).went sub-31 for the first time, the latter with her third successive PB. Another to achieve a PB hat-trick was Roisin INSOLE (28:06), who has made remarkable progress to improve by almost nine minutes in just two months, having clocked 37:02 on April 14.

The junior Isobel DAUBNEY (28:36) and Adam YOUNG (28:44) both bagged a PB on their 10th run, as did Mark BENNETT (28:47) and Mark HARRISON (29:00) on their fourth.

Kelly ROBINSON smashed through the 30-minute barrier with a 45-second PB (29:33), while Rachel WADE did likewise with 29:44, taking a huge 1:43 off her debut run last week (31:27).

Great credit to Leanne HALL, who continues to make excellent progress after undergoing a fourth lot of brain surgery last year. Leanne clocked 35:08 in only her fifth parkrun to take nearly a minute off her previous best (36.08), meaning an improvement of nearly five minutes since her debut run just six weeks ago (39:52 on May 5).

Rebecca VALENTINE recorded 39:08 to knock exactly two minutes off her previous best, while Nathan GRAVES (39:28) improved by over four minutes on his only other run at East Park five weeks ago (44:05 on May 12).

Hi-Vis Heroes
We always need volunteers to ensure our parkrun goes ahead. If you fancy helping out, then please click on the link in the email you get with your result, or email hullhelpers@parkrun.com. There are a variety of roles available and not all of them mean having to give up your run.

Until next week. Mind how you go and enjoy your running, jogging or walking.


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