Event #204

What a scorcher of a week! and how nice to finally have some warm sunny weather to run in. By Wednesday it was getting a bit too toasty though : D
It was great to be able to use the normal finish area again after weeks of it being too wet and slippy.

The good weather seemed to encourage a few more folk to get out of bed and join us this week too as we had a good size field of 188 participants all raring to go after the pre run briefing.

We welcomed 33 first timers including visitors from Salisbury, Great Yarmouth, Cleethorpes,Pontefract, Pocklington, Alexandra Palace and Bridlington phew!  hope you all had a great run with us and we'd love to see you back soon.

The event was made possible this week by 15 volunteers to whom we are very grateful - thank you : Alex MCBIRNIE  •  Ali CARTER  •  Andrew PENN  •  Brian LONG  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  David BIRKIN  •  Helen PENN  •  Jamie PENN  •  John RIDDIOUGH  •  Joseph MONAGHAN  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Riva MANN  •  Susan ELDER  •  Vicky COE  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH.

We're in a fantastic position for this coming week as all the roles are already filled! this is much appreciated and makes a big difference so thank you everyone who has already come forward :D

A very important reminder now, that all participants under the age of 11 MUST be within arms reach of a responsible adult at all times. IT IS NOT ALLOWED FOR UNDER 11'S TO RUN UNACCOMPANIED AT ANY TIME. There are a lot of safeguarding implications and if we suspect some one is flouting this rule we will remove the result and inform parkrun hq. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

We had a whopping 47! new personal bests recorded this week - incredible!


On behalf of everyone involved with Humber Bridge parkrun I'd like to say a huge well done to all of our runners who braved the heat down in London today and completed the London Marathon in the warmest conditions ever. I know a few of you were a tad slower getting round than you would have liked but honestly, you did amazing and we're all very proud of you.

That's all for now, have a great week - see you next parkrunday for more of the same  :D





Event #203

It was lovely to feel the temperature a few degrees higher than usual this week although the grassy areas and some of the paths were still very wet and muddy.
I'm hopeful though that we will be able to return to our usual finish area in the next few weeks or so. *fingers crossed*

It was great to see a field of 161 participants this week, especially as there were a few races on this weekend. We had 29 first timers and a lot of visitors from far and wide! Goole,Edinburgh,Liverpool,Chelmsford, Scunthorpe, Leicester and Plymouth- we hope you all enjoyed your run with us and we'd love to see you again one week.

A big thank you to everyone who came forward to volunteer, we do rely on your help to keep this event going week on week so your help is much appreciated.

This week's high viz heroes were :  David BIRKIN  •  Graham WARSAP  •  Helen PENN  •  Jamie PENN  •  Jane DOWNING  •  Lee DRAPER  •  Lisa HINCHLIFFE  •  Louise BURNETT  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Richard PARKIN  •  Riley DUNN  •  Shelley DUNN  •  Sophie PENN  •  Tony BURGIN  •  Vicky COE  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH. 

26 of you recorded new pb's, no mean feat in all that mud! congratulations to : Andrew M SMITHMatthew SNOWMichael DAVISONCarl DICKINSONToby BLUMENTHALOliver CRAIGLucy STAMFORDGary DICKINSONDylan ALLENJustin FIELDERPaul WALTHAMSimon THOMPSONPeter WATKINSAndy SPAFFORDAlan SALVIDGEJason LITTLESteven WHITLAMPaul HOGGARTHJonathan TOWLE,Jayne EARLE,  Karl PORTZDave GARBUTTClarissa TAYLORKatie WAUDBYRoisha WARDLAW and Marina GOOCH. well done everyone  :)

We had a lot of our regular parkrunners in action locally today at the Dalton Dash, Vale of York 10, Brighton Marathon and Boston Marathon. Congratulations to you all on some magnificent results!

That's it for this week, have a good week and we'll see you net parkrun day : D





Event #202

Could it be? has Spring finally sprung? After a lot of pondering about what the strange glowing orb in the sky might be we reasoned it might just be the sun : ).

It was a pretty perfect morning for a run and certainly a lot of you thought so too as we hosted a field of 178 participants.  We had a whopping 22 first timers and welcomed visitors from Bushy Park, Castle park Herts, Aylesbury, Goole , Dulwich, Sheffield Hallam, Cambridge and Penrith!  We hope you all enjoyed your run and will come back and see us soon.

As always we owe a big thank you to our magnificent volunteers : Andrew PENN  •  Anthony WHITLEY  •  Chris POWNEY  •  Graham NAYLOR  •  Helen PENN  •  Jamie PENN  •  John RIDDIOUGH  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Paul CARTWRIGHT  •  Sally FISHER  •  Sarah MARSHALL  •  Steve WRAY.  We're very grateful for your help as parkrun relies on volunteers to happen each week.

We already have an almost full roster for next week which is awesome but we still need help for the rest of the month : )  See our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Humber Bridge parkrun happen.

Congratulations were in order this week as Pamela Tarbet reached her 100 run milestone, along with Robert Ayling who reached his 50th parkrun. well done both of you . : )

21 of you recorded new pb's this week :Andrew M SMITH,  Stephen LOGANDaniel GREENGary DICKINSONDave BOTHAMPhilip BELTONMark WRIGHTCatherine SNOWBALLJonathan BURTONGeorgina NORTHRachel MULLERKate BLAMIRESMatthew WILKINSONPhilip WDOWIKOWSKIPaul HOGGARTHAlison HOGGARTHLouise CHESTERKarl PORTZKatie WILKINSONJulie BARNES and Katie HORT very well done all of you.

well done to everyone who took part in the various races today, at Hornsea 1/3rd marathon and the Manchester marathon, there were some very impressive performances , I feel I must single out one of our parkrunners though, David Monaghan, who joined us for the first time on 7th November 2015 because the golf course was closed : ) has today finished his first marathon. This is an amazing achievement and I'm sure you'll all join us in congratulating him. The question is.... will there be a second? : D

That's all for this week folks, have a great week and we'll see you next Saturday morning.



Event #201

We were unsure this week whether it would be parkrun or parkswim given the amount of rain that has fallen this week, however apart from a few generously proportioned puddles around the course (and who doesn't love a cold muddy puddle?) the course was in pretty good condition.

We used our alternate finish area though as the grassy area was just too waterlogged and potentially hazardous with a large amount of runners.

We had a good turnout again considering the weather, you really are a hardy bunch : ) with a field of 131 participants, 20 of whom were first timers. We also had visitors from : Lincoln, Hampstead Heath, Oxford, Bridlington, Newcastle, Scunthorpe and Watford. We hope you all enjoyed your run with us and will come back soon.

A big shoutout to our amazing high viz heroes who once again made the event happen while being cold and wet... thank you Dave MONAGHAN  •  David BIRKIN  •  Helen PENN  •  James THOMAS  •  Jamie PENN  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Paul CARTWRIGHT  •  Paul KEATING  •  Phil BROADLEY  •  Sharon ROGERSON  •  Sophie PENN  •  Stephen WALKER  •  Susan ELDER  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH 

This event relies on people coming forward to help out - we really can't do it alone so please do consider giving it a go one week, the roster can be found on our volunteer page .

10 of you recorded new personal best times this week, congratulations to : Barry EDWARDSAndy DAVEYSarah EDWARDSDylan ALLENMark WATERSONGeorge WATERSONAndrew HALLAnnie Louise HARTSarah JONES and Jo MARGINSON great work everyone.

We also had some milestone celebrations this week, Solomon BOTHAM completed his 10th parkrun while Bethany DAVIESRachael GETGOOD and Simon GETGOOD all completed their 50th parkruns and will soon be the proud owners of lovely red t-shirts.

As some of you may have noticed, there was somewhat of a mischievous post on our facebook page this morning.... this was of course an April fool. Those of you who know me well enough know there's absolutely no way the course will be run in reverse while I'm there  :D

That's all for now , have a great Easter everyone - see you next week.



Event #200

A week later than intended we began our 3rd century of parkruns. The weather mercifully was much nicer for running this week and we found ourselves in the tantalising grasp of early spring, with dare I mention it? a glimpse of the sun ..... it's still there! who knew?  :D

With it being our 200th run this week, we had a fancy dress theme, thank you to those who joined in - you looked stunning : )  The undoubted highlight of the day seems to have been our newly appointed Bishop Jamie, whose pre parkrun sermon went down a storm....watch out for a return in the future....................

We had a good sized congregation of 189 participants 20 of whom were new believers and visitors from the parishes of Scunthorpe and Whitley Bay . We hope you enjoyed your visit with us and we'd love to see you back again soon.

As always we owe a big thank you to our high viz heroes without whom parkrun wouldn't happen. Thanks this week to: Ali CARTER  •  Andreas RENN  •  Andrew PENN  •  David GINGELL  •  Graham NAYLOR  •  Helen PENN  •  Ian HAIRSINE  •  James DURHAM  •  Jamie GOULD  •  Jamie PENN  •  John RIDDIOUGH  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Pete KIRK  •  Sharon ROGERSON  •  Sophie PENN  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH  •  Walter SOMERVILLE  .

With Congratulations too to Walter Somerville who completed his 25th volunteer role and will soon be the proud owner of the purple volunteer t-shirt : )

Please, please do get in touch if and when you can help us out, the rosters are looking a bit empty for the next few weeks but with a little bit of help we can soon get them filled.  See our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Humber Bridge parkrun happen.

14 participants recorded new personal best results this week, congratulations to : David FORRESTBarry EDWARDSSimon ADCOCKPhil KIRKHAMFarhat BAIG,Catherine SNOWBALL,  Rebecca NORTHCatherine KELSEYAngela THOMPSONFrancesca MARRITTKerry JACKSONMargaret HOUGHTKatie WILKINSON and Thomas GRAHAM. Well done everyone, great work!.

A big shout out to Ruth Mort who completed her 50th parkrun with us this week : )  and also to many of our intrepid parkrunners who were taking part in various races today, The rescheduled East Hull 20 , Gainsborough and Morton 10k and Dishforth Dash and London Landmarks half to name a few, there's been some amazing results and evidence of your hard work paying off.

Have a great week everyone and we'll see you for some more fun next week.




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