Event #191

Now we're getting into the swing of 2018 and everyone is back to work and school etc (boo) it's a good test of our new year's resolutions to see how our attendances are looking.

I'm delighted to say that this week, they're looking very healthy with 205 participants : )  including 28 first timers and visitors from Cleethorpes and Scunthorpe.

We start as usual with a word of thanks to our brilliant team of volunteers who give up their run so you can enjoy yours  : )  cheers to : Andrew PENN  •  Claire Louise DOHERTY  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  David BIRKIN  •  Graham NAYLOR  •  Helen PENN  •  Linda HINCHCLIFFE  •  Madison DUNN  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Paul BOWMAN  •  Pete KIRK  •  Phil BROADLEY  •  Shelley DUNN  •  Susan ELDER  •  Tania CREAM your help is much appreciated.

Why not get involved and volunteer?  it's great fun :D  

We had 29 personal best times recorded today, not surprising as it was a gorgeous morning for it..... congratulations to : Stephen ,LOGANMartin JACKSONLee ELLERINGTONMark EDWARDSDavid ELLIOTT-BUTTONAdrian BARKERJames THOMASTerry GORBUTTJohn HARDYRichard BENBROOKJonathan SPENCERCarol CHILDSDuncan JOHNSONJoe SKIPSEYRyan WRIGHTKeith GADIEKirsty COOPERRobert BUTTERWICKAlan STEELEDebra MCCUNESolomon BOTHAMDave BOTHAMMatthew HORTONClarissa TAYLOR,Ashley STEELE,  Francine ASHFORTHSimon KIMPTONJo PAGE and Carrie BUSH  great work everyone :D

We had a couple of birthdays to celebrate this week , Andy Moore joined us for a run to celebrate his 40th birthday and we wished one of our core team Andrew Penn a happy 13th birthday for Monday .

Well done to all of you who took part in today's Brass Monkey half marathon in York, hope you all had a great run.

Have a great week everyone and we'll see you same time ,same place !




Event #190

The first Saturday parkrun of 2018 saw a dip in temperature once again and a very muddy course, something to do with the amount of rain we had during the week perhaps? or the amount of runners at the start of the week? :D

We had a very respectable turnout of 186 participants including 25 first timers and visitors from Dewsbury and Manchester. We hope you enjoyed your run with us, we'd love to see you again sometime : )

A big thank you to this week's volunteers, without whom there wouldn't be a parkrun.

Adam EGAN  •  Christine HEMINGWAY  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  Evie MARSHALL  •  Helen PENN  •  Jane DOWNING  •  Joseph MONAGHAN  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Paul SHEPHERD  •  Robin CATTERMOLE  •  Sarah MARSHALL  •  Sophie PENN  •  Stephen WALKER  •  Steven HOLMES

We still need your help over the next few weeks to make sure the roster is full. Not enough volunteers will mean having to cancel the event and nobody wants that to happen : (  
Why not get involved and volunteer?  it's really good fun :D

We had 24 new personal bests recorded this week, impressive in all that mud!  congratulations to : Mike PETERSENCraig THOMPSONFinn ROBERTSCraig ROBERTSMark EDWARDSPaul WALTHAMRichard BENBROOKJonathan SPENCERHelen DUNCANCarol CHILDSSean BARTLETTLauren GREAVESDonna PICKERINGNoah EATONKirsty COOPERRuth GEORGEDenise CARTERRachel BODDICELouise BOOTHSally SMITHLisa-Jayne HANSONLisa DOUGLASLynn SCAIFE and Tina SHORTLAND. Great work everyone.

Richard WHITLAM and Robert WILKINSON  both completed their 50th parkruns - congratulations chaps :D

Have a great week everyone - see you next parkrunday : 0 )






Event #189

Happy new year everyone!  

2018 certainly started with a bang down in the country park Yesterday as a lot of folk took advantage of the opportunity to do a double parkrun. 443 people started off the day at 9am with our friends at peterpan parkrun and a whopping 353 of them made the short journey up Boothferry road to join us for a 10:30am start.

We had a record breaking field of 555 participants  including 157 first timers!  we hope you all enjoyed your run with us and thank you for your patience with us getting the results done as quickly as we could :) - We'd love to see you all back again throughout the coming year.

Thankfully the pesky ice from Saturday had all gone which meant there were no safety concerns and lots of muddy puddles : )

I do like to draw attention to the work of the volunteers after every parkrun but yesterday's event needs particular praise. With numbers far in excess of what we're used to dealing with everyone stepped up to the mark and kept things running like clockwork. Big thank you to : Adrian PARKER  •  Andrew PENN  •  Cassie HAGGER  •  Chris RAMSAY  •  Helen PENN  •  Helen RUTTER  •  Jamie PENN  •  Linda HINCHCLIFFE  •  Lorna MANCHESTER  •  Madison DUNN  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Phil GALLIMORE  •  Riley DUNN  •  Riva MANN  •  Sarah JONES  •  Shelley DUNN  •  Shirley GOY  •  Steven HOLMES  •  Terence William PARKER  we really, really couldn't have done it without you!.

I have had a lot of very positive feedback about how friendly, encouraging, polite and jolly you all were - it's lovely to get that recognition and I thank you all very much.

We do still need a lot of volunteers for the upcoming weeks, please take a look at the jobs available and get involved and volunteer?  good fun and a nice warm fuzzy feeling guaranteed : )

Even with the course route choc a block with people, 29 of you still managed to record a new pb!  Well done : Tim GROVESJustin STEPHENSONSteve HAWTREEEmily RICHARDSONRoisin GORRYPamela EDGARCyril YATESClare TUNEFarhat BAIGNathan GRAVESClare HARDWICKJudi COLERosie RICHARDSONSarah RICHARDSONJi PATTISON-SMITHHelen DUNCANKeith JACKSONNatalie MERCERTrevor RICHARDSONCelina APPLEBYSarah GREENLEYHelen CRAVENCheryl ELSWORTHYKiara HOPKINSDebbie HOPKINSPatryk SEMIKMia HOPKINSKellie HOPKINS and Anne PEPPER. congratulations everyone.

Although unsurprisingly, the course records remained intact ; )

The male record is held by Kris LECHER who recorded a time of 16:14 on 23rd July 2016 (event number 112).
The female record is held by Charlotte WARD who recorded a time of 18:49 on 23rd December 2017 (event number 187).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane Ruth MORLEY who recorded 87.19% (22:54) on 19th December 2015 (event number 80).

We had a few people achieve their parkrun milestones too , Alesha Mather completed her 10th parkrun. Rob Gray, John Walker, Paul Storey and Sally Fisher completed their 50th runs while Phil Broadley and Louise Harman completed their 100th parkruns. Carrie Murphy and Dave Cracknell both completed their 300th parkruns too, an amazing achievement : )  very well done everyone.

So, now the festivities are over for another year, it's back to business as usual on Saturday, fingers crossed for decent weather, we'll see you bright and early ready for another 5k of fun : D

Don't forget your barcodes!

Have a great week,





Event #188

The parkrun that almost wasn't!

After a couple of chilly nights we arrived at the country park to find our usually reliable course surprisingly icy.

It was touch and go if we'd be able to hold the event this morning and if it hadn't been for the superb efforts of Dave, Sue, Roy, Graham, Andrew and Sophie we would have had to cancel.

A big thank you to all our volunteers this week, we really appreciate your efforts.

Andrew PENN  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  Fiona WALES  •  Graham NAYLOR  •  Helen PENN  •  Karen GREEN  •  Martin A JONES  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Nicola BLYTH  •  Pamela TARBET  •  Pete KIRK  •  Sally FISHER  •  Sarah JONES  •  Susan ELDER

We do need your help in the next few weeks so please get in touch if you'd like to take your turn at volunteering.

Despite the cold weather we had a good field of 124 participants including 20 first timers and visitors from North Shields, Leicester, France and London. We hope you enjoyed your run with us and we'd love to see you again in the future.

Despite being warned to go very careful, 9 of you recorded new personal best times  : )

well done to : Stephen ,LOGANJools JENNINGSMatt TURNERAndrea LARMOURDebbie PROVENSalena SMITHFrancine ASHFORTHLisa-Jayne HANSON and Melissa MONAGHAN congratulations everyone. :D

Congratulations also to James TURNER who completed his 10th parkrun and Jessica GOULD who completed her 50th parkrun. Fantastic work both of you : )

The male record is held by Kris LECHER who recorded a time of 16:14 on 23rd July 2016 (event number 112).
The female record is held by Charlotte WARD who recorded a time of 18:49 on 23rd December 2017 (event number 187).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane Ruth MORLEY who recorded 87.19% (22:54) on 19th December 2015 (event number 80

As we have drawn the curtain now on this year's parkrun events, I'd like to say Thank you to everyone who has supported our parkrun in 2017, I hope you've had as much fun as we have and I hope you'll be back on Monday to kickstart 2018 in the best way possible.

Happy new year everyone!





Event #187

Wow!! where to begin this week? A fantastic response to the Fancy dress theme saw a whopping 247 participants take part in our parkrun yesterday. Thank you to everyone who came along and joined in the fun, there were some amazing costumes on display!.

We had 32 first timers including visitors from York, Leeds, Cambridge, London, Edinburgh, Elgin and Glasgow, we hope you enjoyed your run with us and our festive friends : )   we'd love to see you back again soon.

We couldn't do it without the invaluable help of our lovely volunteers though who this week were : Ali CARTER  •  Andreas RENN  •  Charles TRAINOR  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  Debbie BONNER  •  Helen PENN  •  Jamie PENN  •  Joanne EGAN  •  Kim MCBIRNIE  •  Linda HINCHCLIFFE  •  Lindsey GLENVILLE  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Paul CLARKE  •  Sophie PENN  •  William TRAINOR   thank you all : )

We need help to fill the roster over the next few weeks so please get in touch if you'd like to help.

32 festive revellers achieved new personal bests , congratulations to : John RIDDIOUGHCharlotte WARDOliver DONKINMark NETTLETONKatie WISEIsabelle WALBYChris BIRKETTAlice BOURNEMarcus BOURNEMark EDWARDSGlenn HALSEYSarah ATKINLuke WISESimon WISEBen BRIDGEMANHelen DUNCANDan KIRKBYJonathan AINSWORTHJonathan SPENCERFiona CHILDSHollie PAPWORTHSebastian MARRISONJonny WISEJoseph WILKINSONEmily CRAVENDave GARBUTTShelley DUNNLily CRAVEN and Kim HUNT. Congratulations everyone, great work :D

There were lots of milestones this week too as Joseph WILKINSON completed his 10th parkrun, Jonathan MANCHESTERJames THOMASEmily CRAVEN and Vanessa LAUCHT completed their 50th parkruns and Matthew WILKINSON completed his 100th parkrun.

Regular volunteer Ali CARTER completed her 25th volunteer stint this week too on her 50th run at Humber bridge parkrun.

Great going everyone!  can't wait to see all those new t-shirts : )

The male record is held by Kris LECHER who recorded a time of 16:14 on 23rd July 2016 (event number 112).
The female record is held by Charlotte WARD who recorded a time of 18:49 on 23rd December 2017 (event number 187).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane Ruth MORLEY who recorded 87.19% (22:54) on 19th December 2015 (event number 80).

Don't forget to check out the photos from this week's run on facebook, there are some fantastic shots : )

That's all for now, I'm off to finish my mulled wine : )

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone , see you all on the 30th to run off all that pudding.....

Helen x


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