Event #216

Another Saturday and another gorgeous morning for a run with friends - what better place to meet too than the Humber bridge Country park?

Seems like a few of you agreed as we had a good turnout of 178 participants this week : ). We welcomed 22 first timers and visitors from : Sewerby, York, Heslington, Scotland, South Africa, Huntingdon and Preston. We hope you enjoyed your visit to our lovely little course and we hope you come back to see us soon.

As always, we owe a big thank you to our wonderful volunteers, this week our parkrun superstars were: Alex MCBIRNIE  •  Andrew JACKSON  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  David BIRKIN  •  Graham NAYLOR  •  Helen PENN  •  Jamie PENN  •  Kim MCBIRNIE  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Phil BROADLEY  •  Sally FISHER  •  Tony BARKER  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH  we thank you all for your help : D

The roster for the next few week is looking very empty : (     please help out if you can, just get in touch and let us know what role you'd like to fill......

we had 35 runners achieve a new personal best times this week, congratulations to : Mark SPIKINGSJosh DAVIESMike EGANPeter WATKINSMichelle SUTTONMark COGGONKevin PENNYBrian LONGSteve BRAUNDBen SHORTLANDShirley OGLESBYRichard ANDERSENRose GREENFIELDKaty HOODTom OLIVERMegan STORRKate RUDDOCKSteven POULSOMDavid GIBSONTony NICHOLSONAntony HOLGATESimon H WILKSDavid CARBERTKevin MORRISSarah ELLERBYClarissa THOMPSONTracey HARPERCaroline HUGHESTracey Louise LATHAMKatie HORTAmy LEEStephanie DINESMaureen WILKINSONClaire BAITSON, and Sarah MCEWAN. Fantastic running everyone  :D

We had milestones to celebrate too as Katy Hood completed her 10th parkrun and Lisa Hinchliffe completed her 100th parkrun - well done ladies :D

Well done too to everyone who took part in Friday evening's Walkington 10k, that must have been incredibly tough in that heat, also the no ego challenge today in Dalby forest, a tough course at anytime but extra tough in the warm weather.

The Penns are away this coming week taking part in the Thunder run 24hr race so make sure you behave yourselves this week for run director Graham ; P  and we'll see you soon....

Take care









Event 215

What a scorcher! far be it from me to complain about the sunshine, after all, it's not often we actually get a summer in the UK but it sure was warm to be out running wasn't it?.

We had a bumper turnout this week of 232 participants, with a few visiting from peterpan parkrun as their park was being used for the race for life weekend events.

We had 38 first timers to our course and welcomed visitors from Leeds, Lancaster, Sheffield and Scotland. We hope you enjoyed your visit with us and we'd love to see you again soon.

We are very grateful as always to our wonderful volunteers without whom these events wouldn't happen, this week's superstars were : Andrew JACKSON  •  Angela HOE  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  Graham NAYLOR  •  Helen PENN  •  Joanne EGAN  •  Linda DODSWORTH  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Sharon ROGERSON  •  Sophie PENN  •  Stephen WALKER  •  Tony BARKER  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH

We do have vacancies for the upcoming weeks so please do get involved and be part of the parkrun magic... information can be found here on the volunteer page :D

Despite the sweltering  conditions an impressive 39 of you recorded new personal best times, congratulations to : Oliver DONKINLewis HOLLOWAYMike DEEJosh SMITHChris HARKERWilliam LEIGHTONWilliam STORRMartin GREENSILLPeter WATKINSEliot GAYClaire SAMPSONRobin CATTERMOLEKevin PENNYRichard OWENLee FLETCHERMark STAFFORDRichard ANDERSENThomas AITCHISONKerry RAPERMichael RAPERDiane PICKERINGTom OLIVERPeter CROFTSusan FOLLONWioleta ZUREKLouise BURNETTMark HARRISONCraig Lee SYRETTMegan STORRAntony HOLGATEJenny PLATTSarah ELLERBYKevin MORRISGill WOODALLJoanne HARKIN-ARROBarbara WESSONJack KIRKUPCraig NELSON and Andrea THOMSON. very well done to you all.

We had milestone celebrations too as Catherine Kelsey and Karl Arro both completed their 50th parkruns, looking forward to seeing your new red t-shirts soon !.

Well done to all our parkrunners who were in action today, Race for life, caister 10k, lincoln 10k, winterton 10 and any others I may have forgotten.

That's all for now, see you all next parkrun day : D

Have a great week






Humber Bridge parkrun #214 – 30/6/2018

The Country Park is a lovely place to visit at any time, however, with hot sunny weather like today....its makes it even better.


177 people turned up on this hot, sunny morning to run, walk or jog the 5k route, with 11 taking part in parkrun for the first time. Welcome to the parkrun family everyone, hope you enjoyed it and we see you again soon.


There was quite a few black t'shirts being worn today to say goodbye to Walter SOMERVILLE, one of Humber Bridge parkruns regular runners and volunteer who is moving back home to NZ, today being his last parkrun here, which he did in style by finishing first and smashing in one last PB....well done!  Safe travels Walter and keep in touch :)


Speaking of PB's, theres so many to list, see the link below.  Everyone was brilliant, with the sun and heat clearly not slowing anyone down. You were all brilliant!  And Jacqueline EDWARDS and Sean CAHILL were also celebrating reaching 50 parkruns milestone today.  Fantastic achievement.



As always, we have to thank this week's hi-vis heroes (aka volunteers) below, who make parkrun happen each and every week.  We honestly couldn't run it without you.

Chris POWNEY  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  David BIRKIN  •  Emily MATTISON  •  Helen PENN  •  Jane DOWNING  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Paul CLARKE  •  Sarah LOGAN  •  Tania CREAM  •  Tony BARKER  •  Vicky COE  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH  •  William BURNETT

If there is anyone thinking/wanting to volunteering please do get in touch, theres lots of different roles to choose from, its a great way of making new friends, learning new skills and getting involved.


Finally, good luck to everyone racing this weekend wherever you are.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and week ahead.....only 7 more sleeps till the next parkrun (and counting!).



Event #213

It was a parkrun with a difference this week as our event was hosted by members of local running club Barton and District a.c .What a fantastic job they did too, bringing with them the largest amount of volunteers I think we've ever had! . I'm sure we'd all like to thank you for helping out this week, if you'd like to take over again just give me a shout!

An extra big shoutout for our volunteers this week , all 30 of them!  thank you to : Alex SMITH  •  Alison NETTLETON  •  Andy DAVEY  •  Caroline BAINES  •  Claudia HOLDEN  •  David BIRKIN  •  David GEORGE  •  Helen CLAPHAM  •  Helen PENN  •  Ian HAIRSINE  •  Jamie PENN  •  John RIDDIOUGH  •  Jonathan MANCHESTER  •  Kate DAVEY  •  Lorna MANCHESTER  •  Louise BINNS  •  Mark BAINES  •  Mark NETTLETON  •  Mark STARKEY  •  Martin MANCHESTER  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Nick LARKE  •  Nicky ROBINSON  •  Pete KIRK  •  Phil KIRKHAM  •  Rebecca MANCHESTER  •  Sarah ATKIN  •  Sharon ROGERSON  •  Simon THOMPSON  •  Susan ELDER   you're all superstars!

We had a field of 164 participants which included 25 first timers and visitors from Nottingham. We hope you enjoyed your visit with us, don't forget to come back soon...

The gorgeous summer sun must have put a spring in your steps as a whopping 46 of you finished with new personal best times.... congratulations to; Second placed finisher Mike POTTER , Ben PAPWORTHMartin DOWNERThomas SMITHWilliam BURNETTAdam FRYERAdam BOUNCERTerry GORBUTTPaul WALTHAMDaniel EDWARDSLiz TAYLORBethany DAVIESMarcus FISCHERClive COOKMark BROOMRoderick RUIZMark COGGONNick SETTLENicholas HEADFreddie GEORGEMichael CLINTVictoria NETTLETONJane GIBSONPeter CROFTRobin JENNINGSSean ASHTONSebastian MARRISONRob FEASBYRachel SAWKINSAva GRAVESMartin WILSONSimon H WILKSBen WILSONGraham WARSAPKevin MORRISSarah ELLERBYHelen NASHClarissa THOMPSONAmy ABETHELLSimon GETGOOD,  Debra HARRISONBeccie CAHILLTina SHORTLANDSophie GRAVESCaroline WRIDE and Jo VINCE. Great running everyone.

No parkrun milestones that we were made aware of this week but plenty of you were in action in the  Humber bridge half marathon today and from a quick look at the results you all did amazing!

The Penns are away next Saturday taking part in Endure 24 but never fear, the event is in safe hands ! Have a fantastic week everyone and we'll see you soon :D






Event #212

We were truly blessed this week, the weather fairies had been working overtime to keep us guessing just exactly what season we are supposed to be in! Having foolishly left home without my coat ( it being summer and all) I was only too pleased to get a good old soaking before the run started : ) .

Good to see that it didn't put too many of you off though as we had a field of 166 participants join us, including 23 first timers to our course and visitors from Grantham, Sunderland, Derby, Cambridge, York and Scunthorpe. You're all very welcome and we hope you enjoyed your visit with us.

As is customary we'd like to thank all the volunteers who gave their time so that you could all enjoy your run safey - thank you : Andrew PENN  •  Chris POWNEY  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  Fiona WALES  •  Helen PENN  •  Jamie PENN  •  John RIDDIOUGH  •  Linda HINCHCLIFFE  •  Mary PRATT  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Richard PARKIN  •  Sally FISHER  •  Sharon ROGERSON  •  Stephen WALKER  •  Tania CREAM  •  Vicky COE  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH  your help is much appreciated :D

The volunteer roster is looking very healthy for the next few weeks, so a great big thank you for that, however, it would be great if we could get June 30th and July 21st filled up asap as the Penn family are away those weekends  ( we will also be away for September 15th run looking ahead)  cheers!

Congratulations are in order for Fiona Wales who this week not only completed her 100th parkrun but also her 50th volunteer role as she tail walked around for us this week. Fantastic work Fiona : ) .

Congratulations also to Tom Shortland who completed his 50th parkrun with us yesterday - with a nice p.b too : ).

It was a good morning for p.b's as it turns out with a whopping 44 of you whizzing your way around the course! congratulations to : First placed finisher Walter SOMERVILLE, who, true to his word was "taking  it easy ahead of tomorrow's race"  :DMatthew SNOWBarney POTTSDavid ELLIOTT-BUTTONJosh DAVIESMark DAWSONJustin FIELDERTom SHORTLANDWilliam SANFORDRob SWAINDave LYONSPeter WATKINSAdam FRYERSam COLEJake CHATTAWAYGlenn HALSEYAli CARTERCarol CHILDSKristie MURPHYPaul WILLIAMSPaul HUGHESCatherine KELSEYTomasz STRZYZEWSKIJonathan TOWLEVenika MOVERLEYSarah LOGANChase WICKENSPeter CROFTHelene ELLIOTT-BUTTONRob FEASBYJacob SPICERTristan BENBROOKHelen WILLIAMSSimon H WILKSTracey SMITHBen WILSONTom ANDERTONSarah ELLERBYSimon KIMPTONHelen AUSTINKatie HORTHollie GOODWINDoreen RAINES and Lisa ROBSON. Very well done all of you.

Well done to everyone who took part in the Burton Pidsea 10k today, don't forget to let us know if you're running the Humber bridge half marathon next week : )

If anyone has taken the number 108 finish token away with them, could we please have it returned for next week? we don't have any spares!

Have a great week everyone, see you next week when Barton and district ac are taking over control of the run .......



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