Huntingdon parkrun #270 (The one where we celebrate the wedding of Sarah Hall and Karl Taylor)

At Huntingdon parkrun #270 we celebrated the wedding of Sarah Hall (just recently stepped down as Run Director after 5 years) and Karl Taylor (who kindly put the kit away every Saturday for many years).

Alison Ainsworth (recently interviewed by Vassos Alexander on the podcast Free, Weekly, Timed) officiated at the ceremony – watch the video of her starring as the Archbishop of Huntingdon parkrun here ( . As ever Alison managed to incorporate the ethos of parkrun, do the regular briefing and make us all laugh with her witty and clever address to the 314 assembled runners and walkers.

Sarah and Karl with some of the wedding guests

Sarah and Karl walking the avenue of runners

Sarah and Karl on Chestnut Avenue

Another hot parkrun today on the summer route – not so much shade around the lake so it was a real delight to get into the cool of Chestnut Avenue before the final lap around the field and into the finish funnel.

We are very grateful to the 35 volunteers who gave their time to us today:

Karl TAYLOR • Alice NOYES • Garry HILL • Sarah LEE • Scott BOSWELL • Paul HARRIS • Joy SEILER • Charlotte IRWIN • Carol HALL • Georgina GODBY • Stuart AINSWORTH • Alison AINSWORTH • Charles BUTCHER • Sarah LOVELL • Katy HILL • Anna BEST • Clive BEST • Bonnie JACKSON • Sue BAILEY • Henry BAILEY • Freya HARRIS • Steve JENKINS • Sandra ACTON • Natalie BUTCHER • Alice EDWARDS • Tony REEVES • William EASON • Hank SWEET • Judy SWEET • Esther GOODWIN • Katrina VAN GIESON • Frankie MCKIERNAN • Jane REAVEY • Daniel DUELL • Ian RICHARDSON

A special congratulations to this weeks milestoners:

Darren Adams and Shelley Duffy (100)

The men at the front this week:
First finisher David Hudson (15.56) BRJ Run and Tri (just 3 seconds from his PB and course record)
Second finisher - Joey Croft (17:03) – Hunts AC
Third finisher, Ty Farrer (17:07 ) – Hunts AC

The women at the front this week:
First finisher Isabelle Wilkins (18:48) Team Bex (JM11-14) New PB
Second finisher Shelley Duffy (21:24) BRJ Run and Tri
Third finisher Hazel Baughan (23:05 ) Team Bex


Issy Wilkins not only set a new personal best with an amazing time of 18:48 but she also set a new Huntingdon juniors JW11-14 age group record with her run!! Also setting age groups records today was Rod McKee (VM45-49 - 17:43), Ty Farrer (VM40-44 - 17:07) and Joey Croft (VM18-19 - 17:03). Must have been something in the water eh? :)

We welcome 13 first time runners to the parkrun family and well done to the 15 runners coming back for their second.
A massive 53 runners had their speedy shoes on and beat their previous best times, well done!

The female record is held by Rebecca MOORE who recorded a time of 17:35 on 10th September 2016 (event number 177).
The male record is held by David HUDSON who recorded a time of 15:53 on 14th July 2018 (event number 267).
The Age Grade course record is held by Freddie HARDY who recorded 94.20% (20:59) on 18th March 2017 (event number 204).

Huntingdon parkrun started on 13th April 2013. Since then 8,026 participants have completed 61,457 parkruns covering a total distance of 307,285 km, including 10,916 new Personal Bests.


Huntingdon parkrun #263 (The one where we are thankful for all that parkrun does for us!)

Another Saturday, another parkrun, todays event at Huntingdon was just another Saturday – no particular celebrations, no fancy dress, just 316 runners and 35 volunteers running 5k in the delightful surroundings of Hinchingbrooke Country Park.

But parkrun never ceases to amaze me, each week the number of events is growing – this week was the inaugural event at Pocket Park, St Neots, no doubt next week there will be another parkrun starting near you. All of this free, supported by our fantastic core teams and volunteers.

Not only does it give us a run to enjoy, but we can give so much back to the community as well, in our improved health and wellbeing (taking pressure off the NHS), supporting our local park for ourselves and other park users, volunteers who can come out and be part of a community that might be a lifeline to them.

So for me, this week, thank you to the core team who put on this run each week and to each and everyone who volunteers, particularly those non-runners who are there every week – Bill Eason (below, the 2017/18 volunteer of the year), Henry Bailey and Hank and Judy Sweet. As a runner, I am profoundly grateful.


And talking of blogs – do you listen to Free, Weekly Timed – the podcast by Vassos Alexander and Louise Ayling? Huntingdon has managed to get itself mentioned for the last five weeks in a row. Way to go Huntingdon!

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:

Philip GRAHAM-CLARE • John ABBEY • Diane BUNCH • Pat JACKSON • Alice NOYES • Scott BOSWELL • Sallie COCHRANE • Paul HARRIS • Joy SEILER • Kira SHIPLEY • Carol HALL • Stuart AINSWORTH • Charles BUTCHER • Sam WILKINSON • Sheila HUNTER • Sarah LOVELL • Elizabeth DAVIES • Katy HILL • Anna BEST • Daniel BECKETT • Henry BAILEY • Freya HARRIS • Ryan WARD • Eleanor BLADON • Christopher JOHN • William EASON • Hank SWEET • Sarah BECKETT • Rachel HORSFALL • Jane REAVEY • Benjamin MASSEY • Morris QUAINOO • Ed HORSFALL • Anna HORSFALL • Simon HORSFALL

A special congratulations to this weeks milestoners:
Alice Noyes (150)
Russell Scrivener (100)
Jo Mitton (50)
Katy Hill (25) Volunteer

The men at the front this week:
First finisher visiting from Colchester Harriers – Ian Haw(18:03)
Second finisher - Caspar Hiscock (18:43 – Hunts AC)
Third finisher, James Michael Orrell (19:15 - BRJ Run and Tri) jnr

The women at the front this week, and all from local running club BRJ Run and Tri:
First finisher Shelley Duffy (21.:25)
Second finisher Alice Synge (23:36)
Third finisher and just 5 seconds off a PB Alison Orrell (23:38 )

We welcome 9 first time runners to the parkrun family and well done to the 23 runners coming back for their second.
A massive 61 runners had their speedy shoes on and beat their previous best times, well done!

Alice Noyes
Run Director


Huntingdon parkrun #262 (the one with all the Doctors and Nurses)

Huntingdon parkrun tourist report #262 - NHS70


A huge thank you to tourist William Laye, who volunteered to write up this weekends NHS parkrun report xxxx

One of the increasingly fantastic things about parkrun is how many there are nowadays. So, enroute to a weekend wedding, Huntingdon was destined to be the ‘stretch the legs’ halfway point - Thorpeness, Suffolk is bloody miles away from everywhere may I add!! What an excellent stop off choice it turned out to be.

As many of you are aware, the NHS is a young 70 years old this week. I’ll first say how fortunate we are so have such an incredible institution. Born from the ideal that every person has the right to healthcare. As a society we must never take it for granted and on a political note, we must never let our elected leaders do so either. Here’s to another 70 years and more, here here.

To celebrate this momentous birthday, dozens of NHS staff toed this weeks startline dressed up in various paraphernalia. I must say I’ve never felt so safe being surrounded by so many well qualified people! A warm applause was given at the beginning of the event as a small token of thanks for everything these people do for us. Once again thank you!

NHS4John from the Abbots Elm raised £355 for the BRJ charity Myaware by holding a raffle for people to guess his finish time. Disclaimer: Just to clarify, John does not dress like this all of the time! :)

Anyway, 9:20am came around - parkrun starts at 9am guys! ;) - and off we went around a really pretty two loops around the Hinchingbrooke Country Park. I’ll leave the course description to the parkrun website however the atmosphere was top notch, one of the best I’ve witnessed in my 47 different parkrun events!

There was so much feel good energy which stems from a really great set of volunteers who have clearly worked hard to keep improving their parkrun. Most notably, the start of the second loop was a real boost with a guard of well wishers and volunteers willing everyone on.

For those passing through the area or living nearby, get down to Huntingdon parkrun at Saturday 9am, it’s a brilliant and beautiful run!


We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Samantha AHERN, Alison AINSWORTH, Stuart AINSWORTH, Gemma ANNIES, Eleanor BLADON, Scott BOSWELL, Michelle BOSWELL, Tom BRAND, Joanne BRAND, Charles BUTCHER, Marilyn COBB, William EASON, Judith FARMAN, Elizabeth HARMAN, Paul HARRIS, Freya HARRIS, Sheila HUNTER, Christopher JOHN, William LAYE, Steve MOORE, Bryan NYLANDER, Morris QUAINOO, Jane REAVEY, Helen SAXTON, Joy SEILER, Kira SHIPLEY, Sasha SUVOROV, Arseniy SUVOROV, Karl TAYLOR, Katrina VAN GIESON, Ryan WARD, Duncan WISBEY, Samantha WOOL


A special congratulations to this weeks milestoners:
Gerard Baker (50)
Reece Millard (50)
Mairi Thelwall (50)
Annabel Woods (10) jnr
Joe Butler (10) jnr

The speedy men this week:
First finisher making everyone feel old - Casper Hiscock (18:16 - Huntindonshire AC) jnr
Second finisher just behind and also making everyone feel old! - James Michael Orrell (18:46 - BRJ Run and Tri) jnr
Third finisher keeping the youth honest (someone needs to) - Sean J Barker (18:49 - Huntingdonshire AC)

The speedy women this week:
First finisher with yet another sub 20 min, great running - Rachael Leah (19:58 - C&C)
Second finisher and a pacey first time at Huntingdon - Sam Cullen (20:49 - Eye Community Runners)
Third finisher and a very solid run not far off PB - Georgia Hine (21:19)

The single best performance was that of Annette Newton with a magnificent age grading of 79.87%, superb running.

We welcome 41 first time runners to the parkrun cult and well done to the 9 runners coming back for their second.

A massive 67 runners were showing off and got a cheeky PB - well done, I hope you rung the PB bell.

Looking forward to next week, let’s get behind Paul Stevenette who is currently on 249 parkruns, Russell Scrivener 99 and Michael Shaw 49 - one more week!


Finally, thank you once again to the volunteers of this weeks parkrun, the NHS staff who attended, and your colleagues who didn’t run but help look after us all year round regardless - not just on a Saturday morning. Well done all!

P.S. To those who ran in their NHS uniform, please wash it ready for your next shift


Huntingdon parkrun #258 (the one with Superstar Suzie!!)

Today’s parkrun was dedicated to celebrating and thanking our outgoing superstar Event Director, Suzie Hall, who is responsible for bringing parkrun to Huntingdon.


For the past 5 years Suzie has coordinated Huntingdon parkrun and ensured a safe, friendly, fun and inclusive way to bring the community of Huntingdon together at 9am every Saturday morning. As Stuart said in the briefing, without Suzie we would all be either in bed or planning our trip to Ikea (or there are plenty of other monstrous retailers to choose from!!!)

Suzie has provided Huntingdon parkrun with consistent guidance and leadership during her time at the helm, and there have been many changes that she has had to navigate through – some of which you would have noticed, others which happen in the background. An example of this is to actively welcome the partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and provide young people in Huntingdon with the opportunity to participate. Harry Sweet, pictured below (right) with Sam and Kira, has just completed 6 months of volunteering toward his Silver Award and is an asset to the parkrun team. Thanks for your dedication and commitment Harry.


Suzie has selflessly dedicated her time to ensure that Huntingdon parkrun is the best it can be, whilst managing relationships with key stakeholders including the local council, the park ranger, parkrun HQ, the core team and of course, you parkrunners! As an Event Director, Suzie is part of a worldwide network who help and support each other, and it was great to see Simon Render, Event director at March parkrun, come and celebrate the contribution that Suize has made. Suzie has succession planned very well, and hands over Huntingdon parkrun to Stuart Ainsworth (pictured below), who as many of you will know has been an influential member of the core team and is passionate about parkrun. Stuart has the leadership and vision to make sure that Huntingdon parkrun remains the best in the world.


An example of the great spirit that Suzie has fostered at Huntingdon parkrun was displayed last week when Jane suffered a shoulder injury resulting from a fall during parkrun. Many parkrunners assisted Jane and sent their good wishes, and we were delighted to see that Jane had recovered enough to come along this morning and walk the course with a smile on her face, accompanied by her friends Julie and Lulu.


303 parkrunners joined us for Suzie’s send-off, with Ian Haw finishing first in 18.27 which was a new PB. Ieva Klavina was first home for the ladies in 22.10. Thanks to everyone, runners and volunteers, who came along today to give Suzie the send off she deserves. So what’s next for Suzie? Well lots of tourism with her beloved Foxy is top of the agenda!



Bubble Rush 5k – A family run that’s bursting with fun

The foamiest fun-filled run is coming back to the Riverside Park, in Huntingdon on Saturday 21 July. Run, jog, or walk around an approx 5km (2.5KM lapped) course - you can go fast or you can go slow, but most of all enjoy the foam!

This unique and exciting family event is returning to the region for the 3rd time! One of only a few across the country.

Five foam stations will amaze your senses along this colourful approx 5k riverside route which is guaranteed to be a memorable highlight of your summer! Come along with your family, friends and colleagues, have fun and help raise funds for the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, to make a difference across Cambridgeshire.


Adults Early Bird Price £17.50, increases to £20.00
Children (under 16 yrs) Early Bird Price £7.50, increases to £10 (Registration fee includes a t-shirt and medal)


To register:

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