Huntingdon parkrun report #278 (The last one on the summer course!)

Last weeks parkrun was the final one on the summer course and the first time we have used pacers. Did this help you achieve a personal best? We had a field of 313 parkrunners. The fastest time was set by Jamie Hall who set a new pb with an incredible 16.13. He must have eaten at least 3 shredded wheats that morning!

Our tail runner came in at a more enjoyable time of 1.16.24 which allowed much more time to enjoy the wildlife in our beautiful Hinchingbrooke Park.

A big thanks to Charles for organising the pacers from 22 minutes to 30 minutes. For those of you who followed me on the 26 minute pace, apologies for doing the first kilometre 22 seconds too fast! I think Henry's encouragement at the first corner made me accidentally turn on my turbo charger button. I was a little alarmed to discover Bruce the 25min pacer was actually behind me at the 1.5k mark! I took the hint and eased off the gas to cross the finishing line at 26.13. Well done to those pacers who got closer to their target times than me.

So would you like to see pacers more often at Huntingdon parkrun?

Parkrun Pacers
Charles B 22m; A N Other 23m; Anthony N 24m; Bruce G 25m; John M 26m; David N 28m; Tom B 29m; Gillian D 30m.

And finally, Thanks to all the volunteers
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Sandra ACTON, Tim ALBAN, Sue BAILEY, Henry BAILEY, Jez BANGS, Scott BOSWELL, Tom BRAND, Charles BUTCHER, Anthony CHARTERS, Sallie COCHRANE, Kevin COLE, Jan COLE, Gillian DUNN, William EASON, Alice EDWARDS, Cy GEARING, Bruce GRIMLEY, Paul HARRIS, Freya HARRIS, Zoe HAVERLEY, Garry HILL, Katy HILL, Sheila HUNTER, Gay JACKSON, Abbie KING, John MORRIS, Jo F. MURRAY, Anthony NETHERCOTT, David NEWTON, Bryan NYLANDER, Kathy RADLEY, Jane REAVEY, Reina Rose RICHMOND, Karn RICHMOND, Karl TAYLOR, Claudia TURANO, Ursula VAN LEEUWEN-HILL
Please consider volunteering to help out at a future event. Without our volunteers we wouldn't have a Huntingdon parkrun.

John Morris


New Year’s Day Extra parkrun

As usual, we will be holding an extra parkrun at Huntingdon parkrun on New Year's Day. This is the one day of the year you can legitimately run two parkruns in one day and we are monitoring other local events to see which ones are also holding additional runs. We will be running our event at 0900, please check out other parkruns who have agreed to hold additional events - so far March, Pocket and Rutland Water are on for 1030. Please consider roadworks and distances when selecting parkruns for 'doubles'.


Christmas Day Huntingdon parkrun

As in previous years, we will be holding an extra parkrun at Huntingdon parkrun on Christmas Day. 0900 start as usual and please let us know if you are able to volunteer as we cannot run the event without you! Thanks


Huntingdon parkrun #274 (The one with all the BRJ volunteers and an Olympian!!)

Huntingdon parkrun #274 was a special day for a couple of reasons. First, it was the annual volunteer takeover by local club BRJ Run & Tri. Secondly, we were privileged to have a visit from Olympian pentathlete Jess Varley!


BRJ’s charity of the year is Myaware - the only charity in the UK dedicated solely to the care and support of people affected by myasthenia. Myasthenia is a neuromuscular condition which causes muscle weakness and fatigue. Myasthenia can be severe, and it is not curable - but it is treatable. We were delighted to have Wendy Lane from Myaware visiting us, to speak to everyone about myasthenia and Myaware. So far BRJ have helped raise over £1,200 for the charity, which is excellent!


BRJ, with the help of Jess, were also pleased to hand over the cheque for last year’s charity – the Step Young Carers’ Trust – to Andy McGowan BRJ members raised a total of £3650 during 2017, which is fantastic work by the club.


Thanks to BRJ for providing nearly all of the volunteers at this parkrun – though despite our Olympian visitor Jess having a go at barcode scanning and tail walking, it appears that she didn’t get a volunteer credit. Surely some mistake?!

On the parkrun club front, Anthony Nethercott and Charlotte Abrams joined the 50 Club and Karen Charman joined the 100 Club. Gillian Dunn joined the unofficial 150 club. Congratulations to them!

Out of 372 runners this morning, we had an amazing 42 first timers, including both tourists and newbies. Tourists came from Wolverhampton, Wimpole, Horsham, Peterborough, March, Congleton, Sheffield, Bradford, Basingstoke and even Emerald in Queensland, Australia! We hope they enjoyed our lovely course as much as the regulars do.

First finisher today was Jamie Hall with a PB time of 16:49. First junior home was Casper Hiscock (JM15-17) with a PB time of 17:24 (and second place!). First female finisher was Elaine Livera with a time of 19:05 AND a PB to boot!!

There was an utterly amazing 72 PB's set this morning!! Congratulations to Jude Henry, Peter Ball, Michael Fagan, Lucy Roberts, Mary How, Hayley Lawrence, David Russell, Lyle Swapp, Adrian Smith, Rafferty Davey, Alison Orrell, Paps Claudianos, John Abbey and everyone who else bagged a PB!!

freya jess Varley 1-9-2018

And a stat to finish with. The total distance run at Huntingdon as of today is 311,950km. So only another 72,450km to go before we have run to the Moon. Apposite, given that one of today’s runners is called….Neil Armstrong.

See you next week!


Huntingdon parkrun #270 (The one where we celebrate the wedding of Sarah Hall and Karl Taylor)

At Huntingdon parkrun #270 we celebrated the wedding of Sarah Hall (just recently stepped down as Run Director after 5 years) and Karl Taylor (who kindly put the kit away every Saturday for many years).

Alison Ainsworth (recently interviewed by Vassos Alexander on the podcast Free, Weekly, Timed) officiated at the ceremony – watch the video of her starring as the Archbishop of Huntingdon parkrun here ( . As ever Alison managed to incorporate the ethos of parkrun, do the regular briefing and make us all laugh with her witty and clever address to the 314 assembled runners and walkers.

Sarah and Karl with some of the wedding guests

Sarah and Karl walking the avenue of runners

Sarah and Karl on Chestnut Avenue

Another hot parkrun today on the summer route – not so much shade around the lake so it was a real delight to get into the cool of Chestnut Avenue before the final lap around the field and into the finish funnel.

We are very grateful to the 35 volunteers who gave their time to us today:

Karl TAYLOR • Alice NOYES • Garry HILL • Sarah LEE • Scott BOSWELL • Paul HARRIS • Joy SEILER • Charlotte IRWIN • Carol HALL • Georgina GODBY • Stuart AINSWORTH • Alison AINSWORTH • Charles BUTCHER • Sarah LOVELL • Katy HILL • Anna BEST • Clive BEST • Bonnie JACKSON • Sue BAILEY • Henry BAILEY • Freya HARRIS • Steve JENKINS • Sandra ACTON • Natalie BUTCHER • Alice EDWARDS • Tony REEVES • William EASON • Hank SWEET • Judy SWEET • Esther GOODWIN • Katrina VAN GIESON • Frankie MCKIERNAN • Jane REAVEY • Daniel DUELL • Ian RICHARDSON

A special congratulations to this weeks milestoners:

Darren Adams and Shelley Duffy (100)

The men at the front this week:
First finisher David Hudson (15.56) BRJ Run and Tri (just 3 seconds from his PB and course record)
Second finisher - Joey Croft (17:03) – Hunts AC
Third finisher, Ty Farrer (17:07 ) – Hunts AC

The women at the front this week:
First finisher Isabelle Wilkins (18:48) Team Bex (JM11-14) New PB
Second finisher Shelley Duffy (21:24) BRJ Run and Tri
Third finisher Hazel Baughan (23:05 ) Team Bex


Issy Wilkins not only set a new personal best with an amazing time of 18:48 but she also set a new Huntingdon juniors JW11-14 age group record with her run!! Also setting age groups records today was Rod McKee (VM45-49 - 17:43), Ty Farrer (VM40-44 - 17:07) and Joey Croft (VM18-19 - 17:03). Must have been something in the water eh? :)

We welcome 13 first time runners to the parkrun family and well done to the 15 runners coming back for their second.
A massive 53 runners had their speedy shoes on and beat their previous best times, well done!

The female record is held by Rebecca MOORE who recorded a time of 17:35 on 10th September 2016 (event number 177).
The male record is held by David HUDSON who recorded a time of 15:53 on 14th July 2018 (event number 267).
The Age Grade course record is held by Freddie HARDY who recorded 94.20% (20:59) on 18th March 2017 (event number 204).

Huntingdon parkrun started on 13th April 2013. Since then 8,026 participants have completed 61,457 parkruns covering a total distance of 307,285 km, including 10,916 new Personal Bests.

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