Huntingdon parkrun #228 (the one with the amazing visitors)

It was a bit cool and a bit chilly BUT did that stop 309 runners from running parkrun on Saturday morning? It would take a lot more than a bit of cool weather to stop people from running first thing Saturday morning (like a cancelled event!).

We had a some absolutely fantastic visitors joining us on Saturday morning. First up was the utterly amazing Andrew Howard who got up at 2am to bike the 100km to Huntingdon to take part! His goal is to bike to all of the parkruns within a 100 mile radius of his home parkrun in East London!!!

Peter and Pat Jackson and Andrew Howard. All members of the 250 club

Next up was the equally amazing first timer, Adam Tamj, our very first visitor from the Czech Republic. Adam was at parkrun with his mum as he is here for a year to learn english. The great thing about parkrun is Adam will get to learn a lot of new words from runners that won't be part of his formal education :)

Adam Tamj and mum

We also had two runners doing their 50th parkruns on Saturday. Huge congratulations to William Blackwell and Heidi Dorrington! It is such an awesome achievement to get to 50 parkruns!! Well done you two [insert clapping sounds].


Our first finisher on Saturday was James Orrell with a PB of 18:52. This was the first time James has finished as first finisher BUT its the 35th time he has come in the top 10 in the 140 senior parkruns he has completed (James runs in the 15-17 age group!).

First female finisher was Ellie Loosley, fresh off her Great North Run exploits, in a time of 20:21!! Ellie also runs in the 11-14 year age group!! A junior dominated parkrun, so no pressure you oldies (ie. anyone over 18!).

Huge congratulations to the 31 first timers and also massive congratulations to India Sandever, James Orrell, Emma Rigby, Amelia Fleming, Katie Casey, Dougie Gallimore, Nicky Hoad, Mark Brock, Caroline Wright, Martin Camp, Dave Driver, Aidan Maltby, Jane Le Farge, Diane Gannon, Fiona Hood and Laura Richardson and every one of the 58 runners who bagged themselves a PB on Saturday.

Some of the more observant parkrunners would have noticed our lovely new token board by the bar code scanners on Saturday. We would like to say a massive thank you to Chris from Riverside Runners for the board.


Finally, on a serious note, we have some lost property that needs collecting...especially the messiah like water bottle in the middle of the photo!! Its freaking us out as every time we look at it we can hear Angels singing!!


If any of this is yours please collect it on Saturday...especially the Messiah bottle!!!

See you all next weekend!!!



Huntingdon parkrun #224 (the one with #teamparkrun, the shark and lots of balls!)

This week 321 people ran, jogged and walked Huntingdon parkrun, of whom 37 were first timers and 33 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

We were also joined by St Neots Hockey Club, a shark marshal and Aimee Stevens, Bruce Gentles and Emma Rigby all celebrated their 50th parkrun.




The event was made possible by 29 volunteers:

Suzie HALL • Sarah HALL • David IRWIN • Annette NEWTON • Diane HUFFORD • Mark DOBSON • Clare MIDDLEHURST • Charlotte IRWIN • Stuart AINSWORTH • Angela KING • Alison AINSWORTH • Marie WILLIAMSON • Nicola WILLIAMSON • Charles BUTCHER • Sheila HUNTER • Kevin HUNTER • Henry BAILEY • Steve JENKINS • Elizabeth HARMAN • Alice EDWARDS • Jamar EASON • William EASON • Hank SWEET • Judy SWEET • Katrina VAN GIESON • Mike OSBOURN • Sarah GEARY • Jago BROCKWAY • Natalie PRIMAVERA

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Huntingdon parkrun Results Page however here are some stats for you.

Male placings:
David HUDSON (VM35-39) of BRJ Run and Tri, was first over the line in 17:03 - 15th time in 24 appearances.
Joshua CHAPMAN (SM30-34) of BRJ Run and Tri, was second over the line in 18:48.
James Michael ORRELL (JM11-14) of BRJ Run and Tri, was third over the line in 19:02.

Female placings:
Ellie LOOSLEY (JW11-14) of BRJ Run and Tri, was first (26th overall) over the line in 21:36 - 15th time in 116 appearances.
Jenna DOWNS (SW20-24) (Unattached) was second (27th overall) over the line in 21:40.
Catherine BARKER (VW40-44) of CSSC Sports & Leisure, was third (30th overall) over the line in 22:16.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
David HUDSON (VM35-39) – 77.81% for the time 17:03 (first overall).
Ellie LOOSLEY (JW11-14) – 77.01% for the time 21:36 (26th overall).
Alan TURNBULL (VM50-54) – 75.98% for the time 19:34 (7th overall).

The male record is held by Paul VERNON who recorded a time of 16:20 on 16th May 2015 (event number 108).
The female record is held by Rebecca MOORE who recorded a time of 17:35 on 10th September 2016 (event number 177).
The Age Grade course record is held by Freddie HARDY who recorded 94.20% (20:59) on 18th March 2017 (event number 204).

Huntingdon parkrun started on 13th April 2013. Since then 6,635 participants have completed 48,110 parkruns covering a total distance of 240,550 km, including 9,105 new Personal Bests.



Huntingdon parkrun #221 (the one with visitors from the Colonies (USA and NZ))

Summer is finally upon us and so is the British summer weather, so following a lot of rain the night before, our Run(g) Director Charles warned us that the going might be ‘slippy’, but thankfully there were no accidents to report for Huntingdon parkrun number 221. Having said that, one young runner lost his shoe part way through the first loop but didn’t want to stop to put his shoe back on so carried on regardless - that’s running dedication for you! (Please note that shoes are normally recommended for parkrun…unless you’re Zola Budd - ask your parents if you’re too young to know who that is!!)

To quote ScottyB who gave the first timers briefing, there were ‘lots of first timers' - I counted up 27 in all! Summer is a great time to get outdoors, feel fitter and get the whole family involved in getting active and parkrun is the ideal place to start, so well done to all those first timers and we look forward to seeing you next Saturday.

We also welcomed parkrun tourists from Oxford, Nottingham, Basingstoke, Norwich, Maidenhead, Wales, and even further afield from Virginia and New Zealand. Summer is also a great time for a bit of a peek at other parkruns, if you’re able to. Just have a look at the parkrun website to see which run is closest to you when you’re travelling. Although of course, Huntingdon is still the best (….parkrun in Huntingdon!!)

There were several PB’s to note as well - the weather was good running weather on Saturday, not too hot and still a bit of moisture in the air - and standing as I was with my stopwatch as time keeper at the finish funnel, there were several runners who had clearly decided to go for it!! Congratulations to Kevin Drew, Alan Duncan, Samantha Healy, Jess Mann and Graham Stanbury, to name but a few.

We were given some very lovely parkrun cosies for our finish tokens by fellow parkrunners from the Isle of Wight - if you see these pop up at another parkrun, then it’s the handiwork of Ian Joliffe - thanks Ian!

Some exciting news - we will be running the summer course next Saturday - see the Huntingdon parkrun Facebook for more details… But summer course, or no summer course, please don’t forget to bring your barcode with you, otherwise we can’t log your result - we can’t accept barcodes on a phone, they must be printed. If you do forget your barcode on the day then speak to the Run(g) Director and they will arrange to have your run fee transferred to next weekend.

See you next week, and happy running in the meantime. I’d like to leave you with one of my favourite quotes, applicable whether you’re a first timer or a parkrunner who is nearing the 250 mark: “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t do”.

Run strong,



Huntingdon parkrun #219 (the one with all the dog mess!!!)

Another lovely day at Huntingdon parkrun #219! The rain held off, it wasn’t too hot, and we had over 300 runners, joggers and walkers. Not bad for the summer season.

Unfortunately we had to report rather more dog mess than is usual at the park. Please do keep your eyes peeled as you run around, not only for the odd protruding tree root but also for little (and indeed not so little) canine presents. Your report writer had the dubious pleasure of winkling the wretched stuff out of the soles of her BRAND NEW trainers after parkrun a couple of weeks back. And it stained them pink (whatever had the pooch been eating?) Not that I’m annoyed or anything…

Our first attempt at pacing last week seems to have be met with approval, so we’ll look at doing this again soon. We have also been trialling different routes for our August course, in light of the wooden bridge becoming weakened – thanks to all who have helped in those trials. We’ll now be working with the park management to finalise the route, and will keep you posted.

Parkrun sponsor Vitality has launched a new initiative called #mysummergoal. Visit for more information on how to set your fitness goal for the summer, and win prizes including £500 towards a luxury holiday and Champneys hampers.

Anyway, on to the actual running. Twenty first timers joined the ever-growing parkrun family today, with their first ever parkrun. Their ages ranged from under 10 to over 65, demonstrating that parkrun truly is for everyone. We hope they all enjoyed breaking their parkrun duck! We also had visitors from Black Park in Slough, Bedford, Hereford, Chippenham, Exeter, Leamington, Durham and Sydney in Australia – welcome all.

Simon Mead was our first finisher today, for the 9th time – well done Simon! He also got the best age grading of 78.37%. 43 of you also recorded new personal bests, including Shalom Chinnappa, Zara Sharp, Thomas Brown, Molly Webster, Frederick Garnham, Amy Fullam, Lewis Gladwell and George Clark. Congratulations to all of you.

A couple of gentle reminders of the rules: runners under the age of 11 must run within an arm’s reach of a responsible adult. This needn’t be a parent (don’t be ashamed to admit you can’t keep up with your speedy 10 year old!) But under-11s running alone Is Not Allowed. We do check on runners coming through the finish funnel…

And on the subject of the finish funnel: every person who passes through it will get a stopwatch time, and therefore should take a finish token. The timekeepers don’t know if you’ve done the full two laps of the course or not – equally the timekeepers aren’t always in a position to judge whether a child toddling along behind you is old enough to be participating officially, or if they’ve just joined you for the finish sprint. So if you (or one of your children) are NOT doing parkrun officially, please don’t go through the funnel! Because if you do, and you then don’t take a token, it plays merry hell with the results. If you’ve forgotten your barcode or don’t want an official finish time for whatever reason, please take a finish token anyway and just drop it into the collection bucket.

See you next weekend for more happy parkrunning,


Huntingdon parkrun #217 (the extra special one)


It was a year ago today that we lost Rebecca Griffiths to cancer. Rebecca was diagnosed in 2014 with bowel and liver cancer, initially only given weeks to live. However being the fighter she is she didn't give in!

Believing that a healthy mind and body can go a long way helping with treatment Rebecca created Team Bex, initially amongst close friends and family then extending further out in the Hinchingbrooke community, across the country and even in to America, Canada, Italy and New Zealand!

Now there are hundreds of members in Team Bex, many coming together every Saturday morning at parkrun in Huntingdon, Peterborough, March, Corby, Hove, Stevenage, Kettering and Coventry.

Team Bex has raised over £60,000 for the Hunts Community Cancer Network at Hinchingbrooke Hospital and continues to fund raise for Bowel and Liver Cancer research. Team Bex fund raising has also provided defibrillators for Hinchingbrooke Country park and the new Central Park junior parkrun in Peterborough as well.


Claire Hurst, Rebeccas sister second from left and family running on Saturday.

Rebecca lives on in our hearts and continues to be an inspiration for many people within our local community.

With that, over 400 people turned out on a very special morning at Huntingdon parkrun and rather fittingly the first male and female finishers today were Team Bex members. We also had visitors from Manchester, Crawly, Panzanger, Bornean and High Bridge, Wimpole, Kingslyn, March and Bedford joining us for the morning.


Mark Barry

Mark Barry, running in the veteran age group category these days (much to his fathers amusement) stormed in with a PB time of 17:04 and first female (and junior) finisher was Isabelle Wilkins with a PB time of 19:22.


Isabelle Wilkins

There were 74 unknowns and 44 first timers and amazingly 82 new PB's were set! Congratulations to Rod McKee, Casper Hiscock, Cameron Smith, Louise Markham, Ellie Linnell, Lucy King, Russell Carter, Eve Ranner, Louise Gaines, Owen Rylance, Donna Atkin, Hannah Abblitt, Claire Parker, Anna Plitsch, Suzanne Reynolds and Nicky and Megan Hoad and everyone else who got a PB!

Finally congratulations also goes to Dan Ainscow and Harrison Evans for running their 100th parkruns today and at the other end of the scale Maxwell Evens was running his first parkrun :)

See you all next week!


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