Run Report 13/10/2018 – by Karen Hurrell

It was a wet and blustery day at Hyndburn for its 50th parkrun on 13 October 2018. I was there because it was my NENDY (nearest event not done yet) and I didn’t have time to travel far. Not being sure of the road conditions, I set off early and arrived in plenty of time to find the volunteers gathering near the club house. Inside I found toilets and a little kitchen which provides hot water for drinks.

Just for once I didn’t miss the first timers briefing, which was given by Sarah, the RD. Eleven of us were running the course for the first time: three first-timers and eight tourists, including two visitors from Surrey and myself from Haigh Woodland. Then we all lined up at the start to hear the announcements and safety notices.

The main item of news was of course the Community Project of the Year award presented the previous evening to Clayton Chargers and Hyndburn parkrun, which was proudly on display alongside the cake and coffee. Congratulations to you all!

A combination of the weather and other events meant that the 75 participants were the second fewest so far, the lowest number being on 9th December last year when there were only 60 runners in the snow. However the tree cover sheltered us from the worst of the rain and the wind was really only noticeable at the top of the hill. Fallen leaves made it a bit slippery underfoot, but I can't say I noticed much in the way of mud.

First finisher was Shaun Livesey from Blackburn Harriers with a time of 18:50 and first female finisher was Tracey Ireland from Rossendale Harriers with a time of 26:57. Both were running at Hyndburn for the first time.

In third position, Kieran Horrigan had the highest age grade of 75.32% (and a time of 20:56) on his third visit to Hyndburn.

Ten people got new PBs. These were: Jonathan English, Wayne Rushworth, Tina Shipperbottom, Jennifer Murphy, Chris Haddock, Tom Whiteside, Julia Naughton, Steven Gilleard, Philip Sykes and George Solomons. Well done all of you.

Personally I had quite a slow run, but that just gives me the chance to get a PB next time! Hot drinks and cake at the end were very welcome before heading out into the wind and rain.

Thanks to all the volunteers for an enjoyable run and best wishes for your first anniversary next week. I am sure I shall be visiting you again before long.


parkrun for people with disabilities and long term health conditions

parkrun has a project in place to improve accessibility to its events to encourage more people with disabilities and long term health conditions to participate, with the aim of improving health and well-being by promoting physical activity and social engagement. What's more, parkrun takes away any worries about finishing last, with volunteer Tail Walkers providing support and encouragement for anyone who chooses to walk the 5k course.

Marie has fibromyalgia, and has been participating in parkrun for a year.

“I first took up jogging when a new couch to 5k started in my area. From that I heard about parkrun, and the 2 ladies who set up the c25k group were setting up a new parkrun in Hyndburn, Lancashire. So I offered to help out as a volunteer as well as to do the run.”

“As I had already run 5k in the past, I was not that intimidated by the distance of parkrun, and knew that it did not matter how long it took me to complete it. The atmosphere and support at parkrun is amazing, all the marshals are so brilliant, cheering you on around the course, and even other runners give you high 5s and encourage you round the course.”

“parkrun has not only helped with my fitness level but also increased my circle of friends, through volunteering and running, I get to meet some amazing people of all abilities. I still try and go out with my original group that I met doing c25k doing around 3.5km twice a week and then parkrunning every other week. I have to regulate myself through the week to make sure I am fit enough to take part, however if I am having a bad day I still get up and go along as I know I can walk instead of jog. The exercise is great for my fibromylagia as it keeps me moving at my own pace, gets me out into the open air and gives me a reason to get out of bed on a Saturday morning.”

“For anyone hesitant about joining parkrun I would say to just give it a go. The gentle exercise is great and everyone is so supportive, just because it is called parkrun does not mean you have to run the distance, you can run, jog, walk, skip, or crawl!! Although some people manage to do it in 15 minutes, this does not mean you will be thought any less of if it takes you 50 minutes. You will be supported every step of the way - just don’t forget your barcode!”

Exercise plays an important part in helping to manage the health and wellbeing of fibromyalgia. Recognising this benefit, the PROVE project (parkrun: Running or Volunteering for Everyone) has started a group for people with arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, and to reach out to non-parkrunners living with similar conditions to make them aware of what parkrun has to offer. There is also a closed facebook group for people to share stories, advice and tips on parkrun, exercise and their condition in a supportive manner. This can be found by searching for ‘parkrun arthritis’ on facebook.

Links for:


PROVE project

Facebook group for arthritis & MSK


Marie (centre) with 2 parkrun volunteers. Photo by Louise Greenwood


Blackburn Road Runners Hit Town – Special Run Report

Blackburn Road Runners Takeover 15th September 2018

A couple of months ago I noticed a request on our club newsletter to organise a"takeover" for a local parkrun so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Hyndburn parkrun is a fairly new parkrun course (this was their 46th event), it's one of our nearby parkrun courses and is one that I really enjoy running. So I was put in touch with their Run Director, we chose a takeover date and I was giving a list of jobs roles that I needed to fill on the day.


One thing I do love about our running club is that we have a very supportive core membership who are readily available to step up to the occasion, whether that be supporting at races, organising club events (running and social) and getting involved in one-off requests such as this. I had to have a minimum of 23 volunteers for the "takeover" to be effective and, boy, did our club step up to the challenge.


Fifty club members arrived en masse at Hyndburn with children, dogs, cow bells, foam hands and even a drum(!) and were sent out across the course to the regular marshalling points. We had extra hands on deck for timekeeping, barcode scanning, funnel management and photography and I nominated myself as Run Director for the day!


I was really nervous on the day because, even though we had guidance from the regular team, I really wanted to ensure that the event went without a hitch and that our club was well represented.  I didn't need to worry on either score because, on the surface, everything ran smoothly and any little hiccups were ironed out with support from the regular Run Directors who were there to keep an eye on things.


On the day, we had the above-mentioned 50 volunteers, 128 runners - 26 of whom were visiting Hyndburn parkrun for the first time with 9 of these lacing up their trainers for their first parkrun ever! An astounding 40 course PBs were recorded on the day too!


One amazing achievement that was celebrated on the day was from regular parkrunner, Karen Shackleton. This was Karen's 322nd parkrun and her husband, Barry, had worked out that when she hit 1.69 miles on the course, she would have run 1000 - yes, one thousand - parkrun miles!  It was an honour to have cheered Karen on her accomplishment!


Many parkrun events struggle to maintain a bank of regular volunteers week on week and I wanted our runners to appreciate the effort that goes on to organise a parkrun instead of turning up a 8.50am, chasing a PB around the 5km course, having a slice of cake and going home to continue their weekend. I definitely will strive to have more of a volunteer/run balance.


On behalf of Blackburn Road Runners, I can say that it was a pleasure to takeover Hyndburn parkrun for the day. I hope we can come and takeover again in the future.  

Nickie O'Hara

Guest Run Director/Blackburn Road Runner



Hyndburn parkrun 1st Birthday Annual Awards 2018

The evening of 20th October we celebrate our parkrun's 1st Birthday and we would like as many runners and volunteers as possible to get involved.  During our evening celebrations at The Ballroom, Accrington Town Hall we'll be presenting a handful of awards and we want YOU to send us your nominations! Here is the list of categories:

  • Male parkrunner of the year
  • Female parkrunner of the year
  • Junior parkrunner of the year
  • Senior volunteer of the year
  • Junior volunteer of the year

Two awards voted by Hyndburn's core team only:

  • Male parkrunner of the year (as voted by Hyndburn parkrun's core team)
  • Female parkrunner of the year (as voted by Hyndburn parkrun's core team)

So here's the plan:

Between now and the 23rd Sept – we want all your nominations in – one for each of the above categories.  Drop us an email with a line or 2 about that special someone.  No nomination will be overlooked.

24th Sept - 17th Oct – we will open the voting page so you can all vote for your winners from the shortlist of nominees.

20th October – Winners will be announced and all round party time!!  Be sure to attend our event if you make the shortlist!

Since we're still a very young parkrun we understand that friendships may not quite have been made just yet and perhaps you don't even know the person's name who you would like to nominate but don't let that put you off!  Feel free to send in any parkrun pictures of your nominations and we will help you identify them! So come on, this is your parkrun so be part of it!  Email us at with the subject line Birthday Awards and we'll do the rest. Tickets to this event are £5 per head and are available here, secure your place now! Click here and specify how many tickets you require in the special instructions

Hope to see you all there!


Run Report NHS Special by Katy Coe TVN

Hyndburn parkrun
Event number 32
9th June 2018

This week we joined over 300 other parkruns in celebrating the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service. As an employee of the NHS I was quite excited that Hyndburn was participating but what could we do to mark the occasion?  Myself, Sarah Johnson, a local midwife and Sally, who works in communications for East Lancashire Health Trust decided we should commemorate the momentous milestone by asking past & present NHS staff to volunteer for the morning. It soon became apparent how many of our local runners were NHS staff so after a couple of recruitment posts on social media, we very quickly had 25 volunteers all willing to take on new roles for the morning.

As the volunteer coordinator I was a little apprehensive, I’m used to managing complex wounds, not organising a team of people! 14 of the helpers had never volunteered at parkrun before but we were lucky to have a few experience volunteers, who were also NHS staff, that could offer support. Lyndsey, a special needs school nurse, took hold of a stopwatch to take on role of timekeeping. Adam, a data analyst, swapped his computer for a camera to photograph all the lovely runners and sisters Ruth & Rachel, a nurse & physiotherapist, were two of the thirteen marshals on the course. I think there were some initial concerns how a team of new volunteers would manage but these are NHS staff we are talking about and as usual they stood up to the challenge and without a glitch allowed 136 runners to complete the course.

Sarah, who has previously been a cardiac intensive care nurse and is now a midwife, took on the role of run director. She teamed up with Kevin McGee, the chief executive of East Lancashire Health Trust, to welcome everyone to Hyndburn parkrun and set the runners off.

On the volunteer roster we had a physio, a GP, a data analyst, a biomedical engineer, an assistant practitioner, various nurses, midwives, health visitors, two lovely (and lucky!) ladies who are now retired and a student midwife. Big thanks to every single one of you!!


Also we would like to thank all the runners who came down to support us and help us eat all the cake that was donated. It was especially lovely to see those with NHS t-shirts, NHS lanyards and even someone thanking the NHS for the treatment she has received.


With public health being high on the NHS agenda I felt it was fitting that parkrun chose to support and celebrate the anniversary. As well as those who enjoy running, parkrun has helped people who would not normally participate in regular exercise to run / jog / walk 5 Km every week. It has reached those groups who are usually the hardest to target and provides free, accessible and achievable exercise every week. Parkrun is not just good for your physical health but your mental wellbeing too, whether that is the early get up, the run itself, or the social aspect. It could be said it’s medicinal!

There was a great atmosphere on Saturday with Annabel Ralph getting a new female course record of 20.22.  We had 52 new PBs in total and 35 joined us for the very first time.

All in all, we had a wonderful morning at parkrun celebrating a unique organisation that provides a great service who I am proud to say I work for.


Tissue Viability Nurse

Hyndburn parkrun core team member

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