Run report for 1 January, 2019

Event #330 for Ipswich
Event #230 for Kesgrave
Event #38 for Felixstowe
By Rory Marriott (A130428)

New Years Day has always been a special day in the parkrun calendar as it is the only time when you can receive credit to your parkrun milestones at two separate events. However, for those of us in the Ipswich/Kesgrave area, the starting of Felixstowe parkrun in April 2018 added a fantastic new dynamic to the annual ritual that has been in place since January 2015 and after much discussion it was agreed that the “Double” this year would be Ipswich and Felixstowe or Kesgrave and Felixstowe.

The parkrun morning started over in Chantry park where Ipswich was scheduled for an 8:30 start.

First of all a massive thank you to all the Hi Viz heroes Adam Cable, Amber Smith,  Ali Ostler, Ben Jacobs, Bonnie Povey, Caroline Rodgers, Corina Swanston, Dave Newson, Donna Battle, Gary Parker, George Thorpe, Graham Rodgers, Ian France, Ian Old, Isaac Nasmyth-Miller, Jackie Norris, James Flatman, Jan Hart, Jonathan Jenkyn, Kate Hutson, Lucy Wood, Mark Flatman, Michael Gillingham, Rory Marriott, Simon Askew, Steve Langley, Tom Coe and Vanessa Thorpe

Some stats and achievements from the run. There were 220 runners/joggers/walkers that took part in the event making this the third highest attended NYD event for Ipswich, however, the highest attendance at Ipswich for the early NYD slot.
There were 3 parkrun newbies in amongst the 23 first timers.

Congratulations to Wendy Kellett and George Sadler who both completed their 100th parkruns and can now order their black milestone tee shirts. Also congratulations to Will Burl who completed his 50th parkrun.

As Alex and Santel Widdowson were crossing the line at Chantry, Jen Evans was setting the runners off over at Millenium Field in Kesgrave (more on that shortly)

Back to the results from Ipswich, First finisher amongst the men was Adam Howlett in 17:45 this is the 51st time that Adam has crossed the line first at Ipswich with the first time being back in 2013. For the women it was Val Jennings in a time of 22:02. Val is very loyal to Ipswich where she has completed 36 of her 38 runs and she is also a very prolific volunteer at Ipswich juniors with 72 volunteer credits. Best age grade was Scott MacSephney with 83.13%. Although canine assisted, this was also Scotts first PB at Ipswich since April 2016 with his first performance under 18 minutes.  A fantastic way for Scott to celebrate reaching the arbitrary milestone of 200 runs at Ipswich parkrun. There were also PBs for Jacqui Spurling, Paul Madden, Fiona Anderson, Sandra Braunig, Chris Spink, Stuart Mitchell, Christy Fenelon, Nektarios Georgalas and Liam White.

Without doubt though the performance of the day at Ipswich goes to Mark Flatman who was on results processing duty. The last finisher crossed the line at 09:21:36 and the emails with results were being received at 09:32. A new processing PB of 10:24 for Ipswich parkrun.

6 miles down the run Jen Evans and her volunteering team of Susan Cattermole, Mervyn Cattermole, Jackie Collins, John Driver, Perry Evans, Nia Feeney-Howells, John Feeney-Howells, Sacha Feeney-Howells, Peter Frost, Jordan Hall, Deborah Hall, Liz Hicks, Sarah Hicks, Joe Hunt, Neil Jackson, Denise King, Alex Kuczer, Rory Marriott, Peter Ross, Tom Selby, Julie Sommerville, Paul Telford, Harry Thomson, Andrew Thomson, Rita Windscheffel and Andrew Wright had everything under control looking after the 328 runners that were participating in the 230th Kesgrave parkrun.

In an almost Biblical coincidence another Adam was first finisher. This time though it was Adam Wade who was taking the coveted 001 finishing token. This is the second time that Adam has been first finisher at Kesgrave in his 21 runs here but he was pushed all the way to the line by debutant Luke Howard with the pair of them having a massive sprint finish to the end. As a result of this Adam achieved only his second ever PB at Kesgrave and his first since July 2016. For Luke this was only his second ever parkrun having completed Ipswich last Saturday. His tussle with Adam resulted in a 1 minute improvement on that time which is no mean achievement when you are running 5km in 17:13! Despite the “smackdown” the pair of them showed true parkrun spirit as they were seen having a great laugh all about it as they made their way down the finish funnel.

The first lady home, Emma Attwood also turned in a PB performance completing her 5km run in 20:39 knocking a massive 1 minute 34 seconds of her previous best.

Showing no signs of having over indulged over the Christmas period were the 40 runners that achieved PBs today. There are too many to list individually, however, congratulations to Michelle Ostler who recorded her 4th consecutive PB and her time is getting closer and closer to sub 30.

There were 21 first timers to Kesgrave today of which 11 were first timers to parkrun so a very warm welcome to Bert Park, Rika Park, Louise Luck, Dave Luck, Nigel Bell, David Green, Sandra Green, Jessica Hammond, Victoria Hammond, Eloise Sutton and Janna McKendrick. Be warned - parkrun is very addictive.

To finish the Kesgrave section of this run report massive congratulations to Clare Cleave, Mark Brundish, Alison Huxley, Paul Findlay and Pippa Wake on reaching the 100 run milestone and also to Thomas Gooch and Michael Tricker on reaching their 50 milestone.

With Ipswich and Kesgrave all finished by 09:47 that left plenty of time for those runners who wanted to complete the double to head down to Felixstowe.

Where do you start with the section on Felixstowe?

The place to start is of course with the fantastic team of volunteers who made this remarkable occasion possible – Take a bow Mandy Abdel-Aziz, Lucy Beale, Rebecca Bewley, Rachel Bodsworth, Kerry Buckley, Roseanne Byford, Gillian Carron, Liz Clark, Daniel Clark, Louise Eales, Ian Fitch, Sara Gillespie, Rory Gillespie-Gardiner, Hannah Gillespie-Gardiner, Shaun Good, Sonia Groom, Wendie Hales, Tamsin Hegarty, Helen Hollingsworth, Dave Howgego, Christina Howland, Mark Lambert, Rod Macgregor, Hilary Marriott, Rory Marriott, Bridget Read, Graham Rodgers, Paul Schwer, Ingrid Scopes, Sylvia Scott-Laws, Jayne Steele, Cheryl Wakerley, Maria Ward, Jo Whelan and Peter Woods.  The person who should take the biggest bow though was our leader and Run Director for the day Sarah Fitch.

Now let’s look at the phenomenal stats.

On New Years Day 671 people ran, jogged or walked the Felixstowe course
Making this the single largest parkrun event ever held in Suffolk. The previous largest number was 458 at Ipswich in January 2018.

The first finisher Alex Trip, on his inaugural run along the prom, knocked 6 seconds off the course record with a time of 16 minutes 12 seconds.

Amongst the runners today there were 244 first timers to this event. Of the 38 events held so far only 14 of them have had 244 runners or more in total!

Out of the 332 parkrun events held in the UK, Felixstowe was the 24th largest.

First lady Phillpa Unthank recorded the 4th fastest female time with 18:14. She also holds the top 3 times.  Christine Anthony who runs in the VW55-59 age category recorded the highest Age Grade with 86.04%

76 runners got their year off to the perfect start with Personal Bests.

Lucy Needham and Richard Carron were the final runners reaching the 50 run milestone

For me though what was most striking about the event today was the fantastic atmosphere. We have never witnessed something like this in Suffolk before and the way in which everybody conducted themselves was simply fantastic.

But that isn’t the end of this report as I think you haven’t had stats overkill yet. So the final numbers for today are as follows

Of the 220 runners at Ipswich, 94 did a single event and 126 did the double
Of the 328 runners at Kesgrave 212 did a single and 116 did the double
Of the 671 runners at Felixstowe 429 did a single event and 242 did the double
(unknown runners are included in single event numbers)

In Suffolk 8 of the 10 Events held runs today and had a total attendance of 2,648 runners. This is a record by 519.

The final thing I want to share with you is a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that events like today can happen.  With three events so close together in distance, knowing that on average 750+ runners attend a Saturday parkrun and also because of the knowledge built up over the last few years the Event Directors started planning for today on September 14th.  You have all experienced the result of over 3 months planning today. parkruns don’t just happen by luck, It is because of the dedication of our EDs and the core teams that all our events go ahead in such a professional way.


Temporary re-location of Ipswich parkrun

Due to the deterioration of the ground condition at Chantry Park, Ipswich parkrun will be moving to its temporary winter location of Christchurch Park from Saturday 5th January 2019 until further notice.


New Year’s Day parkrun, Tuesday 1st January 2019

We will be hosting our special New Year's Day parkrun again at Chantry Park. Start time will be at the earlier time of 8:30am, this will allow those who would like to take the once a year opportunity of doing a double parkrun to combine Ipswich at 8:30am with Felixstowe at 10:30am.

We will be operating under "parkrun lite" conditions, which involves minimal signage, marshals and other volunteers, but we do still need your help, hence please offer to volunteer if you can.

Note, the pavilion will be closed.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 1st January 2019.

Ipswich parkrun core team


Christmas Day ‘retro’ parkrun, Tuesday 25th December 2018

We will be hosting our Christmas parkrun day again this year at Chantry Park. Start time will be 9:00am.

This will be a special retro event using the original parkrun course and will be hosted by the original Ipswich parkrun Run Director!

We will be operating under "parkrun lite" conditions, which involves minimal signage, marshals and other volunteers, but we do still need your help to make it work. Please volunteer if you can.

Also note that the pavilion will be closed.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Ipswich parkrun core team


Notification of Ipswich parkrun Cancellation

Ipswich parkrun will be cancelled on Saturday 24th November, 2018. This is due to the Mo Running Event which is being hosted in Chantry Park.

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