KWP parkrun #273 – John Hanson reaches 250!!

This weeks parkrun saw the highest number of attendees (468) since 21st July 2018. This could be due to the perfectly still and mild November weather or the other half mentioning the idea of going Christmas shopping as the big man will be arriving in just over 5 weeks....Gulp!

An amazing 103 PB's were recorded this morning, disappointingly even though I was chasing mine, today it wasn't meant to be. Brilliant effort by those achieving theirs.

The evergreen Chris Horton was the first male across the line for the 3rd time in 4 weeks in under 17 minutes and Rosie Young was the first unassisted female and set herself a new personal best at the same time of 22:25, well done both.

The average run time from all 272 parkruns at Kingsbury is now 29:33 which I think is a fantastic number. This means we are reaching people outside the Mo Farah's of this world and is such an all-inclusive event regardless of speed, running style, gender or whatever. The Core team has done a brilliant job making this happen and really do need to be applauded.

parkrun milestones this week were Steve Perry and Richard Douglas completing 50, and Claire Arden clocks up a century, good going folks and keep up the fantastic work.

Without undermining the previously mentioned, KWP legend Mr John Hanson recorded his 250th parkrun and received an extended special mention in the pre-race briefing. John carries the true spirit of parkrun and encourages and cajoles everybody he comes into contact with, apart from being a Spurs fan John is genuinely one of the nicest people you could meet. Great effort fella.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and the core team again, who selflessly gave up their time this morning to enable us to just turn up and walk or run around the park safely, all this free of charge. The parkrun phenomenon absolutely blows my mind and explaining to people who have never witnessed it can never truly do it justice.

I very much look forward to seeing everyone soon. Keep up the good work.

Mike Wyant


We will remember

To mark Remembrance Day and the 100 year anniversary of the end of the first world war we started our event this week with a minutes silent to remember and pay our respects to the fallen.

It was a beautiful autumnal morning, with the early morning sunshine reflecting off the lakes, which brought out nearly 400 runners! The run was won by speedy BADGER Chris Horton, who bagged a new PB with a record time of 16:53. Well done to Chris and fellow BADGER Chris Baxter who came second in 17:17 and Howard Bush for Tamworth AC who came third in 17:55. Our first lady finisher was Sian Duval of Royal Sutton Coldfield AC who finished in a great time and with a PB of 21:19, followed closely by Chloe Hawkins from Uttoxeter Road Runners in 21:22 and Stacey Horner came third in 22:42.

We had 35 first timers, an amazing 73 PBs and 31 different running clubs took part. We celebrated a number of 50 and 100 milestones, including for Bethany Dennis and Robert Rainsley. Congratulations and also thanks to Bethany for the cake :-)

The event would not be possible without our amazing group of volunteers and this week they were:

Richie BUNN • Mark ROBINSON • Tricia BUNN • Peter COOGAN • Richard CHESTER • Tim GOULD • Hannah COOGAN • Dean SNOWDEN • Brian ADAMS • Paul DANIELS • Brian JONES • Katharine GOULD • Amanda GOULD • Madeleine GOULD • Peter DREW • Sharon WHITEHEAD • Alex SANDHAM • Richard BENHAM • Tom SMITH • Susan THOULD • Natasha O'CALLAGHAN • Caroline SMITH • Susan HANN • Louie HARRISON • Caroline BROMLEY

See you all next week at the same time and the same place!



Event 271 Newsletter

Today was a notable day for many reasons. November 3rd is National Housewives day, National Bison day and believe it or not,also National Sandwich day! according to the web page regarding National Sandwich day, the best way to celebrate is to spend time with friends (obviously eating a sandwich)...Statistics tell us that some of the most common sandwiches include "Muffuletta" and "Sloppy Joe", and the sandwich is believed to be the namesake of John MONTAGU,4th Earl of Sandwich, following the claim that he was the inventor of this popular lunch time treat.

Sharing these momentous occasions (and one day they might even name a sandwich after him) is Rich BENHAM.  Likened to Eastenders heart throb Max BRANNING, Rich arrived early for his first role as run director. With a willing army of volunteers including Judy PARKES who helped set up today's event, Rich stood centre stage with his trusty loud speaker addressing the masses!...Really pleased for him, because he's earnt that opportunity, and so deserves it through continued hard work, commitment and multiple event volunteer roles.

Having read various posts from runners and those that have taken part today, I don't think i've ever been so touched with personal stories,battles and individual victories.
430 took part today, during event #271 on the return of the winter course. This included 27 volunteers, 62 were first time runners and 82 left with a new PB!

One person certainly on a roll today was lead biker Dean SNOWDEN. Unable to run through injury, Dean took up his volunteer role and after coming off his bike (thankfully uninjured) was able to continue and see all runners safely across the finish line. This was one of many posts I read before starting to write this weeks run report. What a great example especially from a volunteer. Great work Dean and hope to see you back running soon.

During the week of Halloween, Chris LOCKHART took off like a rocket to finish first back. Representing #I AM THE STORM CANICROSS, Chris finished in a breathtaking 15:52 minutes. What makes this performance even more incredible and also inspiring, is Chris stopped to assist Dean, missing out on a new PB by 2 seconds. Superb Chris.
What better way to start this weeks run report...people leading,volunteering and running from the off...all working for each can't buy that!

Aldridge RC athlete Toby OURY exploded into action for a new PB to finish 2nd! (16:53)
Marc STAIT made up the top 3 with a cracking time of 18:32.

Katherine SNOWDEN ran superb for Tamworth AC. Her reward was first female back in 21:09.  Stacey HORNER (22:29) and young Royal Sutton Coldfield AC runner Amber HOEY (22:32), proved to be a pair of sparklers...both ran hard to leave with a new PB, finishing 2nd and 3rd female. Top running both.

Milestone time...
Michael WYANT ran his 100th parkrun today...a huge well done to you.
Stephen FRETTER and Tina MAYE both clocked their 50th parkruns.
The following all competed in their 10th...George DRINKWATER, William UPTON, Isobel WATTIS, Marc STAIT, Catherine DRURY, Jason BROWN, Neill KETT, Abbie TAYLOR, Hannah FOX, Stuart HINES-RANDLE, Kate ALEXANDER, Sarah MADDEN and Samantha KEATING.

I always enjoy giving a shout out to the younger runners, and this week they have been on top form. The following not already mentioned, all left with a new PB time, and its big thumbs up from me!
1) Morgan BENNETT (18:47), 2) Jack WAKEFIELD (19:30 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), 3) Reinis BALTINS (21:08), Tobey BRAIN (21:14 Badgers), Charlie CONROY (21:26), George DRINKWATER (22:30), Oliver LEWIS (22:41), Joseph GORST (23:08 Tamworth AC), Briar LEWIS (27:50), Isobel WATTS (29:15) and Nathan COOPER (29:27)

Finally elsewhere...
Peel Road Runners enjoyed 3 new PB course times. Malcolm BEMBRIDGE (20:57), Mark BOFFEY (22:40) and Simon GORDON (22:58) all finished in the top 50.
A big shout out to all the first time runners from THIS GIRL RUNS - TAMWORTH, and I hope you enjoyed the course.

Also enjoying 3 new PB times were a trio of Badgers ladies. Nicola STANLEY took nearly 2 minutes off for a well earnt course PB (28:38), Tracy PIPER (32:16) and Vikki SMITH (33:15) both excelled representing the local running club.
Deb POCKLINGTON was 2 minutes quicker than last week, finishing in 36:39...well done Deb.

In light of recent events, Paul DANIELS didn't want to miss a trick, as he treated himself to a time of 39:24.

It was a proud moment for Badgers runner Lesley PALMER (34:06), who ran with grandson Ollie HEMMING on his first parkrun. (34:02)
The ever improving Mervyn JONES shrugged off seasonal man flu, to grab another PB! (25:30)

Mark ROBINSON and Ian MCNAMARA ran together, both finishing in a quality 33:20 minutes. Another inspiring example of teamwork and solidarity. Having ran his first ever 10k last year at Market Drayton, Ian is chipping away at his parkrun times and sub 30 minutes will surely follow in 2019 as he goes from strength to strength.

Jane HUBBLE embraced the KWP parkrun did Rachael SHELTON.

I started this report off talking about inspiration and I'm going to finish it that way.
Louise VERNON is a KWP regular and another that contributes not only to the event, but also on the group page.

Today after battling back against illness, she ran solo to finish just seconds from a new PB. Not only that she finished 2nd in her age category. Sometimes those personal bests or greatest achievements are those registered closer to the heart. Thank you for sharing your post earlier Louise...and I will be delighted when you get that new PB.

Thank you everyone for what has been quite an emotional run report to write.
If the Mario Balotelli of run report writers has missed anyone out, it's certainly not intentional.

A big thank you as always to all of today's volunteers, including Miss Atherstone 1998 Yvonne FAULKNER.

I'm just off now to share Sue THOULD'S box of celebrations!


Shark – Event 269 Newsletter

Welcome to the run report for event 269, Saturday 20th October 2018.

For this week's special edition I've decided to tell the tale in song.  And what better song to pick than the song for a generation, the song that's guaranteed to stick in your head, the internet sensation that I wish I'd thought of.  Maybe you'd prefer to hum along with the original version in your head.  Perhaps you rather the James Corden piano bar version...  Yes, today's run report is brought to you by... Baby Shark.

Kingsbury doodoodoodoodoodoo, Kingsbury doodoodoodoodoodoo, Kingsbury doodoodoodoodoodoo, Kingsbury

Water park doodoodoodoodoodoo, Water park doodoodoodoodoodoo, Water park doodoodoodoodoodoo, Water park

Run number doodoodoodoodoodoo, Run number doodoodoodoodoodoo, Run number doodoodoodoodoodoo, Run number

2-6-9 doodoodoodoodoodoo, 2-6-9 doodoodoodoodoodoo, 2-6-9 doodoodoodoodoodoo, 2-6-9

Saturday doodoodoodoodoodoo, Saturday doodoodoodoodoodoo, Saturday doodoodoodoodoodoo, Saturday

9am doodoodoodoodoodoo, 9am doodoodoodoodoodoo, 9am doodoodoodoodoodoo, 9am

slight detour doodoodoodoodoodoo, slight detour doodoodoodoodoodoo, slight detour doodoodoodoodoodoo, slight detour

lovely day doodoodoodoodoodoo, lovely day doodoodoodoodoodoo, lovely day doodoodoodoodoodoo, lovely day

Welcome all doodoodoodoodoodoo, Welcome all doodoodoodoodoodoo, Welcome all doodoodoodoodoodoo, welcome all

First timers doodoodoodoodoodoo, First timers doodoodoodoodoodoo, First timers doodoodoodoodoodoo, First timers

and tourists doodoodoodoodoodoo, and tourists doodoodoodoodoodoo, and tourists doodoodoodoodoodoo, and tourists

Some PBs doodoodoodoodoodoo, Some PBs doodoodoodoodoodoo, Some PBs doodoodoodoodoodoo, Some PBs

and milestones doodoodoodoodoodoo, and milestones doodoodoodoodoodoo, and milestones doodoodoodoodoodoo, and milestones

Well done you! doodoodoodoodoodoo, Well done you! doodoodoodoodoodoo, Well done you! doodoodoodoodoodoo, Well done you!

volunteers doodoodoodoodoodoo, volunteers doodoodoodoodoodoo, volunteers doodoodoodoodoodoo, volunteers

are awesome doodoodoodoodoodoo, are awesome doodoodoodoodoodoo, are awesome doodoodoodoodoodoo, are awesome

Core team too doodoodoodoodoodoo, Core team too doodoodoodoodoodoo, Core team too doodoodoodoodoodoo, Core team too

Same again doodoodoodoodoodoo, Same again doodoodoodoodoodoo, Same again doodoodoodoodoodoo, Same again

In a week doodoodoodoodoodoo, In a week doodoodoodoodoodoo, In a week doodoodoodoodoodoo, In a week

Yes yes yes! doodoodoodoodoodoo, Yes yes yes! doodoodoodoodoodoo, Yes yes yes! doodoodoodoodoodoo, Yes yes yes!

See you there doodoodoodoodoodoo, See you there doodoodoodoodoodoo, See you there doodoodoodoodoodoo, See you there

Love Parkrun doodoodoodoodoodoo, Love Parkrun doodoodoodoodoodoo, Love Parkrun doodoodoodoodoodoo, Love Parkrun!!!

And I think that's quite enough.  Apologies if this tune is now stuck in your head. I guarantee it's spent as much or more stuck in mine.

So let's get into some details and well dones.  Firstly to Aidan who was raising money in a pink tutu and ridiculous headwear this week.




We had Euan who completed his first parkrun at the age of five in under 40 minutes.   Euan, seen here with his Dad Ian, had previously been to Junior parkrun but after turning the grand old age of 5 wanted to try his hand at the full distance.  Awesome running Euan and we hope to see you back very soon.




There was a tourist influx this week from Kingfisher Harriers, who brought Selina, the birthday girl.  We hope to see you all again soon.  An honourable mention goes to Gav who, for some unknown reason, decided to run as one of the Village People or a guest at the Blue Oyster Bar (Police Academy, look it up!)  I just happened to be stood next to him…




This week's Daddy Shark was Toby Oury who smashed it in just over 17 minutes, with Chris Horton and Mark Jarvis making up the top 3.

Our Mommy Shark was Laura Edwards who led the ladies in under 23 minutes, Susan Cox and Stacy Horner following her home.

There were an incredible 74 PBs this week, with 41 first timers, in an overall total of 442 runners.

Congratulations to each and every one of you who turned up and enjoyed our awesome park run.

The big news of the day of course, apart from it being my birthday, was the delivery of the new official token hanging box, courtesy of the Dennis Family.  A fantastic bit of kit which is certain to make life easier for the token sorters in the café after the run.  Many thanks to Sarah, Nick, Beth and Toby for that.





Before I go, I must mention Kingfisher Harriers again, who sang happy birthday to me in the coffee shop and even gave me a piece of cake with a Birthday Girl candle on it.  Not quite right, but the sentiment was lovely!

Now I must mention some social media accounts for you to like and follow:

Firstly our Instagram at @kingsburyparkrun

Next our Twitter at @kingsburyH20

Finally there's also facebook at KIngsbury Water Park Run.

Check in here throughout the week for news, information, updates, photos and more.  There'll also be reminders about signing up to be a volunteer.  Which brings me nicely to...

A big thank you and high fives to our amazing volunteer team. This week there were 28 lovely people out there giving up their Saturday mornings so that we could all run round the park. The run cannot go ahead without a range of volunteer posts being filled, so why not sign up, there'll definitely be a role that suits you.  From marshal to timekeeper, or maybe you can do the run report?

See you all next week!!!








Running with pompoms – parkrun #268

You don’t have to be mad to run here... but it certainly helps! Seems to be the right way to describe KWp this morning; at least from where I was stood. 262 mad run/jog/walk/crawl/wheezers, 26 volunteers, and familial cheer-squads turned up on a weird Saturday morning where the weather couldn’t quite decide what it wanted to do, nor indeed what month it is, all with the express purpose of deliberately doing or enabling “exercise” (what is that about?!).

My contribution to the madness... what else but the pompoms?! It seems that I have become the pompoms marshal – which I absolutely love – and even when not at Kingsbury I’m asked where my pompoms are (I’m mostly looking at you Sarah Dennis, but you’re not alone). As I turned *redacted* this week there was really only one way to mark the occasion. I made myself some straps for them in the hope that they wouldn’t fly off in a fit of exuberance, I warned the community, and I turned up with them firmly gripped in each hand. Met with encouraging smiles, a couple of *eye rolls* (you know who you are!), and a whole lot of laughs, I knew I’d made the right decision. Running with pompoms was easier that I’d anticipated, and I think I only *nearly* took today’s running buddy Sarah Maddaford out like, maybe, half a dozen times??! Sorry!!! They live in the boot of my car, so if you fancy giving them a whirl – just ask, they are only reserved when I’m marshalling.

11 months ago when I nervously joined my first parkrun, I never expected that this would become such a big part of my life. It can be incredibly daunting to join a big group of people who call themselves runners, when you’re just dipping yours toes into that water. What you soon come to realise is that runners come in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. The truly inclusive spirit of parkrun is amazing, and what brings us back every week. To all 22 first timers, I hope you loved it and I hope you come back. To those travelling from further afield (tourist from South Wales today – I think you win that category this week) - please visit again soon.

What I think has truly helped me feel like a part of the community here at Kingsbury is volunteering. Today’s event was only possible because 26 people decided that they would give you a bit of their time, that you’re worth that to them. Please join me in giving these guys a standing ovation:

Brian JONES, Nivette CHESTER, Darren O’LEARY, Richard BENHAM, Tricia BUNN, Matthew GREEN, Susan THOULD, Simon HILL, Fiona HILL, Richie BUNN, Brian ADAMS, Alex SANDHAM, Katharine GOULD, Jennifer REYNOLDS, Madeleine GOULD, Lil SOUTER, Richard CHESTER, Louise JOHNSON, Gale KING, Clare BROWN, Tim GOULD, Richard KING, Susan HANN, David PRICE, Paul DANIELS, Sarah DENNIS

Now, head on over to the future roster page to see what takes your fancy – if this lot can do it, you sure as eggs can! Drop an email to or sign up at the desk before your next run. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Well done to the first bloke home today – Anluan HENNIGAN in 18:39 and to the first lass home today Sarah DAVIS in 21:59; great times! Sylvia PHILLIPS was the lass with the highest WAVA score today at 76.21%, and the bloke’s highest scorer was David COLLINS with 74.838% - amazing fitness levels, I’m extremely envious.

22 of you mad people managed PB’s this morning, which is truly amazing given the temperature, the wind, and the drizzly bit (some of you quicker runners might have missed that). Congratulations to each and every one of you: Arlene Croydon, Wendy Teague, James Foster, Scott Wainman, Lisa White, Mike Ball, Chris Marais, Paul Wallace, Lisa Ellis, Isobel Wattis, Monique Magne, Julie O’Brien, Tayla Keating, Jaymie Rogers, Olivia Makepeace, Beccy Huntley, Samuel Vernon, Stephen Johnson, Denise Makepeace, Sarah Davis, Samantha Keating, Elaine Deering, and Paul Tasker.

Completing their 100th runs at Kingsbury this week we have Paul Little and Jonathan Constance – that’s 100 Saturday morning lie-ins foregone in favour of running around a park for a bit... congratulations! Sadly, no-one on their 50th this morning, but we did have Junior parkrunner William Murray completing his 10th! Well done William! When I was a youth there was NOTHING that could have got me moving, so I’m impressed with all of our junior runners who show great heart and parkrun spirit every week.

Well done if you’ve made it to this point, you’ve certainly got stamina! Your prize? You get to come to Kingsbury next week to run or volunteer it all over again! See you there!

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