PJ’s, Onesies and the “Mini Beast”!! – Event Number 238

The ‘Beast from the east’ tried it’s hardest to make a comeback and cause yet another cancellation but the luck of the Irish was with us this Saturday morning. Despite sub-zero temperatures on St Patrick’s Day and the odd flurry of snow 254 parkrunners and 23 volunteers braved the wintery conditions to be at Kingsbury for parkrun 238. Some it would seem, me included still in pyjamas. For the record I’d like to note I had not got out of bed wearing my onesie, it was actually clean on, over the top of running kit. This seemed like an excellent idea at the start with the biting wind blowing around, 2 miles in the love between onesie and I was gone. Never again, written in black and white, plus offered to be loaned out to any frozen marshal on the course as I slogged around. I’m not cut out for the novelty running lark, so next time parkrun has a themed run, I’ll need to be more careful in the selection department. I think Kevin Geary had the same thoughts, with his equally unsuitable dressing gown. Lisa and Carl the other two runners in nightwear made much more sensible choices (to run in!) Carl’s pink nightie was very fetching. Big thumbs up to Oliver Cheary who both wore his onesie with style whilst being photographer for the day too. Who noticed the sneaky selfie in the gallery for this week? It’s a shame it was so cold, Trevor Gasper had planned to run in his boxers today, now that might have made interesting photos!

The fashion police want a word!
cheeky grin
Today's photographer gets in on the act!!
On that note we move swiftly over to the results and landmarks. Triple celebration to Ethan Ashbolt, 8th birthday I believe, 10th parkrun and a new PB on top. Reiss Paul and Grace Starkey also joined the junior 10 club today. Greg Trappett joined the 50 club whilst Jane Barrett and Paul Charton hit the 100 club. Big thank you to the yummy after run cakes provided by Jane. On top of all this there were 23 first timers braving the artic like conditions and 23 people who decided they wanted to get home back to the warm (or Guinness quicker!) with PBs out there. Speaking of getting home quickly Chris Lockhart definitely achieved this as first man in with at time of 16:16 representing Canicross Wessex. Two Badgers came scampering next out of the cold Sam Starkey in second with a new PB followed by Glyn Broadhurst. Emily Hughes came is as fastest female at 22:26 on her first visit to Kingsbury. Well done and thanks for visiting. A mention should be made to Anne-Marie Matthews who also completed her 100th parkrun, out at the new Bedworth course, having completed 47 of her previous runs and a regular here at Kingsbury last year. Whilst complaining about the unseasonable weather, well done to both Rich Benham (our Instagram guru) and Laura Edwards who completed their Hampton Court Half Marathon (24 hours later) in even worse conditions than parkrun today, despite many races being called off across the country. JB100
Jane Barratt, who reached her 100th parkrun. Well done Jane!!

Today an extra loud shout should be made to all those high viz heroes who must have been frozen out there on the course today. They were:

Brian ADAMS, Hannah BURGESS, Kristian BURGESS, Gary CHEARY, Oliver CHEARY, Margaret DOWNES, Yvonne FAULKNER, Matthew GREEN, Susan HANN, Brian JONES, Sarah MADDAFORD, Nick MILES, Nicola PALGRAVE, Adrian PARKES, William PARKES, Judy PARKES, Alex SANDHAM, Dave SEICKELL, Andy STRETTON, Chris TAYLOR, Louise VERNON, Sharon WHITEHEAD, Michael WYANT

Please think about doing your bit too. Just think it will be spring soon, oh it is already! Hope to see you all again next week.


Prose or not prose? That was the question – Event 236 Newsletter

Twas a Saturday morning and all through the house not a creature was stirring except for the 371 crazy people making their weekly pilgrimage to Bodymoor Heath for Kingsbury Water ParkRun event number 236! Sorry Brian – that's about as poetic as I can manage. Just in case you're wondering – Brian's waiting for one of us to write this in the form of a poem... if you feel upto the challenge, drop a line to kingsburywaterhelpers@parkrun.com to volunteer your services. If writing's not your cup of tea – there are plenty of other spots to fill; and it's great fun to boot!

Thanks to every single person that made this morning possible – you are all superstars; especially in sub zero temperatures. Maybe we need to start a hot water bottle fund for our volunteers in these conditions?! Today's 22 incredible indomitable individuals were:

Sheila Ann DUNN • Robert Ian RAINSLEY • Richard KING • Peter COOGAN • Richard CHESTER • Tim GOULD • Margaret DOWNES • Hannah BURGESS • Adam COPE • Brian ADAMS • Paul DRAKE • Brian JONES • Jo SMITH • Jane BARRETT • Sarah MADDAFORD • Ann BEECHEY • Angela LOWE • Alex SANDHAM • Louise SMITH • James SMITH • Susan HANN • Lil SOUTER. Please let's give them all a round of applause for their dedication and support!

We started this week with a question of laps... luckily for us the single lap course was deemed safe and we were all happier for it. Now, I have a theory about the two-lap course... I've only been parkrunning since November, and I believe (please don't shout at me if I'm wrong) that since then, we've run the two-lap course twice. Both times, were the only times my husband's decided to come with me and have a wander round the lake whilst I'm wheezing my way around the course. So of course, when the suggestion was made of the two-lap course being invoked the first thing I did was tell him he was staying at home! Low and behold, single-lap course. You're welcome folks!


Now, I've already mentioned that it was cold this morning, but have I mentioned that it was COLD this morning?!! I saw these ducks all huddled up on the shoreline and couldn't help but think that they had the better idea!

Despite the temperature, or maybe because of it, we saw a massive 68 people record new Personal Bests! AMAZING achievements people – I salute you all. Among those 68 were Laura Edwards who smashed 41 seconds off her previous time and finished first in her age category, in her words "finally".

We also saw Beth Dennis achieve an enviable sub-28 PB! ...her Mum assures me that she'll love being mentioned in the newsletter and we all know Mum's always right! Beth's due to do her 25th stint as a volunteer next week; showing us adults the way it should be done. Well done Beth, keep chasing down your Dad and brother. You and Laura – doing it for the girls!

The PB bell just keeps on ringing this week with James Webber coming in 9th achieving a sub-20 PB – I honestly don't know how you do it. *Bows in the presence of people who can run fast* Your sister is proud of you.

Another notable achievement was a Personal Best from Ian McNamara on his 50th parkrun no less – clearly you were not meant to go to Bedford today. What a phenomenal team he and Mark Robinson make – there's clearly no stopping them.

We had not just one milestoner running this week, but two! Congratulations Martin Clutterbuck on completing your 100th parkrun this week. Can we all please clap for Martin from our sofas – great commitment. Taking a break from crashing the lead bike this week saw Matt Green rejoin the team as a runner on his 100th run at Kingsbury water – welcome back.

On a more sombre note, a group of runners wore yellow t-shirts in memory of fellow parkrunner Chris Groom who sadly passed in February 2015. Gone but not forgotten, Chris remains a source of inspiration for all who knew him, and I'm sure will continue to do so. As a (relatively) new parkrunner, I'm continually touched by the genuine connections that people in this group make – and hope to join those showing our respect in the summer lake relay this year.

And last but by all means not least – well done and welcome to the 29 first timers braving the cold (have I mentioned it was cold?) with us this week. We hope to see you all back next week – now you've started, you'll find it hard to stop. Although I should warn you – there are usually more puddles and a lot more mud.

Strong leggings game again this week – well done ladies. Same again next week? See you all there! ...and well done if you've made this far.


No snow, just mud – Event 237 Newsletter

After last week’s disappointing but necessary cancellation due to the Beast from the East, this week 280 people ran, jogged and walked the course, and, despite the mud, 20 of you picked up shiny new personal bests!!  Well done if that was you.

Did you know that Saturday March 10th was the International Day of Awesomeness? We all know that parkrunners and volunteers are generally awesome creatures.  I hope that you all had an awesome day!

pictured below: Run Director Tim Gould being awesome


Here are some awesome facts for you:

  • It was event No #237.  It was unfortunate that the finisher in position #237 did not have a barcode!!  #DFYB
  • We had 25 first timers.  In position 25 was Jim Cottom, of Boldmere Bullets with a new PB time of 22:47
  • Representatives of 20 different clubs took part, in position 20 was Rob Stead, with a time of 22:25

Andy Stretton was the only milestone runner today, completing his 50th run in a time of 22:54.  Well done!


Top Three Male Placings:

Position Name Time
1 David Mills 18:36
2 John Jenkins 19:20
3 Neil Sheward 19:33

Top Three Female Placings

Position Name Time
4 Myshola Kirkham 20:39
7 Katherine Snowdon 21:01
21 Louise Andrews 22:31

Top Three Junior Placings

Position Name
8 Ben Mears 21:09
10 Dominic Welch 21:14
14 Billy Aldhouse 21:57



Thanks to our 26 hi-viz heroes who made this event possible: Sheila Ann DUNN • Robert Ian RAINSLEY • Tim GOULD • Margaret DOWNES • Sylvia BURNS • Brian ADAMS • Judy PARKES • Katharine GOULD • Amanda GOULD • Claire WEBBER • Madeleine GOULD • Jenny REEVE • Sarah DENNIS • William PARKES • Sarah MADDAFORD • Kev JONES • Alex SANDHAM • Bethany DENNIS • Louise VERNON • Rob VERNON • Samuel VERNON • Graham ENGLEY • Gary CHEARY • Adrian PARKES • Owen HANN • Susan HANN




On Sat 17th February – there is a competition run by parkrun sponsors Millbrook Beds to win a king size mattress!!  All you have to do is run your parkrun in pyjamas and post your picture to the Millbrook Beds Facebook page using the hashtag #parkruninpjs for a chance to win one of 5 king sized limited edition mattresses.  Winners will be announced on 23rd March.  Wouldn’t it be brilliant for someone from KWP to win this?

There was no official photographer this week, and looking at the roster, unless this role is filled, there will be no photos for the coming few weeks ☹ All parkrunners love to see their photo after a parkrun, its good to see what you look like whilst you’re doing a sprint finish!  You don’t need a fancy camera or to be an amazing photographer to give this role a go.  You may amaze yourself at your photography skills as you try to capture the flying feet in our lovely park and upload the photos to Flickr.  If you fancy a go at this or any other volunteer role, then please email kingsburywaterhelpers@parkrun.com

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Kingsbury Water parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:02 on 19th July 2014 (event number 53). The female record is held by Melissa WOODWARD who recorded a time of 17:12 on 18th April 2015 (event number 91). The Age Grade course record is held by Sheila Janet CAREY who recorded 94.38% (22:50) on 25th April 2015 (event number 92).

Kingsbury Water parkrun started on 20th July 2013. Since then 9,361 participants have completed 67,717 parkruns covering a total distance of 338,585 km, including 12,580 new Personal Bests.


Peace Out – Claire Webber A1150407


Timers panic at Rob’s Conga!!!

Event Number 235


The weather Gods had certainly heard our moans about the recent run of parkrun precipitation, and had rewarded us with a beautifully sunny and bright morning to enjoy our run around the park. Maybe Spring is on the way?

This week, a total of 383 of ran, jogged or walked the course, with representatives from 28 different running clubs. There were also 35 first timers, of which 13 were new to parkrun, successfully briefed by KWP regular, Louise Vernon.

The main run brief was given by fabulous RD Judy Parkes. Thankfully all stayed assembled on the car park to listen this week!


Runners assembled ready for the briefing!


First home was James Oakley from Tamworth AC in 18:15. Second Home was Ben Horton from Royal Sutton Coldfield AC in 18:49 and third home was Glyn Broadhurst from Badgers in 18:54

The first Female finisher (and only female in top 20 this week) was Emma Pick who came in at 20:50. An amazing 64 personal bests were recorded, if this was you – I salute you! Of these PB’s youngster Ben Horton came in in 2nd place with a PB of 18:49! Another youngster Samuel Vernon smashed his previous best by an amazing 4 mins 11 seconds, coming in at 29:37! Wow! Regular runners Michael Wyant and Rachael Shelton, both ended PB droughts with impressive times of 23:11 and 23:39 respectively.

Rachel on her way to a PB!

Another PB of note was that of Ian McNamara who is being guided ever closer to a sub-30 run by Mark Robinson. This week the pair came in at 30:56. I, for one, am loving watching the progress that Ian is making – Inspirational!

2 youngsters achieved their 10 T shirts today, these were Bailey Carter and William Mulheron. Well done to you both!
Shaun Coyle earned his 50 T shirt.
Earning their 100 shirts this week were Michael Ball and Rob Andrews, the latter decided to sacrifice a PB in favour of running from the back of the course and entering the finish funnel in a full conga formation. Hopefully those who earned milestone T-shirts won’t have to wait too long until receiving them.

Rob modelling his home-made 100th parkrun T shirt. Maybe his wife could fashion a T shirt of her own as a comeback? Answers on a postcard please…

The “best” view of some of our KWP Regulars as Rob Andrews finishes his 100th parkrun

Leggings Watch
A bit of silliness now, since Christmas, it has been noticed that our females are really upping the ante in regard to their leg wear. I have been thinking that my trusty old black ones are no longer “de-rigeur”, and have been prompted to scour the internet in order to strengthen my leggings game. KWP regular John Hanson suggested we have a leggings of the week feature. Who knows, could become a thing? run235e
Leggings game strong ladies!

All that remains for me to do is to thank the hi-vis heroes for all their hard work is organising this fantastic event, that brings together people from all walks of life, whether we run, jog or walk we all get the chance to meet up with old friends, to make new ones, to share in love, laughter and tears, to give and get support from everyone in our parkrun community. Every single person makes it the rich tapestry that it is. Peace out. C x

Brian ADAMS, Teresa BUCK, David BUCK, Hannah BURGESS, Adam COPE, Amber CORDON, Finlay CROSS, Margaret DOWNES, Matthew GREEN, Susan HANN, Jane LOVERIDGE, Sarah MADDAFORD, Paul MCNAMARA, Judy PARKES, Adrian PARKES, William PHILLIPS, Mark ROBINSON, Alex SANDHAM, James SMITH, Paul STONE, Louise VERNON, Claire WEBBER


Event Number 234 – Let’s Hear it for the Girls!!

When will the Saturday morning rain ever cease? Conditions were somewhat tricky to say the least for the 409 participants, including 39 first timers who left behind the warmth of their duvets and joined us at Kingsbury for our 234th event.

Biting winds, a touch of ice and some glorious mud gave us all a challenge this morning. However, that said, 64 personal bests were achieved. Well done if that was you.


Following last week’s run and talk event, I am determined to chat to more people on the way round our lovely course. Today I overheard two men talking about going to see The Greatest Showman. “Go see it- Hugh Jackman’s amazing” I advised. They quickly ran off. Then about ¾ of the way round I met Rob Andrews, who had noticed that I had volunteered to write the run report. He reminisced about the old Matt Chat newsletter, it was then I felt the burden of pressure that run report writing brings with it. What am I going to write? Who is going to be interested in what I have to say? Still, it took my mind off the running for a bit.


Anyway, I digress. A big well done and heartfelt thank you should go to all our hi-vis heroes this morning, who must have been frozen to the bone by the time the event had finished. High fives to you all! They were, Bryan Adams, Richard Benham, Adam Cope, Finlay Cross, Anna Currier, Bethany Dennis, Margaret Downes, Paul Drake, Tim Gould, Katharine Gould, Madeleine Gould, Owen Hann, Susan Hann, Brian Jones, Gale King, Sarah Maddaford, William Parkes, Adrian Parkes, Sylvia Phillips, Alex Sandham, James Smith, Chris Upton, Louise Vernon & Rob Vernon.


New members of the 50 club at KWP this week are: Joanne Steele, Louise Shepherd, Andrew Beeton. Elliot Line ran his 150th and one new member joins the 100 club: Dave Seickell. Well done to you all on your milestones.


In a week where we have been celebrating the strength of women, it is fitting to mention that of the six first finishers today, three of them were female. Indeed 6 of the top 20 finishers were female. Huge congratulations to the females who took 3rd, 5th and 6th place respectively; Jenny Evans (18:46), Ella Semple (18:56) and Emma Lambert (18:59). Go girls!

Well done to the males too; in first place; Bertie Houghton, a first timer on the course, who completed in an eye-watering 15:40. Check out Chris Upton's lead bike Gopro video on the KWP Unofficial page for those of you, like me, who wonder what it’s like up there! In second place Marc Stait who got a new PB of 18:21 and in fourth place James Oakley who came in at 18:53.

I have had a look at the roster for next week and the coming weeks and there are a few positions that need to be filled, so why not take a look? It definitely gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to put something back into the best parkrun in town.

All that remains to be for me to say is, hope you all have a fabulous week, and see you again next week, same time, same place. #DFYB (and your £2 parking charge).


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