Many Happy Returns – Event 206 Newsletter


Where to start?

All that cake. that's as good a place as any.

Unfortunately by the time I got round to looking, the three huge letters that had adorned our kitchen bench for the previous few days had disappeared.

All that was left was two well known parkrunners whose names we should probably not disclose but, Sheena and Stephanie were both holding sharp knives, used napkins and sweeping away the last few crumbs.

Remind me not to volunteer next birthday and just hang around the cake stall.

The letters concerned - pre their 'Missing' status

Many thanks to all of you who contributed to the party goodies.

Four years? It seems like only yesterday when the dream of a local parkrun became a reality. I remember how overwhelmed we felt in 2013 when over 100 runners turned up. We just could not believe so many wanted to turn out. 513 runners? We would have just laughed at the prospect.

Excluding New Years Eve events which are always well attended, this is a new course record for KWp. Thank you all for your support.

45 first timers took part yesterday. Lets hope they don't think it's party time at KWp every week. 82 of you attained new PB's. Well done to you all.

Local lad (perhaps) David Jackson stole 1st place for the men in 18:03 with fellow BADGER Aaron Chetwynd only 9 seconds behind him in 2nd place. Luke Moulton was 3rd over the line in 18:32.

Emma Lambert of Hinckley RC took 1st place for the ladies in 20:13. This is Emma's second 1st place in only three visits. Well done you.

Regular Hollie Bateman was the second lady home in 22:04 with Val Carter of Birchfield Harriers 3rd in 23:28.

As this was our 4th birthday event, the occasion was marked by the presentation of our annual awards.

Nominated by KWp parkrunners, this years award winners were:


parkrunner of the Year - Sharon Jackson


Junior parkrunner of theYear - Jack Johnson


Volunteer of the Year - Brian Adams


For the avoidance of doubt, the prize winners are on the right. The geezer on the left just kept photo bombing these.

With such a huge community at KWp, it is unsurprising that it is not possible to remember everyone's names so, descriptions of 'the old geezer on the gate' and 'that bloke who always turns up 1st', did lead to Brian being awarded our volunteer of the year.

There is no doubt this award was justified as Brian is always 1st to the park, has the desk and finish set up before anyone else arrives and is a credit to our venue. Please do not let him know that his daughter hasn't run here for the last two years as he might stop coming.

The 3rd annual Chris Groom Memorial Relay took place immediately after parkrun on Saturday and our grateful thanks to those 50 people who took park and to Maureen Groom for attending again to start us off and award this years shield and prizes.

With the previous years events standing at one all between the ladies and the men, it was all to play for this year. Despite the banter in preceding weeks and attempts to nobble the start, this event was a closely fought contest with about 8 seconds separating the two teams. Better luck next year ladies. As they say, behind every good mens relay team there's a good womens.

This years relay hero's. Well done all of you.

Not to discount our usual hero's who don hi-vis vests and make this event possible.

A big shout out to:

Adrian PARKES  •  Amanda GOULD  •  Amber CORDON  •  Ann-Marie CURRIER  •  Beth CLARKE  •  Bethany MATTS  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Brian JONES  •  Carolyn HALL  •  Claire BRADFORD  •  Ellen CHARLES  •  Gary BEECHEY  •  George THOULD  •  Holly MATTS  •  Izzie BRADFORD  •  Jane HUBBLE  •  Judy PARKES  •  Karen GOPSILL  •  Lisa WILSON  •  Maxim VAN KNEARAKI-HORBWJI  •  Peter BLACK  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Stephanie WHITE  •  Sue FAIRBURN  •  Susan THOULD  •  William PARKES

Looking forward to next weeks event guys? I know we are.



Event 205 Newsletter

I started off this morning thinking how Coventry would be a bit a ‘ghost town’ this morning with their parkrun being cancelled. I nearly ended up there driving for the first time at parkrun 40 and I took a wrong turn. Good job my trusty navigator Nigel Palin was at hand to get me to do a u-turn, otherwise the report would have been very sparse today!

The weather was certainly ‘feeling hot, hot, hot’ this morning. I got to work straight away spying the pink balloons adorning Ellie May. We discussed how she gets her ‘teenage kicks’ completing her 10th parkrun today, later bagging a new pb to celebrate! There was a bit of ‘American pie’ run tourism with a visitor all the way from Washington DC! Landmark milestone for Hayley McLaren today completing her 100th parkrun all of them at Kingsbury. With 467 of us there today I was far too far away to even get close to speaking to her!

Both Sharon and Ian Jackson got new running partners today. Sharon shared her run with the fabulous Rafi, who absolutely smashed his pb by almost a minute and a half, whilst mum was one of our high vis heroes marshalling on the lake. Ian got the short straw and ran with me today! During our 32 minutes, we put the world to rights, reflected on the beauty of KWP and discussed the benefits of running whilst chatting. So, what did we talk about in the other 4K Ian?!

So now for the stats of the day:

We had 43 first timers to KWP today and 81 pbs.

Well done to tourist Barry Lloyd who was our fastest finisher at 17:52 on his first visit to KWP. Local BADGER David Jackson finished 2nd in 18:01 with Tony Davis 3rd, 23 seconds later.

Hannah Bayer was 1st lady in a time of 20:39 closely followed by Elaine Sherwin in 21:01 and Hollie Bateman in 21:52.

Thank you to the high vis heroes who help make each parkrun possible. Have you done your bit yet? David Craig certainly has completing his 50th volunteer stint today.

This weeks lovlies were;


Adrian BEAN  •  Adrian PARKES  •  Alistair MCCALLUM  •  Amber CORDON  •  Angela CRESSWELL  •  Bethany MATTS  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Brian JONES  •  Carolyn HALL  •  David CRAIG  •  Gary BEECHEY  •  George THOULD  •  Hannah BURGESS  •  Holly MATTS  •  Jane BARRETT  •  Jenna SHAW  •  Louise VERNON  •  Matthew GREEN  •  Maxim VAN KNEARAKI-HORBWJI  •  Pauline HOWES  •  Philip BURWELL  •  Sharon WHITEHEAD  •  Sheena KHAN  •  Susan THOULD


Check out the roster and get yourself signed up. A simple email into and you’re on the list!

Next week will be KWP’s parkrun 4th birthday. Come along and join the celebrations and stop to watch the Chris Groom relay afterwards. Cheer on the ‘boys and girls’ enjoying their ‘parklife’.



PB Week – Event 204 Newsletter

Hello parkrunners and welcome to KWP Event 204 newsletter.

Hope you all had a cracking run Saturday.

A great day for a birthday celebrations!!!
Happy Birthday again to Harvey Oliver, Grady Stallings, Clare Whetting and Richard Catlow, hope you all had a fab birthday and enjoyed being sang to by all 447 parkrunners!
For me the best thing about parkrun is the people (yep, above pb's.....just!) I had the pleasure of speaking to some different faces Saturday, I do love a good chin wag so I'm definitely going to do this again.
107 of you achieved new pb's this week! Did someone put a shortcut in today?
I've met some amazing people thanks to KWp, people that I would never have crossed paths with in my 'normal' life, people I call friends and who I miss when I don't see them on a Saturday morning.
I look forward to parkrun day all week, we are so lucky to be part of such a fab community and the location is pretty special too. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling so grateful for those Saturday mornings.
David Cooper commented on the FB page that his brother (who was a tourist from New Zealand) said that "the atmosphere was the best of any run he has done" pretty much sums KWp up.
Big shout out to all the core team and volunteers, you are all amazing!!
This weeks heros were:
Adrian BEAN  •  Adrian PARKES  •  Alistair MCCALLUM  •  Amber CORDON  •  Angela CRESSWELL  •  Bethany MATTS  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Brian JONES  •  Carolyn HALL  •  David CRAIG  •  Gary BEECHEY  •  George THOULD  •  Hannah BURGESS  •  Holly MATTS  •  Jane BARRETT  •  Jenna SHAW  •  Louise VERNON  •  Matthew GREEN  •  Maxim VAN KNEARAKI-HORBWJI  •  Pauline HOWES  •  Philip BURWELL  •  Sharon WHITEHEAD  •  Sheena KHAN  •  Susan THOULD
Well done to everyone of you who smashed pb's, who achieved a milestone:
Elliemay Fairfield and Thomas Cain both achieving their 10th run
50th's to Anna Savin-Baden, Kwabena Osayande and Sam Mullen
100th's to Neil Philpott and Peter Catlow
And also to all those who attended (especially if your mojo had been missing recently) because quite frankly you are all amazing.
Todays leading man was Lloyd Biddell completing the course in 15:38 nearlyt 3 minutes ahead of 2nd place Ashley Powell in 18:32 and Howard Bush only 3 seconds behind for 3rd finisher.
Charlottee Bush was 1st lady home in 20:36 with Monika Lampart  2nd in 21:52 and Faye Lees 3rd place in 21:55.
Well done to all.
I'm sure by now you are all aware that July 15th is a special day for KWp, another birthday celebration, this time a 4th and what a way to celebrate - girl vs boy relay!!
Now, speaking as the captain of the winning team I don't want to give too much away in terms of how the girls have been preparing for this event but our twice weekly meet ups have definitely not only improved our short distance running but made us a tight knit bunch of female's too, boys be scared!!!
Apart from watching the girls win I also hear there will be cake, nibbles and soft drinks available so please stick around after parkrun. It's a fab event in memory of the late Chris Groom.
Also on the 15th there will be the KWp annual awards taking place, please vote for your chosen parkrunner, junior parkruner and volunteer of the year on the main KWp Facebook page.
Sounds fab!! It's going to be a great morning, I can't wait!!! See you all there.

Pas Glastonbury – Event 203 Newsletter

  Glastonbury Rocks, but in other news… When I can drag myself up and out early enough on a Saturday, it gives good time to enjoy a warm up and stretch before running the 5km distance at parkrun. This weekend was one of those days.

A nice easy pace around the park and by the large lake with other like-minded park runners. As ever, it was nice to see Mr Hanson to say “morning” to. The tranquillity of the Water Park, as ever, makes it a place to treasure for us parkrunners. Just at that point, the tranquillity was ended by a “pssst, get out, aghhh,” as Mr H attempted to coax the resident geese off the path back into the lake. However, a fellow park user offering bread to these birds was winning the battle of wills. I did chuckle as I ran passed (Sorry John!).

Another big number of runners this week, 457 ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers. We are consistently seeing well over 400 people taking part each week at KWp now.

Well done to the core team who had to slightly tweak the course with a tree blocking the path in the first kilometre.

A mightily impressive 86 new Personal Bests were achieved this week on a relatively humid morning with that tricky out and back dog leg section, a fine achievement indeed and many congratulations to you all.

24 running clubs were represented as well.

Congratulations to Chris Baxter of Badgers who was first over the line in 17mins 14 seconds, the 5th time Chris has achieved this in 42 outings. Also to Hollie Bateman who was the first female in 21 mins 51 seconds the 7th time achieved in 94 outings.

For all results and records, please visit the website at;

It was a pleasure to welcome the family of regular Kwp Park Runner Kier Hardy who were first timers supporting Kier’s nieces, Ellie & Yazmine, raising money for a charity that is concerned with Myasthenia Gravis, a rare muscle wasting disease that Kier’s dad Terry sadly suffers from. Brilliant to see all of you running in your distinctive green t-shirts, congratulations Ellie & Yazmine and our continued best wishes to Kier, his dad and the whole family.




Our continual gratitude goes to the Race Directors and Volunteers, or High Viz Heroes as we like to call them, for giving up their Saturday morning and the chance to run, so others can. There’s always a last minute plea from organisers to fill some crucial volunteering roles in order for the run to go ahead.

If you haven’t already, have a think about volunteering. It’s easy and great fun and you will be fully supported and briefed.

Have a look on the website for vacant roles over the next few weeks and please contact the team to get involved.

Our High Viz Heroes this week are: Adrian PARKES  •  Alex SANDHAM  •  Andy STRETTON  •  Bethany DENNIS  •  Bethany MATTS  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Clare HUTTON  •  Holly MATTS  •  Jack HADDOCK  •  Jo INSLEY  •  John DULSON  •  Matthew GREEN  •  Maxim VAN KNEARAKI-HORBWJI  •  Nivette CHESTER  •  Paul DANIELS  •  Peter BLACK  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Sam STARKEY  •  Sarah DENNIS  •  Sarah MADDAFORD  •  Scott DICKENS  •  Sharon WHITEHEAD  •  Sheena KHAN  •  Toni DICKENS

It was great to bump into Andy at Cliff Lakes on Thursday who told me that he’s going to beat me on Saturday, saying “I’m lead bike so no one’s getting past!” Andy, thanks for doing it and all the encouragement you gave to runners.

I look forward to winning the event on 8th July as I take on the lead bike role!

Sorry to hear Jo Smith had a fall at the start and seeing Jo at the end, the grazes and knocks looked painful. Huge respect for getting up and finishing and the concern & support for Jo both at the time and after the run from runners & volunteers really encapsulates the spirit of Kwp Park Run. Recover well Jo.

Finally, we are a couple of weeks away from KWP’s 4th birthday celebrations on 15th July. This will include the now traditional Chris Groom Relay, our late friend and runner who we miss. Two teams made up of 25, running 100 metres each around the 5km parkrun route. The current score is 1-1 with the gents taking the sheild last year. Your team captains this year are Rachael Shelton for the women’s team and myself for the men aka winning team! Thank you for all those who have expressed interest and if you are keen to be involved, please let the core team know.


Very limited edition souvenir.


Only 5 working days before we meet again….


‘Red Hot?’ – Event 202 Newsletter

Free Sauna with every Parkrun!

Always nice at 8 o'clock in the morning for the car temperature gauge to say 20 degrees.

We all knew it was going to be a killer heat wise and it didn’t let us down. I like to judge my effort and the temperature in a scientific way.

Here is the paint colour chart. I think my face I reached Ruby Fountain 1 by 1 km and maintained it. What colour did you achieve?




I find the energy and positivity every week at Parkrun amazing but today was especially good. From juniors with big grins for getting to 10 Parkruns (and unicorns) and all the other milestones.

The Indian Chief of Parkrun also managed to keep on his face paints all the way round! Well done to all those achieving milestones this week:

Harry Dorkins, George Haddock, Benjamin Godber and Daisy Mullan all completed their 10th run as juniors.

Tim Mudd, Sophie Drewett, Diane Sylvester, Jaikishan Ghedia, Edward Sandford, Marcia Bowerbank all reached 50 runs today.

Elaine Wischhusen was out for her 100th time.

And whilst perhaps not an official milestone but just an excuse to dress up, Trevor Gasper completed 150 runs.


Big Trevor Running Water



Daisy (Mule) Mullan not giving herself an easy ride today


Also huge congratulations to John Dawson for special his milestone birthday.   Have an amazing day tomorrow.  You inspire us all!

Our amazing Hi-Viz heroes this week were: Adrian PARKES  •  Alex SANDHAM  •  Amanda GOULD  •  Chris TAYLOR  •  Darcy O'LEARY  •  Darren O'LEARY  •  Gary BEECHEY  •  George THOULD  •  Hannah BURGESS  •  Helen DEMPSEY  •  Katharine CARTER  •  Katharine GOULD  •  Lesley PALMER  •  Madeleine GOULD  •  Marie SWINDELLS  •  Mark CROWE  •  Neal DEMPSEY  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Sarah DENNIS  •  Sarah MADDAFORD  •  Sharon WHITEHEAD  •  Susan THOULD  •  Tim GOULD

Well done and thank you for all your efforts (especially having to put the extra layer of a Hi viz vest on in the heat).

I would also like to say thank you to Decathon for two reasons. Firstly, for enticing some Parkrunners to their race. Secondly, for selling nice shorts. I went up 35 places today. I think 34 were for the absent people and 1 place for my speedy shorts.

For those of you have completed your first Parkrun with us today. Well done! We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Most of the time it is cooler than today. It can even be muddy and cold.

There was one particularly nasty fall just before the out and back. There were loads of people offering support. Well done to the person who fell who got back up cut and bruised and continued to finish. Superb effort. There were also bramble attacks and branch attacks as well.  Watch out they are nasty.


Evidently 'nasty'


The statistics for this week are even more impressive when you add the heat.


There were 437 runners of which 56 were first timers and 45 of you recording new pb's. well done all.


On a positive note on the weather not a puddle in sight and no mud in any cars!

Next week I am tail running with my daughter.  If you too would like to volunteer, follow the link.

Have a fantastic week  with only 4 days and we can do it all again.




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