Vernontastic – Event 215 Newsletter



With a Power Ranger to boot!

Every parkrun needs one.

One of our KWp prolific parkrunners celebrated their 6th anniversary of being cancer free on Saturday. You may be forgiven for thinking she kept this quiet because she doesn't like to head-line, although you could not be more wrong.

If this were the case she would not looking to head-line again soon in completing her 50th parkrun.

Anyone else would have planned ahead and stolen the limelight once. Not Louise Vernon.

"This is me". Just for the avoidance of doubt.

Not one of our quieter participants, Louise is a regular contributor to photographs, Run Reports and the like and it is perhaps time we took our hats off to her. At 34 years old and being diagnosed with the most aggressive kind of breast cancer, Louise wasn’t sure she would see 40. She did. And now Louise is making life count.

Here is Louise's story;

"Cancer inspired me to run. If I could beat cancer, I could put my mind to running any distance,” says Louise

Louise has completed several 10k races as well as three half marathons. She is now training for her first marathon which she will complete exactly seven years after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

Just a few days before  turning 35, Louise received the diagnosis of grade 3 breast cancer, the most aggressive kind. After two failed types of chemotherapy and an emergency mastectomy, she went on to a third type of chemo treatment.

With radiotherapy treatment to follow, some 10 months after the diagnosis the treatment finished leaving Louise unsure of her future as this type of cancer is the likeliest to reoccur within 2 years.

Louise had to try and give herself a fighting chance to live. Being a healthy weight and not drinking would help reduce the odds of reoccurrence. Louise gave up alcohol and changed her diet.

At the first chemo session her weight was over 13.5 stone (85kg) with a BMI of over 30. By the time treatment finished treatment, Louise was about 3 stone (19kg) lighter.

Once the treatment was finished Louise started swimming, got a bike and walked wherever she could.

“Turning 40 was a huge milestone. I never expected to live that long, so I was going to mark it in a big way. In the months leading up to my 40th birthday I undertook 40 fundraising challenges - some physical, some just for fun - to raise money and awareness of my chosen charity. I collected over £1600 and had some amazing experiences along the way.”

Shortly after her 40th birthday Louise got the all clear. On New Year’s Day 2016 she signed up for her first 10k race. She completed her first parkrun in March 2016.

“I was hooked on running. Before the year was out I’d completed several 10k events, got my time down to 1:01 and had completed my very first half marathon in 2:19 on a tricky course. My cancer inspired me to run. I could see changes to my body shape and when I looked in the mirror I was proud of what I saw. When things get tough on a long run I think about where I’ve been and remember those who aren’t as lucky as I am,” says Louise.

She is currently up to 28km in marathon training and is finding it really tough. “I know my self-belief and mental strength will get me through it. My race will mark almost exactly 7 years from finding the lump to completing a marathon, in my mind the pinnacle of running.”

Running has changed Louise physically and emotionally. She now has body confidence, looks and feels great and believes in herself more. “I have done things I would never have thought possible 2 years ago. I now push myself further and further.”

Parkrunning has also introduced Louise to a whole new set of people who she now calls her family. Louise has loads of runs planned, one of them finishing a half marathon alongside her husband.

“Life now fits in around running, rather than exercise fitting in with my life. I have a new positive outlook on things, and running is a great stress reliever from the busy life I still lead. It is one of the best choices I have made in my life. I am not the same person I was before, and hopefully I have changed for the better. I try to make things count, make a difference. Running makes me feel strong and drives me to be better.”

Our best wishes to Louise. We will make some noise on your behalf.

Other greats yesterday - including one that it appears does not need writing about;

Nivette Chester was spotted pushing hard to get back to her pre-op running standard and seemingly, has been spotted on the shelf of a local book store.

"Look out Nivette. Johnny Depp is right behind you".

Only a couple of minutes off her pb, Nivette flew home as 5th lady in 23:51. Great to see her out running again. Nivette will not be joining us next week as she is off to do the DT40 trail marathon in Wensleydale. Husband Richard will be dropping her off on his way to the cheese factory. (Thanks Tim Gould for the heads up on that treat.)

Elaine Sherwin returned to parkrun after a five month break due to injury. Ably assisted by Daphne, Elaine romped home as 1st lady in 16:11.

Elaine looking suitably the worse for wear (Me thinks) after Daphne gave her a good run for her money.

Jennifer Parker took 2nd place for the ladies in 20:15 with Sally Warren3rd in 21:57.

Josh Carter was Leading Man in 18:31. Richard Rollins and Fred Woodcock followed him home in 18:47 and 19:13 respectively.

Mary Halle and Nickola Harris both reached their 50 parkrun milestones yesterday.

Well done all.

Too many other greats to mention individually are our Hi-Vis heros:

Adrian PARKES  •  Barbara HUNT  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Daniel WELCH  •  George THOULD  •  Grace DICKENS  •  Hannah BURGESS  •  Holly MATTS  •  Jane HUBBLE  •  Jason James HUSSELBEE-ORWIN  •  John HANSON  •  Katharine GOULD  •  Madeleine GOULD  •  Michael WYANT  •  Natasha O'CALLAGHAN  •  Paul DANIELS  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Richie BUNN  •  Sarah HOPE  •  Susan HANN  •  Susan THOULD  •  Tim GOULD  •  Tricia BUNN  •  Vicky JENNINGS

We love you all.

395 of you finished the course and we believe - only 1 of you took their finish token home. That must be a record.

80 new pb's were recorded yesterday. Congratulations to all those achieving one of these.

In the next few weeks KWp participants will pass the 300,000km total parkrun distance covered. Look out for that. We may have to introduce a prize for the runner that breaks this milestone. (It won't be a T shirt though).

Hoping to see you all next Saturday.





Milestoners – Event 214 Newsletter

Milestones, the first thought that hits me today whilst resting my aching legs composing the run report.  Life like running is full of them, and today’s report for me is littered with them.

With just five weeks until my very first marathon both myself and Nigel Palin plodded the muddy canals up to KWP meeting a fellow parkrunner on the way, running in the opposite direction.  Were we really that slow that we’d missed the start?!

Today’s parkrun milestone goes to Bethany Dennis completing her 50th parkrun alongside her grandad David on his first.  Well done to you both.

IMG_6425  IMG_6493

After last week’s mammoth attendance buoyed by the Arrow Valley marathon runners, todays 380 seemed a modest total.  Today for me was about getting miles on my feet ready for Birmingham, so had the privilege of running with a different group of fellow parkrunners to my usual, hello Sarah Dennis!

Micheal Wyant joined me en-route for a short while chatting about our training for the first marathon for the both of us.  We had time to pose for the first photographer, my son Samuel, whilst being almost fooled by the second shortly after, thanks for that Jason.


There were 25 wonderful hi-vis heroes today, although in reality there were many more including Rachael Shelton’s wonderful kids complete with a bagful of high fives and a whistle too to spur us on, not once but twice! I

met both Hanson legends around the 3k mark, one runner and one very dabber looking one at marshal point 3 (so his selfie on Facebook tells me).  At the switchback, I randomly starting talking to a lady (as I often do) who shared such a lot in common with me.  We both work in schools, and have both found running since our lives were touched by cancer in different ways.

Alison Dolphin it was a great pleasure to run alongside you for the last K.

Milestones yes, I have a few coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Next week marks for me exactly 6 years to the date I finished my cancer treatment and my 49th parkrun!

Today we had Paul Jolliffee visiting KWP for the first time and bagging first place with a time of 17.35.  Louise Insley came in as the first female at 19.54 with a Kingsbury PB at the same time.


22 of you laced up your running shoes for the very first time at parkrun.  A big welcome to our family.

There were 19 unknowns, DON’T FORGET YOUR BARCODE!

I counted 61 KWP pbs, too many to double check, so well done all of you out there today.

Good luck to all those heading off for the Great North Run and other races this weekend, hope to see you all back soon.

Here’s all our volunteers for the day, once again a huge thank you;

Anne Marie MATTHEWS  •  Brian WELSH  •  Carolyn HALL  •  George THOULD  •  Grace DICKENS  •  Hannah VERNON  •  Ian ROBINSON  •  Jason James HUSSELBEE-ORWIN  •  Jo SMITH  •  John DAWSON  •  John HANSON  •  Judy PARKES  •  Keith ASHWOOD  •  Lesley PALMER  •  Louise VERNON  •  Rachael SHELTON  •  Richie BUNN  •  Samantha WAKELING  •  Samuel VERNON  •  Susan HANN  •  Susan THOULD  •  Tim GOULD  •  Tricia BUNN  •  Vicky JENNINGS  •  Wendy OAKLEY

As our Run Director Judy Parkes pointed out, parkrun can only continue if you do your bit and volunteer.  Not all roles mean you can’t still get out there and complete your parkrun, Tail-Walker and Run Report Writer are two such roles.  If you are feeling brave, there’s always Setting Up or Lead Bike!  Come on you know you want to!!

Look forward to join everyone notching up some more milestones next weekend, maybe some volunteering ones too!  Don’t forget 25 for the first purple volunteer t-shirt.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend parkrunners.



Pre-Race – Event 212 Newsletter


Lots of volunteers this week! We even had to turn some down.

It is often the same the day before a local race and with the BA10k on Sunday, this weekend was no exception.

Many thanks to all those who offered including the few that past muster:

Adrian PARKES  •  Amber BRADFORD  •  Ann BEECHEY  •  Ann-Marie CURRIER  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Brian JONES  •  Gary BEECHEY  •  Grace DICKENS  •  Hannah BURGESS  •  Holly MATTS  •  Jo SMITH  •  Judy PARKES  •  Matthew GREEN  •  Matty WYANT  •  Maxim VAN KNEARAKI-HORBWJI  •  Michael WYANT  •  Mollie HEWISH  •  Nivette CHESTER  •  Peter BLACK  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Simon CURRIER

You are all our favourites.

Fast finish this week with 1st timer Peter Chambers home in 16:03. Quick but still a way to go to beat the course record of 15:02. Nearly 12 months since Peters last parkrun in Tooting Common. Keiran Hayles finish just shy of 2 minutes later in 2nd,with Matthew Stone taking the virtual bronze award.

Junior Ella Semple finished 1st lady in 19:33 on her 3rd parkrun in 12 months rising from 61st to 8th overall. Olwen Sharp was 2nd for th ladies with Sarah Ritchie not too far behind for 3rd female.

Well done everyone.

Over 10% of this weeks field recorded new pb's. That'll be 49 of you wearing silly grins. Great effort.

Fiona Meldrum and Ruth Cole both completed their 50th parkruns too. Well done ladies.

Please do let us know if you are undertaking a milestone event so that we can note these achievements. We are anticipating 1 junior 10th and 4 not so junior, 50th's on 2 September.

in addition we are also anticipating 100+ visitors on Saturday undertaking 8.5 parkruns. We are the lucky parkrun hosting their challenge at 0900. Looking forward to this.

So is next Saturday's RD who will undoubtedly cope with the increased field admirably. Enjoy Hannah! We are right behind you!

Well, behind you anyway. maybe not quite right there though!

See you all Saturday. Suggest you set the alarm 10 minutes earlier to beat the increased numbers at the gate. Your shout!




Event 211 Newsletter

It was an interesting event this week, from a no show from our local athletic celebrity, to a groom running on the morning of his wedding, congratulations to Adie Kirkham, the birthday of our esteemed Director Richard Chester and four donkeys making asses out of the young ladies leading them through the park.

I also understand that we were sadly missing all of the expected milestone runners.

First timer and tourist from the Rotherham area Arron Larkin was first across the line, followed by Canix Andrew Lewis and fellow first timer Josh Carter.

Notts AC athlete Jane Pidgeon flew across the line as the first lady with a very impressive wava rating of 81.77%, Sally Warren, also a first timer was second lady, and gaining herself a PB at the same time in third place was Sarah Davies.

The largest group of runners this week comprised of those aged between 40 and 44.

Twenty eight of those who attended this week, did not have their barcode registered or perhaps just don't have one.

Of those not ably assisted by their pooch the best wava rating went to Michael Morley with 81.88%, Jane Pidgeon 2nd with 81.77% and Darren Jones 3rd with 78.87%.

A fabulous 64 of us achieved a new personal best and 51 chose this week to run their first KWp.

Twenty four different clubs were represented with Badgers, Peel Road Runners and Royal Sutton being the biggest represented. The coolest club name being BUAC cool runnings.

A big nod of appreciation should go to veteran runners Tony and Elaine Wildy who appear to hail from the Newport area and have a combined age of at least 140 years, have accumulated 495 runs between them with Tony edging it 264 to 231

I have been asked to mention the lady that finished 224th overall Наталия БУДЗ

If anyone could "translate" it please contact us.

Without the following this great event would not have taken place:

Brian Adams, Keith Ashwood, Tricia Bunn, Richie Bunn, Nivette Chester, Richard Chester, John Dawson, Grace Dickens, Yvonne Faulkner, Tim Gould, Madeleine Gould, Katharine Gould, Jane Hughes, Vicky Jennings, Brian Jones, Holly Matts, Lesley Palmer, Adrian Parkes, Paul Restall, Maxim Van Knearaki-Horbwji, Daniel Welch, Stephanie White, Sharon Whitehead.

Let's ensure we all make sure we never struggle to put our brilliant event.






Green Cakes – Event 210 Newsletter


Thank someone we didn't eat those pre run!

It is about the calories of course and nothing to do with the colour. Mrs Green did husband Matt proud in celebration of his 100th parkrun yesterday with plenty of goodies to refuel on.

Matt was the one wearing a '100' balloon. He was also sporting a '40' balloon. (Must have found that in the loft - been there a while).

A picture of an older Matt. Sorry, an older picture of Matt as non available from this weeks selection.

Other milestone heroes yesterday included:

Hannah Jones completing her 10th parkrun.

Matthew Jones, Brian Guilder and Ann Beechey all now have 50 parkruns under their belts.

Hopefully this info did get to us pre briefing so that we could celebrate with you? Unfortunately the writer was Lead Bike yesterday and with one of our Canix runners assisted by a horse of a dog, he was heading off to the 1km marker to give himself room to get up to speed so cannot answer that question.

Well done to all our milestoners.

If you are celebrating a milestone event in future weeks, please do let us know. It is not an impossible task to identify you ourselves however, we end up reading out a long list of runners who are not there and also inevitably miss someone who may not have joined us for a few weeks.

We are expecting to see the following milestoners next week:

Serena Baker, Amy Rogerson and Martin Joyce at 50 runs.

Georia Taylor, Rhys Oxford, George Davis and Nathan Cooper should all be completing their 10th parkruns (if they can get up).

Do let us know if you are joining us although why anyone would want to miss a parkrun, I have no idea!

377 people joined us yesterday with 32 newbies and 46 of you recording PB's. Well done to everyone that completed the course.

Chris Lockhart was 1st over the line yesterday in 17:30 although assisted by Ronan who was on form despite stopping for a drink at 3km. Mark Jarvis was a close 2nd in 17:45 with Connor McLaughlin reaching the virtual podium in 18:16.

Mark was only 1 second off his PB - close but no T shirt (Although if there was one, you might have to wait a year or so for that anyway).

Connor knocked a staggering 22 seconds off his previous PB. Fantastic result.

The junior ladies shone yesterday with Hannah Fraser in 1st with a time of 21:58 and Hayley Fraser over the line next in 22:14. I would love to tell you Jess Fraser was 3rd in 22:44 however, Jess is a Horth and not a Fraser. Oh well, there will be other parkruns.

We will have to keep an eye out for the Frasers. Both set new PB's last week and knocked 34 and 52 seconds respectively off their PB's this week. Sounds great and as they have both now only completed two parkruns ever being Newbies last week, where have they been hiding? Must try and catch up with them next week. (Figuratively speaking of course).

Well done to our super stars.

Talking of Superstars, 25 Hi-vis luvlies made yesterdays event possible:

Allan WILLIAMS  •  Ann-Marie CURRIER  •  Beth CLARKE  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Brian JONES  •  Claire BRADFORD  •  Colin LEES  •  Daniel WELCH  •  Gary BEECHEY  •  George WELCH  •  Grace DICKENS  •  Hannah BURGESS  •  Holly MATTS  •  Lesley PALMER  •  Maxim VAN KNEARAKI-HORBWJI  •  Mike SHELTON  •  Olivia Annie COCKERILL  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Richie BUNN  •  Sharon JACKSON  •  Sharon WHITEHEAD  •  Steven SHUTE  •  Tim GOULD  •  Toby CLARKE  •  Tricia BUNN

We will always be grateful to our volunteers and remind everyone (again) that this is your event and you should all be prepared to take your turn at volunteering. It is not reasonable to rely on the kind heartedness of the few every week.

Perhaps I should take a day off work and go through all our participants over the last year to see who has or hasn't volunteered? Anybody got a huge whiteboard and a permanent marker?

Come on guys - put your names down and do it NOW!

Your parkrun needs you - and it is my birthday next week!

See you there.


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