Event 250 Newsletter

First run report from me as a volunteer, so let’s start at the top!

This week there were 504 runners!
26 volunteers!
55 first timers!
88 personal bests!

First male back was Thomas Beasley from Birchfield Harriers in a rapid 15:43 minutes. First female back was Lottie Mclaren from Tamworth AC in 21:31 minutes, which was also a PB time. Congratulations to both.

BADGERS running club were promoting their Atherstone 10k run on 26/08/18.
If ever there was a role model to promote such an event, how about club man and mens vice captain Rob Boland!
On the quest for that magic sub 20 minute park run time, Rob lead by example this weekend with room to spare (19:32)… Popular Rob was also first BADGER home with a PB. Fantastic work sir!

It was a pleasure to see so many junior members taking part this weekend. For me this is one of the highlights of the park run environment. It certainly must be a proud moment for parents, especially when there is a PB involved.

Huge congratulations to Joe Watts for making the top 15, in a super PB time of 19:54. Joe was followed across the finish line shortly after by Tim COTTERILL, who recorded another PB,(20:02) to finish 17th.

If I could list everyone for a special mention I would do. That said I do feel it is important that the junior members are given recognition, and why not. These are the names of all the other junior runners who managed a PB on Saturday:

Daniel ASTON, Dominic HARPER, Daniel TOLE, Annie BOONHAM, Amber HOEY, Aimee CLARK, Harry NEWMAN, Ellie DARLASTON, Jade GRIFFITHS, Henry BOWYER and Jessica HARPER. Excellent work!

Matt Davies hit the 100 park run mark, congratulations to him!

50 park run awards were achieved by Neil Gourlay, Glen Swindell, Carys Jones, Chris Kirk and Sue Bowman.

Marie Child was the recipient of my favourite number 10!...well done everyone.

It’s a huge honour for me to be able to write this report, on what was the 250th KWP park run. A big well done to all the organisers, volunteers and to everyone that took part.

Can I also express my thanks to everyone that dressed up for todays NHS70 event. We all appreciate the NHS and all those employees, who work so hard to look after us all. Thank you and keep up the good work.



Finally from me, I just wanted to wish Hannah Burgess all the very best for her pending wedding. Hannah was dressed to impress as part of her hen do celebrations.




Event 248 Newsletter

Kingsbury Water parkrun
Event number 248
26th May 2018

Before the storm arrived…

Writing this a few days later (Tuesday), where did all that rain come from? Wow! On Sunday afternoon/evening, the river burst its banks and overflowed into the park, several of the paths were under several feet of water in places the next day. The park is currently still flooded in places so we were lucky it didn’t arrive a day or so earlier! The Rangers think 2007 was the last really big one.

Anyway it didn’t affect Saturday’s parkrun, and after a late switch to the 2-lap course for Event 247 the previous week, we were back on the regular ‘Summer Route’ this week. Some call it the Marmite Route…!

To be honest, I enjoy it (the route, not Marmite). Putting aside the reasons we move to this route over the summer (!), you must admit that we are incredibly lucky that we are able to tweak the course so that we can still hold our weekly 5k and still continue to be able to enjoy the fantastic community that we are lucky to have at KWp. The route gives us another perspective to run around the park. For instance, if you have ever marshalled at the turnaround point (aka Marshall Point 7), you’ll have witnessed some of the, shall we say, interesting ways people turn…let’s just say eat your heart out Rudolf Nureyev and Darcey Bussell! You lot never fail to make me smile.

It also offers a great opportunity to shout words of encouragement and high-five friends aswell on the ‘out and back’ section.

And it would be remiss of me not to mention how fantastic it was to see our very own Event Director, Richard Chester, back amongst us this week, only 10 days (yes, you read that right) after undergoing a major operation having been admitted to hospital some days earlier after a health scare. Incredible. Good to see you back mate.

So, on to the stats for Event 248…

First to finish this week was the swift Thomas Beasley of Birchfield Harriers with a time of 15:57. First female home was Nicola Sykes of Bournville Harriers with another impressive time of 18:13, which is a PB at KWp for Nicola.

We had another fantastic turnout this week, 440 people ran, jogged, and walked the course, of whom 79 were first timers and 90 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 33 different clubs took part. Well done every single one of you!

As always, the event relies 100% on the commitment, time, energy & enthusiasm of volunteers. These folks give up their Saturday mornings so the rest of us can run. Please see the Park Run website volunteer section if you want to help out. Your Park Run needs you!


Event 248 was made possible by the following 25 Hi-Viz Hero volunteers:

Robert RAINSLEY • Sheila Ann DUNN • Richie BUNN • Tricia BUNN • Nivette CHESTER • Peter COOGAN • Richard CHESTER • Tim GOULD • Jo INSLEY • Patrick CLEALL • Hannah BURGESS • Stella MARTIN • Judy PARKES • Andy STRETTON • Matthew GREEN • Clare HUTTON • Sarah MADDAFORD • Alex SANDHAM • Omar GOHARY • Kay MOHANNA • Karen GOPSILL • Susan THOULD • Jade RAWLINGS • Owen HANN • Susan HANN

Next week, local running club, the BADGERS, will be doing a parkrun takeover. So if you are looking for a PB or SB, why not chase down one of the many pacers on offer? The BADGERS are providing pacers from 20 - 38 min. Plus, they will be promoting the BADGERS Atherstone 10k taking place on the 26th August with a special discounted entry for parkrunners if you enter on Saturday. Head over to KWp parkrun page for more details on all of the above.

All that remains for me to say is see you all on Saturday for Event 249 when hopefully the flood waters have receded…


Event 247 Newsletter

Kingsbury Water parkrun
Event number 247
19th May 2018

Miniature Railway makes a right Royal mess…

Finally, the day arrived with all preparations meticulously calculated without a stone unturned. The grounds were looking at its best in the beautiful spring sunshine. Yes, Park Run had arrived to provide its weekly fix of community running, walking & volunteering for regulars, newbies and tourists. Event number 247 at Kingsbury Water Park and it’s still the favourite Park Run event for many I speak to. It was good of Harry & Meghan to make sure their wedding was scheduled for midday to allow people to participate in Park Run and get home to watch if they so wished. However, I suspect they were very nervous that an earlier start time would see them lose a number of well-wishers who would rather run!

The park was a very busy place on Saturday morning with a special miniature tractor and railway event on all weekend and enthusiasts pitching camp right in on the usual course! This was unexpected and so a special thank you to Race Director Tim Gould and his team for quick thinking and adaptability, setting up the alternative 2 lap course. Usually this course is saved for those icy days where the paths are too dangerous and provides extra hazards for the Lead Bike, remember!

As it turns out the run was another great success with lots of encouragement by and to runners and walkers throughout the field. The weather probably helps, but I noticed a lot of very smiley people out on Saturday both before, during and after the run. It’s what the spirit of Park Run is about, enjoying being part of that wider community of people who love running and are encouraged and accepted.
Saturday’s winner was achieved, unbelievably by a popular picnic food, Mr Scott Chegg in 17:40. A terrific achievement for someone so eggy. Perhaps he’s undercover for the MI5 but the big reveal is that it was actually Mr Chris Horton who took the win. After being away from Park Run for 3 months it was great to see him back and running well. First female home was Charlotte Bush from Tamworth AC in a very impressive 19:57.

There was a tremendous turnout again this week. Coventry Park Run was cancelled so there may have been some extra tourists, but even so an amazing 477 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 62 were first timers and 87 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part. Congratulations to every single one of you.

As always, the event relies 100% on the commitment, time, energy & enthusiasm of volunteers. These guys give up their Saturday mornings so the rest of us can run. Please see the Park Run website volunteer section if you want to help out. Your Park Run needs you!


The event was made possible by 27 Hi-Viz Hero volunteers:

Richie BUNN • Tricia BUNN • Howard BUSH • Tim GOULD • Hannah BURGESS • Darren O'LEARY • Erin BUSH • Ben HORTON • Katharine GOULD • Ian HORTON • Matthew GREEN • Lisa ARNOLD • Kevin GEARY • Madeleine GOULD • Rachael SHELTON • Toni DICKENS • Marie SWINDELLS • Sarah MADDAFORD • Alex SANDHAM • Omar GOHARY • Kate PUGH • Susan HANN • Greg THOMAS • Sarah FRENCH • Diane O'REILLY • Tom THOMSON • Sharon NEWTON

On a personal note, it feels amazing to be back out running with you all. Nearly 7 months out injured will mean I’ll never take being able to run for granted again.

Treasure every run and see you all on Saturday for Event 248….


Event 246 Newsletter – “You should give Parkrun a try, you’d love it.”

Well folks, here’s my first shot at a KWP run report for all you lovely people…go easy on me!

This white rabbit can promise that you’ll learn some quickly-to-be-forgotten facts, some of you will think “blimey”, some of you will smile, others might grimace, some of you will definitely do a Michael Caine impression, but hopefully you’ll all finish with that warm fluffy parkrun feeling in your belly ready for tomorrow. (If you’re wondering about the ‘white rabbit’ reference, I’m late, I’m late, I’m very very late …in submitting this report – as I was for my volunteering role last week – in fact I’m late for most things!)

If numbers are your thing…

As we find ourselves on the eve of the next parkrun, it is worth noting that 448 of us ran, jogged or walked parkrun last Saturday, 12th May. My extensive (cough) research for this report led me to discover that parkrun itself is now established in 530 locations. With the numbers at KWP gradually getting ever closer to 500, it is surely only a matter of time before KWP catches up and passes the number of locations that parkrun itself is held at.

Just imagine, when that time comes, you could each disappear and run one location each simultaneously…and a few of us crafty buggers could stay behind and achieve our best finishing position ever at KWP!!

Are any of you bold enough to predict when you think the 500 point will be reached?

Anyway, onto personal bests…and well done two fat ladies….no, no, before you spit your tea / coffee / beer / prosecco (delete as appropriate) out while you’re reading this…you don’t understand, I’m just letting you know the number of PB’s that were achieved last Saturday!

I’ll start again. Well done 88 of you that got PB’s last week.

Yes, eighty-eight. Staggering isn’t it?

Hopefully, my bingo lingo isn’t considered to be too edgy and un-PC in this modern era…if I’m not invited back to do another run report you can draw your own conclusions!

A shout out to Darren O’Leary who, having been doing parkrun since 2013, completed his 150th run. Much kudos to you sir.

Alan Jackson, who started in 2014 is now 50 not out as are both Ellen Wintle and Karen Gopsill. In fact a single run at the new Bedworth parkrun earlier this year means Karen gets to celebrate again this weekend when she will complete her 50th run at Kingsbury Congratulations to all of you on joining the back of a very long queue for T-shirts! 

The personal bit…

Hands up if you’ve ever said to somebody you know “You should give Parkrun a try, you’d love it.” I’m sure plenty of us have. And hands up if you’ve ever found it a tiny bit frustrating that sometimes you just can’t get across to people who’ve never participated how wide-ranging the benefits to them could be …if only they could be persuaded to take their first tentative steps.

They’d then realise that their understandable apprehension about ‘not fitting in’ or ‘not being a runner’ or ‘running’s not for me’ or just simply ‘oh, I couldn’t do that’, is their mind playing tricks on them and their nervousness would disappear as soon as they turned up for their first time. Again, I imagine plenty of us could relate to this.

Yet, so many of us seem to display the same nervousness when it comes to volunteering….and before some of you grab the remote and change channel and think here’s another one…on their soapbox about volunteering…I’m a newbie to volunteering too, so I’m merely offering my view as the equivalent of one of those people that you’ve all been trying to coax along to take their first steps at parkrun….

Yes, I’ve taken my first* tentative steps into volunteering and do you know what….like when we all first started parkrun itself…it didn’t bite.

In fact, I completed a double whammy last week, volunteering as a marshall and offering to be your author of this ‘ere run report…

I can highly recommend marshalling…you get to just stand still and watch. Easy-peasy! As well as cheering people on and getting the much anticipated high-fives off the kids that take part (and some adults who took pity on my disappointment at not having as many as I had hoped), I got to see the front of people that I normally only ever get to see the back of and I got to see that the front runners basically struggle just as much as those of us much further down the field – because we’re all pushing ourselves. It really reinforced the fact that parkrun is for everyone. 5k is 5k. Whether you’re in the sub-20 minute brigade or the 40+ group, we all run the same distance and we’re all achieving our own goals, whether they be helping with our own individual mental health issues (and I’m not too proud to saying it’s done me the world of good), improving our own physical fitness, enjoying the social side or anything else, it doesn’t matter. Lots of us are probably a combination of all of these, but we’re all there for our own reasons and good luck to you all….although, if the sub-20 minute brigade ever square up to the 40+ group, can I just say that I would fear for you sub-20s - there’s nearly 3 times as many in the 40+ group!! Cue the famous line from Zulu…).

So, what I’m trying to say is next time you find yourself saying to someone know “You should give Parkrun a try, you’d love it”, try replacing the word ‘Parkrun’ with ‘volunteering’ and see if you can persuade yourself to take the plunge – just like you did when you started parkrun.

“You should give volunteering a try, you’d love it”,

Anyway, I’ll go back to my day job now of trying to persuade my wife to take her first steps at parkrun!

As a parting gift I’ve put together a KWP crossword for the adults and a word search for the kids. All the answers are surnames that were in last week’s email with the full set of results. Hope it gives you some enjoyment.

Oh, and see some of you tomorrow - not all of you obviously as I’ll be late!

*not strictly true as I have done barcode scanning before but my point wouldn’t have sounded half as good if I’d said that! Hahahaha!


Event 242 Newsletter


Welcome to Kingsbury Water park on a gorgeous sunny Saturday morning, where we’re almost ready for the 242nd weekly running of the Kingsbury Water Park parkrun.  Crowds have gathered in front of race director Tim as he reads out the announcements.  We have 10 run milestones for Hannah Vernon (hmmm, that name sounds familiar), Oliver Lewis and Taylor Matthews, 50 milestone for Andy Feasey and a fantastic 100 for Rachel Walker and Simon Stretton.  Tim also announces that today’s going is soft and muddy, so expect some squelching and some grubby runners at the end.  As the runners make their way to the start I’ll hand you over to Rob Vernon.

And here at the start the runners are gathered, and excitement is in the air, for what seems like the first sunny parkrun in about 10 years.  Watches are primed, shoes are (hopefully) tied and….. WE’RE OFF!

It’s a clean start and the leaders surge towards the narrow bridge.  The rest of the field are away and it’s No Hump leading from Mind That Puddle with Fast Child coming up on the inside.  All safely across the bridge and now Slight Uphill is leading from Stitch Already with Schoolboy Error needing to have his shoelaces tied.  Into the trees and I’ll hand you over to Rob Vernon.

The ground is muddier here and it’s Puddle Dodger just in the lead from Big Splasher.  Tip Toes tries to avoid the water but there’s no room on the wide outside.   Hot Already seems to have taken things too quickly at the start and is having a drink, while Woolly Hat is surely going to struggle later.  Over to Rob Vernon.

Onto the lake now and things are stretching out.  Ugh I’m Wet is still holding off Don’t Care as they pass the mile marker and it’s still Blindingly Fast out in front.  At the other end of the field Tail Walker and Here For A Chat are enjoying the day, proving that parkrun really is for everyone.  At marshal point 3 we cross the Melling Road for the first time and it’s over to Rob Vernon.

Through the teasels and Tough Today follows Milestone T-shirt, and Where Did He Come From makes a storming move up the side while everyone wonders how come he’s so fast and not at the front?   Slipping And Sliding nearly takes everyone out at the sharp turn and it’s Slight Breather from Don’t Fall In Front Of Me and Dropped Barcode and as we cross the Melling Road again I’ll hand you over to Rob Vernon.

Heading down to the end of mile 2 now and it’s Squelchy Shoes from Oh So Slippy, with Trail Shoe Smugness making it look all too easy.  Loud Panting is putting in a run now as we past the big open ditch - Matt Green’s Demise.  Round we go past the play area and Looking For A PB is starting to struggle, as is Still Hungover and Big Dinner.  Second Wind makes their first appearance and we’re approaching the last km, so it’s over to Rob Vernon.

Given Up Dodging is pushing on strongly, followed by Don’t Splash Me, and Still Clean.  Starting To Hurt is feeling the pace a little bit, while Nearly There and Let’s Push make a strong challenge.  Into the last 400 yards and Wind It Up is going for it in pursuit of Are We There Yet.  The excitement is almost too much as Fast Sprint edges past Nothing Left and as we hit the finish line it’s Stop The Watch, followed by Keep In Line and Take Your Token.  Funnel Ducker and Double Funnel are both disqualified and Love Parkrun is declared the winner.  What a race!

Back in the real world, some stats for you all.  We had 427 runners at KWP this week, with 42 first timers.  We had a magnificent 49 Personal Best times run, congratulations to each and every one of you.

First gent across the line this week was Josh Carter in a time of 17:23, just missing out on a PB.  Leading lady was one of our junior category runners, Ellen Humpherston, who crossed the line in 21:56.  Well done both, and well done everyone.

Thanks as always to our magnificent team of Hi-Viz Heroes who, week in, week out, turn out to marshal, time, scan, set up, tidy up and generally make sure this whole thing goes ahead.  A big thank you to you all!!

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