Kingsbury Water parkfun – Event 198 Newsletter


There was definitely something in the air this morning at KWp.Probably just a big yellow ball of heat which graced us with it's presence for our event resulting in a significant number of huge smiles from participants as evidenced below.

KPR 137
No worries!


KPR 169
If only parkrunners had wings.


KPR 287
parkhop, skip & a jump


KPR 332
Just happy to be here


68 new comers descended on KWp yesterday, we hope you had an enjoyable run and hope to see you again - especially the tourist who ran off up North with one of our finish tokens. We are certainly looking forward to seeing that again!

The 70 pb's recorded yesterday brings our grand total of pb's up to 10,173 since Event No 1 on 20 July 2013. Fantastic!

Finishing well over a minute ahead of the field yesterday was Ollie Sheppard in 17:37. Ollie is currently recorded as 'Unattached'. Is there a dating website for running clubs? Surely one will be attempting to entice him into their fold?

A well fought 2nd place went to Rhys Pippard in 18:51 and by the narrowest of margins beating local hero James Oakley into 3rd place by 1 second. We would like to say 'see you soon Rhys' but recent parkrun history shows that Rhys may be on a mission to undertake a different parkrun every week. Phew!

Two JW15-17's took 1st and 3rd places for the ladies with Ellen Humpherston in 1st in 21:39 and Morgan Barr in 3rd at 24:13.  Local lady Esther McCullagh split the pair in a credible 22:10. Having a couple of years on the youngsters didn't seem to phase Esther.

Local parkrun Suggestion Initiator Sarah Hope volunteered today and we looked forward to a week without complaint. No Hope (Sorry) of that. Having first suggested that our Event Director was out of touch with volunteer roles, Sarah then went on to suggest that we consider how best to remove Goose Poop from the finish area to avoid ones trainers becoming contaminated. Please! Enough already!

It was really good to see one of our founders Nivette on course yesterday. No pb for her however, she was undergoing back surgery 80 odd hours prior to the event. Sometimes you cant keep a good lady down. (We hope her consultant isn't reading this). Accompanied by fellow BADGERS Nicki and Glynn whose demonstration of club support is second to non.


KPR 417


A big shout out for our volunteers again without whose support parkruns would not be possible.

Andy STRETTON  •  Ann-Marie CURRIER  •  Ashley BULLOCK  •  Barbara HUNT  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Brian JONES  •  Claire BRADFORD  •  Declan GRUNDY  •  Emily Lauren COWLISHAW  •  Graham ENGLEY  •  Ian HORTON  •  Jayne GRUNDY  •  Jo SMITH  •  John TURLAND  •  Laura BOWYER  •  Mark ROBINSON  •  Pauline HOWES  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Sarah HOPE  •  Sarah MADDAFORD  •  Steven SHUTE  •  Tracey BERRY  •  Tracy ELSDON

You are all our favourites.

We are desperately seeking Susan, Kurt or any Tom, Dick or Harry to volunteer for next Saturday's event as we are a few short of a parkrun. Please do get in touch asap.

Hopefully we will see you all there in 6 sleeps time.







Something to Celebrate? – Event 197 Newsletter


How could I not start with dedicating this run report to Louise and Rob Vernon on the day they renew their wedding vows, 20 years after being married. Many congratulations to you both and we loved your running outfits today!


It’s rare for me to miss a week at KWP Park Run these days. It’s become an essential part of my week, a highlight, an opportunity to see and catch up with friends with a like-minded passion for running. It was great to be back this week at Park Run number 197 having missed last week.

197, wow that’s a seriously impressive number of Park Run Events now at KWP and with 464 runners taking part this week, the popularity is consistently high as it’s ever been. Looking at the results, and please forgive my faux pas if I’ve misread, there were no junior, 50 or 100 milestones this week! Surely a first for a long while?! No less than 73 PBs achieved by runners this week, which completely blows my excuse of the summer course being very difficult to achieve PBs – I still hate that switchback!! Congratulations to you all and great to see 57 first timers as well!

I found myself running solo for much of today’s event which is a little unusual but gave me a chance to take in the beauty of KWP, perhaps more so than usual. Mind you, this was short lived as I found it hard graft with the after effects of the Milton Keynes marathon, 2 weeks ago, still in the legs. Crossing the line today was more of relief and I did need a little lie down at the end! Once I gathered myself and checked in with others, I stood at the finish watching all the runners storm home. We all have our reason to run, and our stories are unique and those stories are displayed on faces as the race comes to an end. I find watching others very emotional and inspiring as each effort tells a story and journey, many of which have been hard graft and even painful at times.

Special mention to all the youngsters out there today. All, without exception, found an extra turn of speed in the last 30 metres or so that I’m sure the rest of us wish we could find after 3 miles at tempo pace! Extremely impressive running from the juniors. Special mention to Rafi Barrett, smashing his PB yet again, leaving his mum behind in the final push! In fairness, Janey had run over 7 miles with Paul McNamara to get to Park Run! It turns out Craig Caitling used Park Run as part of a 13 miler as well, respect to all of you.

Two of the first timers today were 5 year old Adia and on her 4th birthday, Niamh, who did fantastically well to cover the distance. No better way to start your day and happy birthday Niamh!


Look! Actual Bar Codes!!


A big thank you to all volunteers who give up their time so that the rest of us can enjoy the run. Your Hi-Viz Heroes this week were:

Adrian PARKES  •  Amber BRADFORD  •  Ann-Marie CURRIER  •  Bethany MATTS  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Claire BRADFORD  •  Darren KEENAN  •  Declan GRUNDY  •  Fay CASEY  •  Hannah BURGESS  •  Holly MATTS  •  Jayne GRUNDY  •  Judy PARKES  •  Kevin GEARY  •  Matthew GREEN  •  Michelle GREAVES  •  Paul GRUBB  •  Paul MCNAMARA  •  Rachael SHELTON  •  Sylvia BURNS  •  Teresa BUCK  •  William PARKES

It really can’t happen without volunteers so please consider helping out, it’s really good fun as well! Go to to find out how to get involved.

Coming back to KWP this week has checked my disappointment of my recent MK Marathon. Belonging to a running community of people who offer support, encouragement, fun & laughter is what matters most to me. That sub 3 hours 30 mins can wait for another day.

Bring on KWP Park Run 198...



Chicken Run – Event 196 Newsletter

‘Watch out for the chickens!” warned the nice marshal around the halfway point.


Well, at least, I thought that’s what she said.

I spent the rest of the run wondering what it was about these birds that we should be so vigilant. Their size maybe? I’d been quite alarmed once at a previous run by the sight of some exceptionally large swans creeping behind a hedge and wondered if it might be something similar.

The “swans” – it transpired – on that occasion turned out to be just pedalos being towed on the back of a car. But these chickens seemed far more serious than that and I made a mental note to myself to be on my guard as I embarked on the final 2 kilometres. The day had started ordinarily enough.

A typically large crowd, 453 to be exact – Kingsbury’s sixth largest – were on hand to celebrate the 196th staging of the event on what was an unseasonably cool day. The bumper field was swelled by a large number of newcomers – 23 of which making their Kingsbury bow and a further 37 doing their first ever parkrun. I’m pretty sure there were no chickens at the pre-run briefing.

There were some runners with balloons though. Perhaps it was a hen party?

Chances are, though, they belonged to some of the many parkrunners celebrating milestones that day; Brian Jones, Brian Welsh and (you’ll like this) Paul Daniels each marked their parkrun centuries and entry into the exclusive 100 Club, while Michelle Greaves was running her fiftieth parkrun.

Young athlete Joshua Kermode, meanwhile, not only became the newest recruit of the 10 Club but celebrated his landmark run with a second successive PB, completing his tenth outing in 27:11.

They were undoubtedly all egging each other on. I wonder if anyone shelled out for cake afterwards.


Well, 'That's Magic.' Brian Jones has disappeared.


Paul Daniels putting on a good show.


Michelle Greaves making a point


Also marking a landmark of a different sort was one of Kingsbury Water parkrun’s founders and all-round good egg, Nivette Chester, who was celebrating her something-th birthday! (I would tell you how old she was but I fear it might ruffle a few feathers.)

The run was staged over the alternative summer course taking the runners through an anti-clockwise circuit of the lakes where, as always, lots of waterfowl were gracing them with their presence but there were definitely no chickens to be seen – not even a poultry amount.

Many cheery marshals were on hand as normal, guiding the runners and keeping them safe and it was wonderful to see so many of Kingsbury parkrun’s juniors amongst the high-vis heroes, offering cheers and shouts of encouragement and high-fives aplenty. I’m sure everyone volunteering for the first time found it was indeed all it was cracked up to be.

On the subject of volunteers, 7,430 runners have now completed Kingsbury Water parkrun yet less than 25% of these have offered their services on a run day. It would be good to redress that balance and get some more willing individuals waiting in the wings.

If you think you fit the bill, please contact us at – we would be very happy to hear from you. As anybody who’s already volunteered will tell you, it beats being cooped up indoors watching chick flicks.

And so for the day’s results – or its pecking order, as I prefer to call it. Just ten seconds separated the first three finishers. Kingsbury regular Russell Myatt was the first over the line in a time of 19:07, just five-seconds ahead of Chepstow Harriers’ David Somerall who was completing his 222nd run, though his first at Kingsbury.

Marc Stait, making his parkrun bow, ran home in 19:17 to mark his debut.

For the third time, Esther McCullagh was the first of the ladies to finish. The Badgers athlete crossed the line in 22:00 to seal her trio of first place finishes. Jo Smith, making her 63rd appearance at Kingsbury, ran home in 23:19, just a single second shy of the PB she set in February, while Royal Sutton Coldfield’s Helen Elsoueidi recorded a time of 23:27 in what was her 40th appearance.

Of course no parkrun is ever complete without all of those wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the run can go ahead and we are very grateful to the following individuals who got this week’s event off the ground:

Brian Adams, Lisa Arnold, Adia Joy Barrett, Jane Barrett, Gary Beechey, Laura Bowyer, Amber Bradford, Layla Rose Carver, Richard Chester, Nivette Chester, John Dawson, Lisa Fletcher, Trevor Gasper, Anne Marie Matthews, Hayley McLaren, Anne Newbery, Judy Parkes, Susan Thould, George Thould, Helen Tibby, Rachel Walker, Stephanie White

And the chickens? Well I later discovered that the “chickens” in question were in actual fact just the chippings alongside the trail.

Oh. So, no fowl play at all then.

The next eggs-citing instalment of Kingsbury Water parkrun takes place next Saturday – same time, same place – when I can guarantee the run report will contain considerably fewer chicken puns than this which, let’s face it, have been rather corny.    


Slowhands Day? – Event 195 Newsletter


Why is Eric Clapton never around when you need him?

Despite two Layla's celebrating milestone events at KWp this weekend, old Slowhand was not there to remind them that they had 'been running much too long.'

Ok, we are prepared to acknowledge that Layla was written at least 37 years before these two were born and Eric's words may therefore, not have been intended for them. However, come on Eric. This was your opportunity for a major comeback. You should have been there!

It never ceases to impress me that so many youngsters turn out to run parkrun every Saturday morning. You are a credit to your generation and you should be extremely proud of yourselves.

Matthew Davis completed his 10th parkrun yesterday along with the two Layla's. Unfortunately we have been unable to identify Matthew which is probably worse than Slowhand forgetting to write a song about him!

Well done to all our juniors.

Layla Rose Carver - Resplendent in Balloons.

Layla Burgess who will hopefully get her new favourite shirt SOON!


Another milestone event - TEENAGER (Beware!) Ella with pal Fran celebrating

Runners who are also a credit to their generation(s) although we are not about to remark on their ages, are those that completed other milestones yesterday.

Completing their 50th parkruns were Russell Myatt, Ben Horton, Helen and Neal Dempsey. Good to see the last two run together - almost (Neal!).

Completing 100 parkruns yesterday were Stephen Johnson and Sylvia Burns. Fantastic achievement. Well done both.

We do look forward to the opportunity of embarrassing all those undertaking milestone events however, with the increasing numbers, it is becoming more onerous and time consuming for the volunteers to identify those upcoming events. If either you or your loved ones are embarking on a significant number of runs, please do let us know a few days in advance so that we can wave a flag on your behalf. There is no magic way of identifying you all. It is a painstaking trawl through event histories.

Our grateful thanks to all participants yesterday who took the time to remain in the car park and listen to the run brief. This is a significant element of the parkrun ethos and we would wish to meet the expectations of the many by ensuring that we both undertake this and that we can be heard.

It was fantastic to see those normally waiting anxiously at the start line staying back to listen. We do hope it was worth waiting for although, we are looking to secure a louder megaphone for the future. In the meantime, we will just have to get Nivette in to do the run brief.

Keeping the road clear until just before 0900 will only benefit our event as it continues to grow as we will gain the support of other park users by ensuring their safe access until we take over the road. Having said that, when you do head out to the start, please do be mindful of the speed you are expecting to attain. It is in the interest of all participants that slower runners do not get overrun by those moving faster. We ask everyone to consider their anticipated time and leave space at the front for those who may very quickly be a spec on the horizon.

429 runners took part this week with 41 there for the 1st time and 61 achieving a new Personal Best. Fantastic achievement.

Andy Dean took 1st place for the men in 18:18 on his 2nd visit to KWP. One of our 1st timers took 1st position for the ladies with Jennifer Houghton finishing in 20:27.

Well done both.

Our grateful thanks to all our volunteers again this week. 23 of you ensuring this weeks event could go ahead.

This weeks heroes were;

Adrian PARKES  •  Amy SELIBAS  •  Ann-Marie CURRIER  •  Bethany DENNIS  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Brian JONES  •  Daniel WELCH  •  Darren KEENAN  •  Fay CASEY  •  Gary BEECHEY  •  George THOULD  •  Hannah BURGESS  •  Judy PARKES  •  Katharine GOULD  •  Madeleine GOULD  •  Michael WYANT  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Sarah DENNIS  •  Sarah MADDAFORD  •  Susan THOULD  •  Tim GOULD  •  Toby DENNIS  •  William PARKES

Waiting patiently for Eric Clapton. George and mum at the T junction

For any of you that didn't notice, one of our volunteers attended with his arm in a sling acting as Marshal and sorting tokens (very slowly) afterwards. Please do not make us call on him again next week and get your own name down asap.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Saturday. Only 6 more sleeps.........................






Cool Runnings – Event 194 Newsletter


Can you melt when running?

It was only 3 months ago when you couldn’t feel your hands till about 3km because it was so cold. Today was positively tropical. I hurled my jacket at a bench in disgust about 1 kilometre in (I did retrieve it at the end.)  Personally, I miss puddles, mud and ice.


No mud or ice today. Lots of huge 'puddles' though


The volunteers were brilliant as always.  Loads of clapping and shouts of encouragement. WELL DONE to:


I am a marshal next week with my son and my daughter is barcode scanning.  You can volunteer at or sign up on the desk at Parkrun.  I am collecting all the different roles. I volunteer every time I have a 0 or 5 at the end of my total number of runs.  5 runs for me, 1 for everyone. Seems fair. Some roles you can do and still run. Double bonus.

A huge thank you to the core team.  They sort us all out and even take flack.  We all love Parkrun and it wouldn’t happen without you and the volunteers.

I think I should mention the AWOL crew.  I had no-one to threaten to throw in the lake today and I couldn’t compare how many puffs of a blue inhaler were required to get around either with my fellow inhaler friend.

There are lots of people running in London and Blackpool and other places tomorrow.  I am in complete awe of their dedication and sheer guts.  I had promised a fellow park runner I would get sub 20 minutes in her absence.  I was close, I only missed by about 16 minutes.  I blame the duck that nearly tripped me up at the end!

A wise man told me that running is all in your head and it is.  Today my autopilot at parkrun struggled to go around the lakes the wrong way. The half way cone is not half way!  I think as our autopilots convert to the new route it will get easier.

Well done to the lovely man who I play Hare and Tortoise with each week.  We pass each other about ten times per Parkrun.  He won as Hare this week.  Also, well done to Maddy, who I heckled into running.

In the barcode queue, we met a lovely lady who was completing her second Parkrun and wanted to improve her time.  Remember running is like golf and ten pin bowling. There is no logic to it.  Some days you feel you can’t run and do well. Other weeks you surprise yourself or is that just me?

Hard core heroes are just amazing.  I simply can’t comprehend how you run that fast.

Of the 469 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, 89 people ran 5km in under 25 minutes!  25 people were all called Unknown.  A very common name.  There were 68 people running at KWP for the first time. Welcome!  I hope you liked our gallop round the lakes.

Well done to the 31 people who completed their first ever Parkrun too. We hope to see you soon.  I don’t think I am qualified to mention the epic 68 people who got PBs.  Awesome work!

One young lady on her 8th outing has to be congratulated for a unique award this weekend  - that of KWp's 50,000th runner. Well done you.

Her running career started just over a year ago and was rapidly curtailed by anxious parents (particularly Dad) who obviously recognised his youngsters ability and was concerned for the stability of his own PB as head of the household. Significant nagging by said daughter has resulted in her recommencing her career this spring and with the help of her older sister, is going from strength to strength. She now has her own running shoes, has just completed her first XCountry race at school and achieved a new PB today.

Our congratulations to Grace Jackson who we will be sure to make an example of next time she comes out to run. Grace likes parkrun 'because it makes me feel sporty.'


Sporty Grace 'sporting' the face of some strange being on her T shirt


Well Sporty Grace, we are looking forward to seeing you next week after you tried gamely to hide behind Mum and avoid the camera at your first pass.

See if you can spot her in this weeks photo's.

Male placings: Phil CLAMP (VM40-44) of Tipton Harriers, was first over the line in 17:24. Peter ALDRED (SM20-24) was second over the line in 18:47. Marcus HOOK (SM30-34) was third over the line in 18:53.

Female placings: Emma PICK (SW20-24) was first (15th overall) over the line in 20:28. Hollie BATEMAN (JW11-14) was second (21st overall) over the line in 21:19. Ellen HUMPHERSTON (JW15-17) of Royal Sutton Coldfield AC, was third (33rd overall) over the line in 22:06.

The three highest age grades were recorded by: Phil CLAMP (VM40-44) – 80.27% for the time 17:24 (first overall). Simon CORKER (VM45-49) – 76.54% for the time 18:58 (4th overall). Philip BURWELL (VM70-74) – 76.41% for the time 23:40 (61st overall).

We all run Parkrun for different reasons.  Some to challenge ourselves, some for the exercise, some for a nice chat and friends, some for a nice milestone T-shirts, some to beat our family members and some to run off a bad week at work.


Some of us parkrun when we should be somewhere else perhaps?


Whatever your reason to run this morning I hope you had a fantastic time.  See you next week!

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