Autumninal – Event 224 Newsletter

Well what a beautiful November morning at Kingsbury Water Parkrun.

Perfect conditions for running surrounded by the autumnal coloured leaves that were crisp enough to hear that lovely rustling sound when running over them.

So much happened at Parkrun this morning and I’m proud to be a part of this amazing event! Please forgive me if I missed anything!! (my first time doing the run report which earns me my Volunteering 25 Shirt!!!)

Parkrun was made possible by our marvellous volunteers:

Judy Parkes * Tim Gould * Matthew Green * Tricia Bunn * George Thould * Richard Hamblett * Sharon Whitehead * Vicky Jennings * Susan Thould * Susan Hann * Katherine Gould * Madeleine Gould * Anne-Marie Matthews * Owen Slater * Ann Hadley * Gale King * Vanessa Carter * William Phillips * Finlay Cross * Catherine Argyle * James Smith * Adam Cope *

Without volunteers parkrun would not be possible so a huge thank you to all of you!

This week 354 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 34 were first timers and 86 recorded new Personal Bests!

Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

Celebration day as Stuart Hatton joined the 100 club. That’s 500km of running.

Sharon Gray joins the 50 Club.

Also Taylor Williams not only gets a PB but joins the Junior 10 club before he is 6.

Then Myself Volunteered for the 25th Time.

Lets hope we are not waiting too long for our Tops so we can wear them with Pride.

Beginner Badgers graduated this morning at KWP.  What an amazing turnout and contributed to the amazing level of PB's this week.

Roll of BADGER Honour:

Evie Whitehead * Ellie Mulhern * Paul Cooper * Fiona O'Toole * Terry Argyle * Ella Alderman * Julie Alderman * Isobelle Hooper * Charlotte Porter * Matt Shaw * Vicki Lloyd * Sarah O'donoghue * David Benbow * Claire Roberts * Joe Jenkinson * Louise Petricca *

Congratulations all.Hope you enjoyed the cake.

We also had Ben Robinson join us today at KWP he is Cannicross Royalty. Ben and dog Blake have won gold at the European Cannicross Championships a few weeks ago. Both will be going for GOLD at the World Championships in Poland next week.

Good Luck to you both.

KWP 300917-30

Ben and Blake achieved a PB today at parkrun of 12:24. WOW!

We also had 3 young marshals join us today who are undertaking their Duke Of Edinburgh Awards. Well done to Finn, James and Adam.

Amazing to see young people inspiring others.

Well that’s it from me.  I hope you all have an amazing week.

See you again same time next week.





Rememberence – Event 223 Newsletter


At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month – we will remember them!


Parkrun has usually finished by the eleventh hour so we held a one minute silence at 08.50hrs to remember all of the brave people who have lost their lives in wars all over the world, and in particular in World War One and World War Two. We had a number of furry friends running today, and the importance of the silence was apparent to them as well, as they maintained a dignified hush perhaps in remembrance of all the service animals who also lost their lives in the two great wars (although Lola, a husky cross samoyed was apparently bribed with doggie treats to keep quiet)!!


Puddles were evident everywhere on the course today, and runner Chris Kirk has identified three methods of tackling them, his personal favourite appears to be sloshing through them with no regard for anyone else in the water firing line. Perhaps we should reflect on the conditions in the trenches all those years ago, and remember the difficulties faced by soldiers in both world wars as they ran towards the enemy lines! She didn’t have the incentive of beIng fired upon by enemy gunfire, but our winning lady today came in well ahead of the whole field in a staggering time of 16.06 - well done to Susie Tawney! Our second lady was Esther McCullagh in 22.04, with Hollie Bateman taking third place in 22.41 – great running ladies!



Puddles? It is a water park!


The men’s winner today was Chris Baxter in a time of 17.26, with Josh Carter coming second in 18.12 and James Stretton taking third place in 19.42! Well done to you all – amazing efforts and times, especially when I can only hobble around in about 50 minutes at the moment!



Chris approaching the water jump


Special mention should go to Robert Rainsby who ran his 70th Parkrun on his 70th birthday. Also to Richard King who ran his 100th Parkrun, Gail Gunn who ran her 50th, and juniors Thomas Ladkin, Arthur Needham and Phoebe Garner who all ran their 10th Parkrun. A day I’m sure they will all remember!


A huge thank you to our hi-viz heroes, without whom Parkrun couldn’t take place. We remember the great job they all do week in and week out to make sure our event takes place :




If you want to have a go at encouraging the runners please visit the future roster page and put your name down!


Hope to see you all back next week for another exciting event!



Soggy – Event No 222 Newsletter

When I looked out my window this morning and saw it was raining I knew it would be a wet parkrun but I didn’t realise it would be that wet! Lovely puddles everywhere. By the 1km sign from my knee downwards I was drenched.   My shoes will probably be just about dry for next Saturday.


Rob and Beth hiding their wet feet

There were a lot less runners because of the wet weather! I knew lots of people were happy with their positions because there were only 288 runners. Also, a load of Badgers had gone scampering off to Rosliston parkrun. Even though there were tough conditions, well done to the 57 people who got a PB (even though they probably ran 6km because they were trying to dodge puddles.)



Another special welcome to the 26 first timers who I hope to see back and smashing their times and getting many more PB`s. I promise you every week isn’t that cold and wet. Loads of people are coming up to mile stones which is amazing.

One lady even has her shirt to count down!

lady counting to 50 parkrun

Well done to Joseph Pugh who completed his tenth run. Congratulations to Charlotte Pearce, Joe Burke and Pamela Moreton who ran their 50th parkrun today. An extra well done to Pamela because she got a PB too!

Next week a lovely man, who the tail walkers walked with today, will be running his 70th parkrun on his 70th Birthday.

Also, well done to Laura who completed her parkrun 36 weeks pregnant.

This weeks stars were Neil Russel in 1st place for the men 1n 17:37. This ws Neil's 1st Kingsbury run and only his 3rd ever. David Jackson and Aaron Chetwynd took 2nd and 3rd places in 17:44 & 17:52 respectively.

Ladies champion was Heather Broadist in 23:23 on her 1st parkrun ever, ever, ever. Lisa Stretton was next 21 seconds later (saving herself for her 100th next weekend perhaps?). Penny Masser came in 3rd a close 8 seconds behind.

A humongous thank you to this week’s parkrun heroes! Parkrun couldn’t take place without them:

Brian ADAMS, Derek BOLTON, Tricia BUNN, Richie BUNN, Hannah BURGESS, Vanessa CARTER, Layla Rose CARVER, Sarah DENNIS, Toby DENNIS, Lisa FLETCHER, Sally FRISWELL, Vicky JENNINGS, Brian JONES, Steve PERRY, William PHILLIPS, Sylvia PHILLIPS, Susan THOULD, George THOULD, Helen TIBBY, Samuel VERNON, Pete WELLS, Bethany DENNIS.

One of our volunteers in action

As the Run Director said in the winter parkrun is always short of helper so please sign yourself up so that this run can take place.

Here is the link:


Pitchfork parkrun – Event 221 Newsletter


Where does one start?

It would appear that any old excuse will do to get dressed up for some! What a fantastic turnout of ghouls, spectres, witches, skeletons, Batman & Robin's to name but a few.

460 participants celebrated our Halloween event on Saturday and we thank you for the splendid effort made to mark the occasion. Not sure who was the scarier although our Marshal at Turn 1 could probably answer that for you!

Please do go left, if you would. That would be really nice!

Frankly my money is on the Pacers.

Core Team Member Nivette did ask who stood in for the 28 minute pacer as Mark Robinson didn't show. Really? He was there - I know as I saw him.

Photographic evidence attached.

Has anyone seen Mark Robinson?

It is obviously regrettable that some of you forgot to dress up and had to participate in standard garb. Really - there is no need to worry. We will still add your name to the results.

"Why didn't somebody remind me"?

However, these few unsuspecting individuals were outnumbered by those who really do take things a little too seriously.

Richie Benham has waited a while to get his latest Ghostbuster costume out of the closet.

(Fortunately his Marshmallow Man alternative is in the wash).

Play nicely with the other children Richie.

Not sure if Rachel Shelton had dressed up for the run or just hadn't been home from the night before. (It wouldn't be the 1st time).


Camera shy? I think not.

One participant has unwittingly given us an idea for another themed run. Perhaps in the spring when we are late up as a result of the clocks going forward?


Answers on a postcard please.

Not wanting to bore you, however this weeks runners and runners saw the top three places taken by boars from local BADGERS RC with Danny Warren, Aaron Chetwynd and David Jackson crossing the line in that order.

At this point one is praying that there were no female BADGERS on the ladies podium. Unfortunately there was. Any reference to the title a of female Badger is immediately withdrawn.

Cassandra Jackson took 1st place for the ladies with BADGER Baker (Serena) coming in 2nd. Lottie McLaren took 3rd place for the ladies.

Serena also completed her 50th parkrun on Saturday (she kept that quiet) along with Gale King, Suzanne Harper and Peter Wildbore. OH, COME ON! Now someone's really having a laugh.

Ian Draper completed 100 runs this weekend with Lottie McLaren, Alex Watts and James Waddell all completing their 10th runs.

Well done to you all.

Our grateful thanks to our Hi-Vis heroes again whose numbers were swelled by Pacers this week;

Adrian PARKES  •  Angela COX  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Gavin CLINTON  •  George THOULD  •  Graham ENGLEY  •  Haden SMITH  •  Hilary WHEELDON  •  Ian WOOD  •  Jane HUBBLE  •  Keir HARDY  •  Lisa FLETCHER  •  Mark ROBINSON  •  Nick BARLOW  •  Nivette CHESTER  •  Owen SLATER  •  Paul DRAKE  •  Paul MCNAMARA  •  Paul RESTALL  •  Rachel CRESSWELL  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Sharon JACKSON  •  Sharon WHITEHEAD  •  Simon CURRIER  •  Stephanie WHITE  •  Steve PERRY  •  Steve WELLER  •  Susan HANN  •  Susan THOULD  •  Vanessa CARTER

We love you all.

On that note:

Ta-Ra for now.

See you all next week.






Run Brian, Run – Event 220 Newsletter

So after basking in sunshine from the tail end of hurricane Opheila last weekend, today saw the arrival of storm Brian, with many of the south coast parkruns being cancelled due to strong winds. A rainbow over Tamworth as we set out this morning with a few gusts just to remind us of the storm coming.

On arrival at Kingsbury we were greeted by our new fabulous pop up shelter paid for by your kind donations to keep Richard dry, we were reliably informed. I have to say I had visions of Richard doing a Mary Poppins routine floating up into the sky still holding the shelter as we awaited the start.

I was hoping that my report wouldn’t be dominated by the marathon that you may have just heard a little bit about over the last few weeks. Unluckily for you guys, that’s what everyone was still talking to me about.

It was great to see lots of finishers t-shirts both on runners braving their first 5k and volunteers, sensibly resting for a few more days, or crazily in some cases running another marathon tomorrow. We compared battle scars and race day stories, runners and supporters on the day alike. I met Rebecca who I chatted to for most of the first K who was one of those testing her legs for the first time since last weekend. Sid came powering past me just before the 4k and told me that he didn’t run in a morph suit just for fun. I find that hard to believe!

KWP 300917-282
Sid underdressed for the occasion.

So here’s one of those life’s unanswerable questions … How when running around a lake can you always be running into a headwind?! It didn’t seem to deter Matthew Orford who stormed in with an impressive 17.18 time to finish first on his very first parkrun!

Emma Pick came gusting in to finish as first female.

Brian Jones and Brian Adam should get a mention as the only real Brians today at KWP!

There were 23 first timers at parkrun, welcome and we hope to see you again soon when the weather is a little calmer! There were 72 runners who got a new PB, well done to all of you. Perhaps they were running the summer course and found a way to get a tailwind behind them?!

Double well done to Grady Stallings who got both a new PB and his landmark 10th parkrun today. Although it has to be said that we are constantly reminding parents that youngsters under 11 MUST be accompanied by a RESPONSIBLE adult. We were about to pull Grady up before realising thankfully, that he is over 11.

KWP 300917-219
Phew! Luckily Grady didn't need a 'responsible' adult.

Alistair McCallum earned his 50th milestone and Darren Ridge his also 100th today. Well done guys. Remember to talk to the run director before the start and you can get the privilege of Richard or one of the other directors shouting you out via megaphone before the start. There were 409 runners in total, blasting and breezing their way around today.

Huge thank you to all our high vis heroes who make each parkrun possible;


Don’t forget it’s next week you bring your scary masks. I know some of you were a week early … only kidding! You will have the petrifying pitchfork parkrun, with pacers to help you scream around and earn some terrifyingly fast PBs.

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