Event Number 234 – Let’s Hear it for the Girls!!

When will the Saturday morning rain ever cease? Conditions were somewhat tricky to say the least for the 409 participants, including 39 first timers who left behind the warmth of their duvets and joined us at Kingsbury for our 234th event.

Biting winds, a touch of ice and some glorious mud gave us all a challenge this morning. However, that said, 64 personal bests were achieved. Well done if that was you.


Following last week’s run and talk event, I am determined to chat to more people on the way round our lovely course. Today I overheard two men talking about going to see The Greatest Showman. “Go see it- Hugh Jackman’s amazing” I advised. They quickly ran off. Then about ¾ of the way round I met Rob Andrews, who had noticed that I had volunteered to write the run report. He reminisced about the old Matt Chat newsletter, it was then I felt the burden of pressure that run report writing brings with it. What am I going to write? Who is going to be interested in what I have to say? Still, it took my mind off the running for a bit.


Anyway, I digress. A big well done and heartfelt thank you should go to all our hi-vis heroes this morning, who must have been frozen to the bone by the time the event had finished. High fives to you all! They were, Bryan Adams, Richard Benham, Adam Cope, Finlay Cross, Anna Currier, Bethany Dennis, Margaret Downes, Paul Drake, Tim Gould, Katharine Gould, Madeleine Gould, Owen Hann, Susan Hann, Brian Jones, Gale King, Sarah Maddaford, William Parkes, Adrian Parkes, Sylvia Phillips, Alex Sandham, James Smith, Chris Upton, Louise Vernon & Rob Vernon.


New members of the 50 club at KWP this week are: Joanne Steele, Louise Shepherd, Andrew Beeton. Elliot Line ran his 150th and one new member joins the 100 club: Dave Seickell. Well done to you all on your milestones.


In a week where we have been celebrating the strength of women, it is fitting to mention that of the six first finishers today, three of them were female. Indeed 6 of the top 20 finishers were female. Huge congratulations to the females who took 3rd, 5th and 6th place respectively; Jenny Evans (18:46), Ella Semple (18:56) and Emma Lambert (18:59). Go girls!

Well done to the males too; in first place; Bertie Houghton, a first timer on the course, who completed in an eye-watering 15:40. Check out Chris Upton's lead bike Gopro video on the KWP Unofficial page for those of you, like me, who wonder what it’s like up there! In second place Marc Stait who got a new PB of 18:21 and in fourth place James Oakley who came in at 18:53.

I have had a look at the roster for next week and the coming weeks and there are a few positions that need to be filled, so why not take a look? It definitely gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to put something back into the best parkrun in town.

All that remains to be for me to say is, hope you all have a fabulous week, and see you again next week, same time, same place. #DFYB (and your £2 parking charge).



Humpless – Event 232 Newsletter



Question: Who's stolen our speed bumps?


What was a damp and dreary start to the day was soon much brightened by the

arrival by of our lycra-clad, deep-heat smelling posse of 391 smiling runners

(up from 388 last week).


Little did they know of the perils awaiting them...slithery mud, ankle-deep puddles and

sodden socks (hope no one was wearing white ones).


No dampened spirits here at Kingsbury.


High fives all-round.


We had an amazing 45 pbs and 40 First Timers this week so goodness knows how many

we'll get in better conditions.


Brilliant work everyone.


Our first man striding home was Josh Carter in a staggering 17:18. Not only a pb but

not a spatter of mud in sight.


Did he fly?


Only our lead bike can confirm that one.


Josh was soon followed in by Robin Phillips in 17:53 (first timer!) and David Jackson in 17:59.


Our leading lady today was Esther McCullagh on 21:54 looking fresh

and ready to run round again.


A massive well done from someone who always looks

like she's been dragged through the mud backwards.


A big hand for our splendid band of volunteers this week.


Without you there would be no Kingsbury Water parkrun - the best place to be at 09:00 every Saturday morning.


This weeks suspects were;


Richie BUNN • Tricia BUNN • Nivette CHESTER • Finlay CROSS • Chris UPTON •

Richard CHESTER • Michael HADLAND • Tim GOULD • Hannah BURGESS •

Darren O'LEARY • Alison BANKS • Brian ADAMS • Paul DRAKE • Matthew GREEN •

Jenny REEVE • Paul STONE • Olivia SMITH • Emma HEYS • Graham ENGLEY •

James SMITH • Susan THOULD • Andrew STATHAM • Lil SOUTER


Looking forward to next week.


Close Encounters – Event 231 Newsletter

Fortunately, there were no fishermen on site. That is an encounter we could do without. But more of that later.

Perhaps we should start pre-event.

Our current set out specialist Tim Gould, had a close encounter with some black ice - hence the need to invoke the two lap course. Lots of mud was preferable to any amount of ice. The mud was an encounter experienced by most to such an extent that many took a considerable amount home with them.

There is no need to bring it back next week, we have lots. The return of finish tokens however, is always appreciated.

The late change of course involved our resident first-on-site volunteer Brian Adams having to relocate the finish funnel. Brian did suggest that he took a short cut down the miniature railway line. This may have resulted in an encounter with a 1 tonne locomotive. We did turn a blind eye and remain unsure of the outcome other than noting that the finish funnel was successfully relocated.

We noted one participant using the potential encounter with slippery surfaces as a reasonable excuse for taking a stroll round the course as opposed to chasing a pb. Okay - we sympathise. However Amanda Gould's time was akin to those achieved at her first few outings as a parkrunner over 3 years ago and way in excess of more recent results. Now there is 'taking it steady' and also 'taking the michael'. It wasn't that slippy.

There is evidence that most of you encountered our junior photographer this week Oliver Cheary. A fantastic set of proofs from Oliver. Our grateful thanks for his efforts.

Another junior encountered along the way was Owen Hann who took it upon himself to establish a new competition - the Hi 5 Challenge. Owen achieved 257 in total and is hopeful that the single lap course will be re-established soon to ensure he stays top of this table for a bit with the benefit of the two laps.

Someone who is most definitely not a fan of the two lap option is our Lead Bike yesterday Matt Green. A few may have encountered Matt heading head first down an embankment towards water after attempting to negotiate his way through runners ahead of our first finisher. Thankfully Matt avoided the lake and there were no fisherman in evidence resulting in only Matts pride being dented.



Our grateful thanks to those participants that stopped to help Matt forsaking their own event.

Matt has made a full recovery and lives to fall off another day.

Hi-Vis Heroes yesterday were;

Adam COPE  •  Adrian PARKES  •  Alison BANKS  •  Andrew STATHAM  •  Ann-Marie CURRIER  •  Brian ADAMS  •  Finlay CROSS  •  Gary CHEARY  •  James SMITH  •  Kevin CASEY  •  Lesley PALMER  •  Mark ROBINSON  •  Matthew GREEN  •  Oliver CHEARY  •  Owen HANN  •  Paul DRAKE  •  Philip BURWELL  •  Richard CHESTER  •  Sharon WHITEHEAD  •  Susan HANN  •  Tim GOULD  •  William PARKES

Once again thank you for your efforts which are much appreciated.

Runners and runners yesterday saw Lloyd Biddell (pictured below) first over the line is 16:06. Not a parkrun specialist as more at home on the fells. Next to finish was tourist Phillip Nind in 17:57 with local BADGER David William Jackson in 18:23.

First timer Jordan Foster led the ladies home in 19:29 with Katherine Snowden a minute behind and Jennifer Crewes in third place in a time of 22:59.

Well done all.


Milestoners yesterday included;

Stewart Knott and Mike Deasy reaching their 50th.

Not quite a milestone however, Paul Drake celebrated his 150th parkrun yesterday after undertaking a volunteer role as 1st timers briefer.

Well done Paul.

Paul celebrating or doing what will now be known as a 'Matt Green' impersonation.

Looking forward to next Saturday.

If you have yet to experience the joys of volunteering at parkrun, please get your name down on the roster. Your parkrun needs you.

It also needs you barcode and £2 to park so please do not forget these.






Event 230 Newsletter

It’s s me again … yes another run report brought to you by a Vernon.

Having started the new year on double figures for volunteering, I set myself a rather late resolution to aim for that purple 25 volunteer t-shirt by the end of 2018, so unfortunately you may be seeing or hearing a little bit more of me sneaking up in different volunteering roles over the next year.

Speaking of hearing volunteers, did anyone notice the very discrete marshals at point 5 today? They took my loaned foam hands to a whole new level this week, and almost resulted in me face planting in the mud when I missed the high 10 from my own husband, taking a stumble before gracefully recovering myself.

So those marshalling next week can you raise the bar on team “Sarah and Rob”?

Usually the thanks go at the end of the report, so for a change I get them in first, before you get bored of my ramblings! Today’s high vis heroes were;

Adam COPE • Alison BANKS • Amanda GOULD • Andy STRETTON • Brian ADAMS • Caroline SMITH • Charlie BULL • Claire TAYLOR • Finlay CROSS • George THOULD • Hannah BURGESS • James SMITH • Jenny REEVE • Louise VERNON • Matthew GREEN • Paul CAULFIELD • Paul DRAKE • Rob VERNON • Susan HANN • Susan THOULD • Tim GOULD • Vicky JENNINGS • William PHILLIPS
Without the time and effort put in by these people there would be no Parkrun.

Tim Gould certainly excelled himself as Run Director this morning, having worked out what all the buttons do on the megaphone, as we were accompanied by some interesting musical effects as part of the pre-race brief.

He had a lot to get through this morning, with a large number of milestones to announce.

My daughter chose to stay in bed rather than get her lovely white t-shirt today, even though there was a hopeful announcement. Fortunately for us there were lots of people getting out of bed and earning milestones.

We’ll start with the juniors reaching 10 – Rhys Oxford, Benjamin Daly, Harry Smith, Eleanor Mulheron and Rhys Collins.

50 today were Stuart Hall and Kevin Geary.

Finally, those reaching their magic 100 milestone were David Clarke and Sheila Ann Dunn.

A huge well done to you all.
For a change, today the course did not resemble a bog, ice skating rink or a mud bath. The conditions boded well for the 41 PBs that were achieved out there.

Unfortunately for Alex and Bill who I accosted in the car park, they were part of the 43 first timers who ventured out to KWP this morning. Alex was looking to get fitter after Christmas and was his first time running with others. I hope you guys both enjoyed your first visit and were not put off by a rambling run reporter!

461 of us, trotted, galloped, flew or thundered around the course this morning. Only 10 other KWP Parkruns have had higher attendances.

It’s a shame that there are still far too many unknowns each week.


park run 583
I think this might be the definition of galloping!

park run 869

This one is just my favourite snap captured by our photographer Claire this morning!
Certainly thundering around again today was Chris Baxter in a time of 17.20, his 10th first place finish at KWP.

Esther McCullagh was the first female finisher in a time of 22.25, her 5th first place finish at KWP.

I must also give a mention to the “man with a dog” who was a course spectator, who I saw on three separate occasions always ahead of me standing and watching!

Another special mention to Clare, who ran the entire way today, the first time on parkrun 5. Well done Clare.

If there are other achievements like this that don’t show in the statistics, find your friendly run report writer (which won’t be me next week you will be glad to know!) and please share.
I’ll finish as I started, think of a nice purple t-shirt and drop an email to kingsburywaterhelpers@parkrun.com .

There are plenty of roles you could fill. I’m sure there are plenty of budding run report writers out there.


1 Lap Good, 2 Laps Bad – Event 229 Newsletter

In the cold and blustery weather of this morning 414 runners made it out on the course. The hardest time of the year for a run is just after the Christmas period when you’ve eaten too much. Maybe you want to lose some weight, maybe you want to get back into shape, or you decided you wanted to go for your first run in a while either way you got out of bed early and were at KWP in time for this run. This isn’t easy for anyone, I know that myself, but I congratulate you on this. You may not have got a PB or the time you were aiming for but you beat all those people across the country who were still in bed at this time. It wasn’t an ideal parkrun for anyone really with the weather being bad, the state of the course or the illness’ going around, but you still did it so, well done all!

Before the run I had a chat with a first time park runner Vicki . Vicki is currently training for London marathon. Her sister had told her that she wanted her to do a marathon before she was 40 so Vicki took this into consideration and plucked the courage to sign up for London marathon. She is nervous about coming to parkrun for the first time but is hoping it will go well.



The start was delayed by about 10 minutes due to people still coming in through the gate. Then due to the weather conditions, we ran on the 2 lap course for the first time in nearly a year. Even this course was very muddy with puddles all over it meaning people were doing all sorts of puddle jumping techniques. Well done to all 414 runners that made it out onto the course despite the weather conditions being awful. We had 42 first timers today at parkrun so well done to all of you for making the decision to come and join us, we hope you enjoyed it and come back to us again. Also, a big well done to the 20 people that got PB’s today. Toby Dennis (A.K.A. Batman) and Sheena Vultaggio both joined the 50 club today at KWP as they reached their milestones, congratulations both.


Matthew Tonks had the honour today of being the first finisher in a time of 18:48. Liz Peel was the first female finisher in a PB time of 22:59. Well done to both of you for getting such good times.

A Massive thank you goes out to all the volunteers this week that made parkrun possible, they were out there in the freezing cold weather to make this run possible, well done all.

Adam COPE, Alison BANKS, Anne WEAVER, Brian JONES, Finlay  CROSS, Hannah VERNON, James SMITH, Judy PARKES, Julian MATTHEWS, Kev JONES, Louise VERNON, Matthew GREEN, Paul DRAKE, Paul MCNAMARA, Richie BUNN, Rob BULL, Ruth ANDERSON, Ruth Ann NEEDHAM, Samuel VERNON, Susan HANN, Susan THOULD, Tricia BUNN, Vicky JENNINGS

Why don’t you consider volunteering next week? If you’d like to give volunteering head over to the volunteer page and put your name down for something or email kingsburywaterhelpers@parkrun.com.


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