King’a Lynn New Years Day parkrun

We will again be holding a New Year's Day run on Tuesday 1st January 2019.

An excellent way to get over the night before and why not start the year with a New Year's resolution to keep running!!

Start time 9 am as usual allowing those who may wish to do two events that morning to get along to another local parkrun for a second run. Another run to add to your tee shirt total.

We will of course require a few Volunteers so if you just fancy shouting at people, parkrunners that is, then do sign up.


King’s Lynn parkrun 7th Birthday and 24 Hour Marathon

7th Anniversary Birthday Party
King's Lynn parkrun celebrates its 7th anniversary birthday on Saturday 8th September when parkrunners are encouraged to wear fancy dress and to bring along party food to help us celebrate the occasion in style.
It is also hoped that runners will allow time to stay for a few minutes longer than usual after the run to socialise and make new friendships with those you may frequently run alongside but still don't really know.

24 Hour Marathon
On on the heals of the Birthday Party will be the 24 Hour Marathon, which will go through until 9 am the following morning and for which runners are simply asked to run (or walk) the course for an hour of their choice until 9 am Sunday morning. Of course you can run for longer and if you haven't ever run during the middle of the night well now's you chance to do just that.
We also use the opportunity to raise funds for ask for donations towards improvements in The Walks and have contributed to a number of projects which have also been of benefit to parkrun.
The cafe will be open for longer for us and a Registration tent will be set up adjacent to the cafe, which will be manned throughout. All runners are requested to check in with Registration, where hot and cold drinks and snacks will also be available. This is the fourth year that we have held the event and so far we have always managed to have runners on the course throughout the 24 hour period, so please think about what time you would like to run and sign up to take part. Last year we collectively ran over 1,100 miles throughout the period so lets see if we can beat that and make this year as successful as those in the past.


King’s Lynn Event No. 357

King's Lynn parkrun - Event Number 357

I first visited this Parkrun one new year’s day in 2017 and since then have returned a few times with this now my 8th run at this venue.
Have always found this course quite testing with its many turns including as I observed some who swing round the lamp post near the start when beginning laps 2 and 3.
Love the dedicated effort giving out the mile times and the encouragement to dig in for the final journey to the finish.
As a senior runner who enjoyed being part of a Masters Team have frequently visited the Track and Field Complex at the Lynnsport Dow Track and so now that my days of active competition are over it is nice to see several friendly faces at this parkrun most notably from Ryston Runners.
As always when away from my main venue of Peterborough I check to see if any of those I know are touring and today we have Gordon Pearson who was instrumental in setting up the Event at Peterborough and was its Event Director for the first 4 years before becoming a Parkrun Ambassador who goes around venues to ensure consistency and good practice. Today he was volunteering as Tail Walker inspiring Grahame Peacock to raise a final flourish when finishing today.
Am usually at a parkrun well before the start as enjoy being part of Setup. So although away on Holiday could not get out of the habit and arrived early. Am glad I did as I found a group of interested people being told about all the roles that this Event has to offer and what constitutes each role. As volunteering is the lifeblood of all parkrun events it was good to see another way of increasing the pool of volunteers.

Today’s Event
Today we had 339 at the event with the mix of 201 male and 138 female. There was a good mix of ages ranging from under 10 up to 74 illustrating how parkrun is for all of us. This is further shown by the fact that performances ranged from 17.25 to 58.24 as those participating could choose whether they ran, walked or did a bit of both but were rewarded with a place and time once they had completed the course. As always all the participants were shepherded home by a Tail Walker who always comes last as that is the nature of the role.
I never fail to love the look of pleasure on the face of those taking part when they look down at their watch and say “Yes, got a PB” to which one of the marshals at the finish reminds them “Don’t forget to ring the Bell”. The bell is rung and another smile comes and seems to stay on the face of the lucky person. Today we had 55 shiny new PBs and hope that most of you got that double celebration
We had 23 first timers today with 10 actually doing their very first parkrun. We hope you enjoyed this event and will come back again soon.
It’s good to see that one of those participating today has already run 301 parkruns of which 296 have been at Kings Lynn. Yes Martin Blackburn should be proud of his loyalty to the event and the fact that he is also a proud owner of the Purple vest for having volunteered on 25 or more occasions.
There were three people celebrating achieving the 50 Milestone today namely Clare Mallet of Renegade Runners, Owen Burge of Ryston Runners AC and Darren Smith also of Ryston Runners AC. Well done to you all.
On the age graded sort 17 athletes got over 75%. There were 4 exceptional scores with Jane Ashby (Ryston Runners AC) VW70-74 getting the incredible 90.21% with her recording of 24.41 in 110th position. The others over 80% were, Pauline Sparrow (Ryston Runners AC) VW65-69 with 83.09%, Martin Milward (Fulham AC) VM60-64 with 82.40% and Jillian Davis (Renegade Runners) VW60-64 with 80.29%. A big well done to you all.
In the run itself I was saddened to see we had 15 occurrences of ‘Unknown runner’ so all of these will have no record of the days run and this reminds all……..#DFYB.
First over the line today was Daniel Guppy from Kings Lynn Triathalon club in 17.25. This is the 4th time he has achieved this and he led in a 3 time first placer John Hopgood from Ryston Runners AC who was twenty seconds behind. A further nine seconds behind John came Ryan Jones from Fenland Running Club. The ladies were led home by Bethan Everson from Fenland Running club who was 15th overall in 19.31. Second was Debbie Schwarz of West Norfolk AC in 28th position overall with 20.50. Third but only 8 seconds behind Debbie in 32nd place overall was Sally Lynn Hurst from Renegade Runners
A recent initiative on the results page is the publication of those who have received the purple 25 volunteering milestone tee-shirt. It was interesting to see that of the 339 participants’ today 21 have achieved this. A breakdown of this shows 5 also have a 250 vest 12 also have a 100, 3 also have a 50 vest and 1 has only this vest so far. Unfortunately this statistic does not show the full story as we are not aware how many of the volunteers manning tasks that don’t allow a run as well have also achieved this superb level of event support.
If you too would like to help then please email If you’re not sure what positions are available then you can check the roster on for up to 6 weeks in advance. Let’s see if we can fill up some of those spaces nice and early.


Easter Fancy Dress run Saturday 31 March

We will be holding our Easter-time fancy dress run on 31 March. There will be a prize* for the best Adult Male/Female dress and for the best Junior so do get your Easter bonnets out. Usual request to bring snacks and all that unhealthy food you are allowed to eat after a good run around the Walks.
*(Prizes will be judged by the volunteers and RD on the day whose decision will be final, so now you know!). :-)


Swaffham parkrun – Start-Up Open Evening

We are in the process of setting up a parkrun at Swaffham in the New Year.

There will be an open evening held at Swaffham Assembly Rooms, 7:30 – 9:00 pm, 22nd November.

I am looking for some keen parkrunners who can help me out with talking to interested people who attend the evening.

I would give a full brief of what’s required but it will be along the lines of talking to people about the parkrun ethos and some of the important rules, about registering, running and volunteering.

If anyone is interested in helping me out, I would be very grateful. Please contact me on

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