Kingston parkrun Event number 438 14th July 2018

Do you believe in the Twilight zone? If you do, please hum the tune to it now, as you read this week’s run report, because it’s all a bit odd…..

Whilst we all know parkrun’s a run, not a race (eh, Danny Norman?) we also know some people like to gauge their fitness each week by running themselves half to death as they cover 5k. So once again, Ollie Garrod ( SM25-29, Epsom and Ewell Harriers) came home first for the boys in 16:44 and Susanna Rose-Innes (VW40-44) came in first for the girls in 20:42. Same as last week. But Ollie was five seconds slower, and Susannah was five seconds faster. Woop woop! You have to admit though, that’s all a bit strange. What did these two do? Did they line up on the start line, bobbing up and down, checking their watches and throwing glances in each other’s direction. Did Susannah spend the night before wishing evil thoughts on Ollie’s finish time, and did Ollie go to bed thinking “if I lose five seconds and that Susannah gains five, there’ll be hell to pay”? Well how would I know? I was flailing around somewhere out of The Ham Lands on my way back by the time they were finished, and by the time I puffed in I suspect those two heroes were long gone. Or perhaps there was a big punch up as Ollie demanded his lost five seconds back, and Susannah flounced off yelling “not on your Nelly, Garrod, they’re all mine, mwah mwah mwaaaaaaaah” and maybe there was a HUGE punch up and they both got arrested and are currently on remand in prison, and if that’s the case, we’re ALL in with a chance next week.

Well I can dream.

The McCaan family, celebrating a 10 milestone today

So, back to reality. HUGE thanks to the volunteers who made this week’s parkrun happen. RD Kate Hancock was back on grown up duty and this week she welcomed back 317 of us. Is that some kind of record? The snazzy coloured cones were back out to guide first timers and tourists home. We had 32 first timers to Kingston this week, of whom eight had never done a parkrun before and who chose our flipping beautiful course to do something completely new. You were all welcome. Let us know how you found it.

There were a frankly ridiculous 35 PBs this week. What in Heaven’s name are you lot of freaky runners on? Really, it’s sooooooo hot. I salute you. Special mention must go to young Tom Street (JM10, 26.2 RRC) who on his 33rd parkrun (running with his lovely mum Daisy) came in at 28:36. I’ve got the same trainers as his (fast) dad Michael and I said to Tom if I ran in my superfast trainers and tried to keep up with him did he think I had a chance. He gave me that look that only the young and innocent can give without appearing rude and just said “naah”. And he was right. Way to go Tom.

In other PB news my friend and recent parkrun convert Rob Corlett was to be found sweating profusely at the end, and that was when I ran in a good 13 minutes after him! He’s been paced to a 30 second PB by our mutual friend and Straggler “Mad Bob Wheller” a harmless (and we’ll leave it there) Canadian who is knocking on the door of 200 parkruns. Whilst this earns a congratulatory pat on the back Rob, I’d like to point out that your lovely wife beasted herself around the course to her own PB, and with no-one to keep her going. So, the question is, whose is the biggest triumph? I jest Rob – in my book everyone who completes a parkrun is a hero.

Milestones to be noted are as follows:

Ten runs:
Daniel McCann – JM11-14, 34:36
Evelyn Roche – JW11-14, 42:49

50 runs:
Simon Pritchard – VM45-49, 26.2 RRC, 33:39

Daniel Greenslade – VM40-44, Stragglers, 19:44.

Congrats to you all.

Before I go, three last reflections, I know, I’m greedy:

Thank you to the volunteers, really, you are awesome. I know I said it earlier, but without the people who set up, stand about chucking out finish tokens, and clear away, there would be no parkrun for the rest of us. Tom ‘PB’ Street already knows this. That’s why I found him sorting out tokens after he’d done his run. He is a parkrun hero. A special thank you must also go to little Ralph Osborn who assisted Terri on barcode scanning, Ralph collected runners from the funnel and took their hands to walk them over to Terri 'Barcode Scanning over here' he said - really appreciate you ensuring all tokens were promptly returned Ralph.

Amazing well done to Kate who had the results processed and published by 10.30am. That is NO MEAN FEAT.

And thirdly, if you thought we had a hen party on the route yesterday, what with loud laughing women running, walking, talking and one in particular running in a tiara, a sash and a VERY rude badge, well you were wrong. They weren’t a hen party, they were simply Becky Stopford’s entourage, who all completed the route having way too much fun, to mark Becky’s 50th birthday, which is on Sunday. The last I heard she was quaffing cocktails at The Oxo Tower, which I have to say, seems a lot more appealing than the prison grub that Ollie and Susannah may be supping as I type.

Love life? You know what’s coming next…….#gottaloveparkrun

Josie x


Kingston parkrun Event number 437 7th July 2018

Dearest Kingston (and tourists) parkrun family.

I have just watched the football, and spurred on by the sterling show put on by Gareth’s squad, decided to propel myself on a high to my pc to bash out this week’s report.

If only every parkrun could have such a satisfying end. But alas for some of us, the heat was just unbearable and we were happy just to finish. Well I say that, but anyone who reads this old tosh will know I’m slow on the coldest of days and the hottest. And actually, I’m just flipping happy to be out and about.

If however you are one of those frankly ridiculous runners who set off at a hare’s pace then you will be interested to know that Ollie Garrod (Epsom and Ewell Harriers) was once again on form and galloped home in just 16:44. Yep, on his 264th run he was just 31 seconds off his PB. Susannah Rose-Innes was first female back in 20:47. Please, please, please, bottle what you’re on and bring it along next week. You’ll make a killing. And if ever you fasties fancy writing the run report, please get in touch with the Kingston office on I really would love to read your view of what it feels like at the front. Anyone can write the report. The only downside is this is the one volunteer role where you don’t get to wear a high viz jacket. That said, I’m sure they would lend you one to write in if that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat.


Anyway, 294 of us lined up for RD Kate Hancock to go through the drill (all paying full attention to me as seen in the pic below - Kate). I was slightly alarmed to hear that last week we had some errant runners who went off course and nearly got lost. Hence this week the snazzy coloured cones that the set up runner placed, along with more sawdust than usual. And it got me thinking, we don’t know for sure that 294 set off and 294 came home. We just know 294 came back – for all we know there are some poor souls are still running around The Hamlands looking for the way back to the Hawker Centre…..


One runner who nearly didn’t make it back was Debs Hall, who was on her 10th parkrun. Debs tricked me into running with her, saying she (like me) finds it easier to run with company. We worked out our pace was similar (super fast) and we could be done and dusted in 36 minutes. But then the blighter ran off ahead of me on the way back. She said later she was trying to get away from me so that she could then walk when I caught up with her. A likely story my girl. So when I saw her heading off in the wrong direction under the Teddington footbridge and swerving off to the left I momentarily thought to myself “shall I call her back, or shall I let her get lost?” I thought about it for a few seconds and then thought I really didn’t have time to join the search party later on, so lucky for Debs I yelled at her and she duly fell back in line. Next time, I won’t be so lenient.

Astonishingly we had loads of PBs this morning. There were 30 of you and very well done too. What a way to start the weekend. We also welcomed 48 first timers to our beautiful shady-in-places tow path course. Included in this figure are the ten people who did their first parkrun EVER today (a big fat welcome to you, where the Dickens have you been?) and 15 or so runners from Fulham Running Club. They were the people in the black and white stripy tops. The three I spoke to said they were up very early and that was why they weren’t too excited when I nosily asked them where they were from. You should move to Kingston, Fulham Running Club, we’ll get you up and excited on a Saturday morning.

In other news, congrats to junior Natalie Gavin (JW10) who completed her 10th parkrun today and Jose Salinas (VM35-39) who clocked up his 100th. Only 90 to go, Natalie!

To the nine unknowns who turned up on such a scorcher and ran their little legs off without any public glory at the end, I salute you. I don’t understand why you would do that, but I still salute you.

Love life? Love parkrun.

Until we meet again,



Kingston parkrun Event number 436 30th June 2018

WOW – 307 runners today only the 4th time this year we were above the 300 mark!

But before I mention the runners, I would like to say a humungous thank you to the volunteers today, of the 11 we had:
• Stalwarts;
• People trying something new;
• DofE volunteers; and
• The PB runner who stepped in unexpectedly
Thank you to you all, you make hosting the event so much easier.

Now to you runners, it was a glorious morning standing on the side lines, but I suspect it was very warm for you (I saw the state of some of those soggy barcodes). Well done, to the 48 PB’s that were achieved, and welcome to the 26 first timers. Of these first timers 6 were new to parkrun and I do hope you will join us again soon, and get bitten by the parkrun bug, the 20 who were touring from other parkruns to Kingston for the first time, I hope you enjoyed the course.

A big shout out to the milestones this morning:
• Luca Werbelow – 10
• Larry Gavin - 10
• Jackie Morris – 50
• John Bennett - 100

New club 50 club member Jackie took the photo below this morning, I wonder if she is eyeing up that extra 0


On the subject of touring, I have found myself visiting a number of other parkruns recently, though I always love coming back to Kingston, I feel it is a seasonal course, particularly in the Ham Lands:
• Winter = slip sliding with the mud
• Spring = protein start to the day with the midges
• Summer = a little bit of ballroom as you swivel your hips the the grass
• Autumn = PB season
I love it, and this post parkrun photo (courtesy of Bev) taken this morning shows the calm after the storm.


Have a good week, hope to see you at Kingston parkrun again soon.

RD for the week


Event number 435 23rd June 2018

This week's run report come from Howell Jones, a member of 26.2 RRC and regular Kingston parkrun runner.

So here we are again 289 lyrca clad loons forfeiting lie-ins, fry-ups and whatever young people do on a Saturday morning which is a distant memory to me. It's a beautiful day by the river and the course is looking in prime condition, real PB potential on our gloriously flat route. Yes I know I moan about the ramps but I'm someone who thinks mounting a curb is dealing with undulation. Must say there's a right din going on at the start line and it's not all Kevin Stone! Feels like a good one today and I've already decided I'm going to go at this one hard, already accepted when I'm blowing out my derrier I will regret it.

The din is punctured by our RD for the morning, the one and only Mrs Chang on the needed megaphone. A hush descends, we all know better than to interrupt this RD during her address. As usual there are tourists to welcome and some milestones to celebrate, including a controversial 'personal' milestone (no, not my 35th) which will bring with it cake and fizz anyway. Just don't mention the t-shirt to Danny (Norman)!

Back to the run and we're off and I'm feeling pretty good, although vaguely aware of the holiday belly which wasn't quite so prominant last time out. I negotiate the starting mayhem with relative ease and find myself a nice space to hit my groove. I'm on 'Project 25' at the moment, trying to keep every run in the 25s as I head towards PB form of 3 years ago. Back then parkrun was an occassional treat and relief from the treadmill in the days before I'd ever trod a pavement, if only I'd known what I'd been missing. My 'pacemaker' for the day (whether I like it or not) is my brother in law who wins the day's award for Clutz Who's Forgotten His Barcode. A mile in and I'm ahead of pace and feeling quite smug but not for long, as here comes the Hamlands....

Through the grassy P and I'm feeling quite comfortable and not looked at my watch, Project 25 feels well on course. Up through the challenging rise and back onto the trail and "peep" goes my watch. Uh Oh! There's a reason that felt comfortable, I've dropped way off the required pace. This can mean only thing, time to dig it out. I have this strange physcological issue with tarmac round the lock both there and back so I make an extra effort to keep on it through that stretch and up the ramp back onto the path. About 1500 metres left and it's touch and go. 1000 and it's all in the balance, I've left a lot to do due to that comfortable middle mile. Time to pump the legs and kick for the funnel and the welcoming site and sounds of the ever supportive finished runners. Bad news, there's nothing there. Holiday, jetlag and 3 weeks off speed training has taken it's toll. 300m to go and the dreaded dry retching has come early (usually saved for the funnel). Ever the warrior I will not be beaten as the funnel looms into view I use what's left and stumple home, a tomato faced mess in an approriate vest (Mr Grumpy). My watch says 25:59. I know what this means, official time of 26 dead as I'm always slightly late starting the G. Project 25 failure. Boooo!

I'm not down for long as I'm my code is scanned by local running legend Lizzie Wilson with my daughter earning her first volunteer credit. Which brings me on to the high viz heroes. I am always impressed and humbled by the support offered by these great people. Due to other pastime and sporting commitments within the family I can't always do parkrun so when I can I always chose to selfishly run it. Whether it be injured, resting for races or as if often the case just generously donating their time these people are crucial to making parkrun the great event it always is. Thanks from Mr Grumpy!

Until next time compadres, enjoy your week and keep lacing up. I hope you've enjoyed my little reminisce, thanks to Jacqueline for allowing me the honour.

This week 289 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 43 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

Thank you Howell. Here are the official stats from HQ:

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Jacqueline CHANG • Lizzie Ruth WILSON • Harvey PITT • Pierre VENTER • Jonathan HUGHES • Rich VASSALL • Jane VASSALL • Malcolm FLETCHER • Sarah POVEY • Gary WOODARD • Jacob CHANG • James EATON • Jackie MORRIS • Megan JONES • Sarah DOYLE • Christopher LIPPOLD

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Kingston parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Kevin QUINN who recorded a time of 15:19 on 24th September 2011 (event number 77).
The female record is held by Isabel CLARK who recorded a time of 17:46 on 24th March 2018 (event number 422).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 99.29% (21:03) on 16th May 2015 (event number 270).

Kingston parkrun started on 20th March 2010. Since then 7,115 participants have completed 51,676 parkruns covering a total distance of 258,380 km, including 7,195 new Personal Bests.


Kingston parkrun no. 433 Sat 9 Jun 2018

"If you've reached Richmond you've gone too far"

Matthew Kay, a regular at Osterley parkrun volunteered to write our run report this week, here’s what he had to say about his first time at Kingston parkrun…

"Sometimes you sign up to things and later that week you ask yourself why you sign up to such things - this week for me was volunteering to do the Kingston parkrun run report. Of course, I love parkrun and I love doing a run report too, however I'd planned to run the 10k to Kingston which meant a very early start and this wasn't conducive to a "few" drinks in Wimbledon the night before.

Arriving home late on the Friday I found myself devising a three-way contingency plan - plan a) was to run to parkrun, plan b) was to cycle it, and if all else failed plan c) was to bite the financial bullet and order an Uber.

However by some miraculous miracle I did wake up in time to run it as well as being in a fit state to run it. If the Friday night cocktails were to make running to Kingston a challenge, then the fact I've not run further than a parkrun since the London Marathon (aside from an extra 0.6 miles #forMatt) certainly added an additional handicap.

However, with a move to south London imminent next month I was determined to see off my final West London parkrun so my various ailments were not going to deter me and I set off on my run, using my phone at points to navigate me along the correct route. Despite living in West London for the last two years I'm still very much "a tourist in my own town" but I am grateful for running helping me discover and piece the wonderful city we live in together.

Along the awesome route, I came across both stadiums in Twickenham and took some lovely photos of the Thames along the towpath.

Finally, I arrived and a swift reminder of the importance of parkrun's partnership to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS arrived in the shape of a surgeon dressed in his scrubs.

I then joined the first time runners briefing with Rob who'd jetted in from Verona which was expertly delivered by run director Fiona - I found her quip "if you reach Richmond you've gone too far" particularly humorous.

Eventually after allowing a woman on a relaxing stroll safe breathing space to not be stampeded we set off; I knocked out a quick first mile to take myself out of my steady pace and push the body, back to pace for the 2nd mile and then a strong finish in the 3rd.

I really enjoyed the run along the towpath, cheered on by the friendly volunteers and a steady flow of runners but was relieved to finish.

After saying my goodbyes, I set off on my way home but a mid-run fuel up still couldn't prevent the legs refusing to go any further at mile 12 but hey ho, my longest run since London by 9 miles I'm back in the game - thanks parkrun for helping my course."

A huge thank you to Matt for writing our report this week and I'm really glad you enjoyed your first time at Kingston parkrun. Now for the regular stats:

This week 308 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 63 were first timers. Congratulations to the 56 people who recorded new personal bests.

The event was made possible by 14 volunteers:

Susan WATERS • Mary ESTALL • Harvey PITT • Fiona PUGH • Eoin GUIDE • Jane VASSALL • Malcolm FLETCHER • Oliver MAYO • Karen MAYO • Lauren HAWKINS • Matthew KAY • Jackie MORRIS • Sarah DOYLE • Molly TIMMINS

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