Kingsway parkrun report #155

A special event this week as we celebrated in style with not one but two birthdays.

Firstly our senior citizen ……..The NHS celebrated 70 years and Kingsway along with over 360 other parkruns and thousands of runners took part in a memorable run to mark the occasion.


At Kingsway we had over 20 first timers many of these from the NHS and it is hoped that the event will encourage more people to get involved in physical activity and volunteering and it is also a great way for people to come together as a community.

There are some fabulous photos on our Facebook page (thanks go to Amanda) that show how enjoyable and fun the whole morning was far better than I can put in writing.

And secondly ……Happy 3rd Birthday to  Kingsway parkrun ……..Our very own ‘Aneurin Bevan’…..Gary Philpott  and a hand-picked team brought parkrun to Kingsway 3 years ago and we have never looked back.

Many Thanks to all of you who continue to support us.


Like the NHS, parkrun relies on the help and support of its Volunteers.

This week was no exception and the following angels did a fantastic job………. Alfie Spinner  •  Amanda Mcpeake  •  Amanda Valder  •  Amy Walker  •  Andrea Marsh  •  Andrew Mcpeake  •  Andy Jarrett  •  Becky Faulkner  •  Deb Peake  •  Elizabeth Barnes  •  Erin Marsh  •  Gavin Townsend  •  Glyn Matthews  •  Jane Morgan  •  Jenny Powell  •  Joy Waddington  •  Karen Paice  •  Kat Walker  •  Kay Searle  •  Louise Schmitz  •  Marion Cole  •  Max Holford  •  Patrick Morgan  •  Richard Meadows  •  Richie Morgan  •  Sally Winterton  •  Sarah Spinner  •  Sophie Mckeraghan  •  Steve Peake  •  Susan Higgs  •  Toby Stanton  •  Tracey Fairless

Thank you All

Some other noteworthy announcements, Tessa Bishop reached 50 runs and we had tourists join us from as far afield as California and as close as Stonehouse…. a big thank you to all the tourists who joined us for this run.

Finishing with the Stats; This week 251 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester Results Page.

Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester started on 6th June 2015. Since then 5,066 participants have completed 32,595 parkruns covering a total distance of 162,975 km, including 7,040 new Personal Bests.



Harry & Meghan Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester #151 – 19/05/2018

Run 151 will be forever known as the Harry & Meghan run for obvious reasons.


Not since 1535, when Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn visited the parish have we had Royalty grace our park and there were some noticeable names on the guest list this time and quite a few famous faces as can be seen from the photos.

George McCrae American Soul and Disco singer posted a very respectable 19:55, Ian Cole the American professional ice hockey player came in 23rd, Richard Williams father of Venus and Serena Williams managed a PB this week as did Paul Baker former chairman of CTFC. Jenny Powell the English television presenter looking superb came in 166th but most famous of all was Lorraine Shaw who in all honesty is the only real one on this list.

Onto the Stats……This week 266 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 57 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 29 amazing volunteers: Jane Morgan • Patrick Morgan • Susan Higgs • Amy Walker • Kevin Gani • Steven Riegler • James Boon • Amanda Valder • Trevor Stevens • Andy Jarrett • Kevin Watson • Gavin Townsend • Elizabeth Barnes • Glyn Matthews • Charlotte Askew • Tracey Fairless • Steve Peake • David Howe • Mary Roughton • Rick Roughton • Lynn Weaver • Mandy Edwards • James Player • Alison Thomas • Ian Beevor • Benjamin Taylor • Victoria Wills • Phoebe Howe • Toby Stanton Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester Results Page.

Something for your diaries………Saturday 9th June we celebrate the contribution of the NHS to the health of the nation whilst encouraging people to get active. So please join us as we run for the NHS and stay for a 7Tea party……..Have a Cuppa on us! NHS Park Run jpeg




Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester #146 – 14/04/2018

Well, well, well that thing we haven’t seen in months turned up today- the sun. With the last-minute cancellation of Gloucester City and Gloucester North still like a swamp, race director Tracey Fairless and her team were pleased to welcome a bumper 354 brave men, women, children, dogs and buggy runners to the 146th running of Kingsway parkrun. Spectators at the side betting on who would win in preparation for Aintree was mentioned but too many runners appeared to know everyone’s name.

Thanks and well done to all the wonderful volunteers and marshals, especially with the extra numbers, without you parkrun would not be possible.

Among the army of volunteer heroes for the morning was Deb Peak who achieved the milestone of 25 parkrun tasks. Well done Deb who I’m led to believe also ran her 50th parkrun too. Don’t forget to get the t-shirt! Talking about volunteers and volunteering if you want to give it a try feel free to get in touch.!

Anyway, down to the scores on the doors, 1st place runner went to Chris Brown (not the American singer) in 18.00 followed by Alex Rawlings in 18.21 and third place Darren Jewell in 19.09.
First lady was Amy Gomer in 19:58 who also obtained a PB, followed by Amy Walker in 21:41 and third lady was Hayley Bennett in 22.22.First Junior today was Alex Rawlings
Well done to the 59 first timers and a massive congratulation to the 39 people who obtained a PB. Special mention also to junior Holly Clark who ran her 10th parkrun. parkrun is an all-inclusive sport and it was fantastic to see so many people out running together when a lie in would have surely been an option.

Anyway, sorry if I have missed anyone, spelt your name incorrectly or got things completely wrong, please refer to the official events and results page and I look forward to next week’s run.


Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester #145 – 7/04/2018

On a soggy Saturday 7th there was an air of spring, it was raining..... As well as spring maybe PMT- Pre Marathon Tension. Some parkrunners choosing to take it perhaps easier prior to Brighton, Blackpool, London and Newport marathons.

A few glimpses of sunshine perhaps suggested that winter’s behind us? Yet maybe not Elliott, Syd or Frankie Winters all of whom were running this week. And whilst it was hardly Sunglasses Weather, it was a good day for a pair of Oakley’s. None other than Kingsway celebrity couple Rachel and Gary. Not only was this the weekend of their 5th Wedding anniversary, but was a double celebration for Gary. His 30th birthday and his century parkrun. (making it mathematically possible for 500 more before 40...?)
Other creditable milestones were Dursley’s Liz & Dave Halford and clubmate Louise Biddell, all hitting awesome half centuries.

First to finish this week was David Tomlin posting a fine 17:24, a mere 7 seconds off his Pb. Best of the rest was Alex Foyn of Exeter Tri club. Of our female finishers first finisher was Lisa Hanrahan of the Hucclecote Harriers managing to fend off promising youngsters Gaia Bowerman in times of 22:51 and 22:56 respectively.

Of the 187 finishers... We welcomed 24 first timers, and witnessed 32 new personal bests including Kingsway’s own Chris Marsh defying both age and sub 20 minute barrier... Well done all.
Kingsway Runner’s themselves staged a takeover for this week’s parkrun covering the bases. This being the first run of the month pacers also provided. (some sticking to their task better than others, sorry)

Without volunteers there would be no run... This week featured an all star cast of:
Abi WEBB, Adrian ENGLAND, Alison THOMAS, Andrew David JONES, Antony GREENSWEIG, Claire BALCHIN, Claire GEE, Gary PHILPOTT, Glyn MATTHEWS, Helen TATHAM, Jane MORGAN, Judith CLAYTON, Katherine WALKER, Kerry STENNER, Kevin GANI, Lynn WEAVER, Lynne HOOD, Mandy EDWARDS, Nathan SMITH, Nicola EATON, Penny TEALL, Rachel OAKLEY, Sydnee RIEGLER, Sylvia JELLYMAN, Victor MARQUES


Who’s who Kingsway parkrunner #029 – Sophie McKeraghan


Name: Sophie McKeraghan

Age Cat: 29

Number of parkruns: 20

Number of Volunteers: 11

Home parkrun: Kingsway

How did you get involved in parkrun? I first started parkrun after adopting our Husky Zola, who was terrified of strangers, sudden movements, loud noises, her own shadow, basically…everything. BUT being a husky, she loved to run, so I started bringing her to park run to build her confidence around people. The transformation was amazing, every week we came to parkrun she got a little braver, to the point where I can let other runners take her for a run or walk while I’m volunteering.

What do you like about parkrun? The inclusivity, everyone is welcome

Favourite Volunteer Role: Can't decide!

Where in the world would you like to parkrun? Central Park New York (It’s where I got married)


Which charity do you support? Cancer Research UK – I lost my mum to cancer when I was 16 and now my dad is also battling cancer ....................



Who is Your sporting hero(s)? David Weir – I saw him at the London Paralympics, - Gold in 5km wheelchair race – AMAZING!


What are your running aims? 10km/6miles in 45mins, I could do it comfortably when I was 19, but due to injuries and illnesses my speed has slowed. I’ll keep trying though..........



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