Knowsley parkrun – Runsomnia takeover!

You wait for a parkrun takeover and then 2 occur within a matter of a couple of weeks of each other! Following on from the success of the recent St. Helens Striders takeover, this weekend's parkrun was brought to you by Runsomnia.


Runsomnia is an early morning running group that was founded in 2015. They meet at the Fiveways in Childwall at 6am most weekday mornings. The group was set up to cater for those runners who struggle to train at more conventional times of the day & is open to all abilities. They normally cover around 5 miles before finishing back at the Fiveways just before 7am.


They also complete 'parkrunsomnia' runs where they run the distance from the Fiveways to a local parkrun & back on a Saturday, thereby covering a greater distance which is perfect for those wanting a longer run. There are 3 main parkruns within distance, including Princes, Croxteth Hall & Knowsley. I'm suitably informed that the latter is by far their favourite!


Run director this week was Liz Dennett, who is a regular runner at Knowsley & is normally found attached to a small white Westie dog named Parker. The rest of the volunteer team were made up from Runsomnia runners who were mostly volunteering at Knowsley for the first time, although they are regular runners at Knowsley.

The Runsomnia squad were very generous to our runners this week, as they brought with them refreshments in the form of bottles of water, cup cakes, muffins & variety of tempting nibbles. They proved a perfect breakfast for most runners!


With all the core volunteering roles covered, the usual parkrun core team were free to have the week off! However, the majority of them decided to take the opportunity to run the parkun themselves. One of our regular junior volunteers, Ethan Dodd, took the opportunity to run this week & completed his 10th parkrun & finished with a pb time of 42:21. Well done Ethan!


Further up the field though, we had Neil Hennigan, from Penny Lane Striders who was our first finisher this week, crossing the line in a pb time of 18:59 & completing his 39th parkrun in the process. First female finisher this week was Sue Duckworth, visiting us for the first time from Darwen Dashers RC, completing the course in 23:30.


The Runsomnia takeover proved a hit with the runners & volunteers a like and thankfully the weather was on our side for once. If you belong to a running club, charity or organisation and would like to get invloved with a takeover then please get in touch with us at

Here is the science bit..........

This week 87 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Marie MOTLEY • Elizabeth DENNETT • Chris WILLS • Cheryl PACE • Leanne JONES • Samantha BENTALL • Jane NICHOLSON • Eugy Lay LIM • Adele GOLD • Kelly MARRIN • Julie HOUGHTON • Sian KILTY • Hazel BRENNAN • Richie DEANE • Patrick BURNS • James PETTITT • Gloria BURNS • Paul HANLEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Knowsley parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ed KNUDSEN who recorded a time of 16:44 on 24th December 2016 (event number 3).
The female record is held by Charlotte WILSON-DEWHURST who recorded a time of 20:09 on 18th February 2017 (event number 11).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 89.54% (22:38) on 3rd June 2017 (event number 26).

Knowsley parkrun started on 10th December 2016. Since then 1,445 participants have completed 4,445 parkruns covering a total distance of 22,225 km, including 947 new Personal Bests.


Knowsley parkrun #72

Knowsley parkrun #72 - Run Director - Chris Wills

Having been on 'tour' the last few weeks, firstly down in London spectating the marathon & last week completing the Markeaton parkrun in Derby, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that the weather this week was on our side for once!

It was a busy weekend running wise locally, with both the Halewood 5k & the Spring 5k taking place on Saturday too, so we were aware that some of our core team & regular runners may be disposed elsewhere. We had a total of 43 runners, understandably lower than our usual number, but it was great to hear some positive comments about our parkrun from both our regular runners & those visiting Knowsley for the first time.


We had a little bit of drama processing the results this week, hence we had to re-issue the results later on during Saturday evening. One of the stopwatches decided that it didn't want to record the first finishers time, perhaps due to the heat, but luckily we got to the bottom of the problem & were pleased to confirm that Tony Pfafp from Warrington RRC crossed the line in 18:34. First lady home this week was Sarah Forster who completed the parkrun with a new PB time of 26:15.


Next week we are lucky to have another parkrun takeover! Next weekend will be hosted by local early morning running group Runsomnia, who will be setting their alarm clocks for Saturday morning slightly later than the usual 5:30am! The usual core volunteering team are therefore welcome to have a well deserved week off or ideally the opportunity to run for a change!


Here is the science bit...........

This week 43 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 7 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 9 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Chris WILLS • Angela BOLAND • Patrick DUFFY • Stuart BARRY • Kelly MARRIN • Nick BARTLETT • Richie DEANE • David DODD • Patrick BURNS • Ethan DODD • Harry DODD • Graham DEANE • Gloria BURNS • Paul HANLEY • Sophie LONGWORTH • Joanne HANLEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Knowsley parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ed KNUDSEN who recorded a time of 16:44 on 24th December 2016 (event number 3).
The female record is held by Charlotte WILSON-DEWHURST who recorded a time of 20:09 on 18th February 2017 (event number 11).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 89.54% (22:38) on 3rd June 2017 (event number 26).

Knowsley parkrun started on 10th December 2016. Since then 1,423 participants have completed 4,358 parkruns covering a total distance of 21,790 km, including 927 new Personal Bests.



This week we have a guest run report written by Barry Shackleton who visited us this week. Thank you Barry!


My first visit to Knowsley and my 76th different parkrun venue so thanks to the Run Director Richie for allowing me to write the run report this week. And before we start, here are the other volunteer dream-makers which allowed the run to take place:

Angela BOLAND • Cara BARTLETT • David DODD • Ethan DODD • Gloria BURNS • Harry DODD • Jeanette GRIMES • Joanne HANLEY • Neil WILSON • Nick BARTLETT • Nicola ROBERTS • Patrick BURNS • Patrick DUFFY • Paul HANLEY • Richie DEANE • Sophie LONGWORTH • Stuart BARRY

It's the first parkrun of April and with the memories of months of Friday night/ Saturday mornings of below zero temperatures it was nice to park up and see 9℃ on the car dashboard, and maybe it was raining a bit ........... so what! Better than freezing. And because of the rain Richie didn't keep the 46 runners waiting around at the start but got through the announcements quickly. So quickly that a couple of stragglers who were jogging up from the bridge didn't quite make it for the actual start, but they both overtook me pretty quickly so no harm done.

So how did we all do?


Robert Chesters of St Helens Tri was first across the line in a new Personal Best time of 18:03 which took 5 seconds from the time he set last week. This makes him the 10th fastest runner ever seen at Knowsley. Gary Davies of the McCarkiss Endurance Project was just 15 seconds behind in 18:18 and running at Knowsley for the first time in his 15th parkrun. He is the 15th fastest runner ever seen at Knowsley. Mark Grady finished 3rd and completed the trio of runners who managed to run under 20 minutes. Mark has run 6 times at Knowsley and has finished in the top 3 places each time.


First Lady home was Danielle McEwan in 24:19 which earned her 13th place overall. It was also a Personal Best time for her taking 10 seconds from her time of last week. Danielle has run 9 parkruns, all of which have been at Knowsley, and she has broken her PB on 6 occasions.


There were 9 runners who managed to run a Personal Best time, so all aboard the PB Express for Robert Chesters, Robert O'Shea, Russ Hardman, James Fowler, Alexander Bentley, Neil Wallace, Danielle McEwan, Steve Morley and Lucy St John.

There were no new CATEGORY RECORDS.

21 runners were ladies and 25 were men, and included in those numbers there were 4 juniors. Don't forget that while we love the youngsters running with us, if the junior is under the age of 11 they MUST be accompanied at all times during the run by an adult, which doesn't have to be a parent, but should ideally be someone they know.

There were 18 First Timers who joined the parkrun party and among them were four who were running their very first parkrun. These four are worthy of a mention for starting their parkrun journey with us so well done to Caroline Maynard, Carly McAuley, Jonathan Roscoe and Michael Meyler. Welcome to the parkrun family. Now you have done that first run why not have another go next week and set a new Personal Best time?

Well done to all 46 runners who managed to remember their barcode. It is very rare to see a set of parkrun results without at least one unknown runner. It's terrible to have a brilliant run, maybe get a Personal Best, and then fail to have it recognised because you have no barcode. PLEASE .... Don't Forget Your Barcode. Need a new barcode? Or would you like your result as a text? Follow the link to your profile from your latest results email.

And remember please don't take home the finish tokens. They are not souveniers ........ DON'T BE A TOKEN MAGPIE.


Runners celebrating milestones this week.

Eileen Morland ran her 50th parkrun and gets herself a Cardinal Red commemorative 50-run T-shirt. Eileen has run 48 of her parkruns at Knowsley with her two tours being to Albert parkrun in Melbourne in February, and Salisbury parkrun. Eileen also celebrated her 80th birthday this week making her 50th run very special.

Ethan Dodd is a junior runner who has run 9 parkruns (8 at Knowsley) and his next run will be his 10th which will earn his a Junior White 10-run commemorative T-shirt. Ethan was one of our volunteers this week, appearing as Tail Walker.

Number of Commemorative T-shirts on show today:

Junior White (10 runs) – 2 runners

Cardinal Red (50 runs) – 5 runners

Jet Black (100 runs) – 1 runners

Green (250 runs) – 1 runners

Blue (500) – 0 runners

Number of runners who have volunteered 25+ times – 4. Well done to them.

The top 5 attendees this week were:

Barry Shackleton (Darwen Dashers) 356 runs

Christopher McElroy (Mossley Hill AC) 120 runs

Jessica Messenger (Northwich Running Club) 82 runs

Paul Brain (Darwen Dashers) 79 runs

Ian Scouler (Northwich Running Club) 69 runs

These five runners have completed over 700 parkruns between them.

Want to give feedback? Have anything to say or want anyone mentioned in future run reports? Are there any corrections needed to this report? Please e-mail

VOLUNTEERS – REMEMBER that parkrun can only take place weekly because of the volunteers and marshalls who give up their time on a Saturday morning. If you want to get involved, email This week, we had 18 credited volunteers so thank you all.

And potential runners remember that to officially take part at Knowsley (or any other parkrun anywhere) you need to be registered at but you only need to register once and the barcode they give you will be needed each week when you have finished the run. DON'T FORGET YOUR BARCODE.

There are some brilliant photos on Facebook and Flickr, taken by Paul Hanley so if you are on one of them, feel free to copy it for your personal collection.

Knowsley parkrun started on the 10th December 2016 with 123 runners and 16 volunteers. The course record was set on the 3rd week on Christmas Eve 2016 by Ed Knudsden in 16:44, and the female course record was set by Charlotte Wilson-Dewhurst in February last year in 20:09. There have been 1,376 different runners on the course, representing 160 different running clubs, and they have completed 4,145 runs. The average attendance is 61 every week and there have been 885 Personal Bests. The attendance record is 138 which was set at run #50 and is the only time that the attendance of the inaugural run has been beaten. Knowsley parkrunners have completed 20,725Km (12,953 miles).

And that's it for the report for run #68. If you fancy writing a run report, and putting your slant on it, get in touch. I'm sure Richie would love to hear from you, and it would give him another weekend off. I've now done one more different parkrun than my wife (she is in Thailand) but when she gets home she will want to catch me up again so see you all again soon..

Barry Shackleton #loveknowsleyparkrun


Knowsley parkrun EGGstravaganza! #67

Knowsley Easter parkrun EGGstravaganza!
Run Director - Chris Wills

The Easter Bunny hopped over to Stadt Moers Park this weekend to chick out Knowsley parkrun! The weather may have a little miserable, but he certainly brought a bit of Easter cheer with him.


We had many of our runners in fancy dress, including a 6ft carrot, as the Easter Bunny had promised a special prize for the best dressed. The lucky winner of the best fancy dress went to JW10 runner Addison Manchester, a regular at Knowsley, who was dressed as an Easter Bunny. She completed the run in 46 min 52 secs, followed closely over the line by the 6ft carrot! We also had spot prizes for 3 lucky runners, as the Easter Bunny had hidden lucky winning tickets amongst the finish tokens.


The runners were also treated to post run refreshments which were kindly donated by our wonderful volunteers. Special thanks to barcode scanner extraordinaire, Joanne Hanley, who had kindly baked Easter Cakes, Mini Egg cornflake cakes & Cream Egg Brownies. The Run Director, of course, had to sample all 3 before heading down to Chapelbrook Brewers Fayre restaurant for our post run all you can eat breakfast!


We had a great variety of runners today, including many first timers and plenty of parkrun tourists and of course many of our regulars. It was great to see everyone getting into the spirit of things and seeing everyone enjoy themselves making the 6:15am alarm for the Run Director all worthwhile!


I hop you all had an eggciting time today and look forward to seeing you next week!

Here is the science bit......

This week 66 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 14 were first timers and 18 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Chris WILLS • Angela BOLAND • Patrick DUFFY • Kelly MARRIN • Cara BARTLETT • Nick BARTLETT • Neil WILSON • Richie DEANE • David DODD • Patrick BURNS • Ethan DODD • Harry DODD • Gloria BURNS • Paul HANLEY • Sophie LONGWORTH • Joanne HANLEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Knowsley parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ed KNUDSEN who recorded a time of 16:44 on 24th December 2016 (event number 3).
The female record is held by Charlotte WILSON-DEWHURST who recorded a time of 20:09 on 18th February 2017 (event number 11).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 89.54% (22:38) on 3rd June 2017 (event number 26).

Knowsley parkrun started on 10th December 2016. Since then 1,358 participants have completed 4,099 parkruns covering a total distance of 20,495 km, including 876 new Personal Bests.


Knowsley parkrun # 58 – 13/01/2018

Knowsley parkrun # 58 - 13/01/2018

Firstly, a massive thank you to all of the volunteers today. We have had lots of really great feedback on Facebook and via e-mail. You are all so supportive and make every runner feel welcome and included in the event. Very proud of you xx

Despite it being quite cold and windy this morning, we had a good turn out. 71 people came and ran. 15 were first timers. 26 people achieved a PB. Well done to you all.
Also a big shout out to the Knowsley couch to 5k graduates who ran at the event today, and all achieved PB's - Sharon Martin, Norma Forrester, Lee Yates and Liz Owens. You must be chuffed with your fantastic progress. Big thanks to another graduate, Russ Owens, who turned up at 8am to help us set up and marshalled. Really appreciated your help and your company today Russ.

Our first male was Tony Pfaff in a time of 19 m 12 secs.
Great running there Tony.
Our first female was Knowsley Harrier Louise Jackson, in a PB busting 23 m 19 secs. Well done Louise.
Well done to young Joel Pollard, he is an amazing young talent, and completed the course in 20 m 44 secs. Great PB. Well done to you.
I know Brian Seddon was desperate to catch up with you, but you had too much for him. Well done on your PB also Brian. You were good fun Brian. Nice to meet you.

There were lots of other great runners and performances today, but I would like to mention a smashing couple of groups that ran together.

Joanne Shaw ran round with Anita Brown and Vicky McGrath on their first runs. You both did brilliant. Hope to see you back soon.
Well done ladies.

Neil Manchester, young Addison Manchester on her 3rd run, Ian and Tracy Meharg and Paul Meharg - on his very first run - also all ran round together. They were full of verv and enthusiasm. Well done to Paul. Glad you enjoyed the event. See you again soon.

Next week, we will be having a parkrun take-over. The St Helens Striders will be running the event. Thanks for your help. A lot of the core volunteers will enjoy running the course for a change. It should be a great turn out and fun event.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Gloria BURNS, Patrick BURNS, Rijul DHOPATE, David DODD, Ethan DODD, Harry DODD, Paul HANLEY, Joanne HANLEY, Spencer HANLEY, Will HANLEY, Kelly MARRIN, Russ OWENS, Nicola ROBERTS, Chris WILLS

There are some brilliant photos and action shots that were taken by Paul Hanley. They can be viewed via his flickr page. Thanks Paul.

I really enjoyed being Run Director today.
Best wishes
Dave Dodd

Full results
1 Tony PFAFF 19:12 SM30-34 67.53 % M 1 Willowfield Harriers PB stays at 00:18:49 123 Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
2 Gary BROOKS 20:18 VM50-54 72.66 % M 2 Sheffield Running Club PB stays at 00:19:59 265 Member of the parkrun 250 ClubStrava logo
3 Joel POLLARD 20:44 JM11-14 69.94 % M 3 Wigan & District Harriers & AC New PB! 116 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
4 Brian SEDDON 20:59 VM55-59 74.50 % M 4 New PB! 16
5 Tadie ABEKI 21:05 VM40-44 65.22 % M 5 PB stays at 00:21:01 23 Strava logo
6 Michael OLLIER 22:07 VM40-44 61.72 % M 6 New PB! 2
7 Alan MCNALLY 22:12 VM55-59 69.22 % M 7 New PB! 40 Strava logo
8 Louise JACKSON 23:19 SW30-34 63.55 % F 1 Knowsley Harriers AC New PB! 12
9 Robert QUINN 23:58 SM25-29 53.89 % M 8 First Timer! 19
10 Sarah RICHARDS 24:06 VW35-39 62.79 % F 2 Penny Lane Striders First Timer! 16 Strava logo
11 Christopher LEE 24:27 VM45-49 59.85 % M 9 Knowsley Harriers AC New PB! 18
12 Kelly PLAYLE 24:36 VM40-44 55.49 % M 10 PB stays at 00:23:02 15 Strava logo
13 Francis SLAVIN 24:37 VM65-69 69.40 % M 11 Northern Veterans AC PB stays at 00:23:24 84 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
14 Peter MURPHY 24:39 VM45-49 57.94 % M 12 PB stays at 00:22:48 36
15 Mark BUTTERWORTH 25:22 VM45-49 56.77 % M 13 New PB! 26
16 Andrew WATKIN 26:12 VM40-44 52.10 % M 14 New PB! 4
17 David GRIFFITHS 26:15 VM55-59 60.57 % M 15 New PB! 13
18 Mandy JACOBSON 26:28 VW45-49 61.21 % F 3 First Timer! 1
19 Sarah FORSTER 26:31 VW35-39 56.38 % F 4 New PB! 7
20 Lynn LEWINGTON 26:57 VW50-54 63.76 % F 5 Kirkby Milers AC PB stays at 00:24:40 40
21 Tom LARKIN 27:04 SM20-24 47.66 % M 16 First Timer! 14
22 Kerry RILEY 27:13 VW35-39 54.93 % F 6 St Helens Striders New PB! 25
23 Daniel CARSON 27:21 SM30-34 47.71 % M 17 Beacon Church Runners PB stays at 00:27:00 43
24 Jeanette GRIMES 27:44 VW55-59 67.07 % F 7 Picton Sports Centre RC PB stays at 00:27:34 4
25 Justin SMITH 28:28 VM45-49 50.59 % M 18 New PB! 54 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
26 Abi PFAFF 28:35 SW30-34 51.78 % F 8 New PB! 125 Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
27 Shinobu SEDDON 29:02 VW50-54 59.18 % F 9 PB stays at 00:27:43 108 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
28 Sharon MARTIN 29:16 VW40-44 52.96 % F 10 Knowsley Harriers AC New PB! 7 Strava logo
29 Ben JACKSON 29:29 SM30-34 44.26 % M 19 First Timer! 4
30 Julian POLLARD 29:31 VM45-49 49.58 % M 20 Beacon Church Runners PB stays at 00:26:06 121 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
31 Norma FORRESTER 29:42 VW50-54 56.45 % F 11 New PB! 6
32 Sue SMITH 29:45 VW45-49 54.45 % F 12 New PB! 3
33 Lee YATES 29:48 VM35-39 45.47 % M 21 Knowsley Harriers AC New PB! 4
34 Rachel TRAYNOR 30:04 SW18-19 49.78 % F 13 New PB! 2
35 Diane TURNER 30:30 VW50-54 57.10 % F 14 New PB! 2
36 Geoffrey PEARSON 31:08 VM65-69 54.39 % M 22 PB stays at 00:27:23 28
37 Tamsyn THRING 31:19 VW35-39 48.54 % F 15 First Timer! 188 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
38 Jonty FORSTER 31:24 VM35-39 41.99 % M 23 New PB! 4
39 Adrian SELL 33:20 VM35-39 40.65 % M 24 Saddleworth Runners First Timer! 277 Member of the parkrun 250 Club
40 Jean PEARSON 33:26 VW65-69 62.51 % F 16 New PB! 9
41 Susan NEVITT 33:55 VW50-54 50.02 % F 17 PB stays at 00:33:16 26
42 Ethan TAN 34:14 JM10 47.76 % M 25 New PB! 2
43 Michael YATES 34:14 SM30-34 38.32 % M 26 PB stays at 00:23:01 8
44 Kelly GIBSON 34:20 VW40-44 44.56 % F 18 New PB! 6
45 Helen HOWARD 34:21 VW45-49 48.23 % F 19 PB stays at 00:30:19 39
46 Reena DHOPATE 34:58 VW40-44 43.76 % F 20 Knowsley Harriers AC PB stays at 00:32:13 29
47 Ian BOYD 35:02 VM50-54 42.10 % M 27 PB stays at 00:34:29 5
48 Jonathon MCCAULEY 35:22 VM45-49 40.10 % M 28 PB stays at 00:32:00 24
49 Gillian BILBY 35:24 VW55-59 51.84 % F 21 First Timer! 1
50 Thomas FLETCHER 35:42 JM10 44.21 % M 29 PB stays at 00:31:57 112 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
51 David FLETCHER 35:42 VM35-39 37.39 % M 30 PB stays at 00:22:17 128 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
52 Lisbeth OWENS 36:41 VW55-59 48.71 % F 22 Knowsley Harriers AC New PB! 3
53 Lauren MALONE 38:39 JW11-14 42.13 % F 23 New PB! 2
54 Sarah MALONE 38:40 VW40-44 40.09 % F 24 PB stays at 00:35:50 5
55 Paula BOYD 39:12 VW45-49 42.26 % F 25 PB stays at 00:37:43 14
56 Corinne DAVIES 44:15 VW45-49 36.61 % F 26 New PB! 4
57 Mark NEVITT 44:30 VM45-49 32.36 % M 31 PB stays at 00:36:04 11
58 Kim MORLAND-JONES 44:40 VW50-54 38.99 % F 27 PB stays at 00:43:00 47
59 Harry BRIDGE 48:12 VM75-79 40.01 % M 32 New PB! 4
60 Ruth NEVITT 48:12 SW20-24 30.71 % F 28 PB stays at 00:41:57 9
61 Anita BROWN 48:38 VW45-49 32.66 % F 29 First Timer! 1
62 Vicky MCGRATH 48:38 SW30-34 30.64 % F 30 First Timer! 1
63 Joanne SHAW 48:38 VW40-44 32.11 % F 31 PB stays at 00:41:07 15
64 Addison MANCHESTER 49:32 JW10 36.57 % F 32 First Timer! 3
65 Paul MEHARG 49:33 SM30-34 26.10 % M 33 First Timer! 1
66 Tracy MEHARG 49:33 VW45-49 32.36 % F 33 First Timer! 4
67 Ian MEHARG 49:34 VM45-49 29.29 % M 34 Kirkby Milers AC PB stays at 00:30:47 76 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
68 Neil MANCHESTER 49:35 VM35-39 27.13 % M 35 First Timer! 2
69 Eileen MORLAND 56:45 VW75-79 46.02 % F 34 PB stays at 00:48:55 44
70 Hayley ASHTON 56:46 VW40-44 27.10 % F 35 First Timer! 1
71 Nicola ROBERTS 56:46 VW35-39 26.42 % F 36 PB stays at 00:34:58 18

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