Lancaster parkrun event #145 13th October 2018

On a Saturday morning preceded by a few days of rain in a row and torrential rain on Friday evening and night, the course VERY WET!


We also had some strong wind a couple of days before, so it looked wet, full of wet leaves creating the banana-peel effect, and branches here and there which make tripping so much easier... Not to mention the two huge puddles in the grand stand and at the reservoir... Very dangerous indeed! Nevertheless, 204 courageous runners made it, 18 of whom were first timers and 19 of whom recorded their personal bests: well done on such a slippery day! Furthermore, David Nichols celebrated his 100th parkrun and brought lovely chocolate :)


This event was only possible with the invaluable help of volunteers, and a special thank goes to David Jackman, who engaged in three volunteering roles on the same day and with whom the work of the run director simply halves, thanks a lot David! Another special thank to Peter Sanford at pre-run setup on such a wet day. And obviously many thanks to all the volunteers:

Marian DE SILVER • Stephen PERRY • Ronald HUMMELINK • Jim BACON • Debra BUNTING • Imelda HATTON • Christine PERRY • Phil CORRIS • Peter SANDFORD • Emma BROOKS • Andrew THISTLETHWAITE • Francesca CITRON • Kathryn FOX • Harry FOX • Ian ROBERTS • Lucy HARRISON • Heather HARRISON • Ben SACHE • Alexander BERTRAM • Jim FLETCHER • David JACKMAN • Nicky MEER • Vicky BOOTH • Molly METCALFE • Tom GENT • Maria GENT


Our team of tail walkers:


Full details of the results can be found on the Lancaster parkrun results page.


Lancaster parkrun event #144 6th October 2018

This week the weather favoured us as we had perfect conditions: dry with Fenham Carr being slightly less boggy than it usually is! We saw plenty of seasoned runners, prams and young children turn up this week, all eager to participate in the event.

We saw 50th parkrun milestones from 3 participants from the overall 321 people who ran, jogged and walked the course. Some getting very close to their 50th with only one or two events to go!

This week we managed to keep all our finish tokens with only one going missing but being shortly retrieved. Members from 21 different clubs participated this week and congratulations to the 54 who broke their PB and the 43 who participated for the first time this week.

Many thanks to those who participated and since parkrun is an event entirely run by volunteers, many thanks to:

Stephen PERRY • Andrew HOLME • Jasmine MACCALLUM • David WALKER • Helena LEWIS • Andrea TOWSE • Debra BUNTING • Christine PERRY • Phil CORRIS • Pam HOLME • Terry WAIN • Andrew THISTLETHWAITE • Sarah WRIGHT • Alice WRIGHT • Harry FOX • Anne SOMERS • Alice DAVIES • Ben SACHE • Paul FOX • Alexander BERTRAM • Imogen WEBB • Jim FLETCHER • David JACKMAN • Andrew TAYLOR • Daniel HOYLE • Tom GENT • Maria GENT • Andrew HOLLAND

Well done to Robbie Whitaker for being fastest man and Catherine Carrdus for being fastest woman.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lancaster Parkrun Results Page.


Lancaster parkrun event #143 29th September 2018

Another lovely morning in Williamson Park. We had blue skies, beautiful views, great runners and fabulous supporters. We had someone running their first 5km in 40 years, first time volunteers, children who did one lap, children who did both, dogs, buggies and 44 people smashing their PBs.

We also had two mega-tourists today – coming in at 650 parkruns between them, we welcomed Charlie Batho and Jamie Wilson from Bramhall and Gateshead parkruns. Both of them finished in the top 10 and Ben Batho (who I’m guessing is Charlie’s son) with 137 parkruns to his name finishing second. Other tourists visited from Milton Keynes, Jersey, Oldham and as close as Fell Foot. We hope to see you again!

Random stat shout out goes to Tony Burns running 29:09 today the 29.09.

We have a few regular runners and volunteers looking forward to significant milestones, this week however junior Henry Hickman ran his 10th parkrun with Ewan Griffiths, Graham Major and Joe Ogle all earning their parkrun 50 t-shirt, modelled beautifully below. Congratulations and keep running!

Four tokens disappeared today – if you find any at home please bring them back next week.

Thanks to this fantastic team of volunteers who made today’s run possible:

Stephen PERRY • Andrew HOLME • Jasmine MACCALLUM • David WALKER • Helena LEWIS • Andrea TOWSE • Debra BUNTING • Christine PERRY • Phil CORRIS • Pam HOLME • Terry WAIN • Andrew THISTLETHWAITE • Sarah WRIGHT • Alice WRIGHT • Harry FOX • Anne SOMERS • Alice DAVIES • Ben SACHE • Paul FOX • Alexander BERTRAM • Imogen WEBB • Jim FLETCHER • David JACKMAN • Andrew TAYLOR • Daniel HOYLE • Tom GENT • Maria GENT • Andrew HOLLAND

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Lancaster parkrun event #142 22nd September 2018

“Always a Happy Homecoming”

Whenever I come back to Lancashire for a visit one of the things I look forward to doing over the weekend is the Lancaster parkrun. For me it is one long nostalgia trip. My Gran used to live down the road and I used to run round the paths in the park when I was in the sixth form at the Grammar School. The ‘Structure’ as we used to call it (maybe folks still do?) was all boarded up then and not looking too rosy – doesn’t it look grand now though! Then there are those great views over Morecambe Bay. It’s an awesome setting for a parkrun. But on top of all that what I really appreciate too is the great welcome that is always there from the core team and all the smiles and warmth.


It is, in the best traditions of parkrun, a friendly and supportive event for everyone from the fast to the more leisurely, from the young to the still young at heart, and from the buggy to our four-legged friends.



241 participants ran, jogged and walked round the course this week. Well done everyone! 35 took part for the first time and an impressive 28 pbs were set. There were new members of the parkrun clubs this week. Congratulations to Thomas Branch on his 10th run and to Mark James D’SA on his 50th and then there was also the family double team of Jessica and Darren Norman celebrating their 10th and 50th runs. Volunteer Ruth Mewis joined the purple brigade having volunteered at parkrun on 25 separate occasions.


Thanks to Andrea the run director last week for letting me write the report and a big thank you to all the volunteers for making it all happen.

Until next time …



Lancaster parkrun event #141 15th Sept. 2018

Hi-vis heroes

This week I have once again been amazed by the dedication of our parkrun community and the willingness to volunteer. My job as run director and volunteer coordinator was made so easy with a full to bursting roster without any need to put a call out for help.

I do worry that a full roster puts off potential volunteers who, as parkrunday approaches, find themselves wanting to volunteer but don't think they are needed. The roster shows the bare minimum roles that are needed to run parkrun safely and there are other roles not listed which make the event run smoother. So, if you do see a full roster, don't be put off volunteering as we can always find you a role. Please do get in touch via FaceBook or email, or just find the Run Director (the one in blue and silver hi-vis) on the day.

parkrun #141 15 Sept 2018

Our volunteers cover a range of people. There are those that are injured and want to still be involved in the parkrun community (who doesn't love a chat over a coffee once the event is done?). Some are regular runners who need a rest before a forthcoming event, and many who run but want to give something back once in a while. We also have volunteers who are undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh award and those who are supporting family members and friends, who might as well volunteer as they will be hanging around anyway. There are also are regular volunteers who are a massive part of the local running community and are cornerstones of the parkrun family.

parkrun #141 15 Sept 2018

But my favorite (of course I don't really have favorites as you are all fabulous) are those volunteers who don't fit in any of the categories above. They are not runners, don't have anyone taking part, but volunteer week after week. I asked one of these volunteers, David Jackman, why he volunteers, and his answer was he didn't know! David once accompanied his daughter to a parkrun and on finding his home town had a parkrun he decided to get involved. Now he regularly volunteers in a range of roles. THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers. You truly are awesome.

This week 261 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 39 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part. We had visitors from Lytham Hall, Barnsley, Wolverhampton and Manchester.

We had two people joining the 50 club: 8 year old Eve who also managed a PB, and regular volunteer Rachel BARTON. Well done!

parkrun #141 15 Sept 2018parkrun #141 15 Sept 2018

Emily JAPP, 1st female and 2nd overall, set a new course record. Amazing in the conditions.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Ruth MEWIS • Stephen PERRY • Ryan MEWIS • Andrea TOWSE • Debra BUNTING • Imelda HATTON • Christine PERRY • Stephen RALSTON • Amanda CHAPMAN • Kathryn HOYLE • Terry WAIN • Andrew THISTLETHWAITE • Angela SINGLETON • Jonatan PINKSE • Kathryn FOX • Harry FOX • Ben SACHE • Eleanor LEVIN • Iain BERTRAM • Alexander BERTRAM • Aston KIESWETTER • Beckie WAINE • David JACKMAN • Seonaid DUGDILL • Nicky MEER • Andrew TAYLOR • Emily WAINE • Liam SHANNON • Heather BRANCH • Tom GENT • Maria GENT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lancaster parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Michael KALLENBERG who recorded a time of 16:09 on 13th May 2017 (event number 71).
The female record is held by Emily JAPP who recorded a time of 18:21 on 15th September 2018 (event number 141).
The Age Grade course record is held by Maureen LANEY who recorded 89.07% (22:25) on 8th October 2016 (event number 39).



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