Run Report 13/01/2018

Linford Wood parkrun
Event number 82
13th January 2018

On a slightly grey yet reasonably mild Saturday morning, Linford Wood hosted over 300 parkrunners and volunteers - and not to forget additional supporters too! A fantastic 286 of you walked, run, jogged and smiled your way around the course- including 32 parkrunners attending Linford Wood for the very first time.


Eleven of our 32 first-timers were embarking on their first ever parkrun- a massive welcome goes to Aza Carter, Steve & Holly Cook, Jamie Corbett, Holly Knowles, Mark Goodwill, Grant Malloch, Helen Miller, John O'Neill, Tim Pick and Sam Wightman. Thank you all for coming and we hope you enjoyed Linford Wood as much as we do!


Forty of runners, joggers and walkers obviously had three shredded wheat for breakfast, setting new PB’s. These included Freya Watters who ducked under 40 minutes, Will Commercial with exactly 28 minutes flat and Julie Kennedy who is getting very close to beating 30 minutes. Well done to everyone!


Congratulations goes to one of this week’s Hi-vis Heroes, Tara Holland on reaching her milestone 50 parkruns. Tara was one of our two tail walkers and recorded her 50th parkrun whilst collecting a volunteering credit at the same time. What better way to reach a mileastone? A massive thank you and well done Tara!

There are a number of volunteering roles that you can do at the same time as completing the course (e.g. Tail walker, Pre-event Setup, Run Report Writer). So please don’t feel you have to miss out to help out. Information on how to help out at Linford Wood can be found on our volunteer page , whilst details of what each role involves can be found on the main parkrun site.


In the results page you will see a column for Age Grade. If you’ve ever wondered quite what this means, age grading takes your time and uses the world record time set by an athlete of your sex and age to produce a percentage. So if your Age Grade is 100%, well done, you’ve just matched a world record for 5k!

Our top three age grades this week were:
Jane Ritchie, Redway Runners, 77.81%
Paul Sutherland, Marshal Milton Keynes AC, 72.34%
Carl Marston, unattached, 71.94%

Our first three finishers were:
Rachel Emery, Prestwich AC, 22:52
Jane Ritchie, Redway Runners, 23:35
Catriona Hammett, unattached, 24:42

Elliot Hind, Leighton Buzzard AC, 18:58
Ed Vout, unattached, 19:11
Lloyd Cross, UKnetrunner, 19:15

Joshua Ustaran-Anderegg, unattached, 20:14
Matt Evans, unattached, 22:26
Findlay Hammett, unattached, 22:53

As always, a round of applause and a massive Thank You goes out to all the volunteers that made this event possible:

Nick FAIRBROTHER • Jean-Paul SRIVALSAN • Lloyd CROSS • Meera ABBOTT • Andrew CHILCRAFT • Tim INCHLEY • Chris PAGE • Dario COLOMBO • Andrew BAKER • Jude SRIVALSAN • Barnaby NORMAN • Gracie NORMAN • Kelly FARR • David MOSLEY • Lee CAHILL • Julia CHEETHAM • Tara HOLLAND • Carrie ROBERTS • Samuel FARR • Nik EDWARDS • Lorayne MACFARLANE • Simon MYDLIAR • Dorothy YEATES



Run Report 06/01/2017

Just a quick report this week as I have realised it's nearly Saturday and we don't yet have a report!

A fantastic first Saturday parkrun of the year attracted one of our highest attendances ever, while Milton Keynes parkrun has taken place concurrently. This is no doubt due to the new year and resolutions being made! When you exclude occasions when MK parkrun has been cancelled, and the New Year doubles, it was the second highest attendance ever only exceeded when Olney Runners held a bumper couch to 5k graduation run in May last year. We wish all those that wish to use the new year to improve their fitness our best wishes- hopefully you have now contracted the parkrun bug and won't be able to resist coming back each week!


The whole run this morning was masterminded by a brand new RD who also had the additional challenge of designing a new finish funnel to work with a very swampy finish area! Congratulations to Nick Fairbrother who did a sterling job.


We have a bit of a dilemma in winter- our grass triangle is prone to waterlogging which is potentially dangerous for a large number of runners kitted out in road shoes!

The design of the funnel last Saturday was brilliant in keeping runners off the mud BUT it brings additional problems- in that runners are being scanned on the path and can potentially block finishing runners. It is therefore really really important that runners who have completed the course are extra vigilant about their surroundings and are considerate not only to runners who are finishing their run, but also the occasional pedestrian or cyclist who may wish to pass by.

Linford Wood parkrun 6.1.18

We had 12 folk doing their first ever parkrun, we wish to welcome you all warmly to the parkrun family. Congratulations also to Laurie Mills who completed her 50th parkrun, Kate Metcalfe who completed her 100th. lastly congratulations to the 34 that achieved a Linford Wood parkrun PB!

For those that follow us on social media- you may have noticed that our Twitter and Instagram feeds have picked up recently after a period of being neglected- so it is a great time to start following them using the links below.

Lastly, a huge thanks to the volunteers who allowed the event to happen by giving their time!



Facebook: @linfordwoodparkrun

Twitter: @linfordwoodpkrn
Instagram: @linfordwoodparkrun
flickr: Linford Wood parkrun flickr group

Linford Wood parkrun


Run Report 01/01/2018

New Year, new record! A massive 449 of you wonderful people joined us EARLY on New Year’s Day to beat the attendance record for Linford Wood by quite some margin!


There was a buzz in the air at the anticipation of the double parkrun opportunity and the chance to run Linford Wood with our friends from Willen.

After a week or so of festive indulgement and the prospect of double the distance, few people were looking for PBs – today was purely social.

The fabulous Bruce Li was on hand to capture impromptu groups of friends as they came together for the first event of 2018.


The master of ceremonies, Steve Dicks, assisted by a wonderful group of volunteers, welcomed the New Year in and guided us all down to the start line for one last photo opportunity before the off.


With the increased attendance, nobody really knew whether they were stood in the right place, too far forward or too far back. In reality, it didn’t really matter. Just round the first corner people were already wishing Happy New Year to familiar faces, and “Oh, hello!” to people they don’t normally see on a Saturday morning.

Heading back from Heelands to Linford Wood, people were ruing the number of mince pies consumed over Christmas whilst others were questioning their combination of late night celebrations and early morning activities.


I don’t know what Bruce Li had for breakfast but I’m sure I ran past him 4 times!

The chitter-chatter continued down the wobbly path and before we knew it (or maybe not) we were heading down the finish straight and the finish funnel was in sight.


New groups of parkrunners formed at the end, initially grouped by finish times, then slowly added to by further friends, all comparing notes on festive celebrations, how the first run of the new year went, who was doing a double parkrun and where and how those heading to Willen were planning on getting there.


So no sooner was the first parkrun done than number two was upon us. And with that, people took to their cars, bicycles and the trusty feet that had already got them round Linford Wood and headed off for round two!
Happy New Year to all!

A huge thanks to the volunteers who enabled this special event to happen:


Now to look at some of the stats from the double!!

To begin with, an analysis of who went where...
310 of you moved to Milton Keynes parkrun at 10:00, which was the 4th biggest double combination worldwide!
33 of you bustled over to Buckingham
12 rushed to Rushmere
3 hurried to Houghton Hall
2 trotted to Tring
and 2 sped to St Albans!

Around 490 different double pairings were completed across the globe. You might think it bizarre or amazing that the St Albans duo travelled 30 miles between the doubles, until you realise that the furthest completed double infolved a 94 mile trek from Carlisle parkrun to Tollcross parkrun in Glasgow!

We were delighted to be able to welcome several touring parkrun event directors along. Hello to Kate Tettmar from Heartwood Forest parkrun, Chris Parkinson-Best from Canons Park parkrun, and Kate Robertson all the way from Stonehaven parkrun in Aberdeenshire!


We were also delighted to host our first ever wheelchair athlete, Sean Southerland-Kirby who also travelled from Canons Park parkrun, where he is an run director. He completed the double under his own steam- commenting that Linford Wood was a much more forgiving course than Milton Keynes and that the zig-zags were a killer!


Other tourists came from Northampton, Abingdon, Buckingham, Wimbledon Common, Braunstone, Southend, Durham, Banbury, Oxford, Perry Hall, Luton Wardown, Bedford, Cambridge, Rushmere, Walsall Arboretum, Exeter Riverside, Huntingdon, Didcot, Bicester, Northala Fields, Aylesbury, Wimpole Estate, Finsbury, Pomphrey Hill, Cassiobury, Stevenage, and Kettering.

That's a lot of places and there may have been others that escaped my investigation! Wherever you came from- we were absolutely delighted to host you.

We look forward to doing it all again next year!


Facebook: @linfordwoodparkrun

Twitter: @linfordwoodpkrn
Instagram: @linfordwoodparkrun
flickr: Linford Wood parkrun flickr group

Linford Wood parkrun


Run Report 30/12/2017

With parkruns coming thick and fast at this time of year we have a quick turnaround on the run report for today- ready for Monday when we do it all again!

On a deceptively windy but mild morning 161 people ran, jogged, walked and smiled through Linford Wood for the last parkrun of 2017.

We welcomed 17 first timers- 3 of whom were doing their first ever parkrun- and 13 parkrunners recorded new Personal Bests. Well done all! Among our first timers it was a pleasure to welcome visitors from Rugby, Harlow and Colchester to Linford Wood.


Looking at the numbers, Paul Woodward finished in a pleasing time 23:45, Angela Cox finished on precisely 28:00 and Mark Palser claimed 33:33.

The first 3 ladies to finish were…

Julia Snaith, Thames Turbo Triathlon, 23:27

Emma Johnson, Team MK, 23:54

Siobhan Dyer, Marshall Milton Keynes AC, 24:28


The first 3 gents to finish were…

Carl Tucker, Marshall Milton Keynes AC, 19:01

Eliot Winter, Milton Keynes Distance Project, 19:33

Sam King, fitMK Milton Keynes Outdoor Gym, 19:36


The first 3 juniors to finish were…

Alexander Shipley, JM11-14, 26:56

Heidi Norman, JW15-17, 28:33

Patrick O’Malley, JM11-14, 29:17


Well done to all that took part today! Don’t forget – if you’re joining us on New Year’s Day we are starting at the earlier time of 8:45.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! And we look forward to seeing you on New Years Day!

This event was made possible today by our 22 fantastic volunteers:
Steve DICKS • Malcolm KIDBY • Nick FAIRBROTHER • Caroline BEECHEY • Rachel ARMSTRONG • Roger Clive MANN • Sarah SMITH • Matthew DICKS • Sian CARTER • Rob WATSON • Zoe KINGTON • Margaret LORTON • Simon KINGTON • Barnaby NORMAN • Gracie NORMAN • Heidi NORMAN • Kevin BILLINGTON • Sarah LOVELOCK • Nik EDWARDS • Phillip CURWOOD • Caroline FARREN • Peter LORTON


Run Report 25/12/2017

Christmas Day Run Report by Jon Evans

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, nothing was stirring not even a mou- “Darling, have you seen my running shoes?”
“Running shoes?”
*Patiently* “Yes, running shoes. The shoes I use for parkrun”
“I think your daughter took them”.
“Why? She’s size 4 and I’m size 9”
“A ploy to get more presents. She heard that in the Netherlands, on Christmas Eve, children stuff their shoes with hay for the reindeer/horses and St. Nicklaus fills the shoes with presents in exchange. Simple maths – your feet are larger than hers, equals more presents”
“Well I was rather hoping to wear them tomorrow for Christmas parkrun, and I can’t if they’re full of hay. Or presents. Take it out. Have you seen my special Christmas running shirt?”
“Yes dear, in the airing cupboard. I washed it after Saturday so it would be ready for you to wear on the 25th”
“What about my shorts?”
“In the drawer” etc. etc.
Such were the trials and tribulations of preparing for Christmas day parkrun, although I did learn something about Christmas customs in other countries. Nevertheless, on Christmas Day, Linford Wood echoed to the sound of festive spirit as a small, but perfectly formed body of 149 people assembled to celebrate Christmas as only runners know how – with a parkrun!

2017-12-25 08.40.30 (2)

Actually, this was an impressive turnout, bearing in mind the date – only 26 less than our average. At 149 x 5km, we collectively covered 745km - somewhat less than the approximate 5.1 billion km covered by the Big Man in Red the night before on his yearly marathon mission to deliver gifts all over the world. However to many of us, unfortified (as he was) by sherry and mince pies, it was just as gruelling. Especially as it was the second run in three days. Some of us aren’t used to it. Not only that, some of us had also already been um, indulging in Christmas spirit.

2017-12-25 09.00.36

Incidentally, 5.1 billion km is the equivalent of 12,086,741.1 marathons. Santa should get one of those T-shirts printed “12,086,741.1 marathons – one night”. Awesome. Talking of travelling distances, we had visitors from Nottingham and Sheffield, but the winners by some margin, came all the way from St. Petersburg. Fantastic. I hope you enjoyed yourself Viktoriya and Vitaliy (I also hope I got your names right). You both finished 6th in your respective gender positions. Well done. Last year, I wasn’t able to participate in the actual running, since my knees were unable to withstand the sustained pounding imposed on them by my Santa-rivalling girth. But I did volunteer as a bar code scanner. And I remember the great atmosphere – people dressed up for the occasion – including one in an inflatable Santa suit!!


I returned home basking in the warm glow of knowing I’d helped in some small way, as my Christmas present to my fellow parkrunners. This year, I was able to take part myself and in addition to feeling that I had earned my Christmas pudding (1 serving = 3.2 miles), it was nice to share a Christmas activity with my parkrun colleagues and regular running friends, and receive the same goodwill and Christmas greetings in return from the volunteers. So don’t forget to take a turn at volunteering yourselves during the coming year. It feels good, honestly. It was also noticeable that parkrunners were wishing other Linford Wood users a Merry Christmas, and receiving greetings in return. This hopefully means that we continue to share the goodwill of other Wood users.

2017-12-25 09.22.00

The conditions were nearly perfect for running – not too hot, not too cold, with a light breeze and no rain. Christmas Day saw a total of 27 people new to Linford Wood, of which 9 chose this auspicious occasion for their first ever parkrun. Welcome, and we hope to see you many more times in the future. There were also 9 people who unwrapped the present of a Personal Best. Well done to you. No milestones were recorded on Christmas Day, other than another run under the belt but looking at the stats, there are quite a few coming up over the next month. So why not come along and celebrate these achievements with your parkrun family. Robert Tribe, with 324 parkruns completed already, wins the turning up award for this week. Wow, that’s a total of 1620 km. Still not as far as Santa though, Robert but it does show impressive commitment.

This week, I’m the other one in the bright shirt.

In the immortal words of Noddy Holder (who?) Merry Christmas Everybody, and enjoy the remainder of the festive season!

Oops, I nearly forgot:
The first three ladies home were: Natasha Baker, Amy Ferguson and Catherine Onions
Sadly, the first and second men were unknown, but third was Adam Gibson followed by Keith Scofield and Lloyd Cross.
The event was made possible by 24 awesomely awesome volunteers, who gave up their Christmas morning just so that we could fulfil our slightly irrational need to run 5 km through a wood when most people were just emerging from under the duvet. Most people that is, except those with small children who had been up since 3:00am unwrapping presents anyway. The volunteers were, or indeed are:
David Anthony LEWIS • Stephen DUNHAM • Lloyd CROSS • Ed VOUT • Paul SMITH • Sarah SMITH • David HUDSON • Julie HUDSON • Rob WATSON • Margaret LORTON • Barnaby NORMAN • David MOSLEY • Nick EMERY • Jane EMERY • Graham COWLEY • Nick PAUL • Jon EVANS • George PAUL • Kian BATH • Lorayne MACFARLANE • Phillip CURWOOD • Christine BARBER • Matthew DOWNIE • Caroline FARREN

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