Run Report 06/10/2018

Linford Wood parkrun
Event number #119
6th October 2018
Run Report by Greg Scott

Let's get it out the way first – it was WET on Saturday morning. It didn't stop raining for most of the day. It was also pretty cold, especially as we'd had some decent weather the day before. It was grey – I needed the lights on my car on the drive in. Not a great day befitting the parkrun 14th birthday celebrations.

The fantastic news though is we had another great turnout at Linford Wood parkrun. Despite the inclement conditions, 222 of us made it to the start line. Some people only just made it though – don't forget it's a 9am start!

The welcome briefing highlighted the usual safety items. The yellows, browns and golds are starting to take over the wood now, with those leaves that have fallen accumulating on the ground throughout the course - so watch your footing! We still have a pesky wasps nest on the final turn before the finish straight – right behind where we have the welcome briefing, so watch out for that too.

Linford Wood Parkrun No 1

We had several visitors this week, from the likes of Northamptonshire, Fleetwood, and even Jersey! I hope you enjoyed our course. It was also pleasing to see quite a few milestones this week, both official and unofficial.

Peter Rodwell, Paul Smith and our age grade queen Pauline Turner hit 150 runs this week. We're also honoured that Jill Dyer, Margaret Rashid, Keith Gill, Charlotte O'Brien and Daniel Black chose Linford Wood to take part in their first ever parkrun – thanks for joining us, and hope to see you again soon!

A total of 22 of you, including the five above, were at Linford Wood for the first time. Sadly, ten finishers weren't recorded a time as they didn't bring their barcode. I can personally recommend the plastic keyring tags – for less than a fiver, you get some durable tags you can attach to your laces or keys, making them well worth it. For a few extra quid you can get a credit card sized barcode too.


Two people earned their red 50 finishes T-Shirt this week – Matt Joy and Toby Stapleton. The proud recipient of a black 100 finishes shirt after his week is David Allen. Finally, Phil Atkins ran a PB to celebrate the fact he has earned his red 250 finishes T Shirt – massive congrats to you all!
We also had some volunteer milestones this week. Kelly Roberts has achieved 25 separate volunteer credits this week and gets another T Shirt to add to the 50th finish one earned a couple of weeks ago!
And, he wasn't going to mention it... :) but our Run Director for the week, Nick Fairbrother celebrated 50 separate volunteerings!


This weeks event could only take place thanks to Kelly, Nick and the twenty other heroes that volunteer in various roles to make sure everything goes smoothly. We are always on the lookout for volunteers in the weeks to come, so take a look at the volunteer section of the website and consider signing up for the volunteer emails too. Training is always given for each and every role and new faces are always welcome!

Our volunteers this week were - Carol Auvache • Christian Hambly • Daniel Black • Greg Scott • Harvey Baulk-King • Iain Ralley • Ian Ropke • Isabel Smith • Jenny Baulk • Karen Turney • Kelly Roberts • Linda Baulk • Mandy Smith • Matthew Martin • Nick Fairbrother • Paz Prieto Martin • Sarah Connolly • Sheila Dickins • Syed Allan • Thierry Chew • Vivien Black • Warren Goodlake.


Out of the 222 finishers that made it this week, 33 crossed the line with new personal bests – quite a feat given the wet conditions. First finisher was Andy Green with a time of 19:09. Our first official lady finisher was Julie Loxley with a time of 23:30. Our age grade crown this week goes to John Skelton. Not only did he achieve second place overall, he got a magnificent 87.53% age grade – just over 1% off the all time record for Linford Wood. Our age grade queen Pauline Turner had the best ladies grade with 80.03%.

Clubs were very well represented this week, as ever. 21 separate clubs were present, with Redway Runners featuring 46 finishers. MK Lakeside Runners and Sweatshop Running Community had good numbers too. It was good to see a few members of the 678 Rifles AAC return after their squad participation last week. But a special mention goes to the Up and Running group, who saw their graduation take place. 12 members complete the course 3 for the first time, and one with a new PB – well done Anette!

Some stats from this week:

- 222 people completed the course – another above average turnout.

- The average completion time this week was 31:40 – about a minute and 7 seconds over the average to date.

- There were 116 male finishers and 96 female finishers (and 10 unknowns, who are gender neutral)

- Between all the finishers, we have collectively completed 11,777 parkruns to date!

- It was very wet this week.

Finally, some thoughts on the birthday celebrations. 14 years is a long time. It's not only fantastic that parkrun still exists today, but also that it continues to grow at quite a rate. There are events in 20 countries round the world, and this week saw the 5 millionth person register to take part. Parkrun has had a positive impact on quite literally hundreds of thousands of people, including me. I am proud to take part and contribute in any way I can, and look forward to 9 am on Saturday morning like never before.

See you next week!

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Run Report 29/09/2018

Run report courtesy of Lloyd Cross

Saturday 29th September saw event number 118 at Linford Wood. The day was brisk but the sun was trying its best and there was no rain to be seen. Conditions were perfect for the 190 athletes tackling 5km through our beautiful woodland.

The cold air wasn’t enough to discourage 36 first timers (many of whom were representing the local Army Air Corps), and pushed a huge 42 participants to new personal bests (including this humble report writer).

A couple of tourists made themselves known this weekend, one who came from Eastbourne, and congratulations are in order for Vydmantas Martinaitis who completed his 50th run, 13 of which have been at Linford Wood.

2018-09-29 09.01.13

Many of the volunteer slots this week were filled by local club Shenley Striders, with some of them trying out roles for the first time. We would always encourage people to give volunteering a go – no role is too complicated and support is always on hand.

2018-09-29 09.18.32

Maybe the early birds among us would enjoy pre-event setup, a gentle jog or stroll around the course in the early hours.
Or a stint on marshal duty could be attractive, cheering on runners as they pass by, the perfect role to bring children or pets to.
Revel in seeing the extent of people’s efforts? Then a role near the finish line could be attractive; be that timekeeping or funnel management, token giving or barcode scanning.
Should you enjoy an amble through the woods at a more reasonable hour, with someone to chat to, then tail walking could be your perfect role (you even get a run credit).
2018-09-29 09.56.06

As mentioned above, we had a visit this week from the Army Air Corps 678 rifle squadron. They provided us with several runners, a couple of volunteers and some post-run refreshment in the form of juice rations – hope you enjoyed! 2018-09-29 09.15.44

First home was Anthony Barraclough with a time of 18:12, a new PB for him. Fern Parker was the first lady home in a time of 23:51 on her first visit to Linford Wood. Our age grade queen Pauline Turner strikes again, recording a time of 32:07 in the VW75-79 age category to post 81.32% as the highest for this week.

Those previously mentioned volunteers were:
Simon WHELAN • Steve CLARKE • Simon GURNEY • Lloyd CROSS • Emma MIST • Sarah HEMPHILL • Andy SEALEY • Emma RANCE • Emma KINGTON • David ALLEN • Julie HUDSON • Tracey EDWARDS • Vicky ALLEN • Ben THOMPSON • Darren MURPHY • Syed ALLAN • Robert NORMAN • Peter GALVIN • Tara HOLLAND • Jon EVANS • Nik EDWARDS • Jenny EVANS

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Run Report 22/09/2018

Saturday 22nd September saw event number 117 come and go in a flash. The parkrun weather fairy made sure it was almost completely dry, and not too warm – nice enough to entice 223 people to participate and 21 hero volunteers to point, wave, photograph, and scan, amongst other things I'm glad I came, personally, as where I am it decided to rain most the day after I got home.


A cracking 54 people recorded personal bests at Linford Wood, and included in that are 14 people new to our course. I hope you enjoyed the route and come back again soon, which especially goes to LEE PRINGLE and TIYAPO NDHLOVU who completed their first ever parkrun with us – Congrats!

Of the 21 volunteers, MATTHEW MARTIN was volunteering for the first time as a barcode scanner. Despite it being his first time, he carried out the role impeccably, so thank you Matthew. Oh, and Matthew is in the 11-14 age group, which goes to show anyone can give it a go! The 21 volunteers have undertaken a total of 347 different jobs. Co RD for the week JIM EASTMENT accounts for a whopping 68 of those.


As well as completing their 14th volunteer role, JULIA CHEETHAM joined the red t-shirt club completing their 50th parkrun as tail walker – a terrific example of the type of volunteer role you can complete as well as getting a run credit. MANDY VENNER joined the 50 club, as well as CLAIRE PAUL and KELLY ROBERTS, who celebrated by crossing the line together with a big wine bottle balloon. I trust this was replaced with a real bottle later that day!


Not too many tourists made themselves known at the start, nor can many be gleaned from the finishers list. But we did have one speak up all the way from Rotherham, so thanks for joining us. A few more possibly from the likes of Buckingham and Oxford joined in too.

We had the usual excellent representation from our local running clubs, with Redway Runners, Up and Running, Sweatshop Running Community and MK Lakeside Runners showing good numbers. Sadly 8 people belong to the unknown club this week – don't forget your barcode!


First home was ANDY GREEN with a time of 18:44, closely followed by LLOYD CROSS in 18:48. LINDSAY O'KANE was the first lady home, achieving a PB in doing so in a time of 23:19. In finishing first, Andy took the age grade crown this week, with a great score of 81.32%. Our age grade queen PAULINE TURNER was close behind with a score of 79.99%.

Now for statto corner... Event 117 was the 10th consecutive event to feature an above average attendance at Linford Wood. That average has seen a steady increase in 2018, going up from 175 until the end of 2017, to where we sit at 194 as of Saturday. Our lowest attendance was Christmas Day 2016, with 72 finishers, whereas the highest attendance was new years day this year. 449 finishers that day, most of whom went on to another parkrun that had been specifically pushed back in the day.

This weekend saw us register the 350th different club finisher, although I suspect a few spelling variations may account for some of those! Out of the individual finishers total of 4,854, over half belong to a club – that's 2440 individuals. For those counting, there have been 22,720 runs completed, and 11,606 of those are by club members!

And finally, there are 24,020 photos that have been uploaded to our Flickr page – there's bound to be one of you in there somewhere!


If you are still with me, please share thanks for the magnificent volunteers that made this event possible this weekend:

Alan GARNER • Caroline BEECHEY • Christian MAXWELL • Derek Alan SMITH • Dorothy YEATES • Greg SCOTT • Ian ROPKE • Jim EASTMENT • Judith DUTTON • Julia CHEETHAM • Lorayne MACFARLANE • Matthew MARTIN • Michelle AMESBURY • Paz PRIETO MARTIN • Peter GALVIN • Robert MACFARLANE • Russell SHACKLOCK • Rut POLMAN • Sheila DICKINS • Simon MYDLIAR • Thomas BLANN


See you on Saturday!

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Run Report 15/09/2018

On a beautiful Autumn morning, 230 of us, (significantly more than our average) plus 23 volunteers assembled for the 116th Linford Wood parkrun. Those of you familiar with my run reports know that I usually choose to write them when parkrun Saturday falls on a special day. And what could be more special than a day on which the dappled sunrays shone down through the trees, illuminating the mist with a golden glow. The earthy smell of the early morning woodland, toadstools and mushrooms beginning to appear, and the leaves already noticeably changing colour. It really makes it worthwhile getting up to run on mornings like this. I love Autumn nearly as much as Spring in the wood. The temperature is starting to cool, meaning that for me at least, PBs start to become a possibility once more. And if like me, you’re not express paced, there is so much to see over the lovely parkrun course. But although days like this are special, today, Saturday the 15th is extra special.


I wonder if anyone, looking up into the clear blue Autumn sky gave a thought to the young men, who 78 years ago would have been strapping themselves into the cockpits of Hurricanes and Spitfires and preparing to take off into that same blue sky to fight what Churchill was to term, “The Battle of Britain”. The battle for France was over, the army had retreated to home shores, and the Third Reich was preparing its invasion plans. To carry out “Operation Sealion” air superiority was a must, therefore between August and October 1940, daily air raids were flown against British airfields with the intention of destroying the RAF. “The Blitz” also saw a change in emphasis, with cities such as Bristol, Coventry and London being bombed. 40,000 civilians lost their lives in these raids, 20,000 in London alone.

The 15th September is Battle of Britain Day, a date that often goes unremarked in the calendar. It is celebrated on the 15th of September in the UK, as this date saw the largest military airstrike against the UK by the German Luftwaffe. 176 enemy aircraft were shot down for the loss of 25 Allied planes, with 13 pilots killed or missing in action. 2936 pilots flew at least one sortie during the battle, of which 2341 were British. The remainder came from Poland (145), New Zealand (127), Canada (112), Czechoslovakia (88), Australia (32), Belgium (28), South Africa (25), France (13), Ireland (10), America (9), Southern Rhodesia (3), Jamaica (1), Palestine (1). 1495 of these pilots lost their lives, inspiring Churchill to make his famous speech “Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few”. The “Few” have now grown fewer, and we have lost some notable veterans just over the last 2 months, including 101 year old Mary Ellis who, being prohibited from combat, delivered thousands of aircraft to their squadrons throughout the war armed only with a map. A truly inspirational lady. This gradual decline in the number of veterans shouldn’t stop us from remembering the huge sacrifice these people from so many nations made all those years ago to give us our freedom today. As so often, there is a local twist to the story – much of the intelligence about impending raids came from Bletchley Park just down the road, where in total secrecy that lasted many decades, the codebreakers were at work intercepting and interpreting the enemy’s coded messages.

As I stated before, running conditions were particularly pleasant, no doubt contributing to the 45 new PBs recorded by our ever reliable timekeepers. Well done. It always amazes me how many PBs are run each week.


The sunshine will also have made for some excellent photos, so keep an eye out for Barnaby’s photos on our Flickr page. This can be reached through the Photos link at the top of our webpage. There was one official milestone this morning – Neal Turney with 100 parkruns. Well done.


Unofficially, Jeremy Vick recorded his 150th parkrun. Our most experienced parkrunner today was Kenton Batt with his 327th. There is actually another momentous landmark too. That first parkrun. Five people chose Linford Wood for their first ever parkrun. Well done. One of the hardest things to do is to make a start, so having done it, and got the first one under your belt, we hope to see you all back again next week. 23 people ran Linford Wood for the first time on Saturday, and hopefully seeing the course on such a lovely morning will inspire you to return again. As usual, there were a few people who will sadly miss out on the credit for running – they didn’t have a bar code. It’s always worth keeping a spare in the car to grab if you forget to bring yours #DFYBC. Finally, statistic not often quoted in reports is age grade. This week, Pauline Turner was highest with a remarkable 81.78%. This is equivalent to National Class level.

The first ladies home this week were: Sophie Atkins 23:40 (PB), Heidi Norman 24:07 (PB) and Jessica Martin-Smith 25:01
The first men were: Matthew Dicks 17:53 (PB), Jeremy Vick 18:44 and Dan Hippey 18:53.


Thanks go to our very own “Few”: Robert ANDERSON, Sheniah ASIAMAH, Vivien BLACK, Daniel BLACK, Andrew CHILCRAFT, Peter Benjamin COX, Steve DICKS, Matthew DICKS, Judith DUTTON, Jon EVANS, Peter GALVIN, Samantha GLAISTER, Brian HOBBS, Jessica JOHNSON, David MOSLEY, Simon MYDLIAR, Barnaby NORMAN, Paz PRIETO MARTIN, Isobel RICHARDSON, Joseph RICHARDSON, Ian ROPKE, Oscar SANTOS BLANCO, John TAYLOR, and Karen TURNEY without whom this event would not have been possible.


A huge thanks to Jon Evans for the run report!

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Run Report 08/09/2018

It was a bumper day Saturday last as we welcomed 355 people to Linford Wood for event number 115. With Milton Keynes parkrun cancelled, many people chose to make the short hop across town to join us for almost perfect conditions.


The start was extra bubbly with so many people more than usual. Lorayne and Jim were our RD's for the day, and there were quite a few people interested in what Lorayne had to say at the first timers briefing!


More usual pre-event duties followed, including milestones. Just the one owning up to a milestone of sorts for their 200th event. You can usually tell from the results what other milestones there are – whether people don't want to be embarrassed (though it is nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever!) or maybe even just forgotten. But Freya LAPLANTE earned a shiny number 10 badge by completing their 10th 5k parkrun as a junior. Well done!!

Another pre-event duty was to announce visitors to Linford Wood. As well as the group from our neighours at Milton Keynes, we had visitors from the likes of Framlingham, Thetford and Norwich, and another glance at the results reveals some rather more shy visitors from Winchester, Kings Heath and Adderbury. We hope you enjoyed our lovely route.


Of course, one of the most important pre-run duties is to thank our wonderful volunteers, who (if anything like me) take great pleasure in help put our parkrun on. It's always great to see a nod or a wave, or hear a thank you as you go by. High-fives are also most welcome!

So as everyone took off, the drizzle fell offering a nice refreshing atmosphere on the way around. Predictably things got crowded at certain parts, which serves as good notice to issue some friendly reminders on safety. Please bear in mind others around you when out on the course. As well as sharing our route with the general public, we also should look out for each other.


There are people of all abilities, speeds and intentions every Saturday. This includes people who have participated in a few hundred events, to those who are already nervous at embarking on their first ever event. Please give each other room, especially on corners or if going an especially different pace from those near you. There are some sharp turns, especially in the second half of the route, and some narrow paths that need to be navigated with care.

Thankfully there were no major incidents to report this week, but all our volunteers are happy to help whenever required. This is no-more evident than one of our marshalls that were called in to help search for an item a parkrunner had lost. I can't say I've ever heard of a tooth going missing before! But if anyone finds a crown on their way around Linford Wood, please email in or talk to us on Saturday!


So 355 of you made it across the finish line, which ranks in our top attendances of all time, so thanks everyone for coming. It's a shame that 11 of you forgot your barcode so couldn't get a time! First home was Marcus LOVELL, in his first time at Linford Wood and second ever parkrun. A cracking time of 18:41, followed closely by Lloyd CROSS hitting a new PB with 18:46. Our first lady home was Zoe BROAD with a rapid 23:01. Joining Marcus and Lloyd we 64 other parkrunners achieving a new PB, a fantastic achievement.

Ian VAN LOKVEN took the age grade crown this week. Not only did he finish fifth overall, he got a new PB too achieving an age grade of 83.22% Our regular age grade queen Pauline TURNER was just behind with an age grade of 81.78%.

A whopping 77 of you were at Linford Wood for the first time, of which 11 of you decided upon Linford Wood to take place in your first ever parkrun. We really hope you enjoyed your morning.


An equally enormous 112 parkrunners were representing the Redway Runners club, turning the finish into a sea of lime green! It's great to see so many groups like this, and we had great representation from other clubs such as Sweatshop Running Community and MK Lakeside Runners.

Finally, a thank you again to this weeks volunteers, without whom our event would not work. Please take a look at the volunteer roster on the website and have a go. Training is provided and it's great fun. This weeks hi-viz heroes were

Andy SEALEY • Angela RABBETTS • Christopher G J KIRKLAND • Esther POLMAN-LEONARDS • Greg SCOTT • Ian ROPKE • Jenny EVANS • Jim EASTMENT • Jodi O'DWYER • John FLANAGAN • Jon EVANS • Karen TURNEY • Kelly ROBERTS • Lorayne MACFARLANE • Matt EVANS • Matthew DICKS • Maxine HURLOCK • Nick FAIRBROTHER • Nik EDWARDS • Paul SMITH • Paz PRIETO MARTIN • Peter GALVIN • Rachel EVANS • Sheryl CARTY • Simon MYDLIAR • Tara HOLLAND • Thomas BLANN • Tracey STAPLEY

Thanks, and see you on Saturday #dfyb

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