Run Report 14/7/18

Event 107 brought with it another fine warm morning, and also brought 181 participants to the start line at Linford Wood. Oddly enough, this is 20% fewer people than the previous week, which was 10% down on the previous week too! I'm sure this trend (apart from being as random as ever) will be reversed at event 108...

Perhaps the emotional rollercoaster that was the Football World Cup was beginning to take it's toll. This particular report writer decided not to proudly display the thee lions on Saturday! We've had an excellent summer of sport and weather so far, with hopefully a long way to go with long, sunny, summer days ahead.

This did not dampen the atmosphere at the start, with the usual mix of bright colours, laughter and enthusiasm to get going. There were no official milestones to announce, and no visitors made themselves known at the start either. It was great however to welcome 12 people to their first Linford Wood parkrun. A special welcome too to the six of you that ran your first ever parkrun with us. It was a pleasure to give you a first timers briefing, and a clear reminder to me of the sort of nerves that can be felt first time round! I hope I managed to put those nerves at ease.

Aside from those first timers, 21 people defied the warm conditions to achieve a personal best. A shout out goes to PHIL ATKINS, who even after 239 parkrun is hitting that Linford Wood PB! Congratulations. Phil joined 40 others from the Redway Runners club completing the course. Several other clubs had good representation, including the likes of MK Lakeside Runners and Shenley Striders.

IAN STUART WOOD was our first finisher this week in an excellent time of 17:45, which also happens to be the best male Age Grade % score too. First lady finisher was LILLI PETERS, who did so in a personal best time of 23:44. Our best age grade score this week goes to PAULINE TURNER again, with a marvellous score of 79.02%!

We have made some slight changes to the finish path in the last few weeks, and thankfully it looks to be a little better underfoot. There are still a couple of exposed roots in the area, but as with all the course, care should still be taken. We like to boast about our verdant, lush greenery, but this does pose problems in parts. Particularly this week, the finish straight has narrowed somewhat, meaning it can be difficult to get out the way of oncoming finishers!

We were blessed with a full volunteer roster, so a massive thank you to those heroes as ever. I also had the pleasure of co run directing with Jim, with a view to taking on the fully fledged role on my own in the near future. It really is great to see how the whole process comes together from start to finish.

It can start as early as 7am, when the pre event setup crew start setting up the course. Work then goes on processing results sometimes past 10:30, depending on how many errors there are in the data. Thankfully, a clean set of results this week meant results were uploaded in quick time – so quick that the cake from the Ora Café didn't get eaten!...

So thank you to RD Jim for showing me the ropes, and thank you again to the wonderful volunteers that made parkrun happen:

Alan HALL • Christine BARBER • Dario COLOMBO • Dorothy YEATES • Ed VOUT • Emma RANCE • Geoff PARKER • Gill MCCULLOCH • Greg SCOTT • James FINLAYSON • Jenny EVANS • Jim EASTMENT • Jon EVANS • Karen TURNEY • Kate BULBECK • Kelly ROBERTS • Linda LOMAX • Meera ABBOTT • Neal TURNEY • Phil WALKER • Rob WATSON • Rut POLMAN • Sheila DICKINS • Tara HOLLAND
Volunteering is fun and there are a wide range of roles to have a go at. Have a look at the future roster and subscribe to the mailing list to see what vacancies are in the coming weeks.

As you may have seen, event 108 is special for Linford Wood, as it is our second birthday. There will be some extra activity at the beginning and the end, so arrive a bit earlier. There are also rumours that there will be some cake?! Feel free to bring along donations. There will also be personal as well as parkrun milestones being celebrated on Saturday! Including this report writers wife's birthday. I'd better not be gone too long...

Finally, as our Facebook page points out, there is a group litter pick scheduled for after this Saturdays birthday parkrun. You don't even have to run or volunteer for the parkrun, just turn up at the Ora Café at around 10am for materials collection and instruction. This is a great way to give back to the environment we are so lucky to be able to use week in and week out.

See you on Saturday and #DFYB.

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Run Report 07/07/2018

Linford Wood parkrun
Event number #106
7th July 2018

Run Report by Julie Hudson

I’m not sure about anyone else but I have a love/hate relationship with parkrun. Let’s get the negatives out of the way first:

I hate that, despite the fact that I’ve now completed 66 parkruns, I still feel sick and nervous on a Saturday morning before a run. I mean, it’s not like I can’t do it/need to run all the way/don’t need the exercise/care about my time :-). I initially set myself a target of 50 parkruns after which I was NEVER going to run one again. Not sure what happened there and of course I can’t stop now until I reach 100! I had a memory pop up on Facebook last week telling me that 4 years ago, as part of a couch to 5k programme, I’d managed to run my first 5k without stopping. I did that around 2 minutes faster than I am running it now – I blame age (and laziness, and a lack of mojo following an injury, feeling sick) but really it doesn’t matter – I’m still here and I still turn up on a Saturday morning to run (feeling sick, blah, blah….).
DSC_2691Now, to the things that I love:

    • I love running parkrun (as in being RD and not actually running it :-))
    • I love the community spirit on a Saturday morning – there are always people there that I know – some I know well, some I don’t know their names, but I know they are parkrunners
    • I love the camaraderie around the course, at the start, during the run, at the finish funnel, and in the café afterwards
    • I love encouraging people who have never heard of or done parkrun before to come along – I’m out there preaching the parkrun gospel
    • I love that you can run a parkrun all over the place – whilst being a bit of a home parkrunner I have run at other parkruns including some abroad and you are always made welcome
    • I love that we save lives in every sense of the word – we encourage everyone to have a go whether walking or running – it keeps people fit, gets people fitter, helps our mental and physical wellbeing. Oh, and we have a defibrillator that works magic :-)
    • I love the photographs showing us all in various states of exertion – my before and after shots generally look like 2 different people!
    • And I love the fact that parkrun sends us a congratulatory email (or emails if you’ve managed to run and volunteer on the same day) and rewards us with milestone t-shirts which people love to wear

    I know I’m probably preaching to the converted as the people reading this have subscribed to our facebook and/or website pages. But it’s nice to just say it anyway! And it feeds very nicely into parkrun uk's latest video addressing some of the misconceptions about parkrun. It's funny but spot on. Take a look on or Linford Wood's parkrun pages.

    This week 220 people came along to Linford Wood to run, jog and walk the course. We welcomed 41 people who had never run at Linford Wood before f which 9 were running their first ever parkrun. Well done folks and we hope to see you again. Chris Page earned his 100 T-shirt this Saturday and young Aaron Syposz earned his junior 10 T-shirt - awesome job. 31 people ran their fastest Linford Wood parkrun time and representatives of 27 different clubs took part.DSC_2890The event was made possible by 25 volunteers who did a great job in making the day happen: DSC_2679
    Steve DICKS • Russell SHACKLOCK • Peter Benjamin COX • Kathy SAUNDERS • Arwen WILCOCK • Pete WHITMORE • Karen TURNEY • Neal TURNEY • Julie HUDSON • Matthew DICKS • Michelle THOMSON • Vivien BLACK • Colin WHITTAKER • Kelly ROBERTS • Monique SUTHERLAND • Barnaby NORMAN • Suzanne CARTER • Jim EASTMENT • Tara HOLLAND • Greg SCOTT • Kate BULBECK • Paz PRIETO MARTIN • Esther POLMAN-LEONARDS • Geoff PARKER • Adam SAVORY

    If you'd like to join the illustrious list please get in touch with us by emailing us:, In any case, we hope to see you all again next Saturday when we can do it all again!

    Facebook: @linfordwoodparkrun
    Twitter: @linfordwoodpkrn
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Run Report 30/6/18

Linford Wood parkrun
Event number #105
30th June 2018

Run Report by Greg Scott

This summers heatwave continued into the weekend and made sure parkrunners were met with a warm and sunny welcome on Saturday . The heat did not deter another great turnout that set off under the canopy at 9 am sharp.

Event number 105 drew 244 people to the start line. 27 of which were new to Linford Wood, and 15 people had never been to a parkrun before. I hope all of you had an enjoyable experience and come back again soon.

We had a Buckingham parkrunner make themselves known at runners briefing, but a quick glance at the finishers list suggests at least one more tourist from south east Wales area. Not many tourists, and not many milestones this week either. But that should not diminish the achievement of JANE PAPMEL participating at their 50th event. Big congratulations!


There was the usual strong representation of local clubs this week. Redway Runners made up over 20% of the entire field with 50 members! We also had groups from Sweatshop Running Community, MK Lakeside Runners and MK AC. Special mentions go to the Army Reservists from the Bletchley Military Intelligence division. I could tell you what they do but I'd have to... well, you know how the saying goes!

Another special mention goes to the Up and Running club that were celebrating their Couch to 5k graduation. It must be doing some good, as several of you joined in the 47 celebrating a new personal best this week as well.

I personally can vouch for Couch to 5k as an excellent way of getting into running. This coming weekend will be exactly one year since I completed my first session, and I've been running ever since. It's a great way of kick starting and help maintain a healthy lifestyle, and as seen as it helps you get to run a 5k distance without stopping, it kinda segues nicely in with parkrun!

Lots of special mentions this week – another one goes to our glorious parkrun pacers. Your eyes did not deceive you – there were people in tutu's, and this is not an abnormal occurrence! Thanks to PAUL WOODWARD for organising the volunteers for the various times this week. This report writer was a little optimistic chasing down 21 minutes, but I'm super happy to have got my second fastest parkrun time still, so thanks again you pacers.


This week our first finisher was UNKNOWN! If you're reading this I'd like to offer you a free run this Saturday, just #DFYB... So our first named finisher was JEREMY VICK, achieving a 19 second PB in the process, and the second best Age Grade of the week too. A good week for you, and a good week for SIOBAHN DYER who was our first lady finisher – well done on another PB as well. Pipping Jeremy to the best age grade this week was PAULINE TURNER with a great result of 78.58%.

Final special mention, picked up from our social media accounts, the week goes to SARAH SMITH, who is now the owner of a 25 volunteering T Shirt, and proudly displayed it on Saturday. Thanks for all your help, and of course a massive THANK YOU to all our volunteers at this weeks event. A bumper list thanks to our pacers includes

Steve DICKS • Paul WOODWARD • Ian ROPKE • Caroline FORD • Sheniah ASIAMAH • Stuart SULLIVAN • Susan BEVERIDGE • Julie LOXLEY • Arwen WILCOCK • Lorraine DEVEREUX • James FULLER • Karen TURNEY • Neal TURNEY • Ana CHAPLIN • Rob WATSON • Joanna BARLOW • Matt CLEMENTS • Kelly ROBERTS • Eleanor BAVERSTOCK • Warren GOODLAKE • Jim EASTMENT • Gary

You too can take pleasure out of volunteering by signing up to our volunteer emailing list and giving it a go. Any role is available as training is given.

And finally... for the statto's out there, providing we have at least our average attendance, this coming Saturday will see the total distance covered at our parkrun reach over 100,000 KM!!

lwpr stats

Depending on which way you measure it, that is enough to get around the world two and a half times – something to bear in mind next time you approach the start...

See you next week!

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Run Report 23/06/2018 by Laura Chapman

As I sat preparing to watch 22 fine athletes take to the pitch this evening, I recalled something a lady said to me as she passed me, grumbling away, at last weekend’s Linford Wood parkrun...

“You look like an athlete to me!”

After a year plagued by injury and avoiding parkrun for fear of failure, this really was music to my ears. Some of you will recall my last RD-ship at Linford Wood saw me either on crutches or perched on a director’s chair, having picked up a nasty stress fracture two weeks before! This was my last appearance at Linford Wood for quite some time, and it ended up being a whole year before I made my running return at the 104th event last weekend.

And what a welcome I had! It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and be cheered by marshals right around the course and up to the finish line. What a wonderful team we have at Linford Wood. The moment I crossed the finish line, I realised how much I’d missed my favourite Saturday morning ritual!


(That's my friend Hywel and I at the finish, feeling like worn out athletes at this point! Shout out to him for getting me round the course.)

Surrounding us this week were 205 incredible athletes, including 15 amazing people who took part for the first time, and visitors from as near and far as Market Harborough and Newcastle upon Tyne. I hope, like me, you’ll return to Linford Wood parkrun soon.

Congratulations to the 45 individuals who posted Personal Bests this week!


There was one milestone this week. Congratulations to last weekend’s Run Director Lorayne who completed her 25th volunteer activity! Here she is briefing the volunteers in the photo above. This is probably a good time to thank last week’s volunteers! If you fancy following in their suit this weekend, just click here to view the roster:

Shout out to these 20 wonderful individuals:-


A special shout out to volunteer Sheila Dickins who very kindly donated us a new trolley to ferry our kit around! Sheila, this is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

And after a lovely week, on we go to event #105 which takes place, as always, this Saturday at 9am. To our regular parkrunners, newbies and those we haven't seen for a while, I hope to see you there!


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Run Report 16/6/18 by Greg Scott

Linford Wood parkrun
Event number #103
16th June 2018

Run Report by Greg Scott

Firstly, I thought I would share what Jim, the RD mentioned to me this week. He said filling the role of Report Writer is hard. This comes a surprise, because as well as getting the joy out of volunteering in any capacity for parkrun, it's one of only a few roles you can do at the same time as taking part and finishing the event! You don't even have to do that – just turn up and soak up the friendly, community atmosphere and write about it. Don't fancy writing an essay? Write a poem. A parkrun haiku wouldn't go amiss. Fancy yourself as a budding photographer? Volunteer as event photographer and capture those moments of finishing glory. Volunteers are what make parkrun happen, and there is nothing you are excluded from having a go at. Have a look at the future roster, sign up to the email, and give it a go.

volunteersOur friendly, community, atmosphere is replicated all over the country, and is one of the reasons people enjoy 'touristing', where you travel away from what you consider your home event to elsewhere. This week, as well as the obligatory few that have 'travelled' from MK parkrun, we had visitors from Northampton, Abingdon, Coventry, London, and Cardiff that made themselves known at the briefing. A glance at the results would suggest further visitors from the likes of Didcot and Kent. We actually had the pleasure of one of the race directors from Cardiff parkrun join us – Dafydd. I'm glad the welcome was warm, and hope you enjoyed the course. I also trust Jim managed to show you how to run a good event! Daffyd

Our course is looking extremely lush at this time of year. We are very fortunate not only with our setting, but to have solid ground underfoot all the way round – not withstanding the accumulations of leaves and dirt at times in places! We were served with a reminder this week, however, that some parts are a little uneven, not just the wobbly path and surroundings that snake through the wood, but on the redways alongside that vegetation. Do take care with the uneven paths, particularly alongside the Heelands park & playing fields around 2km in, and the finishing straight.

runnersThe only hazard at the start of the race are other participants, as 230 of us made our way to the start line to set off on our way. Another great, above average attendance at Linford Wood. 26 people joined us for the first time, including 10 people who will forever remember attending Linford Wood for their first ever parkrun. I hope you'll consider coming again. starter huddle (1)

As report writer for this week, I decided to take some photos on my way round which will hopefully serve as useful reference points. Yes, that we me darting around like a loon stopping for pictures every so often, sorry if I got in your way! They are on the parkrun flickr page, alongside the pictures taken by someone who actually knows what they doing – thanks to Arwen for this weeks set!

untitledJEREMY VICK was our first finisher this week in a new PB of 18:25, and ALICE RITCHE was our first lady finisher with a time of 21:29. 45 people joined Jeremy in obtaining a personal best last week, and PAULINE TURNER achieved a fantastic age grade of 78.94%. Well done to you, and congratulations to those celebrating milestones. Abu and Jim

ABU SARANG has earned a red t shirt for completing his 50th event. And, not an official milestone, but a first parkrun for LORRAINE DEVEREUX in a long time after sustaining a nasty injury. Welcome back, thanks for volunteering, and hope the recovery keeps on going well. It is great hearing stories like this via social media – check out our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages (links at the bottom)!

25 separate running clubs were represented this week, including especially good turnouts from Redway Runners, Shenley Striders and MK Lakeside Runners
The biggest thank you as ever, is reserved for this weeks volunteers, without whom we wouldn't have an event. They were Simon WHELAN • Nick FAIRBROTHER • Caroline BEECHEY • Keith CURWOOD • Russell ROSE • Sheniah ASIAMAH • Lloyd CROSS • Meera ABBOTT • Arwen WILCOCK • Tim INCHLEY • Lorraine DEVEREUX • Karen TURNEY • Neal TURNEY • Laura CHAPMAN • Sian CARTER • Sheila ROSE • Jim EASTMENT • Nik EDWARDS • Brian HOBBS • Lorayne MACFARLANE • Greg SCOTT • Paz PRIETO MARTIN • Rut POLMAN • Elizabeth FALLOWS
And finally, what must be a record for a run report, no mention of the weather yet

And finally, what must be a record for a run report, no mention of the weather yet!

(It didn't rain)

See You Saturday!

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