Run Report 21/04/2018

At Linford Wood the sun did shine
As lots of people made the time
To don their running gear and shoes
Or high-viz yellow, orange and blue
DSC_6355The bluebells carpeted the wood
A lovely change from rain and mud
With primrose yellow and budding green
A taste of spring was to be seen DSC_6372More than 200 came to walk
And run and jog and laugh and talk
Today we welcomed twenty nine
At Linford Wood for their first time
And thirty four were pleased to see
Their fastest time with a PB
DSC_6420And all this was because of those
Magnificent super-heroes
Who donned the high-viz just in time
To make sure you all crossed the line
So thank you all those named below
Who made sure Linford Wood was 'go'
On Friday eve the RD took
To alcohol afraid to look
At what was not a complete line
Of volunteers (I drank more wine!)
And panic soon began to slow
As wine and volunteers flowed
We still ran short but made it tick
With David's reappearing trick
A double act we thought was great
Meant marshal three was marshal eight! DSC_6523Congratulations to the three
Who ran and earned their 50 T
So Simon, Callum, Gareth too
We all say 'great result' to you
DSC_6484And thanks to those who came to see
From Sheffield, Derby, Coventry
So welcome to our neighbourhood
The leafy, pretty Linford Wood DSC_6469We'd Lunatics, Run Mummy Run
And lots of locals having fun
The ten year olds were fast and small
Our eldest runner beat them all!
So welcome all of you who ran
At Linford Wood which just began
Less than two years ago, July
Wow, don't the weeks and months just fly?
More than four thousand ran their way
To eighty seven thousand K
We come to run, walk, jog, not race
So see you soon, same time, same place :-)

Our high viz superheroes this week were:DSC_6271

Nick FAIRBROTHER • Shelly HARMES • Keith CURWOOD • Sarah SMITH • Chris BROWN • Neal TURNEY • Maurice O'CONNELL • David HUDSON • Julie HUDSON • Sean POLLOCK • Lauren POLLOCK • Kelly ROBERTS • Barnaby NORMAN • David MOSLEY • Warren GOODLAKE • Tara HOLLAND • John TAYLOR • Simon MYDLIAR • Jenny EVANS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Linford Wood parkrun Results Page.

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Linford Wood parkrun


Run Report 14/04/2018

Linford Wood parkrun
Event number #94
14th April 2018

Run Report by Jon Evans

Anonymous Pace Runner: “So I said to him no, I haven’t got a tutu, then he said, I’ve got two spare ones in the car. Do you want to borrow one?”

Overhearing such a conversation can mean only one thing – a pacing event at Linford Wood parkrun! Tutus, the garment beloved of the pacer or charity runner, were very much in evidence during yesterday’s event. And yes, that really was the paraphrase of a genuine but slightly disturbing conversation I overheard yesterday. It did continue with speculation as to why someone would carry two spare tutus, however as I’m writing this before the 9 o’clock watershed, we won’t pursue it further.


There was a cracking turnout of 251 people on Saturday who walked, jogged, ran or skipped around the 5k course, no doubt helped by the fact that a) it was a pacing weekend (always popular), but also, and just as importantly b) the first decent weather for some considerable time. With the amount of rain in the previous week, the wood was looking very green, and there was a lot of standing water around, although fortunately not on the course. There were plenty of Primroses, Cowslips and Wood Anemones in evidence, as well as the green spiky leaves which herald the carpeting of the woodland floor in Bluebells from late April to May.


The woods rang to the sound of birdsong, and I’m sure they were welcoming the opportunity to dry their feathers out, and warm themselves (finally) in the sun. At my pace there is still time to look around and enjoy this piece of ancient woodland, and apart from 251 (impeccably behaved) lycra clad lunatics, (some of whom were wearing tutus), it was easy to imagine how the wood must have looked when it was first enclosed as a deer park in 1264 by Baron Ralph von Pippard of Great Linford Manor. If you are more speedily paced than me, it really is worth returning on a non-parkrun day to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the wood if you live locally.

People read these reports for different reasons, so I always try and include varied themes (natural history tick, history tick), but usually, people are most interested in the statistics from the run. So, for the stattos amongst you, I can reveal the following:
46.6% of our pacers wore tutus. 28.6% of these were blue, a further 28.6% were green, 14.3% each were yellow, or black, or rainbow coloured. What these statistics show with a high degree of confidence is that the probability of a pacer wearing a tutu is nearly 0.5, or 50%. On Grand National Day, to put it in horse racing parlance – evens.


However with a very specific but totally random set of pacing times adorning the shirts of the chosen ones, all bets were most definitely off. What is a racing certainty however, is that pacers always inspire our runners to greater efforts, and on Saturday they were instrumental in helping achieve 44 PBs, representing 17.5% of our 251 finishers. 29 different running clubs were represented, apparently coming from as far afield as Bideford and Blaydon, Coventry and Derwent & Exeter and Newcastle.

Not to be outdone, our local clubs were also well represented, particularly Redway Runners who, apart from a lone representative from Lakeside Runners, and two independents, comprised 12 of our pacers. At this point, congratulations to Simon Navin, who hit his target pace of 25:25 bang on the nail! Sadly, I wasn’t fast enough to be at the finish in that short a time to be able to confirm or deny rumours that he waited at the last corner for several minutes disguised as a tree. Only joking Simon – amazing work.


I previously said all bets were off with the random birthday related times sported by our pacers, BUT all our pacers came very close to their times – no mean feat when GPS signals can be a bit shaky through the woodland. But rather than being accurate to the second, the most important thing was the encouragement they gave to the runners – and it’s always nice to see thanks in the Facebook comments to specific pacers from people who were inspired to really put a bit more effort in by having the encouragement to achieve their goal.


There were 40 first timers at Linford Wood parkrun on Saturday, 9 of whom were taking part in their first ever parkrun. Well done. It’s been said before, and it’s a bit of a cliché, but really, you’ve taken the most difficult step just deciding to do it. We hope you’ll be back to join us again soon.

Apart from this important milestone of a first parkrun completed, congratulations to Richard Doherty and Fred Stiff who both completed their 50th run. Richard was also one of our pacers, and not only managed to arrive within 3 seconds of his target, but also got a PB himself!! Once again, Mr Woodward dazzled us with his total of completed parkruns – more than anyone else at Linford Wood by some considerable margin at 369.

The first lady home was Abi Gooch (21:30), second was Miriam Drewett (22:43) and third was Rachel Dean-Corke (23:40)
The first male runner this week is unknown, but second was Adam Gibson (18:59) and third was Ed Vout (19:09)

Hopefully, we can now look forward to some better weather as Spring bursts forth. It was exceedingly pleasant to once again to be able sit outside the Ora cafe and enjoy a drink whilst my head, sadly lacking in hair, burnt gently in the pale Spring sunshine, rather than sit inside, shivering over a latte. DSC_5878

We are very grateful to the splendid volunteers who made this event happen: Chris BROWN, Sarah CONNOLLY, Milo DE GORTER, Sheila DICKINS, Richard DOHERTY, James DWIGHT, Jon EVANS, Emma EVANS, Jenny EVANS, Nick FAIRBROTHER, Gary FIDLER, Susan FLYNN, Caroline FORD, James FULLER, Warren GOODLAKE, Neil GOODWIN, Julie KENNEDY, David MOSLEY, Simon NAVIN, Barnaby NORMAN, Lucinda PARISH, Rut POLMAN, Paz PRIETO MARTIN, Isobel RICHARDSON, Joseph RICHARDSON, Stephen ROSE, Greg SCOTT, Sarah SMITH, Annette SMYTH, Stuart SULLIVAN, Roger THETFORD, Kevin TILLEY, Neal TURNEY, Rob WATSON, Colin WHITTAKER, Diane WILSON, Paul WOODWARD

If you fancy giving it a go yourself, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by an emotional Run Director keen to fill their roster. Just e-mail: Go on, you know you want to....

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Linford Wood parkrun


Run Report 07/04/2018

We at Linford Wood were once again blessed with lovely weather on Saturday for Event #93. So often it can be raining up to and afterwards but for the event itself the weather comes good.. We must be special!

And they're off... Just shortly after this picture was taken the RD almost got trampled in the rush! Note to self... Stand clear next time you're RD and starting the run!

The weather was just about perfect for running, not too warm, not too cold and a very light breeze - if at all... In fact just about perfect for a PB. A look at the results shows 39 out of our 196 runners did indeed score a new PB. Well done all of you!

Congratulations go to 18 of our runners who were first timers at Linford Wood. I trust you all enjoyed your run and will be back to run with us again very soon.

Although I was RD for this event and I know I asked at the briefing I cannot now recall if we had any tourists. I think we may have but my empty head has now lost the details and I made no notes... So, sorry for not crediting any tourists. You were, as always most welcome and I trust you enjoyed Linford Wood.

Oddly, we had no milestones this week... Plenty doing their 51st parkrun though...

One thing I was careful to get a good record of was the fantastic feat achieved by our young runner Charlie...

Charlie has been running parkruns to raise money for World Child Cancer in memory of Sacha Gauchi who tragically died aged just two. Charlie completed a 'marathon of parkuns' at Linford Wood and so far has raised £1060. Well done Charlie, that is an incredibly fantastic achievement and we are all very proud of you!

Pete, one of our very regular runners a Linford Wood brought along his new pacer...

I'm not sure who was pacing who but I do know last week Pete told me at the start he'd run in 40 minutes. He was very near spot-on and in fact ran in 40 minutes and one second. This week Pete ran in just under 41 minutes so I'd have a word with your new pacer Pete!

This week we were blessed with a most excellent group of volunteers who collectively ensured the event ran incredibly smoothly and was a complete success in all ways. Without our volunteers the event just cannot happen and we at Linford Wood are particularly fortunate to have a most wonderful group of volunteer stalwarts who always respond to the appeals and work fantastically together as a team... You just don't know how much all of you volunteers are warmly appreciated.

This week's volunteers were:

Barnaby NORMAN • Christopher G J KIRKLAND • Colin WHITTAKER • David MOSLEY • Dorothy YEATES • Ed VOUT • Eirwen TAGG • Jill FOY • Jim EASTMENT • Julia CHEETHAM • Linda LOMAX • Lorayne MACFARLANE • Matthew DICKS • Nik EDWARDS • Paz PRIETO MARTIN • Rob WATSON • Sarah HEMPHILL • Sarah SMITH • Sheniah ASIAMAH • Simon MYDLIAR

Volunteers are always very welcome and we actively encourage those who have never previously volunteered to sign up for a role... For all but one role you need no previous experience as full training and a briefing will be given and you're never on your own... Give it a try!  Volunteering is incredibly good fun and very rewarding. Have a look at the future roster page on the Linford Wood parkrun website and sign-up there.

We are always keen to recruit volunteers to the team who can undertake the pre-event setup role. This involves laying out the course with the signs and cones and does need some pre-training as the wood looks very different and confusing when there's no signs and cones to follow. Training is done by 'shadowing' an experienced volunteer for a few sessions... The only catch is that it takes an hour to do so an early 07:30 start is needed...

First across the line (or into the finish funnel) this week was Jonathon Peters in a cracking time of 17 minutes and 6 seconds. Our first lady finisher was Amy Ferguson in a time of 21 Minutes and 30 seconds. Well done both!

The picture above is just one of very many most excellent pictures taken by Barnaby. Please take a moment to enjoy them all on our Flickr site - address at the bottom of this report.

And finally, finish token 147 went missing... If you have it or know of its present whereabouts we'd really appreciate its return. All its friends are missing it...

Until we all meet again on Saturday and remember - don't forget your barcode!!! #DFYB


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Linford Wood parkrun


Run Report 31/03/2018

The first parkrun of British Summer Time felt more like a deep, December morning at first, but the gathering of 209 runners, walkers, joggers and volunteers ensured Easter weekend at Linford Wood was a buoyant one. Plus a cache of Chocolate at the end played a part. Even the rain held off!
DSC_5317It has rained a lot in the last couple of weeks however, and some parts of the course are showing it. The Parks Trust have done some good work over winter digging out drainage trenches in areas of the wood that needed it. The paths through the wooded half are largely free of standing water.

There were rumours at the start of an underpass being submerged in half a foot of water! However the temporary steeplechase section wasn't too bad and could be circumnavigated easily enough (if you wanted to :p )

We're blessed to have a beautiful ancient woodland to run through, with an abundance of wildlife all around. This week, several very tall bunnies could be seen running around! They were rather quick as well! Some excellent make up work there – looking just as good at the end! DSC_5289
The finish area is a bit of a bog at the moment, and has had several different layouts to combat the conditions. This worked well this week, but it didn't stop a few people wondering where to get their barcodes scanned! I did have a few observations this week.
DSC_5355Make sure you run all the way to the finish! The finish line is in between our 2 lovely timekeeping volunteers, so try not to slow down before! The difference could be a few seconds either side of a PB! Also, stay in order when you have crossed the line. This is so you get your proper finish token and therefore time.

If you have fin ished and are supporting, or if haven't run, please try and keep the finish stretch clear, so incoming finishers aren't put off or likely to run into anyone! Finally, I can't actually attest to doing this myself!

But as you finish, make sure you show that you are happy to and smile for the camera! Or better still, pull a funny face. Something I seem to do naturally!! DSC_5380So, another egg-cellent turnout given conditions weren't forecast to be too great. Our average attendance has risen at a steady rate since the start of the year, and it's fantastic to see so many first timers come down week upon week. Another little stat – this week saw the 4000th different person since the start! DSC_5509This Saturday, 21 people hatched a plan to attend Linford Wood for the first time, including 5 people that chose us as their first ever parkrun. So well done to JOANNE COOK, DARREN BURNS, MARK GOLDBERG, KATIE BYRNE and LUCY BRITTON – hope to see you again soon! Hopefully all you other first timers enjoyed our route.

26 people hopped their way around to new personal bests, no doubt helped in part by the aforementioned chocolate at the end! I was pretty egg-static with my own personal best.

We also had a few milestones to celebrate. Firstly, well done to DANIAL BUNCE, who has made the step up from junior parkrun and has completed 10 parkruns. Another well done to JULIA SNAITH, who as well as being one of our tourists usually based at Bushy, celebrated her 100th parkrun with us. Finally, IAN CHEETHAM reached the 50 milestone in fine style by getting a new PB as well. DSC_5385
DSC_5444As well as Julia from Bushy, we had visitors from as far afield as Manchester. Local running groups were well represented, including impressive attendances from Redway Runners and MK Lakeside Runners. DSC_5285
And as ever, thank you very much to our volunteers that made it an egg-citing morning for all participants: Nick FAIRBROTHER • Meera ABBOTT • Martin Andrew SHEPPARD • Sarah SMITH • David HUDSON • Dario COLOMBO • Julie HUDSON • Jo BOORER • Andy GRIGGS • Barnaby NORMAN • David MOSLEY • Jim EASTMENT • Julia CHEETHAM • Tara HOLLAND • Steve BEECHEY • Lorayne MACFARLANE • Christian MAXWELL • Greg SCOTT • Paz PRIETO MARTIN

As ever, we are always on the lookout for volunteers, so take a look at the volunteer page at and sign up to the email to be notified of any opportunities. See you soon.

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Linford Wood parkrun


Run Report 24/03/2018

Saturday's parkrun was attended by 228 runners which was great to see, having been down on numbers during bad weather. The phenomenal success of parkrun across the country has highlighted some issues caused by large numbers- particularly during the birth of an event! The latest core volunteer email sent to event teams has highlighted a change of policy to protect new parks, new event teams and local people from being overwhelmed!

It is due to this that we have refrained from mentioning our new parkrun neighbours on our social media channels. So it's about time we welcomed Houghton Hall parkrun in Houghton Regis, Great Denham parkrun in Bedford, and Sixfields Upton parkrun in Northampton. Of the three I have only been to Sixfields, and I'm delighted to say I enjoyed it greatly. I will invite you to try out the new events so long as you talk about Linford Wood with pride!

So while the HUGE positive of large numbers is that we are becoming a healthier and happier nation, and we love seeing so many come along, please bear in mind should any new events arrive in our area!


Of our 228, it was brilliant to welcome all our first timers to the event. Even though I had the embarrassment of announcing the wrong running group! Up and Running graduates, you can be very proud of yourselves.


Another person that can be very proud of himself is run director Jim Eastment, who celebrated his 50th parkrun with a PB! Congratulations also to first-time visitor Rebecca Wray for running her 50th parkrun too!

A huge thank you goes to our volunteer team for helping us stage the event. Lots of vacancies were left on Friday so it was great to see a tidal wave of late offers to fill all the gaps!



Following the run I'm very proud to say that 21 of us stayed behind and made a difference, collecting 24 bags of litter, covering all our route and other paths in Linford Wood. It's hugely important we play a small part in looking after land we are privileged to use- it's also clear that the Parks Trust were thrilled with our help and it was lovely to meet their comminuty ranger afterwards who just about managed to fit all the bags in the truck!



We will have to do it again soon.

Our next parkrun event will be the pacing event on April 14th- this time we are covering oddball times such as 28:12!! As normal we really need some pacers between 33 and 39 minutes. Please get in contact if you can help!!

And finally, it was so wet that even the finish tokens needed to dry out! Hopefully the next one will be nice and dry...


Our brilliant team of volunteers were:

Andrew CHILCRAFT • Caroline BEECHEY • Christian MAXWELL • David HUDSON • David MOSLEY • Gemma BERRILL • Jeremy HILL • Jim EASTMENT • Julie HUDSON • Laura CHAPMAN • Malcolm KIDBY • Martin Andrew SHEPPARD • Matthew DICKS • Meera ABBOTT • Nik EDWARDS • Penny DEWHURST • Rachel EVANS • Sarah SMITH • Sheila DICKINS • Shelly HARMES • Sian CARTER • Steve BEECHEY

Thanks one and all!

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Linford Wood parkrun

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