Pacers Event Next Saturday – 2/8/14

Dont forget, being the first Saturday of the month, next Saturday 2/8/14 will 'pacers day'.

If you fancy being a pacer or want to run a certain time please let us know and we can hopefully help you gain that PB.

If you could put Pacer in the subject of your email that would be great.

See you in the morning!


Rumbles & Raindrops

Run Report for Event #88 on 19th July 2014
Run Director, Becky Bushnell

Friday was a night of spectacular storms passing through. We had thunder, lightening, and very heavy rain which left me wondering what the conditions would be like in the park on Saturday morning. Then there was that little part of me that wasn't quite sure if I would be brave enough to be run director in the middle of a massive thunderstorm. Fortunately the rain eased and the ground was not too waterlogged. The volunteers all arrived in plenty of time, the course got set up and 163 parkrunners laughed in the face of the bad weather to notch up another run at Little Stoke.

Many thanks to this week's volunteer team:

Andrew GRIFFIN  •  Becky BUSHNELL  •  Bob COX  •  Bridget MATTHEWS  •  Geoffrey BLACKMAN  •  Graham John CRUMP  •  Heather Ann TURNER  •  Jackie LEWIS  •  Jo BAKER  •  Lu LANDYMORE  •  Rachel GOVER  •  Sian CLARKE  •  Stephen SHAKESPEARE  •  Steven GRANT

We welcomed a few familiar faces from Chipping Sodbury this week including their Event Director Stu Wilkie who I almost didn't recognise behind his beard. A beard is generally enough of a disguise to fool me but recently there was a very mysterious runner at Pomphrey Hill who went to great lengths to complete his parkrun anonymously - read all about that here!

The gazebo went up just in case the heavens opened during the event but in the end we managed to get away with just a few light showers and the odd rumble of thunder in the distance. It was a great effort by all 163 runners and 38 came away with a new PB to boot!

You may have noticed a new addition to the park this week in the form of Matt's Snax. He sells a selection of hot and cold drinks and various breakfast rolls to enjoy as you chat to and cheer on your fellow parkrunners each week. I can verify that the bacon butties are delicious and I will be working my way through the rest of his menu over the coming weeks.

Saturday 26th July will be the first 'naked parkrun' at Little Stoke. Now I know what you're thinking but we're not asking you to ditch your clothes and run in your birthday suit, it's all about ditching your gadgets (e.g. GPS devices, headphones etc) and being technology free.
As you will all already know, parkrun is for everyone and everyone has their own pace. The idea behind the naked parkrun is to be able to see how you run without any distractions and to find your own rhythm. You will have the chance to try and predict your 'naked' time on the morning of the event and there may even be a few prizes for the closest guesses once the results are in. This is something that we are going to encourage Little Stoke parkrunners to do on the last parkrun of each month.

Finally a quick note about barcodes. We're not able to accept athlete barcodes on smartphones as the scanning equipment cannot read from the screens so we'd as you to please still bring your paper barcode. For full details of the parkrun policy on this click here.

I think that's all from me for this week. The stats are below.
See you next Saturday in the park!

Little Stoke parkrun Event #88
19th July 2014

Men's placings:
Mark SMITH (SM25-29) of Rothwell & District Harriers, was first over the line in 17:08 - first appearance.
Ciaran MCQUADE (SM30-34) of Bristol and West AC, was second over the line in 18:27.
Rob DIXON (SM30-34) (Unattached) was third over the line in 18:29.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Simon FAULKNER (Portishead Running Club) 4865 pts.
Simon HUGHES (Unattached) 4508 pts.
Derek DA SILVA (Unattached) 4403 pts.

Women's placings:
Courtney HOLBOURN (SW20-24) (Unattached) was first (61st overall) over the line in 23:51 - first time in 5 appearances.
Caroline POTTER (VW50-54) of Westbury Harriers, was second (64th overall) over the line in 24:03.
Dawn PINCH (VW40-44) (Unattached) was third (68th overall) over the line in 24:15.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Karen OWEN (Bristol and West AC) 4406 pts.
Suzanne CUNDY (Stokes Striders Recreational Running Group) 4197 pts.
Emma SHEPHERD (Barefoot Runners Society - UK) 3204 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Jonathan GOODLAND (VM55-59) was graded 78.36% for the time 19:57 (16th overall).
Jim GODDEN (VM50-54) was graded 77.04% for the time 19:27 (13th overall).
Peter ENGLAND (VM55-59) was graded 76.23% for the time 20:41 (23rd overall).

Little Stoke parkrun started on 3rd November 2012, and since then 2,683 different runners, including participants from 180 athletics clubs, have completed 13,067 runs covering a total distance of 65,335 km, and there have been 3,260 new Personal Bests.


Sunny Side Up : Run report event #87

As the parkrun day dawned for event #87 it turned out to be Sunny as promised by Met Office. Volunteers arrived promptly at 8:15 and we were able to set the course and the Funnel in no time. Thanks to parkrunner Andy Buffery who helped us with the course set up. Pete Mountain volunteered to be a 24 minute pacer. Thanks Pete, we are sure many runners would have used you to pace themselves right.

A big thanks to this week’s hi viz heros who made this event happen.


Aaron MOGG  •  Bob COX  •  Clare JUBB  •  Dave SWANSON  •  Jackie LEWIS  •  Jane GARDINER  •  Krishnan RAMBADHRAN  •  Lu LANDYMORE  •  Pete MOUNTAIN  •  Rosamund MOGG  •  Stephen CLARKE  •  Stephen John WARE  •  Tom BARTLETT

We cannot repeat this enough that parkruns are possible only because of volunteers. If you would like to be part of a great team please email us at . You can also take a peek at the holes upcoming volunteer roles and fill them if the date and role suites you. The roster for the next few weeks will always get updated here -


We welcomed 36 first time runners at Little Stoke on event #87. After a quick introduction to the course we were off around the 3 ½ laps round the park. parkrun tourist Matty Adcock , who decided to stopover at Little Stoke park on way to Devon, lead the first two laps with a big margin. The course record looked to tumble based on the early splits. In the end it didn’t with Matty finishing in 16:10, the third fastest time for Little Stoke parkrun. Peter Morton came charging in at position 2 with Ciaran Mcquade finishing 10 seconds behind yet beating his PB by a second.

One of the perks of finishing first is that you get an assistant to carry your Barcode for you.


Among the ladies Becky James is continuing with her PB form with the 4th one in a row this week finishing as the first lady at 19:16 taking 10 seconds off her PB. Katie Hughes at 19:34 and first timer Liz Sanigar at 20:15 made up the top 3 amongst the ladies.

We handed out couple of Red T shirts on the day. It’s great to see the red brigade gaining its strength week after week for Little Stoke parkrunners. James Bushnell completed his 50th parkrun this week, 38 of those were at Little Stoke parkrun.

The point’s competition is also shaping up well with Simon Faulkner in a clear lead with 4728 points ahead of Simon Hughes at 4374 and closely followed by Mathew Curtis at 4294. parkrunner of the month (June 2014) , Karen Owen at 4266 and Suzane Cundy at 4071 are very clear of third place Emma Shepherd at 3069 points. There are still 16 weeks to go until the Anniversary so anything is possible.

That’s all about this week. We were short of a photographer this week so I tried some tricks to capture the pictures automatically which didn’t quite work :) . Thankfully, Andy Jubb had taken some pictures and added them to the flickr page. See you on parkrunday.

Run Report for Event #87 by Mayur Desai (Run Director)


Wet Marshals and accurate pacers at Little Stoke parkrun – Event #86

Despite the forecast the volunteers were greeted at the Park by lots of rain to make it a wet half hour’s set up, but countered by our amazing bright and sunny and enthusiastic team who didn’t bat an eyelid. In fact a few were heard to mutter something like ‘it doesn’t matter, it will be dry for our parkrun window at 9, as usual’. Well lo and behold…… Maybe some runners made the mistake of looking out the window around 8.30 but still 139 of you arrived ready for a good old 5k blow out around our lovely Park.
First three home, from the 50 ladies today, were Jennifer Spence, Sian Davies and Sabrina Patten, while among the 87 men a clear pair of heels was shown by Ben Haines to Peter Morton and Joe Connors. I managed to chat to some ‘first time’ runners like Phil Brand who lives nearby and managed to break 20mins, young Harry Collett running too fast for his proud Dad and Ruth Watkinson who has made a great start back to running fitness. I hope all 14 ‘first timers’ enjoyed their first run with us at Little Stoke and will return to set about re-setting your new PB’s, of which there were 25 recorded yesterday. Also lovely to see Lu Landymore exercising her inner child by splashing through the puddles.
I would like to say a big thank you to our fantastic band of volunteers this week. Slightly disappointed that we didn’t get a full team this week but thanks to Ros Mogg for volunteering herself, last minute, to join Dave Guest on scanning and both did a brilliant job. After a soaking while setting up they all set about their roles with little fuss, from Bob, Jon and Steven at the finish to Karen, Ian, Sarah and Ryan marshalling out on the course. I also need to make special mention of Emma Shepherd who was our Tailrunner yesterday but at the same time last week was running 101km from Paddington to Milton Keynes for an amazing personal achievement while raising lots of funds for Kidney research to boot. Our pacers yesterday were exceptional as all six of them finished within 5 seconds of their designated targets. Thanks to you all.
If you would like to volunteer in the coming weeks please send us an email to Please remember we can only put on the event if you all volunteer a couple of times per year, so don’t always leave the volunteering to someone else.
Thanks to all our runners and volunteers for making Little Stoke parkrun what it is. Results and stats below for your perusal. Look forward to seeing you all again in the Park soon. Remember next week we will have a coffee/tea/bacon butty van with us, so come prepared to reward yourselves after your run.
Martin Dunne – Run Director
Men's placings:
Benjamin HAINES (VM35-39) of Bristol and West AC, was first over the line in 17:28 - third time in 4 appearances.
Peter MORTON (SM25-29) of Virgin Active Road Runners, was second over the line in 18:09.
Joe CONNORS (JM15-17) of Yate & District AC, was third over the line in 18:15.
Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Simon FAULKNER (Portishead Running Club) 4586 pts.
Simon HUGHES (Unattached) 4238 pts.
Matthew CURTIS (Unattached) 4166 pts.
Women's placings:
Jennifer SPENCE (SW25-29) of Thornbury RC, was first (41st overall) over the line in 22:45 - first time in 2 appearances.
Sian DAVIES (VW50-54) of Bristol and West AC, was second (42nd overall) over the line in 22:52 - was first to finish once before.
Sabrina PATTEN (VW45-49) of Bristol and West AC, was third (47th overall) over the line in 23:37.
Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Karen OWEN (Bristol and West AC) 4266 pts.
Suzanne CUNDY (Stokes Striders Recreational Running Group) 3962 pts.
Emma SHEPHERD (Barefoot Runners Society - UK) 3069 pts.
The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Sian DAVIES (VW50-54) was graded 77.11% for the time 22:52 (42nd overall).
Benjamin HAINES (VM35-39) was graded 77.00% for the time 17:28 (first overall).
Joe CONNORS (JM15-17) was graded 75.07% for the time 18:15 (third overall).
This week there were 139 runners, of whom 14 were first timers and 25 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different athletics clubs took part.
Little Stoke parkrun started on 3rd November 2012, and since then 2,632 different runners, including participants from 177 athletics clubs, have completed 12,709 runs covering a total distance of 63,545 km, and there have been 3,194 new Personal Bests.
The women's record is held by Jenny JAGGER who ran in a time of 00:17:46 on 2014-04-26 (event number 77).
The men's record is held by Jack BANCROFT who ran in a time of 00:15:41 on 2013-09-07 (event number 43).
The Age Grade course record is held by Philip PARRY who recorded a 90.58% run (16:17) on 7th September 2013 (event number 43).
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Little Stoke parkrun Results Page.


Sweatshop Monthly Prize Winner – June 2014

Little Stoke parkrun are pleased to announce Karen Owen as our Sweatshop Monthly Prize winner for June 2014.  A regular at Little Stoke, Karen has been running with Little Stoke parkrun since May 2013. She has also volunteered on a various occasions and tried a few different roles.


Her prize is a pair of trainers professionally fitted at any Sweatshop branch. We would like to thank Sweatshop for their generosity in making these monthly prizes available to reward the achievements of Little Stoke parkrunners.

Congratulations Karen, enjoy your prize!

Little Stoke parkrun team

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