It’s not as flat as Bushy Park! – Lloyd parkrun Report 425 by Jenny Booth

"It's not as flat as Bushy Park"was the comment of one of today's finishers at Lloyd Park. No, it's not. We don't want a boring old flat run. We like the course to be challenging so that the achievement of finishing it seems greater. And to prove how popular our undulating course is we have only to look at the runners who keep coming back. Today five of them reached significant milestones. Joanna Scanlan chalked up her fiftieth parkrun while John O'Neill and Nina Bennet each ran their hundredth. Vanessa Wheeler finished her 200th parkrun at Lloyd Park (243 in all) and Ron West his 250th in the park (284 in total) The ladies all brought cakes so everyone could help them celebrate. Well done, all of you, and keep coming back.

It wasn't the brightest of mornings in which to celebrate, but, although the sky was dark and the park quite murky, it was pleasantly cool for running and the rain held off until we had all finished, and the ground, although still firm, had a bit more "give" in it than last week. First finisher today was, as he often is, Lee Flanagan of Striders of Croydon in 18:35. Next was Matthew Stone of Selsdon Baptist Church Runners in 18:46, a new personal best time, followed by David Ogden of South London Harriers in 18:56. Matthew and David both recorded age grades over 80% and Lee's was just above 75%.

First lady to finish was Adele Boesinger of South London Harriers with a new Personal Best time of 22:17. Second lady, in 22:27,  was Lisa Rabanal of Canix, running for the first time at Lloyd parkrun with Abigail Robertshaw third to finish in 23:19, which was also a Personal Best time.

An amazing 55 runners improved their personal best times this morning. Some have been mentioned already. Congratulations to them and also to Darren Woods, Nicholas Marshall, Jake Moir, Darren Jackson, Michael Davis, Jon Bridges, Toby Kendall, Owen Brabon, Phil Richards, Donal Deasy, Mark Penlington, Jim Meadows, John O'Connor, Joseph Cosgrave, Joshua Mock, James Porter, David Sawkins, Paul Jesson, Thomas Barker, Sinan Hawat, Sean Bradnam, Chanka Perera, Antara Singh, Isaac Esho, Karen Speed, Ruth Pearson, Simon Tucker, Suresh Vellore, Marine Passavant, Dean Brabon, Zara O'Neill, Pandie Bronsdon, Noah Ralphs, Robert Campbell, David Kane, Tamsin Bosch, Charlene Berry,Robert Dugdale, Celeste Ralphs, Robert Musgrave, Sharon qSmith, Larnie Kendrick, Bhavesh Busa, Stuart Brown, Lorraine Norris, Carmel Spanswick, Marie Holmes, Tim Stephens, Tracey Walters, Nicholas Ryan, Rosemarie Stephens, Ashleigh Stevens, Caroline Brown, Rowena Bradnam and Yetunde Oshati.

A number of runners also recorded very high age grades. In addition to those already mentioned, age grades over 70% were recorded by Simon Ambrosi, Robert Lines, Steve Corfield, Andy Perks, Darren Jackson, Jon Dean, Chris Light, Phil Richards and Jeff Thompson. Well done, all.

We were joined by 11 parkrun novices today and six tourists from other venues. Clubs, represented, in addition to all the usual local clubs and churches, included such wonderful names as Cambridge University Hare and Hounds, Thames Hare and Hounds, Spencer Swim Team, Canix, New Life Croydon and the Derek Zoolander Centre for Kids Who Can't Run Good.

As always parkrun is delivered by a fantastic team of volunteers, many of them regulars. Set up, which entails getting the equipment out of the storeroom, putting up the tables and going round the course marking the route with arrows, was carried out by Nadine Pryce and her son Haydon McLeod, Nick Fiander (before going off to work!), Pauline James, Jane Sparks and Erik Schrijnemaekers. Erik also had another role as bar code scanner, after his run, where he formed a team with Oliver Little, Danyal Nawaz and Pavalan Mootoosamy. The marshals were Julie Jordan and David Root; and Robert and Hélène McCann (now nick- named "hurricane" by the Ref) acted as tail walkers. Louise Lauder and Stephen Tyler with the stopwatches and Emily Dean with the numbers joined me, as number checker, at the finish funnel, and Debra Bourne took the photographs. Debra processed the results. I was supposed to help but as the computer and the café wi- fi seemed to be not speaking to each other Debra took the recalcitrant computer home and did the results herself [after Jenny had done the first steps – Debra]. Jane Sparks and Aidan Dixon supervised the post-event close down (a posh name for putting everything back in the storeroom). Earlier, when he finished his run, Aidan had kindly taken a bottle of water and cups to the queue of runners waiting to be scanned. In fact he was so engrossed with this that he forgot to get his own number and barcode scanned. He found his number, which we had already recorded as missing, in his pocket when he got home. All was well, we got the number back and he is safely recorded in the results!


parkrunday wedding day – Lloyd parkrun Report #424 by Debra Bourne

For the middle of September, the weather was still pretty good today – sunny, and a pleasant temperature for running (and not too cool for volunteers standing on a field for an hour or so). The ground at Lloyd parkrun is still nice and firm – to be enjoyed while it lasts.

This morning, Tom Wells was running with us – and this afternoon, he was getting married – so congratulations to Tom, and you can thank Tom Hutchinson for letting me know so I could announce your wedding to everyone this morning!

Congratulations are also due to Martin Drake, on the birth of his daughter Kitty.

We had 17 first-timers joining us today, and as usual some of those arrived rather early when the volunteers easily outnumbered the runners. I reassured them that this would change, and indeed the usual magic occurred by which numbers swelled rapidly from about 8.50 and we ended up with 239 people completing the parkrun today.

The last people to finish were Robert and Helene McCann, as our Tail Walkers. Just before them came Keith Booth, walking both laps (having said he would just do one) on his first parkrun for three months. It was great to have Keith back.

The first parkrunner to finish today was Jack Burton (South London Harriers) in 18:27, followed by David White (Croydon Harriers) in18:54 and Andrew Manion in a PM of 19:02. For the women, Eloise Stradling (Farnham Runners) finished first in 21:54 in her first run with us, followed by Jenny Rowe in a PB of 22:15 and Amy-Rose Poole in 24:13.

Highest age graded runs came from Jack Burton (75.43%), John Isaacs (73.70%), and Daniel Jewell (72.67%), with Andy Perks, Phil Richards, Pauline James, Simon Ambrosi, Gary Harrison and Paul Elliott also coming in over 70%.

A great 48 people ran PBs: Andrew Manion, Daniel Jewell, Jake Moir, Paul Elliott, Jon Bridges, Luke White, Adam Costello, Tom Wells (a great start to your wedding day!), Jenny Rowe, David McLellan, David Peach, Phil Richards, Jim Meadows, Caroline McLellan, Roo Stewart, Edmund Fallon, Stephen Siu, Nigel Booth, Joy Barker, Jonathan Stillwell, Daria Kaczmarek, Simon Tucker, Louisa James, Clara Smowton, Suresh Vellore, David Graves, Catherine Kane, Alex Hesketh, Simone Ragavooloo, Marine Passavant, Hannah Heard, Casandra Dohmatob, Sophia Brown, David Kane, Ricky Thompson, Marie Holmes, Tim Stephens, Rosemarie Stevens, Lydia Goromonzi, Gema Rolfe, Isabella Brown, Sarah Read, Mary Bates, Rosemarie Stephens, Alan Clarey, Ama Mohammadi, Karin Aspeling and Anne Johannes – well run all!

More than 20 people didn’t have their barcodes today. If anyone is having problems getting theirs printed out, please email and I will help with that. If you are a regular Lloyd parkrunner do remember you can leave a copy or two of your barcode in the boxes we provide for that purpose. I also recommend that you keep a copies everywhere – under the cover of your mobile phone is a good place as well as in your wallet/purse, in the car, under the insole of your running shoe (yes, really) – or invest in a parkrun ID wristband.

Finally, as always, we couldn’t hold a parkrun without the volunteers. Today I had the pleasure of being your Run Director. Jenny Booth and ‘The Ref’ (Stephen Tyler) clicked the stopwatches while Joy Harris handed out finish tokens. David Appleton, Bob Thomas and Thea Franklin scanned barcodes, and Jane Sparkes wrote down those that didn’t scan properly (in nice legible writing, which Jenny and I appreciated greatly while we processed the results). Jane also helped set out the course, together with Pauline James, Nadine Pryce and Colin Jackson. Lee Flanagan took photos until the card in my camera was full (my apologies for forgetting to check and clear space on it beforehand), and Sarah Allport, Sandra Harris, Richard Spear and Graham Hansen were today’s marshals.

The last words for this report come thanks to a runner who used to be a regular at a different parkrun and now runs regularly with us – she said we’re much friendlier. Thank you to everyone for that, and long may we continue with a reputation as a friendly parkrun.

See you next week.



Back to school! – Lloyd parkrun Report #423 by Joanna Scanlan

Okay everyone, all in all you’re just another brick in the wall. Yes! we’re back to school! The start of a new academic and athletic year for the youngsters and teachers alike and time to plan an autumn of participation at every level. As the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness gets going the wasp skirmishes are manifold and the early morning temperatures have dropped to single figures. Not so much to cheer this week you might think. YET at gloom-buster Lloyd parkrun #423, the fruits are plentiful, as you will read below!

There was a blanket of cloud over the hill, but a good grip on the course; rain earlier in the week softened the ground but as yet there is no need to get your trail shoes out of storage, the slide and slip is nothing to worry about. Jon Dean in his inaugural stint as Run Director (hurrah and thanks) tackled his new task with élan and warmly welcomed first timers and tourists alike. A round of applause was heard for Anne Johannes, a regular at Zandvlei parkrun in Cape Town, visiting Croydon on the happy occasion of the birth of a grandson.

Not deterred by the sticky air at 85% humidity, a whopping 20% of 258 participants gained a PB! Well done to the Erik Schrijnemaekers, Lucas Kemperman, Thomas Beare, Jon Bridges, James Gooding, Ethan Humphreys, David Lawton, Jenna Hooper, Mark Penlington, David Peach, Stuart Morrison, Abigail Robertshaw, David Dixon, Steven Marsh, James Beatt, Caroline McLellan, Elodie Oldam, Michael Jones, Edmund Fallon, Stephen Siu, Jacqueline Bradford, Simon Hobson, Caleb Thompson, Carrie Day, Isaac Esho, Andrew Hall, Sean Bradnam, Tony Noel, Huesan Chan, Simon Tucker, Emma Robinson, Daria Kaczmarek, Steven Laing, Jack Peters, Robert Campbell, Noah Ralphs, Wendy Field, Lamie Kendrick, Robert Musgrave, Louise Rockall, Sarah Allport, Carmel Spanswick, Robin Faulkner, Tom Britton, Sam Camphion, Tracey Walters, Elena Brown, Sophia Brown, Hilary Procter, Mary Bates, Dean Henry, Durga Madhavi Kasireddy and Susan Farman. Three cheers for all 53.

Huge congratulations to the men’s first finisher, Jack Burton of South London Harriers, who came in at 18:16 on his 33rd parkrun; Lee Flanagan and Krzysztof Klidzia, both of Striders of Croydon, followed on with a photo finish in 18.23 and 18.24 respectively. The women were topped by Jenny Rowe, a mere cigarette paper off her own PB with a terrific 2nd place to Junior (11-14) Jenna Hooper with a new PB and the bronze medal clinched by tourist Alison Rogers of Westbury Harriers. This week two runners gained over 80% age graded, Krzysztof Klidzia (82.16%) and Matthew Stone (80.73%). Well done.

We were blessed with 30 first timers - by coincidence, the same as last week. Today there were 11 novices and 19 tourists. We warmly welcome all of you and hope that you will hurry on back. The inducement of excellent tasty homemade Sunshine Bars and fruit cake to celebrate Junior Alice Hunt’s 50th parkrun may well encourage returns. Tremendously well done, Alice! Alice was joined in celebrating her milestone by Sophie Sachedina, Ruth Pearson and Karen Davidson. No 100s or 250s today.

The volunteers this week, to whom we all owe prodigious thanks, are Jon Dean as previously mentioned for taking on the big job of Run Director and throwing in some number checking on the way; for coordinating the volunteering teams Debra Bourne (during the week) and Jennifer Little on the day; for pre-event set-up Nadine Pryce, Pauline James, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Jane Sparks, Haden Mcleod and Alex Morrall; for Time Keeping Ian Butler with Madeleine Little for finish tokens; David Graves, Roberta Ann Gilkinson and Hélène McCann, for marshalling. Barcode scanning was undertaken by Erik Schrijnemaekers (after running), James McDonald, Jennifer Little and Fiona Hunt, the results were processed by David Alderson, Tony Hunt and Nadine Pryce; photos taken by Wendy Spear, Communications were enabled by Debra Bourne and pacing 30 mins was reliably kept by Robert Ewen. Joanna Scanlan (that’s me!) wrote the run report. I have left thanking the tail walkers Robert McCann and Mark Parker till last as I wanted to include Mark's story. Mark is diabetic and this week was his 28th parkrun. He is taking part in the 1 Million Step Challenge for Diabetes UK which involves taking an average of 10,000 steps every day for three months. He advises me that our parkrun 5km is around 8000 steps for most people, but he walks to Lloyd Park from Selsdon to add to the tally. Mark tells me his blood glucose levels have dropped from the 90s to the 60s (current measurement scale) since starting parkrun. This puts him well within his targets. When I feel like pressing snooze next Saturday morning I’ll gratefully remember Mark’s inspiration and rush to parkrun with a spring in my first of 10,000 steps!



Run in the sun – Lloyd parkrun Report #422 by Jenny Booth

It was a beautiful morning with blue skies and bright sunshine. The tail walker actually got a telephone message from her daughter from the finish line asking her to get a move on as the finish funnel team were all getting sunburnt! The course was firm but the grass was covered in very wet dew. I shouldn't have worn my sandals.

Some of our runners certainly did get a move on. First home was Joe Lyne of Trafford AC in 18.27, with Daniel Gillett of South London Harriers second in 18.43 and Krzysztof Klidzia of Striders of Croydon third in 18.48. The ladies got cracking as well. First lady home was Anna Corby of Croydon Harriers in 21.02, a new personal best time. In fact Anna has recorded a new personal best time in each of her last three runs at Lloyd Park. Second lady finisher was Jenny Rowe in 22.35 and third was Alex Jervis in her first outing at our venue.

Congratulations to all of today's runners who achieved a personal best time. Apart from Anna, they were Terry Eeles, Luke White, Caspar Dean, Donal Deasy, Nithipan Vananathan, James Gooding, Gajandra Sivadhas, David Lawton, Abigail Robertshaw, James Beatt, Horatio and Edmund Fallon, Joshua Edwards, Thomas Barker, Monika Martin, Richard Hooper, Aidan Dixon, Clara Smowton, Tamsin Bosch, Lamie Kendrick, Louis Rockall, Sarah Allport, Anna Bond, Stuart Brown, Toks Olusamokun, Caroline Brown and Umesh, Ranjani Vellore Suresh. There was, also, a very large number of runners who recorded high age grades. Two of our regulars reached the dizzy heights of over 80% age grade - David Ogden and Krzysztof Klidzia and there were grades of over 70% for Anna Corby, Jeff Thwaites, Geoff Pennells, Jon Dean, Chris Morton, Brahem Hansen, Roger Stevens, James Moore, Tom Gillespie, Lee Flanagan, Daniel Gillett and Joe Lyne.

We welcomed 30 Lloyd Park first- timers - 15 of them parkrun novices and 15 of them tourists from other venues. Our visitors included runners who normally run at Beckenham, Reigate Priory, Tooting Common, Nonsuch, Brockwell, Crawley, Southend, Milton Keynes and Stretford parkruns.

It was a milestone day for Anirudh Kasireddy who joined the junior ten club this mornig. Two more runners, Phil Richards and Robert Fisher completed their fiftieth parkrun. Well done all!

As always Lloyd parkrun is delivered to you by a team of volunteers, some of whom actually give up their own opportunity to run in order to give you all an organised and safe run. Many of them appear regularly and it would be good to see a few new faces helping out, so please think about whether you could come and join the team occasionally. Today's heroes and heroines were our set up team of Michelle Klein, Nadine Pryce, Pauline James, Jane Sparks and Erik Schrijnemaekers, our marshals Marion Davis, Henk Witlox, Jon Bridges, Keith Booth and Hélène McCann and tail walkers Lynn Seymour and Robert McCann. Bar code scanning was in the hands of Danyal Nawaz, Erik Schrijnemaekers and Jon Dean and Stephen Allport handed out the finish tokens. Stephen Tyler joined me with the stopwatches, Debra Bourne took photographs and processed the results and the event was presided over by today's Run Director, Richard Corby.


Irish blessing – Lloyd parkrun report #421 by Joanna Scanlan

There’s an Irish blessing:- “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and rains fall soft upon your fields.” Which isn't a bad summary of the more-or-less perfect running conditions experienced by 231 participants in our 421st event. The heavy rain of the night before threatened a greasy run but the sun and wind dried out the thirsty course before the start - last night’s moisture adding welcome give to the scorched paths without a hint (yet) of muddying them up. The cooling autumnal breeze had arrived a week or so early, yet the sunshine and post-squall air meant the stunning views from the top of the hill were as good as they get. Even the London Carnival Funfair parked close to our start seemed to add to a benign festive Bank Holiday vibe celebrating or commiserating the statutory end of summer. What a welcome for the 21 first timers, including Robert Page of Holme Pierrepont Running Club and James McDonald from our own Striders of Croydon AC!

The welcome was underlined by the generous baked goods including homemade cakes donated by Chao Gibbs to mark her milestone 100. Thanks and congratulations are in order. Equally, pastry and other celebrations went on for those with the milestones from last week: Luke White (Junior) 10th, Clara Smowton, 150th, Chris Brough 200th, Tamsin Bosh 50th. Well done all. Most excitingly, alongside the massive effort and determination of this week's delighted achievers, the excellent conditions contributed to the eyewatering 43 PBs this week, from Phil Symonds, Andrew Manion, Lucas Kemperman, Ben Amey, Anna Corby, Peter Lawton, Jon Bridges, Simon James, James Gooding, Nick Fiander, Gajandra Sivadhas, Ian Garton, Soheil Khalili, David Dixon, Steven Marsh, Neel Maniar, Abigail Robertshaw, James Beatt, Zsofia Jones, Stephen Siu, Claire Mitchell, Rachael Root, Matthew Mcguinness, Carrie Day, Callum Paterson, Vincent Milne, Selina Armoudon, Sheila Eade, Tamsin Bosch, Nikki Riley, Lamie Kendrick, Sally Lane, Stuart Brown, Anna Bond, Toks Olusamokun, Tim Stephens, Amali Lokuge, Hollie Riley, Ashleigh Stevens, Caroline Brown, Elena Brown, Isabella Brown and Esther Brown

We are grateful to Colin Dear for pacing 23 mins. Out on the course he accompanied a strong set of milestones for this week - most stupendous (and numerous) of which was that of Simon Ambrosi running both his 100th at Lloyd and his very impressive 300th overall parkrun. Tom White (Junior) ran his 10th, Carlos Rebelo 50th, Chao Gibbs 100th, David Peach 100th, Keith Watt 200th, Michelle Kline 150th. Huge Congratulations.

First over the line by 36 seconds was James Lyne (South London Harriers) with a terrific 18:02, followed by Phil Symonds in 18:40 and Krzysztof Klidzia (Striders of Croydon AC) in 18:49. First woman was Anna Corby (Croydon Harriers) at 21:03 (a PB!), with Sophie Sachedina (Striders of Croydon AC) second at 24.11 and Jenna Cooper (Croydon harriers third in 24:28. Massive respect. Last over the line (someone’s got to do it) was yours truly Joanna Scanlan at 52:34 (followed by the Tail Walker, of course), giving an overall spread of 34.32 for today. The wider the spread the greater the range of participants of which we can be very proud at Lloyd. We hope to encourage many friends and family to join us on a Saturday regardless of ‘perceived ability’!

Our top age graders this week were Krzysztof Klidzia (50-54) with 80.34% and Anna Corby (20-24) 70.31%. There were a further 7 runners with an over-70% age grade: Matthew Stone, Steve Corfield, James Lyne, Richard Moore, Geoffrey Pennells, Jeff Thwaites and Chris Light.

None of the above would have been possible without the volunteers. When you volunteer at Lloyd you will be made as welcome as when you run. Indeed you can do both by taking on certain of the positions. As a rule of thumb we are enormously grateful to those who volunteer approximately every twenty runs, or take the opportunity whilst injured or resting for longer runs to take on some of the roles open to all. My personal favourite is timekeeper, but then I enjoy a bit of pressure! Currently there are 12 positions open for 1st September. And if you go on the site to check out the volunteer roster do take the opportunity to opt in to the weekly volunteering email. It helps the run director’s blood pressure, I'm sure, to see the weeks ahead filled in good time! [It certainly helps the Volunteer Coordinator’s blood pressure! – Debra]

So thanks to this week’s heroes - Run Director today was Richard Corby backed up by the tireless Jenny Booth. Thanks to the rest of the team, Debra in absence (hope your Ridgeway 86 miler was a blast) Colin Dear, Hannah Luffman, Jane Sparks, Joanna Scanlan, Joe Lyne, Keith Booth, Martin Drake, Michael George, Nadine Pryce, Nick Fiander, Pauline James, Robert Ewen, Roberta Ann Gilkinson, Sharon Rhys-Davies, Simon Powell, Stephen Rhys-Davies, Wendy Spear, Yvonne Harrision, Zsofia Jones and particularly Vivienne Little for bravely tail walking with a broken wrist.

A closing bit of inspiration from my rummage through this week's national parkrun stats: congratulations to Harry Tempan from Mole Valley parkrun for a jaw dropping 106.27% age grade. He is in the VM-90-94 category and finished in 33.14 minutes. Bring on as many Irish Blessings as you can find!


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