Make way for the cycle track – Lloyd parkrun Report 444 by Jenny Booth

The new cycle track through Lloyd Park has forced us to make a small adjustment to our 5K course. We decided to leave the finish funnel in its usual place and move the runners along a little way to a new starting line. Today's Run Director, Richard Corby, calculated the distance and Rob Lines reminded him to double it to account for two laps. As soon as the runners set off we removed our new starting line so the park looked the same as usual.

261 runners completed the course, including 16 first- timers and 10 tourists. Today's first finisher was a first timer who has run only 7 parkruns but at 7 different venues. He was Tom Simmons and finished in 18.34 minutes. The second finisher, William Cole of Runhead AC was a tourist from Peckham who came in 11 seconds later, while third place went to a Lloyd parkrun regular, Rob Lines of Selsdon Baptist Church Runners in 18.53. The ladies' front runner, Jenny Rowe of Striders of Croydon, finished in 22.54 and two young runners  of Croydon Harriers, Gulcin Erten  in 23.32 and Antara  Singh  in 24.17 took the second and third places.

Everyone seemed to feel the cold today and several runners told me they had found the course "stickier" than last week but, thankfully, no one could describe it as muddy.

Sticky or not, however, there was a good crop of personal best times. Congratulations to William Cole, Sean Marshall, Tom Butler, Juanito Andino, Jim Meadows, Ken Parr, Tim Allen, Nicolas Stevens, Peter Stenning, Jason Kinkead, Sanjay Agarwal, Gareth Endean, Ryan O' Reilly, Emily Stenning, Katie Hollobone, Ravi Patel, Martin Stevens, Chloe Mayall, Irene Francis, Robyn Matthews, Adrienne Dawson and Colette Folan.

In addition, threerunners recorded age grades over 75 %. Well done Rob Lines, David Ogden and Matthew Stone.

We celebrated a number of personal milestones today. Eden-Marie Derosa joined the junior 10 club and James Rolfe clocked up his 50th parkrun, while Justin Lansdowne ran his 100th. Two of today's runners reached the 200 mark: Jon Dean who has run 121 of his 200 at Lloyd Park and Nadine Pryce . Records show that Nadine has run 167 of her runs at Lloyd Park but, of course, she has been round the course many more times than that as she helps with set up almost every week. Today her son Hayden helped with set-up and Nadine then drove him to an appointment, came back and started the run well after all the other runners. What a star!

We had a magnificent turn-out of volunteers today. Runners may have noticed how young many of them were. This is because we have the help of a number of young people who are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. They all seem to have learnt the ropes really quickly, and it is great to have them with us. Today's volunteer team was made up of the set- up team of Nadine and Hayden, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Paul Elliott and Agnimitra Ghosh, bar-code scanners Eleanor Hunt, Ashleigh Stevens, Lucy Cheetham and Kyra Powell and marshals Roberta Gilkinson,  Matthew McGuinness, Karen Macenhill, Robert Kidd and Edwyn and Stephen Rhys-Davies. Ben Hansen took the photographs, Stephen Tyler and Alice Hunt wielded the stopwatches and Noah Tolfrey gave out the numbers. Richard Corby was Run Director and number checker and all the runners were shepherded home by our two tail walkers, Trevor Stotten and James Carter. And you will have clean cups for your drinks of water next week as Graham Hansen kindly took them home to wash.


Cavalcade of gratitude – Lloyd parkrun Report #443 by Eleanor Hunt

The course was distinctively less muddy as in recent weeks, and the weather was bearable; not too cold but noticeably windy in the open which created the illusion of a colder temperature.

Well done to all the 309 people who completed a parkrun today at Lloyd park! We were missing a number of local male runners who were off running in a Surrey cross country league match, but had a lot of runners from the ‘Zeros to Heroes” running group in their blue shirts. They mostly run at Bromley parkrun, but visit us every so often

Congratulations to the 27 with a new PB: Marc BURROWS, Sean MARSHALL, Sophia LORKE, Jim MEADOWS, Colin LYNCH, Sean HAYES, Stephen BRYARS, Aidan DIXON, Caz HEATH, Angeli PETRIDES, Jason KINKEAD, Becky THOMAS, Vicki OSMOND, Sophie DIXON, Liz KING, Heidi ALLEN, Adil BAWA, Sanjay AGARWAL, Thinesh THAYABARAN, Charlotte HILL, Sridhar SHANMUGAM, Richard FRANCIS, Sarah REA, Chloe MAYALL, Gary MCQUEEN, Robyn MATTHEW, Debbie WILLIAMS.

Well done too to the first 3 named men to cross the finish line today, Jordan O'Dongo (with a time of 20:00), Henry Le Jeune (20:30) and Phil Docherty (20:54). Also a huge well done to our first 3 female finishers this week, Ellie Osmond (who was 2nd overall with a time of 20:24), Jessica Moore (position 14, 22:06) and Sophia Lorke (position 25, 22:50). This week, for the first time in a while, we had a second runner as a female so amazingly well done to Ellie Osmond! As well as this, there were two unknown runners within the first 10 to finish so apologies if your name was missed: #DFYB (don’t forget your barcode!)

Thank you also to all the 23 volunteers: Jennifer BOOTH, Debra BOURNE, Alison BULLYMENT, James CARTER, Martin John CROSS, Aidan DIXON, Paul ELLIOTT, Nick FIANDER, Lez GONSALVES, David GRAVES, Stephen HEINEMANN, Alice HUNT, Eleanor HUNT, Colin JACKSON, Louise LAUDER, Madeleine LITTLE, Tom LITTLEWOOD, Janet MCQUADE, Jake MOIR, Kyra POWELL, Simon POWELL, Nadine PRYCE, Lisa RICHARDS, Chris SMITH, Jane SPARKS, Trevor STOTTEN, Stephen TYLER, Ron WEST and everyone else who made this event possible.

The runners did a good job of thanking the marshals today (which is appreciated): one marshal commented that he had a “cavalcade of gratitude” passing him.

We only had one milestone this week so well done to Gill Poole who completed her 50th run.

And congratulations to Gavin Hamilton who ran before his wedding today!

This week brought 3 runners with age gradings of over 70%: Ellie Osmond, Doreen Abbott and Liz Carter.

We saw 24 first timers and 22 first-time tourists who we hope enjoyed their run today and will come back again next week. See you soon!


Where’s the winter mud? Lloyd parkrun Report #442 by Eleanor Hunt and Alice Hunt

The course was certainly not as muddy as it has been, and the weather was bearable; not too windy, and, although it was quite cold, at least it didn't rain.

Well done to all the 260 people who completed a parkrun today at Lloyd park!

Congratulations especially to the runners in the first 3 places: Patrick Lucas (with a time of 18:41), George Ogden (19:01) and Peter Mills (19:23). Also a huge well done to our first female finishers this week, Kate O'Loughlin (who was 28th place with a time of 22:46, a new PB!), Luce Hughes (position 37, 23:22) and Jodie Gray (position 41, 23:50).

Well done to the 30 others with a new PB too, and congratulations to Kerim Suruliz, Lee Levon, Sridhar Shanmugam, Stuart Nunn, Steven Marsh, Amanda Bell and Sophie Dixon who all completed their 10th run, Marcelo Kern, Harvey Edser and Venkat Kasireddy who completed their 50th run, and to Adrian Little who completed his 100th run.

Thank you also to all the 22 volunteers: Nina Bennet, Jennifer Booth, Debra Bourne, James Carter, Martin John Cross, Nick Fiander, Theo Flanagan, Benjamin Hansen, Eleanor Hunt, Alice Hunt, Louise Lauder, Rachel Lindley, Ruby Little, Oliver Little, Nick Marshall, Alex Morrall, Nadine Pryce, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Jane Sparks, Noah Tolfrey, Stephen Tyler, Steve Young and everyone else who made this possible.

We also had a lot more photography going on than usual this week thanks to our sponsors at Persil. They had chosen to visit us to take photos of parkrunners going through the mud – and when the visit was arranged a few weeks ago there was lots of mud! However, with a couple of dry weeks, the parkrun course was almost mud free – unusually for this time of year.

This week brought 5 runners with age gradings of over 70%: George Ogden, Roger Stevens, Geoffrey Rowan Pennells, Simon Ambrosi and John Punt.

Well done, again, to everyone, and we hope the 16 first timers enjoyed their run today and will come back again next week.


Starting the year the parkrun way – Lloyd parkrun Report #441 by Debra Bourne

“Happy New Year” we greeted each other, arriving at Lloyd Parkrun setup this morning – me and my husband Aidan to Eric, Nick, Jane, Paul, Alex and Colin, who were this morning’s set-up crew. As on Saturday it was a bit dull and overcast, but it remained dry and mild, with no breeze to speak of.

The mud was drier on Saturday than it had been on Christmas Day, and this morning the ground was even drier than it had been on Saturday – very unusual for this time of year.

Nobody ran an official parkrun milestone run with us, but Ron West ran his 300th parkrun, following that by hopping over to Roundshaw Downs for his 301st, while Darren Jackson ran his 299th parkrun with us followed by his 300th at Bromley parkrun over in Normans Park.

After the run, this Being New Year’s Day, there was hot spiced apple juice and fruity, seedy, cinnamon-laced flapjacks for everyone to enjoy – if they had time before dashing off to their second parkrun. New Year’s Day is the only day of the year when you can run in and be recorded as taking part in two parkruns on the same day. (A few years back it was possible to do three on New Year’s Day, but for various reasons that is no longer permitted.)

Tom Higgs (South London Harriers) finished in the great time of 16:33 today, followed by Stephen Thackeray (Kent AC) in 17:50 and Robert Lines (Selsdon Baptist Church Runners) in 18:36. Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) led the women round, in 22:01, with Kate O’Loughlin next in a PB of 23:07 and Michelle Edye (Clapham Common Chasers) close behind in 23:11.

Only three runners were total newcomers to parkrun this morning – welcome Zoe, Eric and Katie – but we had a further 28 people completing their first Lloyd parkrun: many of course heading for the double with Roundshaw Downs or Bromley.

An excellent start to the year for 20 parkrunners who ran PBs (nearly 10% of our 217 finishers): congratulations to Ian Yates, Colin Lynch, Agnimitra Ghosh, Peter Lawton, Kate O'Loughlin, Adrianne Gibbins, Ian R Wesson, Lamie Kendrick, Antara Singh, Alexander Gee, Michael Ashiotis, Carol Johnson, Heidi Allen, Theo Flanagan, Gavin Englefield, John Cazabon, Lynda Cameron, Chloe Nicola Constantinou, Clara Smowton and Joe Victor.

Krzysztof Klidzia was our sole runner over 80% age graded this morning. Tom Higgs, Robert Lines, Matthew Stone, Stephen Thakeray, Mark Constantinou, Lee Flanagan, Colin Oxlade, Isaac Flanagan, Roger Stevens and Stephen Harris all ran over 70% - great running.

Today’s amazing volunteers were Nina Bennet, James Carter, Caroline Corfield, Julie Corfield, Paul Elliott, Nick Fiander, Jennifer Gutteridge, Colin Jackson, Zsofia Jones, Louise Lauder, Jennifer Little, Azra Mathias, Alex Morrall, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Stephen Siu, Jane Sparks, Rosemarie Stevens, Debra Bourne and Aidan Dixon.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, injury-free 2019 – with lots of parkrunning.


New Year’s Day Lloyd parkrun

A reminder that we will be holding a parkrun on New Year's Day at 9am as usual.

Hot spiced apple juice and flapjacks available after the run.

Note this is the only day of the year that you can be officially recorded at TWO parkruns. Roundshaw Downs parkrun is being held at 10am, as are Bromley and Nonsuch. Reigate Priory is at 10.30.

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