Mud, sweat and cheers – Lloyd parkrun Report 389 by Madeleine Little

It came as no surprise to the Lloyd parkrun regulars to find lots of mud on today's course. I have my own names for parts of the route - The Swamp; Hippo Corner; Slip-up Hill; Slip-down Hill etc. There are no prizes for guessing which bit I refer to with each of those names.

A new one today is Bowling Green Burn-up.  There were a lot of dead heats today but this is the view from the back of the field. I was waiting for later finishers to come through the funnel and there was quite a bit of racing going on. First to catch my eye in positions 202 and 203 were Ashleigh and Rosemarie Stevens, both on 46m 44s. A minute later sisters Fi and Alice Hunt were battling it out for 204th and 205th place respectively.

Two unknowns crossed the line arm in arm for joint 211/212 places and finally Keith "I've started so I'll finish" Booth came over the line escorting tail runner Lynn Seymour to round off his 305th parkrun. Well done to all of them and to anyone else racing the last 100m or so just for fun.

Today 23 park runners forgot their bar codes which is a lot out of 214 finishers. Remember you can keep a spare code in the plastic boxes we have as part of the admin setup. Put a copy of your barcode in there next time you attend and you will always get a result. One unknown was Melissa King who finished in 165th place, running before her wedding in the afternoon. Many congratulations to her and we hope everything went well.

We also had 15 first timers and 9 people doing their 2nd run at Lloyd of whom 7 got PBs.  I think that goes to show it was even muddier last week than this. Overall there were 15 PBs.

Statistics for the run: first man home was Robert Lloyd Smith with a PB of 18m 59s and the only runner to get an age grade % higher than 70. His was 74.10%. Second through the funnel was Jon Pontin taking it easy today with a casual 19m 59s. The third man is anonymous as no bar code no result.

For the ladies Anna Corby did an excellent 23m 17s; next was Kathryn Evans on her third visit to Lloyd on 25m 05s. Third girl home was Jodie Gray with 26m 07s.

I would like to thank all the volunteers, some of whom gave up their opportunity to parkrun so that others could do so. If you can't volunteer on a Saturday why not consider helping at junior parkrun which is same time same place every Sunday? Marshals are always welcome. We had two pacers today. One was Ron West doing his 250th parkrun and aiming for a 27-minute finish. He was pretty close to the time he wanted so well done and thank you. And Bob Ewen shepherded runners in for a 30-minutes finish.

Finally I hope you all managed to have a word with Tom Melhuish who was there representing Exodus Travels, one of parkrun's new sponsors. Do have a look at their brochure and website, and you can get a £100 discount as a parkrun member if you book a holiday with them by 28th Feb. Just quote code PARKRUN18 when booking.

Until next time.


Who let the dogs out? – Lloyd parkrun Report 388 by Jenny Booth

It was very slippery around the course today and the Lloyd parkrun mud has returned with a vengeance. There were a few tumbles and a lot of very dirty legs coming through the finish funnel. Many thanks to all those who helped a couple of fallen runners back to their feet. There were also more dogs than I usually count, ranging from a beautiful German shepherd to a breed I don't recognize but whose little legs must be all of ten centimetres long!  I was told there were quite a few extra loose dogs around, not our well-behaved competitors who were all, as instructed, on a short lead, but dogs out for their morning walk who had been let off the leash, were wandering across or stopping randomly on the course and needed to be dodged by the runners.

parkrun is growing all the time and today we added 16 brand new parkrunners to the family. We also had an encouraging number of people coming back for a second run.

One of our younger runners joined the Ten club today. Oscar Hogan began running with us last September and has had two personal best times in his ten outings.

Lloyd parkrun was brought to you today by a brilliant team of volunteers. The set up team was Kevin Hann, Nadine Pryce, Aaron Pull and Nick Fiander and the marshalswere Rob Lines, David Root, Vanessa Wheeler and Stephen Heinemann. Jenny Little and Lynn Seymour were the tail walkers making sure everyone got back safely. Barcode scanning was dealt with by Oliver Little, Erik Schrijnemaekers and Angelina Damonsing, the stopwatches were in the hands of timers Martin Drake and Stephen Tyler, and the number tokens with Jo Wheeler. The photographer was Jack Oughton, and Bob Ewen ushered in a little group of runners as the 30 minute pacer.

Now for the results - ladies first, for a change. First lady home was Anna Corby of Croydon Harriers in 24 minutes. Our second lady was a Lloyd Park first timer, visiting from Richmond parkrun, Jo Ross, who finished in 26.09 and she was followed by Gulcin Erten, another Harrier, in 26.27. And now the gentlemen: Lee Flanagan of Striders of Croydon led the field in what he described as a very slow time of 19. 26. Matthew Stone of Selsdon Baptist Church Runners was second in 19.51, with Simon Ambrosi, another Strider, close behind in 19.57.

The slippery and muddy conditions made for a slowish course and only a handful of runners achieved personal best times. Congratulations to Damien McCaul, Edward Belam, Christian Vietz, Bob Dear, Abigail Thomas and Sonia Ingram and also to the three runners who clocked up age grades of over 70% - Lee Flanagan, Matthew Stone and Krzysztof Klidzia.

And as we started with a doggy theme we'll finish with one. Look out for the TV advert for HSBC and see if you can spot one of Kevin Hann's huskies in a starring role!


A parkrunning Happy New Year! – Lloyd parkrun Report 387 by Debra Bourne

Out with the old, in with the new – although the new is very like the old. Just two days ago we ran our final Lloyd parkrun of 2017 on a muddy, slippery course under grey skies – and today we ran our first Lloyd parkrun of 2018 on a muddy, slippery course under grey skies. There was less wind today, however.

Our numbers were, as expected, higher than recently, due to local (and not-so-local) visitors running with us as part of a New Year’s Day double parkrun before heading off to Roundshaw Downs or Bromley parkruns. Welcome all and I hope you enjoyed the run – all 210 of you. An amazing 40 people were running the Lloyd parkrun course for the first time, and for three of them it was their first ever parkrun – well done and it does get easier!

Apologies for the toilets not being open. This was due to circumstances beyond our control (aka I temporarily mislaid the keys – I’ve now found them, but a bit too late).

Jonathan Pontin (Ravens) led the way home for 2018, finishing in 19:03, followed by Lloyd parkrunners Robbie Tambling (Croydon Harriers) in 19:33 and Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 19:38. For the women, Deborah Cotton (St Patrick’s Tigers; Roundshaw Downs parkrun) finished 28th overall in 23:20, with Aurelia Osborne (Beckenham RC; Bromley parkrun) not far behind in 23:51, then locals Jessica Moore and Anna Corby (both Croydon Harriers) enjoying the run together to finish in 24:52.

As with two days ago we had only a single PB run – from Paul Leng (Petts Wood Runners & Bromley parkrun regular) on his third run with us (the others being in 2014 and 2016). Five people managed an age grading over 70%: Mark Constantinou (74.10%), Krzysztof Klidzia (71.92%), Lee Flanagan (71.65%), Matthew Stone (70.87%) and Robbie Tambling (70.08%). Top age graded runs from the women came from Aurelia Osborne, Deborah Cotton and Shun-Lai Chan. Well done all!

Krzysztof Klidzia and Faqir Nawaz each ran their 150th parkruns at Lloyd parkrun this morning; Marcus Elwes reached 300 parkruns at Lloyd and 301 later at Bromley, and Micky Wheeler similarly 300 at Lloyd and 301 at Roundshaw Downs. Charlotte Constantinou joined the 50 parkruns club today at Roundshaw Downs after running her 49th parkrun at Lloyd. Congratulations!

After the run, hot spiced apple juice and flapjacks were eaten – plus at least one mince pie and some biscuits.

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered today – you are all wonderful. Special thanks to Kevin Hann, Eric Schrijnemaekers, Louise Lauder and Andrew Harrison – and my wonderful husband Aidan – for turning up early to set out the course, tables etc. Today’s marvellous marshals were David Root, Hélène McCann, Suzie Flanagan, Gavin Hamilton, Julie Corfield, Steve Corfield, and cheering you all on round the bowling green, Robert Kidd. Sue Atkinson, Louise Lauder and Angelina Damonsing scanned barcodes; Emma Budgen took photos; Selena Wong and Matt Miller were the timekeepers; James Porter handed out finish tokens and Richard Corby and I were number checkers. Last but certainly not least, Miriam De Souza and Juliet Stevenson were our tail walkers.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy year, with plenty of parkrunning.


Mud, mud, slippery mud – Lloyd parkrun Report 386 by Debra Bourne

This morning was relatively mild for the time of year, but still felt quite cold in a brisk wind while standing around before the run – I was not the only one waiting until the last minute before removing warmer layers. However, it was not too cold once running – gloves were not essential. Thankfully the rain had stopped, so we were able to set everything up on the registration tables outside as usual, with the space under the tables being used as temporary storage for many coats, non-running footwear etc.

We had 161 finishers (plus a couple taking the one-lap option), including 5 first-time parkrunners and 7 first-time visitors (from Birkenhead, Conkers, Highbury Fields, Kingsbury Water, Mile End and Southampton parkruns) – welcome all.

Today was not one for very fast running, particularly if not wearing spikes. After all the recent rain, the ground was rather slippery, particularly at the bottom of the main hill, both on the way up (where I nearly went flat on my face at one point) and on the way down, but also at the first marshal station with the little downhill right-hand 90-degree bend, and down the final slope before the bowling green. A couple of people did fall, but thankfully nobody was injured. Then there was the wind: normally, the section heading back down from the highest point of the course is good for either recovering a bit from the hill or putting on some speed. Today, particularly on the first lap, I felt that I was almost being blown back up the hill, and the headwind continued during the section along the top of the sports field. Still, it was great to be running – and many thanks to all of today’s volunteers, without whom I, and everyone else, could not have run.

Kevin Hann, Nick Fiander, Eric Schrijnemaekers and John Punt set out the course this morning. Richard Corby was Run Director and Number Checker; Jenny Booth and Chris Smith timed everyone on the stopwatches; Fiona Corby handed out the finish tokens; Louise Lauder, Simon Powell and (after running) Eric Schrijnemaekers scanned barcodes; Sue Atkinson, David Root, Hélène McCann and Richard Spear were Marshals round the course; Bob Ewen was Tail Walker and Wendy Spear took the photos (which I will try to get sorted and uploaded today, but might have to finish later). And obviously I wrote this Run Report.

Milestone runs today for Matthew Forster (juniors’ 10 parkruns club), George Heinemann (50 club), Eleanor Hunt and Peter Rhodes (both 100 club) – congratulations all.

Despite the wind and the mud, Peter Mills (Striders of Croydon) finished the run in 18:19, followed by Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 19:35 and Matthew Stone (Selsdon Baptist Church Runners) in 19:46. For the women, Amy Miller finished 18th overall but had forgotten her barcode (again!). the fist official finisher was Anna Corby (Croydon Harriers) in 24:24, with Lucy Hughes in her first run at Lloyd next in 24:30 and Leanne Moore (Croydon Harriers) third in 25:06.

Only five runners managed age gradings over 70% today: Matthew Stone (77.74%), Steve Corfield (72.09%), Lee Flanagan (71.83%), Robert Lines (71.33%) and Peter Mills (70.61%). Top age-graded runs for the women came from Rachel Eastland (66.37%), Debra Bourne (65.20%) and Leanne Moore (62.62%). Just one person managed a PB – Nataliah Dee on her second parkrun – well done!

After the run, there were a multitude of pleasant edibles to choose from, provided by the Hunt-Little family, Margo Ewen and others – thank you, everyone!

So that’s the last Lloyd parkrun of 2017 - although we only have two days to wait until the first parkrun of 2018 - see you Monday for the New Year's Day Lloyd parkrun, 9am, with hot spiced apple juice and flapjacks. REMEMBER: you are allowed to also run a second parkrun, e.g. Roundshaw Downs, which starts at 10:10.


A Merry Christmas parkrun – Lloyd parkrun Report 385 by Debra Bourne

[We have gained a running glove in Lost Property – please claim it!]

As usual, Kevin Hann, Nick Fiander and John Punt beat me to Lloyd Park this morning, so the parkrun flag was flying as I drove through the drizzle into the car park and the finish funnel was in place. They disappeared off to set out the course markers while my husband and a friend who had come with us helped to unload the festive edibles from the car. Soon various other volunteers started arriving, several sporting Santa hats, and everything was sorted at the registration tables. At 08.45 all the volunteers had arrived but there were only about a dozen runners – then the usual parkrun magic runner-attractor kicked into gear and suddenly the car park was full and people were arriving from all directions across the sports fields, with a crowd of well over 100 runners making their way towards the start line.

I have to give first mention to today’s amazing volunteers: Kevin Hann, Nick Fiander and John Punt setting out the course, Robert Butlin and Alan Clarey on the stopwatches, Fiona Corby handing out the finish tokens, Emma Budgen, Louis Lauder and Theo Flanagan scanning barcodes, Margo Ewen and Sue Redgrave as Tailwalkers (also picking up course markers on their second loop), and Bob Ewen and Suzie Flanagan as Marshals. Lots of people helped to pack everything away again – thank you all!

Today Ella Corby reached her 10th parkrun, Lee Flanagan and Martin Gourlay both reached the 100 parkruns club, while Nadine Pryce (arriving late!) reached 150 parkruns, Martin Cross celebrated his 150th parkrun at Lloyd Park and Paul Cripps was running his 300th parkrun!

We had 155 finishers, plus one or two people stopping after one lap, and a number of dogs. Of the official finishers, 15 were first-timers at Lloyd parkrun, with seven of those being first time parkrunners, and at least one of the “no barcode” finishers was a first-timer – welcome everyone! Tourists came from Basingstoke (although Phil Hale has done a lot of touring, having run at more than 100 different parkrun locations), Billericay, Bristol, Roundshaw Downs, Horsham, Banbury, Banstead Woods, Southampton and Finsbury Park.

Two of today’s runners have the distinction of having been present at every Christmas Day Lloyd parkrun: Alan Purchase and ‘The Ref’, Stephen Tyler.

Patrick Lucas (Croydon Harriers) was first to reach the finish funnel today, in 18:50, followed shortly by Robert Lines (Selsdon Baptist Church Runners) in 18:59 chased by Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 19:00. For the women, Stevie Louise Lawrence (Croydon Harriers), home from university, finished first (and seventh overall) in 20:17, with Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) next (17th overall) in 22:47 and Anna Corby (also Croydon Harriers and back from university) next (21st overall) in 23:21 – commenting that she had run much better than on Saturday.

Top age-graded runs for the men came from David Ogden (81.20%), Matthew Stone (78.80%) and Robert Lines (74.71%), with Steve Corfield, Lee Flanagan, Krzysztof Klidzia, Ted Bridges and John Punt also over 70%. For the women, Stevie Louise Lawrence reached 72.97%, with Jessica Moore on 67.15% and Linda Ingram on 66.62%.

After the run it was eat, drink and be merry: in addition to the usual mince pies (all vegan and one set gluten-free), mulled wine and mulled red grape juice, Margo Ewen contributed cake, Foong Cheek provided macaroons. After that I lost track of who brought what, but there were some Rocky Roads that were particularly complemented by a couple of the runners, and both of the Martins brought some edible goodies to share to celebrate their milestones.

We’ll be back on Saturday 30th as usual (with biscuits), and on New Year’s Day – (hot spiced apple juice and flapjacks!) – please note we are still looking for volunteers to fill out the roster for those - you could always lure a non-running family member along with a promise of nice edibles

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